Round thirteen selections

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Newcastle Knights – Friday night – ANZ Stadium

Cook, Walker, Gagai and Murray have been named to back up from Wednesday for the Bunnies. Same same for Ponga and Klemmer for the Knights. Keep your eyes peeled for line-up changes but all six appeared to get through Origin game one without injury. Sam Burgess has been scheduled for surgery, but he's playing anyway. He's likely to be out for two weeks after he plays on Friday night. There'll be plenty of interest around the return of James Roberts, who was still a teenager when he last played for the Rabbitohs eight years ago. If his body allows it there's every chance he'll deliver a breakout performance. A top four contest and it's the game of the round – I'm with the Bunnies to bounce back from the loss last week.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 4

Result – Knights 20 defeated Rabbitohs 12

Wests Tigers vs Canberra Raiders – Friday night – BankWest Stadium

Moses Mbye should be ready to rumble after his brief involvement on Wednesday night. For the Raiders, Papalii, Wighton and Cotric have been named. Cotric could be in some doubt and Papalii could be feeling his feelings a little more than usual after a powerful and bruising performance for Queensland. The Raiders do welcome back a couple of key returns on Friday night in John Bateman and Jordan Rapana. They're a much better side as a result but the Raiders recent form has been a little bit down. They've lost four of their last six and their two wins were over the 14th placed Panthers and 16th placed Bulldogs. I'm leaning ever so slightly to the Tigers, who have the all-important home-ground advantage and fresh legs following the bye last weekend.

Verdict – Tigers by 2

Result – Raiders 28 defeated Tigers 0

New Zealand Warriors vs Melbourne Storm – Saturday afternoon – Mt Smart Stadium

I'll keep this nice and brief – the Warriors have beaten four teams this season, and those four teams are the bottom four teams on the NRL ladder. The Storm are on the top of the ladder.

Verdict – Storm by 4

Result – Storm 32 defeated Warriors 10

Cronulla Sharks vs Parramatta Eels – Saturday night – PointsBet Stadium

When these sides met in round four the Eels won 24-12 but just about everything went wrong for the Sharks. Gallen and Moylan didn't play, Shaun Johnson was injured in the warm-up, Josh Dugan went off after a head knock in the 7th minute and Aaron Woods broke his foot in the second half. Despite all that the Sharks made it a contest. This time around the Sharks are playing at home, Gallen and Moylan are fit to play, and the Sharks have enough players available to rest Josh Morris after Origin (Dugan in the centres, Gray on the wing). The Eels did well against an under-strength Rabbitohs last weekend but their only win away from home (i.e. ANZ or BankWest) was over the Panthers.

Verdict – Sharks by 4

Result –Sharks 42 defeated Eels 22

North Queensland Cowboys vs Manly Sea Eagles – Saturday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

The Cowboys season looked all but over until Taumalolo returned from injury. Since then they've found some mojo and are in equal seventh (on points at least). They'll be hoping Michael Morgan is fit to play as he's pencilled in to replace Jordan Kahu at fullback. Meanwhile the Sea Eagles welcome back their number one in Turbo Tom. Note that Turbo Jack and Turbo Cherry-Evans have been named on an extended bench so they may or may not play. There must be some doubt about Cherry-Evans given his lack of match fitness. The return of the Turbo has me a little worried, as I'm sure he'd like to let Brad Fittler know he's keen to be named for the next Origin contest, but Manly have lost their last two games in Sydney to teams (Titans and Panthers) they should probably be beating. The Cowboys backline looks like a patchwork quilt, and if Morgan doesn't play I'm probably wrong, but the Cowboys at home.

Verdict – Cowboys by 2

Result – Sea Eagles 22 defeated Cowboys 20

Brisbane Broncos vs Gold Coast Titans – Sunday afternoon – Suncorp Stadium

It was for a time the great Queensland Derby, but it faded in significance with the rise of the North Queensland Cowboys. The Broncos, like the Cowboys, have won three in a row and on recent form you would expect them to win again. The Broncos do have four forwards backing up from Wednesday night which adds a little uncertainty, but the Broncos aren't exactly short of quality forwards, and the ones that didn't play on Wednesday should be nice and fresh after the bye.

