The hottest man in tennis definitely less attractive than Stefan Edberg

Rod Laver Arena (pictured above) will be a heaving mass of oestrogen as the hottest man in tennis right now, Daniil (not a spelling mistake) Medvedev takes to the court and hopes to unseat the possibly injured and definitely less attractive Novak Djokovic. Medvedev, almost certainly related to former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev because they have the same surname, has won 20 games in a row which is like a million games of anything else...and it's this winning streak that makes him so hot right now. He's also a defensive baseliner and quite the mathematician, which are the two most commonly ticked check boxes on dating apps.

This 198cm long tall drink of water is a deadset special on and off the court, and will claim his first Grand Slam title this evening. You heard it here first. 

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