Round seventeen selections

Penrith Panthers vs Gold Coast Titans – Friday night – Panthers Stadium

With the Titans out of finals contention already, they are essentially playing for pride (and wooden spoon avoidance). They are much more likely to be proud at home in front of the fans that have stuck solid through a very dry spell. The Panthers, despite being fairly awful all season, have slowly crept their way up the ladder. Their wins have come during the Origin period where depth and youth has been a considerable advantage. I doubt them at the business end of the season when all the big guns are gearing up for the serious stuff, but they should be winning this. Note that Cleary has been named on an extended bench and is a possible (albeit unlikely) late inclusion.

Verdict – Panthers by 8

Result – Panthers 24 defeated Titans 2

Newcastle Knights vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Friday night – McDonald Jones Stadium

The Knights, a proper top eight team for the first time in many a year, have won 7 of their last 9. Their only losses during this run were to the appearingly unstoppable Storm and a last start loss to the Warriors. The Knights were under-strength against the Warriors and almost won anyway. Also note that one of those seven wins was against the Bulldogs during magic round in Brisbane. They return to their spiritual home and another bumper crowd and you would expect them to win again. Several of their players have to back up from Origin duty, but backing up hurts less when you win, and three quarters of the Knights won on Wednesday night. The Bulldogs will be desperate to drag themselves out of wooden spoon position. They proved with their win over the Sharks that they can do it, but this looks a stretch.

Verdict – Knights by 10

Result – Bulldogs 20 defeated Knights 14

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Manly Sea Eagles – Saturday afternoon – ANZ Stadium

The Sea Eagles haven't lost a game for more than a month, and during that period the Rabbitohs haven't won a game. Granted the Rabbits have faced slightly sterner opposition, but Manly have won two games interstate during that time. The Rabbitohs strength is in their forwards, particularly with their best Burgess brother set to return, but Manly have held their own against some pretty decent packs of forwards in recent weeks (Cowboys and Dragons). The other issue for the Bunnies is their attack isn't firing right now, while Manly have scored 30+ points two weeks in a row. The red and green are a warm favourite, but I'm with Manly in a bit of an upset.

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 1

Result – Rabbitohs 21 defeated Sea Eagles 20

Brisbane Broncos vs New Zealand Warriors – Saturday night – Suncorp Stadium

Like clockwork the Broncos find a way to win as soon as I put the boot into them...their coach must wish I did it every week. In fact, I put the boot into both these teams last weekend and they both won. I'm a wizard. Given the circumstances you would have to say the Broncos victory was the more impressive of the two, and they welcome back most or all of their Origin players on Saturday night. They also welcome back Anthony Milford and they're at home. That's quite a few positives against a team that are hard to be positive about. The Warriors usually get their fair share of support at Suncorp but I'll, rather tentatively, tip the Broncos at home.

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Broncos 18 drew with Warriors 18

Melbourne Storm vs Cronulla Sharks – Saturday night – AAMI Park

The 300 club is still a pretty small group in the NRL. It's a proper milestone. Cameron Smith is about to play his 400th. He plays in one of the busiest positions on the field, plays 80 minutes, makes more tackles than most, and does the goal kicking. He's also racked up more Origin games and International appearances than just about everyone too. Whatever you might think of the bloke, and some don't think much of him, it's an extraordinary achievement. The Storm are absolute rippers at getting up for important games. I can't imagine they would stuff this one up.

Verdict – Storm by 10

Result – Storm 40 defeated Sharks 16

Sydney Roosters vs North Queensland Cowboys – Sunday afternoon – Central Coast Stadium

If Luke Keary can stay fit and well, and that's a genuine question mark right now, the Roosters will probably win back to back premierships in 2019. That's how good he is, and that's how much better the Chooks are when Keary is in the halves. Jake Friend is likely to return this Sunday, with Radley back to lock. The Cowboys meanwhile, are making up the numbers in what has been a very disappointing season. They'll avoid the spoon, but as season highlights go that's a pretty low bar.

Verdict – Roosters by 14

Result – Cowboys 15 defeated Roosters 12

Wests Tigers vs Parramatta Eels – Sunday afternoon – Bankwest Stadium

It doesn't matter how long I spend assessing this contest, I will keep returning to one key thought. When these sides met at this venue earlier in the year the Eels won 51-6. I'm sure I tipped the Tigers in that game...and I shan't be doing that again.

