Finals week three

Canberra Raiders vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Friday night – GIO Stadium

These sides met back in round 10 at this venue, and the Rabbitohs prevailed 16-12, but the line-ups will be quite different on Friday night. Missing for the Raiders in round 10 were Rapana, Leilua, Sezer, Bateman and Tapine, while the Rabbitohs were without Doueihi, Johnston and Roberts. The backlines in particular will be quite different (although Roberts is in doubt with a thumb injury). It's unusual for a team to concede 26 points in a game and win, particularly in a final, but that's what the Bunnies did last week. That's a lot of points against a team they were expected to beat, and a team that played most of the second half with just 12 angry men. They can't leak points like that against the Raiders, whose impressive defence this season is conceding around 15 points per game. Three times they have kept teams to 0 and two weeks ago they held the Storm to just ten points in Melboune. The only risk, as I see it, is that the occasion gets the better of the Raiders. Playing at home may actually bring more pressure than playing on the road (note they have lost their last three games at home). If they handle that, they win and win easily. I hope they do and I think they will. This team, and their fans, deserve a grand final berth. It's been a while.

Verdict – Raiders by 16

Result – Raiders 16 defeated Rabbitohs 10

Sydney Roosters vs Melbourne Storm – Saturday night – Sydney Cricket Ground

One of these two sides has played in 13 of the last 18 NRL grand finals, but last year was the first time they both made it. It's a testament to the professionalism of both clubs in what is still one of the most even sporting competitions on the planet. They've met twice already this season. In round six the Roosters prevailed by a solitary point in Melbourne in what was one of the best games of the year. In round 15 they met in Adelaide and the Storm won by two points in another gripping contest. Note that the Roosters went through a bit of a lull in their season around that time (coinciding with the rigours of Origin football). So there's not much seperating them, and both sides go into this game on the back of dominant victories. Oddly enough I'm going back to the 2018 grand final as my guide here, because I'm comparing a final with a final. The Storm were a very warm favourite in that grand final, but the Roosters sprung the lids and led 18-0 and never let the game go. It was, in my opinion, one of the greatest performances by a team to win a grand final. Their chief playmaker and in-play kicker played the game with three shoulder blades and one arm. The entire game. The Roosters played one of the grittiest and tactically astute teams in the game with a one-armed halfback and they won easily. It's the stuff of folklore really. This time around Cronk has two shoulder blades and two arms..which can only help. There's been some other changes to both sides since then. The Roosters won't have Friend, Waerea-Hargreaves, Napa, Matterson and Ferguson this time. Big names there, replaced by Chricton, Verrills, B Morris, Butcher and Collins. The Storm won't have Glasby, Stimson, Welch, Croft and Slater...replaced by Papenhuyzen, Hughes, Olam, Kamikamica and King. Everyone wondered how the Storm would go without Slater. You can't replace him, but Papenhuyzen, Hughes and Munster can all play fullback (and the Storm have so many they gave another one away to the Cowboys). It's incredible really, because they aren't going to the market and buying quality players...they just keep bringing kids through their systems, and they do it all in Victoria. That should be the stuff of folklore too. As for Saturday night, I'm with the Chooks who have loved playing at the SCG all year. Waerea-Hargreaves is a big out, but the Roosters backline is almost identical to the one in the 2018 grand final. Morris slots in for Ferguson and he's a champ, Cronk has two arms and the rest of that backline are playing at least as well (or better) than they were last year. The Roosters back-row hasn't changed, and I think they have a superior interchange bench. No one has beaten the Storm by a margin all season, so this will be close...but winner winner chicken dinner.

Verdict – Roosters by 1

Result – Roosters 14 defeated Storm 6

Wally Lewis - week three finals selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • RAIDERS vs Rabbitohs
  • ROOSTERS vs Storm


Christine 's picture

I think I'm going go tip the same as the butcher this week so raiders roosters for me...

Christine 's picture

Wonder what big Pete thinks about Kane elgey's retirement at 25years old

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Christine - not nice for a good lad that had it in front of him and was successful early. He's only been in 1st Grade for a couple of seasons and still had a year to run on his Manly contract. It does happen in sport, like employment where we burn out or lose love/interest.
Kane originally went to Gold Coast from Tugun, where a former Souths Junior came from to here in Bx to coach Bx Railway RLFC.
I wish Kane well, like many others do, as he will now link up with is love and devote time to her.
Sad but it happens!

