Round six selections

Three things The Thinker learned in round five

  1. Age catches up with us all. Two of the modern day greats of the game in Cameron Smith and Jonathan Thurston are about to turn 35. Even the greats come back to earth, but the greats come back to earth more slowly than everyone else.
  2. Kalyn Ponga is starting to show everyone why the Cowboys were so disappointed to lose him.
  3. You can count the number of teams that have beaten the Storm twice in a season on one hand. The Tigers, barring an incredibly unlucky run with injuries, will play finals football in 2018.

Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Thursday night – Allianz Stadium

Someone will have to remind the Sydney Roosters where the airport is. After six rounds they haven't left home, and with what looks to be the sweetest draw in the competition they won't have to leave too often in the rounds that follow. They've been hot and cold this season, but hot more often, and when the Roosters are hot they are very hot indeed. You would expect they'll be fired up for this one. The Rabbitohs impressed without winning last start against a very good side, and they'll be fired up for this too. In recent years the Chooks have well and truly had the edge, and I expect they'll prevail again. It's the oldest derby in the NRL, and Cooper Cronk will rise to the occasion and get the red, white and bluesters home. The game of the round.

Verdict – Roosters by 7

Result – Rabbitohs 26 defeated Roosters 14

Melbourne Storm vs Newcastle Knights – Friday night – AAMI Park

For a very long term the Melbourne Storm have set very lofty standards. The standard appears to be slipping, but all is not lost for fans of the purple machine. Through five games they have conceded just 67 points – only the Tigers, Dragons and Warriors have conceded less. The Knights by comparison, have conceded almost double that tally. The Storm are struggling in attack, but they've still scored more points than the Knights. The transition to a post-Cronk world is taking time, with Ryley Jacks replacing Brodie Croft at half this week. I also think the slowing down of the play the ball has had an effect on the impact of Cameron Smith out of dummy half (while I have you here...check out how Wikipedia describes Cameron Smith in the first few sentences - hopefully it hasn't been edited before you see it). The champs are on the ropes but I have a feeling they might drag themselves back into the contest on Friday night with a very big win.

Verdict – Storm by 26

Result – Storm 40 defeated Knights 14

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Cronulla Sharks – Friday night – WIN Stadium

The Dragons have averaged more than 30 points per game through five rounds, and are unchanged from last week. The Sharks season has spluttered along thus far, and they are averaging less than 14 points per game. That tells you the Sharks need to find more points if they want to win on Friday night. Josh Dugan returns, but with the Dragons conceding less points than just about anyone I doubt that's enough. The Dragons beat the Sharks away in round two, and I expect they'll do so again at home.

Verdict – Dragons by 10

Result – Dragons 40 defeated Sharks 20

New Zealand Warriors vs Brisbane Broncos – Saturday afternoon – Mt Smart Stadium

I went to the trouble of heading along to watch the Broncos training session today. It can be a very useful thing to do if you have the time, because I've seen sessions where they have been absolutely switched on and they bring that energy with them on game day. Sadly, I have to say the Broncos looked flat. There was nothing wrong with the session, but it lacked energy. Perhaps they are holding themselves back for the trip across the ditch, but on the back of that session I can't possibly tip them this weekend. I probably wasn't going to tip them anyway. The Warriors are unchanged and unbeaten, and they should get quite a crowd on Saturday afternoon if the Auckland weather is reasonable.

Verdict – Warriors by 14

Result – Broncos 27 defeated Warriors 18

North Queensland Cowboys vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Saturday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

I didn't think the comments by Greg Alexander about Jonathan Thurston were unfair – it seemed a pretty accurate assessment to me. Thurston does seem a little slower than he has in previous seasons. I'd love to see him back to his best, but he turns 35 in a few weeks. You can't keep playing the game like Thurston plays the game forever. In any case, I expect Thurston (and his team-mates for that matter) to respond to the criticism on Saturday night. They'll say they didn't discuss it, and they probably didn't...but they don't have to. Lachlan Coote finally returns at fullback which can't hurt. It's been frustrating watching the Cowboys this season but we should see a better showing here. As for the Bulldogs...I remain unconvinced.