Verdict – Eels by 8

Result – Eels 30 defeated Tigers 18

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Canberra Raiders – Sunday night – WIN Stadium

The Dragons have named Norman in the halves and their other three Origin players on an extended bench so keep your eyes peeled for team changes. Note that James Graham has also been listed on that bench but I wouldn't have thought he'd be ready. The Raiders meanwhile, have named Papalii and Wighton in their starting thirteen. I'm pretty keen on the Raiders on a cool Sunday night at the Gong. Ricky Stuart didn't hold back with his criticism after their loss to the Eels. They should be nice and fresh after the bye and are about to commence a run of winable games that should see them shore up a top eight finish should everything go to script.

Verdict – Raiders by 4

Result – Raiders 36 defeated Dragons 14

Wally Lewis - round seventeen selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • PANTHERS vs Titans
  • KNIGHTS vs Bulldogs
  • RABBITOHS vs Sea Eagles
  • BRONCOS vs Warriors
  • STORM vs Sharks
  • ROOSTERS vs Cowboys
  • TIGERS vs Eels
  • Dragons vs RAIDERS


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Morning Folks
State of Origin eve and the nerves are off and running. Everything points towards a NSW victory. Mitchell Pearce comes in with a recored of seven losing series, this will change tomorrow night.
Just out of interest, does anyone have different dinners of state of origin night, last game we had slow cooked spare ribs, tomorrow night we are having hotdogs with bratwurst sausages on fresh hotdog rolls.


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Morning Folks
State of Origin eve and the nerves are off and running. Everything points towards a NSW victory. Mitchell Pearce comes in with a recored of seven losing series, this will change tomorrow night.
Just out of interest, does anyone have different dinners of state of origin night, last game we had slow cooked spare ribs, tomorrow night we are having hotdogs with bratwurst sausages on fresh hotdog rolls.


mark ashford's picture

Yes I usually have something light as my nerves prevent me eating a big meal. Those Bratwurst dogs sound great, add some caramelised onions and some german mustard to take them up a notch.
Wish I was there. Enjoy your night.

tigerholic's picture

Cheers Mark

BigPeteBx's picture

Mark and Tiger.
Great stuff that Bratwurst when on a late walk home in German Villages of Frankfurt (Yes, Bratwurst in Frankfurt). Topped with German mustard and a beer and what a mix.

Cheers and enjoy the game, the beer and the wurst.
Big Pete

The Thinker's picture

Not something everyone can do but if you've got one of those wood-fired pizza ovens in your back yard you can crank it up during the day and get your dough ready nice and early.

Those things cook in minutes so you get the first batch done while Andrew Johns and Gus Gould are telling everyone why 'they' will win tonight...and you can crank out a second course during the half time break.

tigerholic's picture

Thinker and Big Pete

When we were in Paris on our way to the Eiffel Tower, we had a hot dog with bratwurst sausage and mustard sauce, I almost forgot to mention that I had a nice 600ml beer to wash it down with.
Enjoy .

The pizza ovens in the backyard are a great addition, I have one on my "To Get List", I'm pretty sure you can cook other stuff in them as well.

Enjoy the NSW victory tonight, should be a great game.


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Here’s my tips

Panthers by 10 I’m never tipping the Titans again this season

Knights by 6 I feel the Knights will do it tough against Bulldogs but they will still win

Rabbitohs by 2 I think the Rabbitohs will get back into winning form here

Broncos by 4 I hunk the Broncos will finally find form here

Storm by 12 I think Storm will celebrate Cameron Smith’s 300th game in style

Roosters by 20 I am never tipping the Cowboys again ever

Eels by 2 I think since it’s a bankwest Eels will win

Raiders by 2 I think the Raiders will get back to form here

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Sa-wat-dee krup,

Are we at Round 17 already? Oh how time flies. Origin 3 has come and gone and I’ll bet all the Blues’ fans are happy with that win on Wednesday night eh? What a game! Yet another reason (there are many more) why I love this freakin’ game. Being a Sandgroper, I’m basically impartial with these games (I do support the Maroons though) and can honestly say those “Mexicans” were deserved winners, both of Game 3 and the series.

