Round eighteen selections

Brisbane Broncos vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Thursday night – Suncorp Stadium

The biggest concern for the Broncos this week is the scheduling – they've played five Thursday night games this season and lost them all. To counter that unnerving statistic somewhat, only two of those games were played at home, and they were close contests on both occasions. The Bulldogs are still dragging themselves away from the foot of the ladder, but you have to start taking them a little more seriously after back to back wins over top eight teams. This will be a contest I am sure, but the injuries to two key Bulldogs forwards (Aiden Tolman and Sauaso Sue) means I'm tipping the home team. The Broncos forward pack is so strong that two QLD Origin forwards can't make the starting thirteen.

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Broncos 28 defeated Bulldogs 6

New Zealand Warriors vs Cronulla Sharks – Friday night – Westpac Stadium

I blame Andrew Johns – since he highlighted the Sharks as his premiership dark horse they haven't won a game. If they lose this the Warriors will be above them on the ladder. I'm tipping them to win here, primarily because Shaun Johnson is likely to have one of those memorable games he can extract from the ether from time to time. In that respect, he personifies his former team. Take note that his halves partner Chad Townsend also spent a few years at the Warriors not so long ago, so I'm expecting big games from both of them. Dugan is out with a hamstring issue but Moylan returns following his hamstring issue. Despite the run of losses I'm keen on the Sharks to atone, moreso because the Warriors have taken this home game away from Mt Smart.

Verdict – Sharks by 7

Result – Warriors 19 defeated Sharks 18

Penrith Panthers vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Friday night – Panthers Stadium

Six wins in a row for the Panthers so I probably should stop bagging them...a little. This run has coincided with the Origin series so I still have my doubts but at least they are in the top eight now, which is where this club should be. Those six wins have been built on good defence, with the Panthers conceding an average of around 13 points per game. Here is where the Dragons have a little problem, because their attack has struggled for much of the season. They have scored 20 or more points on just four occasions this season, and those games were against the Broncos (13th), an understrength Cowboys (10th) and the Bulldogs twice (15th). As I see it, the Dragons simply won't score enough points to win. Take note that Cleary is set to return in the halves with Maloney, making the task for the Dragons all the more difficult.

Verdict – Panthers by 10

Result – Panthers 40 defeated Dragons 18

Sydney Roosters vs Newcastle Knights – Saturday afternoon – Sydney Cricket Ground

The standout game this round, even though both sides lost in round 17 to teams in wooden spoon contention this season. There are key inclusions for both sides and a daytime schedule which usually lends itself to better football. Tedesco and Cordnor are back for the Chooks, and Waerea-Hargreaves is free to play. Ponga is back for the Knights, which gives their attack an entirely new level of awesome. In round 11 the Knights absolutely demolished the Chooks at home (38-12), and it was after that result that most started taking the Knights seriously. They were brilliant on that occasion, but it's worth noting that the Roosters rested Cooper Cronk, and Luke Keary went off with concussion in the 8th minute. The Roosters have racked up plenty of minor premierships in recent times, but that looks a bridge too far for them now. What they would like is a top two finish, so this run into the finals is pretty important given the pack of teams currently 2nd through 6th. I'm with the Chooks but not confidently so.

Verdict – Roosters by 1

Result – Roosters 48 defeated Knights 10

Canberra Raiders vs Wests Tigers – Saturday night – GIO Stadium

These sides met in round 13, only a few weeks ago really, and the Raiders won 28-0 away from home. Recent form would suggest little has changed since then. Last weekend the Raiders dismantled the Dragons despite having a player sent off, while the Tigers were disappointing against the Eels given the circumstances (NRL game number 300 for Benji Marshall). The Raiders should be aiming for a top two finish this season – that said, they have a few challenging games ahead of them so they need to be winning games like this.

Verdict – Raiders by 16

Result – Raiders 20 defeated Tigers 12

North Queensland Cowboys vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Saturday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

It's rather odd to look at a Rabbitohs team list and not see the Burgess name at least once. The Bunnies pack is a fairly cobbled together bunch of what Wayne Bennett could find in the Play School useful box. That includes Ethan Lowe, who may not be on the best of terms with his former Cowboys team-mates it must be speculated. The Cowboys pack is pretty bloody good – it's so good that their interchange bench is Coen Hess, Matt Scott, Scott Bolton and Francis Molo. This pack is set to dominate and they're playing at home. I do worry about the Cowboys backline though, which is even more cobbled together than the Rabbitohs forwards. Morgan is on an extended bench, but given his recent concussions I think he's incredibly unlikely. The Cowboys got over the Chooks last weekend in a low scoring tussle and they may have to do that again here. They're the outsider, but a win here and the Cowboys can almost start thinking about the top eight again.

