State of Origin – game three

New South Wales Blues vs Queensland Maroons – Wednesday night (10th July) – ANZ Stadium

New South Wales Blues
  1. James Tedesco (Sydney Roosters)
  2. Blake Ferguson (Parramatta Eels)
  3. Tom Trbojoveic (Manly Sea Eagles)
  4. Jack Wighton (Canberra Raiders)
  5. Josh Addo-Carr (Melbourne Storm)
  6. James Maloney (Penrith Panthers)
  7. Mitchell Pearce (Newcastle Knights)
  8. Daniel Saifiti (Newcastle Knights)
  9. Damien Cook (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
  10. Paul Vaughan (St George Illawarra Dragons)
  11. Boyd Cordnor (c) (Sydney Roosters)
  12. Tyson Frizell (St George Illawarra Dragons)
  13. Jake Trbojevic (Manly Sea Eagles)
  14. Dale Finucane (Melbourne Storm)
  15. David Klemmer (Newcastle Knights)
  16. Cameron Murray (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
  17. Wade Graham (Cronulla Sharks)

Coach - Brad Fittler

Queensland Maroons
  1. Cameron Munster (Melbourne Storm)
  2. Corey Oates (Brisbane Broncos)
  3. Michael Morgan (North Queensland Cowboys)
  4. Will Chambers (Melbourne Storm)
  5. Dane Gagai (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
  6. Corey Norman (St George Illawarra Dragons)
  7. Daly Cherry-Evans (c) (Manly Sea Eagles)
  8. Joe Ofahengaue (Brisbane Broncos)
  9. Ben Hunt (St George Illawarra Dragons)
  10. Josh Papalii (Canberra Raiders)
  11. Felise Kaufusi (Melbourne Storm)
  12. Ethan Lowe (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
  13. Josh McGuire (North Queensland Cowboys)
  14. Moses Mbye (Wests Tigers)
  15. Tim Glasby (Newcastle Knights)
  16. Christian Welch (Melbourne Storm)
  17. David Fifita (Brisbane Broncos)

Coach - Kevin Walters

* Note that team lists and player positions are subject to considerable change and will be updated as soon as possible.

History is a pretty good guide to the future. It's not a perfect predictor of the future, but you'd be foolish to ignore it. We have a decider on Wednesday night, and this will be the 20th game three decider in the history of the series. NSW have won just four of the previous 19 deciders, and QLD have won the last six in a row. That's an ominous record, and you'd be foolish to ignore it, but is there anything about this deciding game that makes it different to those that preceded it? Sadly (for Queenslanders) I think the answer is yes. The QLD team that has won the last six deciding games has been stuffed to the gills with some of the greatest players that have ever played the game – Smith, Thurston, Slater, Inglis, Lockyer. I want to call them once-in-a-generation players, but it makes no sense because they all played together...for the same state. Players like that win the must-win games. For mine, that's one of the key things that makes them great. This new emerging QLD side has some very good players, and to my eye two players that will be great in Munster and Ponga. Sadly only one of those is available for the decider, and the other will be playing out of position.

NSW have (to my eye) two potentially great players of their own in Tedesco and T Trbojevic. Tedesco is so good that Turbo has to play in the centres, but he handled that challenge pretty well in game two. The NSW forward pack were dominant last start. QLD have made some changes there and I expect they'll be better, but NSW appear to have the edge and they'll have a heaving crowd of blue wigs pushing them up the park all night. If they need to catch their breath, they have five powerfull ball runners in their back five. NSW can win this game through attrition, wearing QLD out through the middle third. Cook will pick his moments, and he has seven backs (yes all seven...have a look) that are great support players in broken play. hurts.

Verdict – NSW 26 to QLD 14

First try scorer – James Maloney

Man of the Match – James Maloney

Wally Lewis Medal winner – James Tedesco


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Greetings Origin fans....feel free to add your comments and thoughts in the comments. I'll have my preview and tips published later this week.

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Hi all,
I’m liking the fact that the blues have got basically the same team for both origins. Sure Qld will be stronger but NSW will be more gelled to combat that. Freddie is smart enough to know what necessarily won it for them in game two will have been dissected by Qld. Don’t change a winning formula but tweak it enough to keep the other team guessing I say. By the way, did I mention that Qld are expected to win and win well? That makes the other team and it’s players who happen to come from NSW and wear blue shirts with some emblems, numbers and logo’s the absolute underdogs! Anyway I like long walks especially when it’s done by people who annoy me. Let’s hope it’s a long walk up the tunnel for Qld after State of Origin three.
Cheers all from the original Johnny Awesome

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My picks for origin 3 are:
NSW to win by 8
First try scorer-Tedesco
Man of the match- Turbo Tom
Wally Lewis Medal Winner- James Maloney


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Hi all,
Not a bad choice Tigerholic but I reckon this one will closer than 8.
I’m betting NSW by 3.
Cheers from Mr Awesome

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Evenin’ all,

Don’t normally comment on Origin games but thought I’d just go off track a little and mention the following:

1. Not really worried who wins, just as long as I can witness the “magic” that is Origin. Love the spectacle and how the players from both camps seem to lift in these encounters. Man I love this game!

