Round ten selections

Melbourne Storm vs Wests Tigers – Thursday night – AAMI Park

I predicted the Storm would rack up a score against the Sharks in week eight...I was one week early. Most seasons the Storm have one or two games where everything falls into place and they do what they did to the Eels in Brisbane last weekend. It's fabulous when it does happen, because it shows how entertaining they can be when they really pin the ears back and play football. The Tigers find themselves in the top eight (top six even), which is rarefied air for them in recent years. I suspect their time in the top eight is short-lived, and I say that because in their last two games against top eight teams they conceded 93 points. That's a concern, and what's more concerning is that their next nine games are against the Storm, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Cowboys, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Eels and Raiders. The Storm will be without Jahrome Hughes and Curtis Scott, but they've made a habit of finding players to plug gaps as needed.

Verdict – Storm by 10

Result – Storm 24 defeated Tigers 22

Penrith Panthers vs New Zealand Warriors – Friday night – Panthers Stadium

Their roster drips with talent but they sit anchored near the bottom of the NRL ladder and no-one understands why. In seasons past I'd be talking about the Warriors (and I still could be) but I'm actually referring to the Panthers. In round four they went down narrowly to the Tigers and last weekend they were flogged by them. Are the Panthers getting worse? One positive is the return to Panthers Stadium where they have been better. By better I mean less bad, they've won one from three at home, but there losses their were narrow and against teams in the top eight. They're averaging less than 16 points per game in attack so all that drippy talent isn't finding the stripe often enough. The Warriors are doing better than that, and the Nikorima, Green, Tuivasa-Sheck combinations should continue to improve the more they play together. To think I'm tipping the Warriors to win two games in Australia in a row. It's difficult to fathom.

Verdict – Warriors by 8

Result – Warriors 30 defeated Panthers 10

Brisbane Broncos vs Sydney Roosters – Friday night – Suncorp Stadium

I can't recall if I've tipped the winner of the Broncos game this season. I probably have, but I wouldn't be surprised if I haven't. They ran over the top of the Sea Eagles late last start, but by then Manly had well and truly run out of troops, and the troops they had left, gallant as they were, were on the ropes and ready for anyone to knock them out. The Broncos did the same thing to an injury-depleted Sharks a few ago, then came shuddering back to earth the very next week. Jack Bird (who lives down the road and is a good bloke) is out for quite some time, so Thinker Jnr might have to help him out by walking his dog for a few weeks. That James Roberts hasn't come back into first grade to replace tells you that the Rocket is well and truly on the outer at Broncos HQ. Sad really, because I think we all know how good he could be if he was fit (physically and mentally). The Chooks have plenty of injury concerns of their own, so watch for late team changes there. Latrell Mitchell seemed to get over his groin injury, but the Chooks (and Freddie Fittler) will be crossing their fingers on Friday night. It's been an awfully long time since a team has won back-to-back premierships, but the tricolours look well positioned to defy history.

Verdict – Roosters by 10

Result – Broncos 15 defeated Roosters 10

Gold Coast Titans vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Saturday afternoon – Cbus Super Stadium

14th plays 16th in what is probably the toughest game to pick this weekend. I'm siding with the Titans at home for a few reasons. The Bulldogs attack has failed to fire more often than not – scoring ten points or less in four of their last five games. I don't think they can defend their way to a win against the Titans, whose spine of Rein, Taylor, Roberts and Gordon can find points when they need to. AJ Brimson comes off the bench and adds even more spark. Note that the Titans have scored 68 points in their last two games at home. They were competitive against the Sharks and can get the points here.

Verdict – Titans by 4

Result – Bulldogs 22 defeated Titans 16

North Queensland Cowboys vs Parramatta Eels – Saturday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

Eels coach Brad Arthur is about to ink a new two year deal with the club, on the back of a 64-10 mauling where most of the magic came from their opponents. Arthur is 'rewarding' that effort by (most likely) naming the same seventeen this weekend. It's not an entirely silly idea, and perhaps he had no choice, but teams often bounce back from embarrassing performances. The Cowboys are gradually getting better, but they need to start winning (and stringing wins together) to be any hope of playing finals football this season. I'm not going to say they can't, but I'm not tipping them this weekend either.

Verdict – Eels by 2

Result – Cowboys 17 defeated Eels 10

Canberra Raiders vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Saturday night – GIO Stadium

A low single digit weather forecast for Saturday night shouldn't upset too many on Saturday night – there might be more Poms than Australians lacing on the boots here. The Raiders narrowed the margin against the Roosters late last start but the race was run and won by then. The Rabbitohs faced an easier opponent but always looked in control of the game against the Cowboys. Injuries have weakened the Raiders, while the Bunnies have a fairly settled line-up. There is some doubt on John Sutton with a rib injury, but Ethan Lowe slots in as a more than handy replacement. Looks a real contest, but I'll take the Bunnies in what looks the game of the round.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 7

Result – Rabbitohs 16 defeated Raiders 12

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Newcastle Knights – Sunday afternoon – Glen WIllow Oval

Magic Round one weekend and Mudgee the next. These sides met in round four and it was the left foot of Corey Norman that got the Dragons home on that occasion. His left foot, or the rest of him for that matter, won't be playing this weekend. The Dragons have now lost three in a row, a worrying slide given their recent history of slipping out of contention as seasons draw on. Their last loss was to the Warriors, a side the Knights beat comfortably in New Zealand just one week earlier. While the Dragons have lost three in a row the Knights have won three in a row, and they've scored 86 points in the process. The Knights defence has been pretty good all year, and now their attack, with Ponga back in the number one jersey, is coming together. Ben Hunt gets a chance to play himself into (or out of) an Origin jersey. Good luck son.

