State of Origin - Game One

Queensland Maroons vs New South Wales Blues – Wednesday night (4th November) at 7.10pm – Adelaide Oval


  1. AJ Brimson
  2. Xavier Coates
  3. Kurt Capewell
  4. Dane Gagai
  5. Philip Sami
  6. Cameron Munster
  7. Daly Cherry-Evans (c)
  8. Christian Welch
  9. Jake Friend
  10. Josh Papalii
  11. Felise Kaufusi
  12. Coen Hess
  13. Tino Faasuamaleaui
  14. Ben Hunt
  15. Lindsay Collins
  16. Jai Arrow
  17. Jayden Su'A

Coach - Wayne Bennett


  1. James Tedesco
  2. Daniel Tupou
  3. Clint Gutherson
  4. Jack Wighton
  5. Josh Addo-Carr
  6. Luke Keary
  7. Nathan Cleary
  8. Daniel Saifiti
  9. Damien Cook
  10. Junior Paulo
  11. Boyd Cordnor (c)
  12. Tyson Frizell
  13. Jake Trbojevic
  14. Cody Walker
  15. Payne Haas
  16. Cameron Murray
  17. Angus Crichton

Coach - Brad Fittler

Game preview

An unusual time of year and an unusual venue for the first game of the State of Origin series. Queensland are fronting up with an almost unrecognisable line-up, but an old master returns with the clipboard, and he's brought an Origin legend along with him in Mal Meninga. It's unusual to focus on the people off the field, but Bennett and Meninga are a great combination when you have so many debutants lining up for Queensland. Just seven of the seventeen Maroons played in game three in 2019, so it's understandable that so much attention has been focused on that point. That said, nine of the seventeen Blues played in game three in 2019, so there's plenty of changes for both sides. I'm with the Blues for an unusual reason, and it's tied to the rescheduling of the Origin series this year. Four of the starting thirteen for the Maroons are backing up from a grand final victory, and after such a high I suspect they may struggle to ready themelves for this first game. The Blues have just the two players backing up from the grand final (Cleary and Addo-Carr), and for mine the Blues squad have had more time to prepare for this.

The Thinker is still Thinkering.

Verdict – Blues by 7

First try scorer – Jack Wighton

Player of the match – Luke Keary


Guru Craig's picture

Winnable series for QLD.

The Guru expects QLD to win game one. Bennett is back and its been a little while since the great Coach has worn the Maroon jacket. The QLD players have flown under the radar. The public down in Blue land have been listening to the media hype too much and they're expecting a 3-0 whitewash. The Maroons are hungry and with all these debutants they will be a little nervous but this has the feel of 95, written off, disrespected, given no chance. Perfect conditions for QLD.

With Cherry and the Munster in the halves, big Papa upfront with the Welch and a few quality speedsters QLD are looking good. Lets hope Wayne can get Dirty Harry fit and playing for game 2.

NSW have a few names in their squad, but how many of those blokes will put their heart in this? because quite a few of the Cockroaches it seems would rather be in the pub or on holiday, crying about 'The Bubble' and not being able to party. The Guru thinks baby Ivan will struggle and his Penrith mates as well. They were found out in that GF.
Cap'n Cordener...The Guru thinks he's done. Too many knocks to the ol noggin, gun-shy and down in confidence after the great Steggles struggle, fading 2020 premiership favs the Chookies have a few in this team as do the Minor Premiers. Might not be the best idea, we have seen so many NSW sides fall down in similar fashion when blokes are picked on reputation and not heart or form. Prediction that NSW change their side around for every game. They will have the refs, the commentators and the odds on their side, but QLD have the heart and soul and a lot less grubs.

The Guru remembers a wise old saying from his youth, heard many times in Western QLD and told by the younger traditional owners...You think your good, but ya not see....

QLD game one winner.

mark ashford's picture

The Guru
Very interesting analysis on the origin teams with Papenhausen out for game one and Tedesco nursing an injury the #1 for NSW will be interesting. The rest of NSW have had a hard finals series and who knows what little niggling injuries they may have.
Now imagine you are in the QLD squad. Your club may have not gotten too far but you know you are a good player and now you have been selected for the Maroons. A group of youngsters, playing their best, and now to be coached by Bennet & Maninga, arguably the best SoO coaches of all time. This will not be the walkover NSW media think.

mark ashford's picture

Don't take any notice of Tigerholic. Being a NSW tragic his memory is somewhat lacking in that he has forgotten his state is the "grub" centre of Australia. Keep supporting QLD, you won't be disappointed.

Christine's picture

i have always been a maroons supporter & i always will be i have made no secret of it on this site in the past & i am not going to change who i pledge my loyalty too , i may live in nsw but that doesn't mean i have to take nsw i never have in the past & i am not going to now sorry about that tiger but i am still the same person it doesn't change me ...

