2022 NRL Grand Final

Penrith Panthers (1st) vs Parramatta Eels (4th) – Sunday night – Accor Stadium

I'm going to talk about the number 9's - Api Koroisau and Reed Mahoney. Both players will be joining other clubs next season, and Penrith and Parramatta will have a difficult time replacing them. I'm stealing this description from someone else (and I would credit them if I could remember who said it first) - Koroisau is an incredible liar. He lies with his entire body. What they mean is that it's almost impossible to detect which way he is going to go when he's at dummy half. Because of that, and because his delivery is almost always spot on, it gives his team a half step advantage over defenders. Half a step is plenty, particularly when you have a team like the Panthers all around you. Last week Koroisau started off the bench, and his side was down 12-0 without him. They went on to win 32-12 (and they had a few tries disallowed). All the Panthers attack starts with him, and he gets through a ton of work in defence to boot. Mahoney looks to have graduated from the Danny Buderus Dummy Half Academy - to my eye half his passes look forward, but he keeps getting away with it. Perhaps they are pinpoint flat and he's so good at it that they look forward compared to all the other number 9's. In any case, he gets away with it and it gives his team a half metre advantage on every play he gets away with. Like Koroisau, his work in defence is top-notch, and I would argue that technically he is one of the best tacklers in the business. Those two players have played a huge role in the success of their teams. If I came up with a list of the 5 best number 9's this year I'd run with Koroisau, Mahoney, Robson, Cook and Grant. It's a crucial role in the modern game, and it's no surprise that their teams all made the top eight. I'll be fascinated to see if the Panthers coach starts Koroisau off the bench again in the grand final. Could the Eels steal a lead early and back their defence to hold the Panthers at bay? Souths tried, and they just got steamrolled. I say it almost every week, but to beat Penrith you need to put pressure on Nathan Cleary, something Parramatta were unable to do in week one of the finals. I think they know what they have to do, but I'm not convinced they can actually do it. I'm not going to lie to any of you - I genuinely want them to. I'd much rather an Eels victory on Sunday night, after such a long premiership drought. I'm in NSW this week and I've seen more Parramatta jerseys in the streets in the last two days than I've seen in the previous two years. I expect most of the country will be willing them on, but this Panthers outfit appear to have too much class. I'd be happy if I'm wrong, but:

Verdict – Panthers by 13

Clive Churchill medalist – Dylan Edwards

Result – Panthers 28 defeated Eels 12

Clive Churchill medalist – Dylan Edwards

Wally Lewis - the Grand Final (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  •  PANTHERS vs Eels (4th)


RICX AM I's picture

GO Parattitude Eels All the way to the promise land

mark ashford's picture

Hey Baggy
So happy to see your Eels make it to the big one. Will be barracking for you next weekend. GO THE EELS

tigerholic's picture

Is the NRL blind and ignorant, Ashley Klein appointed as GF referee , the referee with the most horrendous calls all year gets the big dance.
I can’t understand this decision, he will absolutely ruin this game and walk away with no ownership of the shitstorm he will leave behind.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Atkin's in the bunker is just as bad. I'm hope for nothing but a fair game and no grandstanding by the officials. Let the BOYS settle it on the field and may the best team win.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Thanks Mark, thinking of finding a sports bar to watch so food is on hand and the beer can flow freely. Here's to seeing a free flowing game by the women as well before we get to the meat of the evening.

RICX AM I's picture

Ashley Klein to be charge of the Grand Final.
I hope he dose not listen to the Panthers Trainers for stoppage of play like semis of 2021.

tigerholic's picture

Morning All

Just checking in early this week as I fly up to Emerald for 6 nights today. My daughter works as a nanny on a property 40km's out of Emerald and her bosses allow her family to stay with her whenever.

It's a fantastic place, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, quiet, relaxing and I get to help on the property. My favourite job is mowing using their zero turn mower, I can do that for days.

I'll be watching the GF from there so I won't have the normal access to internet but will still check in.

Good luck Voyeur, Footy Chick, Tigers717, it's been a great tussle all year. I hope to see everyone back on the site next year.

Have a great week folks, to all the Parra and Panther fans, enjoy the week. Just out of interest, how many Panther supporters are on this site??

Tiger - Oh, almost forgot to mention my old mate Rocket, don't give up mate, you didn't do too bad this year, stick with me and I'll drag you up the table next year.


