Round twenty two selections

North Queensland Cowboys vs Brisbane Broncos – Thursday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

If the NRL had a reliable time machine they would go back to the start of the season and schedule this match for round 25 – this game looks a much more suitable finale for Jonathan Thurston. Sadly, funds were diverted away from the time machine project to build the bunker, so here we are. To be fair, few would have expected the Cowboys to miss the top eight this season, let alone be in a fight to avoid the wooden spoon. What a disappointing season it has been. The Broncos are all over the shop in 2018, which is unusual for a team that prides itself on the consistency of its performances. Sam Thaiday joins the elite '300 club' on Thursday night – he's member number 33 and one of just 15 to reach the milestone with one club. Any team would be a better team for having Thaiday in their squad...congratulations to you sir. Recent contests between these sides have been some of the best NRL games you could wish to see. Let's hope both sides lift their standards and give us a game to remember. I'm tipping the Broncos – they've had some extra time to prepare and we all saw how well they bounced back after their dismal showing against the Warriors.

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Cowboys 34 defeated Broncos 30

New Zealand Warriors vs Newcastle Knights – Friday night – Mt Smart Stadium

The Knights find themselves in that dead zone on the ladder – they can't make the finals and they won't be winning the wooden spoon. Given the results in recent seasons, avoiding the wooden spoon would be quite the relief. This is the first of three successive away games after a long run of games at home. My instincts tell me they won't be as competitive playing away from their ever-faithful fans in Newcastle. Mind you, the Warriors are getting all inconsistent again just as the competition gets serious. They were flogged by the Panthers, then they flogged the Broncos. After that they competed with the Storm, and then they were flogged by the Titans. To borrow from Forrest Gump – they're like a box of chocolates. Unless they are the quince log on Friday night they should be tasty enough to win this.

Verdict – Warriors by 14

Result – Warriors 20 defeated Knights 4

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Sydney Roosters – Friday night – ANZ Stadium

I don't have to tell any of you this is the game of the round. After a couple of flat performances from the Bunnies they pulled out all stops against the table-topping Storm, and in doing so moved into the top spot on the ladder (funnily enough, that was the only change the NRL ladder after round 21...first and second swapping places). The most remarkable thing about the Rabbitohs performance was that they were down 16-6. We've seen plenty of comebacks in the NRL this season, but the Storm are the best in business at defending a lead. That Bunnies left edge is a joy to watch, and they'll be adding Greg Inglis to that left edge in the weeks ahead. I'm tipping them here even though I'm an old chook myself. The Bunnies beat the Chooks convincingly in round 6, and while the Roosters have improved since then they're an easier team to defend without Luke Keary in the halves. What a game. Get there.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 4

Result – Roosters 18 defeated Rabbitohs 14

Gold Coast Titans vs Penrith Panthers – Saturday afternoon – Cbus Super Stadium

Didn't this game get a whole lot more interesting all of a sudden? Thanks Gus. Cameron Ciraldo takes the reins at Penrith (for now) and we should get a real feel for just how much the Panthers players didn't like what the coach was doing. There's a part of me that hopes the Titans win by 40, and if they did I could just sit and watch Gus throughout. It's not likely though.

Verdict – Panthers by 16

Result – Panthers 17 defeated Titans 16

Manly Sea Eagles vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Saturday night – McGrath Foundation Stadium

Last week we were reminded that no-one wants a wooden spoon. Teams currently in 13th, 14th and 16th all won, and the team running 15th competed against the current premiership favourite. Two of those teams play each other here, and the team that wins all but guarantees that the wooden spoon has been dodged. Manly have (proudly) never won a spoon. The Dogs have surprised me with their recent performances, but Manly just look like the better team and I'll tip them at home.

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 2

Result – Sea Eagles 18 defeated Bulldogs 6

Parramatta Eels vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Saturday night – ANZ Stadium

The Dragons have won just one from their last five outings, against the Cowboys in round 19. Their last win prior to that was over the Eels, and they only just got there. I'm tipping them regardless, as I feel their losses against the Chooks and the Warriors were (at least) competitive. Am I confident? Not remotely.

