Round twenty selections

Wests Tigers vs North Queensland Cowboys – Thursday night – Leichhardt Oval

The Tigers return to Leichhardt Oval for the first time since round one. Back then they beat the Sea Eagles 20-6, which is looking like fair form right now. With a few winnable games for the Tigers at the back end of the season they could find themselves in the top eight this year. Robbie Farah has cleverly announced his end of year retirement before a game at his spiritual home. It's clearly double-dipping, after the Tigers celebrated his 300th game last weekend...and he gets to triple dip because their last game of the regular season is at Leichhardt too. Rod Reddy might call that selfish but still...he's been a bl00dy good player for a bl00dy long time. The Cowboys, a team who have had their fair share of miserable seasons, have had one of their worst in 2019. A few positives to note leading into this game:

  • They've actually won more games away than at home, including victories over the Raiders and the Roosters.
  • Michael Morgan returns after some concerning concussions – I'm sure everyone hopes he gets through the game in good health.

The Tigers beat the Cowboys by a solitary point up in Townsville earlier this season. Given the circumstances I'm tipping them to get the points again.

Verdict – Tigers by 4

Result – Tigers 28 defeated Cowboys 4

New Zealand Warriors vs Canberra Raiders – Friday night – Mt Smart Stadium

Every team wants to finish in the top four, but this year you probably don't want to finish fourth. Fourth is likely to mean a trip to Melbourne for week one of the finals, which isn't mission impossible but it's definitely mission unpreferable. The dream is top two, particularly for a team like the Raiders who would love to play a final at home in front of all those vikings...and that dream is very much alive. I think the Warriors, perennial dreamers each and every season, need to win five of their last six games to make the top eight. That's not easy for anyone, but the Warriors will have to achieve that against the Raiders, Sea Eagles, Roosters, Sharks, Rabbitohs and Raiders.....and the Referees. As the Pet Shop Boys would sing "But it's hard. So hard."

Verdict – Raiders by 8

Result – Raiders 46 defeated Warriors 12

Brisbane Broncos vs Melbourne Storm – Friday night – Suncorp Stadium

About a month ago I really put the boot into the Broncos. They haven't lost a game since and seemingly from out of nowhere they're in the top eight. It looks like a turnaround, and it's hard to argue it isn't, but it's worth noting that their last four opponents (Sharks, Warriors, Bulldogs, Titans) aren't in the upper echelons of the competition this season. This is much harder. I can literally hear them training as I write this and there's plenty of enthusiasm. I give them a hope in this, but the Storm have an extraordinary record at Suncorp Stadium, and they're coming off a loss so you know Coach Cranky will have them especially focussed. Gillett and Flegler return in time to bolster a Broncos pack weakened by the suspension to Pangai Jnr. Vunivalu returns for the Storm. Game of the round...surely.

Verdict – Storm by 2

Result – Storm 40 defeated Broncos 4

Manly Sea Eagles vs Newcastle Knights – Saturday afternoon – Lottoland

The Knights have lost their last four games in a row. Three of those games were at home and three of those games were against teams below them on the ladder. When they played a team above them on the ladder it was away from home and they got flogged by 38 points. The Knights face a similar scenario here, against a team that beat them in Newcastle earlier this season. Nathan Brown has got out one of those automatic card shuffling machines you see at Blackjack tables and made about 8 changes to his seventeen this weekend. He wasn't happy after the last start loss – I'm not sure if he's panicking or just angry. The Sea Eagles on the other have have won three of their last four, and their only loss was by a solitary point to a team in the top two. Last weekend they beat the other team in the top a solitary point. They're genuine contenders, and right now we can't say that about the Knights.