Verdict – Broncos by 8

Result – Titans 26 defeated Broncos 18

Penrith Panthers vs Sydney Roosters – Sunday afternoon – Panthers Stadium

The Panthers have won their last two while the Roosters have lost their last two, astonishing really given where these teams are on the ladder. For the Panthers, Cleary has been named on an extended bench, while the Roosters have all four of their Origin players (Tedesco, Mitchell, Cordnor and Crichton) in their starting thirteen. The return of Cooper Cronk is of great importance to the tricolours, and the Chooks have resisted the temptation to start Mitchell in the halves, with Hutchison coming in for the injured Keary. Mitchell is a real query here – not sure if he's carrying an injury or an off-field distraction has become a....distraction. Despite recent results I'm tipping the Roosters, based on my thesis that they are a very good football team, and my other thesis that the Panthers aren't.

Verdict – Roosters by 8

Result – Panthers 19 defeated Roosters 10

Canterbury Bulldogs vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Monday afternoon – ANZ Stadium

Before the Dragons started their usual annual slide down the NRL ladder they were playing some pretty good football. In round five they were playing some very good football, when they beat the Bulldogs by 40-4. Now I don't expect anything like that here, but any semblance of that form should be enough to give them a chance here. The return of Corey Norman and Matt Dufty can't hurt either, and I'm hoping that Frizell and Vaughan are backing up for the Red V.

Verdict – Dragons by 4

Result – Dragons 36 defeated Bulldogs 12

Wally Lewis - round thirteen selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • RABBITOHS vs Knights
  • Tigers vs RAIDERS
  • Warriors vs STORM
  • SHARKS vs Eels
  • COWBOYS vs Sea Eagles
  • BRONCOS vs Titans
  • Panthers vs ROOSTERS
  • Bulldogs vs DRAGONS


The Thinker's picture

Greetings tipsters

Just an update for this round. With Origin tomorrow and the first game of the round on Friday night I will be holding back my previews and tips until Thursday.

It's also a busy time of year for one of the five statues at the Caxton Street end of Lang Park, so we won't have tips from Wally until Thursday either.

All the best

The Thinker

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Big pete , manyana , mark
Just an update on my female butcher bird it would appear she has now broken her bottom beak to the same length as her top beak except for a long piece that sticks straight out like a pin my auntie said that will break off too in time which should make it even easier for her too eat & feed her babies so this is week 3 now & still alive see breaking there beak doesn't mean they die but it does depend how bad the break is ...

christine 's picture

"a" are you staying true this year with origin by pledging your loyalty to QLD you were talking of maybe having to take nsw at one stage you know that colour doesn't wash well with other colours don't you ps read washing instructions on label ( have a laugh mary go on you know you want too ) ...

a's picture

Yes I’m picking NSW this year

Mary S's picture

Hi Christine - loved the washing instruction reference!!!

As a South Aussie who married a Qld'er, I like the maroon colour, so I will stick with them!!


Christine 's picture

On top of that mary when ted dye starts to run all over the place it is hard to stop ...

Christine 's picture

That wad meant to read red dye runs all over the place it is hard to stop...

Baggy_Gee's picture

All righty then, so everyone here in castle Baggy got 2/4 so running total I'm still winning by 1, 53/92 vs 52/92. For those of you who like the style of tipping the girls do here they are for this weekend.
Rabbits - Because they are quick
Tigers - They are dangerous
Storm - They are shocking (puns galore here)
Sharks - They eat eels
Manly - Because they can swoop
Broncos - We like the ponies
Panthers - Because they can climb trees
Dragons - Because they can breath fire (hasn't happened recently)
QLD to win tonight

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Mary - best of the luck this evening.
Did I ever ask you what/where in Sth Aussie did you come from.
I have close friends from Pt Augusta, one at Strathalbyn and they both lived in Adelaide suburbs during their working life.

Keep well - Big Pete NSW Boy.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Christine - that is good news of the feathered ones. Much of the beak and claw issues along with their bones, is from lack of calcium, I tend to believe. We humans, can always put out a small tin/container of shell grit for them. Its their wish, if they want to investigate it (as a treat), otherwise they probably just eat sand/granite particles.