Verdict – Knights by 4

Result – Knights 45 defeated Dragons 12

Cronulla Sharks vs Manly Sea Eagles – Sunday afternoon – PointsBet Stadium

Will the least injured team please stand up? Both teams showed gallantry under difficult circumstances last weekend. The Sharks prevailed while the Sea Eagles fell away, although the Sharks may have faced a slightly easier opponent. It looks like both Prior and Fifita will play this weekend, but watch this space. Matt Moylan is a likely return for the home side too, with Dugan shunted out to the wing (not sure how he'll take that). Manly ran out of troops against the Broncos but they get a few back here with Fonua-Blake, Croker and Dylan Walker. Walker, for obvious reasons, will get the most attention of the trio. Des Hasler is doing a great job at the Sea Eagles under difficult circumstances but I have to pick the Sharks at home.

Verdict – Sharks by 2

Result – Sea Eagles 24 defeated Sharks 14

Wally Lewis - round ten selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • STORM vs Tigers
  • PANTHERS vs Warriors
  • Broncos vs ROOSTERS
  • TITANS vs Bulldogs
  • Cowboys vs EELS
  • Raiders vs RABBITOHS
  • DRAGONS vs Knights
  • SHARKS vs Sea Eagles


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Greetings football fans

I have updated the NRL ladder and the tipping comp after round nine.

Plenty of good scores this round but three tipsters picked a perfect 8 from 8 – well done to Footy Chick, DarK-HorsE and Buzz105....outstanding work crew.

As you can see the round ten page is here if you need to tip early.

I'll have my previews and selections published on Tuesday.

All the best

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I think you better lend your gecko to rocket your doing better than him with your tipping so maybe your gecko might help improve rockets position on the adder , just a thought ...

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Thanks Thinker, but pure a** from me jagging 8, I'm sure I'll return to form this week

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Thanks The Thinker

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Thinker we need to go to the bunker on tigerholics score he has dropped the ball over the line.

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Looks like the holiday did him the world of good. That's his best score all season.

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manyana /big pete
My female butcher bird came to get her food from me today to take to her nest for her babies with only half of her top beak which has only happened recently it wasn't like that a few days ago so I tried to feed her raw mince which she has everyday which she can catch it but she can't get it down her throat but I did see her catch a grub on the grass & I saw her swallow it so she can still feed herself I hope she doesn't die so I did a search on birds with such injuries apparently there beaks can grow back depending on the extent of the injury there beak is the same as our nails they take a long time to grow they asked if it was bleeding or if you can see blood which you can't so I am hoping she will survive the male has been coming to get food today instead of her since this morning I can tell them apart he talks to me he is more brazen she is more timid & stands back shy & doesn't talk , the male is more picture a bird with it's wings on it's hips if it had hips going common dog I dare ya, that's this bird the male is my favourite but the female has been going back & for to her nest for a few weeks now but she couldn't feed her babies the way her beak is no way I hope they make it I will let you know I have heard them so I know they are active when wanting food , so to mention that thinker we are interested in these things as well as nrl I will try to keep it nrl related for you thinker ...

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that was sorry to mention that on your site thinker I just thought manyana or pete might have some advice on that for me ...

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Panthers played Eels and not Tigers In round 1 by the way Thinker

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With regard to Grahamgunner, I'm with Baggy. I have no objection if Thinker can do something. Won't be easy as technically all teams were away including the Broncs (it was a Manly home game) As in all things we'll leave it to the great one for a solution.

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Had to refer back to previous comments - congratulations Grahamgunner on the birth of your baby girl. Hope mum & bub are doing well.

I have no objection to Thinker awarding points for you - hope he is able to work that for you.
All the best

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Thanks a,

Updated (it was round four).


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I too am a bird lover, particularly butchers. They have a beautiful song and enjoy human contact. I hope your girl regrows her beak soon.
It amazes me how many birds mate for life, something we humans could learn from.

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The girl turned up this morning for food I threw a ball of raw mince to her which she caught even with having only half of her top beak which I did not see her eat see took it to her nest but straight away came back for another piece & did the same thing so I still don't know if she ate any of it but at least she is still coming so at least if I see her I know she is still ok , have you ever heard the sounds they make to each other they are very chatty little birds & if you have well that is what they do to me they come to me & make those sounds to me for food especially when they have got a nest with babies to feed , I really hope she will surive because she is now chatting to me too but the male does it way more ...

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Have a look at caiques black headed seem to be more feisty you can get them without black heads but they are the clowns of the parrot world they are the size of a peach face love bird but with attitude & they like laying on there backs they are from the amazon I want one but it would probably out live me they are not big on talking but they like to sing well there form of sing that is ...

