Ball Bingo - finals tipping competition (Grand Final)

Greetings football fans

The Thinker is opening up his mystery box and giving out a few prizes throughout the 2020 finals series.

Welcome to Ball Bingo

There are nine prizes in total, one for each of the nine games during the 2020 finals series. Registered tipsters and registered visiters can enter the comp in all nine finals games (one entry per game). To enter, simply sign in to the website and enter your score prediction in the comments section on the page for each week of the finals (eg. Roosters 20 - Rabbitohs 10). Each week will have its own page in the lounge section of this site. We can also discuss each of the games before, during and after each final on these pages.

The prize winner in each game is the person whose predicted score is closest to the final outcome. Should there be a tie, those entrants names will be placed in my thinking cap and a winner drawn by Ms Thinker. You can win more than once, but I'm hoping the prizes get shared around a little bit. If someone wins all nine, they're a deadset freak and this competition will be renamed in their honour for next season. The final decision on winners is determined by The Thinker.

The Grand Final

Panthers vs Storm (ANZ Stadium)

The prizes

I have a bunch of NRL club and Origin footballs to give away. Balls will be randomly placed on my bingo card (numbered 1 to 20). Two of those numbers will have two balls on them, and the rest will have one. The winning entrant for each game will be asked to pick a number, and the ball/balls on that number will be yours. You could end up with a QLD Origin football which would be fantastic, or a Sharks football which would be something you could feed to your rottweiler. One of those numbers will have a ball and a $50 NRL shop gift voucher up for grabs. Keep that one away from your dog.

Competition is free to enter and open to registered tipsters and anyone else who has created an account on this site. If you win I will need to mail you the prize, so if you don't want to share your email address and postal details with me (privately), perhaps let someone else win.

The winners

If your name appears below without a prize, pick a number between one and 20 (that hasn't already been picked) and add it in the comments on this page.

  • Nik - Dragons football (4)*
  • Newbie from Perth - Storm football and Maroons Origin football (16)*
  • Mike T - Broncos football (3)
  • Guru Craig - Bulldogs football and Maroons Origin football (7)*
  • Buzz105 - Raiders football (11)*
  • a - Cowboys football (8)
  • Guru Craig - Dragons football (6)*
  • Manyana - Panthers football (13)*
  • Mary S (grand final winner) - Storm football and NSW Origin football (19)*

Congratulations to all our winners. I will be in touch with you privately to arrange delivery of your prize.


The Thinker's picture

@Guru Craig

You can pick another number sir. Soon you will have more balls than Brandon Smith.

Marty Babz's picture

Opps number 9

mark ashford's picture

Hi Thinker
Last shot at a ball
Storm 20 Panthers 18

Baggy_Gee's picture

Panthers to make the fairytale 3/3 Panthers 28 Storm 24

Marty Babz's picture

Storm 22 vs Panthers 18 (Storm 1-12 margin is a lock).

Rocket Ryan's picture

Storm 18
Panthers 13

Esra Star's picture

Storm 13
Panthers 12.

Judy lewis's picture

Storm 28
Panthers 29

tigerholic's picture

Evening Folks

Hope you are all well, this thing called work is a real party pooper. I've been back for almost 3 weeks and I could already use another year off.

Good luck to those on top of the ladder, I hope those that follow the Storm or Panthers have a win.

My tip is for the Panthers to send Cam Smith out a loser.


tigerholic's picture


I just said I was in need of a year off, that is evident in that I forgot to submit my result.

Panthers 30 to defeat Storm 14.


Guru Craig's picture

Storm 23 v Panthers 18

And #6 for the Bingo please

The Thinker's picture

Guru Craig,

Congrats again, you have won a Dragons football. I will add it to your pile :-)


I have a NSW Blues Origin football...and I don't want it.

I will add it to the prize bounty for the person that wins Grand Final ball bingo.

All the best

The Thinker

mark ashford's picture

Should I be so lucky to win, like you I don't want an NSW blues ball. So can I say please give it to Baggy if I win.

a's picture

Hi My tip is

Storm 21 Panthers 14

newbie from perth's picture

Here goes nothing...

Storm 19 - Panthers 12

Bring it on! 💪

Baggy_Gee's picture

Thanks Mark, it will be a treasured possession, maybe I could even get it signed in 2021 when we are allowed to go back to the game.

Catdog's picture

Hi Thinker,
Thanks for another great season of tipping and competitions.
My pick is Panthers 24 Storm 18

manyana's picture

Hi Thinker, here are my scores for the Grand Final.
Panthers 16 Storm 25
Good luck to everyone.
Cheers, manyana.

Walby's picture

Storm 28 def Panthers 18.

twenty20's picture

Panthers 13 v Storm 10

Mike T's picture

Ball Bingo guess for the G Final.
Storm 28 Panthers 18.
Thanks to all for something a bit different 'this' year.

Hardyards's picture

Another game I won’t be able to watch 😩
storm 24, panthers 16
Thanks thinker for all this season. Cheers mate

Buzz105's picture

Hi Thinker,
I'm going for a Melbourne Win.