Alright, let’s move on here. This week we should have some of those Origin players missing or possibly returning as well as those “rested” sides coming back from their byes so it’ll be interesting to see how this week’s games pan out. OK, let’s get into it…

Panthers vs Titans 55-45 @ Panthers Stadium
Ladder Position = Panthers
Bookie’s Favourite = Panthers

Titans’ games are easy now and no form study involved. Just like "a", I've given up on them (the Titans that is), I’ll be tipping the Panthers in this one. Easy-Peasy.

Knights vs Bulldogs 75-25 @ McDonald Jones
Ladder Position = Knights
Bookie’s Favourite = Knights

The Knights need to forget about last week’s “shock” loss, albeit by just 4 points, and get back to doing what they do well. They’ll also need to be switched on and not take winning against the bottom placed Bulldogs for granted like some sides have done lately. Yeah, I’m looking at you Sharks. They have some handy players returning and I’m not sure if Pearce will be one of them but I’m assuming he just might be. That being said, they will certainly have more than enough firepower in their line-up.

The Bulldogs will be nice and fresh after the extra week off and more than likely have some confidence going into this one considering their effort in beating the Sharks 2 weeks ago. To be any chance they’ll have to be on song from the get-go. If not, they’re “gawn”. A couple of things bother me though. I’m wondering if the extra week off will stall their momentum and I’m concerned with the PD at (-160). Hmmm…

I think the Knights will be too strong here and will get back in the winners’ circle.

Rabbitohs vs Manly 55-45 @ ANZ
Ladder Position = Rabbitohs
Bookie’s Favourite = Rabbitohs

The Rabbitohs are not travelling all that well lately. They’ve lost their last 4 games and this one won’t be easy either. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes you just need to get back to playing basic footy until it all clicks back into place and those silly errors start to disappear. They have the talent and they have a great coach so the potential to shine yet again is definitely there. The return of Big Sam will be a welcome bonus for sure.

Manly have won 3 in a row (against so-so opponents mind you) and they’re not short on confidence so I’m thinking they should (in theory) provide some stiff opposition for the Bunnies. This is assuming their Origin boys return unscathed that is. The style in which Manly play their games might just cause some headaches for the Bunnies.

This might just be a close one. Both sides have had an extra week off but I might just tip the Bunnies (yet again) in this one.

Broncos vs Warriors 55-45 @ Suncorp
Ladder Position = Warriors
Bookie’s Favourite = Broncos

The Broncos pulled off an improbable win last week against the Sharks. I for one did not see that one coming. Kudos to them at any rate, they were really good, especially in the second 40. Back at Suncorp an added bonus for sure. Also an added bonus if their Origin blokes are back. That being said, I reckon their improved performance last week was largely due to Darius pulling his finger out and the “new blood” seizing their chance. Take some of those “new” fellas out and I wonder if the same commitment will be there.

The Warriors managed to get up last week as well. I thought they were a good chance given the “outs” the Knights had. Great second half got them home. They keep on reinforcing their “away form” to me so they’re a chance again here in my mind. I’m remembering what they did to the Broncos last year. I think they just need to step up again but I’m also wondering if they can.

This is a tough one in all honesty. As much as I’d like to tip the Warriors, I reckon last week’s momentum might just carry the Broncos on to another win at home. Yeah, Broncos for me.

Storm vs Sharks 75-25 @ AAMI
Ladder Position = Storm
Bookie’s Favourite = Storm

Great milestone coming up for Cameron Smith this Saturday night. 400 games is mighty! In a game that’s so much harder on the body than other codes, this is an awesome achievement. Love him or hate him, you gotta take your hat off to the man. I’m really bummed I won’t be able to watch it on free-to-air though. I’ll just have to catch the replay on the NRL website later. The Storm weren’t that impressive last week in my mind. Or was it a case of the Dragons being really good/unlucky? It’s been said before but good teams such as the Storm have a way of getting the wins when you think they might not. Bear in mind they had heaps of stars out with Origin too so maybe the effort wasn’t too bad after all. Damn, I’m “overthinking” again!

Hate to say this but the Sharks were really poor last week. Goal kicking was non-existent, far too many errors and Moylan let them down again. Confidence is a funny thing eh? Something is going on down there that needs to be fixed. The Sharks might not be able to fix whatever’s wrong before they head down to Melbourne though.