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Just a question you may or not be able to answer. Our Genetic scientists say birds evolved from the dinosaurs that roamed the earth 6 million years ago. Whereas we humans evolved from the apes around 100,000 years ago. It would seem the birds had a head start so how come they aren't speaking English or some other language and we aren't chirping, tweeting, sitting on power lines etc.

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Thanks Thinker. @Newbie was right - you are a top bloke!
Yes, Round 9 was kind to many. But Round 10 may prove to be a nightmare! No blow-outs. Many teams are on par this week.
Best of luck to those competing in @A's shoot out..Reliable bunnies and chooks are no longer a option - including yours truely!

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"a" I am surprised people have made it this long into the season with your comp ...

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Yes I am to Christine there’s still 11 people left in my comp with 4 people on 1 strike and 7 people on 2 strikes it should be an interesting finish

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Mark even morr devastaring than that it isn't my girl butcher bird it's the male he is normaly really brazen but due to the injury he is timid i have him food this morning which he flew off with but i think i saw him attempting to eat it so he is still ok the girl has become very vocal but that is just because she sees him getting feed when he talks she hardly ever talks normally so it is because he is injured the roles have changed i think ...

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At least i knpw hr is still eating i am typing on my mobile predictive text drives me nuts so i will wait till i get back home ...

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Here’s my tips

Storm by 16 I think the Storm will continue their good form with a win over Tigers

Panthers by 2 this will be the last chance I will be giving Penrith if they lose this I will never be tipping them again the whole season

Roosters by 8 I think the Roosters will run riot over the Broncos

Titans by 2 Do I have to tip a team okay fine I will tip the Titans here

Cowboys by 4 I think the Cowboys will get back into the winners circle here

Raiders by 1 Okay I’m going to have to go with an upset here I think the Rabbitohs are due for a loss TBH

Knights by 2 okay Knights don’t let me down here

Sharks by 13 I think the Sharks will continue their good form here

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Sa-wat-dee krup,

Thanks for the kind words from The Tide Head and Mr Ashford last week. Yeah, still consider myself a “newbie” as I’m continually learning. That’s what this beautiful game does to you (ha-ha). Pretty impressed with how Suncorp’s playing surface held up over the weekend too. Must say I wasn’t holding out much hope but more than happy to be proven wrong.

Something that has absolutely nothing to do with anything really but was looking at the upcoming matches and I get to see my beloved Roosters on free-to-air in rounds 10-17 (except round 12 which is a bye) and also in rounds 23-25. Mesa happy boy!

Apologies in advance for the length of this week’s comments. I got on a roll and just couldn’t control myself. OK, let’s get into it…

Storm vs Tigers 80-20 @ AAMI
Ladder Position = Storm

Storm - Now that’s what you call a “bounce back”. I thought they would but not that emphatic. Phew! Munster and Smith were both outstanding. The “spray” Craig Bellamy gave the Storm players last week must’ve worked. They were absolutely ruthless (all of them for that matter) and smacked Baggy’s BOYS silly. I feel for ya Baggy. That try from Curtis Scott was a sight to behold. Shame he’s broken (?) his foot. Too many outstanding tries in the last 3-4 weeks that I’ve given up trying to keep track of the “Try of the Year” anymore. The Storm led 26-6 at half-time and if that wasn’t impressive enough, they piled on another 40 points in the second while the Eels could only manage a measly 4 points. Addo-Carr’s try with a couple of minutes to go was beautiful to watch. I know the Storm are a great side but how the hell can they play a somewhat so-so game against the Sharks 2 weeks ago and then come out and do what they did to the Eels last week? SMH.

Tigers - The Tigers looked like a well-oiled machine and they’ll feel more confident from last week’s effort but the Storm are a lot tougher proposition than the Panthers I’m afraid. As we all know (or should know), the Tigers lack consistency from week to week. I know I mention that quite often but it’s an obvious quality teams need to possess if they want to keep winning games. That lack of consistency got them into trouble two weeks ago and the Storm are just as good as my BBB. That spells trouble for the Tigers if they’re not careful. Mind you, the Tigers certainly turned their recent form around last week. Five tries in the first 18 minutes won it for them. Yeah 5 tries in the first 18 minutes is fine and 26-4 at half-time is fine but I wonder how they would’ve gone had it not been against the Panthers. Just sayin’. It’s well to note they had some really good contributions from Messrs Farah, Brooks and Marshall and the challenge now is to replicate it this week.

Yeah, I’ll play it safe here and tip the Storm.

Panthers vs Warriors 45-55 @ Panthers Stadium
Ladder Position = Warriors

Panthers - The Panthers are a shamozzle. Hard to see where they go from here. They need to improve if just for the sake of their pride. What the hell is happening at Penrith? Ten minutes into the game and they’re down 20-0. I was reading somewhere, and this is purely hearsay of course, that there’s a problem with the players and the coach and maybe their lack of effort is a reflection of that. I’d like to think it’s a case of new coach + new game plan = time to adjust. Who knows eh? What I do know however is the Panthers had 41 missed tackles last weekend and that will always get you into trouble. A line from Hamlet comes to mind … “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. Hmmm. Positives for the Panthers are they’re playing at home, they’ll want to make amends for their fans and they’re favourites with the bookies.