Manyana - I had mail today to send via Aust Post and it was going to Manyana, NSW Post Code 2539. Cheers and good luck.
I/we hope u r ok, as you've been a little quiet lately.
Big Pete

Christine 's picture

Big pete shell grit is more fpr budgies isn't it & birds that such alike but i don't think butcher birds would touch ut i am not sure on that i will look into it good luck tonight with origin & may the better team win ...

BigPeteBx's picture

Never know with birds Christine. They are fiddly eaters. Just a try I would often make. Yes grit is for budgies, parrots and canaries etc.
But it is a better deal than "asking them" to eat cuttlefish bone.
Cheers Possums and good luck. I best push on and you keep well and positive.
Big Pete

mark ashford's picture

Hi Christine
I was watching Vet on the Hill a couple of weeks ago and Scott, an Aussie vet in London was asked to treat a bird (sorry can't remember the breed) whose lower beak had grown out of proportion and the bird couldn't eat. He explained that bird beaks are not unlike our fingernails only tougher and grow continuously. He simply trimmed the lower beak and the bird was fine, eating etc. Hope your Maggie has a similar outcome. I love all birds except crows, can't quite get my head around them.

mark ashford's picture

Round 13
Thought I'd get my tips in before SoO 1 is decided. May be devastated by the result and unable to turn on the computer.

christine 's picture

Mark it's my butcher bird that has broken her beak & crows are problem solvers they are also considered birds of death well ravens are , the beak on my girl is now the same length again as the bottom beak she has broken both don't know how or on what but at least it should now make it easier for her to eat & feed the babies & so you know maggies & currawongs are easy too tell apart maggies have brown eyes currawongs have yellow ...

christine 's picture

"a" I can't believe you jumped ship ...

a's picture

Yeah I’ve should of picked QLD but I still think NSW will win the series sadly

Mary S's picture

Hi BigPete,
Great win for Qld tonight!! A good fight by both sides to the finish.

In answer to your SA question - I was born in the Upper Murray district and moved to Adelaide (Brighton/Glenelg area) to teach in the mid 60's.

Gave teaching (which I loved) away after being married, as my husband worked in construction/mining, which resulted in a lot of moves over the years. Qld has become home over the last 20 years, hence the support for "The Maroons".

Hope you are keeping well and the eyes continue to improve.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Mary - yes, a tussle and a half last night. Gagai sure made the difference, with that clean pair of heels. NSW's Tedesco played his heart out, most of that match, searching for ways forward.

Thanks kindly on the reply re Sth.Aust. Ah the tram stop to Glenelg (same spelt in reverse, like where my mum was born in Tumut NSW). I think Brighton was the stop before Glenelg, just up from the St.Vincent Hotel (nice counter lunches & a West End Draught).
Loved going to Glenelg and that was where The Kernahan Bros played their footy (SAFL), before moving to Carlton Blues in VFL/AFL.

Memories.....thanks for them and have a nice day - Big Pete

christine 's picture

I laughed when Latrell was sin binned

Rocket Ryan's picture

No sign of tigerholic in town today thats main street and the pizza hut

Where could he be?

a's picture

Didn’t Eels also beat Bulldogs away from home in round 2 but than again that was at ANZ

a's picture

And also Cowboys have lost 1 game since JT comes back in magic round but to be fair that team was the Rabbitohs

a's picture

Here’s my tips

Rabbitohs by 4 With the Knights resting their origin states Rabbitohs will edge them out

Raiders by 2 Only if their origin stars back up

Storm by 8 with their stars set to back up they should beat the Warriors

Sharks by 6 I think the Sharks will have to much power for the Eels

Cowboys by 2 I think the Cowboys should continue their winning ways here

Broncos by 12 Broncos should have to much for the Titans

Roosters by 4 I think the Roosters will beat Panthers in a thriller

Bulldogs by 2 I just have a feeling that the Bulldogs will win

christine 's picture

"a" rapana is back for raiders that's worth a couple of tries just there having him back I think ...

christine 's picture

remember Maguire put the axe through his team because they have been under performing he isn't happy with them ,I know from being a former souths member when Maguire was there coach he trains them really hard & he expects a lot from whatever team he is coaching , just food for thought don't let me influence any of you ...