2. Officially I’m a Maroons fan. Stems from back in the day when all my mates were “Blue-Baggers” as we used to call it. I decided to be different and go for the underdog (Qld were in those days).

3. The funny thing is that when it comes to Women’s Origin, I’m a Blues fan. Strange I know but that’s just how it is. I could possibly give you one reason why but in today’s PC climate, I might get in trouble 😇

OK, that’s all I wanted to say so it’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from him. Can’t wait for Wednesday night. Bring it on! Cheers.

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Hi Thinker.
* the winning team NSW... again!
* a first try scorer Cleary
* a last try scorer Gagai
* the official player of the match: Maloney
* a margin: 10
* Wally Lewis Medal Addo-Carr
Thanks Champ!

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Cleary out and Pearce in.
You may want to adjust your 1st try scorer.

The Tide Head's picture

Thanks TipStar!
First try scorer: Tom Trbojoveic

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My picks for origin III are:

*winning team - NSW
* first try scorer - Munster
*last try scorer - Tedesco
*MOTM - Pearce (I'm predicting Pearce to have a blinder in his origin return)
*Margin - 4
*Wally Lewis Medallist - T. Trbojevic (yes I know that Tommy Turbo didn't play in game I but he was terrific in game II and I'm sure he'll have another great game in game III)

My scoreline prediction is:

NSW 22:
Try scorers - T. Trbojevic (2), Cook, Tedesco
Conversions - Maloney (3/4)
Qld 18:
Try scorers - Munster, Gagai, Kaufasi
Conversions - Cherry-Evans (3/3)

Awesome. Good luck all with origin. Hope the mighty Blues can go back-to-back for the first time in 15 years. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My picks for origin

The winning team NSW sadly

First try scorer Blake Ferguson

Last try scorer James Tedesco

Man of the match James Tedesco

Margin 20 at least

Wally Lewis medal see above

Scores NSW 32 James Tedesco 2 Blake Furgeson Josh Addo-Carr Tyson Frizell Boyd Cordno goals James Maloney 4/6 QLD 12 Will Chambers Corey Oates goals Cherry Evens 2/2

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Hi Thinker & Everyone
The winning team - QLD (I'm a stubborn boy raised in CQ I'll never back NSW)
First Try Scorer - Oates
Last Try Scorer - Munster
The official player of the match - Munster
Margin - 8 points
Wally Lewis Medal - Munster

bonus, most annoying commentator - Fatty "I'll remember I'm a Qlder if we're winning with 10mins left to play' Vautin

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Looks we are the only QLD supporters so far. Fatty hasn't supported QLD for longer than I've had facial hair. He's been a Manly man for so long he has forgotten where he came from. Yes he had the reins (and won) during the super league fiasco but that was his last hurrah. He's a Blue.
The Blues have perhaps a better team all loving and cuddling after Perth. BUT beware a underdog Maroons desperate to reclaim the shield.
QLD 18
NSW 16
All the rest is nonsense. Do any of you remember a MOTM from last years series?

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NSW by 16
Firt try tyson frizell
Mom James tedesco
Wally Lewis medal James tedesco

Mary S's picture

Tedesco - game 1 2018
Boyd - game 2
Slater - game 3

Walby's picture

NSW 22 QLD 16
First try Ferguson
MOM Tedesco
WLM Tedesco

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Verdict – NSW win by 18

First try scorer – Blake Ferguson

Man of the Match –James Tedesco

Wally Lewis Medal winner – Jake Trbojevic

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Ha-Ha you got me. Should have said you were excluded from the question. I know you keep extensive records.

Mary S's picture

Sorry Mark - Google keeps far more extensive records than I do!!!!
Enjoy the game - hope it's a close one!


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My last comment on SoO 3 is I hope Mitchell Pearce has a huge game.
All those years when QLD was dominate with perhaps the best players in the game and Mitchell was the NSW half he copped unbelievable criticism from both NSW & QLD media. Basically pushed out of the Roosters by the arrival of Cronk but has excelled at the Knights.
Not sure how much longer he will play but as much as I don't like it I would like to see him go out a winner.
QLD can take the series next year, and the year after, and etc etc.