Warriors - I'm pretty impressed with how the Warriors came back against the Dragons but frustrated with their consistency. A tale of 2 halves last week. While the Dragons won the first half, the Warriors well and truly won the second, and in style too I might add. They managed to get a good come-from-behind win last week due to that first-class second 40 where they kept the more than capable Dragons scoreless. Impressed with their completion rate of 30 from 33. Those figures will get you a long way (and did). While a great win, the Warriors aren’t making it easy for me in my tipping (or anyone else I would imagine). Can they buck the trend and actually win two in a row?

I’m a little nervous about this one but I’ll go with the ratings and tip the Warriors.

Broncos vs Roosters 35-65 @ Suncorp
Ladder Position = Roosters

Broncos - No disrespect intended but are the Broncos back on track or is it simply a case of them being able to win against injury ravaged sides? The test for them will be this week against the Roosters. It’ll be interesting to see how Segeyaro goes in this one too. To be any chance here I reckon the Ponies will need to get a better start than they’ve been getting lately. If not, they could well end up losing this. Don’t know what happened but the Broncos played much better than they have done up until this match. Milford and Boyd in particular returned to some great form last week. And that will make a lot of the Broncos’ fans happy. Only sour note to last week’s 26-10 win was the injury to Jack Bird.

Roosters - My BBB did well in holding on against a classy Raiders last week given we had key players injured during the game. Put that down to great defence and belief in knowing you can get the job done if you hang in there. Great effort that makes me so glad I’m a Roosters fan. I’m “glowing” all over (ha-ha). Roosters 24-6 at half-time and ended up winning 30-24. Lucky to get away with that one but I’ll take it nevertheless. I haven’t watched it yet but there’s talk of the referee(s) making a boo-boo by calling Latrell’s pass for Ikuvalu to score that try as being forward. If we’d lost I’d be yelling but we won so it’s basically irrelevant anyway. Meh! A bit concerned with Boyd Cordner out but happy with Aubusson taking his place. And obviously Tupou’s neck wasn’t as bad as initially thought as I see he’s named to play. Ditto with Latrell’s supposed groin injury. Phew! It never ceases to amaze me how good Tedesco is playing. If he can keep it up he’s gonna cause some serious problems for the Broncos. In years gone by I was always worried when we played the Broncos at Suncorp and I’m still worried. This is a funny ol’ game as we all know and I’m not taking the win for granted.

But hey, I’m still gonna tip the Mighty Roosters anyway. C’mon people, what else would I do (ha-ha). Begurk! Begurk!

Titans vs Bulldogs 50-50 @ CBus
Ladder Position = Titans

Titans - Another one that slipped away from the Titans last week. At least they’re consistent. Consistently throw games away that is. Sheesh! Maybe playing at Cbus might help this week. They seem to play better when they’re running around there. Dunno. The Titans weren’t able to capitalise on the Sharks losing yet more players to injury (Andrew Fifita and Matt Prior) during the game and I’m at a loss as to where their heads are at to be honest. They failed to score in the second half last week which is a major concern. What’s also concerning is they had 45 missed tackles compared to 10 from the Sharks. They were really poor in the second half I must say. Even the Titans’ coach admitted their second half effort was "dumb". He also mentioned that they’re “mentally soft and not resilient enough at the moment”. I wonder if he’s trying to “fire them up” like Bellamy did with the Storm?

Bulldogs - The Bulldogs are lacking consistency as well and it’s showing in their efforts and results. The confusing thing for me however (see I told you I’m still a “newbie”) is that apparently they lead the competition in set completions, offloads and tackles. So why can’t they score points I ask myself. Might take Foran another week or two to get them moving again. Let’s wait and see shall we? Bulldogs were 16-0 down at half-time but fought back in the second. At 10-16 they were in with a chance but couldn’t quite get there. A worry was that they had 38 missed tackles compared to 8 from the Knights. Look, I don’t know about you guys out there but missed tackles are a big thing with me. It doesn’t instil a lot of confidence to be honest. They came close a couple of times but good defence from the Knights kept them at bay. Too many first half errors most probably cost the Doggies the game.

OK, seeing as they’re favourites and they’re playing at home, I’m opting for the Titans yet again. I think I’ve lost my mind!

Cowboys vs Eels 50-50 @ 1300Smiles
Ladder Position = Eels

Cowboys - Not too bad an effort last week against the Bunnies but obviously they weren’t quite up to scratch. How they front up to an embarrassed Eels outfit will be interesting to see. No idea why they started with Baptiste instead of Granville. I cringe every time I watch him (Baptiste) pass out of dummy-half. I always think the opposition marker will get him. Geez he takes forever to pass it. He seems too slow to get the ball moving in my opinion. Don’t think he’s quite first-grade quality. Anyway, that’s my mini-rant for the night over. The Cowboys had more than their fair share of the ball but couldn’t put the points on the board. I am however giving the Cowboys a big chance in this one. Much improved effort last week against a classy Rabbitohs side. Can’t do much when players like Cook and Burgess are having blinders. Playing the Eels will be a little easier.

