2018 NRL Grand Final

Sydney Roosters (1st) vs Melbourne Storm (2nd) – Sunday night – ANZ Stadium

Sydney Roosters

  1. James Tedesco
  2. Daniel Tupou
  3. Latrell Mitchell
  4. Joseph Manu
  5. Blake Ferguson
  6. Luke Keary
  7. Mitch Aubusson
  8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
  9. Jake Friend
  10. Siosiua Taukeiaho
  11. Boyd Cordner (c)
  12. Isaac Liu
  13. Victor Radley
  14. Dylan Napa
  15. Zane Tetevano
  16. Paul Momirovski
  17. Ryan Matterson

Melbourne Storm

  1. Billy Slater
  2. Suliasi Vunivalu
  3. Will Chambers
  4. Curtis Scott
  5. Josh Addo-Carr
  6. Cameron Munster
  7. Brodie Croft
  8. Jesse Bromwich
  9. Cameron Smith (c)
  10. Tim Glasby
  11. Felise Kaufusi
  12. Joe Stimson
  13. Dale Finucane
  14. Kenny Bromwich
  15. Christian Welch
  16. Brandon Smith
  17. Nelson Asofa-Solomona

* note that team line-ups are subject to change and will be updated as soon as possible

The Roosters have been the high-water mark in defence all year, and it's still holding. They've played two top four sides in the finals series and contained them both well. Last week they faced the team with the best attack this season. The Roosters were without their biggest forward (Napa), Taukeiaho was returning from injury, their most potent strike player and goal kicker was unavailable and the guy who leads them around played most of the game like the drummer from Def Leppard. Cronk defended on the right edge, exactly where the Rabbits have been at their attacking best all season. The Rabbits had more of the ball, a higher completion rate, more metres gained, more penalties, more tackle breaks and more metres with their kicking game. And for all of that...the best attacking team this season couldn't score a single try. That same Rabbitohs team played the Storm in Melbourne two weeks earlier...and scored five times. The Roosters and Storm met in Adelaide in round 16 and back then it was the Storm that prevailed thanks to a Cameron Smith field goal (9-8). Now people will point out to me that it's hard to use that game as a guide because the Storm were without Jesse Bromwich, Felise Kaufusi and Dale Finucane...and they would be right. Mind you the Chooks had half their engine room missing too (Cordnor, Waerea-Hargreaves, Aubusson and Matterson). It's not a perfect guide, but it's all we have, and that result tells us there isn't much between the sides. All those players that didn't play in Adelaide will be playing in the grand final, but the big difference is the obvious one. Cooper Cronk does for the Roosters what Smith does for the Storm. Cronk is the coolant that stops the Chooks engine from over-heating. He controls (or tries to control) the pace of the game and he tries to dictate where much of the game is played. In the absence of Cronk, which chicken puts their hand up for that role, and which chicken puts their hand up for a clutch field goal attempt in a grand final? The Storm have Smith (who did exactly that in the 1 point win in Adelaide), and the Chooks have a question mark. There is still the very slightest of chances that the Roosters are playing us all for a bunch of suckers – that the Cronk injury isn't what we all think it is and he can take the field with enough movement in the arm to kick and talk and hold his own in the defensive line. It would be quite the story if he did, and it's not a bad little tale for him to tell when he inevitably finds himself on the corporate speaking tour in retirement. He might play...but he probably won't. One player shouldn't make such a difference in a team game, but tell that to the Storm who lost a grand final 40-0 when Cameron Smith was suspended.

As we all know it's been a while since the NRL has seen a team win back-to-back premierships. I often speak of the NRL as being the most even sporting competition in the world...and it is. Since the Broncos won successive titles the AFL have had five teams win two in a row, the A-League (or equivalent) has had five, the English Premier League has had seven, the NFL three and the NBA ten. The Super Rugby has only been around since 1996 and they've had six since then. One of the strengths of our competition is that whatever team you support can, on their day, beat any other team in the competition. That's a great feeling to have before each and every game. It also speaks volumes about what the Storm are going to achieve on Sunday if they are to win. If they aren't the benchmark every season they are very close to it. They're an incredible team on the field and one of the best teams off the field. In a strange and foreign land, they have waved the rugby league flag and done so with good grace. They are hated by many, but unfairly I feel. A Cameron Smith field goal won the game in Adelaide, and he can do it again. It's all just a little bit of history repeating.