Verdict – Cowboys by 2

Result – Rabbitohs 30 defeated Cowboys 18

Gold Coast Titans vs Melbourne Storm – Sunday afternoon – Cbus Super Stadium

A few years ago I tipped the Titans to beat the Storm. At the risk of patting myself on the back too hard, I was the only person in the country that did so...and they won. It's arguably the greatest thing I have ever done (but, to be fair...I don't do a lot). Now I don't want anyone to think that I'm living in the past or that I'm taking the wrong medications...but I'm tipping them again. The Titans have punted the coach, which is a shame because Brennan seems like a good egg, but if he was part of the problem then the actual footballers get an opportunity here to actually prove it. The Storm are using this opportunity to rest a number of their key players...and it's quite a list – Munster, Chambers, Addo-Carr, Kaufusi and Welch. That the Storm are doing this should put a proverbial rocket up the Titans collective proverbials, and I think they'll fire up. The Storm are still bringing a very good team to the Coast, and they deserve to be favourites, but they have quite a gap on the team running second. Bellamy has started his pre-finals taper, and the Titans can reap the benefits.

Verdict – Titans by 4

Result – Storm 38 defeated Titans 18

Manly Sea Eagles vs Parramatta Eels – Sunday afternoon – Lottoland

If I knew Turbo Tom was going to be rested last round I probably wouldn't have tipped the Sea Eagles, but give me three 'ifs' and two 'buts' and I could win the Dally M this year. Manly nearly won without him (and actually scored more tries than the Bunnies), and they'll definitely have Turbo Tom on Sunday afternoon. The Sea Eagles have the luxury of naming what is close to their best seventeen, and it's a luxury they haven't had for much of this season. Meanwhile the Eels are naming the same seventeen that took care of the Tigers last weekend. I'm with the Sea Eagles because I have a man-crush on Turbo Tom, and they're at home, and their forwards are just bloody great I have to say. Looks a proper game of rugby league this one. Find a couch and make yourself comfortable.

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 4

Result – Sea Eagles 36 defeated Eels 24

Wally Lewis - round eighteen selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • BRONCOS vs Bulldogs
  • Warriors vs SHARKS
  • PANTHERS vs Dragons
  • ROOSTERS vs Knights
  • RAIDERS vs Tigers
  • Cowboys vs RABBITOHS
  • Titans vs STORM
  • SEA EAGLES vs Eels


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I am taking the same this week as the tide head , may the NFL god's be good to us all ...

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I said nrl god's & my stupid phone changed it to NFL I hate technology...

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Hey Chris
I too hate technology but we have to live with it these days.
Hope you are well mate.

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My picks were dismal last week! I was also punished for my lack of loyalty when I tipped against Cowboys, the shame!! Good luck to all this week :)

a's picture

Here’ my tips

Broncos by 4 I think the Broncos will get up on the Occassion

Sharks by 2 I think the Sharks with their returning players will get the job done

Panthers by 12 Panthers will continue their good form here and continue Titans misery

Roosters by 6 I think the Roosters will get their season back on track here

Raiders by 14 Raiders will flog the Tigers here again

Cowboys by 2 If Knights and Panthers can back up a win over Roosters with a win over Rabbitohs no reason why we can’t either

Storm by 20 I think the Storm will flog the Titans here

Sea Eagles by 2 I think the Sea Eagles will earn their spot in the 8 here

Baggy_Gee's picture

Kind of wishing we had named the entire Wenty team against Manly at the beach of busted knees. Nothing would stoke the fires of anger more than another broken ACL, possibly from either team. But the BOYS can get the job done again in spite of travelling to the north and playing on a beach. Sunday afternoon a perfect time to kick down a sand castle, unless your down wind.

