Round two selections

St George Illawarra Dragons vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Thursday night – Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

Tyson Frizell has been busting his balls for years, but he really pushed the limits in round one and he'll be sidelined for quite some time (it hurts to even write that). Not a lot of the 'new' coaches got their seasons underway with a victory, but the wily old master did and few thought he would. Wayne Bennett is smart enough to know that his side will have an edge in the forwards on Thursday. The Dragons are without Frizell, de Belin and Korbin Sims, while the Bunnies have the Burgess brethren in full swing. The Rabbits pack will rumble up the park, and Damien Cook will make the most of it. The risk is the Bunnies don't get themselves up for this game after being up for the Roosters clash. It's a risk, but I'm tipping them.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 4

Result – Rabbitohs 34 defeated Dragons 18

Canberra Raiders vs Melbourne Storm – Friday night – GIO Stadium

Here's two teams I got wrong in round one, and if I get this tip wrong, I'll get them both wrong in round two as well. Only the Raiders kept their opponents scoreless last weekend but there were a few mitigating factors at play. The Storm were, not surprisingly, clinical in defence against the Broncos. I'm going to assume that's the better form line, but whatever happens this looks like a tight low scoring contest. The Storm are pretty hard to beat under those circumstances...and any circumstances to be fair. Watch Cameron Smith slip into the halfback role while Brandon Smith is on the field – it's a good watch.

Verdict – Storm by 4

Result – Storm 22 defeated Raiders 10

Brisbane Broncos vs North Queensland Cowboys – Friday night – Suncorp Stadium

It's a contest that rarely disappoints. The Cowboys did most things right against the Dragons while the Broncos showed enough positive signs to suggest they'll be a force this season. The suspension of Matt Lodge is significant, because few forwards get through as much work as he does. Furthermore, one of the Broncos former toilers, Josh McGuire, lines up against his old club. He'll have plenty to say should the Cowboys run away with this one. In round one Taumalolo clocked up an astonishing 300+ metres with the ball in hand, three other Cowboys forwards cracked the century, and Matt Scott was just shy of 100 metres despite spending less than half an hour on the park. A repeat of figures like that and the Broncos will be trapped in their own half for much of the contest as they were against the Storm. Even without Lodge, I'm expecting an even contest in the middle this time around. If it's close, and I expect it will be, the goal-kicking of Isaako could prove the difference.

Verdict – Broncos by 2

Result – Broncos 29 defeated Cowboys 10

Cronulla Sharks vs Gold Coast Titans – Saturday afternoon – Shark Park

Another two teams I got wrong in round one (Thinker shakes head). These two sides have scored just one try for the year thus far. As Kanye would say "I couldn't get much wronger". That one try was for the Sharks, it took them 72 minutes to get there (and there was an element of dodgytown about it when they did). The Titans had some excuses last week, with their halfback withdrawing before the game and their five-eighth coming off injured shortly thereafter. At least the playmaking combination of Peachey and Brimson can spend some time preparing this time around. They'll be better, but a win over the Sharks at their dreadful home ground looks unlikely.

Verdict – Sharks by 4

Result – Sharks 20 defeated Titans 6

Newcastle Knights vs Penrith Panthers – Saturday afternoon – McDonald Jones Stadium

I can't believe it folks, but another embarrassing video has been leaked involving players from the Penrith Panthers. Here is the link:

Panthers misbehaving

The Knights impressed me last week. The Panthers not so much.

Verdict – Knights by 4

Result – Panthers 16 defeated Knights 14

Manly Sea Eagles vs Sydney Roosters – Saturday night – Lottoland

Another pair of losers hoping to get their seasons off the mark this weekend. While the Roosters were unimpressive they saved their best for the last ten minutes (when the game was over). At least they finished well. It's hard to see where the Sea Eagles have any edge over their opponents this weekend. About the only positive I can find is the venue, but Brookvale isn't the fortress it once was. Turbo Tom isn't due back until round four at the earliest – it's going to be a long month.

Verdict – Roosters by 8

Result – Roosters 26 defeated Sea Eagles 18

Canterbury Bulldogs vs Parramatta Eels – Sunday afternoon – ANZ Stadium

If I went to a restaurant and ordered the chowder surprise, then spent the next fourteen hours talking to the toilet, you wouldn't think I would back up at the same restaurant the following weekend and order it again. But that's exactly what Dean Pay is doing with his unchanged Bulldogs line-up on Sunday. At what point does loyalty become stupidity? Perhaps Pay doesn't have a lot of dining options. I've never eaten Eel in my life – there's always a first.

