Ball Bingo - finals tipping competition (week one)

Greetings football fans

The Thinker is opening up his mystery box and giving out a few prizes throughout the 2020 finals series.

Welcome to Ball Bingo

There are nine prizes in total, one for each of the nine games during the 2020 finals series. Registered tipsters and registered visiters can enter the comp in all nine finals games (one entry per game). To enter, simply sign in to the website and enter your score prediction in the comments section on the page for each week of the finals (eg. Roosters 20 - Rabbitohs 10). Each week will have its own page in the lounge section of this site. We can also discuss each of the games before, during and after each final on these pages.

The prize winner in each game is the person whose predicted score is closest to the final outcome. Should there be a tie, those entrants names will be placed in my thinking cap and a winner drawn by Ms Thinker. You can win more than once, but I'm hoping the prizes get shared around a little bit. If someone wins all nine, they're a deadset freak and this competition will be renamed in their honour for next season. The final decision on winners is determined by The Thinker.

The prizes

I have a bunch of NRL club and Origin footballs to give away. Balls will be randomly placed on my bingo card (numbered 1 to 20). Two of those numbers will have two balls on them, and the rest will have one. The winning entrant for each game will be asked to pick a number, and the ball/balls on that number will be yours. You could end up with a QLD Origin football which would be fantastic, or a Sharks football which would be something you could feed to your rottweiler. One of those numbers will have a ball and a $50 NRL shop gift voucher up for grabs. Keep that one away from your dog.

Competition is free to enter and open to registered tipsters and anyone else who has created an account on this site. If you win I will need to mail you the prize, so if you don't want to share your email address and postal details with me (privately), perhaps let someone else win.


If anything needs to be clarified, just ask in the comments section on this page and I will respond.  

Finals week one winners

Congrats to our winners from week one of the finals:

  • Panthers 29-28 went to Nik (26-20)
  • Raiders 32-20 went to Newbie from Perth (32-14)
  • Storm 36-24 went to Mike T (32-20)
  • Rabbitohs 46-20 was a four way tie between Guru Craig, a, catdog and bulga...and the winner drawn out of the Thinkers cap by Ms Thinker is...Guru Craig.

If I can get our four winners to add a number between 1 and 20 in the comments section on this page - I'll let you know what you've won.




The Butcher's picture

I’m going to get the 9 finals correct
I like the sound of Butchers Ball Bingo.
I also bought a new puppy and toilet training has been tough but if I could just win one of those QLD orgin balls.

manyana's picture

Good luck to you Butcher.
I'm happy to participate, but picking the scores is not easy to do.
But as they say, "If you're not in it, you can't win it"
Good luck to everyone who enters.

a's picture

Count me in

Mary S's picture

Count me in tank you.

Mary S's picture

Thank you (not tank you) - I should have had a "Nanna nap" as I'm starting to fall asleep at the computer!

Cheers to all,

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Awesome Thinker! You can count me in


mark ashford's picture

Hi Thinker
I would love to be involved if only to stop the Butcher from getting that Qld SoO ball!

tigerholic's picture

Tiger likes the idea

Tiger doesn't like the idea of Butcher winning a football even if it is a QLD ball it's the principle of the matter.


Esra Star's picture

I am having trouble picking my nose this year,but what the heck,,i'm in. Thanks Mr Thinker.

newbie from perth's picture

Ha-Ha! I am notoriously bad when it comes to picking scorelines but I’ll give this a crack. Kudos for putting up these prizes Boss. Here’s hoping there’s a Roosters ball in there somewhere 🤪. Cheers.

JKBubble's picture

I will give it a shot ...count me in thanks thinker

Baggy_Gee's picture

Looking forward to having a crack. Bring on the finals.

Buzz105's picture

Count me in, can't wait for the finals to begin

Footy chick's picture

Brilliant. Thank you The Thinker xx

Walby's picture

I'll tip in the Finals Ball Bingo please, sounds good. You can keep all those Maroon balls though!

lohiamorea50's picture

Looking forward to the finals. Bring it on!

Hardyards's picture

Hey Thinker, can I put my predictions in early mate, back in country shortly and I’ll have time to look properly then:
Friday Major qualifying final - Panthers 12 v Roosters 22
Saturday Major elimination final Raiders 24 v Sharks 6
Saturday Minor qualifying final Storm 26 v Eels 10
Sunday Minor elimination final Rabbitohs 332 v Knights 14

Hardyards's picture

Haha, Rabbitohs 32

Steel Panther's picture

Hey Hardyards,
I actually didn't think that was a typo after the way the Rabbits & Knights played on the weekend.....

Hardyards's picture

Hi ya steely, long time no chat.
Congratulations on your Warriors mate, superb effort from the players, staff and families to give up so much for the game and NZRL. From the bits I’ve managed to see, you and your country must be very proud of them, and rightly so.
NQ has some work to do in the off-season to become a true contender again, but Payten looks to be a guy who may be able to do it.

mark ashford's picture

OK Hardyards
I'll throw my hat in the ring with these predictions.
Panthers 12.............Roosters 30
Raiders 22 ............Sharks 10
Storm 36.................Eels 14
Rabbits 20.............Knights 16
Good luck to all.

Coach Potato's picture

Loving all the Roosters tips. Cockadoodle doo. Maybe Jake’s cheek is better by Friday?