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So I'm getting in a little early this week to try and make up for my tardiness of late.
Knights (not at all confident here)
Cowboys (It's hard picking Cowboys against Rabbitohs, but this week for me it's even harder not to pick them after their win against Roosters)
Storm (The Thinker's thoughts are solid on this match up and almost persuaded me to flip, almost. This one I might regret once the weekend is done)

Have a great week and even better weekend everyone!

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Just watched the #9 news and Wally has tipped the Rabbits (please correct me if I'm wrong) to beat the Cowboys. Rabbits have no Burgess boys in their line up and the Cowboys have an almost full squad.
Cowboys at home for me.

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Sa-wat-dee krup,

How’s it going peeps? Hope all is well in your world. No long-winded intro this week as the comments are long enough and the word count is roughly 1,920. Go on, dare ya to count ‘em 😏(emojis included). OK, let’s get into it…

Broncos vs Bulldogs 60-40 @ Suncorp
Ladder Position = Broncos
Bookies Favourite = Broncos

The Broncos ended up drawing their match last week against the Warriors. Who does that anymore? Had some chances but fluffed it big time. Mind you, so did the Warriors so I shouldn’t be too harsh on them. These things happen. At least they got a point out of it. They’ll have their work cut out for them this week. Their young fellas (and Darius) need to keep up the good work and maintain the enthusiasm and try and crack open the Bulldogs’ much improved defence to be a chance here. The worry for me is that the Broncos have only managed 1 win from their last 4 before they got the draw last week.

The Dogs have won 2 in a row against quality opposition (Sharks and Knights) and will be brimming with confidence and self-belief. They’ve certainly surprised me with those 2 wins for sure. Whether or not the momentum will carry them through for another win is the big question, especially considering their recent poor record against the Broncos. They’ll just have to find a way to do what they did last week but that might be hard at Suncorp.

Both these sides will be desperate for a win (obviously) and to be honest, this will be a tough one to predict. I might end up with egg on my face but let’s go crazy and tip the Bulldogs.

Warriors vs Sharks 50-50 @ Westpac
Ladder Position = Sharks
Bookies Favourite = Sharks

The Warriors, just like Brisbane, muffed some chances last week in ET and I won’t bag them for that either. As we all know, their form has been up and down all year. They play (seem to anyway) better away from home and I see this game will be at Westpac Stadium. I’m assuming Westpac Stadium is the one in Wellington (The Cake Tin)? If so, that might count against them (ha-ha). Not that I pay much credence to stats like this but the Warriors have lost their last 4 against the Sharks and haven’t beaten them at “home” in 5 years (I think). They just need to be consistent for the full 80 to be any chance of getting up here.

The Sharks are on a roll but not the good kind. They’ve lost 4 in a row and still have injuries to contend with. Apparently the Cry Baby is making a return along with Moylan. Gallen will make a difference for sure but not so sure with Moylan. Geez he’s having an average time of it lately. The Sharks just need to suck it in and play some of their “old school” footy we’re used to seeing while they battle their form slump. Even with their injury toll, I still reckon they have the talent to get the job done.

Dunno with this one. On one hand I can see the Warriors finally beating the Sharks at home (only because it’s at The Cake Tin and not their usual venue) and on the other I can see the Sharks bouncing back through grit and determination against the odds. What chance of another draw? Whatever, I’ll give the Sharks one more chance and tip them this week.

Panthers vs Dragons 60-40 @ Panthers Stadium
Ladder Position = Panthers
Bookies Favourite = Panthers

The Panthers have slipped under the radar (in my opinion anyway) and have now won 6 in a row. Can’t argue with that can you? Looks like Cleary’s back as well so that’s good news for the Panthers. They simply “purred” along last week against the Titans and I wouldn’t be shocked to see them do it again this week, albeit they will get better opposition from the Dragons than they got from the Titans.

The Dragons must be driving their fans mad with the form they’re in at the moment (I feel for you Dragons-fanboy). I’m still trying to work out whether or not they were poor last week or whether the Raiders just had one of those days. They have the talent and I actually rate them higher than my ratings suggest. Not sure how they’re gonna be able to do it, but their big name players (except for Hunt who’s being rested I see) need to step up and show us what they’ve got. They need to get creative and at the same time do the basic, boring things to shut the Panthers down. As I said, they have the talent but that talent has somehow lost their way. Good news is that Graham is making his return this week. Will it help? Let’s see.

