End of season hangout

For those of you that wish to stay in touch between now and the start of next season...here is the place to do so.


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Greetings football fans

As you can see I have re-instated the hangout page for those who wish to stay in touch during the off-season.

I'll drop in from time to time - just to make sure you aren't all poking each others eyes out...but you all seem like a friendly bunch so I'm sure it will be fine.

All the best

The Thinker

And since I'm here...I believe the 16 NRL clubs will be advised today which team will be getting the 17th NRL licence.

So we should know pretty soon.....go the 'Phins'

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Yeah it’ll be pretty good to get a 17th club

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Redcliffe,,,Well grounded management,stable finances,good infrastructure,large fan base.I can't see it going any other way.

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And everyone loves dolphins :-)

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The Brisbane Flippers? lol.

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Central QLD should get it

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Another QLD team is a waste, same as a new NSW central coast. Game growth in real areas that aren't Melbourne or South Australia. I think Fiji or PNG would be real goers. But if anyone should get it, Redcliffe is the obvious location as it has the infrastructure.

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While o do think there should be another qld it should be Rockhampton Mackay or cairns god forbid why cairns didn’t get a game at all when they were in qld

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Will there be a World Club Challenge pre-season?

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Should have resuscitated the North Sydney Bears. The best location. Ground is pretty schmick! Their guernsey's don't clash either ;)

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Ipswich should get it as we are rugby league here (we call out rugby league in our sleep) with many legends produced and a very proud City when it comes to our sports people and the fastest growing area in Qld, but NRL have already decided long ago as they played a few NRL games at Redcliffe and non whatsoever in Ipswich which was dissapointing from NRL management who still need to work themseles out. But whoever gets it they will probably be called Brisbane Dolphins or Brisbane Jets and games will probably be at Lang Park, if anyone else has any thoughts go for it.
Thanks for your great tips and thoughts Thinker see you next year.

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Well its now official, the Dolphins are the 17th NRL team.

I would have also like to have seen the Ipswich JV get the license, more juniors playing league out there than in Brisbane and its a growth Corridor.

The Dolphins have said that the NRL side will drop Redcliffe from their name and will have a fan vote. Any suggestions?

Southeast Dolphins, Sunshine State Dolphins?

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Green Bay Packers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Moreton Bay Dolphins

This was always the safest bet - one of the richest sporting clubs in the country...of any code.

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Got my cap thinker thanks again its one i did not have will have it on for our first game 2022.
Cheers Rocket

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Great to hear Rocket....enjoy

All the best

The Thinker

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It was a Broncos cap, how could Rocket be happy?


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So the new franchise is just going to be called "Dophins"

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My bet is that they will still be called the Redcliffe Dolphins no matter what they officially call them selves.

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I think central qld should of got it

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It 's going to be a long off season ...

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Hey Thinker & Rocket
YeeHay my cap arrived yesterday due to some delays due to Bribie Island postal differences. Wore it out today on a trip to pick up our crab pots and scored 23 legal sand crabs, so it gave me good luck. Had to split them 3 ways but still enough for a good feed. Thanks Thinker will wear it again on the next trip. Like you Rocket I love it.

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Nice crabbing there Mark....I do like a fresh sand crab or five :-)

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Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while but finally managed to pop my head in and take a look in this here “end of season hangout” page.

Been pretty busy since the GF and not in a good way. I’m usually a pretty laid back sort of guy and nothing much phases me but this BS pandemic thing has taken its toll on me. No, not the actual virus, but moreso the shenanigans of our political leaders. I know why they’re doing what they’re doing but most wouldn’t believe me so I won’t bother you with that 😉.

Can’t speak for other states (god help our Victorian family though) but Mark McGowan is doing my head in. His “no jab, no job” directive takes effect on the 31 Dec 2021. I won’t go into specifics but suffice to say I will NOT be getting the vaccine so looks like I’ll be losing my job, one that I’ve had for the last 32 years 😰.

This has put me under a lot of stress the last few months but I’m slowly working my way through it. I refuse to let governments dictate to me and threaten me with penalties if I don’t do as I’m told. I will not “go along to get along”, no matter what the situation. If something is wrong (in my view), it’s still wrong. No amount of threats will change that.