Eels - The Eels were less than impressive last week to say the least. Can only assume they will be embarrassed enough and take it out on the Cowboys this week. Well, they’ll try to anyway. Baggy’s BOYS were ambushed by a rampaging Storm and I doubt many sides would’ve been able to cope with the mood the Storm were in. Not convinced Sivo getting binned was the reason for the Storm crossing for 4 tries in 7 minutes. It didn’t help mind you but I don’t think it was all his fault. They did however have 51 missed tackles. Yikes! Brad Arthur described the Eels’ performance as "soft” and admitted they had to “harden up” mentally. That’s hit the nail on the head as far as I’m concerned. I mean, the Eels are laden with quality players without a doubt. I still reckon they would’ve been beaten but they are too talented to get beat by the margin they did. I have no doubt whatsoever that they will bounce back this week.

Cowboys favourites and playing at home. Eels looking for redemption. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’m tipping the Eels.

Raiders vs Rabbitohs 45-55 @ GIO
Ladder Position = Rabbitohs

Raiders - Good comeback from the Raiders last week but they were blown away in the first half which made their comeback that little bit harder. But hey, it was still impressive and credit where credit’s due. Any team other than the Roosters and they would’ve most probably won that (ha-ha). I’m noticing the Raiders find it hard to stop the top tier sides scoring points against them for what that’s worth. Unfortunately for them, the Bunnies are one of those top tier sides. Interesting to see how the Raiders handle them. As Ricky said, the weight of possession and penalty count in the first half blew them away. Surprisingly I see that the Raiders have won 4 of the last 5 against Souths. And they’ll be at home on a presumably cold Saturday night. Hmmm, food for thought…

Rabbitohs - The Bunnies just keep rollin’ along. They raced to an 18-0 lead in just 23 minutes last week. Damien Cook laid on all 3 of those tries and even scored one himself in the second half. He was at his sparkling best and I reckon he’s getting better and better as each week passes. The Cowboys gave them a little “reminder” last week however and the Bunnies’ class finally surfaced. Damien Cook in particular tore the Cowboys apart and if he’s on fire again, watch out. The Bunnies’ defensive game was on point as well and it shows me that they’re building towards finals time.

I’m assuming a lot of you out there will be tipping the Bunnies and so am I.

Dragons vs Knights 55-45 @ Glen Willow (Mudgee)
Ladder Position = Knights

Dragons - Looked like they were gonna run away with it last week but they fell away badly. It’s been said many, many times before but Ben Hunt needs to step up if the Dragons are to be any hope. The Dragons asserted themselves in the first half last week against the Warriors and led 18-6 at the break. You couldn’t be blamed if you expected them to go on with it but inexplicably, they then fell apart, failing to score anything in the second. On top of that their completion rate was poor at just 24 from 32. I’m starting to recall previous seasons here folks. Ben Hunt’s knock on late in the match almost certainly cost the Dragons the game. Gotta feel for the bloke but things like this happen. Anyway, what the Dragons need to do is forget about last week’s fade-out (or try to) and start fresh again.

Knights - I think I might have underestimated the Knights yet again. When will I learn? Leading 16-0 at the break last week against the Bulldogs, they were challenged in the second-half and their defence (and errors from the Bulldogs) got them their third win in a row. Mitchell Pearce is playing some of the best football he’s played in quite a while and a lot of the Knights’ success of late can be attributed to him (and maybe Ponga as well). Only blemish was Reimis Smith intercepting one of Mitchell’s passes and scoring a 95 metre try. Ouch! Yes, the Knights have won their last three in a row but winning against the Bulldogs last week is different to them getting up this week in my opinion. I’m still asking whether they’re capable of getting it done this week though. It’s causing me a bit of a headache actually.

Not exactly sure why but I’m thinking the Dragons might just be able to get up here. Big Red V for me.

Sharks vs Manly 60-40 @ Shark Park
Ladder Position = Manly

Sharks - Just like Manly, the Sharks are enduring injuries left, right and centre. This one will be interesting to watch insofar as it should be an evenly contested game in my opinion. The only difference as I see it is that it’ll be at Shark Park. Cronulla got up in a brave effort against the Titans and won 26-18. I was gonna mention the Sharks’ injury list and how they were set to lose Fifita and Prior but just checked the team lists and they’re pencilled in to start. That’s one less thing to worry about I suppose. They managed to fight back and level the scores at 18-all and then hang tough and grind away as they so often do. Flanagan wasn’t kicking the best but he managed that penalty that put them in front and then the Cry Baby (of all people) crashes over for a great try to seal it. Seeing as they had the game all wrapped up, I was hoping he’d miss the conversion (cruel ain’t I) but he ended up getting it. Oh well, another story for him to tell when he’s old’n’grey.