As much as I’d love to see the Dragons return to the winners’ circle, I see no reason why the Panthers shouldn’t be able to turn their 6 in a row into 7. Panthers for me.

Roosters vs Knights 60-40 @ SCG
Ladder Position = Roosters
Bookies Favourite = Roosters

Didn’t I say last week that I hoped resting Teddy and Boyd didn’t end up biting us on the posterior? Guess what? It did 🤬. At least the Mighty Fremantle Roosters (over here in the WARL) had a win last weekend. Managed to “scrape in” over Willagee (our long time rivals in the adjoining suburb) and got home 90-4. Yeah, you heard right, ninety points to four. If there’s any Willagee supporters reading this, apologies and no disrespect intended.

The Roosters let the Cowboys get the jump on them but fought back to get in front and then for some reason they just fell apart. As much as I love those boys, sometimes they get me so riled. One player does not (or should not) make a team but if he was there, Teddy may have been the difference between winning and losing. Meh, no sour grapes, the Cowboys were better and good on ‘em. Now that Origin is over, I’m hoping we can get back to some sort of normality. Winning 2 of our last 7 is starting to get scary. Having Tedesco and Cordner back as well as JWH getting cleared to play is making me feel a bit better about our chances here.

The Knights surprised me last week in going down to the Dogs. Uncharacteristically poor I thought. Yeah they were missing Ponga but that’s no excuse. To be any chance at the SCG, they’ll need to dramatically lift their work rate and improve on their decision making. Step up or step off as I sometimes say. The return of Ponga will definitely help though.

Goes without saying that I’m on the 🐔 Begurk! Begurk!

Raiders vs Tigers 65-35 @ GIO
Ladder Position = Raiders
Bookies Favourite = Raiders

The Raiders were pretty dominant last week winning against the Dragons. Saw some highlights and they looked sharp. They’ll be missing Cotric for a few weeks of course but fairly certain they’ll be able to cover in some way for his absence. The Raiders need to bring the same this week as they did last week to keep the momentum rolling along.

I thought the Tigers would’ve done a little better last week against the Eels but their completion rate, errors and penalties conceded basically let them down and they were beaten pretty easily in the end. At times they seemed to lack any direction or set plans. Definitely need to improve on that and reduce the errors or else they’ll be in trouble again. They’ve only won once from the past 6 encounters with the Raiders which has to be a concern.

From what I saw from both these sides last week, I reckon the Raiders will have too much class for the Tigers and should win this one.

Cowboys vs Rabbitohs 45-55 @ 1300Smiles
Ladder Position = Rabbitohs
Bookies Favourite = Rabbitohs

I know there’s a few Cowboys’ fans on here (you know who you are 🤩) and I’m happy for them that their Cowboys got up and beat the Mighty Roosters but annoyed that they got up and beat the Mighty Roosters. Does that make sense? Well, it does to me anyways (ha-ha). No seriously, well done Cowboys on the win. Never gave up and took their chances when it mattered. No big occasion milestone this week (I think) so they’ll need to draw on some other source of inspiration (playing finals footy maybe?) to get themselves motivated for another big test this week. They’re a chance for sure. They’re playing at home, they’re full of confidence (or should be) and they’re up against a Bunnies side who aren’t exactly setting the world alight at the moment. So yeah, they’re a chance.

The Rabbitohs just snuck in last week but they did play against a good Manly side so grabbing the 2 points would’ve made them happy. Not so much for the Sea Eagles though. I’m sure the Rabbitohs’ fans would be pleased that they’ve found a bit of form finally and now the challenge will be to bring it to the table yet again but they need to bring it for the full 80 instead of just the 40 they did last week. Big Sam is still MIA so their “stars” need to keep up the work rate here. Expecting big efforts from their forwards to counteract the Cowboys’ big men. They also need Cook to create some havoc.

Not quite sure if the Cowboys can duplicate what they did last week against the Chooks. Maybe that’s taken some air out of the tyres so to speak. Hmm, I might go the Bunnies here.

Titans vs Storm 15-85 @ Cbus
Ladder Position = Storm
Bookies Favourite = Storm

Do I really need to say anything here? Storm for me.

