Round eight selections

Melbourne Storm vs Sydney Roosters – Thursday night – Suncorp Stadium

The Storm have escaped the escalating madness in Victoria and resettled on the Sunshine Coast. It's a sensible choice for a whole range of reasons, and on Thursday night they take on the defending premiers at what is likely to be their 'home ground' for the foreseeable future. Both teams bring glistening form to this contest, and both have significant injuries to significant players. The Chooks lose Radley and Verrills for the season, and Isaac Liu is unlikely to play with a broken rib. The Storm lose their most dynamic and enigmatic playermaker in Cameron Munster, and they are also monitoring Addo-Carr, Welch and Kenny Bromwich after head knocks last week. Tedesco will return for the Chooks after his head knock, and Josh Morris has also been named. The Roosters appeared rattled by the injuries to Radley and Verrills during the game against the Dragons, but they were professional enough to regroup in the second half and win fairly comfortably in the end. Clearly this is harder than that, but they've had a week to prepare for the new normal. Last week they moved Manu to fullback and Brett Morris into the centres. They both had blinders and Morris scored three tries, which shows just how adaptable this team is. Obviously it's the game of the round, and I might even drag myself down to Lang Park and watch it with my own eyes.

Verdict – Roosters by 4

Result – Storm 27 defeated Roosters 25

Canberra Raiders vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Friday night – Campbelltown Stadium

Some positive signs in attack for both these clubs, despite the losses in round seven. On four occasions this season the Raiders have held their opponent to six points over the 80 minutes. The teams that scored more than that (Sea Eagles 14, Eels, 25 and Knights 34) are nearer the pointier end of the NRL ladder this season. Given the Dragons often struggle in attack, I'll be backing the Raiders defence to do the job it has to do.

Verdict – Raiders by 8

Result – Raiders 22 defeated Dragons 16

Parramatta Eels vs North Queensland Cowboys – Friday night – Bankwest Stadium

Only the most ardent of Cowboys supporters thought they would take care of the Knights last weekend. Actually, that's not true - even they didn't see that result coming. This game is at least as hard, and it's in Sydney, and their opponent shouldn't take them lightly now. Mitchell Moses is a big loss for the ladder leaders, but the rest of that spine (Mahoney, Brown and Gutherson) are doing some pretty special things this year. Even more importantly, their defence continues to be a standout.

Verdict – Eels by 14

Result – Eels 42 defeated Cowboys 4

Gold Coast Titans vs Cronulla Sharks – Saturday afternoon – Suncorp Stadium

Those that have been following this site for some time would know that I've never been a big fan of the Sharks. They are the brussel sprout of the NRL - unattractive, unpalateable and a strange choice of vegetable for a football fan when there are so many better vegetables out there. Many of you would also know that I have a bit of a soft spot for the Titans, but right now they look like kale. Neither option appeals to me, but I have to eat one of them. Cronulla Sprouts it is. Better get a bucket, I'm gonna throw up.

Verdict – Sharks by 4

Result – Sharks 40 defeated Titans 10

New Zealand Warriors vs Brisbane Broncos – Saturday night – Central Coast Stadium

The 59-0 loss to the Roosters looked like the Broncos at their all-time low, but the performance against the Titans last weekend was around the same mark. In response to this, the Broncos look set to drop one winger from their starting side. It's hard to see that making the difference, but what they do have in their favour is an opponent who may have lost heart. Their coach got punted, they're away from home, and they can't go home. As Victoria unravels, the chances of a trans-tasman travel bubble become less and less likely. As a result, the Warriors are trapped a long way from family and a long way from the top eight. Tough going. It's the only reason I'm tipping the Broncos who, against any other team, would almost certainly lose. They can probably win this, but it's hardly anything to celebrate.

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Warriors 26 defeated Broncos 16

Wests Tigers vs Penrith Panthers – Saturday night – Bankwest Stadium

At times the easiest way to line up two sides is to look at who they have played. The Tigers have had a pretty soft draw thus far, with only two games against what I would call genuine top eight sides (and they lost them both). The Panthers, by comparison, have played five top eight teams. They beat three of them, drew with the Knights and went very close against the Eels. The Tigers are going well, but the Panthers have better form.

