The NRL Grand Final

Melbourne Storm vs North Queensland Cowboys – Sunday night (6.15pm) – ANZ Stadium

Melbourne Storm
  1. Billy Slater
  2. Suliasi Vunivalu
  3. Will Chambers
  4. Curtis Scott
  5. Josh Addo-Carr
  6. Cameron Munster
  7. Cooper Cronk
  8. Jesse Bromwich
  9. Cameron Smith (c)
  10. Jordan McLean
  11. Felise Kaufusi
  12. Tohu Harris
  13. Dale Finucane
  14. Kenneth Bromwich
  15. Tim Glasby
  16. Nelson Asofa-Solomona
  17. Slade Griffin

Coach - Craig Bellamy

North Queensland Cowboys
  1. Lachlan Coote
  2. Kyle Feldt
  3. Justin O'Neill
  4. Kane Linnett
  5. Antonio Winterstein
  6. Te Maire Martin
  7. Michael Morgan
  8. John Asiata
  9. Jake Granville
  10. Scott Bolton
  11. Gavin Cooper (c)
  12. Ethan Lowe
  13. Jason Taumalolo
  14. Ben Hampton
  15. Coen Hess
  16. Corey Jenson
  17. Shaun Fensom

Coach - Paul Green

* note: team line-ups are subject to considerable change, but will be updated as news filters through.

The Storm and the Cowboys have already met twice in season 2017 – in round 15 the Storm prevailed 23-22 in Melbourne and in round 22 it was the Storm yet again (26-8) in Townsville. As a rule I often look back at previous match-ups in the season as a guide to future results. If I don't, I need some pretty compelling reasons not to...and here they are:

In round 15 key men for both sides did not play because of Origin duties, so the teams that played in that game were very different teams to the teams playing on Sunday. The teams in the round 22 clash are much closer to what we have in the grand final, but circumstances on the night made things particularly difficult for the home team. The Cowboys effectively played out that game without a bench, and players stayed on the field that would not have done so if there were players available to replace them. You need a lot to go right if you want to beat the purple machine, and a lot went wrong for the Cowboys in round 22.

While those factors add some colour and shape to those earlier results, they don't give you any reason to tip against the Storm. You need some pretty compellng reasons to tip against the Storm...and here they are:

You often here people say that finals football is different to regular season football. I'm not sure how true that is, but here's one thing I know to be true – the Cowboys in this finals series are a very different team to the Cowboys leading into the finals series. They've been rank outsiders in every finals game. They've been thousands of kilometres from home in every finals game. The overwhelming weight of crowd support has been against them in every finals game. Yet they won them all, and they improved every week. In week one they beat the 5th placed Sharks by a point. In week two they beat the 4th placed Eels by 8. In week three they beat the 2nd placed Roosters by 13. Their completion rates in those three games have been 80%, 85% and 90%. Their opponents in those three games had completion rates of 60%, 74% and 68%. We are talking about top eight football teams here, but something about this Cowboys defence is forcing their opponents into error. In a way the Cowboys have been doing what the Storm have done all year. The challenge now, and it's quite the challenge, is for the Cowboys to out-Storm the Storm.

I've tried to find a way to measure up the newly-improved Cowboys against the ever-consistent Storm, and I'm relying on the Parramatta Eels to help me out. The Eels played the Storm in week one of the finals and played the Cowboys in week two of the finals. The Eels lost 18-16 to the Storm in Melbourne – it was three tries apeice and a Cameron Smith penalty goal proved the difference. A week later the Eels played the Cowboys in Sydney in front of an enormous Blue and Gold army. The Cowboys won 24-16, and the score was 24-10 until the Eels scored a consolation try in the 80th minute. Now I'm not leaping to the conclusion that the Cowboys are a better team than the Storm. It's never that simple, but those results do suggest to me that the Cowboys are in this game all the way up to their oversized hats.

The Storm haven't left Melbourne all finals series and, rather remarkably, this is their first game at ANZ Stadium all year. That means of course that their last visit to this ground was a the 2016 grand final. I could be a lone voice with an undiagnosed medical condition, but I think they're going to lose again.

