Round twenty four selections

North Queensland Cowboys vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Thursday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

Unless something goes amiss with the new stadium development this will be the Cowboys last ever game at this stadium. It's a funny place I tells ya. It's pretty inadequate by modern standards but it's done the job, and for a few seasons at least it became an incredibly difficult place for an away team to get the points. For those not familiar with the history of the joint it was quite an effort to get the venue ready for their first game (against the Bulldogs in fact). The first grade players in 1995 had to go out and lay the turf, and the CEO (Kerry Boustead) had to do a quick run to the shops before kick-off to buy toilet paper for the portaloos. I'm sure the Cowboys lacing up boots on Thursday night will be reminded of this and more, and if that doesn't motivate them enough, here's hoping Matt Scott can make an appearance in the sheds before kick-off. The Bulldogs have been extraordinary in recent weeks, and are somehow in contention for the most unlikely of top eight finishes. I haven't tipped them even once throughout this period, and I'm not tipping them again. Perhaps I'm a slow learner.

Verdict – Cowboys by 2

Result – Cowboys 15 defeated Bulldogs 8

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs New Zealand Warriors – Friday night – Mt Smart Stadium

It's the last game at Mt Smart for the season in what has been another disappointing year. Their performances at home have been poor in 2019, although they did beat the Sea Eagles a few weeks ago. James Roberts gets some time on the sidelines to think about what to do (and what not to do) with his forearms, while Sam Burgess, Alex Johnston, Kyle Turner and Ethan Lowe are all back for the Bunnies. Johnston returns on the wing while Doueihi retains the number one jersey. In round four the Bunnies had to come from behind to knock off the Warriors in an entertaining game on the Sunshine Coast. I doubt this will be as close, or as entertaining...unless you're a Rabbitohs fan.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 10

Result – Rabbitohs 31 defeated Warriors 10

Brisbane Broncos vs Parramatta Eels – Friday night – Suncorp Stadium

It's business time for the Broncos, but I'm not sure if this team means business. After that narrow loss to the Bunnies, they looked a little too joyous in the sheds for mine. I know it's only a game but I want these teams to be hurting after a loss. They're a warm favourite here, and I understand why, but I can't forget that the Eels destroyed the Broncos earlier this season. I'm not convinced the Broncos are a better team now than they were then. While the Eels lost to the Bulldogs last week it was a quality game from both sides. That was the first Eels loss since they went down to the Sea Eagles in mid-June. Blake Ferguson returns and he's a massive inclusion. 

Verdict – Eels by 2

Result – Broncos 17 defeated Eels 16

Newcastle Knights vs Gold Coast Titans – Saturday afternoon – McDonald Jones Stadium

Two teams with new coaches in 2020, although the Knights don't know who that will be just yet. They were spectacularly awful last week, perhaps they were still in shock after the Nathan Brown announcement. If they were, they've had some time to get used to the idea now and you would hope for something better than that. A win here and a win over the Panthers in the final round of the regular season could see the Knights sneak into the top eight this season. But first they have to win this...and they should.

Verdict – Knights by 16

Result – Knights 38 defeated Titans 4

Manly Sea Eagles vs Melbourne Storm – Saturday night – Lottoland

A few weekends ago the Raiders came from behind to defeat the Storm in Melbourne, and they did it despite playing with 12 men on the park for a fair chunk of the match. Last weekend the Sea Eagles beat the Raiders in Canberra despite being down to 15 men for a fair chunk of the match. So drawing a line through recent performances over the Raiders I'm giving the Sea Eagles a slight edge. They're also at home, and have beaten the Storm already this year. The Storm have effectively sewn up the minor premiership now and I'm not sure we'll see their best this weekend. That said, the battle of these forward packs has my mouth watering. 

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 1

Result – Storm 36 defeated Sea Eagles 6

Sydney Roosters vs Penrth Panthers – Saturday night – Sydney Cricket Ground

The Panthers need to win their last two games of the regular season to make the eight. It can't get much harder than this. The Roosters form continues to look ominous and they welcome back Latrell Mitchell on Saturday night. To make things even worse for the Panthers, have a look at the scores the Chooks have been racking up in recent weeks when they have played at this venue. They're loving the SCG, and they'll win again.

Verdict – Roosters by 20

Result – Roosters 22 defeated Panthers 6

Cronulla Sharks vs Canberra Raiders – Sunday afternoon – PointsBet Stadium

Paul Gallen, never afraid to put himself up in lights, has reminded everyone in the game that he turned down a big offer to stay at the Sharks this season. I'm sure it's true, but I'm sure he's not the first either. Anyhoo it's Paul Gallen week in the NRL and with that in mind the Sharkies will be super keen to give the old buggar a win in his final game at Shark Park. That gives Gal a chance to talk about it again...and again...and again. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. I actually hope the Raiders win.