Verdict – Storm 17 : Roosters 16

First try scorer – Daniel Tupou

Clive Churchill Medalist – Cameron Munster

Result – Roosters 21 defeated Storm 6

Wally Lewis - grand final selection (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • Roosters vs STORM


Brad S's picture

Newbie, being someone who grew up supporting AFL and the Eagles, how did your interest in NRL and the Roosters start?

I’ve been starting to watch a bit more AFL in the last few years and am starting to appreciate it more with a better understanding. Watched a game live last year and realised quickly that it’s a great game to watch live.

Looking forward to both games this weekend but sorry I won’t be tipping your Roosters.

Thinker I’m tipping Melbourne to win by 6 points. Thank you.

Islander's picture

Roosters 20 Storm 14
First Try Scorer Joseph Manu
Clive Churchill medal James tedesco

I'll Probably get all the above wrong but one things for sure, it'll be one hell of a Grand Final. Brace yourselves for "BRUTAL" guys.

Before i sign out for the year just like to thank the Boss for having me part of this community and and each and every tipster on the site. Unfortunately i haven't been able to contribute much through out the year. you know work and stuff.

To everyone enjoy the Grand Final and the long off season. We shall meet here again in 2019.

Go the Chooks..

mark ashford's picture

Growing up I was subjected to Presley, Fats Domino and others by my elder sisters & brother. My mother was a big fan of Sinatra, Sammy Davis and others so I got plenty of that too. My Dad was a bit more classical so I was subjected to Ravels Bolero more times than I care to remember. My earliest memory of a song that I liked was "catch us if you can" by the Dave Clark 5. After that I was hooked on British pop.
Today I love all those old songs and thank Michael Buble for bringing back the crooner style. I also think Ravels Bolero is one of the best pieces of orchestra music ever written. I like hard rock, metal and any Aussie band.
BUT that's where it ends I hate hip-hop or rap or whatever you want to call it. It's just not music, just in most cases a continuous series of profanity yelled at us by some very questionable LA gangbangers.
Your SOTW 2 doesn't fit the above but it's close. So it's still a NO from me.

Newbie. Seriously wishing GOOD LUCK to your Eagles & Roosters
Enjoy your weekend mate. (don't believe you won't have a drink on Sunday if your BBB get up)

