2020 Grand Final

Penrith Panthers (1st) vs Melbourne Storm (2nd) – Sunday night (6.30pm) – ANZ Stadium

Penrith Panthers

  1. Dylan Edwards
  2. Josh Mansour
  3. Stephen Crichton
  4. Tyrone May
  5. Brian To'o
  6. Jarome Luai
  7. Nathan Cleary
  8. James Tamou (c)
  9. Apisai Koroisau
  10. James Fisher-Harris
  11. Vilame Kikau
  12. Liam Martin
  13. Isaah Yeo
  14. Brent Naden
  15. Zane Tetevano
  16. Moses Leota
  17. Kurt Capewell

Melbourne Storm

  1. Ryan Papenhuyzen
  2. Suliasi Vunivalu
  3. Brenko Lee
  4. Justin Olam
  5. Josh Addo-Carr
  6. Cameron Munster
  7. Jahrome Hughes
  8. Jesse Bromwich
  9. Cameron Smith (c)
  10. Christian Welch
  11. Felise Kaufusi
  12. Kenny Bromwich
  13. Nelson Asofa-Solomona
  14. Brandon Smith
  15. Tino Faasuamaleaui
  16. Nicho Hynes
  17. Dale Finucane

* note that team line-ups are subject to change and will be updated as soon as possible

First plays second, and we can safely say these two sides have been the most consistent sides this season. In the finals series the Storm have beaten the Eels by 12 and the Raiders by 20, while the Panthers have beaten the Roosters by 1 and the Rabbitohs by 4. The Storm have clearly been more impressive throughout the finals series, but the Panthers may have forgotten how to lose. This, however, is their sternest test, against a team who have won 18 of the last 21 contests between these sides. Notably, the Panthers did win their only meeting this season, and recent form counts more than recent history. In round six the Panthers won 21-14 at Campbelltown, but the Storm were missing Hughes and Addo-Carr on that occasion (and the block of cheese famously started at prop). The Panthers won that game, and they've won every game since then, but can they win the game that matters most? They're young, they're free of injury, and they're full of confidence. If things go their way they can clearly win this, but there are a few key areas where they can be picked apart, and no team picks apart an opponents weaknesses like the Melbourne Storm. Last week the Rabbitohs gave their all under difficult circumstances. They scored all three of their tries on the left edge, and the Panthers right edge defence has long been their weakest. Clearly replaced Naden with Tyrone May at right centre to try and address that weakness, but they still conceded three tries on that edge. If the Bunnies left winger had two legs they could have scored at least two more down that left edge. He still scored one...with one good leg. Naden comes back into the first thirteen for the grand final, but that right edge defence can be targeted. Does the Storm have the attacking artillery on their left edge to target and break down the Panthers right edge defence? Well...their left edge attack is Munster, Hughes, Olam, Kenny Bromwich, Addo-Carr and Papenhuyzen. They can attack that edge through the hands. They can attack that edge with speed. They can attack that edge with a kicking game. The Storm will hit them with all three. The other issue could be on the right flank, where Vunivali has a 12cm height advantage over Josh Mansour. And it's not just the 12cm, as Vunivali has a vertical leap that puts him high above his opponent. It's another potential avenue to the tryline for the Storm. So a few issues for the Panthers to manage there. Beyond all that, it's looking likely that the Storm captain is playing his last game on Sunday night. They looked ominous against the Raiders, virtually icing the game in the first ten minutes. They had enough in hand to take their foot off the pedal at the end of that game, and they've had an extra day since then to prepare for the grand final. Cameron Smith, like him or otherwise, retires with a premiership. I'm declaring them.

Verdict – Storm by 10

Result – Storm 26 defeated Panthers 20

Wally Lewis - Grand Final selection (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • Panthers vs STORM


Mary S's picture

Hi Boss,
There appears to be a problem on the tipping link for GF.

Rick & Rocket show as having tipped, but there is no team showing.


mark ashford's picture

I guess I've gotta stay true to the team I've wanted to win during the finals series. The Panthers have probably been the form team all year but I feel the Storm have had a better finals series. The other reason is Cam Smith. Even though he hasn't declared himself about his future, his team will want a win just in case.
Storm to win by just a couple of points.

The Thinker's picture

Thanks Mary S

I see what you mean. My helper and I are on the case.

All the best

The Thinker

Coach Potato's picture

I probably won’t say much more this week, win or lose. Enough has been said. Only time will tell, come Sunday night.