Verdict – Sharks by 4

Result – Raiders 15 defeated Sharks 14

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Wests Tigers – Sunday afternoon – Sydney Cricket Ground

If any team currently in the top eight is going to drop out it's probably the Broncos, and if that happens the most likely team to replace them is the Tigers. Their dominant win over the Knights has given their differential an important boost and they can give it another nice little top up here. The Dragons are way way down near the foot of the ladder, but can't possibly fall all the way to last. That leaves them with next to nothing to play for but pride, and they haven't shown us much pride this season..

Verdict – Tigers by 10

Result – Tigers 42 defeated Dragons 14

Wally Lewis - round twenty four selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • Cowboys vs BULLDOGS
  • Warriors vs RABBITOHS
  • Broncos vs EELS
  • KNIGHTS vs Titans
  • Sea Eagles vs STORM
  • ROOSTERS vs Panthers
  • Sharks vs RAIDERS
  • Dragons vs TIGERS


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well to start of my day today my father turned up at the house this morning the police soon followed to have a talk to me about the amount of text messages I send my father apparently that is not allowed even if you are related he deliberately provokes me so I send him messages in this case he made sure I had no wood for winter ( our house is all slate& freezing even the police officer said it was cold in here ) then he tells me again he is going to sell the house again which I have heard for 4 years but this time he says he will by me something to live in a townhouse or a villa but one with no yard ( I have pets ) then he took the credit card off me that is linked to his bank account which he gave me to use when my mum died so just over 4 years ago that's how controlling he is that was my morning today then I get a phone call from mental health n.s.w because the police rang them in case I need someone to talk too did I say he is so controlling you think I have enough problems to deal with now I have this to deal with too so anonymous , coach whoever doesn't really matter don't mess with me now I have had a gut full today but I am now having a rum a white rum I changed what I now drink , god help anyone who pisses me off & by the way that wasn't an offer

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Are you sure you want to take cowboys I have seen your tips & walby's it is up too you what you both do they might win again for matt scott but bulldogs have been wining a few of there games , don't let me influence you I am just putting it out there ...

Mary S's picture

Hi Christine,
What a sod of a day - do hope tomorrow is better for you.

Cowboys will 'turn it on' Thursday, to celebrate the 'Memories & Milestones' in their last game at 1300SMILES Stadium, with the new Stadium opening for next season.

It appears Cowboys played Bulldogs on this ground (1300SMILES) when they opened it in 1995. Cowboys will want to reverse that years result!!!

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Mary i do too i am hoping my sister might of had something to say to him about it not that she usually says anything in my defence but i did tell her i had bought her a lazy susan but due to what has happened i won't be at father's day & i won't be going over too her house any more for family gatherings so she might not get her lazy susan after all that might be what it takes to get someone in my family to speak up too him , when my sister has something to say he listens when i do it falls on a deaf ear all the time even the police officer said too me today it is mental abuse that he threatens me all the time but i have learnt to live with it unfortunately but thanks again for your response mary i appreciate it ...

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Hi Christine
That sounds like a very ordinary start to your day, I do hope you are now going ok. Don't have too many of those rums, even though they do taste good they only numb your feelings for a little while.

I am always available for a chat, if you would like my email address you can get it off the Thinker or I can get it to you via him.

Thanks for the tip, I think the cowboys will pout in a big one in their last game at 13oosmile stadium.

Take Care


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Your life doesn't get any easier mate does it. With your MS you don't need this rubbish from your dad. Didn't know you had a sister. Maybe she can help if you guys are friendly. Either way you have the support of us here on Thinker.

mark ashford's picture

You may see from my tips I have chosen your Eels this weekend.
I have done this in respect to your support. Thank you.
I have stood fast with my Broncs all year and this explains my poor position on Thinkers ladder. I'll probably do the same next year despite the results. But when you love a team you have to stick as you do.
Good luck to both our teams.

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Christine hope your life gets better soon

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Indeed. Thank you Mark, I'll be down there Friday night 3 rows back from the fence northern end. It'll be an awesome night. Hoping for a great game.

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Thanks everyone
I love you all I really do I am not just saying that I would really be lost without having this website available to me you all help me more than you will ever know & tiger thank you for the offer but that will have to wait just for now as our emails haven't been working since 23 / 7 /2019 my father changed our email password & it has stuffed up our whole computer , our computer is about 10 years old & in desperate need of a new one but I have to wait for him too do that he claims everything of his tax & besides that we must be one of the last remaining places to get nbn we are still waiting god only knows how long we have to wait on that but my father can't be to concerned he has to get his work somehow they must be ringing him instead i would say because they can't email it is driving me nuts by now we would have more than 1000 emails or more at least needing to be cleared & I can't do anything my hands are tied but as soon as I can I will tiger I will let you know , again you guys are the best & I am really glad I have come too know through speaking with you all on this website I really would be lost if I didn't have this to vent my frustrations with both my ms & my dad

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Sa-wat-dee krup,

Here we go again. The penultimate round of the regular season is upon us. Should be some interesting games and maybe some upsets. Are you bored with nothing to do? If so, strap yourself in and get started on this 2,516 word novelette. If not, just scroll past 😄 OK, let’s get into it…