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

I was sorta travelling OK with my tipping but the last 2 weeks have been a straight out “nightmare” for me. I’ve only managed 3 from the last 12 games. Mama Mia! Mentioned my tipping woes to my brother and all he said was “ah, the paralysis of analysis”. That my dear friends means I’m over thinking the games. The ins’n’outs, the errors, the possession rates and the everything else. He might just be onto something here. Might just try and simplify things this week and see what happens. Mind you, with SOO players returning or not returning, and no-one really sure who will or won’t, it makes it all a bit of a guessing game.

Last night’s SOO is why I love this game. I was “spruiking” all this week to the non-believers (AFL people) at work about how they needed to watch a real game of footy and was pleasantly surprised to learn today that the majority of them who watched it loved the spectacle and toughness that is Origin. Now I just need to keep working at it and get them to come over from the “dark side” (ha-ha). OK, without any further ado, let’s get into it…

Rabbitohs vs Knights 55-45 @ ANZ
Ladder Position = Rabbitohs

The Bunnies disappointed me last week. Didn’t think they’d surrender like they did. Yeah they had excuses but still expected a better showing to be honest. I read that Big Sam will play and then go for shoulder surgery. Anyone else other than the Knights and he might’ve been getting it done earlier. Doubtful if the Rabbitohs from Wednesday SOO will front up on Friday night but all depends on how desperate Wayne is about winning against a red-hot Knights.

The Knights have had the extra week off and are running hot. Just ask my BBB (sob, sob). Their enthusiasm, the way they attacked the line and the Roosters’ ball carriers was a joy to watch. Yeah, I know they smacked my BBB but great footy is a pleasure to watch regardless of who’s playing it. I know the Knights haven’t beaten the Bunnies in a long, long time but records are made to be broken.

I just hope I don’t get “sucked in” with these fellas, but considering their current form (and no doubt their confidence), I’ll be tipping the Knights here.

Tigers vs Raiders 45-55 @ Bankwest
Ladder Position = Raiders

The Raiders were pretty lucky to get away with the win last week I reckon. Missing players are causing them headaches for sure. Last week’s game wasn’t anything to get enthused about, even with Cotric and Papalii missing due to Origin duty, so they’ll need to lift a bit.

The Tigers are one of the lucky sides to have had the extra week off and it might just be the tonic they’re looking for. They need to find some form and quickly. Thinking the likes of Brooks, Marshall and Farah need to step up here.

Who to tip? The experts haven’t shown much love for them so without any confidence whatsoever I think I’ll go the Tigers.

Warriors vs Storm 30-70 @ Mt Smart Stadium
Ladder Position = Storm

Warriors have also had a week off and no doubt would’ve trained hard given their effort against the Broncos. Not sure it’ll be enough though.

The Storm have also had the week and will be raring to go. The big question will be who they’ll get back after Origin. Worst case scenario they’ll be missing loads and get beat by an unaffected Warriors. If not, they should be strong enough to weather the storm (pun absolutely intended ha-ha).

The Warriors will give this one a fair shake (hopefully) but I’m tipping the Storm to get the job done this week.

Sharks vs Eels 60-40 @ Shark Park
Ladder Position = Sharks

A nice win full of merit for the Eels last week. Didn’t really see that one coming but credit where credit’s due. But then again, the Bunnies did have some key personnel missing. As many have noted, it’s the Eels’ consistency that worries me. When to pick them and when not to?

The Sharks having a rest gives me some confidence they’ll be up for this one at home. I can see their great defensive game being the platform for a win this weekend. Moylan’s return was impressive and he made a huge difference for the Sharks.

Yeah, I think I’ll jump on the Sharks this week.

Cowboys vs Manly 60-40 @ 1300Smiles
Ladder Position = Manly

The Cowboys really impressed me last week against the Titans. In a dour game they just hung on and hung on, a great defensive effort indeed. They have now won 3 of their last 4 whereas Manly have lost 3 of their last 4. You can see who’s hot and who’s cold right there.

Manly are another who disappointed me last week but they weren’t that bad. Well, except for the first half that is. They look like they’re getting some big guns back (one of which is Turbo) so that’ll help for sure. Gee, this tipping gig is hard sometimes.