Verdict – Panthers by 10

Result – Panthers 19 defeated Tigers 12

Manly Sea Eagles vs Newcastle Knights – Sunday afternoon – Lottoland

Both sides disappointed in round seven, although the Sea Eagles loss was slightly less surprising given the injuries to key playmakers. With Turbo and Walker out, much of the pressure lands in the lap of Cherry-Evans. He doesn't seem to mind, but the Knights aren't easybeats. The return to Brookvale for the first time in a long time helps too, but I keep looking at the Newcastle line-up and thinking they have the Sea Eagles covered across much of the paddock. I'm writing off the performance against the Cowboys as an aberration.

Verdict – Knights by 7

Result – Knights 14 defeated Sea Eagles 12

Canterbury Bulldogs vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Sunday night – Bankwest Stadium

As one of the true glamour clubs in the NRL, the Bunnies have had to face plenty of high quality opponents through the early rounds. On the occasions when they have taken on the lesser teams, they have won comfortably. Given the Bulldogs current position on the ladder, I'm willing to put them in the lesser team category.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 10

Result – Rabbitohs 26 defeated Bulldogs 10

Wally Lewis - round eight selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • Storm vs ROOSTERS
  • RAIDERS vs Dragons
  • EELS vs Cowboys
  • Titans v SHARKS
  • Warriors vs BRONCOS
  • Tigers vs PANTHERS
  • Sea Eagles vs KNIGHTS
  • Bulldogs vs RABBITOHS


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Greetings football fans

I have updated the NRL ladder and the tipping comp after round seven. One or two genuine upsets made for difficult tipping, but quite a lot of you managed six from eight.

If anyone notices any errors in the scoring just let me know.

I will have my previews and selections published on Tuesday or Wednesday.

All the best

The Thinker

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Hi Mary
Yes I did read this on the NRL's site today. There are some on the Broncs roster who are trying. Alex Glenn is one but I fear there are a few who are not. Is Siebold the problem, who knows I certainly don't. It looks like a club who are not playing for each other just running around to make sure they get their money. If they beat the Warriors this weekend I hope there's not too much cheering etc.

Baggy_Gee's picture

No the coach is not the first man to be blamed, they were belted by the Dragons under Bennett, belted by the Eels under Siebold, one of the main constants in those 3 years have been a majority of the players. Blame them first, and then blame the coach. But as a good tactical/strategic minded guy, put me in the coaches box for trick plays and out thinking the opposition.

The Thinker's picture

Sounds like Kearney is on the verge of signing on as an Assistant Coach at the Broncos (alongside Kevin Walters). Both spent time in the Storm it might help.

mark ashford's picture

The Thinker
If that all comes off it must surely be a big boost to the club maybe just what they need. Both IMO are very good coaches and Walters can get into the Broncs heads. Would take the pressure off Siebold if they can work together.

mark ashford's picture

Interesting the Broncs have dropped Oates (only to the bench as there's nowhere else to drop him to). Thought there are a couple who should have gone before him.

Steel Panther's picture

Wouldn't it be funny if Kearney was confirmed on the Broncos coaching by this weekend.....

EsraStar's picture

Oh,please,,all we need is another coach with a losing record.
As nice a guy as Kearny seems to be,,we don't need his input at this stage of the game.What we need is a coach that can recognize who is not performing. i.e. Milford and Boyd. Both players look like the last place they want to be is on the football field. And,to drop Oats!!! WTF?
Seibold is not coaching and not directing the team,the team seems to be coaching him and directing him.

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Sa-wat-dee krup,

First off, happy belated birthday to you too Mary . I knew there was something about you that I liked. Cancerians Forever! Bet you were super pleased when the Cowboys gave you that “early birthday present” eh? Secondly, I’ve got things to do online tonight so thought I’d post early this morning. That should give everyone (looking at you Mr Ashford 😁) enough time to read this week’s novel. OK, let’s get into it…

Storm vs. Roosters 45-55 @ Suncorp
Ladder Position = Roosters
Bookies Favourite = Roosters

The Storm led the Warriors 22-0 at half-time last week and inflicted more of the same in the second half and ran out big 50-6 winners. After seeing off the Warriors’ early in the match, the Storm simply out-gunned them and looked very comfortable and in total control. And this was even after they lost Munster to that knee injury. The Storm were exceptional and as the Warriors found out, totally merciless. Stats that stood out for me were more possession (53-47), more line breaks (8-2), nearly 300 more kicking metres (574-278) and a better kick defusal (88-33). On the other side they did have more penalties conceded (7-3).