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Winner: NSW
1st try scorer: Addo-Carr
Last try scorer: Tedesco
Man of the Match: Pearce
Margin: 16

TipStar's picture

Wally Lewis Medal Winner:
Jake Trbojevic

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SoO Game 3

Winner - NSW with a Margin of 7
1st Try Scorer - N. Pearce
Last Try Scorer - C. Munster
MOTM - James Tedesco
Wally Lewis Medal - Tom Trbojevic

Cheers and may it be a great game.
Big Pete

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Keep those tips coming for try scorers, MOM. Wally Lewis medal winner and margin everyone. They're interesting to see and I'll have a scrounge around in the prize box and pull something out for the one that's nearest the pin.

Decider Day....yeahahahahh

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SoO Game 3

Winner - NSW with a Margin of 4
1st Try Scorer - C. Munster
Last Try Scorer - T. Trbojevic
MOTM - James Tedesco
Wally Lewis Medal - Jake Trbojevic

Jack.Starky's picture

Winner NSW with a Margin of 10
1st Try Scorer - Blake Ferguson
Last Try Scorer - Tom Trbojevic
MOTM - James Tedesco
Wally Lewis Medal - James Tedesco

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Evening Folks

I really hope that NSW win for Mitchell Pearce, he is carrying a Monkey on his back twice the size of Rocket and I can tell you thats big.

NSW will win and it won't be without some nervous moments.

Enjoy Folks


Mary S's picture

Team -QLD to win by 2 points
1st try -Dane Gagai
Last try - Tom Trbojevic
MOM - Cameron Munster


mark ashford's picture

I believe this is the first time in my memory you have tipped the Blues.
Mary S can probably correct me if I'm wrong.
Two teams one game one outcome. Who wants it the most.
On paper the Blues have the better team. QLD hunger and team spirit will shine through (I hope) Let it be a good game with no injuries.
We still have nine rounds to go.

Baggy_Gee's picture

8pm and the blues are still out on the training pitch, unlikely we will start even close to time.

Mary S's picture

Heck of a first half - Qld not the push over that some thought

Baggy_Gee's picture

Am disappointed in DCE where was the dive, at least try man.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Happy for the win. But didn't they butcher some good runs before QLD made their come back.

a's picture

What a heartbreaker on full time

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Looking back at my predictions, I done pretty well I got some things right. Go the mighty Blues. So glad we've now gone back to back. Commiserations to Maroons good effort from them but NSW were just too good in the end in what was a cracking game especially in the second half.

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Whisper quiet

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I'm glad it was a genuine contest tonight, and that QLD found a way to get back into the game when it started to look like NSW could run away with it.

Great series this year. Best team won.

tigerholic's picture

After a number of Great Northerns, a glass of red wine and an American Honey, I still think it was a great game tonight.

Well done NSW, you had to pull a trick out of Queensland's book and win late in the match, bloody beautiful.

God I Love My Teddy!!!!


JKBubble's picture

What a game, what series.... and what a player - Tedesco!!
He deserved to score the match winning "miracle try"!! He could of scored 3 tries. when cook breaks through and steps past munster with ease, theres teddy jogging along in support who would of gone between the sticks untouched!!
To think Teddy was robbed of back2back wally lewis medals is a shame, but it doesn't mean he can't make it happen with a repeat of his heroics in 12 months. Who knows maybe he can hat trick cos this blues team is going to have a winning streak (i think about 9 series haha)

Go the mighty Blues!!!
might not have been the case if morgan hadn't been knocked out because their use of 3 playmakers in the first half looked dangerous. As accidental as it was, it was fitting it was THE GRUB who caused it! might teach him to clean up his game and keep his fingers out of ppls eyes (munster rd5, walker rd13.....late shot on maloney SOO2) i mean you read the story of how he lost his left eye to an eye poke in 2011 and you feel sorry for him. Then he comes out trying to inflict it on others and you think your a jerk!

Anyway may the blue celebration continue! long live SOO!

mark ashford's picture

Great effort from both teams last night.
Congratulations to the Blues, just too much class everywhere.
Tedesco is a superb athlete, speed, strength, unbelievable steps.
If I didn't know better I'd swear there was 3 of him on the park.
If you look at things overall it's not too bad for the Maroons, they won game 1 got flogged in game 2 and lost game 3 by 6 points in the last minute. Who knows what would have happened in golden point.
It's about time you Blues won back to back series and you'd better keep it up next year to chase QLD's record.

The Thinker's picture

@mark ashford

I would have favoured QLD in golden point...had it come down to field goals. Corey Norman and Daly Cherry-Evans are two of the best in the business on that front.

Maloney isn't bad either to be fair...Pearce not so much.

Mind you, NSW may have just scored a try through Tedesco in golden point anyway.

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On a countback the random prize for Origin game III goes to Walby, who picked the Man of the Match, the Wally Lewis medal, the correct team and the correct margin.

Congrats Walby...I'll contact you by email.

All the best

Walby's picture

Thanks Mr Thinker, what a finish to a great game. I was certain it would end up being a field goal win.

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