Round fourteen selections

Manly Sea Eagles vs North Queensland Cowboys – Friday night – 4 Pines Park (ie Brookvale)

Just the fourth visit to Brookvale (the Oval formerly known as Lottoland) for the season and I'm sure the Manly boys will appreciate being back at '4 Pines Park'. The Cowboys will appreciate it less, particularly with a maximum of just 11 degrees in Sydney expected today. Taumalolo is back this week to bolster the visitors, who have found their feet after a wobbly start to the season. All their Origin players are likely to play - Feldt avoids a suspension but pays a fine for his Origin indiscretion. For the Sea Eagles, Turbo Tom is keen to play after his best on ground performance on Wednesday, and you'd think Cherry-Evans would like to put a disappointing night behind him. I'm with the Sea Eagles here, on the basis of the Cowboys record away from Townsville this season - just one win (against the Tigers) from five games doesn't inspire confidence.

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 4

Result – Sea Eagles 50 defeated Cowboys 18

Cronulla Sharks vs Penrith Panthers – Friday night – Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

Just over a month ago the Panthers beat the Sharks 48-0. If that Panthers team were lining up here this result picks itself, but we just don't know. The Panthers have named six reserves and they all played on Wednesday night. You would think Cleary would like to rest his face...but we just don't know. Without their Origin players the Tigers gave the Panthers a lesson a week ago which surprised me. The Sharks don't have any Origin players, and they were very good against the Titans last week. I'm willing to give the Panthers another chance on the basis that their new halves combination have had more time to get used to it and each other...but we just don't know.

Verdict – Panthers by 2

Result – Sharks 19 defeated Panthers 18

Gold Coast Titans vs Sydney Roosters – Saturday afternoon – CBus Super Stadium

The Titans (potentially) have four times as many Origin players backing up from Wednesday as the Roosters. It doesn't sound right...but it's true. You'd expect Tedesco to play, but there would be some doubts over some (and perhaps all) of the Titans quartet. Since round 5 the Titans have won only 2 (Bulldogs and Tigers) from 8 and are conceding, on average, more than 33 points per game. During the same period the Roosters, battling an injury toll that would unravel most other teams, have won 4 from 7. Two of those losses were against teams in the top three. Given the Titans defensives woes you have to back the Roosters backline to get the job done here. Note that Jared Waerea-Hargreaves plays NRL game number 250 on Saturday - a tremendous milestone for a prop forward. He'd be closer to 300 if he didn't get suspended so frequently.

Verdict – Roosters by 10

Result – Roosters 35 defeated Titans 34

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Newcastle Knights – Saturday night – Stadium Australia

Less than a week ago the Knights played their Old Boys game in Newcastle and lost 40-4 to the Parramatta Eels. One week prior to that the Bunnies played the Eels and beat them 38-20 (and it was 38-10 until the final ten minutes). The Bunnies have named all six (yes...six) of their Origin players in their seventeen but we may want to keep an eye out for late changes (perhaps Murray and Gagai are most likely to be rested). Even with doubts over who plays for the red and green, I have few doubts about the result.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 8

​​​​​​​Result – Rabbitohs 24 defeated Knights 10

Canberra Raiders vs Brisbane Broncos – Saturday night – GIO Stadium

If I had a functioning time machine, and travelled back in time to visit myself in 2016, and told myself that in five years time the Broncos playmakers would be Karmichael Hunt and Albert Kelly, the 2016 version of me would tell the 2021 version of me to get back in my time capsule and buggar off. "But wait 2016 version of me - I need to tell you about COVID-19 and the Broncos first wooden spoon and Brisbane hosting the AFL Grand Final and a TV show called The Masked Singer'. Hmmm...2016 version of me would say...perhaps the future is not for me.

I'm with the Raiders who are simply awful but Papalii is back and Wighton should be fit to play. If the Broncos think Special K is the answer they are probably asking the wrong questions.

