Round three selections

Three things The Thinker learned in round two

  1. A lot can change in an off-season – five teams are undefeated after two rounds, and last year those five teams finished 7th, 9th, 13th, 14th and 16th.
  2. It's a small sample but home teams have won 78% of games in 2018 – if you can't split two teams picking the home side is a better option than tossing a coin.
  3. There were a number of high profile signings this season – it's early days but in the cases of Hunt, Pearce, Ponga, Cronk and Tedesco it appears to be paying dividends.

Melbourne Storm vs North Queensland Cowboys – Thursday night – AAMI Park

Jonathan Thurston got to enjoy a victory in his 300th NRL game but no such luck for Billy Slater. While it's possible the Storm let the moment get the better of them, you would have thought the purple machine have enough experience managing big games and milestones. Regardless, Craig Bellamy wouldn't have been subtle with his feedback to the troops. Take note that the purple machine don't lose two games in a row very often, and they almost never lose two games in a row at home. Not knowing the final line-ups (at the time of publishing) makes this a tough game to pick. Michael Morgan and Lachlan Coote are flying to Melbourne, but both or neither of them could play. While the Cowboys lost to the Broncos they looked the better side for much of that contest. The Storm have won the last five games against the Cowboys (including the 2017 grand final) but I'm with the visitors in what looks like the game of the round.

Verdict – Cowboys by 1

Result – Storm 30 defeated Cowboys 14

Canterbury Bulldogs vs Penrith Panthers – Friday night – ANZ Stadium

The Bulldogs are yet to win this season while the Panthers are yet to lose. Note that the Bulldogs have faced the Storm and the Roosters – two teams most expect to do well this season. Also note that both those teams have been beaten by the Tigers – perhaps the Storm and the Roosters aren't that good after all. If that's the case it spells doom for the Bulldogs in season 2018. Clearly it's too early to make grand calls about anyone this season just yet, but on what we've seen you have to go with the Panthers.

Verdict – Panthers by 8

Result – Bulldogs 20 defeated Panthers 18

Wests Tigers vs Brisbane Broncos – Friday night – Campbelltown Stadium

Tigers fans won't be pleased with my thinly veiled swipe at them in my Bulldogs vs Panthers preview, but they'll be pleased with their side. Not even the most ardent of supporters would have expected them to beat the Chooks and the Storm, and keep both those sides to just 8 points. Their defence is in order and I'm expecting another low-scoring contest here. Jack Bird is likely to slot in for the injured Jordan Kahu (perhaps Ms Thinker should have hit Kahu with the car...the injury may have been less severe) and I'm keen to see how he goes. It wouldn't surprise to see him slotting into the halves at some point this season. Broncos for me...not with any great confidence, but I thought the quality of that game against the Cowboys was first-class and I'm hoping the form from that game holds up.

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Broncos 9 defeated Tigers 7

Canberra Raiders vs New Zealand Warriors – Saturday afternoon – GIO Stadium

The other game this round where a team without a win takes on a team without a loss. I'd trust a carnival worker before I'd trust the Warriors but on face value this is their best start to a season in as long as I can recall. I don't trust them, but I don't trust the Raiders either. Note that the Raiders lost to the Titans in round one and the Warriors beat the Titans in round two. If you only have one bet this round (and one is enough) you could do worse than back 'Total points overs' in this game – a 34-30 scoreline (or thereabouts) seems likely. Ramble Gesponsibly.

Verdict – Warriors by 4

Result – Warriors 20 defeated Raiders 19

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Manly Sea Eagles – Saturday afternoon – ANZ Stadium

The four Sydney teams taking part in the big double header at ANZ Stadium on Saturday have managed just one victory between them so far this season, but what a victory. Plenty of people thought the Sea Eagles would beat Parramatta last weekend, but 54-0 was completely out of the box. Were the Sea Eagles that good or were the Eels that bad? The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, but 54-0 is hard to ignore against any opposition, and I can't see those young Rabbitoh halves matching their opponents on Saturday. Inglis has been named and is captain so let's assume he'll play. Manly are, as you expect, unchanged.