Keep well
Big Pete

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

Well here we are at the penultimate weekend that has been the 2019 football season. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun eh? This weekend determines who will be going to the “big dance” and I’m desperately hoping my BBB will get an invite. No train smash if they don’t but I can see tears flowing if they miss out 😢 I’ve just seen that Jake Friend’s been named as a reserve so interesting to see if he gets a run or not. OK, let’s get into it…

Raiders vs Rabbitohs 65-35 Friday Night @ GIO Stadium
Bookies Favourite = Raiders

The Raiders went down to Melbourne 2 weeks ago and got a gutsy 12-10 win against the Storm and earned themselves an extra week off in the process. That was the second time they’ve beaten the Storm at AAMI this year. Interesting. The Raiders jumped the Storm early on and scored the only try of the first half at the 4 minute mark. From then on, it was just a really tough push and shove affair. A really entertaining “finals footy” type of game I reckon.

The Storm came back in the second and eventually got out to a 10-6 lead. Most probably everyone thought that once the Storm got to that 10-6 lead with just minutes left they’d be able to hang on but Ricky’s men had other ideas. Really admired how the Raiders never gave up and against some desperate defence (and with a touch of good fortune thrown in) managed to get up. As I mentioned in a previous post, Addo-Carr drops the ball due to a great tackle, Canberra scoop it up and Bateman scores the winner and breaks Melbourne’s hearts. That’s what finals footy is all about I suppose.

The Raiders were dominant for large periods of the game and defended well when it mattered. They were very composed indeed. That will no doubt hold them in good stead here in this one. Ability and belief are wonderful things to take into a game of footy. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the Vunivalu “into touch” decision (I reckon the Raiders would’ve held on anyway), I thought that on balance, the Raiders deserved that win. The margin of 2 points just about summed it up for mine.

Stats-wise, the Raiders did about as good as the Storm 2 weeks ago. Possession was shared 50-50, their completion was 78%, they made 28 tackle breaks and forced 3 drop outs. Downside of their game was the 26 missed tackles, 8 errors and 12 conceded penalties. One stat did shock me a bit and that was their woeful 33% kick defusal. Ouch! You would hope that they’ve fine-tuned a few things in the last 2 weeks.

OK, the Bunnies got up last week 34-26 against a gallant Manly but I keep thinking that they were maybe just a tad lucky to win that one. Don’t get me wrong, they played a good game but so did Manly and I just wonder if that BS sin binning of Jake Trbojevic might’ve helped the Bunnies get up. Not sure really as Manly were out on their feet at the end but that was most probably due to being a man down and having to work that little harder in defence.

Great first half from both Souths and Manly. The Rabbitohs went into the break leading 18-16 but it could’ve easily been Manly going in at 16-12 had Murray (yeah him again) not scored just before the siren. After Souths’ quick start I thought “here we go” but Manly had other ideas and fought their way back. Then DCE steps up in the second half and guides them to a 26-20 lead with Souths looking a bit exposed. With 14 minutes left Jake Trbojevic gets sin binned (a huge call I reckon) and 2 minutes later Souths score. With Jake off the field, the odds were eventually too much for Manly who were starting to show signs of wear’n’tear. Not sure why DCE took so long for that drop out but the ensuing penalty gifted the Bunnies another 2 easy points.

Yeah, Souths ran out 8 point winners but they were far from convincing in my opinion. Their right edge looked a little fragile at times (Manly scored twice down there) so they’ll need to do something about that this week. But hey, footy’s a funny ol’ game as we know so credit to the Bunnies on making the most when the opportunities were presented to them.

Cameron Murray had another great game and he will have to keep that form going this week for Souths to have any chance (the rest of the Bunnies will need to ramp up the intensity too I might add). Pretty impressed with the effort from the old bloke Sutton (just kiddin’ John). Shades of former glory days. As testing as Manly were, the Bunnies will find this week’s encounter against the Raiders a whole lot harder. Trust me on that! Stats-wise, I’m a little surprised Souths actually won last week…

They had less possession (49% vs 51%), their completion rate was worse than Manly (74% vs 85%), they had less tackle breaks (28-36), had more missed tackles (36-28), had more ineffective tackles (20-6) and made more errors (10-8). But hang on, they did manage to concede less penalties (3-9) so that’s a plus I suppose.

Final Words - win this one and the Raiders will be in their first Grand Final in 25 years. Can they do it? Although they’ve lost their last 3 games at home, they won’t lose this one. They should have too much class for the Bunnies. For me, the Raiders win and they win well!