Verdict – Raiders by default

​​​​​​​Result – Raiders 38 defeated Broncos 16

New Zealand Warriors vs Melbourne Storm – Sunday afternoon – Central Coast Stadium

The Warriors recently received the green light to return to their actual home ground, but that won't be happening until round 22 (and only then if this latest COVID debacle doesn't get away from us). The seven teams below them on the NRL ladder should take a good hard look at themselves. Rising star Reece Walsh is suspended but the Warriors have a handy replacement in future All-Black star Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. Another star Kiwi, Nelson Asofa-Solomona is also suspended, and the make-up of the rest of the Storm is far from certain with so many Origin players potentially backing up. Harry Grant would be unlikely but we just have to wait and see. Despite all the uncertainties around the Storm line-up, they have won their last ten outings against the Warriors and I have to tip them here. They're still a real chance of knocking off Penrith in the race for the minor premiership.

Verdict – Storm by 8

​​​​​​​Result – Storm 42 defeated Warriors 16

Parramatta Eels vs Wests Tigers – Sunday afternoon – Bankwest Stadium

Back in round 4 the Eels defeated the Tigers 36-22. That game was at Stadium Australia while this is at Bankwest - a venue where they have notched up wins over the Storm and the Roosters this season. The Tigers are going through what by their standards is a purple patch of form and have an opportunity to win three games in a row for the first time in a long time. While the win over the Panthers is difficult to get a read on, they do appear to be a team heading in the right direction. That said, most of their wins have been against the teams outside the top eight. This does look like a contest, and I think it's the game of the round, but I'm with the home side.

Verdict – Eels by 2

​​​​​​​Result – Eels 40 defeated Tigers 12

Canterbury Bulldogs vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Monday afternoon – Stadium Australia

The Dragons are a vastly improved side with Dufty at fullback - why he doesn't have a future at that club is a mystery to me. These sides met in round 9 where the Dragons prevailed 32-12, and nothing has happened since then that would make anyone think this result will be any different. Following that round 9 loss the Bulldogs played two sides who are well and truly in a rut (Raiders and Titans)...and they still lost.

Verdict – Dragons by 20

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Result – Bulldogs 28 defeated Dragons 6

Wally Lewis - round fourteen selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • SEA EAGLES vs Cowboys
  • Sharks vs PANTHERS
  • Titans vs ROOSTERS
  • RABBITOHS vs Knights
  • RAIDERS vs Broncos
  • Warriors vs STORM
  • EELS vs Tigers
  • Bulldogs vs DRAGONS


newbie from perth's picture

First cab off the rank this week it seems. Boom! 💥

OK, rounds where teams have byes always make me think that putting up comments for the following weekend’s matches is somewhat pointless. By that I mean half the sides have had an extra week off and the others haven’t. Doesn’t seem like I can compare apples with apples so to speak. You also have some sides missing lots of players due to Origin commitments (Panthers and Storm for example) and because of that I don’t get a true idea of how those sides could have actually performed had those blokes been there.

Take the Panthers for example. How can I honestly preview this weekend’s matches based on the Panthers missing 7 players and losing last week? I find it sort of difficult and a moot point. And then you have the Storm. Lucky to get away with that win last week but how would they have gone with their full-strength spine intact? I just can’t “penalise” either of them in my deliberations for this week’s match based on last week’s “special” situation.

And then we have to consider how many Origin players might get suspended, injured and how many may or may not back up this weekend. All too difficult for mine. So this week I’m not gonna put up my usual ultra lengthy post. “Woo-Hoo” some of you are saying but more than happy to make that “sacrifice” to make your life easier 😍.

See y’all on Thursday night after I check out the fallout from Wednesday night’s SO1. 🐔 🐔 🐔

Buzz105's picture

Definitely one of the harder weeks of the year to pick winners . Will be waiting to the last possible minute on Friday afternoon to submit my tips. Best of luck to everyone this week

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hey everyone, I have gone with all of the favourites for this week. My tips are:

Manly by 4
Panthers by 10
Roosters by 14
Rabbitohs by 24
Raiders by 6
Storm by 12
Eels by 2
Dragons by 16

Awesome! Good luck with everyone's team for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!

Annel Reay's picture

I would appreciate it very much if the thinker & Wally could have your tips done earlier. Lol 😂

Christine's picture

Tiger i have always claimed i will always go for maroons even thoigh i live in nsw& i don't jump ship in times of need i am loyal theough & through to maroons ...