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 14

Result – Sea Eagles 30 defeated Knights 6

Canterbury Bulldogs vs Penrith Panthers – Saturday night – Bankwest Stadium

It could be a quiet night for the scoreboard attendant here, although the attendant is probably a robot in this schmicky new stadium. The Panthers defence has been quite miserly up until their loss to the Raiders last weekend. The Bulldogs defence has been pretty good in recent weeks too, limiting the Chooks to just 20 points in round 19. The problem for the Dogs is their attack, which rarely gets to 20 points or more. Because of this, even their competitive efforts often end up as losses. This looks like another one of those.

Verdict – Panthers by 4

Result – Bulldogs 16 defeated Panthers 8

Cronulla Sharks vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Saturday night – PointsBet Stadium

The Sharks finally jagged a win last weekend but it came at a cost with a hand injury to our Prime Minister. He's been named regardless. Two big (very big) inclusions on Saturday night with Andrew Fifita back for the Sharks and Sam Burgess back for the Bunnies. I'm sure they'll cross paths several times over the course of the 80 minutes. According to the Telstra tracker Paul Gallen spent nearly half the game in round 19 impersonating the letter 'Y'. If he spent more time carting the ball up and less time pleading for help from the referees he'd be a lot less annoying to watch. Because he's annoying I'm tipping the Rabbits. I have other reasons, but that's reason enough.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 4

Result – Sharks 39 defeated Rabbitohs 24

Sydney Roosters vs Gold Coast Titans – Sunday afternoon – Sydney Cricket Ground

A whole lot of grunt has been taken out of the Roosters engine room with Waerea-Hargreaves, Taukeiaho and Cordnor all unavailable. That certainly evens up the contest a little, but when you look at the backlines for both these sides it's hard to imagine anything but a win for the tricolours.

Verdict – Roosters by 10

Result – Roosters 58 defeated Titans 6

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Parramatta Eels – Sunday afternoon – Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

Only the Titans have conceded more points than the Dragons this year. Only the Storm and the Roosters have scored more points than the Eels this year. It's usually not that simple, but in this case, it is.

Verdict – Eels by 8

Result – Eels 12 defeated Dragons 4

Wally Lewis - round twenty selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • TIGERS vs Cowboys
  • Warriors vs RAIDERS
  • Broncos vs STORM
  • SEA EAGLES vs Knights
  • Bulldogs vs PANTHERS
  • Sharks vs RABBITOHS
  • ROOSTERS vs Titans
  • Dragons vs EELS


tigerholic's picture

Morning Folks
Can't believe that we are already in round 20 of the competition, where has this season gone.
Good luck to all of the tipsters who are still in with a chance, the pressure is mounting.
Have to say thank-you to Robbie Farah for all of the memories, very happy that he could be back in Tigers colours for his 300th game and to finish his career, you have been a Champion Robbie.


Steel Panther's picture

Congratulations Tigerholic on tipping a full card last round. Impressive work indeed and more fitting for you that your Tigers stood up and delivered a win for Robbie Farah in his 300th game. Well done!!

tigerholic's picture

Cheers Steel
Even though I am too far behind in the tipping comp it was pleasing to see the Tigers win for Robbie.
I only hope that we can string a few wins together.

Have a great week


Mary S's picture

Hi Tiger,
Congrats on last weeks tipping - vast improvement in your scores, since you returned from your hiking trip!!1


Baggy_Gee's picture

Always good to see a fan hang tough and get the points for backing his team. Go Tiger!!!!!!

Billy Bob's picture

For the biggest brain in the NRL, you really take a long time to make up your mind.

Billy Bob

Stiie Pangutie's picture

Tips for round 20..

tigerholic's picture

Thanks Mary and Baggy
I have had a very ordinary year as far as the tipping goes. A few years back I let footy dictate to me how I felt, I really enjoy a good game of footy nowadays no matter who is playing.

Of course it is sweet when the Tigers have a win.