Here are a couple of great interviews with two of our team that I would like to share. Love you all to watch both. They’ll both be out there Sunday night giving it their all. When the siren sounds, if it’s still ok to look at the scoreboard, there’ll be tears all round but for some, it won’t be about the game, or winning the title. Nor will it be about playing a part in maybe the greatest finishing streak in rugby league history. For some it will just be about life and love.
Footy God, we aren’t a selfish lot. Much the opposite. Just this one please. Pretty please.



a's picture

Yeah I love these videos coach best of luck

Thinker's Little Helper's picture

Thanks Mary S for letting me know. The tips should be showing up now; hopefully that's my last bug of the season.

Have a great GF everyone. I'm picking the Storm because I think they want this more.


im panthers big fan and by the way my question is ,you boys sure you gonna win this grand final ,because I'm about to spent some big money to bet for you boys..im a Papua New Guinean (PNG)

Buzz105's picture

Going for a Storm win. I'd like to see Cam Smith go out a winner (if it's his last year).

Actually, I'd like Cam to then come up and play a year for either the Titans or Broncos to help install a winning mentality.

mark ashford's picture

Hey Coach
Two fantastic interviews, thank you for sharing. I was really impressed with both players and their love of family. You know who I am tipping but I genuinely wish your team best of luck.

Mary S's picture

Hi Nathan,
Unfortunately nothing is ever certain until the match ends, and as there is the possibility of bad (or wet) weather on Sunday (see http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/charts/4day_col.shtml ) it will effect the outcome.

Best of luck.

mark ashford's picture

Nathan Nawafi
Great to see you on Thinkers site all the way from PNG. I love watching your Kumuls playing in the Queensland cup. Your boys are a force and it's a shame the QLD cup is shut down this year due to Covid-19.
All I can say is bet carefully. It's a two club race and only one can win.
Good luck to you and I hope you win.

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

The Big Dance

The only thing I saw from the Raiders last week that impressed me was the way they picked up Dale Finucane on the first hit-up of the second half and forced him back into the in-goal. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that before. When I see things like that (as well as unbelievable tries, individual brilliance or freakish plays etc) I always say to myself …

“Whoa! How awesome was that? Man, this is why I love this game.”

Had to feel sorry for Adam Reynolds with the 40/20 he (and everyone else) thought he’d kicked. I thought what a genius, doing that under pressure with minutes to go and was thinking the Bunnies were most probably gonna get up and pinch it. As we all know now, Reynolds’ foot was on the 40 metre line and that particular chance had gone. Great play nevertheless.

Not that I know anything but I’m thinking the Clive Churchill could possibly go to one of the Ja(h)romes. I’m tipping either Jahrome Hughes or Jarome Luai.

Lastly @ Coach
Those 2 videos you put up earlier (To’o & Kikau) were awesome. Inspiring stuff to say the least and always good to find out a little something you didn’t know before. I can now look at those 2 fellas through different eyes. Thanks for sharing mate and good luck for Sunday.

OK, let’s do this thing …

Panthers vs. Storm 45-55 @ ANZ
Bookies Favourite = Storm

They didn’t win big (20-16) but the Panthers did what they needed to do (yet again) to get themselves into the 2020 grand final. This will be their big test and a chance to once and for all prove themselves to all the doubters. Yeah they won last week but I reckon they should’ve won by more than they did. There were a few chances that they bombed when they had the Bunnies on the ropes. I’m wondering if they were just a teeny bit “nervous” due to the occasion or whether it was just one of those things. But hey, at the end of the day the result was all that mattered. Some may argue that the Panthers’ 20-16 win last week was a bit “scrappy”. As I’ve already mentioned, they could’ve won by more had it not been for the errors and bombed chances. Even with just 43% possession, they defended valiantly and did enough against the Bunnies, especially in the second half. The big plus is they’ll be getting Viliame Kikau back for the big one. That in itself should be worth some points. Standout performances for me came from Dylan Edwards (obviously), Yeo and Koroisau.

The Storm are now in their 4th grand final in 5 years (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020). Their opening 30 minutes last week was something to behold. They scored 24 points in as many minutes (including 3 tries in 5 minutes) and that was enough to put the result to rest. The Raiders simply had no answer to what the Storm did in that first 30. The Storm slowed down a bit in the second half but I think that was due to the pressure applied by the Raiders. Having that extra week off certainly helped the Storm and you’d think last week’s run will have them primed and ready to take on the Panthers this Sunday. Pretty sound defence from the Storm when it mattered and it will be very interesting to see how they start and what they can do this weekend. Standout performances for me came from Jahrome Hughes, Cam Smith, Papenhuyzen and Welch.