Verdict – Eels by 4

Result – Eels 36 defeated Bulldogs 16

Wests Tigers vs New Zealand Warriors – Sunday night – Campbelltown Stadium

One of just two games this round involving teams that both won last weekend – it's the first-placed Warriors vs the third-placed Tigers. Sounds weird right? The Warriors, perhaps lifted by circumstances, comprehensively outplayed a poor opponent, while the Tigers eventually wore down a very poor Sea Eagles. With Issac Luke named for the Warriors, and Moses Mbye in some doubt for the Tigers, I'll tip the Warriors to rack up a rare win in Sydney.

Verdict – Warriors by 8

Result – Tigers 34 defeated Warriors 6

Wally Lewis - round two selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • Dragons vs RABBITOHS
  • Raiders vs STORM
  • Broncos vs COWBOYS
  • SHARKS vs Titans
  • Knights vs PANTHERS
  • Sea Eagles vs ROOSTERS
  • Bulldogs vs EELS
  • TIGERS vs Warriors


BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Christine - I was taking fish oil supplements and used in similar instances. When having ops, they told me to get off them from the week before.
Hang in there my friend, as you and Manyana know of issues and can keep us forewarned. One of our family friends was diagnosed with MS this past year.
Keep well - Big Pete

christine 's picture

Big pete
My neurologist wants me to take fish oil but some doctors tell you not to so who do you listen too my father says don't but my neurologist says it helps people with ms with there cognitive I must admit I haven't been taking it I believe they might have told you to stop taking it before an operation because you can bleed more if you are taking it when you have an op but tell me what type of ms does the person have what age are they big pete ???

christine 's picture

Big pete
With my type of ms it goes by my age as to what type I have most common are people diagnosed at a younger age, with my type of ms there is only 10 % percent of anyone who has my type of ms but there are 4 different types remitting relapsing is the most common , then there is my type primary progression only 10% of people with ms have my type , secondary progression , relapsing progression re with my type because I was 2 months shy of my 42nd birthday they put me into the category i'm in but they feel I may have more secondary progression but because they haven't seen me from when I was first diagnosed that was originally a different neurologist who could tell me I had ms but could tell me what type I had she referred me on to another person who owes her a favour & normally has a 2 year waitng list to get an appointment with him & I got in 2 months later he has such a good name for ms he trained at RPA & dr's come here from other countries just to train under him everything he does is ms he is so highly sort after & very well known , my first neurologist asked him as a favour to take me as a case study & baulk bill me which he has been since 2014 other people he charges a fortune ,I am currently looking at changing hospitals just so I have less travel to get to where I have to have treatment it is really hard with the times they want you there by from where I live but I would have to be transferred under his care to another neurologist which means I would still have to go & see him once a year so I don't loose him as my neurologist completely ...

manyana's picture

Hi "a" please accept my apologies for not putting my "3 strikes" tip in. I wasn't feeling too well, just did Thinkers tips & got off the computer.
Even though I now have 2 strikes, I'll make sure that I put my tip in next week.
Cheers, Manyana.

manyana's picture

Good one Butcher. Keep up the good work lol.
Cheers, Manyana.

a's picture

Apologise accepted Manyana

mark ashford's picture

Sorry I haven't spoken for a bit. Just very happy you are getting promising results with all the tests you are having.
Keep giving Rocket & Tiger some stick. We've heard little from Rocket about his Broncos, I've tipped them tonight with little conviction.
Are you still supporting the Bunnies? They have been incredible in the first 2 rounds. Sam Burgess is a superman.
Keep well my friend.

mark ashford's picture

As an old timer here I love all the comments be they footy or health problems or just where you live. Some of our tippers are very quiet with comments so I have picked, at random, 1 existing regular and 1 newcomer and invite comment on NRL or whatever.
1st is "The Voyeur" and 2nd is "Scotty Seahawk"
No pressure, just a comment, hope you both are Bronco supporters.

