Mid-season suspension hangout

Greetings folks.

Given the unusual circumstances I thought I'd put this up so people can stay in touch with the NRL news, and each other, until we know what's going to happen with the rest of this season.

Stay well everyone.


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Posted this in the Lounge last night but might put it here as well to “start the ball rolling” so to speak…

Hi Peeps,

First off, sad to see the season’s been put on hold (for who knows how long) 😥. Well at least I can stop inflicting my (rather long) weekly posts on y’all for a while 😁.

Speaking of my weekly posts, it seems that the “repost” of my Round 2 post has gone AWOL as well. I can’t see it anywhere here. Oh well, no biggie, these things happen from time to time. Maybe the sheer length of them has overwhelmed the Boss’ website 🤔.

I’m assuming this here Round 3 Random competition is now null and void? If so, are we gonna have a “suspended season” page Boss? (question just answered ha-ha)

Dunno, I’m clutching at straws here peeps. Not sure what to do since the rug’s been pulled out from under me 😥.

So, in keeping with the news on the season being suspended, I thought this little offering might be appropriate. Just the song title though, not the lyrics. Mind you, the message in the lyrics is timeless simplicity to be honest 💖


“Stay Safe. Stay Healthy”

Begurk! 🐔 Begurk! 🐔

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Hopefully the season isn’t suspended for to long

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If the season isn’t started by September it will be canceled for good

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Hi Thinker, I know it may be premature, but thanks for running the competition again.
Perhaps there will be more games later in the year.
Hope everyone stays well,

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Hey Thinker,

Just want to let you know that you made an error with my round 2 result. I got 4 instead of 5. It's great to have that honesty in my system aye?


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Thank you sir. Your honesty is noted. Much appreciated.

All the best

The Thinker

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No worries Thinker glad to help. Thanks hahaha!


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Newbie another brick in the wall could be appropiate right now ...

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I don't see hiw we can have state of origin & finals in december with our climate but lets hope so...

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I think this tound is still going ahead i heard till april or end of april ...

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Damn,,,just when i was running third and only 25 rounds to go.

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4th Esta Star...... with 24 others!!!!

Hopefully, we will manage to get some more in before the year finishes!


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I heard it will go until the endbof april but don'r hold me too that ...

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No csncel that the players are being sent home with extensive fitness training to prepare for when the comp will start again ...

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I just read the nrl won't cancel there seaon until sep 1 st so for now it ia stull on check on nine msn abour afl ,ntl gamrs & olympics& read it ...

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Christine, season is cancelled. Says everywhere that they must restart the season by September 1st or season would be done until next year.

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**suspended I should say. but yeah it's a shame but a must for the safety of the players and everyone else involved.

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Nice song Newbie :)

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Comfortable numb newbie sering the season is suspended ...

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I put seeing it comes out sering i hate this mobile ...

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Thinker i know what they are ssying but which clubs if any do you see not be able to survive this pandemic , which clubs do you think will be hit the hardest if any ???

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I for one don't see wariors surviving & i woulf have also dsid titans but i read titans will be alright they have the frizzel family behind them so which other clubs does anyone see introuble they say parramatta will be fine & storm , roosters dragons ,souths ,not sure on penrith or manly anyone have any thoughtson this ???

Christine's picture

Tigers might be a concern what is your call on that tiger it also depends on there membership sales & how much they bring in in merchandise sales & how many people are working for them do you see tigers surviving this tiger ???

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Steel, doing plenty of reading during this lock-down and thinking about what you said about the Warriors after they signed Blair. Did his signing happen after Cleary left, or was it one of his final acquisitions? The reason for this is in the book, "Good to Great" by Jim Collins he talks endlessly about getting the right people onto the bus and then picking out the direction, not trying to beat those on the bus into submission and turning it around. How would you gauge who the right football players were and how to get the best out of them. He also makes the point that the right people need very little to no external motivation as they can lift to the occasion themselves. Is there a way that you can get the measure of a man like that coming in from another organisation or should you go, using the Warriors, we have a whole country to pick from anyone not from the islands has no chance to get picked.
Sorry for the verbal explosion but I have been thinking on it for the last few days.