With the Storm’s Origin players more than likely returning this week, you’d have to be on them wouldn’t you? Storm for me.

Roosters vs Cowboys 70-30 @ Central Coast
Ladder Position = Roosters
Bookie’s Favourite = Roosters

The Roosters got up over the Tigers last week in a great encounter. However, my BBB made far too errors and gave away far too many penalties. We shouldn’t be making it any harder than it needs to be. Not sure if Teddy and Boyd will front up (fairly confident they will though) but good to know that Jake Friend will be returning. When we eventually get all our players back I’ll be resting a little easier I can tell you. Keary’s had a game to hopefully brush off the cobwebs and I expect an improved effort from him this week. We need to work on our defence just a little more and stop teams getting early points. Do that and we should be fine.

The Cowboys come into this nice and fresh after the extra week off. Always good to have extra time to work on drills and plays and to iron out bugs. Apparently Matt Scott is back so that’ll be a boost for the Cowboys. Their chances definitely boosted if Taumalolo can throw that hulking body of his around. Roosters need to watch out for him for sure. Look, the Cowboys are a chance here, don’t get me wrong, but they’ll need to really go hard from the very outset and find a way to overcome the Roosters’ rock solid (most of the time anyway) defence.

You know who I’m gonna pick don’t ya? Obviously I’m on the 🐔 in this one. Begurk! Begurk!

Tigers vs Eels 45-55 @ Bankwest
Ladder Position = Eels
Bookie’s Favourite = Eels

The Tigers lost last week to my BBB and some may argue they were a little unlucky. Hmmm, maybe, maybe not. A conflict of interest is making it hard for me to agree or disagree. They did play well though I must admit. Just shows you what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Playing a “home game” at Bankwest is not proving to be an advantage for the Tigers so far this year. From memory they’ve played 4 and lost 3 (2 of which were beltings). One of those 2 beltings that comes to mind was the 51-6 smacking the Eels gave them. Yikes! To be any chance they’ll need to play like they did last week but not fall asleep in the opening 20.

The Eels will go into this game feeling pretty confident. They’ve beaten the Tigers 4 times from the last 5 encounters, they’re playing at Bankwest (which most times is good for them), they had a good win against the Raiders a fortnight ago, Blake Ferguson will be back and they’ve had an extra week off. Now if only their consistency was a bit better. I never know with Baggy’s BOYS to be honest. I could be completely wrong here but in my mind, getting back to basic footy should help with a team’s focus, which in turn helps (again, only in my mind) to eradicate sloppy defensive habits which in turn wins games. Do the Eels need to start playing some basic footy or not? Possibly not, but somehow they need to get the consistency flowing. Definitely have the players that are capable of getting things done so I’m just confused. I realise both these teams “share” Bankwest but as far as I’m concerned, this is Parra’s home ground and the Eels’ fans will make that known. Could we consider that as the equivalent of an extra player? Maybe 😄

Seriously, the Tigers were pretty good last week and I’d sorely love to tip ‘em but I just have a feeling Baggy’s BOYS might get the chocolates here. The Eels for me.

Dragons vs Raiders 40-60 @ WIN
Ladder Position = Raiders
Bookie’s Favourite = Dragons

Firstly, I just need to ask a question. How in the hell are the Dragons the bookies’ favourite? Cannot for the life of me work that one out. Do they know something I don’t? Am I missing something? Am I just a total newb or is it based solely on the Dragons’ Origin guys returning? No disrespect intended Dragons-fanboy but no way should the Dragons be favourites here. I’ll agree with most and say the Dragons were a bit unlucky last week and maybe should’ve won against the Storm. They played a cracker, albeit against a weakened Storm crew. Replicate that effort and they’re a real good chance here, a real good chance. They’re such a good chance I mentioned it twice in the same sentence (ha-ha).

The Raiders will be looking for redemption after their loss to the Eels a fortnight ago. Will that “bounce-back” factor surface I wonder. Read somewhere that Cotric is back. That’s a plus. I would think that their playing style (kicks and quick runs from dummy-half) might cause the Dragons a few problems. The Green Machine should be fresh after an extra week off so no excuses here.