Verdict – Dragons by 1

Result – Eels 40 defeated Dragons 4

Canberra Raiders vs Wests Tigers – Sunday afternoon – GIO Stadium

Many teams have struggled to break through the Tigers defence this season, but the Raiders aren't one of them. In round 15 the green machine was firing on all cylinders, racking up 9 tries and falling just short of the half century. Daytime conditions, and the return to Canberra, leave me thinking they'll be putting on another big show. An upset of sorts, but:

Verdict – Raiders by 8

Result – Tigers 24 defeated Raiders 22

Melbourne Storm vs Cronulla Sharks – Sunday afternoon – AAMI Park

It's a niggly Sunday afternoon, with both sides coming off losses and desperate to atone. Keep an eye out for late team changes – if the Storm rest Cameron Smith just about everyone will be tipping the Sharks. As I tend to do I'll stick with the purple machine for now. That loss to the Rabbitohs was a high quality game, while the Sharks loss to the Sea Eagles was pretty crappy. The Sharks beat the Storm earlier this season, but (assuming Smith plays) not this time.

Verdict – Storm by 1

Result – Sharks 17 defeated Storm 14

Wally Lewis - round twenty-two selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • COWBOYS vs Broncos
  • WARRIORS vs Knights
  • Rabbitohs vs ROOSTERS
  • Titans vs PANTHERS
  • SEA EAGLES vs Bulldogs
  • Eels vs DRAGONS
  • RAIDERS vs Tigers
  • STORM vs Sharks


mark ashford's picture

Are we getting another free to air game on Saturday night or was that just a one off. Must admit I enjoyed a Saturday night game.
Free to air tv is absolute rubbish, no wonder Fox, Stan & Netflix are doing so well. Does anyone actually watch all that "reality" garbage we are dished up ad nauseum.
THINKER can you please email your account details so I can send you $100. Yes I've upped the ante in case of a draw.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, my tips for this week are:

Broncos by 6 - Broncos were very poor last week against the Bulldogs and would be looking to bounce back this week. The Cowboys are trying to escape the dreaded wooden spoon and with a spirited performance against the Roosters last week, I do expect them to fire up against the Broncos at home. But, my pick is Broncos who are trying to remain in the top 8 at season's end to come away with the win here.

Warriors by 12 - Warriors to get a much-needed win here at home over the Knights.

Roosters by 4 - Definite game of the round this one is. I do believe that the Roosters will get the Rabbits here, I truly do. In what should be a grand final like encounter, I'm going for the upset here and going with the Chooks. This will keep them in the hunt and within a big chance of getting top spot.

Panthers by 14 - Interesting to see how Panthers go with their new coach. I'm going the safe bet though and tipping the Panthers here to get a big win over the Titans.

Bulldogs by 7 - I'm going for the Bulldogs here to get 3 in a row with an upset win over Manly here in what will be an entertaining game of football.

Dragons by 10 - Dragons have been in poor form but coming up against the last placed Eels, I reckon we will get the job done here.

Raiders by 8 - After all of the close loses, I'm going for the Raiders to get the chocolates here to put a dent on the Tigers chances of making the finals.

And finally... Storm by 1 - Storm to bounce back here with a tight win over the Sharks, I'm also considering whether or not Cameron Smith is playing for the Storm this week as he does make a massive difference to the Storm which makes this game even harder to tip but I'll stick with the Storm.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hey Mark,

I just to apologise for missing out on your comp last week. I really wanted to do it when I saw it today until I realised that it was too late to do it. I don't know who I would've picked anyways considering you couldn't pick the same as the others. It's a shame that I missed out.


The Thinker's picture


Yes indeed...the last five rounds will have a free to air game live on Nine. I like it too.

No need for the extra cashola....I will determine a winner and if I'm feeling as generous as you I will come up with a prize for second...but thank you (again)

All the best

mark ashford's picture

Hi Dragons Fanboy
Sorry you missed out mate. It was a bit of a rushed thing and after a bit of initial confusion the 11 spots filled up quickly.
I'll do something different next year and hopefully offer a bit more notice. Thanks for your interest and good luck in the main comp.

mark ashford's picture

A quick update on the mini comp. Tiger Girl has jumped to the lead and "a" is making his move. The rest are still in contention and good scores this week will perhaps see more changes. TAD has temporally dropped out of the 11 to be replaced by The Voyeur. While our top tippers may come and go from the 11 our 11 contestants will be the same.
Tiger Girl...……...Scott M
"a" ………………….Newbie
Rocket Ryan...……….Rick
Footy Chick...………….Mary S
Steel Panther...……….Manyana
Dragons Fanboy...……….TigerHolic
Kellys Loot...………..Brad S
the Thinker...………."a"
Brad S...……………..Brad Apple
The Voyeur...……………..Baggy G
I'll post an update prior to kick off for each of the remaining rounds.