The Roosters got a rude shock last week against the Dragons and went into the sheds at 10-all. Losing Victor Radley and Sam Verrills in the first 20 minutes with ACL injuries didn’t help and the Dragons were making a game of it. Just like the week before they found themselves behind by two (10-12) and just like the week before that seemed to wake them up. Three tries to nil in the second half and the 26-12 win was theirs. Without any bias, the Manu-JWH try was an absolute pearler 😁. Nice efforts from Morris, JWH and Keary. Stats were more or less shared with the Roosters having 429 more metres run (2023-1594), more tackle breaks (27-21), less ineffective tackles (18-26) but on the negative they had less possession (46-54), a worse completion rate (77-83), less kicking metres (606-813) and more errors (13-9). Hmmm…

Verdict: Roosters. Begurk! 🐔 Begurk! 🐔 At least we won’t have to worry about Munster playing 😁.

Raiders vs. Dragons 65-35 @ Campbelltown
Ladder Position = Raiders
Bookies Favourite = Raiders

The Raiders had a good first half last week against the Eels and went to the break leading 12-8. After the Eels got 12 points in front you might’ve thought that’d be the end of the Raiders but to the Raiders’ credit, they fought back well (courtesy of CNK scoring twice in 3 minutes mind you) and levelled the scores at 24 apiece after the full 80 minutes. They had their chances at kicking the winning field goal (just like the Eels did) but couldn’t get it for love or money. Eventually Gutherson got one for the Eels and the game was lost. Some may argue they should’ve lost the match anyway given the clear forward pass in the 29th minute that went unnoticed and resulted in a try. Maybe 6 points they shouldn’t have got? Regardless, a pretty good effort against the league leaders and that solid hit-out will do them good. Nothing to note stats-wise except for less possession (47-53), less post contact metres (572-727) and less tackle breaks (29-54).

The Dragons took full advantage of some key Rooster injuries last week and it was 10-10 at half-time. After a disallowed Rooster try in the second half and two points from the resultant penalty, they found themselves leading 12-10. Unfortunately that was the last points they scored and the Roosters ran in 3 tries with the Dragons going down 26-12. A great effort nevertheless and they didn’t stop trying. It seems their belief is slowly growing and there should be more wins coming soon. Those two passes from Dufty were sublime and in my book he was their best on the day. Stats-wise the Dragons did fairly well. They lost the metres run (1594-2023), had less tackle breaks (21-27), more ineffective tackles (26-18) but the encouraging thing was they had more possession (54-46), a better completion rate (83-77), more kicking metres (813-606) and less errors (9-13).

Verdict: as improved as the Dragons were last week, I’ll still have to go the Raiders.

Eels vs. Cowboys 70-30 @ Bankwest
Ladder Position = Eels
Bookies Favourite = Eels

The Eels started well but found themselves behind 8-12 at the break. They asserted themselves in the second half and got out to a 12 point lead with 12 minutes to go. After the Raiders drew level it was “golden point” time and who steps up but Gutherson and slots the winning field goal to give the Eels a dramatic 25-24 win. I’m led to believe (and correct me if I’m wrong) that before this match he’s never kicked one, let alone attempted one. Talk about pressure 💪. Nothing exciting stats-wise except that the Eels had more possession (53-47), more post contact metres (727-572) and more tackle breaks (54-29).

The Cowboys surprised me last week and were just too good for the Knights, especially in the first half. Leading 26-0 at the break was enough of a margin and even though they lost the second half, they did win the match 32-20. Unbelievable effort and a well-deserved win. They showed a lot of energy and desire and backed it up with great defence. Nice efforts from Taumalolo (finally) and McGuire led the way. Stats were quite puzzling actually. They had less possession (48-52), more missed tackles (36-26), more ineffective tackles (19-11), more penalties conceded (7-2) and yet still managed to win impressively.