A quick look at the ladder and I see the Raiders are on 20 with a points differential of (+81) whereas the Dragons are on 14 with a points differential of (-56). I’ve rated this game 60-40 in favour of the Raiders so again I ask myself why are the Dragons favourites? Yeah, the Dragons are playing at WIN but I don’t think they will. Sorry DFB but it’s the Raiders for me.

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

Realized it was Round 17 and I’d promised Mr Ashford another “drum cover” from MC so here you go mate, enjoy…

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

P.S. Just saw comment above from “Anonymous” advising Teddy and Boyd are being rested this weekend. Hope that decision doesn’t turn around and bite us on the posterior 🙏

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Hello everyone, now with origin out of the way, teams can now fully focus on club footy now. Well, I guess that starts next week considering some will be rested this week but you get the gist. Anyways, my tips for this week are:

Panthers by 12 - Panthers are fresh off a bye and are on a 5 game winning form. What better form can you get into? With the only exception being the Storm obviously. I think that the Panthers are a genuine threat for the top 8. They have the potential to get into the 8, they just have to match it with the top 8 teams when they play them on a consistent basis then they'll be just fine. Easier said than done though, they have to be able to do that and looking back at their winning streak so far, they have defeated 2 of the top 4 teams albeit during the origin period but still a step in the right direction in that department. Can they beat a top 8 (or top 4) team at full-strength with no origin in mind? I dunno. But, the Panthers don't have to worry about that this week as they are facing the team running equal last in the Titans. Points differential is their saving grace as theirs is much superior to the Dogs' PD. Panthers should win here and I'm sure that they will here at home.

Knights by 8 - Knights do have Pearce in the starting side to back up from origin, which I'm sure that he'll do. Klemmer and Glasby are also in the side to back up from origin too. Ponga still out but I think that they'll be just fine without him, especially coming against the bottom of the table Bulldogs. Credit to the Bulldogs though who put on a gutsy performance 2 weeks ago to come away 2 points winners over the Sharks. They're still last though but at least they have added some spice in the battle of the wooden spoon, not that any team want to end up wooden spooners but hey, one team has to take it out. Bulldogs MAY be a chance in this one, the fight will get them quite close I reckon. But the Knights have too much firepower and class and should get back into the winners circle with a win here over the Dogs.

Manly by 2 - This will definitely be a close game. The out of form Rabbitohs who are surely desperate for a win now. Post-origin may do wonders for the Rabbits. But I don't think that starts now. Manly have been in wonderful form with 3 wins on the trout at the moment. Yes, this has come against some of the lower sides this year but they have shown throughout the season that they can match it with the top sides. Coming up against the Bunnies here, I reckon they can get them again. Last time these two met, the Sea Eagles got a tight win over the Rabbitohs back in round 4. This was the Bunnies' first loss of the season. And the Sea Eagles were without Tommy Turbo. But this time, he should be playing alongside brother Jake. Burgess boys v Trbojevic boys would've been a great battle but we won't see that unfortunately with the inly Burgess lined up in this one for the Rabbitohs is the returing Sam Burgess which is a huge in for the Bunnies. This should also be an amazing forwards battle. I'm not quite sure what type of game we'll get but I think that either way, it'll be a cracker and we'll see another Manly upset over the Rabbitohs here.

Warriors by 4 - Another upset here. Broncos will be back at home which is a boost. Another boost is that they finally won last week. Credit to the Broncos for getting up without their origin stars an with an incredibly young side. This is a good sign for the Broncos' future 5-10 years from now. The Warriors are coming off a win over the Knights last week where they almost lost but they still won even though they were some very dodgy calls against them. Good thing they won otherwise it would've put a very very very very bad look on the refs. The Warriors have been in great form outside of NZ in Australia. 4 wins in a row in Australia. I think that will be extended to 5 with back-to-back wins for the Warriors for the first time in god knows how long.

Storm by 20 - Sharks have been the Storm's bogey side as of late. They've won 3 of the last 5 games against the Storm and are the last team to beat the Storm. Now, the Storm have got someone playing a milestone game. And this one is a milestone and a half. Cam Smith's 400th. Whether you love him or hate him, he has been a great servant for the game breaking record after record after record. This guy has been an amazing player for such a long time and is the apodeme of rugby league no doubt about it. I'm positive that the Storm are going to send Cameron Smith out a winner here and in a big way I reckon. This means that goal-kicking won't prove the difference this time for a Sharks' loss if this is the case. Oh what could've been for the Sharks aye? They could easily be in the top 4 right now if only they had a goal kicker.