SM's picture

Hi Tiger holiday

What you think of Dylan Edwards for Clive Churchill.

Enjoy your trip.


SM's picture

*Tigerholic lol sorry autocorrect

BigPeteBx's picture

Morning also to you Tiger.
Enjoy the trip and remember if you find any of those lovely green gems, to post me one down here. It is also my birthstone. I once as a young teen, used to do lapidary, but never got to handle an emerald in the rough. Opals, agates and thunder eggs - yes.

Have a nice break mate. I know how nice it is to be close to the younger ones, as our daughter will return from Bribie Is., Brisbane & Gold Coast (after doing a promotion with a horse racing syndicate) to here for her mothers birthday (this weekend) and then hoofs it back to Melbourne.

Keep well Champ and speak during the off-season or next season.
Big Pete in Bx Country.

a's picture

Yes why is Ashley Kien in the grand final

tigerholic's picture

Very big chance, I can see Cleary taking it out though as he dominates the Eels.

Have a great week, off to the airport.


tigerholic's picture

Cheers BigPete
Family is everything mate, have a great week. I'll try and check in from Emerald country.


Mary S's picture

Hi Tiger,
Enjoy your break in Emerald - happy days.

Don't wait until next season to check in either, as I'm sure Thinker will have his "off-season" page for us to keep in touch.


tigerholic's picture

Hi Mary

I will check in during the off season. Have a great week. Not looking good for papalihi to honour his contract.
I probs spelt that wrong, the second rower from the Eels.


MGM's picture

Hey Tigerholiday,
Enjoy your holic !

Baggy_Gee's picture

Have fun Tiger, been another great year listening to you and rocket parry.

Rocket Ryan's picture

Tiger try not to step on a big black snake

tigerholic's picture

Morning All
Just a quick update on Emerald, had a good flight up with one section where we experienced some turbulence which Tigers are know to like and I am definitely a Tiger.
Had a great sleep last night, up early today and have been for a a little adventure on the 4WD buggy down into some of the 10000’s of acres with my daughter and the 3 little kids.
I think I am ready for grandkids, have had a ball playing hide and seek, reading the books I brought up as pressies for them, just finished some morning tea and soon the kids will be having a nap.
Have some beautiful porterhouse steaks for dinner tonight, a few beers around the fire should top off a great first day.
This post was totally not footy related but just wanted to share.
Pity we can’t post photos on this site.
Enjoy your day folks

Baggy_Gee's picture

Glad your having a great time out there Tiger. Sounds like a wonderful break from the norm.
Anyone kicking around the S.E corner on Sunday afternoon and want to have a bit of fun watching the Football, I'm going to be at Tailgate Sports Bar up here in Toowoomba. Food is good, drinks are cold, and if American food doesn't do it for you, there are plenty of other places around. Going to be there from 5 till once the partying stops, might be pretty damn quick or a very very very long night.

mark ashford's picture

Hey Tiger
Enjoy your time in Emerald but mainly with your daughter and those little tykes. My lovely lady and I spent 2 or 3 nights in Emerald on our epic trip up north in a very friendly caravan park. Free entertainment and the best fish&chips for only $12, sitting around a huge fire, was a highlight of our trip but gracious was it cold (June). Enjoy the GF and may the best team win. My head is with Penrith but my heart is EELS.

newbie from perth's picture

"Dia duit gach duine" i dteanga ní mo theanga féin,

Before we get started … @ tigerholic
As a workaround for posting photos on here, maybe you could create an account on imgur. Upload photos on there and thereafter post the (photo) link here. Just a thought buddy…

OK, the BIG DANCE is nearly upon us. Joy for one side, heartbreak for the other. Life doesn’t seem fair sometimes eh? Good because we’ve finally arrived at the GF and bad because we have to wait 5 months until the season starts again next year. It is what it is my people. OK, let’s do this thing …

Panthers vs. Eels @ Accor
Probability @ 65-35
Ladder Position = Panthers
Bookies Favourite = Panthers

Verdict: The Panthers looked a little susceptible last week against the Rabbitohs but the cream rose to the top for the last 45 minutes of the match when the scored 32 unanswered points to put the Bunnies away. The stop-start play certainly didn’t help them in the beginning but they slowly got into their groove and marched towards their third consecutive GF appearance.