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 14

Result – Rabbitohs 34 defeated Sea Eagles 6

Parramatta Eels vs Cronulla Sharks – Saturday night – ANZ Stadium

Two teams looking for their first win of the season, and while the Sharks haven't impressed, they've been less unimpressive than the Eels. Interest lies with how the Eels respond after that dreadful effort against Manly. Also of interest is the inclusion of promising youngster Jesse Ramien who replaces Aaron Gray in the centres for the Sharks. At the risk of sounding like a gossip, there are rumours that Valentine Holmes is looking for another club, and the club he is looking for is the Cowboys. We shall see. What we shall also see is a Sharks victory. While the Eels will probably improve (they couldn't get worse), I can't see them improving enough.

Verdict – Sharks by 8

Result – Sharks 14 defeated Eels 4

Gold Coast Titans vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Sunday afternoon – Clive Berghofer Stadium

Not a bad idea to get out of the Gold Coast with the Commonwealth Games looming, although I suspect Toowoomba has more Dragons fans than Titans fans. Two important inclusions for the Titans with Ashley Taylor back from a hamstring injury and Jarrod Wallace back from suspension. Taylor was brilliant in round one and his inclusion gives the Titans a real hope of an upset victory here. I can't tip them because I've fallen in love with the Dragons forwards, but I expect this game will go down to the wire. If it wasn't a silly thing to do I'd be tipping a draw. Instead I'll choose a slightly less silly outcome - golden point extra time and Ben Hunt slots a field goal for the win.

Verdict – Dragons by 1

Result – Dragons 54 defeated Titans 8

Sydney Roosters vs Newcastle Knights – Sunday afternoon – Allianz Stadium

There are four former Roosters in the Newcastle starting thirteen, and all four of them started with the Roosters as teenagers. This amuses me, because Newcastle is seen as a rugby league nursery and the Roosters clearly isn't. That said, the Chooks have knicked Tetevano from Newcastle so it's not all one way traffic, and we all know they have bolstered their ranks with some high profile imports. We saw a lot more of what Cronk and Tedesco can bring to the tricolours in round two, and what we saw was very good indeed. This team can win a premiership. The Knights have come through the other end of a long dark tunnel and Novascastrians will be delighted with what they are seeing this season. Pearce and Guerra will give their all, and I expect a contest, but the steady hands of Cronk and Cordnor should get the Roosters home. Compulsory viewing...for a whole range of reasons.

Verdict – Roosters by 7

Result – Roosters 38 defeated Knights 8

Wally Lewis - round three selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • STORM vs Cowboys
  • Bulldogs vs PANTHERS
  • Tigers vs BRONCOS
  • RAIDERS vs Warriors
  • Rabbitohs vs SEA EAGLES
  • Eels vs SHARKS
  • Titans vs DRAGONS
  • ROOSTERS vs Knights


Brad S's picture

Rocket Ryan, I take my hat off to you. 11/16 is very impressive with the amount of upsets we've seen during the first 2 weeks.
Probably the most entertaining 2 weeks of footy I can remember seeing at the start of the season.
Tipping Round 3 isn't looking any easier...

DarK-HorsE's picture

Hi I would like to join in to your comp
Is it to late??

mark ashford's picture

In round 1 I accused you of using a pin or a dart.
Now I'm sure it's just because you're a QLDer and very clever.
Keep it up mate and best wishes for a prize.
Will Baggy recover and why haven't we heard from the Manly boys.
If your a Dogs supporter are you happy to swap James Graham for Woods? And what about letting your half Josh R go? perhaps the most loving club man you had.
Broncos also let some great players go which upsets me.
What is it with trades and who makes the decisions?

The Annoying Devil's picture

Good on ya rocket I take my hate and my hat off to you also
More ass than class at the moment
See if you prove me wrong though
One thing I do know is clever and Queensland should never be in the same sentence

Mary S's picture

Come on TAD, clever and Queensland go together perfectly anywhere!!!