Verdict – Cowboys by 8

Result – Bulldogs 27 defeated Cowboys 10

Canberra Raiders vs Parramatta Eels – Saturday night – GIO Stadium

It's almost the game of the round. The Raiders gave us their most complete performance last week and those returning to the seventeen (Wighton, Papalii and Austin) will be keen to show their best. Parramatta are still looking for their first win of the season – the return of Gutherson and French helps considerably, but the injury to under-rated forward Nathan Brown dents their chances. Kane Evans gets called into the seventeen on the bench for the Eels. Things haven't quite gone to plan for Evans – he left the Roosters because he wanted to be a starting prop. Maybe one day.

Verdict – Raiders by 4

Result – Raiders 18 defeated Eels 2

Penrith Panthers vs Gold Coast Titans – Sunday afternoon – Panthers Stadium

The Titans are the best Queensland-based team in the NRL at the minute, and you don't get to say that very often. I can't tip them against the Panthers in Penrith, but only because Ryan James is out suspended and I think that throws their forward rotations out considerably. With that in mind, I expect the Panthers forwards will gain the ascendency with a vocal crowd pushing them on. That said, I'm expecting an entertaining and high-scoring affair..

Verdict – Panthers by 4

Result – Panthers 35 defeated Titans 12

Manly Sea Eagles vs Wests Tigers – Sunday afternoon – Lottoland

Manly have had an up and down season thus far but they tend to be up when they're playing at Brookvale. Tom Trbojevic returns after a week out from injury and this Manly attack is a lot more difficult to contain with him lurking around. The Tigers defence has been extraordinary. They'll be hard to crack again, but with a number of line-up changes I expect the Sea Eagles can do enough under daytime conditions at Brookie.

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 8

Result – Tigers 38 defeated Sea Eagles 12

Wally Lewis - round six selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • ROOSTERS vs Rabbitohs
  • STORM vs Knights
  • DRAGONS vs Sharks
  • WARRIORS vs Broncos
  • COWBOYS vs Bulldogs
  • RAIDERS vs Eels
  • PANTHERS vs Titans
  • SEA EAGLES vs Tigers


a's picture

Are you going to update my comp Thinker

The Thinker's picture

Yes a......I have a bit on at the minute. Keep calm and carry on.

The Annoying Devil's picture

It’s all good A
The the thinker wasn’t able to handle the volume of wins this week and had to purchase more beads for his abacus

Islander's picture

Tips in nice and early this round. Two reasons
1. Makes no difference (Monday or Thursday) still suck at it.
2. And more importantly, there's a big ass storm heading my way. A good chance that I won't have electricity or internet come Tuesday.

Here we go then....
Roosters by 4
Knights by 2
Dragons by 10
Warriors by 16
Cowboys by 1
Raiders by 6
Panthers by 8
Tigers by 2

Can I have the Warriors for the "a" game please "a" thanks.
Good luck everyone with your tips.
Islander out...

a's picture

Yep everything okay now

Hopefully Cowboys play better this week

BigPeteBx's picture

Great stuff Thinker - all's well with The Scoreboard.
I think 'a' was getting a bit excited there.
Besides - u r entitled to mourn, just like Manly, Cowboys, Bronco's and Storm supporters, this round.
Bugger me, what an NRL Comp we have on our hands.

Cheers all and keep well
Big Pete

MaryS's picture

I agree with you A - Cowboys need to start their winning run again. At least there are no road closes, floods etc (at this stage!) to stop fans getting to Townsville, for their match this week.
Cheers to all and congrats to those who achieved better results fot Round 5 tipping!

BigPeteBx's picture

Hang in there Islander.
We'll be thinking of you.
Where mate do you actually reside?
Weather patterns have been unpredicting this early part of the year.
Good luck Lad and keep well
Big Pete

Mary S's picture

Sorted out my log-in again.
Once again - Cheers to all and congrats to those who achieved better results fot Round 5 tipping!