I’ve lost 30 year friendships because of this garbage. I have family members who refuse to talk to me unless I get jabbed. It used to bother me but I’ve unwillingly accepted the fact that these bonds have been broken and it honestly breaks my heart.

Not looking for sympathy and not looking for an argument. You do what you think is right and I’ll do the same.

Yeah, I know some will tell me to “just get the vaccine” and I know some will say I’m being selfish and putting others at risk but you know what? At the end of the day it’s not about me keeping others safe, it’s about everyone doing the right thing, using some commonsense and keeping ourselves safe. And no, getting the vaccine is not the “only” answer.

I know for a fact there will be family here that will vehemently disagree with me and that’s fine. I respect your stance on this and whatever decision you make is the right one. I just wish that the politicians would do the right thing and help us get back to some sort of normal. Forcing me to get vaccinated is not the way to do it though.

I could rabbit on and tell you why I take the view I do but it will most probably be pointless as most won’t be bothered to look at the information I could put up and well, this isn’t exactly the right place for these sorts of discussions anyway. We’re here to talk about footy and nothing else.

Anyway, Mr Clown Pants 🤡 (McGowan) has changed the vaccination rate from 70% up to 80% and now it’s changed again to 90%. When that happens he’s “promised” to open the border. And when he does he reckons we’ll have to start wearing masks again as well as face other “restrictions”. Absolute clown! Anyway, I’m starting to rant a bit now so I’d better reign that in and calm down 😁.

Not sure what I’ll do without a job, especially seeing as I’m too young to get the pension and knowing they’ll make it tough for me to go on the dole. I’d love to get another job somewhere but whose gonna employ me when I tell them I’m not vaccinated? “Yeah, you only have yourself to blame for that” as one of my (ex) friends told me a while ago. Another one said “well, you have a choice” but where’s the choice? Get vaccinated or starve to death? That's not a choice, that's a threat.

Anyway, I’ve annoyed you long enough so I’ll just wander off and try to get my head right. Sincere apologies if I’ve overstepped the boundaries, it was not my intention to do so. I’m not on social media so I have no avenue to talk about this except here and one other forum – desperate times call for desperate measures.

Again, sorry if this upsets anyone. I’m out of here, need to try and figure out what I’m gonna do. Cheers y’all. Keep safe and stay happy. Cheers 😍.

P.S. Thinker, if you feel you should remove this post, no worries mate, I’ll understand completely. Cheers…

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Hi mate,
I am not an anti vaxxer and have both jabs,but i am also very against someone being forced to take a chemical/medication that they do not feel comfortable with. I got the the jab and it was my choice. You and others should have the same choice. I hope your employers see some reason in all this.After all,they still have to have employees to operate their business.

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Hey Newbie,

Nothing like a post about the touchiest subject in town to waken this site up from its off season slumber!!

I read your post with interest but what I would really like to know (if you feel like sharing) is why you have decided not to get vaccinated? What are your reasons?

We have just passed 100 days in lockdown here in Auckland but restrictions slowly lifting though our daily case numbers aren't really dropping.

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I'm happy for you (and anyone else) to talk about it and share your thoughts etc.

The same usual boring Thinker rules apply.

This particular issue is a biggie - and people will have strong opinions...try to keep it kind.

All the best

The Thinker

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So,did Branden Smith intentionally leak the infamous "i would like to win a premiership in the tri colours" at the behest of the Roosters to try and get him released earlier?

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Newbie, Newbie, Newbie.
My mate. I read your post in it's entirety and while I respect your stance I can't understand why you would give away a 32 year career because of a vaccine and so many friends and family. I won't bore you with stories of the Polio vaccine so many years ago and how it saved so many young Aussie kids. I'm double vaxxed and will get the extra shot in around one month. No doubt you have your reasons, I just hope they are not based on so much misinformation on the internet. My only advice is go to your GP and have a talk with him or her to maybe get balanced advice.
Whatever you do I will remain your friend.