Congrats Rocket and 'a'with very successful tipping in the first 2 rounds.

The Annoying Devil's picture

Sorry Mary
I forgot that I’m outnumbered on this site and you are definitely the exception

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Mark A and all my other keen Thinker site friends, that post/blog. Hope u r all well and best wishes for 2018, as much as the year is flying. That includes you Eels supporters as well - "quote Baggy Christmas wish Dec 2017".

The Manly Boys are about, they don't go blowing their trumpets too soon on matters, when the season is so young. Although, our old past friend Fortress, might have something to say about that, as he and Baggy were in the ring on a few occasions.
Remember - One swallow doesn't make a Spring, we know!
But it was a massive score and whilst many of the Manly team are finding their way, used to the heat on the beach and gaining momentum as they go, I wouldn't write them off and have them in the bottom 8 for The TAD Comp, like some have. Rep games to come and that could/will have major affects on top 6 teams.

Its ok Baggy G - it will get better for you guys, as you have a damn good team on paper and the paddock and made good signings, during the off-season.

Sorry TAD, I never got to joining your comp. I had most of my selections on pad and never made the cut-off point to submit them. I've been in overload mode lately.
Have been reading the notes that are posted, but gradually finding my way back to posting.

Cheers ALL and keep well.
Big Pete

The Annoying Devil's picture

Hey Pete
Even though you can’t officially join the demon I would love you to put in an entry as you have a great footy brain and if you manage to beat the field I’ll send a manly cap to the BX
This includes MR Ashford and anyone else that missed out but think they know the outcome of this crazy but even nrl competition

grahamgunnersq's picture

Can i join this league or is too late?

The Thinker's picture

DarkHorsE and grahamgunnersq

I'm sorry to say the tipping comp is closed for this season. Feel free to hang around and add comments all year if you want though.

If you do you will be remembered in 2019 and will definitely get a start.

All the best

The Thinker

DarK-HorsE's picture

Its ok The Thinker and thanks for your reply
All the best to everyone

arten's picture

Thinker, you seem like a smart bloke. What is your opinion as to why the Eels aren't firing ? They are killing me in my tipping comp.

The Thinker's picture

Greetings arten

I've tipped the Eels twice for two they're killing me too.

Without thinking about it too much I would say that Jarryd Hayne is cursed, and he's bringing the Eels down with him.

Plenty of people like to tip teams after they get flogged by 50 points...on the basis that they fire up and perform after a humuliation. Will I tip them again in round 3? Not sure yet.....still thinkering.

Screaming Eagle's picture

You'd be mad to tip Parra this round after their performance against Manly.

BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks TAD.
We'll catch up one never know.
I'll gather me notes and finish them off asap. I've been involved in our annual dinner that we have in Bx - Doug Walters was our special guest. Then I had another session of eye surgery that set me back 3 weeks, with another job to come. Glare is my biggest enemy lately, but many of the aggravating floaters have gone. If I get to submit a pro forma, I will, but you don't need to spend your good dollars in getting anything for the also rans. We are meant to be a team here - buddies, cobbers, mates, friends, pals and all that jazz.

Cheers and keep well Champ. Is it Souths you follow - as we have a meeting this round.
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

G'day Screamin - hows things Fellow Eagle.
Never underestimate a cut snake. Eels are in the same class.
They have home ground billing this week, even if at ANZ.
If it was Cumberland Oval, Parramatta Stadium, Pirtek etc., with the multi-million dollar refurb coming along. I'd back Eels to win.
They will bounce back with a vengeance and thank the Lord and The Heavens, that it wasn't us, last week. Reverse psychology applied - we got home and a great number that 54 is. Nearly as good as Ol 55 - Frankie J Holden and Co. Keep on hummin mate.