christine 's picture

Manyana / big pete & anyone else that may be interested in birds & training them go to this site you tube morgan the macaw series finale ,
& you tube I never worked with a parrot like this! both of them have the same female bird trainer she is amazing with birds but morgan the macaw was more of a challenge that really got too her please watch them & you will see what I mean the one with morgan teaches you more about signs or body language with birds so when I now see birds on you tube such as pebble & other macaws I can see how pebble & other macaws have also been trained watch & you will see , when nrl is not on of course I don't want to upset the thinker we have to keep the boss happy ...

manyana's picture

Will have a look tomorrow.
Thanks Christine.

manyana's picture

Thanks "a".

christine 's picture

manyana & bigpete
Also have a look at you tube btt parrot training 101 the basic of training your parrot
this will show you more as well you will also find more clips of these people to watch at the end of some clips ...

Mary S's picture

Hi Mark,
Your Broncos played a very good game tonight - looked like a new team in comparison to round 1's effort!!
Congrats to all Broncos supporters.

a's picture

Not looking good for the Cowboys with Tamauliou out

The Voyeur's picture

Thx Mark A for the call out, yes have just been watching vs commenting as seems often the chat drifts on to many non footy topics....hmmmm Bronco fan ??? That’s a no....I was at the start, in fact a big fan, but really drifted away many years I reside in Christchurch I lean to the warriors, for all the ups and many downs that gives me.......I take my hat off to the Broncos last night, forwards and intensity very very good.....unlike the cowboys who just did not get going at all.......looking forward to another big season.......

ScottySeahawk's picture

Thanks Mark, unfortunately I am not a Broncos fan nor am I really a dedicated fan of any team, just have a huge love for the game itself. Being a NZ'er I should probably support the Warriors, however, I don't think that'll ever happen haha.

tigerholic's picture

Thanks BigPete for your best wishes, I am looking forward to leaving next Friday. The trip has been in the making for 4 years and it is hard to believe that it is finally here.

It has cost a lot of money to prepare for with all of our gear and it will cost a heap of money when we are away, but the old saying"you only live once" is oh so true.
Have a great weekend mate, hope the sea eagles can bounce back.


mark ashford's picture

Mary S
Thank you. My Broncs surprised a lot of people last night including me.
I thought it would take a few rounds for them to click under new coach Siebold. Cowboys played well but losing the big JT early didn't help.
Hope his injury is not serious.
To hell with the expense, just enjoy the trip. I'm sure a lifetime of memories will result, can you put a price on that.
Scotty Seahawk & the Voyeur
Thank you both for responding so quickly. It's good we now know a little bit more about you.
I would like to encourage more of our people to post.

Christine 's picture

Mark i'm a bit like scotty sea hawk i don't really support any team & funny enough i have some kiwi in my blood too as well as scotish & dutch but i was born here & i just love this great game of ours so i don't pleadge my loyalty to any particular team except QLD when it comes to origin even though i live in nsw i never sway in my descion to back QLD when it comes too that time of year which graham hughes daughter isn't really happy with me about but i quickly changed that subjet whrn i told her i was not patriotic either they throw big Australia day parties & i couldn't care less i also told her bulldogs have the worst fan base & well you can imagine how rhat went but we still speak in fact i am helping her to celebrate her birthday this week so she can't of taken it too bad i told her it is just banter not to take it personal but i suppose it would be different if her father didn't play for them years ago , apart from that msrk how are you going as you heard i have been doing tests & i am looking at changing hospitals but i can't do anything until i get the go ahead as yet but all in good time i still have more tests to have done & get results From but everything takes time good speaking with you mark talk again soon ...

christine 's picture

Mark excuse my spelling there when I just read that comment I posted back that is not the way it was meant to come out sorry about that mark ...

BigPeteBx's picture

Good Sunday morning to you Mark A.
Tiz a great idea to interview some of our "remote" members.
Sometimes if a whistle has a fave team, it is just as good to use their clubs logo/icon as their avatar. Well at least us others around the place, have an idea who they take a following to, even if a Seahawk in NFL. Otherwise, where they don't have a team - whatever suits, even one of Christines feathered fave birds.

I spoke with Johnny Awesome yesterday on his way over from The Territory. Hopefully we are meeting up today on his return. It'll be brief, but at least we get to know each other, much like you have done.