Take Care and "Go the Tigers"


a's picture

My tips for the weekend are

Cowboys by 2 I think the Cowboys will keep their season alive

Raiders by 6 I think the Raiders will continue their good form

Storm by 8 Storm to bounce back here

Sea Eagles by 20 Sea Eagles to flog Knights here

Panthers by 4 Panthers to bounce back here

Rabbitohs by 1 Rabbitohs to win in a thriller

Roosters by 30 no need to explain

Eels by 4 Eels to win away here

christine 's picture

Well done tiger now if only you can get rocket ryan to do the same ...

christine 's picture

i'm am taking the same as the thinker this week ...

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Sa-wat-dee krup,

No need to discuss my BBB in match comments below (you’ll see why when you get there). But I just need to say a little something about the Roosters while I’m here.

They are still my boys and I love them dearly but I was a tad disappointed with them last week to be honest. We should’ve won that game by much more than we did. Yes, I can say that we did what we needed to do and we got the points in the end but I can also say we were far from impressive. If we keep “falling asleep” during games then we’re no chance for back-to-back flags. I thought these lapses had been dealt with but obviously Trent has run out of all the free coffee I sent him for the boys to sip on before the game and at half-time so that they wouldn’t fall asleep during games. Hey Trent! Do you want some more? Medium or full strength? I’ll pay the postage 👍

I don’t get it, we beat the Knights by 38-points and a week later we scrape in by 8. Too many errors and chances not taken. The Bulldogs weren’t doing all that much (they had their fair share of problems too) but somehow managed to get close. It’s a funny ol’ game ain’t it.

OK, enough self-indulgence. Let’s get into it…

Tigers vs Cowboys 55-45 @ Leichhardt
Ladder Position = Tigers
Bookies Favourite = Tigers

The Tigers just got up in a thriller over the Knights and on balance, I thought they deserved the win. Their big effort in the second half was the difference. You could be excused if you thought they were gone after the Knights went 12 points up after just 6 or 7 minutes. To their credit they scored 3 tries of their own within 18 minutes and thereafter toughed it out to win. I’m wondering if they can do something similar now that Robbie’s announced his retirement.

The poor old Cowboys did really well considering all the factors that conspired against them last Thursday night. Look, as good as the Tigers were last week, I still reckon the Cowboys are a chance here. Considering the injuries, players missing and guys forced to play out of position, the Cowboys did an excellent job against the Sharks last week and nearly pulled it off. It was a brave effort indeed. You can lose games but if you keep having a crack for the full 80 and you try your heart out, that earns huge brownie points with me. And the Cowboys earned a heap of them last week. If having 6 of their best missing wasn’t bad enough, they then lost Feldt just before the break. Shuffling players around wouldn’t have helped so to get as close as they did on an empty tank was full of merit in my book. Even though Morgan returns, their injury toll has me a little worried.

Both these teams were involved in 2 point results last week. The Tigers won by 2 and the Cowboys lost by 2. No bearing whatsoever on this match but just thought it was an interesting thing to mention. Who to tip? As much as I’d love to jump on the Cowboys here (I really would), I might just stick with the Tigers at Leichhardt.

Warriors vs Raiders 35-65 @ Mt Smart
Ladder Position = Raiders
Bookies Favourite = Raiders

The Warriors lost a close one to the Eels last week 24-22 but were possibly “dudded” in that match (apologies Baggy). I read somewhere that all 4 referees from that game were dropped this week due to the sheer number of mistakes made. Really? Don’t worry though, they’ll all be back at it soon enough. We would’ve forgotten all about it by then. That’s just what human beings do. Bet the Warriors’ fans won’t forget though, especially the 2-9 penalty count. The thing the Warriors should have in their favour is that they’ll still be fuming over that match last week and will come out angry. If they’re not and they don’t, shame on them. OK, they did match it with the Eels but I’m rating the Raiders just a little higher so the Warriors will need to step it up even more if they want to win this one. They just need to improve on the sloppy, inconsistencies that were part of their game last week.