Cheers - we'll catch up wherever you live, or fly around at.
Big Pete C Eagle.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, I'm going to be quick with this comment so rather than writing in my comment along with my tips, I'm just going to tip and put the margin, so with out further ado, my tips for this week are:

Storm by 1
Panthers by 10
Broncos by 4
Raiders by 8
Sea Eagles by 14
Sharks by 2
Dragons by 12
Roosters by 18

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's tips for this week and with everyone's teams for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KellysLoot's picture

Hello everyone,
Really looking forward to the Wests-Brisbane game this weekend. As a Broncos fan, it will be interesting to see which Broncos show up, week 1 or week 2. Will the forwards stand up again? Will Milf and Kodi keep running? On the flip side, how long can this Tigers team keep grinding their way to low-scoring victories?
One thing in the Broncos favor is how dangerous they looked in attack against the Cowboys – a good defensive team. Scored plenty and still left another 3 or 4 out on the park. Even in the debacle against the Dragons, on the few occasions they actually managed to get some good field position they scored some easy tries. I think if they can score a few tries this weekend the Tigers won’t have the points in them to even get close. If it’s another low-scoring affair though, the belief in the Tigers’ squad will more than likely get them over the line for the third week in a row.
Cheers, Kellysloot

The Thinker's picture

Look at me....pointing out the importance of home ground advantage and then tipping seven away teams.

Oh well...I'm an idiot.

Ronald Lobjoit's picture

Yeah Thinker I was wondering about that myself, especially the fact that you said if you can't make your mind up which way to go then pick the home team... yet you have 2 picks to away teams by 1 point!! [lmao]

tigerholic's picture

Morning Folks

Can we please stop telling Rocket how good he is going. I can tell you he has been lucky in getting a few of the upsets over the line.

If those upsets didn't win then most of us would be looking down on him from above not the other way around.

The other reason I ask for this praise toes is that I have to work and listen to the crap that he is speaking over the past 2 weeks, he has forgotten that he has never won the Thinker's comp where some of us have.
It is a long season and as a Tiger supporter there is one thing we have gotten used to, "Never Give Up".

Have a great weekend folks, what is everyone planning for the Easter break, Im taking my Tiger Cubs away camping to Gordon Country again out near Warwick.


tigerholic's picture

That was suppose to read praise to ease.


Baggy_Gee's picture

Big Pete, you misquoted me, I wished even those "FILTHY" :) Manly supporters a merry Christmas. It'll take a while to get over that thrashing, I watched every second of that game and was in a foul mood from about the fifteen minute mark onward. I don't know what happened but the BOYS were cooked even with the wind to our backs. It isn't Hayne, something has gone bust in what made us so good last year. We were working for each other, this year look at the separation between players, second rowers not folding in or out following the play, our wingers are back to leaving 2KM gaps between them and the side line because there is no trust in the centers. I think it is because T. Williams and K. Evans have come into the side and displaced some of the BOYS who did the job last year, ditto Hayne pushing Taka out of the centers where he wasn't to bad with French outside him. I blame recruitment for our poor start, its time for the imports to get on the bus or spend a season in Wenty.
Who is fortress again?

a's picture

Here are my tips

Cowboys by 2 I think the Cowboys will win in a thriller against the Storm

Panthers by 1 I think the Panthers will get home here

Broncos by 4 I think the Broncos will edge the Tigers here

Raiders by 2 I think the Raiders will end the Warriors run here

Rabbitohs by 2 I think the Rabbtiohs will get Manly

Eels by 1 I think the Eels will be cranky after last week performance

Dragons by 2 I think the Dragons will get the Titians here

Roosters by 12 Roosters should end Knights run here

Islander's picture

Here are my round three tips

Storm by 2. Back to back Loses at home! doesn't seem likely.

Panthers by 12. the Doggies will be in it til around the 60th minute mark, the black cats will pull away in the last 20.

Broncos by 8. The Tigers defense has been outstanding in the first two rounds, but they are going to need more than one four pointer per game to beat the Broncs.