Verdict – Cowboys 17 : Storm 10

Clive Churchill medallist – Michael Morgan

Result – Storm 34 defeated Cowboys 6

Wally Lewis - the grand final (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • STORM vs  Cowboys


Rick's picture

Well done to everyone who has continued to the grand final it has been a great season of tipping this year albeit a tough one.
Thank you Thinker for running it all again this year.
Congrats to all the prize winners.

christine's picture

Well said rick well said , I will tip storm this week for finals week 3 but I would like to see cowboys win so it's storm for me ...

The Voyeur's picture

Hi Thinker, wanted to get in early and say a big thank you for providing the platform and insightful weekly "verdicts".....whilst only making some early comments this season I have always been "watching" and have enjoyed the positive banter and passion by nearly all of the participants, let's just say the 2nd half of the season seems to have been a much more positive experience !!! So good luck to everyone for the final week, especially those who are in real striking distance of winning the table and also to those who's team is still in the running (mine sure is not ????).....roll on Sunday and it's the storm 13+ (sorrry a) for me

Rocket Ryan's picture

Easy for you this week big pete scottm will pick for you well done for a cockroach this year you have made the honours list.

The Thinker's picture

Just in case anyone is wondering - in the event that there is a tie I will split the prizes.

So, for example, if Scott M and BigPete end up on the same total, they will each get a $150 voucher.

BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks Rocket R.
Someone had to keep The Blues colours flying.
Has been a close tussle, but many didn't pick that Storm would be playing Cowboys in G/Final.
Its been a close match here all season, as many of our consistent week in, week out poster/bloggers, have given more than their ten pounds worth.

Cheers mate and I'll be around with some off-season EPL comments or V8 Great Race stuff. They are rolling into town as we speak.
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Its been a close show Thinker, but it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for you and TLH making the site available for us to have some fun, some banter, some stirring and some good old footy comrade and fellowship.
Thanks heaps mate. U r both gems.

The Thinker site is renowned now by many who follow and sit behind our curtains watching and predicting for their own footy comps.
To all our bloggers, tippers, posters and others - it wouldn't be achieved, if it wasn't for you being here.

If u r watching in Scott M (Sharky) - good luck to you.
Its been a close show these past few weeks, but its not over until..................the last whistle.

I'll be riding me Sea Eagles in Under 20's, as they play Baggy G's Eels.
Good luck Baggy.

But G/Finals being g/finals, it will be a close one in the main dance, as I think Storm played a lot out of themselves last week, with a cricket score. Cowboys might just make a match of it and throw it at Storm.

Cheers folks and we'll talk again soon.
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Mr Thinker & TLH.

Again, thank you for work you've put in, with the tremendous task you've been faced with, over this season.
Whatever the outcome between Scott M and myself, I will put my voucher, in with another I have and haven't redeemed yet and get myself one of the new Manly jumpers. It will be a nice reminder of how well I went this year, the year I've had personally and also a great reminder of being involved with a great bunch of people here at The Thinker site.
2017 had a mixed season for me - but 17 is also the number of my birth date and the number of Dick Johnson's Racing Team, more so in Ford Tru Blu machine, and the many cars that Dick and Co drove. Coincidental ay!!!!

Cheers and keep well - Big Pete

scott m's picture

Good luck big pete. At least your u20s will win this week.

mark ashford's picture

As much as my heart says Cowboys I think their unbelievable run will come to an end at the hands of Storm.
Storm only lost 4 games all season, can't remember if it was around SOO time but what does it matter. They are amazing.
Full accolades to Craig Bellamy, Cam Smith and the team.
If Cowboys win then Paul Green and his team will make history.
This will be another great GF I'm sure....cant wait.

mark ashford's picture

To Big Pete, Baggy, Tiger and all the NSW supporters sorry you don't have a team in the big one.
I have enjoyed all the banter this year and who knows what 2018 will bring.
Big Pete
Hope that vision is going well mate and good luck to your under 20's this weekend ( have I got the right comp)
Very happy we are all RL lovers and the rubbish has stopped.

christine's picture

To all the regulars on this site I hope you all return next season & I miss you all already ...

tigerholic's picture

Howdy Folks

Had great week on Fraser, the fishing was ordinary due to this weed that was all the way up the island. Every time you cast in and then tried to wind in, your line came back with a weed that I nicknamed the "coach potato" cause it was a real pain in the arse.