Some “comparative” side-by-side stats from both the Panthers and Storm wins from last week that might (or might not) be of interest:

Possession – Panthers 43% & Storm 52%
Completion Rate – Panthers 72% (28/39) & Storm 88% (29/33)
Tackle Breaks – Panthers 41 & Storm 34
Ineffective Tackles – Panthers 22 & Storm 25
Penalties Conceded – Panthers 3 & Storm 6
Errors – Panthers 13 & Storm 4

Verdict: The Panthers are young, enthusiastic and full of self-belief and talent. They’re sweeping all before them and breaking records. If anyone can serve it up to the Storm, they can. The Storm have been there 3 times in the last 4 years and will know what needs to be done. They’ll also want to send Cam Smith off on a winning note (assuming he does actually retire after this). Both these sides have proven they’ve been the best 2 sides this year. Both these sides are capable of winning this. Both these sides deserve to win. But as we all know, there can only be one winner on Sunday. Who to tip? Based solely on big game experience, I’ll be tipping the Storm. Having said that of course, would be happy if the Panthers got up.

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

Are you ready? I said are you ready? This might shock some of you here but been a BIG fan of this style for so very long. Just makes me sway and move and my feet can’t stop tappin’. Yeah!


Continuing on from the above video, I can advise that I can’t dance to save my life but would seriously get up and give this a shot if someone could show me the basics 😁.


OK, that’s all for now. I suppose after this weekend we can all take a rest eh? Well, unless the Boss puts up another “Off Season” page that is. What say you “Oh Exalted” one? 🤔

Christine's picture

That said newbie you know the boss will let us hang around the site in the off season , the thinker just has to remember to leave the comments section open which usualky closes so many weeks after the season ends so a big heads up to you thinker if you could please leave the comments section open for us in the off season kind sir until next season so we can all linger on your site we would all appreciate it kind sir & thank you for all you & thinker's little helper do for us all it gives us a home away from home ...

Mary S's picture

Hi Newbie,
Different but most enjoyable all the same.

Judging by your 2nd choice, and watching those with the skill, you need pretty slippery feet and good coordination for the dance!

With the footy - we have the SOO coming up after the big match on Sunday, which seems a bit weird, but is sure in keeping with the kind of year it has been!


newbie from perth's picture

@ Mary

D’oh! Completely forgot about the SOO. Caught up with the season and the GF and the fact we still have 3 x SOO to go totally escaped me. Phew! Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I wonder about my memory 😁. Cheers…

mark ashford's picture

Hey Newbie
Believe it or not I enjoyed your first offering brought back memories from my European trip about 7 years ago. Everywhere we went in Paris the piano-accordion was playing beautiful French music usually through a speaker system but occasionally via a live muso. Loved it then and still love it now. As for the dancing, I'm with you, hopeless. Tried a bit of shuffling on the underlit dance floors back in the disco era usually to Saturday Night Fever and most times the young lady I was with would say "Hey why don't we get a drink and sit for a while" this was usually before Barry Gibb got to the second verse. But hey I admire anyone who can dance, I'm just thankful there were no mirrors on the walls back then.

tigerholic's picture

Afternoon All
I haven't been on channel much since I returned to prison, hope you all have a fantastic weekend and may the team you tip have a good win.

Thanks for another great year Thinker and TLH, I'll be keen to do better next year.


mark ashford's picture

We've all missed you and your comments. I'll send you a "get out of jail free card" if it helps. Keep well my friend.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well! My tip for the grand final is:

Drum roll please.....

You can already tell who I've tipped!

But anyways.....