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My surname shouldn't have come up mark i have asked the thinker too remove those comments with it as in my first one posted & your responce to me so if it disappears you know it was a mistake & it shouldn't have been there for all too see please don't use it again for me it is just christine thanks mark ...

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My mistake no one elses but i don't want it to keep on happening on the website ...

Guru Craig's picture

The NSW Blues have sorted their travel plans and they are that organised they've brought...or should that be bought? their own referee.

Gerard Sutton will travel to Adelaide on the Cockroach express with the Blues team. Might be a perfect time to plan game management...

mark ashford's picture

Hope that hasn't caused you any embarrassment, you know the surname thing. To save any confusion with our existing Christine perhaps you could post as Christine#2 that is if you want to.

mark ashford's picture

The Guru
Oh no not Gerard Sutton. He tried everything to give the GF to Penrith and now has SoO #1. What hope for the Maroons now? It'll be 14 v 13 from the get go. Obviously the blues have never gotten over the maroons dominance for so many years.

Christine's picture

Mark i am the exsisting christine that had the surname removed i am still the original christine so the person you are talking too is me there isn't 2 of us it was just a mistake & no coach was not pretending to be me i just made a mistake what happened is at the end of every season for some reason the website deletes my details out of the comments section my user name & email address until i put it back in & this time instead of just putting christine i put my surname as well which i fon't normally do & i don't want it on the website for security reasons so i conyacted the thinker off the site & got thise comments removed that contained my surname thats all there is not 2 christine's it was just a mistake mark that i don't want repeated ok

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Understand mark i am christine the original christine on rhis website i just made a mistake thats all at the end of each season the website deletes my user name & email address until i put it back in when i save it posting a comment i normally just put christine but for some stupid reason this time i put my surname as well& for security reasons i don't want it on the website mark so no there is not 2 christine's i am the only one & when i saw my surname on the website i contacted the thinker off the site & had these comments removed it was just sheer stupidity as to why it happened but it won't happen any more i have fixed it so not to worry there is only one christine & my surnamw being mention on the site is not allowed so lets just fotget about it mark please & tiger & guru or anyone else who saw it please i would appreciate if you would , & i thank you for not mentioning my surname again guys if you don't mind ok ,but don'tveorry all is fixed now thanks to the thinker / thinker's little helper

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Multiple christines that is lot to imagine after two would come#3.

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Behave yourself rocket coach isn't here anymore i have too fire back at someone best behave yourself so it isn't you ...

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That’s not true I’m Christine, no I’m Christine, I’m Christine and so is my wife!

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You don't address me on here again or pertay yourself as being me who is ir this time coach or eugene / fortress grow a set an man up you coward ...

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Your that board or ready that you have nothing better to do , get a life & quit being so immature ...

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That was all ready i am not playing your childish game anymore ...

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Whoever made the post under Christine at 9.10 pm please grow up you idiot. If you think it's funny then you are a fool.

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Thanks mark for speaking up i don't care to endulge them anymore they will get board when they don't get any more responce from me but thanks for doing so anyway i appreciate it ...

Guru Craig's picture

Yeah mate...six again Sutton, wont be good, but its always a struggle for the Mighty Maroons, us against the Bastards.

Game one isn't a certainty, it might even be better if we lose game 1 in controversial circumstances, let's hope not but history repeats on occasion.

Walby's picture

Origin # 1
Verdict NSW 22, QLD 18
First Try, Daniel Tupou
Player of the Match, Damien Cooke
Good luck everyone.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hey everyone my SOO game 1 prediction is:

NSW 26 - Try scorers: Tupou, A. Crichton, C. Walke, Cleary
Goals: Cleary 5/5

Qld 12 - Try scorers: Brimson, Cherry-Evans
Goals: Cherry-Evans 2/2

First try scorer: Daniel Tupou

MOM: Luke Keary

Awesome. Good luck with both states for this game 1 of the series. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on tomorrow night!!!!!!!!! Go the mighty Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark ashford's picture

After reading Thinkers analysis of SoO 1 I have to take another view of the game. 4 players backing up from the GF for QLD and only 2 for NSW
The rest of QLD players are a hardened lot from club games and desperate to cement a spot in the Maroons. With Bennett and Mal at the helm, these boys will excell. Don't be so excited you Blues anything can happen.
QLD 18....NSW 12

Guru Craig's picture

Qld 20 v NSW 8

First try scorer - Dane Gagai

Motm - Cherry Evans

QLD - Cherry Evans has been playing well for Manly all season and The Guru thinks he will have a big series. Muster we know is a champion. QLD have the edge in the halves, our 6 and 7 are better than their opposition individually. Papali and Welch form a solid pack which looks like it can do the job. QLD though will need to be mindful of the fact that their outside backs other than Gagai are not experienced and there is a big question mark over Coates defensive abilities, The Guru feels he was struggling at club level. Queensland want this series more.