Manly vs Eels 55-45 @ Brookvale
Ladder Position = Manly
Bookies Favourite = Manly

Manly were a bit unlucky not to win last week against the Bunnies as you all most probably know. They’ll be desperate to make amends for that and we can expect them to come out all guns blazing. Des will no doubt have them revved up for this. Big Tom should be back which will help as well. The Manly forwards need to dial it up a bit if they want to get this one done and dusted with a minimum of fuss. If not, they’ll have to work a little bit harder.

The Eels were pretty impressive last week against the Tigers. Good all round game proved they can get it on when they put their minds to it. This week’s game at the Manly “fortress” will be a test of where they’re at. They’ll need to be on song if they hope to knock Manly off. They have the players that are capable of doing it but can they win away from Bankwest?

Yeah, everyone’s most probably looking forward to the battle between DCE and Moses. I know I am. Who’s gonna win this one? I’m leaning ever so confidently towards Manly.

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

How about a small dose of House from the 90s…

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Now that is the sounds I remember Newbie, it was simple, and danceable. It'll be a good week, not sure if the Bronco's shot their bolt last week and turned up, but following the fan site, it was apparently the young guys telling the others where to run and what to expect. If that is true, and I think it might be, then expect the power of youthfulness to over ride the Boydness of the older guys and the Broncos to put a score on the Dogs. If the young guys shut up, it might just be a score the other way.

newbie from perth's picture

Yeah Baggy, I thought that might’ve appealed to some of the younger members of our family here 👍 Glad to hear you enjoyed it mate.

Points taken on the young Broncos and you’re most probably right but I’m shooting for an “upset” if you could call it that.

Anyways, I’d better scoot now, the troops will be starting to arrive in the office soon. Cheers…

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Hi all, it seems the longer the season goes, the more confused I become.
Here are my round 18 guesses:
Sea Eagles
Good luck to everyone, manyana.

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Hello everyone, my tips for this week are:

Broncos by 6 - Broncos came away with a draw last week over the Warriors. The first draw since 2016. The Broncos are still a chance for the 8. That 1 point may prove the difference in the end, you never know. But, the Broncos really have to be playing footy if they're going to get into the 8. The Bulldogs on the other hand, have got two good wins in a row and have improved immensely in the process. Although their attack is still quite lacklustre, their defence has improved immensely over the last couple of weeks and they really need to aim up in defence again if they're going to beat the Broncos. Will they? I'm not so sure. But, my tip is the Broncos to get a much-needed win at home. I would just like to congratulate Belinda Sharpe on becoming the first female referee to actually referee an NRL game. An amazing achievement she'll have tonight. I really hope she does a brilliant job considering the poor work that other referees have done in the last few rounds. Good luck Belinda and good luck to both the Broncos and Bulldogs tonight, hope we get a solid contest.

Warriors by 2 - The Warriors were the other side who had a draw last week. You could say the same for the Warriors that the 1 point could prove the difference on a potential top 8 finish for the Warriors. Or it might even cost the Warriors a top 8 berth or the Broncos for that matter. But, the Warriors will be back in NZ this week this time in windy Wellington up against an out-of-form Sharks. Geez, the Sharks have been incredibly out of form. The majority of the consecutive losses that they've suffered have been due to their poor goal kicking. C'mon Johnson, you better make sure you're on that game in that department, especially coming up against your former side. But I think that the coach for the Sharks, John Morris doesn't know how to handle his players. They're many egos in that Sharks lineup who've either been underperforming, a struggling with injury or haven't been getting the best out of themselves and with that last point, I really feel that it's the coach that hasn't been doing a really god job in getting the best out of his players. It doesn't help that he's a young and inexperienced coach also. But hey, his team could be doing worse. At least they are still in quite a good position with his team just outside of the 8. Anyways, this should be a good contest none the less. The Sharks have had the wood over the Warriors in recent seasons but I think that the Warriors will muscle up and get a much-needed win to continue on that good form and continuing that fight that they've been showing in games and to continue on the Sharks' misery.