Weren’t the Raiders impressive last week eh? They absolutely smacked the Panthers (30-18) after weathering the initial onslaught in the first 15 or so. Read somewhere they had to defend 8 of the first 9 sets of the game. Their defence was outstanding to say the least. They just hung in there believing that all they had to do was to be patient and the points would come. And boy, they certainly did. Really impressed with that John Bateman fella. Have been for a while actually. Tough as boots and has a great football brain. Doesn’t look like a football player but looks can be deceiving. Strong performance indeed. Not quite sure how the flight to NZ and a short(ish) turnaround will affect the Raiders though. Given their ability to play at pace, I’m assuming they’ll be fit enough for this.

I’m actually expecting this to be a close one but I’ll stick with the Green Machine here.

Broncos vs Storm 35-65 @ Suncorp
Ladder Position = Storm
Bookies Favourite = Storm

Absolutely no offence intended to anyone here but yes, the Broncos did smack the Titans by 22 last week but you gotta remember they were only playing the Titans! Had they won by 32 say, I’d be more receptive to their chances this week. Not exactly sure how the Ponies are going to beat the Storm here. Maybe if they replicate Manly’s effort from last week 100% (and just a little more) then maybe. Their forward pack is travelling alright at the moment and if they can control most of the play and put in a solid 80 minutes of footy then there’s a chance of another upset. Gee, wouldn’t that be good to see.

Speaking of controlling the play, the Storm are masters at it. They’ll be smarting after last week’s loss and might just come out with one of their trademark “week after a loss” efforts and tear the Broncos apart. Then again, maybe not. Their attack last week was seriously lacking and they were making poor decisions due to the pressure put on them by Manly. I know they need to get a better start than they did last week. Can’t fathom how it took them 49 minutes before they got their first points. 😧 At least they can brag that they’ve beaten the Bronos in their last 6 encounters. Will it be 7 or not?

Ah, the old “bounce-back” factor and the “they don’t usually lose 2 in a row” thing will probably raise its head here. Storm for me.

Manly vs Knights 65-35 @ Brookvale
Ladder Position = Manly
Bookies Favourite = Manly

Omigosh! There will be some very happy Manly fans out there at the moment. Stellar performance last week in knocking off the Storm. That’s how you do it people! Absolutely awesome display. Hasler for Coach of the Year anyone? Play at 75% of last week’s level and they will win this comfortably. They are just humming along beautifully at the minute and the way Des has his blokes running around and the players he has, I just can’t see many teams being able to match Manly if they’re having one of those days. Big Pete – are the “glory days” returning my son?

Not sure what’s happened to the Knights to be honest. Have they peaked too early? Their defence has serious cracks appearing and Ponga and Pearce need to rediscover some form. They will be absolutely desperate to get back on track seeing as they’ve now dropped out of the 8. They’ve only won one game in their last six so they need to get serious here. Racing out to a 12-0 lead in the first 7 minutes last week and eventually losing to the Tigers wouldn’t have done their confidence much good so they’ll just have to try and forget that and start again. It’s pretty obvious here but they just gotta reduce the errors and improve on their defence. If you want to win games you have to work for it. Just like Manly did last week.

This one should be self evident. At home, it’s the Manly boys for me.

Bulldogs vs Panthers 35-65 @ Bankwest
Ladder Position = Panthers
Bookies Favourite = Panthers

The Bulldogs lost to my BBB last week but managed to get quite close in the end. Interesting that they had nearly 70% possession and an 8-2 penalty count in their favour in the second half. Just grateful they weren’t better in the first 40, otherwise we could have lost it. If they (the Dogs) can take something out of that match and put it into practice here, they might prove a handful for the Panthers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … the Bulldogs always seem to have a fair old crack at it (most times anyway) and with that attitude, one day they’ll come good. Once their younger fellas get some experience under their belts, watch out. What they need to do here is improve on their defence and have a better start. Yeah, pretty obvious statement there but it is that simple. At its core, footy isn’t that hard. Yeah, the Doggies are in this one.