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I want to know how much membership do warriors have i don't thunk they have a strong fan base as other clubs maybe if your an all black but out of all the clubs i would think like titans they din't have big numbers correct me if i am wrong does anyone know ???

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I think All clubs will be but Eels Cowboys and Sharks will all be fighting to survive

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You, Yes you behind the coat shed. Stand still Laddie. Great album needs to be listened to start to finish to appreciate the work.

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Love that song
One of the greatest guitar solos
I should know I played a mean tennis racquet back then
Now I feel comfortably numb

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Wish you were here is the better album in my opinion, starting out and finishing with Shine on your crazy Diamond. Great track to go to sleep to.

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Guys i was referring to the nrl being suspended as another brick in the wall for us all ...

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Clearly was held in high regard at the Warriors, both as a player and a coach. He was a player in 2002 when the club made their first Grand Final then he was the coach who took the Warriors to their second GF appearance in 2011. I think Cleary was in his maybe third season as coach when they made the GF. So clearly he had built something. In the off season after making the final he wanted another three year contract but the backroom would only offer him two. Before you know it Gus Gould snapped him up and took him to the Panthers. Cleary had ex-All Black coach John Hart as part of his staff. Hart was so disgusted in Cleary's treatment and exit, he left the club. So after putting the roof on they demolish the place. Needless to say the club didn't even make the eight again until 2018!! In my opinion, Cleary and Hart are good examples of getting the right people on the bus so why did we lose them?

Somehow Cleary had succeeded where a lot before and after him have failed especially when it came to getting the best out of the Polynesian boys. Craig Bellamy is another example of someone who seems to get the best out of his players. Adam Blair has, I think from memory, been at Mt Smart for about two seasons with 2020 to be his third. He has been the type of player the club doesn't need on the field. Good for a penalty or two, and the odd cheap shot.

Cleary's shadow looms large over the club and his treatment has not been lost on this long time sufferer.

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Hi Christine

I hope you are well, what are you doing without footy? I believe the Tigers will be a club that does survive, lets hope it doesn't drag on too long.

Hi Everyone

I really hate to be a bit negative but I can't see the NRL being able to get the comp back on again this year. I have been trying to put this in to perspective and all I have to do is think about the thousands of deaths, millions of job losses and a lot of other casualties from this pandemic.

I would like to send all of you the best of thoughts and love but I didn't want Rocket to give me a hard time over it.

I hope you all stay safe and your families as well. Look after each other and remember footy is only a sport and life will go on.

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Heya Tige,
Your wishes are much appreciated and I doubt very much that Rocket would give you a hard time over it, considering these testing and trying times we are presently in - GLOBALLY.

Hang in there Champ and I loved seeing the supporters outside the fences at Leichhardt in Round 2. Wasn't impressed with the result one bit, being done (18pts) at one of the known graveyards.

It would be good to see a comp re-started, even if it can be drawn the way required, so each team plays each other once before a finals countdown. Peter V'landys (NRL Chair) has another idea with a State of Origin impact that could make heaps of cabbage, to cover a deficit that job-cutting and players wages cuts, will cause. He's been rather good for horse racing, so why couldn't it work, on two legged footballers.

Cheers mate, keep in touch and keep well
Big Pete

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It is very interesting, my thoughts have been on how do you identify the wheat from the chaff in the younger grades where there seems to be two classes of players. The Ponga's of the junior grades, carving it up with little to no effort, destined for greater things, and the (lets call them them) forwards, less individually talented youngsters but have that hard working ethic, slower but built to work all day. I make no bones about James Roberts, great player, wouldn't have him work for me even if he paid me, but I would have a Andrew McCullough any day of the week, works hard to get and stay there. (Bit of favoritism for his a grade club doesn't hurt either!) Lets hope that the Warriors can get a passionate NRL man over there to make it all gel, because no matter what they say, we need 16 strong teams to make this the greatest competition in the world.