Warriors by 10. The warriors in 2017 showed great discipline both on and off the ball with very good completion rate, the problem was turning it into points, which they seem to have addressed early in season 2018. Raiders defense will be put to the test once more.

Sea Eagles by 16. No need to explain

Sharks by 6. I still think the Eels will finish in the top eight. They will start winning....eventually.

Dragons by 14. The Titans will surely try hard but the class of the dragons will get them home.

Knights by 8. Initially i had tipped the Roosters, as have many. But since then i've had a funny feeling about this one. I'am loving the pace at which the Knights are playing the game. The Chooks Big Men could be exposed.

Well that's me. Good luck everyone.

Islander out..

Steel Panther's picture

Baggy...major change to your team is no Semi. He could score from anywhere. How far is Clint from making his return?

Baggy_Gee's picture

Talk is of round 5, but I hope that they wait for the projected Round 8 return. We miss his goal kicking and overall effort but I want him fully functional before he steps over the side line as I want a long time out of him not a good time.

mark ashford's picture

BAGGY I've tipped your Eels to make a comeback this weekend.
They looked a bit disinterested last week but I'm sure a coach rev up will get them firing. Hayne needs to step up but one man doesn't make a team.
TAD Clever & QLD goes together like horse & carriage or love & marriage, you can't have one without the other (or so the song goes)
Thanks for your comp offer but I think Thinker will do me this year.
BIG PETE nice to hear from you. Keep strong with that vision thing mate.
A good pair of sunnies like "spotters" or the like will help with the glare.
Not cheap (around $220) but worth it.
Good luck to all tipsters (except Rocket we need to catch up) this week.

TigerGirl's picture

Well my tips are in for round 3. Storm, Panthers, Tigers, Warriors, Manly, Sharks, Dragons and Roosters. I couldn’t believe I was on the top of the list after round 1. A first for me ????, I shouldn’t have gone against my Tigers last round ????

Sa-wat-dee krup,

Another interesting week of results. Newbie’s at least consistent in his tipping. 3 in week 1 and 3 in week 2. Noice! My new mantra … “Things can only get better. Things can only get better. Things can only get better…”

OK, ready for another short novel? let’s get this show on the road…

Storm vs Cowboys
Not a bad game to start this week’s round off with. Yeah, GF rematch should be the highlight of the week. Both sides lost last week. The Melbourne loss was a shock (no offence Tiger fans) and the Cowboys were dead unlucky (even though the Broncos looked better all night). Think this one might be a tad tight but I reckon at home, the “bounce-back” factor and a possible guilty desire to make amends for spoiling Billy’s 300th should see the Storm get home here. Storm by 8.

Dogs vs Panthers
Hmm, the Panthers have needed some time to build up a head of steam in their first 2 games haven’t they? Yeah, the Doggies have lost their first 2 but you gotta remember they were beaten by the Storm and the Roosters. I’m not reading too much into that (yet). Penrith should win this but wouldn’t be surprised if the Doggies gave ‘em a run for their money though. I’m sure they’d be pretty keen to tighten up their defence and show us they’re made of sterner stuff. Panthers by 10.

Bet Of The Week: Penrith to cover the line (-4.5) – “Gamble Responsibly”

Tigers vs Broncos
What have they done with the Tigers? Who are those guys running around? Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up! What a great start to the year by the Tigers eh? Can the run continue? Will that “up in your face” style that served them so well in the last 2 weeks start to take its toll? Brisbane finally got on the board last week against the Cows in an entertaining game. I read today that the Broncos have only lost twice at Campbelltown Stadium in the whole history of their club. For real? Will Jack Bird get a start this week for the Broncos? If so, will it make a difference? On balance, you’d think the Broncos should win but that’s what I thought about the Chooks and the Storm so who knows eh? Underestimate the Tigers at your own peril but I’ll stick with the Broncos by 12.