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I too back up what Mark said at the end of the day it is your body we will always be here for you no matter what you decide I myself have had 3 jabs for covid I had my booster in October due to being in my medical situation I was strongly advised to do so I am more concerned about you having no income at the moment during the pandemic than whether or not you get the jab or not it will be very tough for you but more power too you for taking your stance I used to be one that never had a flu shot now I do every year & I don't get as sick as much as I used to with colds & flu , I hope everything works out for you what ever you decide to do we here at the thinkers site are part of your family never forget that newbie & make up your own mind about it but it will be hard on you . Christine your fellow thinker

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@ The Thinker
🔊 “I'm happy for you (and anyone else) to talk about it and share your thoughts etc... and people will have strong opinions...try to keep it kind.”

Thanks for allowing me to express myself Boss, very generous of you. Yes, of course I will be kind. It’s not in my nature to be otherwise. Thanks mate.

@ Steely (and Mr Ashford, Christine & Esra)
🔊 “… but what I would really like to know (if you feel like sharing) is why you have decided not to get vaccinated? What are your reasons?”

Yeah, no problem Steely. As you know I tend to “waffle” on quite a bit and I’ll try my best not to go all political but instead, just to outline my reasons and keep the focus on the “vaccine”. Thanks to you as well.

The following views are mine and mine alone. Not looking to argue, preach or change your mind. I shuffled back and forth on whether I was going to bare my soul on this subject but eventually decided to explain my point of view. You all know me by now so as usual, this is gonna be a very long read (maybe my longest ever) so with apologies in advance, here goes…

In my mind, the “vaccine” has a number of concerns for me and they are as follows:

There’s the possibility of ADE (antibody dependent enhancement).
There’s the possibility of autoimmune disorders emerging.
There are safer alternative treatments to prevent and treat this virus.
There are serious adverse reactions to the vaccines.
The spike protein is cytotoxic.
There is no liability for vaccine producers and governments.
There’s the possibility of long term unknown side effects.

The majority of people are not aware of the above points (not their fault) quite simply because this isn’t shown on the Ch7 Nightly News, it doesn’t appear in the daily newspaper and the government doesn’t (won’t) tell you.

You won’t find this information on “that particular” search engine either. I haven’t used you-know-who as a search engine (for the “important stuff”) for at least 18 months now. If you want uncensored information you need to use at the very least DDG (or similar) as your search engine.

Look, I have nothing against anyone who chooses to get vaccinated. Whatever decision you make is the right one. Just like you had the choice to get vaccinated or not, I too should have that same choice. I should not be forced to take it by anyone, anywhere, ever.

While this virus is made out to be super scary and dangerous, the facts are that here in Australia the death rate is currently sitting on just 0.97%. Yes you read that right. Zero point nine seven percent. That means (as of this weekend just gone) the survival rate here in Australia is sitting at 99.03% across the board. Don’t believe me? Go to the official WHO Covid dashboard and see for yourself.

For our family in NZ the figures are even better with their survival rate sitting at 99.60%. It makes me think that this whole situation isn’t quite as dangerous as our governments are making it out to be. Yes, it’s not good that people are dying but millions of people die each year around the world. They always have and they always will, it’s just a part of life.

But just remember … this virus has a 99%+ survival rate. Why would I want to possibly endanger my health by injecting a so far untested “vaccine” to protect me from a virus that I have a 99% chance of surviving? And why are governments so hell-bent on getting us all "vaccinated” against a virus we have 99% chance of surviving? There’s something disturbing about that.

These “vaccines” do not make you immune from the virus. These “vaccines” do not prevent you catching or passing on the virus, regardless if you’re vaccinated or not. What difference does it make if I’m vaccinated or not? Someone who is vaccinated can still pass it on to another vaccinated person. The fact that someone is vaccinated should keep them out of hospital so they should be a lot “safer” regardless.

These “vaccines weaken your immune system and contribute to the creation of the variants we are currently seeing. I freely admit however, that the “vaccines” do seem to reduce the severity of the virus if you get infected and they have undoubtedly saved lives.

If the “vaccines” do end up causing ADE (when the virus mutates so that the antibodies no longer neutralize the virus) then you’re in serious trouble. I’m not willing to play “russian roulette” with my health until it’s proven the “vaccines” are safe.