Panthers by 10 - The defence from the boys last week was absolutely horrendous. I'm sorry but some of those tries that we conceded was that of a reserve grade side, perhaps even worse. No commitment whatsoever. The boys really need to start playing for each other just like they did for the most of 2018. This is why we got into the finals in 2018. We also got to get back to basics, the forwards making the big metres and the backs in particular the halves just playing what is in front of them. We done this very well last season but this just hasn't been there this season. These things are key for us if we are any chance of making the 8. And Mary is here saying that we can still win it. That's what he said in the press conference. I mean I like his confidence considering the position that we are in but geez, you've got to say he's delusional if he thinks that we can still win it from here. I really hopes that he and the team can walk the walk rather than just talk the talk. It's going to be another big test for the boys this week coming up against the Panthers who've won six in a row. Sic in a row! I mean to think that they were down the bottom 7 weeks ago and now all of a sudden, they're in the 8 and even have the belief to finish in the top 4 just amazes me. It's amazing what a string of wins can do for a club. I think that the Panthers can extend that to 7. Their defence has been amazing and their attack has improved a lot. Something we are lacking at the moment. I don't think we will have the points to beat the Panthers so we have to aim up in defence in order to get those points on the board or just restrict the Panthers of points. We just have to frustrate the Panthers on Friday night, period. And will we do that, I don't think so. Panthers for me.

Roosters by 8 - This will definitely be a solid contest. The last time these two met, the Roosters suffered a huge loss to the Knights 38-12. That game was the Knights' best game of the season no doubt about it and it was the game that put the Knights on the map and set them as a threat in this competition. They've lost that in the last couple of weeks with consecutive losses against bottom 8 teams. Ponga will be back for the Knights which is a huge boost. Also with the return of Tedesco and Cordner, the fullback battle will be worth the watch. Whoever wins this will probably get their respective side home. I personally think that Tedesco will get one over Ponga here. He's the best fullback in the game right now and he will prove it here on Saturday afternoon. Battle of the forwards will also be a juicy one and whoever wins this will go far in their team getting the win. So who wins this game do you ask? I think that it'll be the Chooks who get back on track and get a must need win if the Chooks are going to finish in the top 2.

Raiders by 18 - Raiders are absolutely flying at the moment. Yes, they lost to the Eels a few weeks ago but other than that, they have been absolutely magnificent. And they have the 3rd spot to show it. Top 2 is a huge possibility for the Raiders and they have to beat the good sides to do just that. And they definitely can on their day. This game isn't one of those games. I wouldn't say this is a walk in the park for the Raiders as no games ever are. But, the Raiders should definitely get the win here back at home against the Tigers here. Though I really do hope we see something from the Tigers here but they won't be winning this unfortunately for the Tigers. Raiders just too classy, too slick in attack and will be too much to handle with their brilliant defence.

Rabbitohs by 12 - The Cowboys are a big chance don't you worry. They should win the forward battle which will definitely keep them in this game for a good while but when all is set and down, I feel that the Rabbitohs will be too good in the end as they have too much firepower in the backs in which the Cowboys will lack which will mean that the Rabbitohs will have too much points in the end. Or this could a close game where the Rabbits get out of jail quite similar to last week. We'll see. But, it's the Bunnies for me to go back to back.

Storm by 4 - Storm won't win by a crushing margin but, they will win on Sunday afternoon. You could say that the Titans have the Storm at the right time considering the Storm have 6 players rested well one is suspended but anyways, Bellamy has decided to rest his origin boys (those who aren't injured or suspended), so this provides the Titans a massive opportunity to get the W. They're at home, they have been shaken up with a new coach of course and a lot of changes made to the side. It'll be intriguing to see how this Titans side lined up will go. I still think that the Titans aren't ready for a win yet due to the major adjustment made. But, you could say that this is the beginning of their rebuilding phase. I sure do hope the Titans can respond to their new coach, the shake up in the lineup and the fans but I just don't think that'll happen. But, I still think that we'll see a much better performance from the Titans and they'll play well in defeat. (Perhaps, this may be the response but in regards to responding with a win, I just can't see this happening for the Titans).