Even though the fishing was ordinary, I did catch one Taylor. We went to the tip of the island, walked to the light house, did Lake McKenzie(beautiful), Eli Creek twice, Champagne Pools twice(backpackers made it worth the trip).

We had a fire every night, met an old fella who taught my young bloke about putting salt on his pippies to keep them from going off, this apparently works with the pillies as well.

Anyway, we enjoyed it that much we have booked the same sites for next year for 9 nights. If you haven't been to Fraser, it has to be on your bucket list.

Thanks to everyone for a great year, Thinker, TLH, Mark, Big Pete, Rocket, Scotty, Footy Chick, Wally, Christine and all of the regulars, I am looking forward to next year already.

When we were at Fraser, my mate and I were preparing to listen to the Brisbane V Storm match on the radio, my kids kept saying "dad, that sounds like the TV", I sent them away to investigate, they returned and said excitedly, "dad, that have a TV going with the footy on it", needless to say we were able to watch the game in complete amazement at being on Fraser Island where there is no reception. The fella who put it on was into techno stuff and had purchased a projector, screen and had satellite hook up, f----n amazing, see ya next year folks.


Baggy_Gee's picture

Thanks Mark, We are getting there. Just like the Broncos we are hopefully going to be at the pointy end next year. There is plenty of depth with the young BOYS this weekend, and sorry to point out Pete that again it'll be the Eels flying high over the Eagles. But its great to see good young talent getting the chance to strut their stuff on the biggest stage of the game.

a's picture

What do you think about Cameron Smith winning the awards

Tailspin's picture

Gday everyone, Another year has flown by, too quick for me. Big congratulations to all the Cowboys and Storm Supporters out there for them making the final. It's grand final time again and I'm going Cowboys by 2. I think they are on a roll and are going to turn the storm into a drizzle. Hopefully it will be a cracker of a game. Thanks alot everyone for another great year of league. Special thanks to Thinker and TLH for an awesome site. Hope to see you all next year to battle it out again.

Cheers from Tailspin.

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi all,
Mr Thinker and your helpers a quick note of thankyou for having me on your site and being part of your footy comp'. Somehow, I've had a good tipping year followed by a bad one, alternately. This year was my alternate. So, I'm due to have a good one next year providing Saints and Canberra go ok methinks. When they are off, so is my tipping. Also looking forward to seeing all the other tipsters and footy lovers back next year including new faces as Mr Thinkers site grows deservedly. I won't mention all the names because the lot of you are a bunch of good folk. I have some heavy duty stuff happening at work but I will pop in regularly over the off season. Just a quick note that it's great having women, kids and families loving rugby league and contributing, so it's been great having you Christine and Mary on board with your take on stuff. Finally, catch you all later, you are all fine folk. Gotta give Big Pete a mention, seeing as we have the central west in common. Might even catch up at the historic Dudley hotel on Stewart st one day when I'm passing through to see my folks mate. So cheers.
Anyway all all the best from the original Johnny Awesome, ignore the imitations :-)

PAUL's picture

Good to see Wally Lewis has tipped against the Cowboys.....again. They should be a shoe in then.

christine's picture

All the guys on this site would be in morn , hugh hefner has died aged 91 ...

a's picture

Heres my score

Cowboys 26 tires Justin O'Neill 2 Corey Jensen Lachlan Coote Antonio Winterstein goals Eathan Lowe 3/6 Storm 16 tires Nelson Asofa-Solomona Tohu Harris Cameron Smith goals Cameron Smith 2/3