Usually vaccine trials take years but this one doesn’t officially end until 2023. The vaccinated are actually the trial group here but given the adverse effects and deaths, I cannot understand why they haven’t stopped the vaccination program before now.

Antibodies (efficacy) from these “vaccines” start to drop within 6 months so that indicates to me that the vaccinated need to live life with never ending booster shots. The amount of “stuff” going into your body on a regular basis cannot be good for you. Thank you but no thank you.

Moderna has never had a drug or vaccine approved. The USA only chose them because the Moderna CEO said they could get their (experimental) “vaccine” made in the fastest time. The Moderna CEO is on record admitting that they designed the “vaccine” in just two days! Just remember that no animal trials were done either.

Pfizer have been prosecuted countless times in the past and have been fined billions of dollars for criminal practices and death and suffering caused to innocent and trusting people and yet the world begs them to save us! How can I trust my life to a company like that? And to top it off, Pfizer have applied to the FDA to have the results of their vaccine trial kept hidden until 2076. Seriously, I’m not making this up, it’s documented fact. But hey, don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. So, why do they want this kept secret for another 55 years? Something very fishy going on here.

There are alternative treatments (vitamins and off patent drugs) that are effective against this virus but they are being suppressed because the drug companies can’t make as much money as they can from these EUA "vaccines". That proves to me that they are more interested in making a profit than looking after our health.

We have seen a huge amount of censorship of doctors who have been speaking out about these drugs. And no, you won’t see this on the CH7 News either. What don’t they want us to know? That worries me a lot.

It’s well known that once you are infected with a virus or disease, your body creates a robust immune response, including memory T cells and B cells. These cells hang around so that you can quickly respond to a new infection. But they want to administer a “vaccine” to every single person on the planet (including children) that will weaken your immunity and put you in danger from these new infections that your body would normally take care of.

What a COVID-19 infection produces is a lifelong immunity so taking a “vaccine” is totally unnecessary for those who have recovered from the virus.

It doesn't make any sense for me to take a drug that they tell me is safe but then they won't take responsibility for. The companies that manufacture it, the medical professionals who push it, and the governments that mandate it are completely clear from all liability. This is a fact under the terms of an EUA (they are only authorised for emergency use). Remember, none of these “vaccines” are approved. If they were the people who suffer adverse reactions would be able to sue for damages.

They want me to take all the risk or else I’m a selfish person. No, I’m not a selfish person. They are being selfish by forcing me to take a drug that they will take no responsibility for. What could be more selfish than that? Protecting their profits from the costs of my adverse reactions or possible death, that’s selfish.

I must get the “vaccine” or I’ll lose my job. Well, it seems I will anyway. I must get the “vaccine” or else I can't go to Woolies to buy groceries. This is coercion (there is no choice involved here) and some may not care about that and some will cheer about it, but these threats are unethical and inhumane.

There is a growing amount of data that shows people are having severe reactions to the “vaccines”. Don’t believe me, just go to the VAERS website or the OpenVAERS website and see for yourself. I’m not willing to take the risk. It’s as simple as that. In years gone by, if a vaccine had as many adverse reactions as these “vaccines” have had, they would’ve been ripped off the shelves immediately. The fact that the “vaccine” rollout is still continuing is bizarre. There is something very, very wrong here.

So, for a lot of people, the “vaccine” appears to be safe in the short term, but in the long term it may (or may not) cause severe harm or even death. Look, people who start smoking don’t get lung cancer 3 months later but we all know if you keep smoking you’ll end up with something very bad years later. I’m convinced these “vaccines” may have the same outcome.

Think about this … you can fry an egg, but you can't un-fry it. Just the same, you won't be able to un-vaccinate the population, there's no way to get the “vaccine” out of the body once it's in there. If all this turns sour, God help the people of this country and the world.

I had this “gut feeling” that something wasn’t right about this whole affair since day one (it happened all too quickly). When you have a gut feeling that something’s wrong, it’s called instinct. It’s a product of millions of years of evolution. It’s a gift from our ancestors who also saw something that was wrong in their environment and had this weird bad feeling. They acted on that gut feeling and it saved them. This is why we are here today.