Roosters by 14 - The Chooks got the win over the Tigers last week without their origin stars last week. But what a difference we saw in the Roosters with Keary back. We saw some glimpses of the attacking flair that the Roosters had in the start of the year. Watch that come back in the coming weeks leading into the finals. The Cowboys are fresh off a bye but are currently on a 3 game losing streak and geez didn't they play well against the Dragons 2 weeks ago. They started well but you could clearly see they were disjointed without Morgo when he was off. I don't think Morgan will be cleared after the knock that he copped on Wednesday night. This will be a huge blow if he doesn't play in Sunday afternoon. Roosters are going to be resting Tedesco and captain Cordner but another one of their leaders in Friend will finally make his return this week. Another added boost, confidence and inspiration that the Chooks will have coming into this one. The Roosters should be just fine without Tedesco and Cordner anyways as they were last week. I hope that we see at least something from the Cowboys in this one so we can get a game out of this. But, nonetheless, I'm going with the Roosters to get a big win here.

Tigers by 1 - Another upset here. Calling it now, this one is headed to golden point. Both of these sides will be desperate to maintain or get into that top 8. These two have been hovering around the 8 for the majority of the season and have had similar seasons with plenty of inconsistency shown from the two. The last time these two met, they played at the very ground that they'll be playing at this weekend in the opening game there where we saw the Eels give the Tigers a hiding 51-6. But, I think that the Tigers will get there payback on the Eels and get a very tight win here at home. I wonder who'll have the most fans at Bankwest on Sunday afternoon? Both of these teams' home ground is Bankwest so it'll be hard to say. Maybe the Eels since the location is at Parramatta? Hmm. Tigers to get into the 8 with the win here in what is the game of the round.

And finally... Dragons by 6 - The mighty Dragons are coming off a 2-point loss to the Storm last week. Now, the inexperience really showed between the two depleted sides, but we still saw a solid contest between the Dragons and the Storm. It's really a shame that the Dragons showed some illdiscipline in the end of that game. This ultimately cost us the game. But now we have another challenge this week yet again at the Gong in the Raiders. We do have the edge over the Raiders in recent seasons. This is also a much-needed win to keep our season alive. It'll get even more tougher for the Red V to make the 8 if we lose here. It'll be tough, but I'm backing the boys to get it done here. Carn the Dragons!!!

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragons-fanboy's picture

P.S. There's no disrespect whatsoever with what you posted in the Dragons-Raiders game. You are just expressing your opinion and insight and you know that I have full respect for you for that mate;).


newbie from perth's picture

@ Dragons-fanboy

👍 Appreciate the kind words brother. You are a 👑 amongst men! And yeah, appreciate your weekly insights also. As Big Pete says … “keep well” 😉

Baggy_Gee's picture

A good round for Baggy, not so good for the Baggy Girls, only 1/4 bringing the total up to 67/124. At least they have more games this weekend to catch up again.

Panthers - We like the Panthers this weekend, and they are quick. (quickly selling players that is)
Knights - Because Bulldogs look funny
Manly - We like Birds (but he plays for Brisbane, I'll keep that to myself)
Broncos - We like the Broncos and don't like the Warriors logo
Storm - Storm is like the thunderhead that roll in with power
Cowboys - Because they are from the wild west (not to mention the wet north)
Tigers - Because they are stripey
Raiders - Because they raid the ball from people.

manyana's picture

Hi all, here are my guesses for round 17.
Sea Eagles
Good luck to everyone, manyana.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Big Pete,

Thanks brother really appreciate it!!!


christine 's picture

my tips this week are the same as "a""s ...

TigerGirl's picture

Sorry late with my tips link is not available. all home teams except for the raiders game.

KellysLoot's picture

Sorry if late tip link not working.....My tips are All home teams except
for the raiders team...Thanks Kellysloot.

The Voyeur's picture

Sorry I couldn’t load mine as well, home teams for me

a's picture

Looks like Knights are in trouble again

The Thinker's picture

Hi tipsters

Just a reminder that the tipping form will close down when the first game of the round kicks off (so in this case 6pm on Fridays).