The Eels had an easy win against the Raiders and followed that up with a tough win against the Cowboys. That last 15 minutes in Townsville was a tense affair but the Eels’ defence held firm and that effort might’ve actually done them a world of good in getting them steeled for the Big Dance. To be any chance, the Eels need to bring their “A” game on Sunday and challenge the Panthers just as the Bunnies did but they’ll need to do it for the full 80 minutes. Anything less and their hopes diminish.

The Eels are certainly capable of beating the Panthers as they did twice this year in the regular season but on those occasions everything came together for the Eels. While the inconsistency issues seem to have gone away, they will need things to fall into place for them to mount a serious challenge. They have it in them but I’m a little concerned the pressure of the GF might throw a spanner in the works. Having said that of course, I believe the Eels are good enough to take this right up to the Panthers and possibly win this.

The Panthers have been the best side all year, there’s no denying that and their effort last week against the Rabbitohs reminded us all that they’re a cut above the rest. The scary thing for the Eels is that the Panthers are a better side this year compared to last year when they won the GF. The Panthers are a well-oiled machine and have class players across the whole park. Cleary should step up again and attempt to control things.

The Panthers are short-ish favourites to win this and with good reason. I think they’ll be too good on Sunday and the Eels’ “window of opportunity” will close. History in the making is beckoning the Mountain Men. Panthers by 14.

Clive Churchill – I agree with the Boss … Dylan Edwards

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

In my humble opinion, this might be the best one she’s ever done.


OK kids, good luck with your tipping and if your team is still in the race, may they win by 40 points! Enjoy the GF and more than likely I’ll see y’all on the Boss’ Off Season Hangout page. Cheers 🐔 🐔 🐔

Mary S's picture

Hi Newbie,

Your SOW - I had to play it twice, as the first time I was so caught up with the precision of the dance I didn't take much notice of the singing!!
Enjoyed the lot!


Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hey all,

Panthers should win but I really hope the Eels win. I love a good underdog story and the premiership drought being broken will be amazing to witness especially since I will be at the game Sunday night. I would be so happy for the Eels but at the end of the day, The Panthers are just too classy and should get the job done you would think, there's no way they beat themselves, Parra has to put the pressure on and I don't think they'll do enough. Clive Churchill Medallist toss up between Edwards and Cleary and Panthers to win it by 10.


Steel Panther's picture

Hey Thinker

How many Grand Finals have you tipped correctly since you started your site? Would be interested to know if the info is readily available.

Enjoy the game tomorrow night sir!!

The Thinker's picture


I'm not sure to be honest. 

More winners than losers though :-)

Just curious - given you are in New Zealand, I'm guessing you would prefer an earlier kick off for the grand final?

There's a bit of talk on this topic right now (although I don't think they are going to shift the timeslot).

All the best

The Thinker

Esra Star's picture

Mate,at least we get it an hour earlier here in Qld.

Christine's picture

Bug pete send me thunder eggs i have book ends that are thunder egg...

Christine's picture

Tiger uyou can send any emeralds my way as well tigee...

BigPeteBx's picture

Morning Christine - yes Thunder egg gems are lovely with light shining through. Gee those bookends must look nice. I also loved the Crazy lace and Moss agates. How on earth does all nature and geology do this - truly remarkable.

You have a great day Chris - I'm going well (or as expected). Had a lunch yesterday for wife's 70th, which is tomorrow. Our daughter arrived back in time from Bribe Is and Qld to get things setup. Of all things NRL - she is a Newcastle Knights supporter, so she is happy the womens team made their g/final to be played today.
Cheers - Big Pete in Great Race Country (vroom, vroom - this week and big one next Sunday.

BigPeteBx's picture

Good Sunday morning B/Gee (singing mate).
If I was up that way, I'd come and join you and have a sherb or three.
My two friends who live in Toowoomba Country (now at Withcott - previously Laidley/Regency Downs)) aren't really footy followers, but when they lived in Sydney, they lived at Campbelltown and were Tigers followers.

Have a nice afternoon NRLW and evening NRL
Big Pete in V8 Country.

Steel Panther's picture

Yes Thinker, would definitely prefer an earlier kick off time for sure. The game here doesn't finish until close to midnight and with work the next day it's a grind but it's only once a year I guess.

