Round ten selections

Three things The Thinker learned in round nine

  1. Before the season started I suspected the Dragons would be the real deal. Ten rounds in and there's no suspecting about it – they are the real deal.
  2. Fourth through to tenth on the ladder are on equal points – there'll be plenty of jostling for positions before we have any idea what the top eight is going to look like.
  3. The team with the worst attacking record has scored less points than the Dragons have conceded, and the team with the worst defensive record have conceded less points than the Dragons have scored. That takes a while to sink in, but it reinforces point one above.

Wests Tigers vs North Queensland Cowboys – Thursday night – Leichhardt Oval

The Cowboys thought it would be a good idea to bunker down in Sydney for a while after their victory in Bathurst. Given the headlines around one of their forwards at the minute I imagine they are starting to regret that decision. Team lists aren't available as yet but we know Scott Bolton won't be there. The Cowboys were better last week (probably because I finally stopped tipping them). They weren't brilliant...but they were better. They probably need to improve again to win. The Bolton issue doesn't help but a few other things are in their favour. They get two extra days to prepare for this game, and the stripey cats have lost three games in a row. Two of those losses were narrow but both were against teams that are struggling. The Cowboys have won just once at Leichhardt before, but I'm tipping them to make it two.

Verdict – Cowboys by 2

Result – Tigers 20 defeated Cowboys 12

Newcastle Knights vs Penrith Panthers – Friday night – McDonald Jones Stadium

Two sides hoping to bounce back from losses in round nine. Trent Merrin joins the casualty list for the Panthers after all but losing his finger a week ago. He found it...thankfully. Once again the Panthers were slow starters against the Cowboys before getting close.  It's an issue that needs to be attended to and I expect they'll be better here. Even without Merrin the Panthers pack looks superior, and the Panthers halves should be able to get the job done on the back of that. Ponga is all class, but the Knights are a playmaker short at the moment.

Verdict – Panthers by 4

Result – Panthers 29 defeated Knights 18

Canterbury Bulldogs vs Parramatta Eels – Friday night – ANZ Stadium

It's 15th vs 16th but this is one of the more interesting games of the round. The Bulldogs were (probably) unlucky against the Broncos and their coach has a $25000 headache as a result of his reaction to same. That's quite a price to Pay (oh Thinker!!! You've done it again son). Parramatta looked like they were finding their mojo but forgot to play football for about 70 minutes against the Sharks. Ten minutes of actual footy was almost enough for them to win, so if they ever commit to an entire game they are a genuine contender. In any case, I'm with the Bulldogs who will be galvanised after that whopping fine. Two more points for the Dogs and one less headache for the coach.

Verdict – Bulldogs by 4

Result – Bulldogs 20 defeated Eels 12

New Zealand Warriors vs Sydney Roosters – Saturday afternoon – Mt Smart Stadium

One could over-react to the injuries to key Warriors Johnson, Luke and Blair and tip the Roosters this weekend (but here's the but), but the Roosters have been dog ordinary all season, and the Warriors beat the Dragons just a few weeks ago with key troops missing. Mason Lino comes in for Johnson and he looks the goods. I wasn't the only one who thought the Roosters would be premiers this season. I was a long way wrong.

Verdict – Warriors by 8

Result – Roosters 32 defeated Warriors 0

Melbourne Storm vs Gold Coast Titans – Saturday night – Suncorp Stadium

The Storm have a better record at Suncorp than they have at home, and their record at home is top-rate. The last time they were in Brisbane they put the Broncos to the sword, so you would think the Titans are in a bit of strife here. Some of you will remember (well I do) that the Titans actually beat the Storm in this corresponding game last year...and I tipped the buggars. I probably peaked as a tipster that day. I might get that preview engraved on my tombstone.

Verdict – Storm by 40

Result – Storm 28 defeated Titans 14

Manly Sea Eagles vs Brisbane Broncos – Saturday night – Suncorp Stadium

Manly take a home game away from home, and they haven't won away from home this year – it doesn't read like a recipe for success. The Broncos aren't exactly cooking up a storm either but they've been doing enough to suggest they can do enough on Saturday night too. Jack Bird is on very good coin, and he needs to put his hand up soon. Why not now Jack? Why not now?