BigPeteBx's picture

Evenin 'a'.
Scoreboard is done. Thinker has to live, like us all.
As you said before, Cowboys have three games at 1300 Smiles and then its down to my neck of the woods, for your boys to play Panthers - again.
Cheers and keep well
Big Pete

Steel Panther's picture

Manly may have let you down this week Big Pete but at least the Red Devils win would have helped cheer you up!! What a come back!!

Hang in there Islander. Hope to see you checking in again soon.

Rocket...what are we expecting to see from your team this weekend?

BigPeteBx's picture

Not wrong there Steely.
Manly hot and cold on plenty of occasions, but I wont go on the attack, as injuries are leaving chief playmakers and enforcers, sidelined.
Man Utd comeback was a ripper, you memorise good notes, but I did take a draw in an EPL Tipping site I play in, with a bunch of folks, centred around my work.
Jose has been hard with players and expects nothing less, than more.
Better situation Devils are in than Chelsea Blues, as I feel players there, are rebelling, to get rid of Conte.
I know that one European coach/manager, sitting in a lounge room, without a job, is keen to come back to UK EPL.

Cheers mate, enjoy your week and keep well.
Big Pete

Dada's picture

???? thinker getting 7/8,he started to be serious
Best of luck in other rounds too

Frankenstein's picture

@ Dada, Storm let Thinker down (7/8) losing 2 in a row.
Will Knights make it a 3 in row loss for Storm?

Good luck Tipsters!

Taka's picture

My round 6 tips as follows;

Roosters by 4
Storm by 16
Dragons by 10
Warriors by 20
Bulldogs by 2
Raiders by 7
Titans by 1
Tigers by 6

Cheers....!!! :-)

Tonka1957's picture

Hello all.
Well round 6 home is where the heart is....i hope!
Roosters by 17
Storm by 18
Dragons by 14
Warriors by 14
Cowboys by 22
Canberra by 6
Panthers by 2
Manly by 16
Good luck all.

mark ashford's picture

Sorry Thinker but I'm still getting all the posts into my junk mail.
Can you fix it, if not I'll just have to wear out my delete button.

The Thinker's picture

Sorry about that Mark

I just checked your account and you shouldn't be getting notified so something strange is happening there.

I'll flag it with my little helper and see if we can get it resolved for you.

All the best

mark ashford's picture

My tips are in with little certainty. Good luck to all in round 6.
Gee I hope Newbie is having a good time and maybe sparing a thought for all us struggling tipsters.
I think I'd rather be with him drinking a Bintang or two than trying to pick this comp.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, my tips for this week are:

Roosters by 7 - Roosters too good for the Rabbitohs here in what should be a cracking game.

Storm by 10 - Storm to bounce back here with a win over the Knights.

Dragons by 16 - The mighty Dragons to continue on our winning ways and remain undefeated.

Warriors by 12 - Warriors too strong for the Broncs here.

Cowboys by 6 - Cowboys to snap their losing streak with a win over the Bulldogs here.

Raiders by 18 - Raiders to win big over the Eels here.

Panthers by 4 - Panthers in a close one.

And finally... Manly by 1 - Manly to continue on their great home form with a win here in extra time.

Awesome. Good luck with all of your teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hardyards's picture

Hi Footy Fans,
My tips for this round, although it seems like I am submitting a donkey vote by picking all home game, but here goes….

Sea Eagles
Cowboys (at home, with me and a lot of fans cheering – hell, I’ll run on and help if needed :)
Good luck to everyone, hard games with no injuries!