Man of the match Jason Taumalolo

The Annoying Devil's picture

Poor old Hugh when the ambulance turned up to the mansion and said where's the stiff they asked which one?
A bit more coaching news now Dean Pays official
Laurie Daley has been the standout of all interviewed by the titans
And Anthony Griffin won't see out the off season at the Panthers

nola todd 's picture

thanks to you thinker & every one else had a great time analyzing all you tips Ive ended up with 156 points to date. was wondering if you guys could tell me & heaps of our friends why NRL officials keep getting over seas bands to preform @ grand finals when we have so many great bands here who shit all over them except for Tina turner.& besides the money stays here. good luck all with grand final

Footy chick's picture

Tipping the Cowboys Mr Thinker. I love it, but I can't do it.
Thanks everyone for another great year. xx

mark ashford's picture

I heard Des Hasler has been short listed for the Titans. Would either Laurie or Des be happy coaching a QLD team.
My flag is flying at half mast. The worlds biggest play boy has left us.
All hail the Hefner but today he is so politically incorrect it's not funny.
Had his day in the 60's and 70's but the exploitation of women is no longer accepted. Thank heavens. Just saw a recent interview and he looked like a lost old man.
I thank God my beautiful daughter was born in Aust and not USA

christine's picture

Mark You don't have to tell me about hefner he has exploted women for decades & made a fortune out of it in the process but he didn't get this one , I was just reporting the news as it came in when I posted that comment I personally would like to see them get rid of all magazines of that type it really isn't necessary ...

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

I thought I’d get on and have a bit of a waffle before posting my thoughts on the Grand Final if that’s alright.

Like some of our friends have already mentioned, I just wanna say a big “thank you” to the Boss and his Mighty Helper in organizing this year’s activities. A most welcome diversion from the humdrum of my somewhat average existence.

How he kept his head whilst all those around him were losing theirs (the shananigans and name-calling earlier on in the year) has me dumbfounded and in complete awe of the man. Well done Sir! As The Voyeur mentioned, it was a much better place to come and read and discuss the footy than it had been earlier on.

Great to see Big Pete will be around with some off-season EPL comments and V8 Great Race stuff as he states. I might just pop on every Thursday and/or Friday night to catch up. Hope you’re there Big Fella.

Thanks to everyone who posted this year. I’ve learned a lot more about this wonderful game of ours and a lot about patience and forgiveness. I’ve learnt not to take comments at face value because, as Mary mentioned so clearly a few weeks back, the written word on this screen does not convey the true meaning of said comments. You can’t hear the tone of the voice nor notice the facial expressions. The price we pay in this digital age eh?

Great to see the regulars back again and great to see some new faces as well. Wouldn’t mind the Boss divulging site traffic stats if he feels so inclined. Was there an increase on last year Boss?

Good luck to Big Pete when his Manly Boys take on the Eels in the Holden Cup GF. Good luck to Baggy when his Junior BOYS take on Manly in the same. What a shame one of you has to lose. I would love to see you both win but…

Good luck also to Tailspin, Mary, Hardyards and “a” when their Cowboys take on the Storm in the Big One Sunday. I’m sure you’ll be proud of them regardless of the outcome.

I’ve just checked out the EPG and I’ll be able to watch the U20s GF on 92 starting at (WA time of course) 10am and finishing at 3pm. Then switch over to 9 for the Big One starting at 3.30pm and finishing at 6.45pm or thereabouts. What a way to spend my Sunday. Awesome! Not sure what sort of state I’ll be in though. I’ll be spending Saturday at a mate’s place watching the AFL GF which means I’ll be sinking my first beer (Chang naturally) at 11.30am. Followed by more Changs, lots of Johnny Walker, a couple of bottles of some nice Cab Merlot and finishing off (around 10pm or so) with about half a litre of Newbie’s homemade Baileys. Phew! If it wasn’t for the fact it’s a “tradition” to watch it with dear friends and mates I’ve known for 30-40 years, I wouldn’t bother. It is what it is and I know I’ll be there Sunday come hell or high water watching the GF. Ah, stretched out on the lounge, more than likely still suffering with a slight hangover, and enjoying every minute. Oh, BTW, who the hell is Macklemore? Apparently he’s touted as a “Hip-Hop Megastar”. Really? Never heard of the guy. I’m pretty sure there will be people in the crowd who aren’t aged between 12 and 16. Seriously, the NRL needs a rethink on who they get to perform each year. Are they consulting their kids before they sign these acts? I think nola todd hit it on the head concerning the pre-game entertainment. Sheesh!