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Sea Eagles 38 defeated Broncos 24

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Sunday afternoon – ANZ Stadium

The Nine Network have ignored my advice from last week and doubled down by not showing the Dragons Sunday afternoon game again. Oh well...they'll make the finals so they'll have to show them eventually. This is clearly the game of the round regardless of what Channel Nine thinks, and Sam Burgess returns for the ever-improving Bunnies. I can't see them winning, but they'll make this a game worthy of your eyeballs...if you have Foxtel. 

Verdict – Dragons by 8

Result – Rabbitohs 24 defeated Dragons 10

Canberra Raiders vs Cronulla Sharks – Sunday afternoon – GIO Stadium

The Raiders had an almost comical start to the season but are getting their house in order in recent weeks. I do have a theory that Sunday afternoons at Canberra brings out the best in the Raiders, and I also have a theory that the Sharks are a better team at night. It's also worth noting that the Raiders beat the Titans quite convincingly last week, and just one week earlier the Sharks got over that opponent by just a solitary point. Wade Graham looks set to re-join Gallen and Lewis on the sidelines. Fifita has been playing well, but he can't carry the Sharks forever.

Verdict – Raiders by 8

Result – Sharks 24 defeated Raiders 16

Wally Lewis - round ten selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • Tigers vs COWBOYS
  • Knights vs PANTHERS
  • Bulldogs vs EELS
  • WARRIORS vs Roosters
  • STORM vs Titans
  • Sea Eagles vs BRONCOS
  • Rabbitohs vs DRAGONS
  • RAIDERS vs Sharks


Rocket Ryan's picture

The eagles look a chance thinker.

The Thinker's picture

Never say never Rocket. Note the location of their home game though...if you hadn't already.

Mary S's picture

Who are the Eagles playing Mr Thinker - it doesn't say. Maybe that's why Rocket thinks they will win!!!!!

The Thinker's picture

Ooh err....yes very good point. I suppose I better fix that

Thank you team.

Jack.Starky's picture

I thought the Eagles were a chance until I read that they were taking their game to Suncorp.

James Lockie's picture

Hey ryan rocket, your a broncos supporter so what makes you think eagles are a chanc this week? You did well last round who you tipping this week mate?

Rocket Ryan's picture

Looks pretty straight forward this week tigerholic you have gone on record promoting yourself as a leading light for all to follow I'm surprised those tips aren't there for everyone to see I'm sure they'll be posted in the next hour or so my patience will be rewarded.
Don't forget you going big on the tigers asleep .

Rocket Ryan's picture

Hey James just having a bit of fun with The Thinker he had them running around on their own our old friend tiger holic has the answers this week stand by for his release

NuL1F3's picture

Hi Thinker, been following your site since round 1 this year and am enjoying your insights. I happen to have picked the same teams as you this week so best of luck to both of us :P I almost picked Panthers last week but chose to stick with the Cowboys and was happily rewarded for it, otherwise I would have said exactly what you did haha.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, my tips for this week are:

Tigers by 2 - Tigers to win in a close one.

Knights by 4 - Panthers have some key injuries so I'm leaning towards Knights for this one.

Bulldogs by 1 - Bulldogs to bounce back after an unlucky loss last week.

Warriors by 10 - Warriors will be too strong at home here.

Storm by 26 - Storm to bounce back this week with a big win over the Titans.

Broncos by 12 - Broncos showing some consistency in the last couple of weeks and should have the chocolates at home with the home ground advantage.

Dragons by 6 - My mighty Dragons to continue their winning streak in a cracking game.