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Yes you are right tiger at the end of the day we are still ok we can still wake up knowing maybe just one day this virus might cease life might return too normal but i think it is still along way off before we get to that stage it was only recently we were worried about when these fires we have just endured would be put out & when it might rain not only to put the fires out but too break our drought & help our famers who still need more of it at least we can say scomo isn't away while we are going through this virus like he was when we had the fires burning this time he can't leave the country but either can we not that makes things any easier for any of us he won't even get tested ...

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Did i tell you all i got threatened ober a packet of toilet paper by a lady in her 60 or 70 that if i didn't give it too her from my trolley she would call security i said go right ahead i have a receipt do you & she said i haven't had any for 3 weeks too which i daid sorry that all i have & there us nothing i can do bug the person that 4 packets in his trolley she said nothing too about it just me who only had 1 packet they ser me as a target because i use a caine h they expecte to give in too them but i can't always do that & i have given 4 packets of it away too other people when they needed it now with this community hour woolies & coles are doing yes i am a dsp pensioner( disability support pensioner ) but there is no way i can get to the shops by 7.00 am to buy things before the shop opens for normal trading so i shop in normal hours but that women deliberatly targeted me that day to try too get what she wanted but i was not going to give it too her when i had already bought it they will try anything if you let them & they eould not help you if you needed it i went into my chemist ome day with a pack i had just bought & they said to me you better hide that & ghst they them srlves were nearly out & they have kids they onlybhad 5 rolls left betwwen her her husband & there children i had only paid $5.50 for 12 rolls of 4 ply which eas galf prove so i said to her give me $5.50 which is what i paid & you can have it h then i wrnt back in & got another one so i wrnt back tonrge chemist & said to her do you want this one too tp wgich she said yes it is too hard for her when she dinishes work too get it it is always gone i am lucky i have more than enough tok last me a long time & she couldm't beleive the fact i did this for her she said j don't have the money on me now i can't leave work to go to the bank i said donvt eorru about it michelle when are yoi eorking next she ssid tomortow i said just take it home & fix me up tomorrow i know both her & her brother they work toughther & neither of them can stilll beileve i did that for them bit they cerysinly will mot forget it i see them nearly everyday they are really good genuine people but then you hrar the horror stories wehich i would never really thought went on until that lady threatened me over a packet of toilet paper with security if i didn't give it too her true story ...

Christine's picture

Sorry mg mkbile is still not right guys ...

Christine's picture

The point is if that lady had of been guenuine h sincerly in need i would have said give me what it cost & you csn have it but because she instantly went to threaten me thinking i would give in no way was i going too "a" can probably vouch for this that because you have a disability they think you are a push over an easy target but then they find out they are wrong , what are we really becoming this virus is bringing out the worst in us & making us look bad to the rest of the world over something that just gets flushed down the toilet try doing what i did if you get any but you have enough already give it to someone who really needs it at the end of the day a good deed goes a lonv way & just makes someone elses life a bit easier ...

a's picture

I really hope they can come up with a cure soon

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and another thing…

This post is fairly long so it might “disappear” but I’ll whack it up regardless.

Sorry to hear about the hassle you went through Christine regarding the toilet paper (hereafter referred to as TP). Yeah, some people turn “feral” when pushed out of their comfort zone. A couple of points to ponder on this TP situation:

1. It’s just TP for crying out loud and …
2. If people didn’t panic buy there’d still be loads left on the shelves and problem solved.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand why people would feel anxious about having no TP but still no reason to panic, behave like animals or be a selfish you-know-what. Not good traits to exhibit as a human being in my opinion. Anyway, I digress.