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi all,
Firstly, thanks for the heartfelt comments Christine, Mr Ashford and Mr Newbie. It is not only appreciated but uplifting as well. Do you know what sets this site apart from others? Its owned and run by a very nice bloke in Mr Thinker and good always attracts good, that’s why there are a lot of good folk here. Occasionally, you may get the odd few that just want wreck something for the sake of cheap thrills, but they don’t last here.
Mr Mark Ashford, I would love to have Wayne Bennet back at the Dragons, I don’t believe age is factor at all with Benny but age does change your perspective on things without a doubt. Look Mary is a great bloke and I said earlier, he’s an ok coach. I’ll rate him alongside, say, Nathan Brown. They are ok and given time and more experience will get better. But they are not premiership winning coaches. Coaches like Bennet and Belamy constantly redevelop themselves, they see subtleties lesser coaches glance over. They are able extract advantages from the smallest item. Let me explain….a few years ago I watched a track analysis on Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel around a particular circuit. Vettel was gaining a consistent 0.2 second advantage over Webber around that particular circuit. Doesn’t sound like much, but after 10 laps it equated to a 2 second advantage. In formula 1 that’s a huge advantage taking into account pit stops. So, the point I’m making is that the upper echelon coaches work on the same principle, gaining miniscule advantages here and there which accumulate into a larger ones later and they have the vision and the foresight with that. I don’t think Mary has the ability to take any team to a grand final, though he is competent enough to make them competitive. I’ve watched his interviews all year and he didn’t have the vision or fortitude to change Saints play when the other teams finally worked out a system to hobble the Dragons, that’s where the Belamy’s, Bennets, Robinsons, Flanagans come into their own. They have the ability to alter their style of play to suit different conditions. Thanks heaps for your kind words Mr Mark Ashford, you are a very decent person.
Mr Newbie, thank you for your kind words and similar assessment to my views regarding Billy and the Dragons. I’m from the old school, I'm even older than Big Pete and your comments are always enjoyable and fun. As you aware, they do tend go on a bit but hey, nothing wrong with that and that’s what we do as we get older, share our thoughts and experiences. A wise head on your shoulders Mr Newbie methinks and a pleasure being around you.
A big thankyou to Christine as well for thinking of my daughter and I. She is going pretty good, has some decent friends who understand her and has started an apprenticeship whilst going to year 11 and 12. The college she is in is extremely supportive with terrific programs. There are always issues but she is better equipped now to handle them. Thank you Christine for your care and kind thoughts. I hope you are staying as healthy as possible with everything that you combat on a daily basis :]
On another note, I'm hoping that Easts can beat Melbourne but I think Mr Thinker is absoultely correct, Cameron Smith will be the difference against a no Cronk show or a wounded Cronk show, is doesn't matter. In saying that, what a great footy season it has been, I can't wait till next year. here's hoping the Dragons and Raiders do ok in 2019. Ricky in my view has no excuses in 2019. I don't expect the Raiders to be Grandfinalists but they have a roster that should make the finals. I am a Raiders supporter with obviously Saints being N0.1 and Raiders next, but I am hoping the ostrich head in the sand mentality changes next year for the Raiders. When you invest $500 a year like I do in buying two seats in the Gold inner bowl at GIO stadium, go to every game with your daughter, you want the Raiders to have a go. I rang in a few times when the Raiders were losing home games and the response I got was, there wasn't anything wrong. I then wrote in questioning the Raiders fitness and defence training, lets admit it, it was woeful within 20m of their tryline...no response. i asked for some feedback and no reply. My phone calls and writing were all positive, I just wanted some answers on the direction they were taking? Well, I was ignored and its a shame because going to a Raiders game at Canberra Stadium is a great day out. There are no idiots, heaps of security and it feels family oriented. now we need the Raiders to deliver as well.
Hey Mr Newbie I nearly caught up to you with my essay :]

Cheers all from the original Johnny Awesome

christine 's picture

Johnny Awesome
In regards to raiders do you think ricky is doing the right thing by letting Blake Austin leave ?

Mary S's picture

Hi Johnny A,
After reading your story I think it should be Awesome Johnny!!
Great to see you online again.

So glad to hear the news about your daughter. When any/all of us have a friendly environment, we all cope better with a more positive approach to a task or challenge.

christine 's picture

Johnny Awesome
I know what it's like being treated by someone on a daily basis like your worthless/useless that's how i'm being treated right now but in my case it's my father treating me that way & he isn't going to wait for me to get anything through public housing or housing commission the wait is too long I have had to contact my member for state to try to get my case escalated but he is threatening me to kick me out & leave me no where to live with my illness but I try to remain strong which is proving harder & then someone like coach comes along which just brightens my day so much more but enough about me i'm glad to hear things are getting better for your daughter that gives me some hope that things may turn around for me one day too ...

manyana's picture

Hi everyone, just arrived back from the cruise to Vanuatu. As usual, we forgot that it was school holidays. Still enjoyed the trip, but we only had a couple of good sunny days & getting a deck chair, or in the spa was next to impossible, still, we had a good rest , but not much of a suntan to show off. So I'll have to start going to the beach at Bribie (oh dear, what a drag!! lol) to get my suntan.
My tip for the Grand Final is.....STORM.
Good luck to those of you who are in the running for the final prizes.
Hope to be invited back & talk "footy" to everyone again next year.
Cheers manyana.