This whole virus saga has never made sense to me and I have never been one to “go along to get along”. If you do that too often it becomes a (bad) habit and might make you do things that are wrong and you may not even realise it. I’m not prepared to go down that path just so I can be “saved”. It’s the fear of this virus that has people worried. I get it. I understand. But in my opinion (and I could be wrong here) this fear is what blocks logical thought and when that happens we’re in trouble.

I am not among those who believe the virus doesn't exist or isn't harmful. It does and it is. But for the majority of people, forcing them to “vaccinate” with something that is untested and where the potential risks are not fully known yet, is illogical.

Here’s a question … do you have the right to impose a treatment on another person that may also harm them in the exact same way that the disease may harm them? My view is no, you do not. I should be allowed to choose for myself, free of coercion, which risk I want to take. Not you, not some lab coat, not some corporate CEO, and not some politician.

Contrary to what most people have been told, the “vaccine” can travel anywhere in the body and transfect your brain cells, your heart cells and your vital organs. This can cause the body to attack those organs. Given the fact that the virus mostly attacks our lungs, is it any wonder so many people are dying? If you can’t breathe then you die. It’s that simple and I don’t want to die.

Some may think I’m a “selfish lunatic” but I can assure I have proven all of these points to my satisfaction from diligent and objective research and have roughly 200-250 links from reputable medical journals, articles, university studies and government publications to back it up. I can assure you I do not believe everything I come across and will and have dismissed the garbage from those hysterical, lunatic websites that twist the truth and out and out lie.

I don't care what the scientists say, I care what the science says. There’s a difference. I do actually “follow the science”. The data doesn't lie, but people wearing lab coats often do.

I’m very comfortable with my decision and until someone offers me proof to the contrary, I will stay on this side of the fence. At the end of the day you either believe me or you don’t. I’m not fussed either way and will still call you “friend”.

For those of you who read all of this … thank you. Apologies for the length of this and apologies if any of this has offended, it was not my intention to do so. From the heart, stay healthy and stay safe…

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Mate,,i think everyone has to have the choice to vax or not to vax. There is so much misinformation flying around out there that the general population is now very confused.
I am double vaxed but that is my choice based on a very serious medical condition.
To those that say i am wrong,i say to them and anyone else that is undecided,take a walk in my shoes.
Although i am vaxed,i strongly feel that no government should mandate that a person should put a chemical in to their system. Personal choice.

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Hi Newbie
I understand where your coming from
because I grew up in a family that only used natural remedies and no chemicals were going to enter our bodies. I’m still like that today. My wife and I both said no to the vaccine. Being in the hotel industry lockdown saw me unemployed and even though I have many contacts it meant nothing without being jabbed.
Because my wife was unvaccinated and works for a Government agency she was being tested every second day.
We were falling behind and it was taking it’s toll and have a family to consider so common sense prevailed.
I think your single but as a family man you have to change your mindset. My wife is back to work and I started a job at the airlines and life is getting back to normal. I don’t think anyone wanted to get vaccinated but realistically wanted our freedoms and knew we had to do it to achieve that. We’re all going to die and life’s too short at least I’m doing the right thing by my family so I can live with my decision.
I now have to have the positive approach and the junk food you eat, the alcohol your drink and the carbon monoxide you breathe is poisoning you but for some reason that’s okay.
Remember it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
Take care.

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Hi Newbie
Just read your post and can I say I respect your stance on this issue but may not agree with it. I did have a look at VAERS and yes it is interesting but not conclusive. When Covid struck Governments around the world committed millions perhaps billions for research into a vaccine, yes it was hurried but it needed to be. You say long term effects may be devastating but like the benefit of the vaccine you have no proof of that only time will tell. I note you choose to ignore the advice of health professions and our expert immunologists from universities around this country and around the world. You chose to quote the death rate here in AUS and NZ and yes it is low but both countries are the most remote on earth and with both Governments shutting borders asap, we kept ourselves safe. Have a look at the death rates in China, India, South America, USA and Europe not to mention other third world countries that we don't hear from.
Once you have made your mind up about something there is no changing it and that's not the purpose of my post. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect you for it. Keep well my friend.