Verdict: Cowboys were great last week but have to stick with Baggy’s BOYS here.

Titans vs. Sharks 40-60 @ Suncorp
Ladder Position = Sharks
Bookies Favourite = Sharks

The Titans came out in the first half last week and basically launched a surprise attack on the Broncos and next thing you know they were 22-0 up at the break. Pretty sure no-one saw that coming. They simply had too energy and desire and ran out relatively comfortable winners 30-12. They lost on the scoreboard in the second half but had done enough in the first and never really looked to be in any danger. Now, if only they could replicate that sort of form each week it would make life interesting. Ash Taylor by all accounts, had a blinder and it’s about time too. Take the leadership responsibility away from him, let him focus on playing footy and see what happens? Sometimes (not always) footy’s a pretty easy game to play 😉. A bit up and down with their stats with more possession (52-48), more forced drop outs (5-0), less errors (8-14) but they had more missed tackles (43-40) and more ineffective tackles (25-23).

The Sharks were pretty impressive against Manly last week, running out comfortable 40-22 winners. They were busting them up the middle and Manly basically had no answer to that. Any time a side can post 40 points is good but doing it against a quality side like Manly makes it even better. There were patches where they faded out but they had enough points in the bag and didn’t look like they were gonna lose it. Loved the effort from Shaun Johnson, it was a cracker. Pretty sure we’d all agree he was best on ground wouldn’t we? Let’s not forget the contributions from Moylan and Townsend as well. Stats were pretty uninspiring. Sharks had 190 more kicking metres (499-309) but a bucket load of ineffective tackles (21-0).

Verdict: Hmm, not sure with this one. Was the Titans’ effort last week a one-off or should I tip ‘em? Based on form I gotta go the Sharks.

Warriors vs. Broncos 40-60 @ Central Coast
Ladder Position = Warriors
Bookies Favourite = Broncos

You knew things were gonna get ugly when the Storm led the Warriors 22-0 at half-time. The errors started creeping in after the first 20 minutes and from then on they were basically out of the contest. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck tried his guts out but it wasn’t enough to fire the Warriors up. There were a few who had a crack but too many wasted opportunities and lacklustre defence took its toll. It’d be nice to see how they go if they could just concentrate for the full 80 minutes. Stats-wise, not a great game for the Warriors. They had less possession (47-53), less line breaks (2-8), nearly 300 less kicking metres (278-574) and a woeful 33% kick defusal. The only positive I noticed was that they had less penalties conceded (3-7).

Unbelievably, the Broncos were down 22-0 last week at half-time against the Titans. They did a little better in the second half but still got done by 18 points, eventually losing it 30-12. There’s “something” going on up there but I’m buggered if I know what it is. When your own fans boo you off the field at half-time, you just know there’s problems. But where? Oh, to be a fly on the wall eh? They just weren’t switched on and no excuses for playing out the end of the match with just 11 blokes on the field. Can it get any worse? They had no forced drop outs, missed 40 tackles, had 23 ineffective tackles and made 14 errors. Definite room for improvement there.

Verdict: Tough one. Thought it was the Broncos’ turn last week but it wasn’t. Is it this week? Can I pick a draw? 😱 I know I shouldn’t but I’ll tip the Warriors.

Tigers vs. Panthers 40-60 @ Central Coast
Ladder Position = Panthers
Bookies Favourite = Panthers

After the Bulldogs scored and led 6-0, the Tigers switched on and ran in 7 unanswered tries and managed a convincing 34-6 win last week. There were no signs of them repeating their flaccid second half effort like they did the week before. Regardless of their opposition, the endeavour was there and that would’ve made the fans and Macguire very happy. A great night for the Tigers stats-wise. They had more possession (60-40), more runs (244-154), more metres run (2102-1301), more post contact metres (649-428), more line breaks (5-1), less missed tackles (16-32) and less ineffective tackles (11-24). A really nice showing overall.

