The off-season

Greetings football fans.

For those of you hoping to stay in touch between now and season is the place to do so.

All things sport and anything else for that matter. There won't be a massive number of people around in the off season, but those that are usually pretty good value. I'll drop in from time to time myself, for what it's worth.

All the best.


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Gidday everyone

Not a bad grand final, happy to see the Roosters get up. Had a great trip to fraser island , caught a few tailor, flathead and dart, didn't get wet in any rain until the way home which was good.

No weed araounf at all, fairly busy but the cathedrals is an excellent place to stay, hot water never runs out, the only thing they could improve on is the amount of fire rings.

Talk soon folks, off to the movies to see Night School.


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Greg Inglis just got caught drink driving

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Congratulations Tiger Girl on taking out the big prize.
A big thanks to Thinker and TLH for another fantastic year of footy tips, updates and just general convo's. Thanks to all the tipsters that make this site awesome. Hope to see you all back next year, I'm dirty that its over so soon. Now bring on the test matches.

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Good evening 'a'.
Yes mate, GI got caught for DUI/PCA and speeding, but it was yesterday at 2.15pm at Lithgow, just 40 mins from where I live.
He was up at Dubbo playing in The Koori Knockout, returning to Sydney.
Newspaper and Fox reports outline it.
Cheers and keep well - Big Pete

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Hi to all,
See in the Fox reports that Boyd Cordner has been handed the captaincy of the Australian team since GI's demotion.
Boyd is having an excellent year!!

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I'm glad to see the footy show ending that's a the best news I have heard all season ...

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Hi Newbie,
A change of pace from footy tonight.

After listening/watching your last SOW, I contemplated the changes in styles of music that have developed over the years. Not unlike any fashion, there are ones that can grab at your imagination, and others we might personally consider should never have come to light.

It makes for interesting, personal choices.

As a teenager in the late 50’s and 60’s, life, on reflection, seemed so uncomplicated compared to today’s hectic pace and expectations of (and by) teenagers.

Music at that time (and you could actually understand the words), saw the emphasise on romantic songs and then rock and roll. Maybe the emphasise on romantic was in keeping with making ‘moon eyes’ at the current dream boat of a guy!!

Rock and Roll was considered to be an extremely bad influence on young minds and could only lead to trouble!!!!

The Everly Brothers, Neil Sedaka, Gene Pitney, Connie Francis, Ricky Nelson,The Beach Boys, Paul Anka and Elvis Presley (Pretzel), to name a few, were some of the artists that I grew up with.

Over the years I have enjoyed a wide range of music but never became a particular enthusiast of Jazz, Heavy Metal or Rap.

As long as the music we like gives us pleasure, and assists in relieving stress, then it is great music!!
Cheers to all,

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Hi manyana Yes cfs wouldn't be easy I get ms fatigue there is only so much walking I can do I have to keep start stop all the time but things that used to take 5 mins now take 30 - 40 but it's more draining than that just to walk 10 meters your body gets sore like you just entered a marathon & if I don't sit down I will fall down & then I can't get back up not even if I wanted to could I get back up so without sounding heartless I wish I had cfs not ms because with cfs are you lacking in iron or does taking iron help you at all ? I think I would prefer to have cfs instead of ms because with ms you can't get rid of it but can they actually treat you for cfs manyana please let me know i'm interested to find out regards Christine ...

christine 's picture

Manyana forgive my ignorance I just looked up cfs , you get the same symptoms as me I don't sleep very well at all i'm lucky to get a few hours at night & that's with a multiple sorts of sleeping tablets I have scarring on my brain & my spine from my ms & depending on where the scarring is as to what gets affected in my case I have a lower limb deficiency on my right leg so when I get tired from walking my leg drags & if I don't sit down I will fall down but as I said if I fall I can't get up no one with ms can so sorry I didn't realise the extent of the effects cfs has on you I knew it was cronic fatigue syndrome but I didn't know the extent of how it affects you I just though it makes you tired but still let me know please how they treat it ok I would like to know ...

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So Erin killed the Footy Show in a year, after it limping on for 24 years with Fatty and the Boys.

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Yeah me too Christine

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Hi Big Pete,

Beautiful part of the world you live in mate. I’ve been out to the Blue Mountains, Lithgow and surrounding National Parks a handful of times. Have loved every time that I’ve been around the area.

Baggy Gee, sad to see the Footy Show has ended. I stopped watching it a few years ago and know that they’ve had a declining TV ratings for a while now but it looked like they really fell off a cliff this year with their new format. I was reading earlier that Channel 9 is planning to give Erin more of a prominent role in sports broadcasts next year. Interesting move by Nine, there’s plenty of popular female hosts in rugby league but Erin seems to be struggling to win over the masses.