If you do miss the jump, like a few here, add them in the comments and I'll include the tips where I can.

All the best

a's picture

We have a draw this round everyone

mark ashford's picture

My mate Steel
Our two hopeless teams play out a draw in Brisbane. No one good enough to pot a field goal and seal the win. Maybe a point each is a good result. Will not be a good week for QLD teams after losing origin.
Can only hope 2010 fares better for the QLDers.
Keep well my friend.

a's picture

Nice to see Cameron Smith win his 400th

Mary S's picture

Cameron certainly won it (his 400th game), with his team in style 'a' .

Steel Panther's picture

Good morning Mark

I actually thought the Broncos did very well considering how many new faces they have versus a team at full strength. Again the Warriors blew a handy lead instead of pushing on for a comfortable win. Neither team have a known 1 point specialist & that was certainly on show last night.

Have a good week mate as I'm up to my neck in boxes with the house move next Friday!!

Mary S's picture

Hi Steel,
I don't envy you with the packing and moving house Steel!
I've done enough of it during my time, to sympathise with anyone who faces that challenge.

Are you staying in NZ or moving to Australia - the great country!!

Steel Panther's picture

Hello Mary,

At this stage I'm staying in NZ. Just a move of suburb. The suburb I live in now is on the fringe of the bush & after 3 years proved too damp for my liking. Add to that a crazy neighbour (Mark knows all about that) who I ended up involving the police with, it was time to move. Honestly I could write a book on what I've been through the past couple of years with my neighbour so needless to say I'm very much looking forward to moving!!

Not quite time to make a move to OZ but another visit is on the horizon.

manyana's picture

Hi Steel Panther, hope your move is a success. Bad neighbours are a pain in the butt.
Hope when & if you come to OZ again I can meet you.
Good luck with the rest of your tips.
Cheers, manyana.

Steel Panther's picture

Hi Manyana....nice to hear from you. Yea my neighbour issue has caused me plenty of stress so another trip to the Sunny Coast will certainly help. Looking at going late October. Hoping to catch up with Mark again. Would be great if you can make it this time!! Back to the Roosters Cowboys game. Take care

Mary S's picture

Boy oh boy - over the moon with the Cowboys winning their clash with Roosters today!!

May have lost a few points in tipping comps as I doubted they were ready yet, but it was worth it.

@ Steel,
Sorry to hear about your bad neighbour, had that experience once but certainly not to the degree you have mentioned.
All the very best for your move, as I expect, in the circumstances, it can't come soon enough.

Steel Panther's picture

Yes Mary that is an understatement!!! Can't wait to start afresh. Well done to your Cowboys. A great effort that no tipster on here saw coming!!!

mark ashford's picture

Get off the computer and get on with that packing mate!
Wish I could be there to give you a hand.

a's picture

Yes I’m glad Cowboys caused a massive upset against the Roosters

mark ashford's picture

Just a hint to all punters here. Wait until I post my tips and go the opposite. Sure to see you climb the ladder quickly.

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That's the way to do it. Hang tough and pit the bad calls behind you. Last year we would have imploded after that last Tiger's try. CARN THE BOYS.

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Congratulations Benji, a real petty that the boys were so inept and useless to see you win your milestone game.
Can anyone suggest a new footy team for Tiger to follow, or maybe a new sport to watch.

Very very disappointed with todays effort.


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There is a good team, and it's still in the west of Sydney, you could remain loyal to the region. I though the only blemish on benji's day was the cut out over the line. But it's a tough gig playing a home game in front of a hostile crowd, and a goal kicker would be top of the Tigers list.

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Keep away from the Broncos we dont want a lost cockroach maybe baggys the best offer youll get join thr salery cap routers.

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I support the Eels Ryan, not the "Andrew Gee stole all our stationary on the way out" Brisbane based team, nor the "we robbed two legal teams of a premiership" Melbourne based people. And as for the bondi based salary sembrao, we are pretty good.

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Well said they let you believe no one was capable of losing the stationary

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It's hard when you let someone go, the stuff they think they are entitled to as severance. It looks like Boyd has turned a corner and is starting to fire your young group up.

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