Anyway, I’ve raved on long enough I reckon. Time to shoot off and make myself a coffee. Big day tomorrow and even bigger one on Sunday. I can hardly wait. Actually, I’m all aquiver. I’ll be back soon with my GF thoughts. Actually it might be the very next post as it’s getting on over on the East Coast and most of you will be in bed. Unless of course you’re still awake Mary (ha-ha). Talk to ya soon…

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

OK, here we go. We’re finally (somewhat sadly) down to the last two. Once the winners are crowned, that’s it for this year. Newbie has to hang out until March next year before he (and a gaggle of mates) head off to the new Perth Stadium to catch the Round 1 Double-Header. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This weekend is all about the GF so I suppose we’d better talk about that eh?

Melbourne Storm

The Storm have been, without a doubt, the best side all year. A few hiccups along the way and a few in the finals too but we all know how good they can be when they put their minds to it. They’ll be mindful of their defeat in last year’s big game and given they have arguably the best defence (that oh so flawless sliding defence of theirs) and attack in the game (+297 points differential compared to the second best Broncos at +164), they will be switched on from the first whistle.

Not only that but also the prospect of sending off Cooper Cronk (and a couple of others) in style should provide them with more than enough incentive. I reckon they might be able (it'll be tough though) to niggle the Cowboys into making enough mistakes until they eventually crack under the pressure.

North Qld Cowboys

I know it’s been said many times, but the Cowboys were lucky (sort of) to scrape into the finals but boy oh boy, haven’t they made the most of it. True grit and determination, week in and week out. You only win 1 of your last 6 regular season games, sneak in and next thing you know, you’re in the Grand Final. That in itself is a mighty big effort! Outstanding actually.

For their squad to be in the situation they were in and to beat the Sharks, Eels and my BBB to get here is nothing short of amazing. Is it any wonder the Cows’ fans are full of confidence? They seem to be getting better and better as each week has gone by and I am absolutely convinced they can and will give this an almighty shake. The way they are finishing off games is phenomenal and if they’re close enough, the Storm will have a battle on their hands.

As I read somewhere online “they are a star team despite the absence of star players”. That sums it up really. A true team. I’ve noticed lately their propensity to continually build pressure and reduce their error count and penalties given away. The way they have been dominating possession, the ability to wear down their opposition and their “never give up” attitude has me liking their chances here. One thing going against them is their absolutely horror run of defeats against the Storm. I think they’ve lost the last 5 encounters. That’s not to say they’ll lose again but it certainly makes you think.

In Summary

Can the Cowboys dare to dream yet again and harness their “never-say-die” attitude and knock off the Storm? Or will the finely oiled machine that is the Storm juggernaut, simply continue to power on?

Whoever wins it Sunday, for them and their fans it will be a dream come true. For the others, it will be nothing short of utter heartbreak. There can be but one winner and Newbie is tipping the Storm to get it done by maybe 8 points.

Clive Churchill Medal

The obvious choices would seem to be the likes of Cam Smith, Cooper Cronk or maybe Billy Slater. After watching the Cows smack my BBB last week, Newbie is gonna tip Jason Taumalolo to win it. If not, maybe Michael Morgan or Cam Munster.

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and if your team is in the Grand Final, may they win by 40 points! Until next time we meet. Cheers.

P.S. Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny? Hmmm…

christine's picture

I for one will watch the grand final but I won't be watching the pre game grand final entertainment so no macklemore for me ...

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, how good it this. We've got the ever so consistant stand up team of the competition this year the Storm against a defiant Cowboys who have been the ultimate underdogs blowing top 8 teams off the park forcing errors, completing well and of course outscoring them. They've been gritty. ANd I mean really gritty. QUestion is... can they outgrind the Storm. WEll my tip for this week for the big dance is...