This could go either way. I know I shouldn’t, but I’ll tip Manly in this one.

Broncos vs Titans 70-30 @ Suncorp
Ladder Position = Broncos

The Broncos have come back into form and the extra week off will do them good. Playing at home is another plus.

I gave the Titans a chance last week and they let me down big-time. The game was theirs for the taking but they didn’t have the ability to snatch it away from the Cowboys. Look, if you’re not good enough, you’re just not good enough. And they weren’t. I’m off them again. They’re absolute rubbish. Yeah, harsh words I know but that’s how I see it.

Broncos should have no trouble shutting the Titans down this week and will win this semi-easy.

Panthers vs Roosters 25-75 @ Panthers Stadium
Ladder Position = Roosters

Well, the Panthers have won 2 in a row and my BBB have lost 2 in a row. I could use the same logic from my Cowboys-Manly comments and ask who’s hot and who’s not couldn’t I? Then again, this one’s a little different you have to admit. To be honest, I was a teeny bit shocked the Panthers managed to get up over Manly last week given the form I “thought” they were in.

The Roosters have had a week off thankfully and being a Sunday game, our SOO guys might just get a run. Cronk will be back thankfully and that should balance out a missing Keary. Now I see Jared will be having a 2 week holiday. Oh well, so much for balance eh?

The Chooks’ two game losing streak will come to an end as I can’t see us losing another against the Panthers. Roosters all day, every day. Begurk! Begurk!

Bulldogs vs Dragons 60-40 @ ANZ
Ladder Position = Dragons

The Bulldogs were a bit unlucky last week in losing to the Raiders. I did mention last week that whoever won that game wouldn’t win by much and that’s exactly what happened. It was the only tip I got right actually. Yeah, the Dogs are propping up the ladder but they’re not that bad really. Hell, they’re not good by any means but they’re not that bad. I’m giving them a chance here of upsetting a woeful Dragons mob.

The Dragons are another side that’s been letting me down in the tipping. How they keep on losing (5 in a row and counting) has me SMH. Maybe the extra week off will get them refreshed and focused. Who knows eh? Their missing players through injury is possibly a reason why they might get rolled this week but I note they have a couple of big names coming back, not to mention the more than likely return of their Origin guys.

My ratings say Bulldogs but the bookies say Dragons. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m gonna tip the Bulldogs this week.

P.S. Y’all have a great day off on Monday. Don’t worry, us here in WA (and Qld) will carry on and keep the country running (ha-ha). Cheers.

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

Given the sort of music I usually put up, this one will come as a complete shock to every single one of you. Some may even think it’s a complete waste of time but this one holds a very special place in my heart. This was the very first song that absolutely switched my head onto the magic and power of music. When I first heard this at the age of 5 (yes you heard me, five years of age), it ignited a spark that has never left me. I still get emotional when I hear it today. Sometimes, depending if I’m in the right mood, it brings tears (of joy) to these tired old eyes of mine. There’s just something about it that fills my heart.

I don’t expect anyone to understand what I’m trying to get across but suffice to say it completely transformed my 5yo brain. “What are these sounds I’m hearing?” is all I can remember thinking way back when. Remember it like it was yesterday. The tune, the beat, the angelic voice. I recall hearing it and just listening to it with awe and child-like wonderment. And it was the first time I remember dancing! Man, I’m starting to get all emotional here and this is for sure the longest song comment ever. Gotta go, enjoy.

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

christine 's picture

tigers are 10th place raiders are 5th place on the ladder with rapana returning I am leaning towards raiders even if it is going against the odds I hope cotric backs up ...

Baggy_Gee's picture

Easy solution Newbie, pick my BOYS every week sooner or later it comes up gold.