The Panthers led by 8 at half-time last week against the Rabbitohs and by the same margin at full-time, running out 20-12 winners. A really impressive effort, especially from their forward pack and some remarkable kicking from Cleary. Their defence was sound and they are a side that’s finally starting to handle the pressure and playing some very good footy, knocking off good sides along the way. Stats-wise not much to report. They had 53% possession, their kick defusal was an impressive 82% but a downside was their 21 ineffective tackles. Other than that, the stats were evenly shared last week.

Verdict: Panthers for me here.

Manly vs. Knights 40-60 @ Central Coast
Ladder Position = Knights
Bookies Favourite = Knights

I think Manly’s game 2 weeks ago against the Raiders and the loss of Tommy Turbo took its toll last week. The Sharks gave them a bit of a touch-up to be frank. Manly were down 6-18 at the break and eventually lost the match by 18 points (40-22). They just need to work on their defence a bit and they should be good. Getting used to life without Turbo might take some time but they’ll adapt. They did score some tries in the second half but I reckon the Sharks eased up just a little. I liked the efforts from Sironen and Fonua-Blake especially. The stats were a non-event basically except that Manly had 190 less kicking metres than the Sharks but not a single ineffective tackle took place. I can’t remember ever seeing where a side had zero ineffective tackles before. I hope the NRL stats were correct or I’m gonna look foolish here 🤪.

I don’t think the Knights knew what hit them last week against the Cowboys until it was too late. You can’t go into the sheds at half-time 26 unanswered points down and expect to win the match. They seemed lacklustre in that first 40. Nice comeback effort in the second half but the damage had been done and they ended up losing it 32-20. As with the Cowboys, the stats were quite puzzling. The Knights had more possession (52-48), less missed tackles (26-36), less ineffective tackles (11-19), less penalties conceded (2-7) but still lost the game.

Verdict: Not sure how long it might take Manly to get back in the groove. Knights in this one.

Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs 30-70 @ Bankwest
Ladder Position = Rabbitohs
Bookies Favourite = Rabbitohs

The Bulldogs scored first last week against the Tigers but after that it was all downhill. At half-time they were down 6-16 and as I’ve said before, any side that doesn’t score at all in the second half is (very) unlikely to win. That’s exactly what happened to the Bulldogs. They had 34 unanswered points put on them and ended up losing it 34-6. Their attack was lacklustre to say the least. You might even call it anodyne. Now that’s a big word ain’t it? They just seemed lost with no idea what to do or how to counter the Tigers’ pack. They had less possession (40-60), less runs (154-244), less metres run (1301-2102), less post contact metres (428-649), less line breaks (1-5), more missed tackles (32-16) and more ineffective tackles (24-11). Very poor showing stats-wise.

The Rabbitohs just weren’t in the hunt last week against the Panthers and went down 20-12. They did have a crack in the second half but errors (mainly handling) cost them any chance and when Cleary scored it was game over. The final score seemed a teeny bit flattering for the Bunnies (as far as I saw it) and I’m just wondering if they have what it takes to beat any of the better sides. Generally speaking they shared the stats last week but they only managed 47% possession, had a woeful 38% kick defusal and had 2 sin bins.

Verdict: They usually beat lesser sides (no disrespect Bulldog fans) so I’m on the Rabbitohs this week.

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

I know for a fact this will not be everyone’s cup of tea but I love it. More than happy if I can bring new stuff into your life 😍.

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

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Hey Newbie
Enjoyed that song....thanks mate.

mark ashford's picture

Forgot to mention I enjoyed your analysis as usual. As Goldilocks once said "not too long and not too short...just perfect) at least I think she said something like that.

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Hello everyone, before I proceed with my tips, I would just like to wish Mary a big happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one! Now onto my tips. My tips for this week are:

Storm by 2 - Storm to get a win in a tight one. Yes Munster is out but the Roosters are missing a couple of key troops too and I think that the Storm can upset the Roosters here to break their 5 game winning streak.

Dragons by 6 - The mighty Dragons to upset the Raiders here. The Raiders are deserved massive favourites, particularly after last week but I'm backing my boys to get it done this week. Carn the Dragons!