Storm 22 defeat Panthers 14

Buzz105's picture

Hi Thinker,
I'm going for a Melbourne Win.

Storm 22 defeat Panthers 14

Mary S's picture

Here's hoping11

Storm 25…………Panthers 18

mark ashford's picture

Hey Baggy
My TV blew up yesterday, can you believe it just a couple of days before both GF's. Raced over to Bribie Leading Appliances this morning and bought a new Samsung 44inch Smart TV which included delivery, setup and removal of the old one. The installer asked what I was so keen about and of course I said the NRL GF. He said he was an Eels supporter and I said I've got a mate on a tipping site who is a rusted on Eels man. He asked if you had any hair left as he'd pulled all his out and yes he was completely bald for a comparatively young man.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Losing mine, but I do have 2 daughters so that could also be a mitigating factor. Yes it is hard to be a fan somedays, started a new casual job and we were talking about football and one guy was quiet, I asked the "not into football" question and he pointed out he was a Broncos supporter, I told him I understood his pain an we moved sports. It is nice that there are a wide spectrum of supporters all over the place and 15/16th of them are welcome in polite society.

mark ashford's picture

I'm still lucky to have a good head of hair although it's like Procul Harem said "and it turned a whiter shade of pale" I agree the NRL is a great leveler with all supporters respecting others and their choices, some don't but I feel they are in the minority. We all love our clubs and be they up or down there is always another chance next year.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hey everyone, my tip for Ball Bingo Grand Final edition is:

Storm 16 to defeat the Panthers 12. Meaning we'll be in for a low-scoring grand final. Wouldn't be surprised assuming defence will be the focus on both coaches minds coming into this one.


Nik's picture

Panthers 19 v Storm 18

MGM's picture

Hi Thinker,
My tip for the big day is Storm 22 - Panthers 12
Good luck everyone !

Footy chick's picture

Thank you The Thinker for everything. Seriously.
Storm 22 Panthers 18

Angel Shark's picture

Hi there,
Storm 8 Panthers 4
Thank you

BigPeteBx's picture

Storm 18......Panthers 21
Thanks Thinker for a great season that was - we got there.
Keep well - Big Pete Bx

The Butcher's picture

The 2015 under 20s premier panthers five years on 16.
The 2010 salary cap cheats with 2 filing cabinets 10.

TigerGirl's picture

Storm to win.
Storm 25
Panthers 16

JKBubble's picture

Storm 20
Panthers 16

The Thinker's picture

Wow...a whole bunch of you were really close with your grand final predictions, but our winner (missing the Storm total by 1 point and the Panthers total by 2) is the fabulous Mary S.

Mary S,

If you can choose a number from the bingo board I will let you know what you've won. The numbers left are 1,2,5,9,10,12,14,15,17,18,19,20.

Mary S's picture

Thank you kind Sir,

Could I have number 19 please.


The Thinker's picture

Congratulations Mary S

You have won a NSW Origin football and a Storm football.

I will be in touch to arrange postage.

All the best

Mary S's picture

Hi Boss,

Thank you - I think!!

As I'm definitely a QLD SOO supporter, I would be quite happy to continue with Mark's suggestion and have the NSW Origin football sent to Baggy, if that is OK.

I will look forward to receiving the Storm football. This year in particular, it will be a reminder of so many sacrifices players, families, coaches and support staff have made, so that the competition could continue.

I found this story enlightening (more so the second half) and I expect there are many others-


mark ashford's picture

Mary S
Congratulations on your ball bingo win. How fitting a Storm ball for your prize and how generous of you to offer the NSW SoO ball to our mate Baggy. Your comments this year have been of the highest caliber and, I'm sure well received by all. Enjoy the SoO series.

mark ashford's picture

Mary S
Sorry I forgot to comment on the link you posted. Was a great read and almost brought a tear to my eyes (well not almost). I know there aren't too many Storm/Cam Smith supporters here but no one can deny the sacrifices they made to get the Trophy.
Also no one can deny what the Warriors did. Two super efforts to make this year possible.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Mary Thank you very much for the Ball, it will bring great joy to 50% of the occupants of the house, the others will turn their nose up at it. Thank you all for a wonderful season and for the good times on here, enjoy the summer break and may you all stay healthy and safe from this novel flu.

Mary S's picture

Hi Baggy,

Your girls comments/reasons for the teams they have tipped during the season, has been priceless, giving me a great deal of amusement, and in some cases, a good laugh, so - even if it's only 50% of the household that enjoys the Ball, that's great.


Baggy_Gee's picture

Well the Ball arrived today, and the youngest is still dancing around singing about the new ball. The eldest is already telling us where we can use it, and everyone here is overjoyed. Thank you very much Thinker, and Mary for the pleasure that is being currently enjoyed.

The Thinker's picture

I'm glad it arrived Baggy

Those of you still waiting for balls - I'm working through the list of winners and will be in touch.

All the best

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