Storm by 4 - This game was very hard for me to pick. It's very tough! I really want the Panthers to win being a New South Welshman, a Sydneyite, I want the Panthers to win, especially since they haven't won it in 17 years, it'll be refreshing to have someone else win the premiership other than the Storm or Roosters, we haven't had it since 2016. It can be done, the Sharks done it in 2016 winning their first premiership ever in their 50-year history at the time and that was against the Storm. But, I'm going with the big match experience and plus just in case it is in fact Cam Smith's last game, I'm tipping the Storm to get it done once again. I think it'll be the boys from the SUNSHINE COAST who bring the trophy home but the question is, where do they exactly bring it t? Will it be at the Sunshine Coast? Will it be Melbourne? Hmm I mean Melbourne is their true home after all but you know Coronavirus. This will be a cracking grand final I believe and I think that it'll go right down to the wire. Both teams want it a lot. The Panthers want it for their region, for the record breaking streak in the NRL era, to keep it going for the all-time record of 20 potentially, for their young players who've played so well all year, for Ivan, for their families after all of the sacrifices the players have made during these troubling times and for the fairytale of their first grand final win in 17 years. The Storm want it for the people in Melbourne, for the Queenslanders who've supported them in their new home this year, for Cam Smith in most likely his final game, for their families as well for the sacrifice more than the Panthers in fact since the Storm players relocated all together, and for coach Craig who continues to work tirelessly to keep the team on top and of course the players for a great season. It's great that it has come down to the two best teams of the season. The Panthers have just been the most consistent team all year and have always just find a way to keep winning even under pressure like in the finals and the Storm once again ever so consistent and classy and have been amazing throughout this finals series. It does makes sense that it has come down to the Panthers and Storm. As much as I want the Panthers to win, my head says Storm. That right edge defense of the Panthers may just crack a lot and that is a massive target for the Storm to target especially with the group of players they have that are attacking on that side as Thinker mentioned in his preview. It'll be huge pressure for Naden or May whoever starts and Mansour to stop that left edge of the Storm. And of course Vunivalu v Mansour under the high ball, Vunivalu is likely to win that battle in terms of height and skills under the high ball. I really the Panthers to win, I really do! But the Storm will just get it done for Cameron Smith. It'll be only fitting for him to finish off his career with a premiership just like Slater and Cronk did. Loving those battles as well, halves battles, fullback battle, wingers battle, centres battle, forwards battle, hooker battle is a big one along with halves and fullback and of course the edges whoever can defend the best on those edges will come a long way in their team getting the premiership.

Awesome! Good luck with Coach and whoever else goes for Panthers and any Storm fans on this site? to your two teams for this week and with everyone's tip for this week. Cheers and thanks so much to Thinker and co for the season and comp again. I've done pretty well this year but not well enough for a top 3 finish but hey, there's always next season aye? I'll be doing my previews for the origins if there's an origin games 1-3 page, will just have to see.

Cheers everyone and may the grand final begin! (Come Sunday night) and may the best team win but hopefully the Panthers.

Coach Potato's picture

Wow. I guess they call this bit the calm, .....

Else, you would be excused for calling it, died in the ass.

Just to balance the B/S, here a a couple of facts. Penrith lead the head to head, winning 2 of 3 since 2018. The 2018 win was just before finals, no resting of Storm players, and played in Melbourne.
We had Kikau on the field that day. He also featured in this year’s win. He missed the 2019 game that they lost. He’s two from two v Storm. Or the other way around, they are 0-2 against him.

Here are the highlights from that game. Sure there was a Storm try that should have been given, but sin-bin after sin-bin for us. What an effort. What a win, and know that the 2020 team are so, so much better than the team of 2018. Eyes only for 18 straight. The greatest finishing streak in the history of rugby league.


I hope everything’s a bit less calm now. We about to take ANZ by Storm.

Coach Potato's picture

17 years on
17 players take
17 wins to the GF.

I mean to say, I don’t practice my religion as much as I could or should, but tried asking google the relevance of 17, and it gave me this from bible.org

Holy flippin’ Moses.
If that doesn’t sound like victory through a Storm, I’m not here.

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 17
In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes "overcoming the enemy" and "complete victory." God overcame the sins of rebellious humans when he began to flood the earth through rain on the 17th of the second Hebrew month

So my little self-education on the Hebrew calendar is that a month is based on the lunar month. 2nd new moon of the year was Feb 24. Seventeen days on makes in March 12. Season NRL.

This is the bloody Di Vinci Code.

Rocket Ryan's picture

And that's why we're desperate for a storm win put this clown back in his box

Coach Potato's picture

Enjoy your Sunday night. I’ll be in bay 141 ANZ - middle of the Panthers den. How is your spoon? Made a few nice cakes recently ?

Christine's picture

Coach i am going storm now in saying that if storm should happen to win then without a doubt it will be penriths turn next season you have to loose one to win one as they say i tend to think Cameron smith & storm as a hole brings out something special on such occasions & if penrith don't win they will certainly gain experience from just being out there in this game i am no means an expert weather will play a big part & it will be wet may the best team win enjoy everyone ...

Coach Potato's picture

Christine, hope you have a good night. Panthers beat Raiders R13 in the wet, and then the next week v Warriors R14, and obviously slippery last week v Souths due to longer grass, greater surface area, and all that biz. Storm haven’t seen a wet track all year. Penrith not able to grind out a close win? what have they done last two games? And if you needed a clutch field goal, Cleary is pretty capable at those - smacked one under enormous pressure v Storm in the highlights package earlier this year.