The Thinker's picture

This Panthers situation is all very interesting I have to say.

This club lost $6.4 million in 2015 and finished 11th

They lost $5.4 million in 2016 and finished 6th

They lost $5 million in 2017 and finished 7th

This year they will finish 5th-7th. I have no idea how much money they will lose this season but it will be a loss, and now they have to cough up $1.5 million to pay out Hook as well (and potentially compensate the Tigers if they pinch Cleary from them).

Since Gus Gould took up his role at Penrith the best the club has done is 4th. Now he's trying to lure a coach back that he turfed out two years ago.

I'm guessing that being a coach at a club where Phil Gould runs the show isn't easy. Perhaps the issue is Gus, or the role of Gus (whatever that is).

Gus tried to replicate the Broncos model at Penrith when he took on the role...and there's nothing wrong with that. There are a couple of key differences though – the Broncos make a profit every season, and the Broncos are still getting better results on the field (2014 - 8th, 2015 - 2nd, 2016 - 5th, 2017 - 3rd).

Penrith have great juniors...but so do the Warriors. Maybe they'll get to the top of the pile eventually, but we're still waiting.

The Annoying Devil's picture

How do u drop out when your on the same points?
Not that Im bothered just curious

mark ashford's picture

My apologies Tad I looked at your position not your points.
You are of course equal 11th with the Voyeur

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

Greetings from way over here in dark, miserable, rainy and cold Perth. Another exciting week of footy is upon us and I’m here to offer my 2c worth. Not that 2c is worth much but it’s here for you anyways (ha-ha). Okie-Dokie, Karaoke. Let’s get into it…

Cowboys vs Broncos 55-45 @ 1300SMILES
Weren’t those Cowboys good last week eh? Nice solid effort in my opinion. Honestly thought we were gonna lose that one but thankfully my BBB just managed to hold on. Phew! Absolutely no idea what happened to the Broncos. That two-headed monster showed its head again. I reckon I wasn’t the only one bewildered at their effort. I was impressed enough with the Cowboys last week to back them in here. “Yee-Ha! Ride ‘em Cowboy!”

Warriors vs Knights 75-25 @ Mt Smart
The Warriors did what they had to do. Interestingly it was on the road yet again. Now they’re back home where their record isn’t that flash. After showing some promise earlier, the Knights have gone belly-up. Well, not really, but they’re “gawn” nevertheless. Seriously, 31 missed tackles? Even though their home record is pretty average, I’m on the Warriors.

Rabbitohs vs Roosters 55-45 @ ANZ
I thought the Rabbitohs were a chance last week but I wasn’t expecting them to do what they did. The way they smacked Melbourne was inspiring (and a little scary). That not good news for me and my BBB this week though. Was blown away by how quick Cook was out of dummy half. That “solo” try he scored was beautiful to behold. My BBB were lucky to get home last week to be honest. Can’t guarantee Souths will replicate their effort from last week but if they do, we’re in (big) trouble. A worrying sign for me is how the Roosters manage to smack their opposition early on and then for some inexplicable reason, they “turn off” and let sides back into the contest. I remember how close the Melbourne game was in Round 16 and then I watch Souths demolish the Storm last weekend and I start to sweat profusely. Because I’m no chance in the tipping competition I can, against my better judgement and commonsense, tip the Roosters in this one. Don’t like my (our) chances that much but I’ll stick with the Chooks. Begurk! Begurk!

Titans vs Panthers 55-45 @ Cbus
Got a lot of time for the Titans but their up and down form has me battling to tip them most times. Playing back at home might be beneficial though (maybe). Nice comeback from the Panthers last week. Gotta be honest, I thought they were gone but they proved me wrong. Not that impressed with how they allowed the Raiders to attack them early on. Dunno, got a feeling the Titans might be half a chance here. Not sure why but I reckon I’ll tip ‘em anyway. Yeah, Titans for me.