Roosters vs Storm 55-45 Saturday Night @ SCG
Bookies Favourite = Roosters

After an absolutely dominant first 40 where they led the Rabbitohs 26-0, the Roosters finally ran out easy 30-6 winners in their Qualifying Final 2 weeks ago. Even though the Rabbitohs beat them the week before, they simply couldn’t counteract the return of big name players. The Roosters just had too much speed, skill and intensity for the Bunnies to handle. Not quite sure if their QF win was their best of the year but the Roosters certainly put in an absolutely dominant performance for sure.

The Roosters did all the damage in the first half (total run metres were over 1000 in the first 40) and if not for some inaccurate conversion attempts from Mitchell, they would’ve won by a bit more. Better for Latrell to get the “2 from 6” out of the way in that match rather than in one that’s a lot closer.

I think the Roosters took their foot off the gas in the second half once they realised the Bunnies weren’t going to be able to comeback like they did last time and the win was in the bag. Mind you, the try they allowed Souths to score only came about because of lazy defence and an inability to make an effective tackle. Grrr! The Roosters have had an extra week off so there should be plenty of time to get their players rested and attend to any niggling injury concerns they might have.

The return of Keary was exactly what the Roosters needed. He set up 3 tries, kicked a 40-20 and brought some stability back to the Roosters’ game. Again, James Tedesco had a superb game but had a few handling errors that cost the Roosters points. And then there was everyone’s favourite 😁 JWH who dominated the middle for the 41 minutes he was on the field, running for 167 metres. Too bad he couldn’t get off for the trip. He’ll be missed for sure but his luck had to run out sooner or later. As much as I like him, I didn’t really buy his “excuse”. Maybe it’s better he misses this one instead of the GF, assuming we get there of course.

Even though Keary, Tedesco and JWH stood out for mine, the Roosters had solid contributors in Manu and Morris as well. With the game safely in the bag, the Roosters decided to play it safe and take off Boyd and Tupou and rest them up and get them right for this week. A remarkable (but not unforseen) form reversal in knocking off the Bunnies. As witnessed by their dominant win 2 weeks ago, the Roosters won most of the stats. 58% Possession, 78% completion, 550 more run metres than the Rabbitohs and 653 post contact metres. Line breaks (8-2), forced drop outs (4-0) and 88% kick defusal all good pointers. Not so good were the missed tackles (29), ineffective tackles (21), errors (11) and conceded penalties (5).

The Roosters will be in for a tough test here against the Storm. Gotta be honest and say I would’ve preferred to play the Raiders here (or would I?) but we seem to be a bit stronger and quicker than we were last year and if we were able to knock off the Storm in the GF last year (we did have JWH back then though) we should be a chance to knock ‘em off again. Just wish I had more fingers so I could cross them all for good luck 🤞

The Storm’s first half last week reminded me of what the Roosters did to Souths a fortnight ago. They just came out and went “Bang! Bang!” and simply blew the Eels away, heading into the sheds 22-0 in front. The Eels just had no answer to what the Storm were dishing up but did start the second 40 much better. But when you lose Gutherson, Moeroa and Niukore all to HIA and you have just one fella on the bench with 25 minutes to go, it’s gonna make life difficult. Having said that, the Storm only scored 10 points in the second 40 but still ran out comfortable 32-0 winners. Seems like the “bounce-back” factor was at play again and the Eels can blame the Raiders for that 😁

Just wanna say that I wasn’t all that impressed with Nelson Asofa-Solomona’s “shush, keep quiet” gesture to the Eels fans though 👎. When you’re belting your opposition you shouldn’t display bad sportsmanship like that in my opinion. Well, that's how I saw it anyway. Just sayin’. Not quite sure what to make of Cameron Smith getting sin-binned (only the second one of his career I see) for that “slap” on Mahoney. I don’t mind it though as it just proves he’s human after all (notice too his 1-6 conversion rate) plus he’s been guilty of dishing out tactics like that himself for such a long time so it’s sort of justice that he got some of his own medicine back for a change.

As much as I disliked his bad sportsmanship gesture, I have to admit Nelson Asofa-Solomona had a truly dominant game last week. You sorta have to expect it sometimes given the size of the man. He is a beast! And I mean that in a nice way. He only played 45 minutes but he ran for 164 metres and scored a try, albeit with 2 minutes to go. Munster (scored a try and running game on point) and Addo-Carr (scored 2 tries, ran 156 metres and made 7 tackle breaks) both had good games as well.