Eels by 4 - Eels to get a tight win to remain on top. It'll be tight though. The Cowboys surprised us all last week and with the energetic first half that they had and they were able to hang on in the second half to get a good win over Newcastle, they will make a fight of this but it'll be Parra who go to an impeccable 7-1 record and remain on top.

Sharks by 10 - Sharks to beat the Titans here. Interesting to see what type of game we get here.

Warriors by 8 - Both of these sides are struggling for many reasons at the moment. But it'll be the Warriors who find a way to get a win at their temporary home ground to get win number 3 and give the Broncos their sixth loss in a row. This is a winnable game for the Broncos but it'll be the Warriors who'll find a way

Panthers by 7 - Cleary to steer the ship and the other players for the Panthers to play well and to get the Panthers another win here. The Panthers have managed to play well against the top sides whereas, the Tigers haven't so much. So Panthers for me. Credit to the Tigers though for showing great defence and getting what they needed to do done in their massive win against the Bulldogs, I know it was only the Bulldogs but still.

Knights by 12 - Manly still need to adjust with their lineup minus Tommy Turbo and Walker. Suli is an added boost but I still think the Knights will prove too strong for Manly here. Interesting to note that Manly are playing at Lottoland so that could give Manly the boost and confidence to win but perhaps the Knights to put on a clinical performance after what transpired last round.

And finally... Rabbitohs by 18 - Rabbitohs to continue on their big wins against the weaker teams here. The Bulldogs need to get back to their tough, gritty style of the back end of last season which they seem to be missing in recent weeks. They haven't improved in attack and only showed good signs against the Dragons in the game that they actually won. Bunnies way too good especially if they're on their game which they'll ideally want after suffering a loss last week.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragons-fanboy's picture

I'm so sorry about my comment/review this week! I actually wrote a way better one than this but I unfortunately lost it because something happened on the computer after I wrote the comment and saved it. It was really detailed and went through my thoughts very well. So I wrote another one which turned out to be the one above and it definitely showed that I couldn't recover. Sorry guys! :(

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Oh said I say preview/insights y'all know what I mean anyways


The Thinker's picture

It's still worthwhile Dragons-fanboy....thanks for posting it.

newbie from perth's picture

Just quickly before I head off again…

No worries Dragons-fanboy, you’re good. It did have me wondering what was going on and I thought you might’ve been delirious with a fever or something, especially seeing as you tipped the Storm against my BBB 😁. Have a good one mate…

P.S. Glad (and a bit stunned) you liked my musical offering this week Mr Ashford. You never cease to surprise me buddy 🤪. Cheers.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

It's my pleasure guys! But I just really wished I could go back and have posted my original comment, it would've made good reading. Dunno if Thinker or Newbie if you guys have ever had the same problem but yeah it's all good. Newbie Hahahaha sorry I didn't tip your boys, I think that the Storm will break that run of yours, I'm not the most confident about it don't you worry 😉


Christine's picture

Newbie you & mary might be ok as far as cancerians go but my father is a cancerian & you know about him well what can i say not a great deal infact i have actually had a lot to do with you buggers your a strange lot i bet you get easily affected by the weather the tides the moon it is all connected i do too being a fish...

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Morning Folks
Thursdays are always a great day, golf this morning then footy tonight and what a game we have to enjoy. Roosters against Storm, doesn't get much better.

Just wanted to admonish myself before anyone else has the chance to do it for me, I've tipped against my beloved Tigers this week even though they have won their past two games.

This tip was purely about tipping and not from the heart, if the Tigers win I always think that I have sort of not lost it all.

A few other close calls this week, lets hope there are not as many upsets this week.

Have a great Thursday


The Butcher's picture

Pantherholic ?

tigerholic's picture

Of course you would be the first to swoop, glad to see that everything is normal on this site. I thought you may have noticed my lack of sarcasm for you this week, I was trying a different tact.


tigerholic's picture

Rocket, Rocket where are you old mate?
You aren't that far down the ladder that you can't hear me are you, you can't have the Butcherbird beating you.
I know that even at work you like to keep track and post comments, I'm sure there are a lot of fans waiting for your words of wisdom.


tigerholic's picture

Hello Christine
I read with interest your post from early this morning, I did note the time and I have to ask if that time was accurate, what were you doing up at that time?