I, just like everyone else, got caught out with the TP shortage. For what it’s worth, I have now found a solution that works (for me at least). I feel that I should share this with you guys even though some may cringe or just plain refuse to do it. The decision is yours but do me a favour and just have a think about it before you (forgive the pun) “poo-poo” the idea 😁.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but for those who don’t know, I am a vaper. Yeah, naughty boy I know but it’s saved my life and got me mortgage-free sooner than expected. Part of my vaping life involves me being a member of a vaping forum (great bunch of people from all over the world) and as a member I post comments there on a regular basis. My most recent post was all about how I’ve solved my “lack of TP” problem. I even posted photos 🤪.

If you’re interested you can click on the following link.


It’s all explained there in more detail but the short version is this:

Buy yourself a 4 litre garden sprayer for $15.00. Cut the wand section right down and then screw the short section back on. This allows you to get “close to the action” while you’re still sitting on the “throne”. Using plain water works surprisingly well. No mess, no fuss.

Far quicker, cleaner and easier than using TP. I’ve “road tested” it 6 times now and it works like a charm. Pat dry (no need to wipe) with a clean piece of cloth or an old t-shirt after you’re finished and boom! 💥 the job’s a good’un. No TP shortage is gonna hold me to ransom!

I know the subject matter is a little gross but just needed to share to try and reduce the stress some may be feeling. I make no apologies for posting this as you’re my family and I care about you 💖. I don’t do social media so by all means feel free to share if you think it may help. Cheers y’all.

“Stay Safe. Stay Healthy”

Begurk! 🐔 Begurk! 🐔

Christine's picture

Newbie it is different for men in that department than it is for women i will let you figure it out yourself ...

Mary S's picture

Works for both Christine - if push comes to shove, it's amazing what works!!!!!


BigPeteBx's picture

Hahahaha Miss Mary - be gentle now Miss, especially on The Cows.

Cheers, take it steady and keep well
Big Pete in Bx Country

Christine's picture

Points to newbie for being creative in his thinking ...

Christine's picture

I will let you try it first mary i am fine & in no danger of running out my father says i have enough to last me for years i think he exaggerates alot but i do have about 300 rolls , i usually miss out because of my walking from my ms so when they started stripping the sheves bare i stared buying up when you could still get 4 packs at a time one day they sold me 5 x packs of 36 rolls so yes no danger of running out but i hsve not had any forva couple of werks ever since i gave those packs i had away 4of them so far & more to go out next week to a lady that serves me at a shop i buy takexaway food from she is said to me todsy she only has the pack that she has had for a while now & hasn't been able to get any so i ssid when are you on next she said tuesday i said i will bring you some in on tuesday i will judt take her a couple of 8packs i have there of 3ply judt to help her & her husband out until they csn get more themselvesi can!t get to the shops in the morning in time for the people
with disability between 7.00 am o 8.00 am from where i live it is too hard & even if you do you are not gauranteed you will get sny if they don't have it tjru can't supply it they told me so i will do whst i can to help these people out as well that will be 6packs i have given go other people but fairis fair & one day they mkght return the favour who knows but i don't expect it ...

mark ashford's picture

Hi All
I was wondering where you had all gone, when I saw this page.
Good to see a number of regulars still hanging in.
Enjoyed both offerings and your interesting post to beat the toilet paper crisis (did I just say that). Sort of like a home made bidet seems to work well in France.
Thanks for those kind words brother. The same back to you, double.
Toilet Paper!
I have a 6 pack which on my calculation of normal usage will last me 2 1/2 to 3 months. Now if I had 300 rolls then I could keep wiping away happily for the next 5 years or so. The mind boggles.

mark ashford's picture

I don't think I'll live that long in fact I'm sure I won't. At the moment i'm happy with my 6 rolls and If I can't get any more then it's off to Mitre 10 to get a lawn watering device courtesy of Newbie. May be a bit different but could also be a refreshing way to get clean.
Newbie said he is a "vapor" person. Doe's that mean he smokes those alternative cigarettes or something else? Maybe he just designs other ways of cleaning our bottoms. The "vapor" from our bottoms can sometimes be offensive so I'd like know which way he leans.


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