Stats-wise, the Storm were pretty good as you’d expect after their big win. 7 tries to nil tells the tale. So does 57% possession, 80% completion, line breaks (6-0) and tackle breaks (37-15). On the downside they’ll need to work on missed tackles (15), ineffective tackles (12), errors (9) and conceded penalties (4). Now the Storm have to travel to play at the SCG for the first time. Interesting to see how they’ll handle it. No doubt they’ll have their scouts do a bit of reconnoitring beforehand.

Final Words - in the 2 games these sides have played this year, the Storm are ahead 34-33 so this might (should) be close. I’m hoping the “SCG” factor will get us home and into the GF. The Mighty Roosters for me obviously. Begurk! 🐔 Begurk! 🐔

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

Love the song and love the video. The video reminds of something similar I’ve seen but can’t for the life of me remember which one it is. Help anyone?

OK kids, good luck if your team’s playing this weekend, may they win by 40 points! Unless they’re playing the Roosters that is 😁 Until next week people. Cheers.

mark ashford's picture

I just couldn't get into the Reels, too light for my taste.
But I was and am a massive Doors fan. Took their name from a book written by Aldous Huxley called the Doors of Perception 1954 written while he was completely stoned on various products. Jim Morrison was hooked and followed his mentor, eventually to death. But did record some incredible songs (google Doors) before he left us.

newbie from perth's picture

@ Mr Ashford

Ooh yeah, I remember the Doors very well my friend. Used to listen to the Doors on those old cassettes in the car driving around the Perth city centre on a Saturday night when we were youngins. Life was so much simpler then 😉 Wanna bit of LA Woman?

Not uncommon for us to partake of some herbal remedies from time to time way back in the day and chill out on beanbags and “float away” listening to the Doors.

My favourite Doors track of all time is The End.

Came out roughly 1967 and as we all know, it was used on the soundtrack for Apocalypse Now in 1979. Ah, the good ol’ days my friend. Still listen to them when I’m in the mood. Thanks for the reminder. Cheers.

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane,
all the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain, yeah
There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the King's highway, baby
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway west, baby
Ride the snake, ride the snake
To the lake, the ancient lake, baby
The snake is long, seven miles

Footy chick's picture

I should add at least one comment this year :-)
Mainly I wanted to thank The Thinker for all the trouble he goes to. And his Little Helper.
And thanks to everyone else for your comments. I do read them often and enjoy them a lot.
mwah xx

manyana's picture

Hi everyone, after much thought & changing of mind, I'm going the same as Thinker.
Good luck to all.
Cheers, manyana.

mark ashford's picture

Hey Newbie
At one time I had all the Doors albums and loved every track. Some bands around that time either screamed out the lyrics or allowed the backing band to take over. Take Iron Butterfly for instance, at a recording, after one of them had written a song called "in the garden of eden" and the band had a drink and a substance or two and it came out
"in da gadda da vida" and went on to become their biggest hit.
Sometimes a huge load of drugs can produce a result.
Thing I loved about Morrison & Manzarek was you could always understand the lyrics and Manzarek's keyboard was the best.

BigPeteBx's picture

@Mark A

Gee Lads u r certainly hitting some notes here with The Doors.
I liked them also, but I bet you wont be Riding No Storm Newbie.
Marks is riding on the storm.
Quite appropriate that this be a topic this week for this weekend.

So truly, there you go and all those years, that a long departed mate used to go on about Inner Gadda Da Vida. I guess you had a bit of a note for Ossabissa as a group.
But I do also relate to some albums my mate had and you couldn't go past Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, around that period of time.
Some people I know, think that I'm..............humming lads or not.

BTW Mark - I did a post under last weeks Round of Finals Week 3, that may have interested you. No comment, so I figured it skipped your attention.

Cheers and keep well
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

It would always be nice to get your views here Footy Chick.
There are a few smart ladies that give there all and opinion here and you'd have their support.
Can we ask, who is the club you like or follow in NRL?

Cheers, u r doing well in tipping and great to hear from you.
Big Pete in Bx Country

newbie from perth's picture

@ Mr Asford

Mate, if Thinker had a “like" button or an “upvote” button after each post, I would’ve given you one 👍 Spot on regarding Morrison & Manzarek and an interesting titbit on “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”. Onya!