Footy chick's picture

I'd like to give the Boss a wrap while I'm here on his Origin preview.
He called out the NSW halves as a weak link and he was right. He said that Cook and Tedesco would be strong and he was right. He said that Munster and Ponga are champs and he's right. He said Hunt would be fine in the nine and he was right. He said the QLD forwards would get on top and he was right. He tipped QLD and was right. He tipped Ponga for man of the match and he must have been close. He tipped Gagai as first try scorer and he scored two. His Origin previews are always excellent and he tips the winner more often than just about everyone. Probably helps that he's a QLDer though :-)

newbie from perth's picture

@ Baggy

Just sat down at my desk at work (it’s just gone 6am) and had a quick squizzie and saw your comment. A chuckle is always a good way to start the day. Thanks for that bro’, that was funny. I can think of worse ways to pick winners. Only concern I have is wondering why you were on last night at (nearly) midnight. Ouch! Take care (and everyone else too) and have a great long weekend. Cheers…

manyana's picture

Hi Christine, good to hear that your butcher bird & her babies are still going well.
Cheers, manyana.

manyana's picture

Hi everyone, here are my guesses this week. State of Origin hasnt made the tipping any easier, because we don't really know who is going to back up.
Here are my tips:
Most o0f these are in with no confidence whatsoever.
Bye, manyana.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Night owl newbie, a wife with a sore back, and university assignments due. A tragic combination. I wake up late to compensate.

mark ashford's picture

Great song remember it well. One of the early hits that established "Motown" music genre.
2 questions for you;
What did you think of Latrelle's performance in SoO 1 and;
Who do you think the WA people will support in SoO 2
No doubt plenty of NSW & QLD supporters will make the trip but a bit of local knowledge is gold.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, I'm very late this week lol so I may be quick with my comments on each game. So my tips for this week are:

Rabbitohs by 10 - This should be a cracking game. Rabbitohs have been in really good touch all year no matter how the game has gone, they've won the close ones and have got the big wins here and there too. Last week they suffered their second loss of the season with their origin stars out. Now that their origin stars are back, the Rabbits should have a much better performance. Though, Reynolds is a huge blow for the Bunnies. This now makes me question on how the Rabbits' kicking game will go, this may be a problem for the Rabbits now but we'll see. The Knights are flying at the moment. Before their bye, they defeated the defending premiers the Roosters by 26 points. Wow, that was really something and it shows that the Knights are the real deal this year. Knights will definitely be in this and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they win but I'm swaying towards the Bunnies.

Raiders by 1 - This one should be good as well. The Tigers are fresh off a bye and have been fighting hard against the top teams as of late. Although they did lose by quite a margin against the Bunnies a couple of weeks ago which would've hurt them, they should be refreshed coming off a bye. But the Raiders with some key players back including their origin players, I think will get the win here in a tight one.

Storm by 14 - Simple one for me. The Storm are leading the comp yet again this season although it was because of the bye last week. Warriors have actually been playing some good footy and will be fresh off a bye as well. Home crowd advantage may help the Warriors in this one, key word (may). I don't think it will too much as the much more classier Storm outfit will show just why they're leading the comp by getting yet another win here.

Sharks by 12 - Eels don't play as well away from home as they have been at home this season. Although they did win their first two away games, they were against the current bottom two teams and ever since those first two games, they haven't won a single game away from home. Plus, their away win in rd 2 against the Bulldogs was at ANZ, which is kinda a home ground for the Eels as well, well before Bankwest opened up anyway. This week, they have the Sharks who've settled themselves down now coming off a bye and a win the week before and they are almost at full strength, almost, Johnson and Graham are maybes for the Sharks, I'm not sure if they'll play and Dugan is replacing Morris in the centres who's resting this week and Gray is coming in on the wing. This will be a solid contest but I see the Sharks coming up trumps in this one. Whoever wins the grind wins this one for me and the backs will do the rest obviously as these two sides have good backlines.

Manly by 2 - Will be interesting to see how the origin stars back up in this one for both teams. Not sure if Cherry-Evans and J. Trobojevic will be playing. Regarding the Cowboys, all of the origin players will be backing up, at least the lineup says so. I'm going with the upset in this one as the Cowboys do have a couple of players out and Manly do have a key inclusion in Tommy Turbo and we all know what he did and what Manly did when he initially came back in rd 3, especially if the origin stars back up for Manly, I can see them winning but even if not, Manly's youngsters should fire. And I'm not quite sure how the Cowboys origin players will back up, will they be tired? Will they underperform? Will they even be playing? Plus, they do have 4 of them which is a lot to either play or to miss out if they do not backup along with the others out for the Cowboys.