And finally... Manly by 4 - This will be a cracker. 5th vs 6th on the ladder. A Sunday afternoon at Brookvale. What more can you get. Manly welcome back Tommy Turbo who is a massive in for Manly. It's because of this that I think that Manly will bounce back this week. Plus, Manly are at home. Also, Eels will be playing away from Bankwest, this also has/had me leaning towards Manly. They've only won once away from Bankwest since their first game there and that was their last game away from Bankwest. So, can they go back to back outside from Bankwest? I don't think so. But this will definitely be an amazing game none the less. But, it'll be Manly who'll continue to keep in touch with the top 4.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baggy_Gee's picture

Well the Girls bounced back after the short round with 5/8 to put them on 72/128. They are doing a lot better than I am, but i did give them a full point for the draw with the Bronco's/Warriors. Here are their tips for this weekend.
Broncos - Because they are my sisters favorite team
Sharks - We don't like the Warriors logo
Panthers - Because they are black.
Knights - Because the defeat Dragons
Raiders - Because they are green and that is one of our favorite colors
Rabbits - Because my toy rabbit would be happy
Storm - Because we kinda like black outs
Manly - Because they can fly.

Mary S's picture

Hi Steel,
You are probably packing, but if you take a break, you had better do your tips in the "Comments" for this round!!


Baggy_Gee's picture

Wow never thought I'd see the old J O'Neil knee lift while being tackled.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Mary - hope u r well and nice part again this round that you detected.
I think this late at night, if my eyes aren't deceiving me, that Tiger Girl might also be in that same boat.

Cheers and keep well
Big Pete

a's picture

Good win by the Broncos

newbie from perth's picture

@ Baggy 🐍 (not sure if this is a snake or an eel but thought I’d whack it in to see how it looks)

Yeah, looks like you were right about the Broncos. I think Newbie got “sucked in” by the hype, took a punt and lost. D’oh! Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 😒 Have I learnt my lesson? Hmm, we’ll have to have a think about that one.

Just quickly, thought Mel did a great job in tonight’s game. Good on the NRL for giving the gig to a woman who actually knows what she’s doing. It’s sort of strange but a woman umpiring an AFL game just seems weird (doesn't make sense) to me but on the other hand I have no problem whatsoever with a female refereeing an NRL match. I’ve been scratching my head trying to work out why I think that way and have come up with nada. Anyone have any idea why? Regardless, Melinda did a good job as I said and here’s hoping she has many more NRL matches ahead of her.

Anyways, I have some web surfing to do so I’ll love and leave ya’ll for now. “Live long and prosper” 🖖

Baggy_Gee's picture

I don't really care who does the job as long as they are consistent and competent. She seems to be both, I hope she doesn't make a howler like the young kid last week in the Eels game. But the young'uns stood up and got the Broncos home. BTW did Darius have a dye job during the week? Was that all he needed.

Steel Panther's picture

Hi Mary

Thank you so much for th reminder but I totally forgot for the first time ever!! I moved half a load yesterday with my big items being moved today. I stayed off site yesterday after I had my house & carpets cleaned & the place I stayed at had no internet not that that's an excuse as I've had all week to submit my tips!! & today it's raining 😔

Steel Panther's picture

Not sure if I can submit the remaining tips Thinker but if I can they are the same as Wally's

Cheers Steel Panther

The Thinker's picture

Thanks Steel

I can add them in for the rest of the games. Best of luck with the move.

All the best

Christine 's picture

Hi mark
Yes we have to live with technology but me & digital or even technology it self don't mix at all & at present I am sick I have come down with some dame thing so I will be bed ridden for a few days, hope you are well at least I can't make you sick I am going back to bed speak to you soon ...

Steel Panther's picture

Thank you Thinker. You are a legend. Finally got the Internet up & running at the new house but I won't have Sky TV (Fox) until tomorrow so will miss the Warriors game live tonight.

Thanks again too to Mary S for taking the time to remind me. Very kind of you.

mark ashford's picture

Hi Chris
Sorry to hear you are crook, hope it's not the dreaded flu so many people have. Get to bed, keep yourself warm and get well.

TigerGirl's picture

OMG I forgot to do my tips again Sharks Panthers Roosters Tigers Rabbits Storm and Manly.

mark ashford's picture

Steel P.
Sounds like you're halfway there mate, the rest of the move will be easy as the big stuff (hopefully) will be handled by some muscled up big dudes. I assume you are back at work next Monday and will fill you in on some incredible news from my end. Keep at it, keep well and yes Thinker is a true gentleman.