NSW - The Guru feels Keary is a weak link, both in terms of his form and ability at this level and the fact Cleary plays so much off his #6 at club level. Cleary is the ball player/leader but there is enormous pressure on Keary to perform. Some punters are talking about a 20 or 30 pt victory, these mugs are going to be in for a shock, because QLD have the better forward pack and the better halves. NSW have the experience in the outside backs but to be effective wingers and centres need the forwards to be on top and the halves to be effective. Fittler has compromised his side with Walker on the bench, you either play him or you dont. To be fair Walker has problems under pressure and is more of a cuff of the pants type.

The Guru feels Wayne will have identified the strong points for QLD and the weak areas. The Maroons will a have a plan to win the forward battle and put on points up close. They will know the job that needs to be done. Big Mal and the other FOGs will take care of the motivation.

Fittler...Well The Guru likes Freddy but he isn't much of a coach and NSW dont really respond to motivation the way QLD do. It's a case of pick the biggest names and let them do what they do after picking blokes out of position just to keep that big name in the side. All the things that cost them many series in the past. They never learn from their mistakes.

Cleary is still questionable in big moments and he is very much in the spotlight after this season. Every time he gets the ball a Maroon will be looking to sit him down. This should be a great game and if QLD are hard enough they will win.

Rocket Ryan's picture

Has anybody seen him yet have a look around the parks near Penrith he may be sleeping under a tree he may need help

Christine's picture

Rocket coach will not resurface until next year , too much pride & belief in his team which we all do with our teams but coach takes it to a whole different level it is beyond obsession i would say coach is devastated by the loss & in morn from it , at the end of the day it wasn't cleary vers smith it was cleary v bellamy in my opinion ...

Guru Craig's picture

Let's Go...QUEENSLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine's picture


Mary S's picture

Great result, great start to SOO with Qld persisting to the end!!


Steel Panther's picture

Mr Ashford pretty much on the money last night.

If I had a dollar for every time NSW were the favourites and QLD won I'd be a rich man.

The Thinker's picture

$3.70 was available for Queensland before the kick off for those that were tempted.

A great win by a young team. One of the joys of Origin is watching a player given an opportunity who rises to the occasion.

Kurt Capewell I salute you. What a performance.

Christine's picture

Cameron murry has beETn officslly ruled out of the rest of the series due to injury ...

mark ashford's picture

What a game the young Maroons played last night, reminded me of QLD teams from years ago when their hearts said "never give up" Points are hard to get in SoO and at 10/nil at half time I was worried. Then Wayne and Big Mal worked their magic during the break and it was all over for the Blues. The crowd in Adelaide seemed to be supporting the Maroons so it won't be so simple next week in Sydney. I take back what I said about Gerard Sutton. I think he reffed fairly and without bias. Even Phil Gould said "I think the Blues are waiting for some imput from the ref" didn't happen and the best team won.

Mary S's picture

AJ Brimson is out for the remainder of the series with a lisfranc ligament injury in his foot, suffered late in the game.

He will be bitterly disappointed I would think as he played like a champ last night. Bad luck too for Qld team.

Cheers to all,

mark ashford's picture

Mary S
AJ Brimson was superb last night. Put his body on the line and played like a true QLDer. If he's out for the remainder of the series and so is Quentin Pongia I wonder who Wayne & Mal select in the #1 spot.
Whoever gets the fullback jersey will I'm sure fill the role well.

Christine's picture

That a blow for maroons brimson played well i hope we can find a good replacement for him ...

mark ashford's picture

I believe Valentine Holmes will come in at fullback to replace both AJ Brimson and the injured Quentin Pongia. He is a prolific try scorer and has excelled at SoO level. I understand the other Maroons will be cleared to play. Not so easy for the Blues with their injuries.

mark ashford's picture

Your invitations to Coach have been ignored as I guess we all thought they would be. What a sad loser this guy is, after demanding praise for his Panthers every time they won. He's back in his potato patch somewhere near Penrith trying to raise a few spuds and will probably fail.

JKBubble's picture

Hey thinker,
Im interested to know what you think of the red V buying jack bird.
How much of the 950k are the Broncos meant to be covering...and do you think he still is the player hes made out to be?
I personally think the red V are wasting their coin but would be happy to be told otherwise.

Christine's picture

Jk bubble the red v could do worse than jack bird there low point was signing izzac luke in my opinion & i did rate izzac as a player at some stage in his career but they shouldn't have signed him ...

mark ashford's picture

JK Bubble
If jack Bird can remain fit I'm sure he will be an asset for your Dragons.
He's played several games for the Blues and was a big factor in the Sharks premiership win. His time at the Broncs was devastated by ongoing injuries so he never got a chance to shine. Not sure how much of his existing contract the Broncs will carry. Good luck, he can be a top player if he stays injury free. Only question...if he's fit and injury free why have the Broncs let him go?

The Thinker's picture

It's difficult for me to offer a fair opinion on Jack Bird....he's basically my neighbour (and a nice guy).

Needless to say he would love to be playing football...somewhere. A dreadful run of bad luck.

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