BigPeteBx's picture

Firstly Thinker & Little helper - thank you for a great sporting and sociable site that you mediate at. Thoroughly enjoy it here Bro, even though at times, with so much on my plate that I do, that I cant post more often. Has been a rather rollercoaster ride in NRL this season.

I'd actually like to see a more earlier start to NRL Grand Final day.
As for people who attend, it becomes a rather late night getting home for them. Thankfully though, they get a public holiday the next day (like tomoz). Back in former day it was 3pm, but now with the razzamatazz and all the presentations that go with it, an earlier start wouldn't hurt. I guess mate it wont happen with National News from whatever channel being affected.

Cheers Champ and keep well
Big Pete (vroom, vroom - nearing).

BigPeteBx's picture

Take care Steely - we're thinking of you mate as, we in NSW have a public holiday tomorrow. I do agree with an earlier start to NRL Grand Final day. At least today/this evening in Sydney, it'll be a little cooler than the heat of the Northern States.

Cheers Champ and keep well.
Big Pete

Steel Panther's picture

Cheers Big Pete. I might call in sick tomorrow haha!! Even if kick off was at 6pm your time it would be more manageable at my end.

Good luck to your Red Devils tomorrow too and best wishes to your good wife!!

tigerholic's picture

Hi Christine
Funny you should talk about emerald’s, the father of the daughters boss started this whole business of farms and farming after making enough out of mining sapphires and other gems.
I am amazed at the size of this property alone, they currently run approximately 900 head of cattle, beasts at the moment go for around $2500 a head, this property sits on 8000 acres.
Enjoy the footy tonight, I’m a little conflicted with which team I want to see win more.

Rocket Ryan's picture

OK footy chick the stage is set really ready for your grand entrance it's within reach.

a's picture

Go eels today

Footy chick's picture

Game on tipsters :-)
Thank you The Thinker for all your work all season. I appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else does too.
Have a great night everyone xx

mark ashford's picture

The Voyeur, Footy Chick & Tigerholic,
Well done to you for ending on top of the ladder this year. Hasn't been an easy year so you guys (or gal) have done well. Reading the above comments I have realised how lucky I have been to be part of all this.
THINKER ,Mrs THINKER, TLH and any others involved, thank you for another year of tipping and enjoyable banter, you guys rock.

No Woman No Try's picture

My tip.

Panthers by 13

Rocket Ryan's picture

Not the start you wanted baggy drink up an early night beckons.

Christine's picture

I forgot to get my tip in but it doesn't matter I am not on the tipping ladder I would of taken penrith for what it's worth for those that want to know ...
Enjoy everyone

Rocket Ryan's picture

It's too f****** late to tip now

Rocket Ryan's picture

Oh baggy Yeah now it's matter whether or not the eels can score

Steel Panther's picture

May I be the first to congratulate The Voyeur for taking out this year's tipping comp. Great effort mate. Some nervous moments but you have been judged at the end of the season.

A top year too for Tigerholic, Footy Chick (as usual) & Tigers717.

Hats off to you all!!

The Tide Head's picture

All over Red Rover. Thanks for another splendid season Mr Thinker. Also, well done 'a' for another great three-strikes comp (that I need to get better at). Finally, thanks for the insightful comments and friendly banter, tipsters. It's been fun. Stay safe and be kind. I'll see you all next season. TTH

The Thinker's picture

@Footy Chick

Thanks for the kind words, and for tipping the Eels tonight and making things interesting. And congrats on another terrific year of tipping.

@BigPete, Mark Ashford, The Tide Head

Thank you, and thank you for your ongoing contributions to our little community. It's a better place because you're here, and I can't ask for more than that.

@The Voyeur

Congratulations...I'll work through the formal count and finalise our tip three, and I'll be in touch to organise your prizes.

Speak soon

The Thinker

p.s. I will put up a page for the Rugby League World Cup...because I love international rugby league. If anyone is interested feel free to check in on that throughout the tournament.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Rocket that game hurt, listening to klien coaching atkins how he wanted the bunker to rule was hard to hear. In the end they were a far better side and that tackle of D. Edwards was just magic. We tried and if any of those trick plays had come off we were in it, but they are a very very complete team and worthy winners.

tigerholic's picture

Leave Christine alone please, she is not on the tipping ladder you old bully.



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