Hope you are well, who's tips will you follow this week, it can't be the Butcherbird, Thinker or Rocker?

Have a great day


The Butcher's picture

At least I know your identity now
You couldn’t wait to leave the tigers for the panthers
Your Ivan Cleary?

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@ Dragons-fanboy
Can’t say I’ve ever had the trouble you had last night mate. Not sure what you do but assume you might write up a word doc. That’s what I do. I save onto my desktop and open, edit as necessary, close and save. Repeat after each day’s games and then do a final edit and check until done and then post. You could always blame Microsoft 😁.

@ Christine
Wow, your Dad’s a Cancer eh? Going by what you’ve said over the years, seems strange he’s one of us 🤔. From my experience most Cancerians are just like our “animal guide” the crab … hard on the outside but soft on the inside 😁. Well at least I am. Hard as boots aussie fella but will cry over a Janis Joplin song and when I watch the Sound of Music. Go figure. Don’t get too affected by the weather or tides or anything like that. Only thing that affects me is the stupidity and cruelty of that tiny percentage of the human race. Let’s not get into that eh?😉

@ tigerholic
FWIW, I rarely tip against my BBB (aka 🐔 Roosters 🐔 for those who need reminding) but have done so on occasions in the past. If we’re going crap and we’re playing a top side who are currently “unstoppable”, I’d have no hesitation in tipping against the Chooks. Love them as much as I do (and I do) I’d have no hesitation. As you said, tipping is a different thing. I for one would always be more than happy to sacrifice a tipping point if they actually got up and won one against the odds. Just sayin’… 😁 Cheers.

Anyways, it’s nearly breakfast time here in the office so I better go off and cook me some bacon and eggs before the crew rock in. Cheers y’all…

Baggy_Gee's picture

Butcher have you noticed "a" strike game, its closing up and i'm still level pegging with you, we just have to knock buzz off his run and its a three way tie.

Christine's picture

I am taking the same this week as tiger except i will tip warriors over broncos thought i would be a dare devil instead of a tiger & may the league gods be good to us all this week ...

manyana's picture

Hello everyone, it looks like I've taken the same teams as The Thinker this week. Here are my tips:
Broncos (I really didn't want to tip either team here, but decided that if the Broncos are ever going to win a game, it should be this one!!)
Good tipping everyone, manyana.

The Butcher's picture

Buzz is playing a smart game now it’s getting to the pointy end
He puts his tip in after we have and if the teams available can go the same as he had one strike extra up his sleeve.
I won the a game last year and realised try to be different so this week I picked the raider because buzz can’t.
Hold off next week and see if he has the guts to put his tip in first as this week he’s got you covered with the same pick.
Buzz it’s a credit to you that this year you’ve brought your A game.

Mary S's picture

Hi Butcher,

Much more appealing avatar!!

Who makes the 'Butchers Block', or do you make your own?


The Butcher's picture

Mary S
I wish
A few years back I did a wine tour of the Barossa Valley not that I can remember much of it and came across a winery called Turkey Flats and my friends were laughing that there was a wine that had my nickname and also tasted amazing so I ordered a case and give a bottle to my friends at Xmas . My wife tells me that I have a lot of acquaintances but you can only count your friends on one hand.
So this rules works in my favour as I agree with her and give out only 5 bottles and keep the other 7.

Baggy_Gee's picture

A terrible situation Butcher especially if you like a good red. My heart bleeds for you :P I'll give it a go next week and we'll see if we can catch him on the hop.

Baggy_Gee's picture

The girls are 27/56 with 4/8 last week, at least they are starting to hit their straps with consistency. Here they are again, Baggy's Girls Tips
Storm - No idea
Dragons - Because they breath fire, (have been the last few weeks as well)
Cowboys - Still no eye deer
Sharks - Because they swim fast, (something in the water?)(Xerri Water?)
Broncos - Because I like horses
Tigers - 50/50 on the battle of the cats
Manly - We also like Birds
Rabbits - Because they play very well (Dad was asked immediately after if the rabbits play well)

Mary S's picture

Hi Baggy,

I have to say again, how I so thoroughly enjoy the reasons for the girls tips.