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Its odd, but who ever they have on Fox is engaging enough, I'm interested in the WHY it happened during Erin's first year, yes there was that Dave Taylor thing, but they were cleaner, from what i saw, more focused on football. Maybe it was not having an ex player as the anchor to throw back to, like them or hate them both the Johns boys have good football minds and can explain it to an audience.

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I'm on the same boat, Mary. I can understand where Beau is coming from in regards to having lost a lot of viewers since the introduction of Thursday night football. I'm usually in bed not long after the footy and I'm sure a lot others who have early starts would be, too.

Interestingly, The Matty John's Show had a 67% increase in TV ratings this year by moving their show from Thursday night after the footy to after the Sunday afternoon/evening match.

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Come on is anyone really surprised the Footy Show has been axed?
They talked about 20% RL and the rest was absolute bulls--t trying to be funny. Most of the funny crap was just that crap.
#9 is the main RL broadcaster and we deserve better than that.
How about a #9 show that just talks RL no bull, each week some top players and a coach or to offer their insight. If we want a laugh we'll go to Seinfeld. Lets have a real footy show.

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Yes the footy show is rubbish it's rude and inappropriate

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Good Saturday to you Brad.
Yes mate, nice country out this way. Bad drought though.
Although rain has been good lately/this week. Nicer day today than that of o/nite Thursday. Needed the rain badly, but I feel for the visitors, campers, supporters to The Great Race here in Bx Country.
Top 10 Shootout on WIN TV later this arvo and the sweat will be laid to get poll position. From what I understand this morning up in CBD, it is 2 Fords up against 8 Holdens.

Nil from me on Footy Show, they lost me a few years ago with the crap they were dishing out to the viewers. "Reg Reagan" would have been the funniest of them. Besides, work Friday and Crack a Fatty wasn't on my menu.

Cheers and enjoy the viewing tomorrow - Big Pete

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Hello Mark A and a happy Sunday Great Race Day to you mate.
Lovely day up here, or down here to you. Southerners as Colin Campbell, from ABC Gardening Show used to know us southern states as.

Get back to footy and core discussion. Get a good link man to head up the show. No objection to a little of other codes, if it is a Footy Show, but stick with NRL and if NRL headquarters support it and want it standalone, call it The NRL Footy Show.

WIN 9 should realise, their ratings are dropping, due to some of the crap and inexperience that is surfacing in footy programs.

For heavens sake Prime and Their Spring Carnival of Horse Racing presents none of that stuff. Bruce Mc is a gem with his sporting knowledge and that shows well in C/wealth and Olympic Games also. It also shows well with our Ray Warren and Melbourne's Sandy Roberts when he did sports presentations. I also loved Dennis Commetti when he did The Games and AFL - he had the natural voice for broadcasting. That list could go on, including the late Norman "Nuggett" May, but rugby league needs a good frontman/compere and then we'll all get the true value, of what we are viewing.

Cheers mate and have a great day and to all others that have a poke about here, on and off.
Big Pete from The Great Race Country.

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Hey BigPete, watching the race, are we going to get rolling showers all day now that they have started or are we going to get a heavy session of rain at some point. Not sure if your on the hill or not, just chasing a local point of view. How good is James Moffart going for a part timer though.

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Hi Big Pete
Surely the executives, program managers or whatever they're called these days (and no doubt on huge salaries) should have seen the demise coming years ago. #9 pays big money to the NRL for part of the broadcast rights and in return gets huge advertising revenue. Which these days is heavily weighted to betting sites, which imo is not a healthy thing. How can these sites offer "yeah we'll give you your money back up to $50" etc and still pay millions for advertising.
The old adage "mug punters" comes to mind.

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Hey Baggy & Big Pete
Watched the race on and off today and happy to see no major crashes or injuries. Lowndes & Richards deserving winners on Lowndes last visit to the mountain. Had to feel for David Reynolds, cramps and a pit stop infringement costing him any chance.
Interesting to hear the 3rd placed team, Ford saying they would be back next year with a faster Mustang. If there are no more falcons (understandable as the factory is closed) will we still have holdens as that factory is also closed?

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Hello Baggy G and good evening.
I never got back to Thinker site after my posts, but sure was some excitement. Shower around 1-2pm was forecasted, especially when you saw the dark clouds coming in. Thankfully it didn't last too long. Just enough to make Bathurst, as we either have rain in race week sometime and we did during the week and not so long, during the race.
I live down in near CBD here (3 blocks walk to the centre of it) and about 30 minutes walk to the pit lane in pit straight, of the track. Choppers going over here all day and to refill at airport. Can hear the cars so clear. I used to be able to climb the roof of our house and see the cars coming down Conrod Straight and going over the top at Skyline etc.
Yes BG, it's a race and the other ones that are on the weekend card, to blood new drivers. A couple of years ago, we had former Easts and Manly NRL winger Jack Elsegood driving up here in the Brute Ute's category.