And finally... Raiders by 8 - Raiders to continue on their form with a win over the Sharks.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's tips for this week and with everyone's teams for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Lockie's picture

Haha cheers rocket, im waiting for the winning picks this week from tigerholic

Taka's picture

My tips for round 10:

Cowboys by 8
Panthers by 10
Bulldogs by 6
Warriors by 8
Storm by 18
Eagles by 7
Rabbitohs by 2
Sharks by 2


Enjoy your footy... :-)

christine's picture

manyana Ask your doctor about a tablet called sumatripitan or imigran you only get 4 tablets in a script but when you get a migraine you take one tablet & it takes 2 hours to work so give that a try , I have it myself it may help you ...

a's picture

Welcome aboard NuL1F3 I'm glad to have another Cowboys supporter on board hope you can comment more Me Tailspin Mary S and Hardyards will all get along with you well

tigerholic's picture

Evening Folks

I have just posted my tips for round 10, before you start running off at the mouth have a good think and a hard look at who I've tipped.

There is some justification for all of the tips, all I need now is to get 8/8 and hope Rocket Ryan has a huge technical glitch way out in hicksville where he hails from.

Good luck folks and enjoy the week of footy ahead.


NuL1F3's picture

Thanks very much a :)

TheJoker's picture

a an nul prob same person ha
cows win
knis win
horny green


arten's picture

My poor eels are in serious strife this week. Worst prop rotation in the comp

Jonathan Collins's picture

I look for your help most weeks when l remember to submit them

a's picture

Here are my tips

Cowboys by 4 well I think the Cowboys are back and will beat the Tigers here

Panthers by 2 I think the Panthers will win in a thiller

Eels by 6 I think the Eels will get the Bulldogs here

Warriors by 6 I feel the Warriors will continue their form here

Storm by 8 I think the Storm will continue Titans misery here

Broncos by 10 think the Broncos will continue Manky horror season

Dragons by 6 I think the Dragons will continue form here

Raiders by 12 I feel that Raiders will continue form here

James Lockie's picture

Waiting patiently to see what picks rocket ryan and mary s are choosing tjis week. As they both had 8 from 8 perfect rounds last week!!! Can they do it again. Should be a great round, especially looking forward to warriors v roosters and dragons vs rabbits games. Good luck guys

Baggy_Gee's picture

Arten keep the faith, yes we are complete rubbish at the moment. But as the Thinker said if we check into a game properly we have a great chance to compete. Its the Bulldogs and that should be a get up game for the BOYS. We can do this.

Mary S's picture

Hi James,
I wouldn't rely on my pick this week, as I fluked it last week for R 9.
Mind you it will be nice to do it again but my record to date has been average!!
Cheers to all

tigerholic's picture

James Lockie
Come on man, pick your own winners and losers, Rocket Ryan is not the Tipping Guru.

Ask this question"Has Rocket Ryan ever won the Thinkers Tipping Comp? "

The answer "NO"

Yes he isn travelling well at the moment but we are in week 10, the pack has sorted itself out but anyone from about 37 points and up can storm home.
Live by your gut instinct, there are always upsets.

Enjoy your footy.


Slayer's picture

Why we never see Tigergirls tips?

mark ashford's picture

Wow Tiger I'm on 38 so I guess you're giving me a chance.
So far this year I've scored 4 or 5 and I don't see this round any easier.
Storm & Dragons are perhaps the only certain pick (is there such a thing)
We're 3 or 4 rounds away from origin which will sort a few teams out.

mark ashford's picture

Mary S
Forgot to thank you for posting the full version of smooth criminal.
I only found the 4 minute version and not nearly as good.
Must admit I was never a MJ fan but this really blows me away.
The US & Aussie press crucified Michael for various reasons true or not we'll never know. One thing is certain he was a super talent.

mark ashford's picture

Hi Christine
Nice to see you back here and offering some assistance to Mary S.
I would like to hope your own problems are easing, is it so?
I know "a", Big Pete, Baggy, Mary S, Tiger and others including myself are thinking about your health.
Don't be afraid to give us an update. We do care.

TigerGirl's picture

Hi all and Slayer, I’m usually pretty late with getting my tips in, like everyone else extremely busy. My tips are always available for anyone to see.
Tigers to roar

christine's picture

Hi Mark I'm having treatment on the 16th may for the first time so I don't know what effect the treatment will have on me other than to block inflammation & hopefully slow progression of my ms , they tell me the treatment will make me tired & if I don't have a reaction to the treatment then I can have it again two weeks later on the 30th may & then again in 6 months time but I will have to have mri's in between treatments but if I have a reaction at all it all stops but I will keep you all informed as to my progress regards Christine ...