I know some Manly fans who say that their non-covid Grand Finals v Storm were 80% Manly crowd. What % are they this year with Vics locked out? Would have to be down to 5% if they are lucky, and with most other Sydney teams not Melbourne or Smith fans, they’re in for a horrible time on that score.

mark ashford's picture

I can understand your excitement having a team in the GF. Your Friday post states you want to balance the B/S from previous posters. You then go on to quote selected stats and, wait a minute, you've gone to the Bible to support a Panthers win? If that's not the greatest load of B/S I've ever read I give up. You also forgot to mention these sides have met 30 times with Storm prevailing 23 to 7 and earlier this year Storm were without J. Addo-Carr and J. Hughes two huge outs but yes you did mention the Storm disallowed try which would have squared it up.
Easy to cherry pick stats when it suits.
I do admire your passion and believe it or not wish your team the best. By the way your "spoon" comment was surely below your level of intelligence, something I'd expect from a complete buffoon.

Coach Potato's picture

They’ve won 2 of the last 3. That’s hardly stat creation.

Facts are that Penrith has started outsiders this year v Roosters and Storm and won both.

Rather the BS is people writing them off time after time. After a whole season of nay-seeing, there’s only one more chance to show I’m wrong.

mark ashford's picture

2 out of the last 3 is certainly stats creation what about the previous 23 won by Storm? Anyway enough of that. Your team has been exceptional all season and probably deserve to win the big one. Only thing I can see hurting your team (apart from the Storm) is discipline, maybe you could phone Ivan with some tips.

Esra Star's picture

Ha,,thanks,Coach,,i love this sort of shit. Go Storm.

Christine's picture

Coach in my opinion storm has more big game experience being the grand final playing this game which i give them credit for getting this far will give them some more experience & a boost win or loose they made it this far you never write off storm coach you should know that regardless of which team they are playing & as i said before may the best team win coach , good luck on sunday with your team ...

Christine's picture

What i am saying to you coach is regardless of which team wins on sunday your team has made it this far & that on its own is an acheivement you should be proud just for that reason but at the end of the day it is just a game coach it is not life or death we have had enough deaths with the bush fires & the pandemic which is a strong reminder to everyone get your gutters cleaned on your houses bush fire season is coming again we had ours done ,but regardless coach which team wins it is just a game it is not life or death if your team ir storm for that natter don't win it isn't personal it is just a game i think some times you tend to forget that coach , good luck on sunday ciach ...

Christine's picture

We all have too remember not to take it personal if our teams don't win it sometimes comes down to just the bounce of the ball on the day how the players themselves are feeling as to wheather or not they are having a good day or not you can't always be 100% all the time so there are alot if things you have to factor in not just stat at the end of the day stats are meant to be broken always changing so you can't always realy on them yes they are a guide but you can't Just go by stats thats why we love this grest game if ours NRL it keeps it interesting not always predictable ...

Coach Potato's picture

Well done to Richmond and bad luck Geelong. To Gary Ablett Jr, arguably the greatest player ever. Shame you couldn’t go out a winner in your last game. Sometimes as much as you think those sort of things are destined to happen, they just don’t.

a's picture

Yeah congrats Richmond for winning

Christine's picture

The saying coach is nay sayers i know i was the person who said to spartan warrior on this site which proves you must be eugene who appeared on here when you disappeared being obnocious to people on the web site posting comments on the website using other peoples names or identity abusing people causing trouble how convienient he disappears & you turn up doing the same thing not everyone has to agree with you coach or is it eugene ...

Christine's picture

It doesn't really matter the thinker knows exactly who you are by your computers i p address that is one thing you can't get around each computer has one ...

Guru Craig's picture

Its GF day! The numbers and stats have been discussed and form is out the window in a GF, mostly, so the Guru had a little peak at the weather and it looks to be a wet evening with 90% chance of rain between 6-9pm in Sydney. The temp should be around 13-14c with a bit of a breeze, 35km/h or thereabouts.

Both teams seem to have no issues in preparations this week and everything looks good for a cracker of a GF. This year has given us changes in the game and fast flowing footy from the Panthers with the 6 again kings and the dream draw assisting the young side to the 2020 GF, the final hurdle to greatness. 17 wins in a row means nothing and will be forgotten by Monday if they lose. The final hurdle is a big one though. The Mighty Covid Storm led by the GOAT and coached by Mr consistent, the team that has dominated the last 20yrs of NRL, always up near the peak, more dreams made than the rest of the competition combined through giving other clubs handoffs and young pacific islander boys a chance, the pinnacle of modern Rugby league and future Immortal making machine - The Melbourne Storm.