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi Christie,
Personally I feel Blake Austin is a loss for the Raiders, however, the consensus is that his defence has always been suspect. Gee, there are a few more Canberra players in that league though, I’ll miss him, he’s a very good player and I wouldn’t mind having him in the Dragons. Cheers from the original Johnny Awesome

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi all,
Good on ya Mary,
Not sure what your profession is, but there is a nice school teacher approach to your comments. Always metered, respectful, kind and to the point. Always pleasure seeing your posts.
Hi Christine,
i know you've been going through some hard times over a long period of time and coping with hardship is even more harder without family support. Places like Mr Thinkers site offer an outlet and that allows us to talk about footy and sport in general but also acts as a connection and forum with other people which helps as you've stated. You are not alone. I've been a volunteer with an organisation called Kulture Break in Canberra over many years. Their mission is to influence a culture, empower a generation. Why am I digressing to this? Well, they have some core values that actually shows you how special you are. Never believe someones ill informed negative comments, those comments always come from the seeds of ignorance.
This is just two core values from Kulture Break...and shows you who you are Christine
1. Believe that you don’t need to become somebody, you are somebody!
2. Believe that you are special, unique and have something special to offer.
That pretty much sums you up and everyone else.
So who do you think will win on Sunday Christine and by how much, you've got pretty good footy knowledge.
Cheers from the original Johnny Awesome

Brad S's picture

Hi Johnny Awesome,
Kulture Break sounds like a great organisation. In today’s world of social media, it’s easy for people to lose self-esteem when they see the ‘perfect’ lives that their friends and other influences show online.

I like the advice you gave Christine because unfortunately people can be really shit with how they treat each other at times and it’s important to push the negative comments and actions to the side and remember how special you are.

It’s nice to see that there’s an organisation creating positive change and reminding people that it’s fine to be who you are and to be proud of your personal identity.

Great work mate.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, here we go... the GRAND FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing better than the NRL grand final right??? My tip for this week is:

Roosters by 1 - Geez, my logic is to tip the Storm because of the injury of Cronk but, does the shoulder injury mean that Cronk is 100% out, hell no!! I believe that Cronk as he is taking it day by day will use every second possible leading to the grand final to make his decision on whether he is able to play, that's if it's in his hands. Even if it means leaving it an hour or so before the game, I'm sure Cronk would want to get out there to play against his former club who he loved dearly in a grand final, and for that same club, he won a premiership with them last year. Geez will the media and newspapers have a ball if Cronk plays tomorrow. Cronk, Slater, all of the possible news that could come out of this game. I expect this grand final to be one of the best in the modern era of the game, up there with the Cowboys-Broncos. But, unfortunately, I can only see that happening if Cronk plays, this just shows how much that Cronk means to the Roosters. I strongly believe that the Roosters NEED Cronk on Sunday. Nothing against Aubusson, he is an amazing player, but if he is to play in the Halfback role tomorrow, than the Storm, with their class can get the win with ease and steer their way to victory, but if Cronk plays, along with the incredible side that the Roosters have on show along with Cronk, will give it to the Storm and we could expect another grand final classic. There's a difference between a controlled side and a good or battling side. The Roosters need a controlling team that will control the game because the Storm will sure as hell control this footy game. This game will be like a game of chess, one mistake will cost one team the game. If Cronk is out, it may come down to the winning field goal which I can ultimately see a Storm win with Munster and Smith likely to win the field goal. But with me hoping that Cronk plays and a Sydney born and breed, I want the Roosters to win. As much as it would be cool to see the Storm become the first team in 20 or so years to win back-to-back, I don't want to see it as well, I want to see the Roosters win. Come on Roosters!!! This is why I love rugby league, the NRL because of the unpredictability of it, anyone can win on their night, and that night will hopefully go to the Roosters in what should be the icing on the cake on what has been an absolutely spectacular season of footy.

Awesome. Good luck Roosters and Storm fans with your teams for this week. And with everyone's tip for this week. I would love to thank Thinker, TLH and co for making me feel like I'm a part of a family here. I've really enjoyed tipping on this site yet again and making some friends in the process just by talking some footy. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragons-fanboy's picture

To follow up my last post and to get straight to the point, I'm going with Cooper Cronk to kick the winning field goal and win the grand final for the Roosters. My predictions for:

First try scorer is Suliasi Vunivalu
Final score: Roosters 19-18 Storm
Clive Churchill Medallist: Cooper Cronk or James Tedesco if the Roosters win or Cameron Munster, Cameron Smith or Billy Slater if the Storm win. Or maybe either way, Slater to win it again due to it being his final game in which I expect him to play an absolute blinder in.