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

How’s it hangin’ everyone? Ah, that’s good to know. Ready to be bored beyond belief with my weekly drivel? You are? Well OK, let’s get into it…

Tigers vs Cowboys @ Leichhardt
The Tigers got smacked last week and have now lost 3 in a row. They’d dearly love to get back in the winner’s circle, especially at home. The Cowboys were pretty darned good last week in knocking off the Panthers but will the SB drama take away some focus I wonder? An interesting stat is that the Cows have only won once in their last 9 visits to Leichhardt. Add to that, JT has never won a game there either. Mind you, they seem to be back on track and as we all know, records are made to be broken. Not sure with this one so I’ll go the favourites and tip the Cowboys.

Knights vs Panthers @ McDonald Jones
A real worry for the Panthers is their slow starts. They do seem to peg back the deficit but still. Newcastle were pretty ordinary last week against the Bunnies so they’d wanna improve on that to have any chance here. If the Panthers can get a good start, they should be able to get over the line here. Could be tough, but I’ll tip them without a great deal of confidence. Panthers for me.

Bulldogs vs Eels @ ANZ
I thought the Dogs were pretty unlucky last week. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. But hey, that’s the nature of the game (and life for that matter). Mind you, the Eels were a tad unlucky too so… There’s a glimmer of hope there for Baggy’s BOYS as their improvement in recent weeks has shown. But they must forget last week and simply switch on. If not, they just might lose this one. Don’t get me wrong, the Doggies are not as bad as some may think but nevertheless, I’m thinking the Eels will bounce back just enough and be a little too good for the Dogs this week.

Warriors vs Roosters @ Mt Smart
The Warriors did it easy last week against the Tigers after copping a hiding from Melbourne. These boys mean business! They’ve beaten my BBB the last 4 times and I’m wondering if we can stop that trend this week for Ted’s 100th. Yeah my BBB beat Manly last week but I was far from impressed with their effort. Our defence through the guts is an absolute nightmare. Or should that read “embarrassment”? Fully expect the Warrior forwards (and others) to exploit that weakness from the get-go. They beat us in Round 4 and as much as it pains me to say it, I’m pretty sure they’ll beat us this week as well. No “begurks” from me this week. Sigh…

Storm vs Titans @ Suncorp
The Storm like playing at Suncorp don’t they. Poor ol’ Titans have lost 4 in a row. Now they have to front up against the Storm. Just cannot make a case for the Titans at all. Ouch! The Storm will cruise in this one.

Manly vs Broncos @ Suncorp
If not for missed shots at goal and errors (Trbojevic in particular), Manly might’ve won last week. It was a definite improvement on where they were at and they’re not without a chance in this one. The Broncos (in my mind at least) weren’t that good last week at home. Not sure what’s happening there. But they’re still winning and hanging in. This is a game you would think the Broncos should win, but from what I saw last week (both sides), I might just throw caution to the wind and tip the Manly boys here.

Rabbitohs vs Dragons @ ANZ
There’s some talk suggesting this game will be a close one. Can’t see it myself. No disrespect intended but the Bunnies beat the Knights whereas the Dragons beat the Storm. That’s good enough for me to tip the Dragons here. They’re the best in attack & defence at the moment and the only way they’re gonna lose is if they run out thinking it’s a done deal. Nah, Dragons for me.

Raiders vs Sharks @ GIO
This will be short’n’sweet. The Raiders are definite improvers and have won 4 of their last 5, playing some pretty decent footy as well. The Sharks have won 3 in a row without setting the world on fire. However, the stats say the Sharks will win this (away side has won the past 9 games between these two). Guess who I’m tipping? Sharks to get up here.

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points!

It’s “Song of the Week” time again…

15,039,762 views! Two greats combining perfectly. Listen to this when I’m feeling a bit down and it always does the job. Feel free to have a cry if you need to.

Cheers y’all…

tigerholic's picture

How Unusual
Rocket waiting to the last minute to put his tips in. For all of Rocket's fans, you will have to be patient and wait until about 5 minutes before kick off to see his tips.
I'll take my hat off to him if he is good enough to get another perfect round this week.

