Round four selections

Three things The Thinker learned in round three

  1. There has been plenty of talk about the penalty counts...and you've needed all of your fingers and toes to keep track, but there were slightly less penalties in round 3 (averaging just less than 18 per game) than rounds 1 and 2. Hopefully this is because the players are learning to do the right thing.
  2. Luke Keary is getting talked up as an option for NSW  in the Origin series. At the risk of starting another turf war, Keary was born in Ipswich, lived there until he was 10 and was part of an emerging QLD origin squad not so long ago.
  3. With the launch of the NRL womens competition in 2018 I expect the New Zealand Warriors will finally win their first Premiership trophy (and the Sharks are entitled to be filthy that they didn't get a slot).

North Queensland Cowboys vs Penrith Panthers – Thursday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

The Cowboys don't like Thursday night games at the best of times, but with three quarters of their territory underwater at the minute, pulling a decent crowd will be quite the challenge. Paul Green chose his words wisely with his criticism of the team at the post-match press conference a week ago – his words may have had a little more colour in the sheds. The Storm are very good at shutting down Taumalolo but most other teams can't. He's likely to produce an effort this week. The Panthers (and possibly NSW) are without Cleary for up to ten weeks. With Maloney and Peachey they aren't shy of playmaking options (or goalkickers) but I'm not telling you anything you don't know by saying the Panthers are a better side with Cleary holding the steering wheel. The potential return of Coote puts the Cowboys best spine on the paddock and they look the winner at home.

Verdict – Cowboys by 8

Result – Panthers 33 defeated Cowboys 14

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Friday afternoon – ANZ Stadium

It's become the traditional Good Friday clash and fans of both clubs will be pleased to see their teams score their first win of the season in round three. Reynolds is unlikely to return but you wouldn't rush him back anyway, given what this side did in round 3 to a team that won 54-0 in round 2. Did the Sea Eagles have a sense that salary cap news was looming and played accordingly? Better stuff from the Bulldogs too but their opponent did play out the game without their conductor (and he spent 20 minutes on one leg when he was out there). Given the convincing margin of victory for the Rabbits,  versus the Bulldogs hanging on for two points (and one of their tries was dubious at best), I'm with the Easter bunnies on Good Friday. Rabbit season.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 4

Result – Rabbitohs 20 defeated Bulldogs 16

Cronulla Sharks vs Melbourne Storm – Friday night – Southern Cross Group Stadium

In round 3 the Storm played the Cowboys in a replay of the 2017 grand final, and here we have a replay of the 2016 grand final. The Sharks scored their first win of the season last weekend, but it came at the expense of the Eels and there's some doubt on that form right now. The Storm accounted for the Cowboys in a convincing display and they'll be focussed on reducing their indiscretions (and penalties conceded). Rest assured that Paul Gallen will be reminding the referees at every opportunity just how much the Storm are doing wrong. There's expectations that Moylan will play but I wouldn't be locking that in just yet – Bukuya is definitely out, and that's one less big fit body for the purple machine to manage. Kaufusi looks set to return in purple and Kenny Bromwich could be back too. I foolishly took the Storm on last week but I doubt I'll be taking them on very often.

Verdict – Storm by 4

Result – Sharks 14 defeated Storm 4

Sydney Roosters vs New Zealand Warriors – Saturday afternoon – Allianz Stadium

It wouldn't have looked like the match of the round a month ago, but it sure does now. A resurgent Roosters takes on the undefeated Warriors. Note that if the Warriors win on Easter Saturday they will win their first four games of the season for the first time ever. I've always said that when the Warriors are playing well they are a joy to watch, and this season has been no exception, but there's a difference this season. This season we have seen a fortitude in defence that the Warriors haven't had for a very long time (if ever). They'll need a fortified defence though, as the tricolours have scored 68 points in their last two games while conceding just 20. Last week they put the previously undefeated Knights to the sword. This Warriors side doesn't look like a side that will get sworded, but these Chooks have points in them. Compulsory viewing...the chickens to keep their beaks in front.