Manly vs Bulldogs 45-55 @ Brookvale
Manly showed some improvement last week in toughing out a win against the Sharks. Different to what normally happens in their games I must admit. Wonder if they can do to the Dogs what they did to the Sharks? The Dogs were pretty darned impressive last week against the Ponies. Or were the Ponies lacking? Regardless, they’re playing decent footy of late. Their second half against the Broncos was encouraging too. While both these sides scored “upset” wins last week, only one of them will repeat the dose and I’m tipping the Doggies to be that one. Woof! Woof!

Eels vs Dragons 45-55 @ ANZ
Haven’t seen any of the Eels’ highlights from last week but I’m led to believe they did well against the Titans. Yes I’m mindful that the Dragons did beat the Eels in Round 16 but they left it very, very late to do so. In the next 5 weeks they’ve only managed to win the one game. Their effort last week was, by all accounts, pretty poor. I think Baggy’s BOYS are a chance here but wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dragons’ form return. Pretty sure I’m making the wrong decision here but I’ll tip the BOYS. Eels for me.

Raiders vs Tigers 75-25 @ GIO
The Raiders should have (and could have) won last week but didn’t. Obviously their ability and/or desire couldn’t match their expectations. Bit of a shame really. It must be disheartening for them to keep scoring lots of points but manage to lose the games they shouldn’t. Oh well, that’s footy for ya. Like the Warriors, the Tigers did what they had to do. Basic footy got them home but will it be enough to stop the Raiders? Not “feelin’ the love” with the Tigers as much as I was at the start of the season and I think their race has been run and lost (sorry Tiger fans). I’m on the Green Machine.

Storm vs Sharks 75-25 @ AAMI
The Storm got ambushed last week and that embarrassment will fire them up for sure. Just checked on NRL website (as of Wed morning) and Cam Smith is named in the starting line-up but we’ll wait and see if that eventuates. The Sharks also lost last week and will be looking to make amends. In my usual manner, I look at this game based on formlines. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense but I’ll stick with it for this game. And it goes without saying that no disrespect intended. OK, the Storm got smacked by the league leaders while the Sharks got beaten by one in golden point by Manly. Plus, the Storm are back at home. Storm for me.

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points!

It’s “Song of the Week” time again…

Spoilers: “live long and prosper…”

Cheers y’all…

a's picture

Here’s my tips

Broncos by 2 I don’t see Cowboys winning here

Warriors by 10 I feel that the Warriors are going to win here

Rabbitohs by 1 I think the Rabbitohs will win in a thriller here

Panthers by 2 I think the Panthers will win in a thriller here

Bulldogs by 2 I think the Bulldogs will win in a thriller here

Dragons by 6 Dragons to bounce Bach here

Raiders by 2 Raiders to continue good form against Tigers

Storm by 6 Storm to get back on track here

mark ashford's picture

Newbie, I can understand the girls going to Liverpool to do nothing, except perhaps a visit to the Cavern, as they all looked a bit tired.
Was that a paid performance from Mr Spock? He also looked tired.
Baggy Gee your offering was a sight for sore eyes.

tigerholic's picture

Evening Folks

Let me be the first to say goodbye to Ivan Cleary. There is no way he will stay at the Tigers and when he does announce that he has signed a huge deal to go back to Penrith I will be disappointed but not shocked.

The Tigers CEO has made a statement that the Wests Tigers Club will not release Ivan from his remaining 2.5 years of his contract.

Like other coaches before him and players alike, if they have a desire to be somewhere else then all I can say is good luck and thanks for your time.

I will say that Ivan has talked about being loyal and how this has gone out of the game, will have to wait and see.

Have a great week folks, good luck to your team.


Tailspin's picture

Hey Thinker, I cant seem to put my tips in on the page.

The Thinker's picture

Greetings Tailspin

Sorry about that. It should be working again (fingers crossed) but if you still can't get to the tipping form just add your tips in the comments and I will sort it out from there.

All the best

christine 's picture

My tips this week are the same as the thinker's
best of luck with your tips everyone & have a great weekend ...

newbie from perth's picture

@ Baggy,

OMG! Only managed to get to the 34 sec mark on that video brother. Sorry but just couldn’t continue. But hey, bloody funny thing you did by posting it. I’m still havin’ a chuckle about it now as I’m typing up this reply. Love a sense of humour. Well done bro’….