Christine's picture

That was through & through to maroons tiger ....

Christine's picture

Not happy with last nights out come but there is still alot of work to do ...

Mary S's picture

Hi Annel Reay,
I expect others would appreciate tips being earlier too, but have you ever stopped to consider the amount of time and effort that goes in to providing us with this information.

The research, waiting for the teams to be announced, impact of Origin, grounds being changed because of COVID-19, are probably just a few of the considerations, prior to tips being published.

Be thankful that this information is available to us at all!!


newbie from perth's picture

"Dia duit gach duine" i dteanga ní mo theanga féin,

The way I’m tipping this year (pretty darn ordinary to be honest) has removed some of the pressure so I’ll be throwing in a couple of “roughies” for Round 14. Well, they’re “roughies in my mind anyway. As promised, no lengthy offering this week but hey, don’t get too upset as everything will be back to “normal” come Round 15 🤪.

The Panthers’ loss last week with 7 regulars missing due to Origin duties has me looking towards Origin 2 and 3. Assuming SO2 is played on Sun Jun 27 and assuming they’ll be in a similar position regarding missing players, that would mean they’d rest those players for their Round 15 match on Jun18 wouldn’t they?

If so, that means they would come up against the Mighty Roosters 💪. What chance the Panthers dropping their second game of the year? Time will tell I suppose. OK, let's do this thing ....

Manly vs. Cowboys 65-35 @ Brookvale
Ladder Position = Manly
Bookies Favourite = Manly

Verdict: Both sides have had the extra week off but at home (and without Turbo), I think the Manly boys will just scrape in.

Sharks vs. Panthers 30-70 @ Kogarah
Ladder Position = Panthers
Bookies Favourite = Panthers

Verdict: Sharks will be fresher with players coming back in and the Panthers are resting Cleary, Luai, Yeo, To'o and Capewell. Even with those fellas out, the Panthers should bounce back this week.

Titans vs. Roosters 30-70 @ Cbus
Ladder Position = Roosters
Bookies Favourite = Roosters

Verdict: The Roosters should get this done for JWH (one of Mr Ashford’s favourites 😣) in his 250th. What can I say? Begurk! 🐔 Begurk! 🐔

Rabbitohs vs. Knights 75-25 @ Stadium Australia
Ladder Position = Rabbitohs
Bookies Favourite = Rabbitohs

Verdict: Yeah, the Knights were pretty ordinary last week (very ordinary actually) but got a feeling this “might” be closer than we think. First “roughie” has me tipping the Knights here 🤪.

Raiders vs. Broncos 65-35 @ GIO
Ladder Position = Raiders
Bookies Favourite = Raiders

Verdict: Raiders with the extra week off should be primed at home. I see Karmichael Hunt is getting a start for the Broncos. Interested to see how he goes. Second “roughie” right here. Broncos to get up and cause the Raiders more pain.

Warriors vs. Storm 25-75 @ Central Coast
Ladder Position = Storm
Bookies Favourite = Storm

Verdict: Warriors will be fresher but the Storm have bodies back for this and will (should) win this comfortably.

Eels vs. Tigers 65-35 @ Bankwest
Ladder Position = Eels
Bookies Favourite = Eels

Verdict: Both backing up from good wins last week but the Eels look to me to have a (lot) more class and should get the chocolates.

Bulldogs vs. Dragons 30-70 @ Stadium Australia
Ladder Position = Dragons
Bookies Favourite = Dragons

Verdict: The Bulldogs will be fresher but the Dragons just have that (noticeable) edge and should win this.

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”. Believe it or not, I used to have glasses like he’s wearing in this video. Unfortunately the hair just wouldn’t work! Ah, brings back fond memories disco dancin’ 😍. Gotta love those 80s…

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week. Cheers 🐔 🐔 🐔

MGM's picture

Dragons Fanboy ,
More detail please ... After SOO1 you are now the Guru -
Tryscorers ??