Verdict – Roosters by 7

Result – Warriors 30 defeated Roosters 6

Manly Sea Eagles vs Canberra Raiders – Saturday night – Lottoland

The most peculiar thing about Manly cheating the salary cap is that they still paid their squad less than a lot of other teams were paid – they just paid them the wrong way. Still....rules are rules, and as much as some people may not like the salary cap there is no doubt it goes a long way toward giving us one of the most even sporting competitions on the planet. More positives than negatives I say. Manly may have some other issues soon too because the company that pays for the naming rights to Brookvale Oval may not have much reason to hang around in Australia for much longer...but I'll leave that discussion for another day. Ricky Stuart has already pulled out his annual post-match spray and it was pretty restrained by his standards – I do hope we get to see it again this season. If the Raiders keep losing games they are winning it's only a matter of time. Manly are about as predictable as a service station meat pie at the minute so I can't tip them with a shred of confidence, but they are back at Brookvale for the second time this season...and you can all remember what they did the first time.

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 8

Result – Sea Eagles 32 defeated Raiders 16

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Newcastle Knights – Sunday afternoon – WIN Stadium

The Dragons have flown the gates and sit atop the NRL ladder but they've had strong starts in the past and still fallen short. Just last season they were strong early and (just) missed the top eight. We might have a better read on how the good the Dragons are after this game. If the result is anything like the Roosters win over the Knights in round 3 the Dragons are the real deal. I think they are. Brock Lamb comes in for Connor Watson and Heighington returns on the bench. The Dragons are unchanged.

Verdict – Dragons by 18

Result – Dragons 30 defeated Knights 12

Brisbane Broncos vs Gold Coast Titans – Sunday night – Suncorp Stadium

It would make more sense if this game was played on the Gold Coast, because half of Brisbane leaves Brisbane for the coast on the Easter weekend anyway. In any case, there'll be more than enough locals avoiding the Commonwealth Games to keep the turnstiles ticking over. Not so long ago this local derby was one of the season highlights, but it's well and truly lost its crown to the other Queensland Derby in recent years. The injuries to Oates and Pangai Jnr are not insignificant, but Jonus Pearson is no slouch and the Broncos pack has enough starch in it. The Titans pack will find the Broncos forwards easier to manage than the Dragons, but it's hard to see them doing enough to win.

Verdict – Broncos by 10

Result – Titans 26 defeated Broncos 14

Wests Tigers vs Parramatta Eels – Monday afternoon – ANZ Stadium

If you're in Sydney for Easter and you're looking for something to do, then this is something you should do. The game itself will (hopefully) be entertaining enough, but more importantly this is Stay Kind day. There's plenty of good causes out there, but this is definitely one of them, and you can find out more here. Let's hope kindness prevails, and the Tigers in a thriller.

Verdict – Tigers by 4

Result – Tigers 30 defeated Eels 20

Wally Lewis - round four selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • COWBOYS vs Panthers
  • RABBITOHS vs Bulldogs
  • Sharks vs STORM
  • ROOSTERS vs Warriors
  • SEA EAGLES vs Raiders
  • DRAGONS vs Knights
  • BRONCOS vs Titans
  • TIGERS vs Eels


tigerholic's picture

Morning Folks

Have decided to get my tips in early and in doing so I throw down the challenge to all of the front runners to tip early, there are fans out there depending on you to lead them in these early rounds, come on Rocket.
After the Tigers devastating loss on Friday night, I have decided that my boys are worth the tip, have a great Easter folks, I am off to Gordon Country for 4 days of camping.

Baggy_Gee's picture

I like the fact that the tigers have been winning ugly. Mainly because it's winning, wish the BOYS would do that, no bonus points for style, just 2 points for getting over the line first. We've got you Tigers covered this weekend.