The Panthers finally lost one. You know what I say don’t you, “the longer you keep winning, the closer you get to losing”. It happened to the Storm last week as well so maybe it’s better that the Panthers lost now rather than later in the finals. It was no big deal that they lost but the scoreline was. Getting 30 points put on you is not a good sign, not good at all. Mind you, they were up against a Raiders side who were on song. The Panthers do have a good record against the Doggies lately and have beaten them 4 out of the last 5 games. They’ll be looking to “bounce back” obviously and I’m sure Cleary has got them focused again and hopefully ironed out a few bugs.

I can well imagine the Bulldogs will make a fight out of this one but also imagine that Cleary and Maloney will have an easier time of it this week and will be able to get the Panthers home. The Black Cats for me.

Sharks vs Rabbitohs 45-55 @ Shark Park
Ladder Position = Rabbitohs
Bookies Favourite = Rabbitohs

As far as I’m concerned, the Sharks were very lucky to get away with the win last week. They played less than inspiring football and were rather “patchy” if that makes any sense. Anyone other than an injury ravaged Cowboys and they would’ve lost. They had almost 60% possession in the second 40 and against a buggered Cowboys they only just snuck in. I’m not convinced at all. This week they’re up against a Bunnies side I’m not entirely convinced with either. The Sharks are not the Sharks I’m used to seeing. They reckon Moylan’s coming back but to be honest, I don’t see that as a plus really. His form lately has been only so-so and he’s prone to making too many errors. Look, he’s a great player but unfortunately for the Sharks he has lost a bit of his sparkle and needs to find it again and quick. The upside for the Sharks is the naming of Fifita, Flanagan and Graham to return as well.

Yeah, the Bunnies are on a roll again and have won their last 3. The one win of merit was against Manly but the other 2 (again no disrespect intended) were only over the Dragons and the Cowboys. They were also very lucky to win last week against the Dragons. Seriously, you shouldn’t be pulling ones like that out of the fire with seconds to go. In my opinion I reckon they didn’t deserve that win. But hey, they got up and got another 2 competition points so it is what it is I suppose. The Rabbitohs were a bit disjointed and disorganised in the first half last week. They improved a bit in the second half but it didn’t last long as the last 15 or 20 belonged to the Dragons. How they managed that miracle try with seconds to go beggars belief. Sheesh!

Both these teams leave me wondering and not totally convinced on either. I’m assuming Reynolds would’ve practiced his kicking during the week and I’m assuming Big Sam will be back. The Sharks have named 4 handy players to make returns as well. Gee, this is a tough one. I’ve tossed a coin and it came up Bunnies. Whatever!

Roosters vs Titans 85-15 @ SCG
Ladder Position = Roosters
Bookies Favourite = Roosters

Roosters $1.12 favourites. Need I say more? Roosters for me. Begurk! 🐔 Begurk! 🐔

Dragons vs Eels 40-60 @ Jubilee
Ladder Position = Eels
Bookies Favourite = Dragons

Firstly, not sure how the Dragons are favourites for this match. Well they are over here in the West anyway. Then again, not too hard to accept I suppose. They were very unlucky last week going down to the Rabbitohs. Even though I had tipped the Bunnies, I was hoping the Dragons would be able to get up. Widdop’s return made a huge difference. So did Ben Hunt’s errors (clangers). That goal line drop out will haunt him (and Paul Vaughan) for the rest of their lives 😱. Seriously, you’re playing in the premier first grade competition in the world and you do things like that? I’m speechless. I’m without speech!

The Eels were another side who were lucky to win last week. Had the penalty count been kinder to the Warriors, the Eels might’ve just lost that one. Mind you the Warriors were average in parts of the game anyway and well, a win is a win as they say. I’m wondering which Eels team is gonna rock up in this one. The one who will blow the Dragons off the park or the one that puts in a shocker and gets rolled? Might have to check in with Baggy on that one 😁 The Eels have won 4 from the last 5 against the Dragons which should give them some confidence going into this one.