Cowboys vs Bulldogs 45-55 @ 1300Smiles
Ladder Position = Bulldogs
Bookies Favourite = Cowboys

The Cowboys were surprisingly leading at half-time and backed that up in the second half and got a well deserved win 24-10 against the Panthers last week. Maybe there was more to the “Matt Scott” factor than I thought. They looked a lot more enthusiastic and determined than their opposition for sure. Just look at that quick 20 metre tap that Opacic took where he passed to Feldt to score that 80 metre try. Given they had less possession than the Panthers, I thought they did pretty well in achieving an 85% completion rate compared to the Panthers’ 70. They won the line breaks (5-2), tackle breaks (38-19), missed tackles (19-38), errors (7-12) and penalties conceded (6-8). What a shame they couldn’t have had more games like this during the year eh? They simply outplayed the Panthers and came away with a gutsy win.

Yeah, that’d be right. Bulldogs get up yet again over a more fancied opposition. This time they knocked off the Eels 12-6 last Thursday night. Even though the Eels were better in the first half on balance, the Dogs hung in there and plugged away and were rewarded with a try just before half-time and went to the sheds at 6-6. Their continual pressure in attack got them another try in the 67th minute which ultimately proved enough to get them home. Encouragingly they had 5 line breaks and a massive 41 tackle breaks. The Bulldogs defence was again superb but they had 31 missed tackles, made 11 errors and gave away 7 penalties. The Eels tried to hit them with everything they had but the Bulldogs stood their ground and simply wore them down. They had huge games from Hopoate, Foran, Jackson and Meany in particular. Not quite sure what Reimis Smith was thinking of when he got himself binned. Getting some revenge for Sivo’s hit on DWZ perhaps? My exact words last week were … “As much as I’d like to tip the Bulldogs (I really would), I might just have to stick with the Eels.” Do I tip the Dogs this week or not?

Cowboys playing at 1300 Smiles for the last time versus Bulldogs trying to achieve a “dream come true” final 8 finish. Who to tip? If I tip the Dogs does that mean they’ll lose? Might go the Dogs anyway.

Warriors vs Rabbitohs 40-60 @ Mt Smart
Ladder Position = Rabbitohs
Bookies Favourite = Rabbitohs

A very disappointing effort from the Warriors last week against the Sharks. I thought they might’ve been in with “half a chance” when they went into the sheds after the first 40 only behind 24-10 but how wrong that turned out. Their second 40 was just not good enough. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing against, racking up 51 missed tackles is not good. There were a few isolated patches where they looked promising but overall they were just not up to scratch. Not sure where this lack of belief and this lack of determination is coming from but they’ll definitely have this to work on for next year. Anyway, this week they’re at home against the Rabbitohs so will their effort be any different this time? Can Kearney somehow shake something out of them?

The Bunnies got away with a close one last week against the Broncos and scraped in 22-20. It was a great spectacle watching those two going at it, the good and the bad. The extra penalty, Cook’s great try saving tackle on Oates and their desperate defence won that for the Bunnies. They would’ve felt relieved in getting that one for sure. Not sure what was going through James Roberts’ tiny brain when he laid the forearm on Oates’ head after the tackle. I just sat there shaking my head in disbelief. About as much intelligence as a potato! Then Su’A gets binned as well. Both ex-Broncos too. Hmm. The fact that Souths won both those “bin” periods was outstanding. Maybe the Bunnies should consider using this as a tactic in their game plans (ha-ha). The try that involved Cook, Reynolds and Walker in the second half was a joy to behold. When the Rabbitohs got the lead out to 22-8 I thought they were home and hosed but the Broncos came back and nearly pinched it. Souths’ defence was incredible in how they kept the rampaging Broncos at bay. Really top effort considering they only had 68% completions, 2 sin bins and had 47 missed tackles. Have the Bunnies finally got their act together or not I wonder.

I think I’ll tip the Bunnies again this week.

Broncos vs Eels 50-50 @ Suncorp
Ladder Position = Eels
Bookies Favourite = Broncos

The Broncos lost a tight one last week to the Rabbitohs 22-20. When Souths scored those 14 points in that five-minute second half burst to blow it out to 22-8, you might’ve thought the Broncos were gone. But those Broncos just wouldn't lie down. They had plenty of chances as well as having the advantage of 2 Bunnies being binned but they couldn’t get it done. Not without a lack of trying though. What about the last 25 minutes eh? It was an absolute belter of a game and I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition on display. In the end it was that extra penalty goal and Cook’s tackle that lost it for the Broncos. I thought the stats were shared fairly evenly between the Broncos and the Bunnies (both good and bad) but when you have 39 missed tackles and 25 ineffective tackles, it’s not gonna help your cause. Ouch!