My Eagles, I tipped for an upset of 2 pts last night, but giving Chooks 22 points start is a big catchup to make. Guess we'll need to wait. Next week is a home game of ours in NZ and the week after Manly play Souths.

Cheers and enjoy your day - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Morning Tigger - nice thinking of what we save for, eventuates into an exciting and enjoyable time.
My Eagles, gave too much start on Chooks last night. We bounced back to score 18pts though.
Thinker Chook tipped the margin!

Have a good Sunday and best of luck against Warriors this evening. At least you have home ground, but Leichhardt luckier and a graveyard to many.
Cheers - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Christine - haven't seen the lady for a while now wrt MS.
I'll keep it low, but will find a way around being inquisitive.
I'll get age checked as soon as I can.
In the mean time - you keep well and keep the posters here honest, like you do.
Cheers - Big Pete

christine 's picture

Big pete
It's a challenge big pete it's a challenge but at least we don't have the one who shall remain nameless giving us all a bad time , I think he still off somewhere licking his wounds it could be a while before he resurfaces but I wonder hat has happened to our friend Spartan warrior , he too disappeared to the dark debts from which he came ...

christine 's picture

Spartan warrior
If you are around speak up forever hold thy peace Spartan warrior ...

christine 's picture

big pete see what I mean I put in depts. in it's come on here as debts that what happens when you use your mobile phone to post a comment even though predictive text has been turned off it still happens ...

christine 's picture

Big pete also see if you can find out how long they have had ms for me too ok ???

BigPeteBx's picture

Good evening Christine - I know what you mean about mobile posting messages. As depths (depts as in departments abbreviated or debts as in a debt due), like in deep, could come out any way depending on the quickness of button touches. My daughter is so quick, she leaves me mesmerised by the keys, as she goes.

No probs, as soon as I can find out with "the lady" I will. Don't think I've forgotten you, as medical issues can be touchy matters with some, who keep within themselves.

Take care and have a good week - Big Pete

Spartan Warrior's picture

Greetings all, from the Spartan Warrior,

Aye Lady Christine, I thanketh thee for thy invite once more. Thy heart is soft yet strong and thy trials ye withstand daily, has’t shown thy fortitude.
Aye, it is also a pleasure to once again meet with ye all and to partake in Master Thinkers site for the year of 2019. I welcometh all new comers and greetings to those I have knoweth from previous years.
It would be remiss of myself not to placeth my tips for the next round on Master Thinkers site....and I will now doeth so.
The Spartan Warrior hast spoken.

a's picture

How good are the Eels playing round 3 against the Roosters should tell us where there at

tigerholic's picture

Oh shit, Tigers thrash Warriors

Steel Panther's picture

Comprehensive win for your team Tiger. Well done. Warriors a disgrace & it proves that Dogs just bad last week as opposed to the Warriors being good!!

BigPeteBx's picture

Hey Tigger - I don't know about Oh S, but they sure did a job on em.
I thought it would be closer.
Looks like the 2019 message is, don't tip Warriors, when they travel across the ditch.
Cheers, keep well and have a good week - Big Pete

tigerholic's picture

Cheers Steel and Big Pete

I watched the Tigers play and their defence was first class, their attack was the same, they were patient against a much bigger team.

Have a good week folks.


BigPeteBx's picture

Well, well, well - welcome back into the stratosphere Spartan.
I thought you must have taken vacation with Russell Crowe and getting some leads on The Wabbits.
Keep your Thinker tips regular and you never knoweth, what layeths in front of ye.
Regards - Big Pete

Mary S's picture

Spartan Warrior - good to see you commenting again!!

Congrats to DarK HorsE & JackStarky for a full card this week.

a's picture

Ahh welcome back Spartan it’s good to have you back

Now we need The Annoying Devil and Pabdul back

christine 's picture

I don't want to say it too you but I will anyway , they are your colours & your Identity on this site stick with your team & have loyalty ...
Spartan warrior welcome back why have you been absent I censed you might be viewing in from a distance on the thinkers website hence the reason I put the call out to see if it was received which thank you it was please make sure you do indeed put your tips in each round & don't pay attention to any naysayers he who shall remain nameless isn't on here now so you needn't be put out by anyone , besides that it is the thinkers website & the thinker has the final say above all on this site Spartan so just relax & feel free to join in Christine ...


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