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Newbie my decision was because I am immune compromised & if I get covid it would probably kill me having no immunity on a red cell subset a compromised immune system then there is Ms too take in to account as well as high blood pressure & a kidney problem a blocked carotid artery & a disection on the other side of my neck it is my health I have enough going wrong with me right now without getting covid on top of that so I have had all 3 jabs it is my health as far as I am concerned I have to do it for me & if you really think my family would give me a choice in it my father took me there himself due to the fact I went to the hub had to get acshuttle bus & I can't even get on a bus without assistance from someone but you do what you think you should newbie I am not judging you as I am sure you are not judging me ...

mark ashford's picture

I hope you didn't think my last post was belittling your decisions, that was certainly not my intention. You as I am are entitled to our decisions and we must go on as we feel fit. I know drug companies are making billions out of this, but hey we can only listen to our health people and hope they are right. You will always remain a friend.

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@ Esra
Yeah, I agree 100% it should always be personal choice when it comes to these sorts of things. I for one have never told anyone that they’re wrong for making any sort of decision when it comes to their own health. I will however (because I'm concerned) encourage them to research further or get a “second opinion”. Whether they take my advice is solely up to them. Even though I do that (most of the time anyway) the bottom line is that at the end of the day it’s none of my business what they decide and the decision they ultimately make is theirs and theirs alone and I will not push it. To be honest, your decision to get vaccinated based on your medical condition seems quite sensible to me and you should be applauded for that. It takes a lot of courage to do that I reckon. Well done mate.

@ The Butcher
Yeah, you’re correct when you assume I’m a single bloke and the decision for me is a lot easier than most. Completely understand the choice is a lot harder when you have a family to consider. I’ve talked to those in the same situation and they chose to get vaccinated for the same reasons you did no doubt. Nothing but respect for anyone who goes down that path as it's a big call but it still saddens me that it’s come down to this. Not a great fan of Midnight Oil (mainly due to Peter Garrett) but agree with “better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”. Unfortunately, not everyone has that choice. Stay strong brother.

@ Mr Ashford
No worries mate. Yeah, as you say, everyone’s entitled to their opinion and the resulting decisions. More than happy for people to disagree with me as it makes me go off and take a look from a “different angle” so to speak. Every so often I change my views but not too often as I research things as best I can. But as I said, I have been known to change my views on rare occasions 😉.

Just so you know, I don’t ignore health advice from the experts per se but I will ALWAYS question it. I’ve always done this and always will. Call me a “doubting Thomas” if you will but I feel I have to stay true to the way I live my life. More times than not the “experts” advice holds true and in those situations I am more than willing to accept the advice.

Not trying to earn “brownie points” or anything mate but went off and looked into the death rates for China, India and the USA as you mentioned. Obviously I couldn’t look into South America or Europe as they comprise of multiple countries but as of this weekend the figures from the official WHO COVID dashboard shows the following survival rates:

China – 95.55%
India – 98.64%
USA – 98.39%
Globally – 98.01%

The figures from China seem a bit suss to me though (they've only reported 5,697 deaths so far). The survival rates for Australia (99.05%) and NZ (99.62%) have both (slightly) improved since last week. As I said, not trying to show you up or earn brownie points, rather just showing that the figures are not that scary. Well, as far as I see it anyway.

It gladdens my heart to hear you say I will always remain a friend. Differing viewpoints on this virus (or anything else for that matter) should never get in between relationships, whether they’re in real life or online. As long as we can agree to disagree and remain civil and respectful, we’ll be OK. Thanks buddy, take care.

@ Christine
Oh Christine, you’re a sweetheart 😍. No, I’m not judging you or anyone else, you can be sure of that. Thanks for seeing all this with an open mind and compassion even though your health problems would be so hard to endure. I know they would be for the rest of us. The fact that you do endure only speaks volumes about your tenacity. Well done GF.

Completely understand your decision to get vaccinated. Like I said to Esra, getting vaccinated given your situation is the logical step to take. Obviously you must think of yourself first and foremost and as I always say … “whatever decision you make is the right one”. I for one hope and pray you get through this whole virus thing unscathed. We need you posting on here to keep the scallywags behaving themselves 🤭. You take care young lady.