The Eels lost to the Bulldogs last week 12-6 in a physical and sometimes brutal game that was captivating to watch. They had a strong first half and were first to score after 7 minutes but unfortunately for them they were unable to register any more points thereafter. In desperation they threw everything they had at the Bulldogs in the last 15 minutes but to no avail. The Bulldogs defence was just too good. I thought Sivo’s hit on Watene-Zelezniak was one of the best hits I’ve seen all year, if not the best. Nathan Brown’s shoulder charge on Watene-Zelezniak (DWZ didn’t have much luck did he?) lit the fuse that sparked that all-in push and shove in the second half. Firstly, not a smart move Nathan and secondly, it was so much fun watching the boys huff and puff and let off some steam. Thoroughly entertaining. The Eels provided some thrilling play with 2 line breaks and 30 tackle breaks but just couldn’t get past the Dogs’ defence. They would’ve been disappointed with the lack of discipline though. They racked up 42 missed tackles, made 14 errors and conceded 8 penalties.

Even though Ferguson is back for the Eels, based on what I saw from the Broncos last week, I’m tipping them to bounce back and get up in a close one. Crazy I know but still.

Knights vs Titans 70-30 @ McDonald Jones
Ladder Position = Knights
Bookies Favourite = Knights

As bad as the Knights were last week and as slightly improved the Titans were last week, I’m on the Knights in this one.

Manly vs Storm 45-55 @ Brookvale
Ladder Position = Storm
Bookies Favourite = Storm

Manly winning a tough encounter 18-14 down in Canberra really caught me by surprise. The desperation they showed in defence for the last 10 minutes or so was simply outstanding. Having absolutely no troops to fall back on while they were doing it made it even more remarkable. A very gutsy effort indeed. Unlike the Raiders last week, Manly were able to pressure them and were rewarded with points when it mattered. Their intercept try was a beauty and Jake Trbojevic’s try was simply good basic footy. I’m wondering if they’re gonna have players back this week as they’ll need to be close to full strength to get up over the Storm on Saturday. They beat them last time but can they do it again, especially after last week’s tough encounter with the Raiders.

Not a very good first half from the Storm last week. Got a bit of a shock when I saw they were 8-6 down. “Here we go again” I thought to myself. Not sure what rocket Bellamy put up them in the sheds but when they ran back out for the second 40 they were a different side completely. They put on 18 points and kept the Titans scoreless and ran out comfortable 24-8 winners. So much for the flogging we all expected the Storm to inflict. Even the last placed Titans proved that Melbourne are far from invincible. Just ask Manly and the Raiders about that. I reckon Bellamy would be concerned with the sloppiness of their effort last week and would have worked on it during the week. Their set completion was a poor 68%, they missed 23 tackles, had 20 ineffective tackles and made 14 errors.

I’m guessing the Storm might do a bit better than last week and they’ll be looking for some revenge over Manly for last time. Storm for me.

Roosters vs Panthers 80-20 @ SCG
Ladder Position = Roosters
Bookies Favourite = Roosters

The first 40 last week against the Dragons was just so classy. At times it resembled a training run (no offence DFB). They lacked the same enthusiasm in the second half but still ran out comfortable winners 34-12. I wouldn’t say they were totally dominant but they were pretty darned good nevertheless. Well, except for the opening kick-off that went out on the full that is 😣 Plus we had 24 missed tackles, made 12 errors and gave away 9 penalties. Hmmm. Once again, Teddy and Cronk had outstanding games. Morris wasn’t too bad either. Great to see Billy the Kid score on his debut as well. That kick from Cronk across field to Tupou in the 33rd minute was an absolute gem! Haven’t seen a try scored like that in a long time. Heartening to know we got the job done without Cordner and Mitchell. I’m hoping my BBB are “peaking” at just the right time of the year.

Not sure what happened last week with the Panthers. They really needed to win that one to stay in finals contention but they made far too many errors (yet again) and they ended up getting dusted 24-10 by the Cowboys. Not sure if they’ll be able to make the finals from where they are as they’ll need to win both their last 2 games to be any outside chance. Unfortunately for them, one of those games is against the Roosters on Saturday night. Tough ask indeed. Penrith seemed to lack any intensity and didn’t appear to be switched on at times. Just look at the way Opacic took that quick 20 metre tap in the second half that ended up in that Kyle Feldt 80 metre try. From where I stand, that’s just poor footy on their part. They made too many mistakes (38 missed tackles, 12 errors and 8 penalties) and their set completion was a poor 70%. Repeat that against the Roosters and they’ll get hammered.

Obviously I’m on the Roosters this week. Begurk! 🐔 Begurk! 🐔

Sharks vs Raiders 40-60 @ Shark Park
Ladder Position = Raiders
Bookies Favourite = Raiders

The Sharks improved vastly from their last outing and led the Warriors 24-10 at half-time and then went on with it in the second to run out comfortable winners 42-16 last week. A very convincing win indeed and didn’t really look to be threatened at any stage. To their credit they didn’t slack off and just continued to smack the Warriors in the second half. They had 6 line breaks (Warriors 2) and made a massive 51 tackle breaks. Defensively they did have 31 missed tackles but that was offset by the Warriors making 20 more than the Sharks made.