@ Mr Ashford,

Yeah, I reckon Mr Spock wouldn’t have done a “cameo” in that video if he wasn’t getting paid something. And yes, he did look tired. Some may argue that he just looks old ‘cos he is. I reckon both are valid points. I often wonder at what obscene amounts of cash are thrown at celebs with things like this. Oh well, that’s life I suppose…

@ tigerholic,

Cleary eh? Gus gets rid of him and then 2 years later he wants him back? Me no understandee…

manyana's picture

Last week was just another bad tipping week for everyone. I certainly hope this week is better.
Here are my guesses for round 22.
Broncos, Warriors, Rabbits, Panthers (with a big question mark)
Sea Eagles, Dragons, Tigers, Storm.
Good luck to all tippers, especially Steel Panther lol.
Cheers, manyana.

NuL1F3's picture

G-day! What a shocker I had last week!! My goodness. Before Origin I was watching all the games, NRL segments on fox and reading the early mail and news and my tipping wasn't too bad (never did see a perfect weekend though) but since Origin I have been a little busy to do all that and my tips have gone belly up!! Haha. I don't think it's just coincidence :P. Anyway, my tips for this week are: (might be more a list of who not to tip for all you good people)
Cowboys! - I reckon we might have the Ponies tonight ;)
Knights - Really not confident here but I can't say I would be a lot more confident picking Warriors.
Roosters - Expecting this game to be off the hook! Haha
Titans - Panthers will be hard to beat but Titans just might pull it off.
Bulldogs - The doggies look very hungry at the moment
Dragons - Should be a sure thing.. though I'm not convinced.
Tigers - I'm expecting this match to be very close!
Storm - Sharks lacking some bite lately.
Enjoy your weekend everyone and good luck to those in the comp/s :)

Steel Panther's picture

Hey Manyana hope all is well on the lovely Bribie Island. I've put my tips in and they're a bit different than yours. I'm feeling the pressure lol. Fingers crossed.

Mark can I say what a champion you are. Very generous. The plan is that I win and Manyana collects the $$$ and shouts both of us a coffee when I visit the Sunshine Coast again early next year!!

mark ashford's picture

This whole Hook/Cleary thing has left me scratching my head.
It appears Hook was doing a good job at the Panthers keeping them in the top 8 despite losing big names like Moylan etc.
Ivan Cleary is a reasonable coach but no world beater.
He was sacked 2 years ago from the Panthers to make way for Anthony Griffin who is also just a reasonable coach. He did nothing at the Broncos. 2 years later Gould wants Cleary back, does he think dad will get more out of Nathan than he is already giving?
As Thinker said in a recent post the Panthers lose millions every year despite their large supporter base. A big payout to Hook and who knows what to lure Ivan won't help their bottom line.
I honestly believe Gould's massive ego has got in the way of good management. He did promise a premiership within 5 years after he took the top job and how many years ago was that.
The Tigers who haven't had a lot of luck go their way in the last few years get another kick in the guts'
NRL time to step in and sort this shit out!

mark ashford's picture

Baggy I had another look at your sotw "star trekking" and persevered to the end. I do remember this song but not the video clip. It got a lot of airplay in it's day. Lots of people singing "Klingons on the starboard bow starboard bow starboard bow" It was a fun thing.

Tailspin's picture

Thanks Thinker, All good.

manyana's picture

Hi Steel Panther, I don't mind if your tips get up. Yes, if you''are coming up our way I'll happily shout you a cup of coffee, even if we don't win Marks competition. I'm sure Mark will agree with me. The extra competition that Mark thought of is a great idea. Keep in touch and let me or Mark know when you'll be here. I'm having problems with both my landline and internet, so I've possibly missed other comments.
Good luck with your tips.
Cheers, manyana.

manyana's picture

Hey Mark, it's very kind of you to uo the ante and Thinker to give a 2nd prize. Don't forget it's my turn to shout the coffee next time.
Cheers, manyana.

mark ashford's picture

Steel Panther
Manyana, her partner Nev and I would love to shout you a coffee or a lunch next time you're on the Sunny Coast. Depending where you are it's only about 50-60 minutes away. I'll take control and say it's my shout. We can come to you or whatever suits. Will look forward to meeting you sometime next year.