James Moffatt has raced here before, but not as much as his father. I thought it was great to see Craig Lowndes win it, being his last as a lead driver. I was going for Frosty or other. I was watching at home this year, but it sure can get packed up there. I saw the pre-race commentary on campers etc. and they certainly do come prepared. Some have been coming here for yonks years and know what to expect. This year a new section was opened for campers at The Orchard, which holds 600 camp sites. This was in addition to the other 6,500 sites around the track.

Cheers mate and have a good week.
Big Pete

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Howdy Mark A - certainly agree with you on the gambling point.
Struth, they flutter numerous sites on the box, throughout the week.
I'm glad I'm just a fee-free footy tipster and not a fully pledged gambler.
Very dangerous issue and yet they promote it so much.
Cheers and have a good week - Big Pete in Bx

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Mark & Baggy - what manufacturer, isn't off-shore these days.
They were even selling off Peter Brocks collection of cars (by auction) out out town here over the weekend.

Falcons last day today and enter Mustangs (cars not horses). Ford has had a long run with Falcons, so new livery comes into play. Holden's had Kingswoods, Torana's, Commodores and all.

One of the pitfalls of The Great Race, is getting poll, or grid front row on Saturday and failing to get a podium, or failing to finish the race on Sunday. Teams and drivers come prepared for that and many top-guns have gone to the garage early on race day.

Cheers lads, keep well and have a great week. Keep looking in during off-season, as I'm sure there'll be something to talk about.
Big Pete in Bx

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Big pete
I still prefer the old GT falcon phase 111 351 , Shelby cobras mustangs , Camaros , t bucket fords , vets , Monaro , just to name a few ah memories those were the good days ...

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Christine and nice to hear from you.
Certainly were the days.......I love the GTHO Phase 111 Falcon - Super Roo they nicknamed it. Then on the race marched and there was Ford Cobra's and the Texaco Ford Sierra's. Sierra's got 1/2 in the big one and were penalised for flared guards and fuel doctoring.
One driver I really felt sorry for was Glenn Seton, several years ago, when he practically had the race won and the engine blew, going up Mountain Straight, with only a few laps to go. He had to reverse as best he could, into the vineyard entrance and park there to watch the end of the race. His dad Barry, won it back in around 1964, just after The Great Race was founded. Bob Jane and Harry Firth were two names going back in time and Bob Jane was remembered yesterday before the race, as he passed away this past week.

Also, when we had the Easter Cars and Bikes up here, Kev Bartlett and that Channel 9 blue and gold Chev Camaro, Norm Beechey and his blue Chev. Pete and Leo Geoghan and their Ford Mustang.
Just a few to mention in their day.

Thanks for the memories Chris and have a good or better week.
Cheers - Big Pete

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Yes it was good to see Craig Lowndes win the V8s in his last race

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Hi Christine
I also remember all those monster cars roaring around Bathurst a sight to behold. Then came the light weight Toranas with 6 or 8 cylinders and knocked them all off. Phase 3 GT fords were incredible with Dick Johnson at the wheel. Bathurst has been the centre of Aussie muscle cars for so long.
Next year we will see Ford Mustangs and who knows what from the Holden team, maybe rebuilt Commodores?

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did anyone saw the million pound game between toronto and london?

the canadians got screwed big time by the referees.

Pretty schoking and I think that the main league doesn't want to deal with canadian travel issues for the toher teams during the season.

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Rocket Ryan

Where are you champ? I want to give you some money. Check your emails my good man.

All the best

The Thinker

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G'day 'a' and hope all is well.

I believe Craig Lowndes only drove his last race as a lead driver. He will be back next October as a co-driver and I think Triple 888 is eyeing him off to partner either Jamie Whincup or Shane van Gisbergen.
He can pick and choose his drives. He's still only in his mid-forties - so has plenty of time left, just depends on the family situation, I guess.

Cheers mate, keep well and keep looking in here.
Big Pete

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Sorry mate didn't see the game, not even sure if it was telecast here in Australia. Was it Rugby Union, Rugby League or Football?
To answer a previous question.....most of us are living in Australia but we are fortunate to have a couple of posters from New Zealand.

Brad S's picture

G'day Big Pete,
Looks like the weather cleared up quite nicely for the race after the big wet on Thursday and Friday.