The Raiders lost an enthralling game to Manly last week 18-14. Was expecting them to be a bit better than they were but penalties and errors (from both sides) may have hampered them. Try as they did, the Raiders just couldn’t get past some resolute defence from the Manly boys and just fell short. The 8 point try they gave away didn’t help either. Not quite sure it should’ve been an 8 point try but Leilua did a couple of stupid things and was a contributing factor as far as I’m concerned. Even though they were better in the line breaks (4-1), ineffective tackles (12-32) and penalties conceded (11-15), it seemed to me that the Raiders weren’t applying enough pressure on Manly.

The Raiders were a tad unlucky last week and even though the Sharks should lift for the Cry Baby’s last game at Shark Park, I’ll tip the Raiders to get back on track.

Dragons vs Tigers 35-65 @ SCG
Ladder Position = Tigers
Bookies Favourite = Tigers

What can I say about the Dragons’ effort last week? 28-0 down at half-time and the damage was done. They did however win the second half 12-6 so at least they had a go. Or did the Roosters take their foot off the gas? They had some opportunities but found it a little difficult to convert them. Hopefully they’ll learn from that game. Great try from young Tristan Sailor on his debut (some nice footwork to be sure). All things being equal, he should have a bright future considering the game he had last week. Against the Tigers, the Dragons will have to try and minimise the missed tackles and errors from last week to be any chance in the contest.

The Tigers absolutely smashed the Knights last week 46-4. They were dominant right across the park and never allowed the Knights to get a look in. They all contributed but none more so than Benji. Brooks and Marshall were really good together and possibly had their best games of the year so far. Not much more to say about their effort except that the stats tell the tale. Possession 60%, set completion 90%, post contact metres 741, tackle breaks 46, kicking metres 829 and 5 forced drop outs. Them’s some good numbers indeed. Would have been a complete whitewash had it not been for Guerra’s try in the 73rd minute.

After last week’s effort, I reckon the Tigers will be keen as mustard to have a shot at sneaking into the 8. Tigers for me.

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

a's picture

Here’s my tips

Cowboys by 4 The Cowboys will do it for their final home game

Rabbitohs by 8 Surley Rabbitohs have to win this

Broncos by 2 I think the Broncos will secure their finals spot here

Knights by 12 I think the Knight will get back on track here

Storm by 1 Storm to get revenge on Manly here

Roosters by 20 Roosters will end. Panthers season here

Raiders by 2 Raiders will be cranky AF after their lost last week

West Tigers by 8 Tigers to keep their season alive here

mark ashford's picture

Hey Newbie
Gotta say I've never been into that "electronic" style of music but hey you can't please all of us all the time.
Very glad you ignored anon's request to shorten your pre-match reports. I for one enjoy reading it and I'm sure most others do as well.
Keep it up only one more round of the regular season to go.

christine 's picture

guys just letting you know were in for some rain over the next couple of days tomorrow they expect between 20 - 45mils of rain& more again the day after now i'm not saying that's a lot we are not talking about floods the Parramatta area should be affected maybe even anz stadium

Anonymous's picture

Ah Newbie
So wat de CRAP
Your right about upsets you’ve upset me if you only cut it by another 2000 you’ll be on to something
Though I like your tips only 1 different
I took Manly
My song of the week to you is an 80s classic talk talk by talk talk
If you don’t know it look it up it’s not bad

newbie from perth's picture

@ Mr Ashford

Yeah mate, music’s a subjective sort of beast. What I like, someone else doesn’t and vicky-verky. The song I posted this week just makes me feel good. A lot of people are a bit bemused with my taste in music actually, especially when they find out how old I am 😁

But it’s just something that’s always touched the inner “soul” in me. Always has, even back when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old. I can still remember the joy and wonderment of listening to the “pop songs” on the radio. I used to take my transistor radio to bed with me and listen (quietly of course) for half an hour or so before going to sleep. Gee I used to pester the hell out of the old man to continually buy me batteries for it (ha-ha).

As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t shorten this week’s post down. Just look at this reply to you if you need proof of that 😂 Good to know someone reads it through from start to finish. Thanks brother.

The announcement is a bit old but found out today that the Mighty Roosters have committed to playing a game over here in Perth for the next 3 years (2020-2022). Woo-Hoo! Can’t wait to see my BBB in person. Man I’m stoked! Won’t know who they’ll be playing obviously until next year's draw is announced but don’t really care who they play and don’t really care if they win or lose. Apparently they’ll be playing at the HBF Stadium. Not as big as Perth Stadium but at least it’s gonna be played on a ground that’s the correct shape. Bring it on!

OK, I’m outta here. Nearly time for beddie-byes. Stay well all…

newbie from perth's picture

@ Anonymous

Yeah, I hear you brother. 2,516 words is quite a lot I know. Not quite sure if I could get it down to 500 words though 😁

I thought long and hard about the Manly game and only went with the Storm at the last minute. Just wondered how much of last week’s game might’ve taken out of them and wasn’t sure on whether their injured players would front up this week or who might come into the side and so on and so on. Besides that, I’ve been pretty impressed with the Sea Eagles this year. Just a shame I can’t pick both sides.