Dunno with this one to be honest. My gut feelings usually let me down but I’m going with it again this week. Based solely on what I saw on TV last week I’m tipping the Dragons.

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

Listen to this when I’m feeling a bit down and it always gets me back on track. Feel free to have a cry if you need to.

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

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Just quickly, I’ve been wanting to see if I can **make this work** for some time now. I won’t know until I post this. Apologies for taking up space while you’re all asleep.

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Nah, didn’t work 😪 I was trying to “bold” some words. No biggie. Take care y'all...

The Thinker's picture

@newbie from perth

I can make things bold, but I don't think you get as many options in the comments section as I do. I will investigate.

Thank you again for your detailed previews...I enjoy reading them.

newbie from perth's picture

No worries Boss. I was just thinking about bolding the headings for each game. Don’t worry too much about it, you gotta keep some control after all eh? 👊👍 Cheers buddy and thanks for the kind words...

JKBubble's picture

I'm interested to hear everyone's opinion. Why are Dragons going so bad when the team on paper is actually very good?
Who do you think is responsible, and who should be dropped?

manyana's picture

Hi all, here are my guesses for this week.
Most of the games seem easy, but there are a couple that had me scratching my head.
Sea Eagles
Dragons (a 50/50) & you can bet I've got it wrong lol.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Could be same as the Knights, to much scrutiny through the DeBelin thing, to much internal stress no to stuff up, and not doing the usual things to release the blow off value.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a good week and that continues for the remainder of this week. My tips for this week are:

Tigers by 8 - Congratulations to the Robbie for a successful 300th and the Tigers for getting that victory in Robbie's 300th. An almighty effort after being 12-0 down with 10 minutes of the game not even gone by. The Tigers are still a good chance for the finals whereas, their opponents in this one the Cowboys have to win just about every game from here to get into the 8. Going to be a good game surely but with the Tigers back at Leicchardt and Robbie Farah announcing his retirement this week, I think that the Tigers will get it done for Robbie yet again and get closer to that top 8.

Raiders by 12 - The Raiders have been absolutely wonderful this season and there last game was a really good example of that. Another clinical performance for the Raiders to get a good 30-18 win over the inform Panthers. The Raiders have really come a really long way in the last 12 months. Top 2 is a possibility for the Raiders but like I've been saying, they have to beat the top sides to do just that, they did get the victory over a top 8 side last week but, can they beat the top 4 sides? That'll be answered over the coming weeks but this week, the Raiders have to contend with the Warriors who were very very very unlucky last week. The Warriors will be looking for redemption after last week's loss but I feel that the Raiders' class and slick defence will get them over the line in the end.

Storm by 6 - This should be a cracker. The inform Broncos coming up against the ladder-leading Storm. The Storm finally suffered a loss last week. Even though I did tip them last week, it's always good to see the Storm losing. But, they rarely lose back-to-back and Bellamy will surely pump the boys up for a bounce back win this week which means that the Broncos will really need to be on their game if they're going to beat the Storm. I hope for the Broncos' sake that they have done their homework last week on how to beat the Storm because Manly done just that. Broncos need to do the same if they're going to beat the Storm. I just don't see that happening though but this will get close. Storm to continue on their hoodoo in Brisbane.

Manly by 10 - Geez haven't Manly been a joy to watch this year. To think where they were last season running second last to this season where they're eyeing the top 4 and a last start victory over the 1st placed Storm. Manly are in a sweet position at the moment. The Knights though, aren't so much with 4 losses on the trout now. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we see a massive blowout in this one, especially if Manly are on. But, hopefully for the Knights' sake, they can get up in this one and put on a good performance and get the victory because they really need one now that they're out of the 8. But, I feel that it'll be Manly who continue on their merry ways and continue to impress this season with yet another win here at home.