Steel Panther's picture

Look forward to hearing your news Mark & yes I'm back at work Monday so send me an email. The move is finished now. The big dudes came in today, truck and all. Sadly it was a wet day in Auckland today so not best conditions for moving house. Now the unpacking starts!!

mark ashford's picture

Just wondering, you know just wondering if anyone noticed the Broncos had a big win last night against the Doggies.
Some comments here about a lifted knee, we do need to lift our knees to run or we would look silly dragging our feet. Stagg has been cleared by the powers that be.

Baggy_Gee's picture

I called a big win if the young guys fired Mark.

Christine 's picture

MDk u have decided u can't inherit logies I inherit lurgies seriously what else can go wrong with me???

Christine 's picture

That comment was posted to mark I am going back to bed I will have to find out tomorrow about the results I am too sick for this right now...

mark ashford's picture

Thanks my friend they did fire and got the win. I've tipped Manly but would be very happy if your boys fire up and get over the line.
Very difficult year to predict winners. Good luck to the Eels.

mark ashford's picture

Your Warriors get a win over the Sharks in NZ should give you a little hope my friend. My Broncs got a win as well so who knows where this will end.

Baggy_Gee's picture

I will be stoked if we can get a win, but I'll be happier to have no injury both ways on Sunday. Congrats on the great win Mark, Ryan, and other Broncos supporters, but round 24 your days are numbered.

a's picture

The Dragons are absolutely shocking no finals for thema

ScottySeahawk's picture

Doesn't matter whether you have your picks in or not, Steel, I'm gonna finish above you on the ladder anyway ha ha ha !

Baggy_Gee's picture

OUCH!!!!!!!!!! Nice work by the BBB's there Newbie. Gotta hurt for those Knights fans on here, that was a massive last 20 minutes against them.

NuL1F3's picture

Tough end to that game. Clocked off too early boys!

Mary S's picture

Agreed 'a'.
Don't think their were many miles left in the tank though!

mark ashford's picture

Watched the game mate and your Eels ran up against a red hot Manly but were not disgraced by any means. Had it gone for another 20 minutes who knows what would have happened.

Mary S's picture

Congratulations to those who got the full card this round!!!

newbie from perth's picture

@ Baggy

Yeah mate, so nice to see my BBB get a win like that. After watching the Manly-Eels game (commiserations my friend) on free-to-air, I went to and logged in and watched the 🐔 replay. I’m still smiling. Makes a change considering the last 7 weeks or so. And yes, when you get beat by that margin it’s always gonna hurt, no matter what team you support. Hey, the Knights got us last time and we got them this time. Swings and roundabouts, swings and roundabouts.

P.S. Nice avatar ScottySeahawk. 👍

newbie from perth's picture

@ Thinker

Sorry Boss, didn't mean to insert the NRL website link in the comment above. I know some web forums don't like such things due to nefarious types who sometimes insert "naughty" links 😠 I should've just mentioned "the NRL website" or something similar. My bad 😢 Cheers.

The Thinker's picture

@Newbie....that link should be fine. You should see some of the links that don't get through ( probably shouldn't)

newbie from perth's picture

Thanks Boss. The links that don’t get through? You mean people try that on here? Who would’ve thunk it eh. Thanks again for the understanding and not chastising the hell out of me. As we all know … you’re a top bloke 👊

The Thinker's picture

Greetings tipsters

I have updated the NRL ladder and the tipping comp after round 18. Quite a few of you got 8 from 8 so well done everyone...I won't list you all.

Still plenty of tipsters in contention for prizes this season...and a special shout out to Mike T who would well and truly be in the running if he hadn't missed 1.5 rounds.

I'll have the round 19 tipping page published shortly...and my previews and tips will be published on Wednesday – I doubt I'll be in a hurry to tip the Titans again anytime soon  :-)


ScottySeahawk's picture

Cheers, Newbie. Always been an NRL follower but also a hardcore NFL & Seattle fan. My two favourite sports that's for sure !

Baggy_Gee's picture

Thanks Mark and Newbie, I think what happened was mentally we shut down. They had those 4 quick penalties, we missed some nice link passes from D. Brown to Lane (that's going to be a combo) and we went into the 2018 mode of the world is against us, I think we got back in because Manly shut down, and if we had scored that try where he had left and right support, we might have got there as they may have panicked and made errors. But we got well beaten by the better team on the day, and most importantly there were no injuries due to the surface. Next week will be the money game, can we bounce back and not make massive changes because of a loss.

NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news