Manly - I'm pretty impressed with how Manly are playing out their games given their ever increasing injury toll. They’re a hard working side and not without a chance in this one. Bookies have Manly as the outsiders but we all know that they have a happy knack of getting up in those situations. Yeah, this is a tough one. Manly had the better of the Broncos for maybe the first 20 minutes or so and were still in it at 6-all at half-time but from the 20 minute mark or thereabouts the Broncos just shifted gear and attitude and simply wore the Manly boys down (and eventually out). Des Hasler summed it up beautifully when he said: "We ran out of time and ran out of players." As if Manly’s injury woes weren’t bad enough already, now they’ve lost Suli and Sipley. Geez, they just can’t take a trick can they. Mind you, the return of Dylan Walker will be huge for the Sea Eagles. And now I see that they’re also expected to get back Taufua, Croker and Fonua-Blake so maybe things will pick up for them.

The ratings, home ground, never-say-die attitude and bookies’ favourite are all pointing me in the direction of the Sharks this week and I should pick ‘em but you know what? I’m tipping the Manly boys instead (if they lose I’m jumping ship until some big name players come back).

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

OK, I thought I’d whack this one up for some shiggles. Big call here but I like this one better than the original. Sacrilegious I know but still…

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and are having a great week so far. My tips for this week are:

Storm by 12 - Geez, didn't the Storm get back into form quick and they did it well getting a 64-10 win over the Eels, impressive stuff. Now, the Storm are facing a Tigers side whose form aren't looking too shabby themselves after a magnificent first half gave the Tigers a massive win over the Panthers. The Storm's class wins it for me, the Tigers will be brave and will have to be particularly brave in defence if they're going to beat the Storm especially considering the Storm put on 64 on the Eels, but I don't think that they will. I reckon this game will be tight but then the Storm will run away with it in the end.

Warriors by 4 - Warriors are coming off a comeback win over my Dragons. As great as this was for the Warriors, they can't be producing starts like they did against the Saints, 18 points conceded in 21 minutes won't look good against the top teams like the Storm, Roosters and Rabbitohs so the Warriors need to work on playing the full 80. But, as we know, the Warriors are that sort of team that we don't know what to expect from them and Friday night won't be much different. I feel that coming up against a Panthers side who are not confident whatsoever, have a high casualty list, and are going through a lot outside of footy, the Warriors will get another win here and a rare win in Sydney. A key for the Warriors is to not get too comfortable or play too light against the Panthers because I'm sure that the Panthers will want to prove a point in this one so I hope that the Warriors will come in hard and put on a good performance, this is one of the deciding factors for me on the result.

Roosters by 8 - Yep, I know the Roosters' casualty list may be starting to grow after the injuries that players like Mitchell and Cordner suffered last week but, I don't think that will change the Roosters' performance too much. Yes, they are big time players and if they don't play this week, than they'll surely be huge blows, but the Roosters have been performing whether they have key players out or not still. Roosters to continue on here with a win here over the Broncos to make it 9 in a row in what should be a cracking game. The Broncs are in this with a chance don't you worry but the Chooks will be too good.

Titans by 6 - Geez, this one was tough. Bulldog's attack still worries me, hopefully for the Bulldog's sake that their changes that were made in the lineup can pay dividends and can help improve their attack or their defence if need be. Plus, Titans home ground advantage will play a little part as well. So, based on these alone, the Titans win for me. I'm not quite sure what sort of game we will get here, but the Titans have the edge in attack and I'm not quite sure if the Bulldogs will be good enough to crack the Titans' defence often enough to get the win.

Cowboys by 1 - This is purely based on the Eels playing away from home. The trend has continued with Parramatta playing well at Bankwest and poorly away from Bankwest. This week, they are away from Bankwest yet again and although they should not play as poorly as last week, but, I still think they'll lose another one away from home here over a Cowboys side who were brave against the Rabbits but not good enough, but I feel that they'll show up and turn that braveness that they showed against the Rabbits into a good performance and that good performance will get them the win... just, potentially golden point I reckon.

Rabbitohs by 10 - I was tempted to pick the Raiders here, especially since they're playing at home but against the Bunnies, that is a tough ask and although Johnston is out, Allan should be a handy replacement at fullback and his replacement at centre should play well in the position as well. The Raiders did in fact show that they are a huge threat in 2019 by coming back against the ladder-leading Roosters, who are the team to beat mind you. Yes, the Roosters had the injuries during that game, but you can't use that as an excuse to undermine the Raiders' comeback, that was impressive. But, as impressive as it was, it wasn't good enough to get them the win and against the good sides, you've got to win those games if you want to be in and around the prelim finals and grand final and that's what the Raiders need to do to become genuine premiership contenders and they have another chance this week against the Rabbitohs. But, will they, I say no.

Dragons by 2 - I'm sorry Dragons but rugby league isn't a 40 minute game, well in the NRL it isn't anyways, but their are juniors that play 40 minutes and this isn't junior league, if it was, the Dragons would probably be on the top of the ladder right now, but this is the NRL and the Dragons have to start playing 80 minutes, it worries me as we are referred to as chokers at the back end of the season and now we've given up good half time leads two weeks in a row now. I really do hope that we see the Dragons give it their all for the full 80. This will be a good test as well coming up against the inform Knights, play only 40, the Knights will blow us out of the park in the half that we fall away from or don't perform in, but if we play the full 80, we win because we have what it takes both in attack and defence to win games when playing the full 80, we just have to apply that in the games now. Mentally is a big thing in rugby league.