Panthers by 7 - Panthers finally had their massive winning streak of 7 broken last week. Now that they got that loss out of the way, it's time for them to get back into business and get back into the winners circle. This does look quite easy for them coming against the Bulldogs. But expect the Bulldogs to show some fight just like they did last week so the Panthers shouldn't take the Bulldogs lightly whatsoever otherwise they may suffer another loss. This may be a low scoring game like Thinker said as these sides haven't been great attack wise this season, although the Panthers' attack has improved immense throughout their winning streak. So with that, I feel that the Panthers will just have too many points in the bag for the Dogs and will get back into the winners circle here.

Rabbitohs by 2 - Rabbitohs escaped with the win last week over my mob. Wow weren't they lucky. The Rabbits have seriously got to get back on their game especially with the finals looming. This week is a good opportunity for them to do just that coming up against the Sharks who finally won a tight one for once with a 16-14 win over the Cowboys at home. They'll be at home again but I don't think that'll affect the Rabbits that much. The Sharks have to be much better than they have been if they're going to beat the Bunnies and with a few key inclusions, I think that they can get close but the Rabbits will get another close win here I reckon. It's going to be a ripping forward battle by the way. Good to see that S. Burgess is back for the Bunnies as well, will be interesting to see how he fairs coming back from such an injury.

Roosters by 28 - The only hope for the Titans is that the Roosters are missing 3 key forwards in JWH, Taukieaho and Cordner other than that, the Roosters are pretty much full strength and will be looking to flex their muscle in this one. Coming up against the Titans, the Roosters should surely roll over the Titans and put a score on them this week with that amazing backline that they have also at home.

And finally... Dragons by 4 - I'm backing the boys this week. For the first time since round 17, I'm backing the mighty Dragons. I've just got this feeling that we will get the W here over the Eels. We were very unlucky in our loss to the Rabbits. That was a heartbreaker. I was at the game last Friday night and it was an amazing atmosphere in that last 15 minutes. Felt like much more than 12,000 in that last 5 minutes when the game got interesting and the Dragons had fought back. The Rabbits fans celebrated like they won the grand final in the end after that escape as well which was interesting to see. Credit to young Jason Saab on debut for scoring a double to get us back in the game. Also to Widdop who although did look a little rusty, had a good game especially in the second half to get us back in the game. Love Norman at Fullback as well, so much better than Dufty. Dufty only has his speed, other than that he has nothing to show. Norman had good defence, caught the ball well, looked promising in attack and he was a creative fullback as well and having a fullback like that in your side does really help. Hunt seriously needs to be on his game this week, he had a disappointing showing last week. This will be a challenge coming up against the Eels, but I think that we can get it done. Carn the Dragons! P.S. good luck Baggy, may the best team win.

Awesome. Good luck with all of your teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragons-fanboy's picture

To answer your question JKBubble as a Dragons fan, we've had much more injuries and distractions in our side compared to last year, including JDB. I also feel that the expectation for the Dragons coming into this season was much higher than in past seasons recently due to us making the semis last year. This was added pressure on the boys and they just haven't been able to respond and perform consistently this season. I also feel that Mary hasn't used our squad correctly. I do love that finally he made the right option with Norman at fullback rather than Dufty based on what I saw on Friday night from Norman. Obviously with Widdop out though, Norman had to be in the halves. But, yeah Mary should've used our roster better. The youngsters should be getting opportunities now that the season is over yet Mary keeps persisting, our centre pairing should've definitely changed at some stage during the season due to the poor defensive performances from both throughout the season, our backline for most of the season didn't look great in games as well, poor attitude from the players as well has also been the issue as well, lack of energy in a lot of our games has costed us dearly in games and is a major cause for our horrible defence this season. You could also say that our lack in energy has affected our attack a lot too, last season, we would be playing footy, playing what is in front of us which is why we won a lot of games and why we made the semis, the forwards making the good metres, the backs playing what was in front of them, etc, etc. This season, we've been looking to create something too much which has caused us to make wrong decisions in attack. These are reasons why I think we've been struggling this season although we have a really good playing roster.