Mary S's picture

Like your style 'Hardyards' - it might just be all the home games that win this week!!
Particularly the Cowboys.
Cheers everyone,

a's picture

Here are my tips

Roosters by 4 I think that Roosters will get Storm here

Storm by 10 I think that the Storm should bounce back against Knights

Dragons by 8 I think that Dragons should get the Sharks

Warriors by 12 I think the Warriors should be to good for Brisbane

Cowboys by 14 I think that the Cowboys will bounce back against Titans

Raiders by 4 I think the Raiders will get Eels

Panthers by 1 if Ryan James was their I would tip Titans since hes not Im tipping Panthers

Tigers by 1 I think the Tigers will get Manly here

BigPeteBx's picture

Hey 'a' - what gives or goes this round with ya Champ.
Chooks are gonna get the Storm, but Storm should bounce back against The Novocastrians (Knights).
Cheers and best of luck with wherever you get the best odds at.
Big Pete

a's picture

Whoops sorry what it should say is Roosters to get the Rabbitohs

Wilcox's picture

My tips for round 6.

Roosters by 10
Storm by 12
Dragons by 2
Warriors by 16
Cowboys by 8
Raiders by 14
Panthers by 1
Eagles by 6

Cheers all!

manyana's picture

Not an easy round again this week.
I was very tempted to take all the home teams, but decided that the EELS have to have a win sometime. So I hope it's this week!!
My tipping has been VERY average, so hope to improve this week.
Good luck to all tipsters.
Cheers, manyana.

nola todd's picture

hey thinker please do so

The Thinker's picture

nola todd,

What should I do nola? Missing some details there.

All the best

The Thinker

Mary S's picture

Hi Mr Thinker,
'A's tips are not showing as yet although he has them in the comments.

Screaming Eagle's picture

I sense a perfect round coming on!

The Thinker's picture

Afternoon Mary S

Thanks for that. I've put them in for 'a' now. I'd say he just forgot to fill out the tipping form.

All the best


a's picture

Yep its all good now

christine's picture

My tips for rd 6
I'm taking all the home teams but I wouldn't be surprised if tigers beat manly
good luck with your tips everyone ...

Anonymous's picture

My tips for round 6 (no link on this page?)

a's picture

It must be cause your not log in and you user name says Annoymous so I don't even know what user are sorry

mark ashford's picture

Hi Thinker
Yes all appears to be resolved....thank you.

a's picture

Well done Nik and Vouyer for being the only 2 for picking Rabbitohs

Mary S's picture

Think you will find that Nik was the only 1 'A'.

mark ashford's picture

Interesting game last night. I think most of us picked the Chooks for a win. Souths without big Sam were very physical and deserved the win.
Does anyone else think Cooper Cronk had a shocker?
Maybe his best days were at Storm with Smith, Slater and others.
Bellamy's spray this week has worked with Storm giving Knights a RL lesson.

a's picture

Wow what about the injuries to the key players for Sharks

The Thinker's picture

Storm by 26....I jagged the margin for a change

It just goes to show that if you keep throwing enough darts you'll hit the bullseye eventually.

Mary S's picture

Congrats Thinker - noticed last night you had hit the bullseye on the Storm/Knights game!!

christine's picture

I'm changing one of my tips to tigers from manly so my tips now read as
good luck with your tips everyone ...

Steel Panther's picture

Weather update here from Auckland is not good. It's been a rough few days with heavy showers at the moment with just under three hours to the Warriors v Broncos clash. Looks like it will be a wet track.

manyana's picture

Well done with the correct margin Mr. Thinker.

Steel Panther's picture

Congrats to the Broncos tonight. Too good for the disappointing Warriors who turned in a flat performance. They'll need a better effort next week if they want to beat the unbeaten Dragons. Oates my pick of the Broncos. Well done!!

a's picture

Well done Mark and Rocket for ending Warriors streak

manyana's picture

The Warriors have certainly been playing better than today, but well done to the Broncos.
Good luck to those still left in the 3 strikes competition.
Thanks for running it "a". It was a lot of fun.
Cheers, manyana.

Rocket Ryan's picture

Rules of tipping NRL
Pay absolutely no attention to form.
Second guess yourself only an even amount of times odd numbers lead to changes.


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news