Storm by 8- THe Cowboys have been absolutely brilliant this finals series. But personally, I don't ghink that they'll ougrind the Storm I believe that they have to go that extra step. What that extra step is I don't know. This is the Storm to lose though. The pressure is there way. The Cowboys would just want to continue what they've been doing in the last few weeks, being the ultimate underdogs inn Sydney outplaying the opposition. THat unfortunately won't happen against a team like the Storm. The Storm are just too classy and professional about their approach and this won't be any different. As much as it would be good to see the Cowboys win, it's the Storm to take it out for me.

Awesome. IT's been a great season with you bunch. I've really enjoyed it. Competing against you guys and sharing my views about footy along the way. ALso gaining some new friendships on here as well. I also really enjoyed the little competitions made by a couple of the awesome tipsters on this site. I would like to thank Thinker and Thinker's Little Helper for letting me into this tipping comp as a tipster this season I've been a member on this site for a few years now with different names mind you. BUt this was my first season as a tipster on this great site. I want to thank my fellow tipsters for all the laughs I've also learnt a lot from you guys as well, regarding footy and well not footy as well. I would absolutely love to be apart of the tipping comp again this season. I've absolutely enjoyed it. For possibly the last time this season. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragons-fanboy's picture

My bad I meant I would love to be in the tipping comp next season.


BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks Scott M (Sharky) for the luck and on U20's, this week.
I've tipped and of course as Rocket R said, you will pick mine and you did. We are that close, I have to go Cowboys, because if you win by one, it might as well be 2. I feel Cowboys will come to Sydney on a mission, but Storm won't be like last year or last week. Last week, they really only played the second half of the second half and turned it on.
Many surprising things have happened before in g/finals of many sports and NRL is no exception.

Scott - I did ask once before, but you never answered it, that I could find. Where are you located at?

Keep well and keep in touch here on Thinker site.
Cheers - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Good Saturday to you Newbie.
Sounds like you will be a force in the brewery/distiller over the weekend mate. I'll be about during off-season and note Thursday/Friday for your checking in. A-League about to start as well, but I am only registered for EPL tipping, these days. Gets to much to keep up with, when NRL is on with the changeover occurring. So you like the ASsian drop of Changs do you. They (Changs) make some nice additives, for Chinese/Asian cookery as well.

I'll be back later tonight or Sunday morning, as I have a weekly event to attend to this afternoon and then a family birthday at a top Lebanese eatery here in town. We change the venue each year.
Cheers all - Big Pete

scott m's picture

Dear big pete. I live in cowboy country- Townsville. But have been a sharkies man forever. Whilst i will be cheering for them i cant see them winning. The roosters, parra and the sharks played poorly against the cows. But the storm dont play poorly so i picked them. I wont be upset if we share the spoils, put it that way.

mark ashford's picture

Hi Christine
I've never heard of Macklemore and don't know his music.
Apparently he's a gay rapper from the great US of A
For some reason Todd Greenberg decided the NRL would support the "yes" vote and booked him in.
To be fair he should have also booked in a "no" vote singer.
Whether you vote no or yes is surely a very personal thing and the NRL should not have got involved.
Why couldn't we have Johnny Farnham, Kylie or even Wally Lewis doing a cover of "simply the best" would be accepted by all fans instead of dividing us. Poor choice Todd who is advising you?
Just watched the opening of the AFL gf and the original singer sang "up there Kazaly" the crowd went wild.
AFL is killing us.

christine's picture

Big pete You asked me once if I live in vouclouse & I have to say wrong direction i'm hills region which covers a large enough area & we will just leave it at that my friend ok ...

christine's picture

Newbie I hope when you have your bailey's you toast our great friend johnny ray ...

christine's picture

Mark I don't know why we need some rapper from America or any other country for that matter the nrl should have hired a band from here & kept the money in this country , foolish nrl very foolish of you ...

a's picture

Well AFL also had Killer who are from Lad Vegas

GaryChesterUK's picture

Been a good season, and cheers for all your work thinker.

Have to disagree with you on this game though, cowboys have done great for the last few weeks but I think Storm have been head and shoulders above the rest this year and will win by about 16 points.