@ Big Pete

Osibisa eh? That takes me way back. Not a huge fan really but I did like “Sunshine Day”. More into the American funk/soul sound in those days to be honest. But hey, impressed with you remembering them bro’. Noice! Now as far as Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs go … mate I’m that old I can remember watching Billy on B&W telly (at a very very young age mind you) singing “Poison Ivy” 😍 Here it is here:

Just before 2:30 you can see Billy “moon walking”. So that’s where Michael got the move from eh? Oh, and the commercial presented after by Brian Henderson (was that his name?) was just so 60’s. Cheers.

OK, I’m outta here 😁

Footy chick's picture

Hi Big Pete
That is very kind of you to say.
I support the Titans. The struggle is real.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello all, before I proceed with my tips. I would just like to wish our good friend Mark Ashford a happy belated birthday mate, I hope you had a great day. I'm really sorry that I'm late! My tips for this week for the prelims are:

Raiders by 8 - Having the week off is a big advantage to have coming into this time of the year, it gives you time to work on any issues that happened in week 1 of the finals if any at all. The Raiders did have a few in their qualifying final against the Storm, thanks Newbie on the stats mate your a champion! But yeah, surely Sticky would've eliminated those issues from the Storm game and eliminated them quick. The Bunnies were perhaps a tad lucky last week en route to a 34-26 win over Manly, defence like they showed last week won't go far in the Rabbitohs getting the win here at all. I hope that Wayne has done some intense defensive sessions this week as the Raiders are an incredible defensive side this year only conceding 15 points on average this season which includes three clean sheets. If the Rabbitohs aren't on defensively, it's going to be a long night in the office in my opinion. So the key for me for the Bunnies is defence, for the Raiders on the other hand, the key for them is to be able to handle the occasion. They're playing for a grand final spot, their first in 25 years at home as well where their spiritual fans will be at full force, that may be too much for the Raiders players but, with all of the class in the world and an amazing coach in Ricky Stuart, I think that the Raiders will handle the occasion just fine and will get into the grand final with a win over the Rabbitohs here.

And finally... Roosters by 4 - Roosters have had the week off as well. Geez how good would that've been for the Chooks. An amazing side and amazing coach being able to have the week off coming off a big win is something great. But the Roosters will be forced to maintain that high intensity that they showed in the first half against the Bunnies (not so much in the second as they had the game under control and won) in order to beat the Storm. The bounce back factor was in full effect last week for the Storm turning around that 12-10 loss to the Raiders to smash the Eels 32-0. They were absolutely brilliant the Storm they really were and the Eels just couldn't match it with the Storm putting on a rubbish performance, 50% completions says it all, you can't do that in a finals game against the Storm, you really can't. Now the Storm have got some good confidence coming up against the Roosters. A key out for the Chooks is Waera-Hargreaves but Liu is such an underrated player and Taukieaho has been brilliant this season as well so I think that the Roosters forwards will be just fine and although it may have a little effect, I think that missing Waera-Hargreaves isn't going to put a huge dent into the Roosters' chances in this one. Jake Friend is a possibility for the Roosters in this one. It would be cool to see whether or not he'll run out in this one against the Storm, where would that leave young Verrills if Friend manages to play? As young Sammy Verrills has done an amazing job in the hooker role. The home advantage as they love to play at SCG will be enough for the Chooks I reckon and they have improved slightly from the Roosters of 2018 you could say and they beat the Storm in the grand final comfortably, if they could do that last year, I reckon they'll be just fine this year and will beat the Storm in the prelim final this time around but this will get close.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's tips for this week and with those whose teams are still in, good luck with your team's for this week. Before I sign out, how good is it to think that we could potentially get a Rabbitohs-Roosters grand final this year, wouldn't that be something. It'll be the first in 84 years as well!. Damn! Cheers and enjoy your weekends everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary S's picture

Hi Big Pete,
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs singing “Poison Ivy” on the Brian Henderson show - that was a blast from the past!!!!! Thanks


mark ashford's picture

Big Pete
Sorry mate I did see your post about Greg's Slice & Dice name change to Avondale Meats (is that right). Everyone here just calls it the Bribie Island Shopping Centre. It maybe called the Avondale Centre I just don't know. Haven't been back to see Greg since the trip as I've been existing, surviving or just staying alive on frozen or pre-prepared meals. Also the fish & crabs from our regular forays into Moreton Bay. Being on my own I've gotten lazy about cooking, but will get back to it as soon as the frozen lasagna gets unpalatable.
Hope you and the wife are well and yes I'm going for a ride on the Storm hoping there are no killers on the road.

mark ashford's picture

Dragons Fan Boy
Thanks for the birthday wishes my friend.
Both our clubs failed this year but you know what, 2020 is just around the corner and we'll do it all again. I enjoy reading your & Newbies insights into the games. Keep it up as most others (I think you know what I mean) enjoy it as well.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

My pleasure Mark. That is exactly right mate. Hope 2020 brings the best out of our clubs. We'll see what happens when that comes around. Thank you very much for the kind words. It's always a pleasure giving you all my insights every week. This goes to all, whether you like it or hate it, it's always a pleasure.