tigerholic's picture

Cheers Mark

Maybe the Tigers could sign Wayne Bennett!!
Good luck this weekend folks, take care and drink responsibly.

mark ashford's picture

Tiger as a Broncos tragic I don't know if I want Bennett anymore.
Perhaps he could offer something to your Tiges he has been a great coach. Really feel for you guys, good luck with whatever happens.

mark ashford's picture

COACH as the most vocal Panthers supporter on this site have you nothing to say? I'm sure you have a look from time to time. This is your chance to offer an insiders view of this mess.
I'm sure your comment would be welcome.

Baggy_Gee's picture

It is a good little song and fun. Really plays off all the classic lines from the Original series.

a's picture

Damn why did I tip against Cowboys my team

Mary S's picture

What a ripper of a match tonight - showed more of the signs of Cowboys play, that we have been used to seeing in previous years.

A great result!!!!

christine 's picture

You know your giving coach exactly what he wants & he is loving it , need I say more ...

Tailspin's picture

Ye ha, go the Boys.

NuL1F3's picture

Awesome game!! RIDEMCOWBOYS!! :D

Hardyards's picture

League Fans
That was a great game, and with a potential wooden spoon team playing, to still get 20000 people to a Thursday night game is inspiring. 10 penalties each, means 10 of ‘em were wrong! (tic) Awesome atmosphere and the only down point is I’m having trouble with my voice this morning. Why didn’t we play like this all year? Crappy year for us, but you wouldn’t have known it last night. Happy Camper this morning :)

NuL1F3's picture

@Hardyard Agreed :)

mark ashford's picture

Christine, I know what you're saying and you're right.
I was trying to bait Coach to make some comment about Gould and Griffin but he didn't bite, so no more from me.

mark ashford's picture

Terrific game last night both teams gave their all.
Cowboys wanted it a bit more and got a well deserved win.
Great effort in front of their 20,000 fans who travel huge distances to support their club. Not sure where this will leave my Broncs, not looking good for their finals run.

mark ashford's picture

Warriors have defeated the Knights in NZ 20 to 4
I now have 2 out of a possible 8 equals my round 21 score.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hi Mark,

Thanks mate and I promise I won't let you down and join the comp next year.


mark ashford's picture

Thanks for your interest, you will be very welcome next year and good luck to your Dragons this week they should get a win against the Eels.
Sorry to see Jason Nightingale has announced his retirement after this season. He has been a special for the Dragons and will be missed.

christine 's picture

I know exactly what you are doing but do you really want to annoy a panther with a sore head right now so to speak they do tend to get a bit cranky , sorry i couldn't resist it ...

Mary S's picture

@ Christine & Mark
I was thinking along similar lines to you Christine, although I had pictured a grizzly bear being poked by a big stick - same result!!!

Have fun Mark - brilliant game last night and a fast and furious one tonight. I have bettered last week's correct tips in three games so far!!!

Cheers to all - with commiserations to supporters of teams that lost, and celebrations to those whose team won. They all played hard games.

manyana's picture

Hi Steel Panther, you're going great this week, much better than I am.
Keep up the good work!! lol.
Cheers, Manyana.

NuL1F3's picture

Congrats to the Panthers and their fans! My what a game!!

mark ashford's picture

The Rabbits/Roosters game was another cracker similar to the Broncs/Cows. I felt that Jared Wahere Hargreaves got the better of the Burgess brothers. He is one tough dude although I don't like the way he leads with his elbow.
Panthers over the Titans by a point.
Lizard man Gould may have a toad like grin on his dial.
Ivan Cleary has declared his attachment to the Tiges for the remainder of his contract (2 years after this season) so where does that leave young Nathan?

christine 's picture

I would love it if Nathan cleary has a get out clause in his contract & his father said no to gus screw you I am staying put & i'm taking my son with me to tigers ...

Baggy_Gee's picture

Did anyone watch the game or the highlights? Listening to Henry Perenara explain why he sent Herrington to the bin. He has his finger on the pulse of the game. But who wouldn't want the combination of Nathan Cleary and Kikau down the left edge. They were good but listening to the interviews after the game they all said the same deal, Can't let the other top 8 teams get such a start because we can't come back every game.


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news