Baggy_Gee's picture

Panthers 28 - Roosters 16
Raiders 40 - Sharks 6
Eels 18 - Storm 14
Rabbits 56 - Knights 0

Mary S's picture

Well - here goes nothing!
Panthers 28.............Roosters 30
Raiders 26 ............Sharks 10
Storm 30.................Eels 16
Rabbits 30.............Knights 16
Good luck everyone.

Guru Craig's picture

Panthers 14......Roosters 20
Raiders 18........Sharks 10
Storm 30.........Eels 6
Rabbits 48......Knights 6

Coach Potato's picture

Yes it’s true of course that horses do say neigh, sounding the same as nay - and they aren’t really able to say much else. Not their fault, poor things.

The Thinker's picture

Morning all

As you can see people have started entering their predictions for the finals. If contestants can enter their picks much like those above it will make it nice and easy for me.

All registered tipsters, and anyone with a website account, can enter. Sign up is free. If you have any questions just give me a holler.

Walby's picture

Finals week 1.
Panthers 14......Roosters 22
Raiders 32........Sharks 12
Storm 26.........Eels 10
Rabbits 28.....Knights 12

Mike T's picture

My suggestions for week one.
Panthers 18. Roosters 16.
Raiders 22. Sharks 8
Storm 32. Eels 20.
Rabbits 30. Knights.
Good luck all.
Mike T.

Mike T's picture

I didn't put a score in for Knights,
my pick is 6 points.
Sorry about that, mate.

a's picture

Here’s my scores

Panthers 20 Roosters 18
Raiders 24 Sharks 8
Storm 24 Eels 16
Rabbitohs 40 Knights 10

Angel Shark's picture

Finals Week 1
Panthers 12 Roosters 14
Raiders 10 Sharks 12
Storm 22 Eels 8
Rabbitohs 18 Knights 8

Nik's picture

Panthers 26 Roosters 2o
Raiders 42 Sharks 22
Storm 38 Eels 6
Rabbitohs 30 Knights 14

newbie from perth's picture

OK, I’ve cast the runes and this is what they’re telling me …

Panthers 18 - Roosters 22
Raiders 32 - Sharks 14
Storm 34 - Eels 10
Rabbitohs 26 - Knights 8

I’m off to take some Lemsip and a hay fever tablet. Been knocked around from pillar to post the last 3 days 🤧. Aaaargh!

Coach Potato's picture

Sorry to say you’ll be knocked from pillar to post on another 3 days as well.

Catdog's picture

Finals Round 1
Panthers 26.............Roosters 18
Raiders 42 ............Sharks 10
Storm 38.................Eels 16
Rabbits 52.............Knights 10

Rocket Ryan's picture

Finals Week 1
Panthers 6 Roosters 18
Raiders 18 Sharks 12
Storm 28 Eels 8
Rabbitohs 24 Knights 8

lohiamorea50's picture

As final fever is approaching, kicking of this weekend. Its really hard to tip, but I have a good selection and it follows like this: Panthers 20 to beat Roosters 16.
Rabbitohs 30 to beat Knights 14.
Raiders 22 to beat sharks 14.
Storms 26 to beat Eels 12.
So thats the tip. Good luck to my selection.

tigerholic's picture

Afternoon All
I have just woken up after my first night shift in 15 months, I feel a bit like Butcher(dazed, can't focus). Only joking Butcher I see there has been someone back again who takes all the heat away from you mate.

My Winning margins are as below:

Panthers 19 - Roosters 18
Raiders 32 - Sharks 12
Eels 23 - Storm 14
Rabbits 30 - Knights 10

Good luck to all. Christine, how have you been going?


manyana's picture

Here are my week 1 scores for Ball Bingo.
Panthers 21 Roosters 18
Raiders 24 Sharks 16
Storm 32 Eels 8
Rabbits 16 Knights 8
Good luck to everyone, manyana.

The Butcher's picture

You were like that before night shift.
Maybe we can start fresh next year and change our names to show our teams performances.
I can go from the butcher to 3PEAT
And you can go from Tigerholic to TigerTANIC.

tigerholic's picture


Very funny, you already have yourself penciled in for a start next year. I was worried about the splinters you were going to get if I was the Thinker:)


Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hey everyone, my picks for Ball Bingo are:

Panthers 18 - Roosters 22
Raiders 38 - Sharks 12
Storm 32 - Eels 14
Rabbitohs 40 Knights 4

Cheers everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! my tipping comment will come in either later today or tomorrow. Still haven't even put in tips yet.

newbie from perth's picture

@ Coach - “Sorry to say you’ll be knocked from pillar to post in another 3 days as well.”

You may very well be right my friend 😉. It’s gonna be tough to turn it around after our “debacle” of last week. Not easy against your boys but I’m hoping we somehow manage to find our mojo again. Do I dare to dream the impossible dream?

Good luck for Friday night mate and may the best team win. Can’t wait … Boom! 💥

🐔 🐔 🐔 🐔

twenty20's picture

Panthers 18 v Roosters 20
Raiders 24 v Sharks 8
Storm 18 v Eels 16
Rabbits 28 v knights 12

Coach Potato's picture

Yes good luck Newbie, good luck Butcher. We shake hands before the game, and then it’s on. No holds barred except for the one’s that the Storm use.

Buzz105's picture

Hi Thinker,
Here's my " not even close" predictions for Week 1 of the finals
Panthers 20 - Roosters 22
Raiders 32 - Sharks 8
Storm 28 - Eels 12
Rabbitohs 34 - Knights 10

Jimmy Yawane's picture

How can i register???


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