Scotty H's picture


mark ashford's picture

Hey Newbie
Enjoyed your SOTW and the video with it. Love the crazy videos they put together back then. Bit surprised you have tipped my Broncs this week but hey I hope you are right.

mark ashford's picture

Meant to reply to your SoO1 post re Cam Munster. I don't get to see many Storm games so can't argue with your assessment of Munster.
However I did see his kick to the midsection of that blues player and couldn't believe he escaped with only a fine. I always thought intentional kicking of another player ended up in a week or two holiday. More inconsistent decisions from the bunker and the judiciary.

Christine's picture

My tips are
Good luck all with your tips ...

MGM's picture

Mark A
I agree re the bunker & judiciary , but isn't it the match review committee that let him off with a fine ?
I saw footage that a lot of media are not showing, they just show the kick.
Martin's tackle was a beautie and as he tried to walk away from it Munster wrapped his arm around Martin's ankles and brought him back to the ground at which point Valentine Holmes joined in. Martin had every right to fire up but he was the better man and just tried to roll away from them.
For Munster to then kick him in the ribs was a dog act and is typical of the unsportsmanlike , antagonistic behaviour has been getting away with for years (what if Latrell did this?)
If Munster wants to be the antagonist whether tackling or being tackled, then he has to be prepared to take it as well as giving it.
Now Munster is lying about it by saying 'I was just trying to get him off me" .
The footage doesn't lie, but Cameron Munster sure does and the MRC should have punished the lie AS WELL AS the behaviour.

mark ashford's picture

Again can't argue with your assessment of what went on in the tackle. No doubt the QLD players were getting frustrated as they were being flogged but there is no excuse for that type of action. Will be very interested to see SoO2 at Suncorp and see if the Maroons can make any sort of comeback. But I can't ignore foul play, and it was.

ARELBEE169's picture

Round 14

Blu it diden we LILLYCHINO?

Baggy_Gee's picture

Strange that his excuse was he is highly competitive, from a win at all costs system, stepping up to fill the shoes of another win at all costs player. Might say that there is a trend there, you bite one that's an abnormality, bite 5 and that is a habit.

newbie from perth's picture

Damn it! Just saw online that the “rested” players from the Panthers/Sharks match tonight will be playing against the Roosters in Round 15. There goes my plan of an upset win (maybe). I obviously got my reasoning with Round 15 and the second Origin game completely wrong. D’oh! Regardless, I’ll still be tipping my BBB 🐔 🐔 🐔

Tonight’s 1 point win by the Sharks over the Panthers just about summed up the match for me. Sharks the better side in the first half and the Panthers the better side in the second. Johnson’s wobbly old field goal got the Sharks home but only because the Panthers hadn’t had the opportunity up to that stage. That was about as even a contest as you can get. The Panthers were looking like they were beginning to work out what was required without the missing SOO playmakers.

Nighty-night peeps 😩

Christine's picture

Lets hope msroons do a bit more next gamethan just showing up ...

Christine's picture

That said lets hope maroons do a bit more than just showing up ...

Christine's picture

I hope everyone who is capable of having there covid vaccine does i am now vaccinated with both doses ...

mark ashford's picture

I've had my first Astra Seneca and get my second in July. I think we owe it to all our Aussie mates to get this done. I'm cranky about the Victorian couple who sneaked out of lockdown and travelled through NSW and into Caloundra QLD. Such selfish conduct should be dealt with by the police in both NSW and QLD. Caloundra is only one hour from me.

Steel Panther's picture

The Broncos were well and truly on the end of some poor officiating last night with the send off of the young rookie. While I doubt it had any real affect on the score line it had to be one of the worst decisions of late and there has been a few. In the previous game a Kevin Proctor indiscretion wasn't even deemed a sin bin and here we have what can best be described as an accident resulting in not a sin bin, but a send off. Surely there will be no punishment and another "we got it wrong" from the ref's boss, but that doesn't help the Broncos (who need all the help they can get) and in my opinion spoils the game for the fans with 12 v 13.

Steel Panther's picture

What an embarrassing effort from St George. They should be ashamed to dish up such a limp performance against a team who can't even buy a trick!! Disgraceful performance....

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