Ball Bingo - finals tipping competition (week two)

Greetings football fans

The Thinker is opening up his mystery box and giving out a few prizes throughout the 2020 finals series.

Welcome to Ball Bingo

There are nine prizes in total, one for each of the nine games during the 2020 finals series. Registered tipsters and registered visiters can enter the comp in all nine finals games (one entry per game). To enter, simply sign in to the website and enter your score prediction in the comments section on the page for each week of the finals (eg. Roosters 20 - Rabbitohs 10). Each week will have its own page in the lounge section of this site. We can also discuss each of the games before, during and after each final on these pages.

The prize winner in each game is the person whose predicted score is closest to the final outcome. Should there be a tie, those entrants names will be placed in my thinking cap and a winner drawn by Ms Thinker. You can win more than once, but I'm hoping the prizes get shared around a little bit. If someone wins all nine, they're a deadset freak and this competition will be renamed in their honour for next season. The final decision on winners is determined by The Thinker.

The games (week two finals)

  • Roosters vs Raiders (Sydney Cricket Ground)
  • Eels vs Rabbitohs (Bankwest Stadium)

The prizes

I have a bunch of NRL club and Origin footballs to give away. Balls will be randomly placed on my bingo card (numbered 1 to 20). Two of those numbers will have two balls on them, and the rest will have one. The winning entrant for each game will be asked to pick a number, and the ball/balls on that number will be yours. You could end up with a QLD Origin football which would be fantastic, or a Sharks football which would be something you could feed to your rottweiler. One of those numbers will have a ball and a $50 NRL shop gift voucher up for grabs. Keep that one away from your dog.

Competition is free to enter and open to registered tipsters and anyone else who has created an account on this site. If you win I will need to mail you the prize, so if you don't want to share your email address and postal details with me (privately), perhaps let someone else win.



Bronco Legend's picture

Hi Thinker,
My predictions for this weekend are Roosters 25 to defeat Raiders 12.
Rabbits 36 to defeat Eels 16. Still a three way tie on the ladder with footy chic and Jkbubble with me and only a few points to come but alot of others on our tails.
Best of luck all.

Catdog's picture

I will go:
Roosters 18 Raiders 28
Eels 14 Rabbitohs 32


mark ashford's picture

Hi Thinker
I'm going;
Roosters 26 Raiders 18
Eels 14 Rabbits 22

Baggy_Gee's picture

Eels 32 - Rabbits 18
Roosters 24- Raiders 22

a's picture

Hi thinker

Roosters 34 Raiders 4
Rabbitohs 36 Eels 20

Nik's picture

Roosters 19 Raiders 18
Eels 10 Rabbitohs 40

tigerholic's picture

Morning All
Roosters 40- Raiders 18
Rabbits 38- Eels 14

All the best folks


Twin kei's picture

Hi Thinker
ROOSTERS 32 Raiders 10
Eels 6 _ South Sydney Rabbit 34

All the best...

Hardyards's picture

Hi all,
For me this week
Roosters 28 vs Raiders 12
Eels 16 vs Rabbitohs 32
Yes, it was 1632 when I wrote this...........😀

Coach Potato's picture

Sorry tiger, I thought 19-18 was super close, got the 1 point margin, even had the 9 and the 8.

twenty20's picture

Roosters 15 v Raiders 12
Eels 21 v Rabbits 26
good luck all

Walby's picture

Roosters 24 def Raiders 14
Rabbits 36 def Eels 18

manyana's picture

Hi Thinker, here are my scores for week 2 of Ball Bingo.
Roosters 28 to beat Raiders 16
Rabbits 32 to beat Eels 18
Cheers, manyana.

Kumul fly's picture

Roosters 26 Raiders 6
Eels 12 Rabbitohs 40

Guru Craig's picture

Roosters 30 v Canberra 18

Souths 38 v Parra 14

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello, my picks for week 2 of Ball Bingo is:

Roosters 21 to beat the Raiders 14

Rabbitohs 32 to beat the Eels 12


Angel Shark's picture

Roosters 22 Raiders 18
Rabbitohs 18 Eels 12

newbie from perth's picture

OK, for what it’s worth, here we go again …

Roosters 24 – Raiders 16
Eels 22 – Rabbitohs 30

Cheers y’all 🐔 🐔 🐔

Coach Potato's picture

Wow, newbie ‘for what it’s worth ...’ Sounds like a shot to the solar plexus if I’ve ever heard one.

Trent Robinson’s up-beat video chat the other day also had a shot to the solar plexus about it - imo.

I think the dagger wielding Raiders, will be left to strike the killer blow later tonight, after those solar plexus hits last week.

I will say something like, 26 to 12.

Parra, I have to say, I think the removal of Sivo and Ferguson albeit through injury, is a bit of an instant fix to their defensive reads. No one defending 15m in from the sideline now, so bunnies will be in for a shock that they suddenly find a brick wall of blue and gold in front of them.

Not having it the same as their last meeting only a month back could throw them. Enough for Jennings, Moses, Brown-D, and Gutherson to counter.

I’m thinking Parra 30 Souths 12.

Buzz105's picture

Good Morning Sir Thinker of NRL,

Please find below my non winning entries for this weeks Games

Roosters 18 – Raiders 22
Eels 14 – Rabbitohs 32

Footy chick's picture

Hello everyone
Roosters 25...Raiders 18
Eels 16...Rabbitohs 42
Thank you The Thinker

Islander's picture

Roosters 22 v Raiders 14
Eels 30 v Rabbitohs 20

Mary S's picture

Hi to all,
Roosters 26……..Raiders 18
Eels 16……………Rabbitohs 26

Mike T's picture

Roosters. 38 Raiders. 12.
Eels. 18 Rabbits. 22.
Nice & warm in SEQ.
Mike T.

JKBubble's picture

My predictions for round 2:
Roosters 29......Raiders 26
Eels 18............Rabbitohs 30

The Butcher's picture

Roosters 28 Raiders 16
Eels 31 Rabbits 24

BigPeteBx's picture

Round 2 Semi's
Roosters 24......Raiders 20
Eels 18......Rabbits 25

Thanks Thinker and Good Luck all

Coach Potato's picture

I thought you said out in straight sets, cheap cuts.

TigerGirl's picture

Roosters 20 Canberra 6
Souths 18 Parra 12

Coach Potato's picture

Buzz105 how wrong you were - (by being right that is). Telling everyone of your losing entry and then you go ahead and hit the Powerball. Too good.

Buzz105's picture

Cheers Coach Potato,

I wish I saved my luck for this weeks Powerball, that $40 million would be nice

a's picture

Congrats buZz on picking the right score

Buzz105's picture

Cheers A

Mary S's picture

Congratulations Buzz105 on the winner & correct score!!

Newbie, Mike T and Guru - you need to read Thinkers comment at the end of Week 1 of Ball Bingo - (if you haven't already done so that is!) as each of you are requested to provide The Thinker with a number between 1-20, excluding 4.


Buzz105's picture

Cheers Mary

newbie from perth's picture

@ Mary
Thanks for the reminder regarding the Ball Bingo. Gotta be honest, I missed that bit and wasn’t aware the Boss revealed the winners on that page. You really look after me young lady. Thanks for that 💖.

a's picture

So who won the prizes this week

The Thinker's picture

Greetings football fans,

Congrats to our two winners from week two of the finals:

Buzz105 - not only picked the upset result, but even picked the exact score in the Raiders/Roosters match

a - Rabbitohs vs Eels

If the two of you can pick a number between 1 and 20 and add it in the comments I will reveal your prizes.

All the best

The Thinker

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