BigPeteBx's picture

Good Saturday afternoon to you Awesome J as we used to know.
So sorry to hear about the agendas that have been occurring in you present life.
Mate - we are thinking of you (like others on this site) and I have been thinking for quite a while now. I sent you a post around mid to late June and made some mentions about up this way. One was about the late Jock Schrader. Former Group 10 great. Oberon were the St George of Group 10 country football, brought about by the tutelage of another rugby league great, who also played for Sydney Eastern Suburbs - Tony Paskins.

I'll push on for now, but I'll be flying with the birdies this weekend, but not the bigger feathered birds this arvo. Hoping me little black & whites can get home - I've been following them since high school days.

Cheers and keep well - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

BTW JA - Not much difference between Mark A and I, in age.
So you could be much older than both us, even if you feel younger.

Wasn't the best of years, both on and off the playing field, for my lot.
The wrong politics was being presented.
However, if a decision is to be made between Madge and Carty, let them both run the squad, as I doubt Carty would have a team/club to go to. Besides, I think his son plays lower grade/s for us, anyway.

This time next week, the rubber and oil will be burning big time, up this way. Enjoy The Great Race, as it is Fords last year. Plenty of Mustangs getting about, so they may be the future. Pays to advertise.
Also, pantech/transporter street parade next Wednesday, driver signing in CBD with bbq, then trials commence at the track.

Cheers mate, keep well and we did miss those morning bus coffee's, on your way to work. Things have to get better!
Big Pete in Bx Country.

BigPeteBx's picture

Newbie - good luck this weekend in Finals Footy.
We are on opposite sides of the field today, but meet midfield tomorrow. I know that feeling well, when teams move interstate and I didn't jump ship either, for Swans. Have a soft NSW spot for them though.
Chooks wont be out of whack and will be ready. The ladies team, starts the day, against a well drilled Brizzy Fillies. We have a local lass playing in the Easts Hens team, as I mentioned in a post, last week.

Keep well mate and enjoy your off-season rest.
Big Pete in Bx

Rick's picture

A big congrats Newbie well done mate that was quite a last quarter! Enjoy your drinks cheers.

christine 's picture

Johnny awesome
I think storm will win the grand final unfortunately storm are a protected species they are to finely drilled ( thats not meant to offend anyone that supports storm ) & in regards to blake Austin I think Canberra are stupid for letting him go & in regards to your previous comment thank you it means more than you know , stay strong & I will try too as well johnny ...

christine 's picture

Yet another end to a season & I have to say I miss johnny ray being on site just thought I would give him a mention ...

mark ashford's picture

Johnny Awesome
Thanks for your kind words. Over the years I've been here it has grown into a site where we are concerned about and care about our fellow posters along with some fun footy posting.
You mate with your obvious love of your daughter and maybe struggling with other issues are to be admired. Keep strong, keep loving and who knows what the future will bring.
As Mary S said and I agree it should be Awesome Johnny.

mark ashford's picture

Not really an AFL fan but did watch the GF today.
Have to congratulate Newbie and any other Eagles fans on your win in the last 7 odd minutes. Collingwood led all the way after a dominate first quarter until the end. Just goes to show it's not over until it's over.
I have a sort of Bro-in-law who is a rusted on Pies fan, not game to ring him as he will be crying all night.

mark ashford's picture

I too miss Johnny Ray and the Guru, one of our originals. Like everything time moves on.

christine 's picture

Your right about that mark but that doesn't mean we can't do a call out to them on the site so they know they are still in our thoughts ...