And finally... Manly by 7 - Manly welcome back Dylan Walker, Lachlan Crocker, Addin Fonua-Blake and Jorge Taufua. Wow those are a lot of returns for Manly. And you know what, this should give Manly a lift. Manly to bounce back here with a win over the Sharks in Cronulla in what should surely be a tough and gritty match as that is what the Sharks are good at, getting teams in the grind. I hope that Manly have done their homework and are prepared for that kind of game come Sunday night.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers and enjoy the rest of your week.

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Hi all, here are my not very confident tips for round 10.
Good luck to everyone this week.
Cheers, manyana.

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I did enjoy that cover version of one of my all time fav bands.
Maybe not quite as good as the original but for the first time in my life understood all the words. Well done to the hillbillies.

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I agree with you @dfb.
Cowboy's Captain Michael Morgan will play his 150th NRL game, while winger Kyle Feldt will play his 100th.
The Eels have lost their last 7 in Townsville.
Milestone games will give them that edge. Giddy up! Cowboys!

The Tide Head's picture

The Bulldogs have won three of their past four games against the Titans. The ''a' game will be one big vacuum if the Tanking Titans repeat their performance again. Beware Of The Dogs!

Furthermore, pretty big tipping margins by The Thinker this week. The tipping ladder is about to look quite different after Round 10.

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Well I've read and absorbed Thinkers thoughts, Newbies predictions (took me a while) and Dragons Fan Boy tips.
I just had a look back at my tips put in early and think I may be in a bit of trouble. Tipping this year as in past years has been hard with many upsets, but hey go with your head or your heart whichever you prefer.
First time this year I have tipped against my Broncs which probably means they will win. Good luck to all.

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My tips rd 10 this week thinker are the same as yours ...

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Here are the girls tips, they got 4/8 and are now level with Rocket on 40/72. This week we are a fraction rushed

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Good evening Christine, Manyana & Mark A,
Yes, I know I've been a bit quiet lately. Lot on the plate of late and had wife hospitalised for 3 weeks in between ops. She's going slow as would be expected. But over all, its good to know she was cared for extra well and home now.

I feel Thinker would appreciate, that we have many cultures of discussion here and it helps the site. Besides, birds are a couple of clubs within NRL....the birdies, hahahaha.

Plenty of nice birds about (feathered as well) which Mark would like.
I even found that the male bird of many species, would stand back and let the mate eat whatever, as he was well aware that there were/are eggs or babies in the nests. Its quite interesting how it all works between them. I hope the injured beak one, grows back quick, as the picking up phase can be a setback, for gathering good quantities of anything/food.

Must go for now - keep well
Big Pete in Bx

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I just want to make mention that bob hawke has died tonight , R.I.P you won't be forgotten & your in our thoughts ...

christine 's picture

big pete
How are you & how is your dear wife going tell her we all here if you need us big pete if we can help in any way just speak up you know the drill big pete when one needs help we are all willing to do what we can & yes my bird turned up today so 3 days now and saw it getting food today from a log I left food on it for them so positive signs at least they were both here at the same time so away from the nest but took food to the nest which is always good to see any way big pete keep us updated on your wife's progress & stop by the site too have a chat when you can but make sure you look after your wife first that is more important big pete ...

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Geez.. gotta feel for the tigers. They didn't deserve to lose that one.

Mary S's picture

Agree with you Islander. Once again Storm were able to "pull the rabbit out of the hat' in the last 10 mins.

a's picture

Yes you gotta feel sorry for the Tigers the Storm once again found a way to win

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@ Mr Ashford
Yeah, the “hillbilly” version of that AC/DC song was good in that you got to hear what the lyrics actually are (ha-ha). Wonder if anyone who skipped over watching this week’s song are now intrigued by “hillbillies” and AC/DC and are now gonna click to see what we’re on about. Go on, you know ya wanna (ha-ha). Secondly, apologies for making you go through my long-winded mini series mate. Like I said, I couldn’t help myself. Maybe what I should do is look at my final draft and then say OK, condense each club’s comments into 2 or 3 sentences. Hmmm, seems a tall mountain for me to climb. Maybe one day I’ll give it a go (says Newbie with a smiling face).

@ BigPete
You and the missus keep well mate. Good luck to your boys on the weekend. Hoping they do well too as I’ve tipped them (ha-ha). I’ll be watching the game on Sunday arvo for sure. Cheers.

@ Christine
Yeah, sad news about Bob. Top fella when all said and done and yes, he’ll be missed. Wondering if it’ll have any bearing on the weekend’s election. Hmmm. Stay well young lady.

@ Islander @ Mary and @ “a”
Poor ol’ Tigers were absolutely dead-set unlucky to lose that one for sure and certain. I reckon it was another case of where the better team lost. But hey, top teams (not saying the Tigers aren’t though) have a happy knack of pulling wins out of the fire. That’s what makes them top-level. Meh, Tigers just gotta know in their hearts they were good enough, chalk this one up to experience and learn from it. Easier said than done as now they gotta front up to the Rabbitohs next week. Ouch!