From the heart, y'all stay healthy and stay safe…

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I think it is safe to say I like everyone else on the thinker's website isn't judging you with your decision not too get the jab if anything we are more concerned how you will manage getting by it certainly won't be easy for you but try & stay safe as best you can
I really do hope we all get out of this virus safe & covid free ...

Christine's picture

R.I.P Dennis ward you will not be forgotten ...

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Hi Newbie & Christine,
Yes I am getting a bit pissed off by different state regulations and it's starting to annoy me. Gaylene and I are flying to Tassie for Christmas and then spending time looking after her daughters farm while they are on holidays. We have both spent so much time trying to get border passes into Tassie with so far no result. The process is a joke. Surely this is Australia, we are both double vaxxed so what is the problem??
I'm beginning to hate different rules for each state.

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Howdy Mark, Newbie, Mary, Christine, Steely and others here.
I hope all is well with you all.

I understand the Covid situation and what is more to come of it.
We got another 8 cases here in Bx yesterday and it doesn't look like leaving us. Our daughter came home from Melbourne to have a week with us, before returning a little earlier, fearing border closures and lockdowns would start to come into play - AGAIN.
I have a mate who lives in Gold Coast area and has since relocated to Tweed Heads, so he didn't have to wait and wait for border restrictions to be lifted, so he could head this way to see his family, even if only once a year.

Enjoy the festive season break and the house minding Mark. I have another mate from Yamba does likewise with a rels macadamia farm down at Dunoon.

Cheers ALL and keep well for a hopeful better 2022. Its been a sort of happy Christmas but I dont say Merry these days, as what is bounding ahead with Covid and its variants - isn't too merry or going to be.
Big Pete in Bx

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Wasn't it Brett Finch that had a relationship with his dog?

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Ah,,no,,that was Monaghan.

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Esra no that was Mitchell Pearce ...

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No Christine,,it was Joel Monaghan.

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Mitchell Pearce got suspended for several rounds & fined due to his act on a dog & putting his club too shame in the process before he left to go to knights I really don't know what goes though there heads & yes I know there has been more than one player to do so but that doesn't make it right ...

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Quick Update:

Just in case anyone’s interested, looks like I WILL NOT be losing my job after all. Well, not yet anyway. Can’t go into specifics as such but at this moment in time I don’t have to get “vaccinated”. I’d love to explain why but I believe discretion is required for the time being. Maybe one day…

It’s certainly a load off my mind and life seems a lot better now. I’ve been given a “second chance” I reckon so I’m gonna put it to good use. Going to put some plans into action so that I’ll be better prepared if the SHTF.

Just one last thing …. Some of you may know (not sure) but I don’t celebrate Christmas in any way, shape or form (yeah, sad I know) but here’s wishing all those that do a good one and the same for the New Year. Hope it’s better than the one we’ve just had 😱. With that thought in mind I’ll just pop a couple of videos up here for you to watch…

This one explains how and why:


This one is the end result and a big favourite of mine even though it’s a Christmas song.


OK, that’s about all I wanted to say for the time being. Y’all stay healthy and safe and I’ll catch up soon seeing as my head’s in a better space now 😉.

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Hi Newbie & all tipsters,
Thanks to you (& all others) for sharing your challenges faced this year with the pandemic.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, but more importantly, a HAPPY NEW YEAR, with hopefully, some of the recent madness of lockdowns & mandates becoming a thing of the past and sanity returning!

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Merry Xmas everyone & wishing us all a great new year & i hope everyone stays covid free newbie awesome news on the job front bet your stoked about that & a special mention goes out to the boss we wouldn't be able to do any of this without you & for that we are grateful for the job you & thinker's little helper do for us is truly appreciated guys your both amazing look at what you have created here without you where would we be please have a safe Xmas drink responsible or should I say in moderation heck drink what ever you want guys you deserve it enjoy & can't wait for next season already . Christine ...

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Happy New Year to you all

And best of luck to Frank 'the Tank' Pritchard...doing it tough but hopefully he pulls through.

All the best

The Thinker


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