(Another) Bet Of The Week: Broncos to cover the line (-3.5) – “Gamble Responsibly”

Raiders vs Warriors
Raiders have lost 2 and the Warriors have won 2. Who would have thunk it! The Raiders have the wood on the Warriors lately and have beaten them in their last 4 encounters. Having said that though, the Warriors seem like a different team from the one we saw last year. But then again they have apparently only won once in Canberra Stadium/GIO/whatever since 1997. Whaa? This one will be tough. Most probably not the way to go but I might just stick with the Warriors until the bubble bursts. NZers by 4.

Rabbitohs vs Manly
Don’t know where the Eels’ heads were at last week but Manly certainly took complete advantage of the situation as we all know and to say they boosted their differential by a truckload would be an understatement! On top of Souths’ fade outs, they also have to try and deal with a red hot Manly side. Can they do it? Newbie doubts it. Doubts it a lot! What I saw last week and how the Rabbitohs have been going is leading me towards tipping a Manly win this week. Not by much though as you couldn’t possibly replicate that form 2 weeks in a row surely. Manly by 6.

Eels vs Sharks
Baggy, what the hell happened to your BOYS last week broseph? I just sat there watching the game not quite believing what I was seeing. Maybe clubs just gotta have those sorts of games every 5 years or so to dust off the cobwebs or gee them into action. Dunno, it’s got me bamboozled. As bad as you must feel, “keep the faith” champ! Well, one of these sides will remain winless this week so desperation is the key element in this one. Who wants it more? On the face of it I’d have to say the Eels, if not just for the pride. This will be a pressure game no doubt. The Sharks haven’t been too bad so far and if they can address their error rate then they’re almost a certainty. Sharks by 8.

Titans vs Dragons
Dragons are looking good with the pairing of Hunt and Widdop and the Dragons’ fans must be feeling pretty hopeful for a good year. The Titans? Good one week, not so good the next. I’m thinking the off season signings by the Dragons will work a treat this year and they might just have too many big guns for the Titans this week. Dragons by 12.

Roosters vs Knights
“Saving the best till last” as they say. Won’t this one be interesting eh? New boys Pearce, Guerra and SKD all front up against their old club. Shame it all turned out the way it did but that’s life. It is what it is. Anyway, relieved my BBB finally got on the board last week. Thank the Universe! All is right again in Newbie’s world! The Knights have dished up a couple of impressive wins so far and won’t be easy to beat as some may think. Maybe some points to prove in this one. Battle of the halfbacks they’re saying. I just hope it’s a good game and we win by a comfortable margin. Roosters by 10. Begurk! Begurk!

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points!

It’s “Song of the Week” time again…

I was just 16 when I first heard this. Great to be that age and realising what this song is all about. Ah, the days when people could sing great songs without all them fandangled studio gizmos we have today. Enjoy…

Esra Star's picture

Mate,i am sure that Hayne,as brilliant as he is/can be,is a disruptive influence on the teams he plays in.There seems to be him and then there is the other twelve players,in his mind.

The Annoying Devil's picture

Apart from the storm every team that’s had a win has played at home.
Ironically the 3 bottom teams haven’t and all return to ANZ this round
Dogs have been competitive against two of the best storm and roosters
They play the panthers who start slow and if the dogs get the lead they can grind out a win at home
Souths will put 20 on manly but can they keep manly to less that’s the question
And finally the eels last week was an embarrassment but could be what they need to kick start which can be a promising season I pity the sharks as the eels should redeem themselves
Though no team has ever lost by 50 and gone on and win the comp

christine 's picture

TAD Dragons beat sharks @ sharks ...

Frankenstein's picture

Hi there Folks!

My Tips for Round 3;

Storm - Storm to lose back to back @ AAMI Park??...Naahh.

Panthers - I can't see Dogs getting their first two points at home against Panthers. Game forecast; It will be reigning Cats, not Dogs.

Broncos - Giant killers Tigers must lead by two digits scoreline to beat their opponent. Can't see that happening.

Raiders - The Vikings shall not be raided at home and bring Warriors back down to earth after their high flying first two wins.