“Talk Talk” by Talk Talk is indeed a good one mate. Remember that gem from the 80s well. Here it is just in case anyone else is interested. Thanks for the reminder.

My favourite track from them is actually “It’s My Life”. Great memories right here:

Anyways, as I mentioned to Mr Ashford, I gotta scoot and get me some shuteye. Take care Anon. Cheers…

Steel Panther's picture

I too remember Talk Talk well. Sadly lead singer Mark Hollis died earlier this year at only 64 years of age. do indeed have quite a varied taste in music. I've just booked tickets to see Alice Cooper supported by Airbourne, early February next year. Will be my sixth time seeing Alice who never disappoints!!

newbie from perth's picture

Hey Steely,

Sad to hear about the lead singer falling off the perch but hey it comes to us all at some stage. Some earlier than others eh? So you’re gonna see Alice for a sixth time? Mate, you must really like him to do that. Hope you have a great time, hopefully up the front in the pit 😄

I never got into him as much as my mates did. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a talent alright. Big ups to him for still performing at his age. He’ll be turning 72 in February. Sheesh! I reckon he might’ve just had his birthday by the time he does your concert. Let’s wait and see eh? Did you know his “real name” is Vincent Damon Furnier? Just thought I’d throw that in there. OK bud, take it easy and keep it real 💪

manyana's picture

Hi everyone, I seem to have caught the flu, so not feeling great. Bed is lovely. Can't be bothered putting my tips in the comments section. Anyone who is interested can go to guest tips
Good luck with your tips.

Anonymous's picture

In 1977 Alice Cooper was touring Australia having a hit with the song you & me and was staying at the ritz Carlton he awoke to hear screaming fans and looked out the window and couldn’t believe his eyes there were thousands as far as the eye could see and went out and gave them a wave not knowing that ABBA were staying 1 floor below him He later said
He was wondering that no one was wearing black

Baggy_Gee's picture

I tell you Mark, if your halves could get their act together behind your forwards I'd be scared witless for Friday night. As it is I'm packing death, this could be a towel up and really throw us off our step for the finals. Best of luck.

newbie from perth's picture

Hey Anon, that Alice story was a cracker 😄 Brightened up an otherwise dull day so far. More little “gems” like that would go down well. Thanks mate.

Baggy_Gee's picture

And here is it folks the moment you've all been waiting for ............ The BAGGY GIRLS TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Typical, last week i get 3/8 with thought, and they rush through it fighting as to who had to do the picking and they get 6/8, bringing them up to 99/178. I am immensely impressed with their staying power and accuracy over the year so far, lets see how they go in the last two rounds.
Cowboys - Because we don't really like Bulldogs this week.
Warriors - Because we now like the logo
Broncos - Because my sister likes the Broncos
Titans - Because i don't know what titans do but i want to pick them
Storm - Because they are a force of nature
Panthers - Because they are black and they run fast
Sharks - Because i know a lot about sharks
Dragons - Because Dragons are mythical and I like mythical things
We are fading fast and are looking forward to the post season.

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Hello everyone, my tips for this week are:

Bulldogs by 4 - Bulldogs have been absolutely brilliant over the past few weeks and in the back end of the season winning 6 of the last 8. They're having a typical good end to the season. Their finals hopes are somewhat alive with the Bulldogs needing the Broncos, Panthers and Tigers to keep losing and them to keep winning to make it. They'll be desperate for the win and will be looking to maintain that outstanding defence that they've been showing in this run of form. Yes, I know it's the Cowboys last game at 1300SMILES, yes I know it's their last home game of the season and yes they would want to win again for Matty Scott, but I just feel that the Dogs will want it more and will show their grit to hold the Cowboys out and get a tight win.

Rabbitohs by 12 - Rabbitohs got back into the winners circle last week. With some key players back this week and a top 4 spot on the line if it goes their way, the Rabbitohs should beat the lacklustre Warriors here.

Broncos by 6 - Broncos are at home again this week and will be desperate for the win to maintain in the 8 by the end of the round because if they lose this week, they may find themselves out of the 8. Coming up against the Eels, they have to be really good but throughout the season, the Eels have been playing better at home rather than away and coming up against a real desperate Broncos, I feel that the Broncos will win it here in a tight one. Intriguing on how young Payne Haas will go this week as he has been an absolute beast as of late.

Knights by 10 - The Titans were surprisingly good against the Storm last week, particularly in the first half leading 8-6 and 8-0 early. Although, the second half didn't go to plan for them with the Storm putting on 18 to the Titans 0 to run away with it and get a comfortable win but from what we expected, that margin of 16 looks small and shows that the Titans put on an almighty effort but to be fair, it was just that the Storm were very ordinary in that first half, illdiscipline, frustration and errors costed them in the first half and was why the Titans led that one at half-time being able to hang in there. Plus, there were some bad calls either way in that game but you could say that cost the Storm in the first half due to plenty of calls going the way of the Titans in that first half. The Knights on the other hand, are coming off a HUGE loss to the Tigers 46-4, geez the news of Brown's departure must've hurt the Knights mentally. But, now they know and they've had time to get used to it and come to terms with it and they should come out and put on a much better performance to beat the Titans.