Broncos by 16 - Broncos to win and win big here over the Titans in this Queensland derby.

And finally... Dragons by 6 - Hopefully the mighty Dragons can get back into the winners circle here. Norman back will help and we'll be fresh off the bye playing on Monday, I'm pretty sure we'll be just fine (I hope so anyways). This one will be much closer than in round 5 though, that's for sure.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers and enjoy the rest of your week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragons-fanboy's picture

My bad, I thought that the Panthers are 15th, they are 14th which means that the two teams that the Eels have defeated away from home this season are currently coming 14th and 16th respectively, not the current two bottom teams.


Dragons-fanboy's picture

Oops, I haven't put in my tips Thinker and I wanted to put them in now, since it's too late for me to put in my tips, is it okay if you can put them in based on who I've tipped in the comments if possible.


christine 's picture

my tips this week are the same as wally's sorry I just got back from having my mri ...

christine 's picture

Big pete
The mri was only 40 minutes this time but I felt it went longer as my appointment was 5.00pm but make sure your here 20mins before & by the time I got out of the machine to reception it was after 5.40pm but I was aloud to actually wear my cloths in the machine this time yes that is a big deal do you know how cold it is seriously I was aloud to wear tracksuit pants & a jumper in the machine but they didn't give me headphones at all this time they gave me ear plugs which really didn't help with the noise from the machine but that is now my 6th mri I have had I have to say it was a better experience this time without the dye maybe I am allergic too it who knows hopefully I never have to have the dye again but anyway it is all done for another 6 months I will let you know how I went when I find out but it might not be for a while ...

BigPeteBx's picture

Top it off Draggo - I don't think you tipped Chooks v Panthers either.
Might be my eyes, or the spacing you have between selections.
Good luck against Dogs mate. Have a great long weekend.
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Great Christine to know u r out of the tunnel of hate.
Hmmmmm.....many changes, that you tell me, has taken place with how your mri is performed. The dye sounds like a good thing not had. Keep us posted. Take care and yes I know how the air, from the tunnel, can be a climate change freshener. Keep warm and keep well - Big Pete

Dragons-fanboy's picture

You're right!!

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Yeah you're right BigPete.

Just gonna put this right here.

My tip for the Roosters-Panthers is Roosters.


Rocket Ryan's picture

The great albetross has now bought down the blues and the tigers in the one week welcome back tigerholoc

christine 's picture

My news to you on brett papworth was wrong sorry about that thinker it is Gavin Robertson ( robbo ) from talkin sport that has aggressive brain tumour & he is not in a good way at all just thought you would want to know ...

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Big pete
Yes they have made some changes when having an mri that I could wear my cloths in the tunnel today but only because what I was wearing had no metal on it at all no writing in paint because words or pictures / patterns that say fila as an example can have metal in the wording or the pattern / picture there was wording stitched on my tracksuit pants that was allowed because it was stitched on so no metal at all so it was ok of course they tell you that it isn't allowed when you ask before hand but hey told me too wear something comfortable that I would have too get changed into the blue gown they make you wear but with me they never made me do any of that no blue gown just the clothes I went there in the only thing I had too take off were my sneakers & my watch the rest was fine so it is up to the technition doing the mri at the time as too what they make you do if you ever have to have one just try not to wear anything metal & make sure they know your not & you may not have too either ...

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Thanks Christine - very interesting.
I've had three MRI's now. I take it on the chin and just get it done, because it is what follows, that I'm more interested in. We always look for favorable reports and I hope yours (and anyone else, on this site here) comes that way, as well.

Fresh and cloudy up this way this morning. Rain last night in NRL match and who would have guessed/picked the two outcomes in NRL to date, since 2019 SoO 1.
Cheers and keep well - Big Pete

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Pleasure to do for you Draggo.
I have a good friend here, who is a die-hard St George fanatic and I'd do likewise, or for whoever & whatever I can detect on, depending on the time I have for reading into text.
However, I did notice he tipped against his second love of Raiders, for The Tiges last night.

Cheers and keep well. You also JA. Have a great weekend
Big Pete


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