Christine 's picture

I don't care which team they really play against I am just glad to see raiders in the grand final , I wonder if johnny awesome has been holding his seat until the big game...

a's picture

I reckon Johnny Awesome will be flying to the game

Mary S's picture

Hi Newbie,
Congratulations on the result your team achieved tonight!

How long before your feet touch the ground and are you booked to go to the final???


BigPeteBx's picture

Heya "a" - Johnny wont be flying in his most loved machine. It wasn't green either, it was white. But as Canberra is his second loved supported team (St George his first), I can see him sitting on top of the roof at ANZ, having landed there in the Canberra pollies chopper = special delivery.

Cheers mate, have a good week and keep well
Big Pete in Bx Country. The week after, NRL get into your Mustang mate
and get The Great Race into ya.

BigPeteBx's picture

To Miss Footy Chick.

You've got it!
You won it Miss and congrats to you for such a gallant display throughout the season.
U r two in front of Jack Sharky and Big Pete.
With one game to go, you cant be beaten.

Cheers - your shout when u r next in "the area".
Big Pete

Mary S's picture

Congratulations Footy Chick, Jack Starky & Big Pete for being the top 3 in The Thinkers tipping comp.
Well done!!


mark ashford's picture

Footy Chick
Congratulations you have the main prize locked in. Next weekend will see whether Jack Starky or Big Pete gets 2nd or 3rd prize. Don't know what Thinker will do if there's a tie. No doubt an even split.
Well done with your tipping this year.

christine's picture

well done to footy chick for taking first place & big pete / jack starky for finishing in which ever order they finish you all have done very well good for you ...

manyana's picture

Congratulations Footy Chick, another win for you.
Also congratulations to Jack Starkey & Big Pete.
Footy Chick, glad you support the Titans, another Queenslander to cheer when the State of Origin Is played.
Good luck to everyone who supports either of the teams playing the Grand Final.
Cheers, manyana.

Jack.Starky's picture

Yes congrats to Footychick, I will be on the Raiders this week, my team....have a soft spot for the Titans (next year) though as I have a place in Surfers and love it there.

mark ashford's picture

Jack Starky
I too will be hoping for a Raiders win this weekend. I have nothing against the Roosters except I believe they are a protected team in the NRL. Take that as you will but after "riding on the storm" and failing I'm backing the green machine and in the words of Kermit "its not easy being green" but after 25 years it's time for the frog to change to a prince and take the title.

newbie from perth's picture

@ Dragons FB
No problem with the stats mate, it’s just something that intrigues me and more than happy to pass on what I consider pertinent points. It may help some and bore others but I like putting them up nevertheless. Thanks for the positive feedback bro’…

@ Mary
Thanks for the kind words young lady. Yeah, I was pretty happy and relieved we got up in that one. Storm served it up to us, especially in the second half. Not happy with a few things the Roosters did (didn’t do actually) but they’re forgiven 😉 I would love to be there Sunday but alas, commitments won’t allow it but at least I’ll be able to watch it on TV. Hopefully I won’t end up shouting at the screen like I did last Saturday night. I’m sure my neighbours were wondering what all the noise was about 😁 Cheers.

@ Footy Chick, Big Pete and Jack Starky
Late to the party but well done to all 3 of you on an awesome tipping performance this year. Gives me something to aim for next year…

@ Jack Starky
Best of luck with your Raiders next week brother. Fully deserve to be there IMO. Let the battle begin! 💪

@ Mr Ashford
Obviously I’m hoping my BBB will go back-to-back but if by chance the frog does actually turn into a prince, it won’t bother me too much. Well, just a little but not a lot 😪 The Raiders have done a mighty job getting there so 👍 to whoever wins it. Cheers.

mark ashford's picture

Despite the Storm finishing well on top I felt they were faltering a bit at the end of the season, finals results proved that correct. Your BBB however just got better and I believe they will go back to back this weekend. Only reason I'm hoping for a Raiders win is they have no silverware in the cupboard and hey who doesn't want to support the underdog (except you of course) Good luck on Sunday and may the best team win.

NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news