Sea Eagles by 2 - Manly have already beat the Storm once this season. Can they make it the double against the Storm? I think they can. This time they'll be at home and from what I've seen, Des has most certainly brought back the passion at Manly hence why they're in the top 4. The Storm have the minor premiership secured you would think and may take a step back performance wise due to that being the case but with Bellamy as their coach, I don't think that'll happen so I'm expecting a high-quality game here. But, Manly have been showing up against the top teams including the Storm once already and I reckon they'll show up again and beat the Storm yet again in an absolute thrilling game and hey, you just never know, this may be the grand final match or a prelim final match. That forwards battle will be worth the watch and will be mouth-watering.

Roosters by 26 - Roosters have been putting scores on teams at the SCG in recent games. Roosters will be at SCG this week so I think they'll smash those Panthers this week and they will roll over them this week to all but blow those finals hopes for the Panthers.

Raiders by 7 - This is going to be an exciting game. The Sharks who've hit their straps and are in some good form up against the Raiders and we all know how the Raiders' season has gone and how much they've improved to become premiership contenders. I reckon they'll bounce back this week after their tough loss to Manly to secure a top 4 finish and to spoil it for Gal in his last home game in Cronulla in what has been a magnificent career, whether you like him or not, you can't doubt what he has done not only for the Sharks but for his state and for his country for much a long time in a career span of 19 seasons. That forward battle will be exciting.

And finally... Dragons by 1 - With not too much confidence, I'm tipping my Dragons to come away with a win in their final home game of the season for the Dragons which will be played at the SCG where the Saints definitely have plenty of history winning 11 grand finals in a row. Although we are well past our glory days, hopefully the boys can bring in some passion and beat those Tigers who will most definitely be under the pump considering they're playing for a top 8 spot and the pressure may get to them which will cause them to lose... or not, we'll see. C'mon Dragons!

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!

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Steel, Newbie & Anon.
Many years ago when we had tape players (the little tapes not reel to reel, never had one of those) in our cars I had an Alice Cooper tape that I played over and over. I think the album was called "Killer" but not sure.
2 tracks have remained in my memory "killer" and "dead babies" so ingrained are they I can still sing the lyrics to both today.
Don't worry too much about the Broncs tomorrow night. A flu scare has gone through the camp and Joe Ofteninjured is out. You have Blake F back and are playing well. It's 6 v 8 and may the best team win.

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put my tips in for taking the same as the thinker except for raiders I am taking raiders over sharks re : ladder position ...
Hope you all enjoy your games this week & luck to all in tipping this week ...

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A punishing game for both sides, and an excellent win by the Cowboys.

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Yes good win by the Cowboys they’ve finally ended Bulldogs run

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Hello Mary - top win by Cowboys and a great lasting memory for 1300 Smiles ground.
Big game for Cows in Melbourne next week.

Hope you've been well
Cheers - Big Pete in Bx

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Good late evening Christine.
From what you've openly spoken, I hope things get better for you.
You don't need smaller premises in your situation - animals, MS etc.
It just confines you and locks you in. I know, we've spoken before.
Butcher bird would miss you, as you've been their "mother" in caring.

Cheers and keep well - Big Pete in Bx

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See mary with what happened for me earlier this week with my father & now he is trying to be nice to me it's highs & lows on top of everything that has happened this week & it didn't just stop after the first day of the week that continued for a few days after that I then scrapped the side of my car on a pilon in the medical centre I go to so I now have to get that fixed but my father is now offering me help incase I need him to either follow me down there to drop off the car to be fixed so he can bring me back or pick me up if I need him too & this morning he turned up here making me hot chocolate because it was about 15 all day but felt like 13 so the point is we have gone from one extreme to another , I gave him his father's day present which included an nrl trivia game a bottle of dimple 15 year scotch & a golf cup that says on it it takes a lot of balls to play golf but it is fine bone china & I put a card with it that reads hope you have a happy father's day you will enjoy it more without me there because that's the way I have been made to feel this week so I figure if I stay away it may be better to do so unfortunately me & my sister do not get along she is just like my dad & if I was to go to her place it would become an intervention that's how I get treated so I am staying away , but to everyone else that is a father on this site I wish you all a happy fathers day...

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Mr Ashford,

It might be fun 🤔 to hear you belting out…

I came into this life
Looked all around
I saw just what I liked
And took what I found

Nothing came easy
Nothing came free
Nothing came all until they
Came after me

Mind you, I don’t reckon I’d wanna hear you sing “Dead Babies” though brother. Them’s some dark lyrics indeed. Poor Betty 😪

Stay well mate… 👍

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We have a rain cell sitting around & it just won't let up and at all ...