Sea Eagles - to continue fly their momentum from last week & soar over the Rabbitohs.

Eels - flipped a coin on this one and I bet (the same coin) the Eels to bounce back & topple the Sharks.

Dragons - Can't see Titans putting a stop to Dragons' traditional ladder topping start of the season.

Roosters - As much as I want to see Knights win, I am tipping against them former Roosters players. They will be stomped at their old stomping ground.

Thanks Thinker for inviting me to comment here.

Safe Weekend to All & Good Luck with your Tips!

manyana's picture

I feel like a rudderless ship! This round is as hard as the first 2.
These are my guesses!!
Panthers, Sharks, Sea Eagles, Warriors, Roosters, Storm, Broncos, Titans for an upset.
Good luck to everyone.
Cheers, Manyana.

The Annoying Devil's picture

Hi Christine
But they won at kogarah against the broncos in round 1

tigerholic's picture

Well, Well, Well, The genius of footy tipping has finally submitted his tips, days after most of us have gone in.

This is a tactic that I have seen before, I can tell that the pressure is already mounting on you Rocket.

The first two weeks saw you live up to Elton Johns "Rocket Man" as you zoomed to the top of the table.

God I do love a challenge and I look forward to this weekends footy starting tonight.

Have a great weekend folks, enjoy the footy and of course drink heaps.

christine 's picture

my tips rd 3 are :
raiders because that's what the odds say but I wouldn't be surprised if warriors win
& most important of all everyone have a great weekend ...

Baggy_Gee's picture

Elton John is a class act Tigerholic.

Rocket Ryan's picture

What's that mean Baggy, good to see you on the Broncos' this week.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Not so sure that the Tigers can execute 3 in a row, but that said now I have gone against them they will get up just to ruin my tipping.

Brad S's picture

With no confidence whatsoever, my round 3 tips are:

MGM's picture

That's a really interesting and pertinent stat re home game wins excluding the Storm, Devil !
This makes me a bit nervous this week as I'm taking only 2 from 8 home teams in my tipping ... hopefully the law of averages will work it's magic!
Thinker, I still don't see the link for tipping that I used in round 1, so here are my tips for Round 3 :

MGM's picture

"A" ,
Hi mate . Here is my last chance to stay in your comp !
I'll take the Sharks this week.
OMG, I thought this would be easy but after typing the words "I'll take" I hesitated for bloody ages !!!

mark ashford's picture

I'm struggling to enjoy your "clip" of the week no doubt a matter of taste.
Have a listen to Aretha Franklins "think" from the Blues Bros movie if you enjoy a bit of soul. Or for that matter any of the songs from the movie.
NEWBIE !! I just had another listen to your song and think I know where you are going with are a naughty boy.

Paddy 's picture

So Home teams at 79% but u have gone mostly away teams

Hey Mark,

So you think you know where I’m going with this do ya? If you’re thinking what I’m thinking then you’re absolutely correct my friend. You’re a naughty boy too!

Ha-Ha! Well done bud. That’s what life’s all about eh?

Now as far as my music clips go, just hang in there. Another 20-odd weeks to go mate. Promise I’ll try and mix it up a little but yeah, everyone has different tastes indeed. I just happen to have a little “soul” runnin’ through my veins that’s all. Don’t know about y’all but music is a high priority in my life and always has been. Can’t help being sensitive bro’. Music “soothes the savage beast” as they say. It’s helped me with my confidence, my outlook on life, showing me that there’s more important things in life, that you will indeed get over a broken heart and so on and so on and so on. Plus when I’m really drunk it helps mask my crappy singing voice when I have a crack at karaoke! Sheesh! Gotta go now, this is getting’ deep man! Cheers.

mark ashford's picture

Does Billy Idols "rocking in the cradle of love" fit into your music portfolio?

a's picture

Hopefully Cowboys do better next week

Baggy_Gee's picture

Apparently the Panthers were down 14-0 yet again for a third week. Look out dogs.


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news