Baggy_Gee's picture

Ahhhhhh my second most favourite phrase happened today, collingwood lost. It was a great game, and both teams did deserve the win especially once the Pies exploded to a 23 point lead inside the first 15 minutes. If only we could cram 120k people in tomorrow night and get the same atmosphere.

christine 's picture

I would like to give credit & a special thanks to certain users of your site out of respect if I may thinker ie: johnny awesome ,"a" , brad s , mark , big pete , tiger, rick , rocket , newbie , steel , baggy , voyeur, pabdul , tad
all of you are what makes this website what it is so please never change you really are gentlemen I do really appreciate everyone one of you & then we have mary s the person that is level headed never backs down to a challenge that keeps us all in our place mary s you keep us all in check well some of us who shall remain nameless I should say but even that was a feat on it's own well done & then a big thank you goes out to the thinker & tlh for all you do to keep this website running for us all to use great work there guys well done we really do appreciate what you do so we can keep this community gathering going to talk about nrl this great game of ours & other sporting events & day to day issues even if there is some bs sometimes that does rear it's ugly head now this is not bye from me i'm seeing out the season & I will commune for a bit after the grand final but I will try to still be on site next season even if I have to use my mobile so it's not bye from me i'm still around ...

a's picture

Yeah I miss Johnny Ray and Guru to hopefully they come back

Steel Panther's picture

Have enjoyed a lot of comments this week starting off with a rare one from KellysLoot. Good to see too that Johnny Awesome hasn't forgotten about everyone after a quiet year posting. Sadly I remember The Thinker having to shut down the comments at one stage last year. This season on here has been so much more enjoyable.

Disappointing we have such a late kick off on this side of the Tasman tonight as we moved to daylight saving time here today, a week earlier than NSW so that's a three hour time difference now.

I'm tipping the Storm by 8.

nola todd's picture

sad you still not picked

Rocket Ryan's picture

Storm by 4 for me tonight cooper not fit surely watching the coverage and they claim he's going to play could backfire big time.

TigerGirl's picture

Well I will have to toss a coin because I have no idea who’s going to win. Makes it hard not knowing exactly what role Cronk will play. Roosters have won my coin toss. I’ll say by 2 points.

mark ashford's picture

Trent Robinson taking a big gamble playing Cronk. But he's a smart coach, maybe the whole week has been a bit of smoke and mirrors re Cronk. Either way you can bet Storm target him early to test him out.
Great win by the Broncs girls in the GF. These games are quite watchable with heaps of skill and toughness on show.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Bad call Cronk playing, I think he's a great player, but there is someone who could have covered for him. Its to much of a risk for the Grand Final. But that penalty against Chambers gave me a smile.

Baggy_Gee's picture

FFS that should be a penalty against Mitchell, he started it and that was highly unnecessary after the sideline.

Mary S's picture

HT and Roosters are really turning the screws - currently making Storm look like all their experience stayed home in bed.

Don't imagine Bellamy will be too happy with all their errors!!

The Thinker's picture

Great win however you want to dice it. They didn't concede a try last weekend and the only try they conceded tonight was from an intercept.

And they did it all with a key player with one arm....Amazing

I have updated the tipping comp but I want to go back and check everything thoroughly before I dish out all the prizes. First prize is definitely with Tiger Girl and second prize is definitely with Rocket Ryan. Both of them have tipped brilliantly this season. I'll be in touch to organise prizes.

Brad S's picture

What an amazing performance by the Roosters. Completely outplayed Melbourne which isn’t an easy thing to do.

Shocked that they rolled the dice by playing Cooper but they did a great job of protecting him in the front line of defence. Very brave effort by him to play the whole game with a broken scapula.

Congratulations to Tiger Girl on winning the tipping comp and Rocket Ryan for finishing closely behind.

Mary S's picture

Hi Newbie,
I wonder how many days before your feet touch the ground, with both you AFL & NRL teams winning their respective Grand Finals!!

You will have a lot to crow about(ha ha)!!!!

To Tigergirl & Rocket Ryan,
Toss of the coin did you proud Tigergirl , as well as the amazing performance the Roosters put on tonight.
Congratulations to the two of you for how well you have done in the tipping comp on Thinkers site.