Cheers peeps, it’s 6.30 now so I should really go off and have myself another coffee and attend to some emails. Later…

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Hiya Big Pete, nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear that your wife has been in hospital, but when you're really ill that's the place to be.
I had a quick look at the site for the birds, it was very interesting, so I've saved the address so that I can have a really good look at it when I'm feeling better. I haven't been on Thinkers site much, mainly to put my tips in, because I haven't been feeling all that great. I just hung some washing out (hoping the showers hold off) & I could easily just go & rest, but as I have an appointment with the doctor, I can't do that. I've really only been trying to catch up on emails etc. & that's about it. I always seem to be at least a day behind as I usually shut the computer down quite early.
I'm sure everyone is thinking of your wife (and you, of course), so give her our best & I hope she has a speedy recovery.
Christine, I'm glad your birds are eating now.
Bye for now, manyana.

Christine 's picture

Good to hear from you newbie how are you going , i have tipped your warriors this week as i do think penrith are sevearly lacking this season & warriors don't get affected by origin & eith the way penrith have been playing they won't be either so yes like you i went aith warriors this week ps whats with this young lady i am not that young how old are you newbie i am 46 doesn't matter really age is just a number & we are all still here thats what matters ...

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Big Pete (who just happens to be leading the comp).
Great to hear from you mate, understand your time is precious with your wife's illness so any post is appreciated.
As others above have said I wish her a speedy recovery, glad she's home with you. Be it ever so humble there's no place like home.

Islander, Mary S and "a". The Tigers were definitely the better team last night. I thought one of Storms tries was a double movement but I'd had a couple of vinos and can't remember if it was awarded. If anyone can save a game it's the Storm.

Christine. I believe Newbie supports the Roosters and you may be confused with our friend Steel Panther who amongst others here is a reluctant Warriors supporter. I'm sure Steel will appreciate your comments. I've tipped them to overcome the Panthers this week.
Good luck with your Maggies. Some people say we shouldn't feed wild life but I'm sure in your case you are doing the right thing.

a's picture

Well the Panthers are shocking no finals for them

mark ashford's picture

HEY Steel Panther
With just a minute or so to go your Warriors lead Penrith 30/6
Hope that gives you a bit of hope mate!

Steel Panther's picture

I just don't know what to say Mark. You were certainly braver than me tipping them. Penrith are an absolute train wreck. They look devoid of ideas on how to get over the chalk and well down on confidence. The traits I'm used to seeing in the Warriors!!

I think your Broncos ride into town next week....

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Mark - I might be keeping a low profile here (at times) on Thinker site, but a long season is ahead. I tipped Panthers to get something going this week, but I think they are playing like busted backsides. Its not usually the Warriors to come across the ditch to win big, but they did it tonight.

Going along steadily here on the home front. Cant going saying too much on this National site, where a persons well-being is involved. One never knows who is looking in, especially here locally.

I've read where humans feeding the wild isn't a good thing, but when drought is around and ground is hard to chisel, some help is needed with birdlife. Even our Council here has signs now displayed in the local park, NOT to feed the ducks bread. Gee its been happening for years with kids, but now they realise that bread is not their major component of their diet. So poor ducks might starve, but at least the wood duck can fly out to other waterways, to get reed and other greenstuff.

Take care mate and keep well - Big Pete.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Christine - I'm looking in here before I settle in to Easts and Broncs clash. I always like to catch second half, as that is where matches are won or lost in my eyes. Thanks so much for kind words and from others here. Its a long journey for my wife, as it was totally unexpected after a routine check and day surgery.

Now age - 46 is nice and today I just left the reversed figures. I am a Taurus and always have a reason to celebrate around FA Cup Final weekend. My daughter is two days after me. So I will also call you a young lady. There are really only two that come out here and speak their bit and that is you and Mary S. So we've gotten to know you both more than a lot of other tipsters we have "secluded" here.

I'll push on, but do keep well - Big Pete in Bx

BigPeteBx's picture

Sorry on that last post Christine and Mary.
Manyana is another of the lovely ladies here, who likes to have a little chinwag with us, now and then.

BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks Newbie - I'm also getting the FA Cup and A-League Final fever coming on. FA Cup might be a replay watch, as it isn't until mid-morning before its played these days. I preferred the old midnight kick-off with FA Cup.

I really think with players back at Manly, they might just be able to sneak over the line at a boisterous crowded Shark Park. It will be truly interesting to see how long J. Fifita stays on the paddock, as well.

Cheers Newbie and keep well - Big Pete

a's picture

Yeah I think it’s safe to say Panthers season is officially over now

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Manyana - BUT OF ALL THINGS, you keep well and do what you can and need to. Others things will come out in the wash. I, like others here, will also be thinking of you along with Christine.
In the mean time keep entertained with those birdies. Even turn up the speakers and listen to some of the calls. Better still there are shops that sell CD's etc on bird calls. Like a good church choir, it can be very therapeutic to listen to it/them.
I'll push on, but do keep well - Big Pete in Bx


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