Nice to see you posting again, hope this post finds you in reasonable health. Take care.


Tailspin's picture

Hey everyone, hope all is good. Here are my tips.
Cowboys by 2. They seem to struggle against the tigers but hoping they pull through in a tight game.
I want to tip the knights at home here but I think the Panthers might just beat them by 4
Dogs by 6 against the eels who have improved but not enough.
I'm tipping the roosters by 8 to beat the warriors without their main play maker.
Storm by 30, to much class dor the titans and the will be hurtibg from last week.
Broncos by 18 against the eagles. Broncs were a bit ordinary last week and will improve here.
Dragons by 20. I think they will carve up the bunnies.
Raiders by 8 against the sharks.
Have a great weekend.

manyana's picture

Hi all, here are my guesses for this week.
I'm not terribly confident about a couple of the teams that I've gone with, but here they are.
Tigers,Panthers, Eels, Wariors, Storm, Broncos, Rabbits, Raiders.
Went Tigers, for no particular reason than I think they're due for a win, & the Cowboys haven't been too impressive.
Panthers seem to have a lot of injuries, but keep turning up.
Eels, have shown a bit of promise.
Warriors, even with some players injured, are going quite well.
Storm because they rarely lose 2 in a row.
Broncos, not a safe bet, but the Sea Eagles have a lot of problems.
Rabbits, with big Sam back, should overpower the Dragons. (I hope)
Raiders, because they seem to have their act together.
Good luck everyone. manyana.

James Lockie's picture

Still waiting ryan rocket and mary s!!!
First game tonight cowboys or tigers
I think cowbiys can get it done

tigerholic's picture

Gidday Thinker

I posted a comment this morning about Rocket Ryan and his tips, it has gone up as if it was posted by anonymous, can you fix it for me please.


a's picture

Tigerholic don’t worry we all post as anonymous by mistake sometimes

tigerholic's picture

Cheers "a", good luck tonight.


The Thinker's picture

Greetings Tigerholic


Enjoy the footy this weekend folks.

christine's picture

My tips rd 10
ps thanks tigerholic for your post I appreciate it. Christine ...

Mary S's picture

And what are your tips James Lockie?

tigerholic's picture

Stone the Crows, stop the press, Rocket Ryan has blessed us all with his tips for this week.

I'll have a look to see what roughies he has taken or as I guess before I look he might go all the favourites.


christine's picture

I'm changing my tip from bulldogs to eels for rd 10
eels ( tipping bulldogs never really sits well with me )
Hope the football gods are good to us all ...

mark ashford's picture

Tiger, what is this "love affair" you are having with Rockets tips?
Surely the man is entitled to put his tips in whenever he likes.
Been going on for a few weeks now. No one else seems to worry when anyones tips are in.
What is your agenda?

Mary S's picture

Congratulations to Tigers supporters on the game your team played tonight.

a's picture

Cowboys need to fix their season up now

newbie from perth's picture

Tigers 20 – Cowboys 12

I mentioned last night that “records are made to be broken” but it turns out not this time. Now it stands at 1 win from last 10 for the Cows at Leichhardt and JT still hasn’t won there.

Cowboys never looked like winning and half-time score was flattering to say the least. But hey, it’s all about “swings and roundabouts” and as we all know (or should know), “every dog has its day” and the tables will be turned one day. Commiserations to Cowboy fans and congratulations to Tiger fans. Loved Brooksy’s try by the way.

That’s it – I’m done, dusted and outta here… breakfast and coffee await me. Peace!

manyana's picture

I was very disappointed with the Cowboys performance last night.
They played some very sloppy football. & virtually gifted the Tigers 2 tries.
Hopefully, things will turn around for them sooner rather than later.
Although, I think it's too late.
Good luck everyone with your tips for the rest of the weekend.
I think I'll just go & hide in a corner & sulk!! LOL.

manyana's picture

By the way....Anyone who is silly enough to follow my tips does so at their own peril. LOL.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Yeah Newbie, that try to Brooks was nice indeed. He has some toe about him.


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news