Tuisova, it was on early in the morning in Australia so I only just caught the very end of it when I woke up. 4-2 win to the London Broncos and no tries scored. Definitely wasn't expecting that outcome. I was reading that Toronto had few tries disallowed and Josh McCrone wasn't happy at all about the calls. Unlucky for the Wolfpack, they played really well this year and were unlucky to miss out on promotion to Super League. I can't say I feel sorry for Ashton Sims though - about 10 years ago when he played for the Brisbane Broncos, he knocked on in the last minute of a Preliminary Final against Melbourne and then Greg Inglis scored to take the Storm to the Grand Final. Still have nightmares about the match today!

mark ashford's picture

Brad S
thanks for clearing that up.

Mary S's picture

Hi everyone,

Great to check the site every day and read the comments.
Thought of you and the big race Pete, when I heard on the news that the heavens had opened up on 'The Mountain'.

Cheers to all,

Tuisova's picture

Ok mark, nice to chat with people from all the way around my country.

Is anyone planning to watch the european cups this weekend?
challenge cup and champions cup, big clashs ahead! so excited.

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Hi Christine, I understand where you're coming from regarding cfs & ms.
Cfs is not as bad as ms, but it still disrupts your life, just as ms does.
I wish that having iron, or a vitamin B injection would help, but there are so many different symptoms, & these symptoms are not the same for everyone. Some people have one thing, others have something completely different. That's why it's so hard to diagnose. So many different symptoms. I've had it for over 25 years, and yes, I've had a lot of "good" days as well as a lot of "bad" days. It actually took about 5 years for the doctor's to find out what it was. Just now, I'm suffering from fibromyalgia...not a lot of fun! My least favourite word is "REST" lol. Had a nice time on the cruise, but I wasn't feeling too good, so did a lot of "nothing". Hope you're feeling a bit better. It looks, and feels, like I'm going to have to go & rest!! lol. Lots of love to you. Hope to see you on this site again next year. Cheers, manyana.

manyana's picture

Can't say I'm heart broken. I stopped watching it years ago when Blocka was dressed in a tutu & they did a lot of stupid things, rather than talk footy.
Cheers, manyana.

a's picture

Hi manyana can you get rid of CFS just in case you might not have known is that I have autism witch districts my ability to be able to communicate and interact with others

manyana's picture

Hi a, a lot of people have said to me"oh yes, my friend had cfs, but they haven't got it now". All I can say is that they are very lucky. I've been to Specialists, Naturopaths, & other "experts" and they say "oh yes, I can cure you", but, several thousand dollars & 25 years later, I still have it. So, from my point of view, I doubt if I will ever be cured. However, new thing are happening in the medical world, & you never know. So I still live in hope.
Regarding your Autism, it's great that you can communicate and interact with people over the internet.
I won't be on this site much over the off season, but it was great having a chat to you, and I hope to have more conversations with you during the footy season.
Cheers for now, manyana.

a's picture

Yeah it's great that I can I do struggle sometimes in real life I have trouble on what to say to other people but I glad I can communicate on this website

Christine 's picture

"A" you can talk to me as much as you want too ...

manyana's picture

Hi a, It was nice talking to you & I understand the problems that you have when you are talking to people face to face.
I've ticked the box to be notified when a new comment has been posted during the off season.
Hopefully I'll get the notifications, but I'll check every couple of days, so feel free to "have a yarn" whenever you feel like it.
Look forward to hearing from you again soon.
Cheers, manyana.

mark ashford's picture

Hi "a'
If you count the real numbers you finished equal 5th in the Thinkers comp. Well ahead of Thinker, and the rest of us.
Not a bad result for someone who deals with autism. I look forward to next season when we can try again.

christine 's picture

Hi manyana well as you would have worked out by now we are all quite close on this site well the regulars that is, we all tend to look out for each other & there has been times in the past when we have had to do so which I don't want to go bringing up on the site but in that time it has become known such as myself having ms & "a" having autism & you having cfs we all have our own difficulties / problems & it may not be nrl related but it gives people a better understanding of what other people don't necessarily have to cope with in there day to day lives that we have to cope with in ours . all the best manyana talk again soon ...

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Who won the Nostrademon Comp???

a's picture

Yeah this is why I come on this site to talk to people cause people on here are like family unlike some other websites

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Mary - just catching up here.
Sure did break out at The Mountain last weekend.
Its a weird place at times as it can be pelting down up there and dry as a bone down in CBD. That or Skippy decides to let loose and go for a quick sprint down the track. like a Super Roo.

Cheers, keep well and keep looking in here
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Agree there with you 'a'.
The way some speak at each other on other sites, is truly unbelievable.
The lango lets loose and remains. That's the aggression coming out in "bloggers".

You'll always get a good chin-wag here buddy. Take it steady mate.
Big Pete


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