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Ha-Ha I'd almost forgotten the intro to Killer. Always loved the lines;
Step into the street at sunset
Step into your last goodbye
You're a target just by living
$20 will make you die
I'm a killer etc (this is from memory so apologies to Alice if I got it wrong)
Yes the lyrics to "dead babies" are quite disturbing. Must have been during Alice's dark period when he was biting the head of a live bat on stage. Can you imagine what would happen if he did that today

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Hi all you Dads out there. I'm off to the Gold Coast to spend fathers day with my daughter Phoebe and son Richard. Phoebe and I have been in constant contact but I have only just in the last 2 months been able to find my son thanks to the efforts of his beautiful wife Chrissie.
They have different mothers but are over the moon to find each other.
I have 2 wonderful grand children (Richards) and couldn't be happier.
So to all Dads have a great day and love your kids. They are our future.
No need to give this message to Baggy, I know you love your girls mate.

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Argh some stinking soft calls against us. Someone slipped klien a brown bag before kick off.

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What a game.............. the Broncos were unbelievable tonight we just wanted it more we have had a shocking year but turned it on tonight you would have heard the hits on Roma street,it would of been a travesty of justice if we had of let that one slip, there were some poor calls against us let them back into it.
Forget about any silverware this year Baggy we tested them and they were found wanting!

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If it makes you feel any better just think about the two points the refs gave you earlier in the season against the Warriors!!

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It was sub standard both ways. We got lucky a few times, Just sad to have lost.

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My daughter is going for her drivers license on Monday so I surprised her and told her she will be driving to work today , but it’s raining she said
I said it might be raining on Monday?
She drives really well but we did encounter the idiot driving to close and pulled up next to us winding down the passenger window and said why don’t you learn to drive! I thought that’s what the L plates indicated
That’s up there with telling an aboriginal to go back to their own country.
Anyway he was ignored and we got to our destination.
I said do you know what are the 2 main causes of accidents on our roads?
She said speeding and drink driving
I said close it’s actually Volvo drivers and drivers that wear hats and if not wearing the hat it will be visible thru their rear window
I think she’ll pass.

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Must be fun that anon. I've got a few more years before that bout of purgatory. But spent yesterday under the car rebuilding the suspension, listening to the radio. While I'll whinge about a few rough calls like the gutho forward pass, we didn't tackle segyiaro on the 40 on the 4th tackle. Just bad play in the end.

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Informing everyone I meet with the professor tomorrow so I will let you all know how it all goes ...

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Good luck Christine, will be thinking of you.


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Hope it all goes well Christine

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Just letting you know my father is a driving instructor & when leaners are doing a log book they have to show they have driven so many hours in all conditions such as in the wet , so many hours during the day so many hours at night I for one say wait till your 25 years old you don't have to do as many hours but having kids going for getting their licence these days is much harder for example there are way more no right turns or one way streets compared to what there used to be just as the nrl the rules are always changing it is hard to keep up I for one do not wish it on anyone trying to get there licence these days , I was lucky enough I broke my arm a couple of years ago I had a cast on my right arm & I had to renew my licence but I couldn't sign until the cast came off so the rta had me come back in to sign knowing I have ms because I have a disable parking permit due to having ms & it would seem I believe after say 25 years of age I think it is from memory but you have to have gone through the red p plates & green & be off them but there is a stage were you can actually get issued a 10 year licence if you want to buy a ten year licence but only till the age 44 I had renewed my licence less than 1 month before my 44 birthday with a broken arm but I couldn't sign due too having a cast on my arm & when I did even though I have ms they issued me a 10 year licence I have 8 years to left go on it but I know I can't get another 10 year licence now due to my age you have to be under 44 to be able to get it & the good thing about being a pensioner is you don't have to pay for a licence & if you become a pensioner after you have paid for a current licence you get a refund but only for the amount of time remaining so if your part way into using your licence you don't get the full amount back but a refund is a refund , just thought I would let you know anonymous ...

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Thanks tiger & ''a'' it is appreciated but I really hate this end of the season not long too go now the off season is so long / boring I will be around still having a chat in the off season it is my escape from life & challenges I face in general & I know some of you will be on site still in the off season too "a" usually is but I can't bring myself to get involved with cricket or tennis & horse racing for me is not really for me my father has a horse he is in a syndicate with other people he knows he was in another one but she only won once so he pulled out but they aren't thoroughbreds for long distance they are sprinters & they are only babies 2 year olds they are still learning too jump out of the barriers the poor things leave them alone just so people can make money for there own enjoyment they aren't treated very well only if they win a race are they safe & even then if they break something they are not it is a horrible business that shows you we bet on anything I myself don't really but it would be terrible to be a horse or any animal for that matter ...

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Can anyone on here tell me why St George are so bad given the roster they have? Origin players Frizzell, Vaughan, Hunt & Norman and GB internationals Widdop and Graham. Second bottom in 2019.

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Yes I have no idea

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The Tigers have made them look bad



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