Plenty of people love to hate Cam Smith, but that's just tall poppy syndrome or plain old jealousy. The crafty number 9 is a master and just being on the field lifts his fellow team mates and when you add the toughness of his forwards and skill of his spine with the experience on and off the field, the 2020 Covid Storm look very very hard to beat. The Purple QLD refugees usually enjoy field position and possession, they don't make many unforced or forced errors but do give away the odd silly penalty.

Penrith are quality young side led by Mr Ticktok and lover of all things female, baby Ivan who seems to be enjoying scintillating form and driving his side left to right with confidence that inspires the younger player to throw the ball and chance their hand, tactics that have proved succsessful and we all know that confidence breeds confidence. which is one reason they had maintained this 17-0 run. Not even thinking about loosing, until they hit The Chooks and Souths. If you watch those games you can actually see the moment that confidence took a right hook and a few jabs, see the dizzy start to set it. Fortunately or our little media darlings, Malcom in the Middle and barney in the Bunker where there to save the day. Both those games, in both those moments where the opponent was pushing to go 2 or more trys ahead the 14th man sprang into action and reversed the possession for 4-6 sets to even out the flow and allow that confidence to come back. It could be a co-incidence...

All that aside and we have a ripper of a GF. On one side the Black Cats who don't believe in losing and the other side who tore apart a strong Raiders side in less than 15min. The Guru believes Melbourne are the more experienced team, more disciplined and tougher. They know how to win Grand finals. The game and the way it unfolds however, well the Guru is not going hard on this game because he very well expects The Panthers to get the decisions and have the run of the game. Melbourne will need to be perfect and they will need a bit of Smithy magic.

Mel by 6-10

Guru Craig's picture

At the time of the post for reference we have -

Bookies - Melbourne

Fan votes - Melbourne 60/40

Money - Melbourne started out at $1.75 down to $1.70, Pennies started at $1.95 out to $2.25.

Changes in the odds signifies a direction of money being bet on the team that has lowering odds. The big money however usually goes on minutes before kick-off, so it is worth watching for changes as the big money is rarely incorrect. Guru predicts a shift towards Penrith in the odds closer to game time.

The Panthers winning would be of far more benefit to The NRL you would think though. Melbourne and the state of Victoria and the fans are of a lesser significance to the primarily NSW NRL. The Two Ivans dream and all those wins is a nice story...

Rocket Ryan's picture

Ladder leader for the tipping comp has gone panthers the rest have to go storm will the bibble burst right at the end and we see a five way tie.

The Thinker's picture

Late team change for the Panthers - Brent Naden is out of the seventeen. Tyrone May to start in the centres. I believe Mitch Kenny will come into the seventeen (who can play hooker if the shoulder of Koroisau doesn't hold up).

mark ashford's picture

Hey Coach
I'm not a serious follower of the ARL but did watch a fair bit of it last night. Was a shame to see Ablett injured so early in the game and even though he returned really took no further part. Richmond proved they deserved favouritism and won well. Was impressed both teams cheered Gary off before Tigers did their lap of honour.

The Thinker's picture

Channel Nine is a Panther-a-thon this afternoon. Coach Potato must be the production manager.


Dragons-fanboy's picture

My bad i said like Slater and Cronk did in terms of finishing their careers with a premiership. Slater didn't do that my bad. So that sentence that I said saying that is not true my bad y'all.


Cronk did but not Slater oops

mark ashford's picture

hey Thinker
I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice that. Who knows who they are trying to influence but it's been one of the most biased coverages I've ever seen.

mark ashford's picture

Congratulations to the Broncos NRLW girls. Thats 3 in a row premierships not an easy feat. Hope the boys were watching.

Guru Craig's picture

Channel 9 helped write the script lol...

The bronco's should have just walked out a Milford flag and announced his retirement lol, save a lot of heartbreak next year.

Congrats to the Bronco's ladies, dominating the WNRL 3yrs running.

JKBubble's picture

Hello thinker. Can i please change my tip to storm. Just tried to thinking i had till 7.30 but it has dropped out.

JKBubble's picture

Too much rain around...gonna have to back the storm

Rocket Ryan's picture

Bang thats one hammered in


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news