The Annoying Devil's picture

Souths to announce the signing of Brett Morris
Lot of attack for Souths in 2018 not sure about the defence though
Hopefully it's 4 fairytales in 4 years
Go the cowboys
Man of the match the other JT

BigPeteBx's picture

I totally agree with you Christine about overseas entertainers performing at NRL G/Final day. We have a load of talent here in Australia and only last weekend I saw Tina Arena at ICC Sydney. Great concert by the little lass, with a very good strong voice. Some might have been offside with her not being backwards in coming forwards, on a couple of occasions, but that can be Aussies, especially when she was having heart to hearts with the audience and going back to her grass roots and where she came from and where she is now. I'm sure you, Mary S and maybe a few others here could do it for near to nicks, if we got an admittance ticket to the days festivities.
Hmmmmm.......maybe me, Thinker and Mary S can be Peter, Paul and Mary for the day.
At least we'd spend the funds in Aust and it wouldn't be going abroad on the next flight out of the country.

Cheers and have a most enjoyable day - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Christine and in reference to your location, in a previous ask I made.
I actually asked if it was Nth Sydney, not Vaucluse, but not an issue. Its just nice at times to know where and how many miles, we all exchange from and how one day some of us might just meet somewhere, for a Thinkers Re-Union and have one hell of a bobby dazzler good time.

It is now left there, at that, with you Miss Christine!!!!

Cheers and enjoy your Sunday, on any Sunday, but in particular today - NRL Day.
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks Sharky Scott for letting me know your location.
I'll never forget the Townsville Sugar Shaker International Hotel.
I was there, many years ago, with some friends from Kirwan, when Gene Miles was special guest at Townsville Souths annual presentation night dinner.

Good luck today mate - we are good winners and losers here and wont be any skin off my nose, either way.

I was talking to a lady, in our local Mitre 10 Garden Dept yesterday and she was telling me, when on the subject of footy clubs, that she is a retired schoolteacher from Mascot (Sydney) and that Aaron Gray was one of her pupils. She is a Bunnies supporter and didn't like the news that Aaron was leaving and going to Cronulla. Oh well mate, sand is easier to dig that hard clay soil.

Cheers - have a great day
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

G'day Mark A - my vision is very bright since the surgery and now have a flamin virus from the air and all the pollens about, or maybe just aircon from trains/buildings and mixed temps last weekend in Sydney.

Yes Under 20's it is in Holden Cup and starts very soon.

Cheers Champ and have a great day - Big Pete.

BigPeteBx's picture

Great Sunday to you Draggo.
Good to see you were about this year, as both you and I were in the unattached comp last season.
I'm sure many of us will be back next season, but there is really no need to leave for the off season, as we can all keep tabs even if weekly/fortnight - whenever.
Remember we are here and giving the site hits, each time we converse.

Cheers - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Heya Johnny Awesome - have a great NRL Sunday mate.
Just give me a holler here or go via Thinker and get my home email (my permission is given)and send me a note. I don't have a mobile phone, but I have landline and we WILL catch up, like anyone from here can do, if they are in the area. I'll take you around for a look at Australia's Oldest Inland Settlement.

Just going through Under 20 Holden Cup team members for today. Looks like a game between the islanders. We'll have the beach and sand.

Cheers - I'll push on for now
Keep well - Big Pete

christine's picture

I have to change my tip & go with the under dogs for the game so it's cowboys for me ...

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Good one Tiger - liked the post.
Yes, its been great mate here this season.
Not many here riding on The Cowboys today, but again, my heart says Cows might just pull something, if they contain Storm in every stage.

But with Craig Bellamy coming from this area and the team he has, and the season they've had, they'll be doubly sure they don't slip up, like last year and of course they wont forget what Manly did to them, last grand final they met. That's why both teams will be focussed and not be distracted with trivial things - unless of course The KFC Bunker has anything to do with it.

Cheers - Big Pete

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Well done BogPete and if your reading EAGLESRock and Fortress for your Manly under 20s win from coming from 8 mth spot hopefully Cowboys do the same


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