When you think how we might ponder on the form of play, team dynamics, coaching tactics, etc, etc and the girls still manage to get winners!!!!!!

The girls certainly simplify things!


a's picture

Love your picture butcher

mark ashford's picture

Mary S
Thanks for that heads up re Oates. I guess if anyone can score some points for the Broncs it's Oates. I'm keeping fingers tightly crossed.
The Butcher
Yes must admit I like your new avitar much better. Also admire your 5/7 distribution re that wine. I do enjoy a fine red myself. You may recall I did not tip my Broncs in rounds 5/6/7 as the rot had set in. Maybe you could cut Tiger some slack as normally we tip with our hearts but occasionally we use our heads. Easy for you to remain strong as your team is flying.

The Butcher's picture

Again your off your name (the mark).
I’ve stuck with my team through thick and thin and never tipped against them
you cannot get me to be disloyal to my team. You just can’t.
Loyalty is what I live by.
I don’t mean I’m going to be loyal because my team is winning. I’m going to be loyal to my team because their my team.

tigerholic's picture

Ah Butcher
That comment about me being Ivan Cleary was very funny, credit where credit is due.
As far as tipping your team in good and bad weather, that's easy when you follow a team like the Roosters.

Enjoy the footy tonight folks. Time for a few cold Great Northerns.


Dragons-fanboy's picture


Wow never realised you typed yours on Word beforehand. I was wondering if yours is premeditated or not, I just go to comments and just type away and judging from what happened last night, if there is a problem that goes on, the comment can just go away and I would have to type another. I might need to start premeditating my comments before typing up on here if I keep having the same problem. Good to know your process into how you come up with your wonderful comments every week Newbie.


Christine's picture

I am usually up till late tiger people with ms don't get a lot of sleep i spend several hours of the night starring at the ceiling which is rsther boring i must admit so i havd to take polaramine to try to get any sleep & half a sleeping tablet or i wouldn't get any sleep at all we havd had the dreaded insomnia in our family for yeats now on my fathers side but you can't help what you get given even if you don't want it i should know a about it i have copped it from booth sides of mg family anyway i have taken one different from you lets see what happens with the warriors & broncos game ...

mark ashford's picture

The Butcher
So you're telling me if your Roosters were sitting at 16 on the ladder and playing like busted arses you would continue to tip them? No interest in being a bit respectable in whatever tipping comp you were in?

tigerholic's picture

Hey Christine

Thanks for replying to me, I do feel for you and I think you are a real trooper the way you handle your situation.

I don't think the Warriors will be a good choice for you, stay safe mate and have a great weekend.


mark ashford's picture

Tiger & Rocket
I thought we were all here on a tipping site. A tipping site where the object was to get as many right as you could and maybe claw your way to one of Thinkers most valued prizes. One of our posters who just happens to be backing the favourite team seems it's ok to denigrate other posters who are not in his enviable position and tip against their teams. Looks like bullying to me and not what I'd expect from my friend.

TigerGirl's picture

Sorry just realised that I forgot my tips
Hope it’s not to late

Christine's picture

i actually like butcher birds i still have one with a broken beak unfortunatly i am probably the reason for it being broken because i feed the bird raw mince but she wants it she always comes for it everyday & i am not sure about warroirs i just heard joey & freddy both say they are tipping warriors but afyer i put my tips in not before which is probably a bad sign but wait & see what happens you never get any where unless you take a chance tiger ...

tigerholic's picture


I'm with you mate. I was being up front and getting in first after tipping against my team even after they have won two in a row.

No matter who you follow, there will be a time where you will tip against your team if it means winning or losing the tipping comp.

We should start a chant "Bullies don't matter".

Cheers mate

Rocket Ryan's picture

Poor old tiger holic lot of people realise you shy away from the tiger's at every chance fact I think the only way you tip is to hit the favourites button which works well for you in the favourites a winner but sometimes the favourites don't win you actually have to think we don't want to see you start thinking

Rocket Ryan's picture

Looks like we're in for a win this week Mark been a tough year for us but tougher for the Warriors surely they can't win can they


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news