Dragons-fanboy's picture

Oh and also origin did have a big affect on us Dragons this season due to the heavy origin outs we had. This did provide good opportunities to youngsters though and it was a good learning cure for them so I shouldn't use that as much of an excuse or reasoning I guess.


Baggy_Gee's picture

Here are the girls tips, 3/8 last weekend, and sitting on 81/144 they are doing quite well. If they were in my other comp they would be a clear 4th.
Tigers - Because they are black and orange
Warriors - Because now we like the logo
Broncos - Because they are very good team
Manly - Because they are bird and we like birds
Panthers - Because we don't like bulldogs, they scare me
Rabbits - Because my toy is a rabbit and he is soft and cute.
Roosters - Because they can crow long and loud
Eels - Because they are a team we go for often.

The Tide Head's picture

Sorry Thinker,
Parent teacher interviews got me again!
Sea Eagles

I sent you an email as well.
Tide Head

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JKBubble they were the team that began the block run plays if you recall, with Darius floating out the back to put Morris over in the corner. It helped with a premiership in 2010 but nowdays teams need more than just set plays. Playing ad-lib at times they have done ok this year, but more often than not,still rely on plays that hardly ever work.

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Great game tonight Wests Tigers Fans, that was a fantastic defensive effort and we took advantage of the field position to score as well.

Thinker- You have changed your thoughts about the Tigers, last week you had them done and dusted by 14, this week you jump back on the band wagon and get a win!

All good Boss, a very happy Tigers supporter tonight.


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I’m never tipping the Cowboys again this year

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You are right Tigerholic

Not an easy team to get a read their best they are a top four team. It's hard to be your best for 25 weeks though.

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Good response Thinker

If they could defend like they did last night we could be in the top 4 for sure.
Happy to see that we have some light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the footy.


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Morning All, this alert is trying to locate a missing Tipster that goes by the name ROCKET RYAN, it would seem that he goes missing when his tips do the same thing.

It makes me feel bad for tipping a perfect round, hope he didn't go further underground.

If anyone can locate the missing tipster, please encourage him to return, what's going to happen tonight when the Broncos lose!!!!

Tiger- A concerned tipster.

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You would be on top of the world with the result last night, which is indicated in your sincere concern but cheeky(???) comment for your fellow tipster, Rocket Ryan!!!!

Not so happy Cowboys fan

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It's OK Tigerholic, the Rocket will return once the Eels, and Tigers are firmly in the top 8. If only to decry how hard his poor hopeless Broncos have been dudded and bring up cap cheating, performance enhancing drugs and everything else to prove we got an unfair advantage. The 50+ point scored against them tonight will bring him home.

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Who was worse last night?

The Warriors or the Broncos??

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They were 'neck & neck' for that honour, weren't they Steel?

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I'm going to say the Warriors Mary. No disrespect to the Raiders but the Storm are a better opposition. That was the Warriors 6th loss in a row at Mt Smart which equals their previous worst losing home record. Next week they have a red hot Manly and it's very much on the cards the home losing streak will continue.

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come on rocket your team was playing storm did you really think your team would beat them , you have to come out of hiding sooner or later we might even play nice you never know ...

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Good call Christine

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Greetings football fans

I have updated the NRL ladder and the tipping comp after round 20.

Congrats to Catdog, Baggy Gee and ScottyH who all top-scored with 7 from 8...outstanding work crew.

I will have the round 21 page up and running today, and my previews and tips will be published on Wednesday.

If anyone thinks I've made any errors with the scoring just give me a holler and I'll double check.

All the best

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Well done Catdog, Baggy Gee and ScottyH for your effort of 7/8, was not an easy round with a few upsets.

Still no sign of our Missing Tipster Rocket, hope he hasn't joined" he who we must not mention"


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I thought that Lord Voldemort was just a work of fiction there Tigerholic. It was an interesting round, last weekend they were all close with only a few points between them. This round was all blow out except for the one that mattered. We needed those +/- points this weekend.

NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news