Bring on 2019!!!

a's picture

Yeah what an amazing year of football but disappointing if your a QLDer LOL hopefully 2019 is better for QLD

christine 's picture

Congratulations tiger girl & rocket you both did very well ...

a's picture

Who won the Nostrademon competition

Mary S's picture

Hi 'a'
I was having a look at the Nostrademon competition earlier myself.
Imagine it might take a while to get the results there, unless TAD has been sorting the data along the way!!

Certainly don't think I had too many right, but it was fun.

Esra Star's picture

It's been fun and congratulations to the winners.
I am looking forward to next year.

The Thinker's picture

Just an update on prizes (from me).

1st - Tiger Girl $200

2nd - Rocket Ryan $150

Equal 3rd - Footy Chick, Brad S and Steel Panther

Random prizewinner for the tipster that stuck it out all season - Baggy Gee $50

I have $200 to split between those that tied for third. The logical thing to do is split it equally.

I will contact winning tipsters by email to arrange the prizes.

Thanks again to everyone for taking part. The site would be pretty boring and crap without you all. Naturally anyone who participated this season can play again next season.

All the best and may your off-seasons be full of happiness and Christmas planning.

The Thinker

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Thinker and All here and a Happy Monday public holiday to you.

Thanks Thinker & TLH for another well run and controlled Thinkers Tipping Comp. Chooks came alive last night, with their game plan starting a few weeks ago, with results they were achieving.

Congrats to Tiger Girl and Rocket R on your tipping success, closely followed by The Three - Footy Chick, Brad S and Steely.

To all the regular tippers and poster's here - great knowing all you nice peoples and I look forward to more friendly banter in 2019.
ITMT - it'll be EPL and A-League that will attract my attention, along with BBL Cricket (hit & giggle to some).

To those not so well, hang in there and dig deep. Just keep your esteem on high and you will prevail and be better for it.

I'll be about the site on/off during the off-season, so feel free to post notes and we can have an occasional catch up, if you feel like it.

Cheers, have a nice Christmas and a better 2019 to follow.
Keep well - Big Pete in Bx Country.

manyana's picture

Congratulations to Tiger Girl & Rocket Ryan, and the other tipsters who are still in the mix for a prize. I thought it was a very hard year for tipping, but they came up trumps.
The game last night was fast & furious, & Cronk playing with a broken Scapula & Ferguson playing the last 30 minutes with a broken leg, what can I say? A fantastic effort by the Roosters. To all Roosters supporters, you should be very proud of your team. To the Storm supporters, they were outplayed on the night, but congratulations to them for getting to the Grand Final.
MANY THANKS TO THINKER AND HIS LITTLE HELPER, who did a great job organizing & keeping us up to date with everything, and also for including me in this tipping competition.Thanks to everyone who contributed comments etc. some of them were certainly interesting.
I thought the banter between the various supporters was great!
To all 0f those who have personal or illness problems, may they improve in the next few months.
I'm hoping to be here next year & with luck, I might do better.
Cheers for now, Manyana.

manyana's picture

Hi Mary S, I completely forgot about that competition. I don't think I did very well either lol.
Also forgot to thank Mark Ashford for his extra competition, it certainly added some extra interest.
Cheers, Manyana.

manyana's picture

Thanks Thinker.
Cheers, Manyana.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Thanks Boss. It is not a great start at the Eels for Ferguson though.

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Congratulations to the Roosters and their supporters. Outplayed the Storm in all aspects of the game. Amazing how one of Storm's best was sent off twice no doubt helped a bit but Roosters would have won anyway. I thought JWH was the best forward all night.
Extremely disappointed by the Roosters fans booing Slater while still in the sheds and again whenever he touched the ball. You fools didn't seem to mind when he was scoring tries for Australia. A little respect for probably the best fullback we have ever seen would have been nice.
But that's the Sydney centric mind set and it will never change.
Congratulations to the winners of Thinkers comp. Gotta take my hat off to you all for tipping so well in a difficult season.
Thinker you're choice of BAGGY GEE is perfect. He has suffered more than most of us but kept true to his Eels.
BAGGY it's only 6 months until we start again.

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Blake has a broken leg. In the next 6 months not only will it be fixed he will probably grow at least one more just in case. He is one tough dude and will serve you well in 2019.


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