Esra Star's picture

I think the Eels will play better without Hayne.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Maybe they will, but I fail to see how someone who defends his position and has made several great try saving one-on-one tackles can be blamed. There is something else in the back ground and I still think that all the recruitment is to blame.

Steel Panther's picture

Baggy....a suggestion....remind French you play the game inside the white lines...not

Baggy_Gee's picture

Well what can I say, we like to get players with imagination, think 4th dimensionally , don't like to be bound by the rule book. That's why he is going to be such a great player. The other option is put on 20 Kgs and not run so close to the sideline would help as well.

Steel Panther's picture

French is a good young lad who I'm sure will develop into a fine player. Getting taken in to touch was once a Warriors trade mark. I think it's one of the most basic mistakes a player can make along with kicking the ball dead from the restart, something we saw twice from young Taylor from the Titans yesterday.

Baggy_Gee's picture

I know, but at least he attacking the line and trying. Same as young Taylor, the day they stop trying will be a sad day. Like Shaun, he had to carry his team but now he can play free and explosive. Better for the game young guys.

The Annoying Devil's picture

I wouldn’t be writing off the eels just yet I remember last year they lost 4 in a row early in the season as well as being thumped by the roosters in round 10 but they found a way to win and look where they finished
They need to find some grit in their defence and not try to score off every play
Back to basics and their roster will take care of the rest

Baggy_Gee's picture

Indeed, TAD, but we're even struggling to work the basics out at the moment. I'll keep backing them home each and every week, but the are going to treated like last year's Warriors or Knights, until they can prove their worth it will be hard to tip.

mark ashford's picture

Your loss to my Broncs was questionable at the least.
Can't remember a penalty in golden point time with 90 seconds to go ever. Hey the Tiges or the Broncs may have won but the refs took that away. After watching the game a point each would have been fair.
Enjoy your Easter, by the way where is Gordon Country?
French is a great player, who will star again this year.
Do you think some of your play makers thought "we can relax as Hayne is back" ?
I watched Jarryd hobble off the field but then walk normally up the tunnel. Did his EGO repair him that quickly.
Sorry mate but I think you were better without him.
Big Pete
Manly has been fined $750,000 for salary cap breaches over the past 5 years. Will this hobble them or drive them to wins like they had last week over the Eels.

I'm not a great watcher of cricket. Test matches can be boring but the shorter form of the game can be fun to watch.
The Aussies have become the worlds best sledgers and now this disgrace by Steve Smith. We have been the worlds best so why descend to this behavior. Need some leadership to take us back to where we belong.
Tips are in...good luck all.

a's picture

I think the cricket team needs to go ASP

Baggy_Gee's picture

the saddest part of it Mark is that Stuart Broad pointed out that they were getting it to reverse swing nicely in the ashes, so why change thier methods? Also someone now has footage of BAN-croft putting sugar into his trouser pocket during the Sydney test. At least football has a rule book that is always followed to the letter for each and every transgressor.

Hardyards's picture

Gee whiz, you have to leave the country for a week and hope the footy settles back to normal but…..
Ok, not the start I was hoping for with the Cowboys, but still plenty of time left. Got photos of the team (Cowboys) at a stop-over in Brisbane Airport before I flew out, after their loss to Broncos. (The goal post was never back its 10m) Talked for a bit with some of them and the spirit is still high, mostly.
Sorry I couldn’t log-on last week Mr Thinker, but have added my picks yesterday for this round.
Sea Eagles – Cheating buggers

Thanks and hoping the rain lets up enough to not need boats for Thursday up here. Tigerholic, is that Gordons country out Goomburra way? If so, enjoyed camping out there years ago. Sweet spot.

tigerholic's picture

Hi Hardyards

Yep that's the place, the only down side is no TV to watch the footy.


Taka's picture

My tips for round 4;

Cowboys by 10
Bulldogs by 7
Storm by 10
Roosters by 14
Eagles by 6
Dragons by 18
Broncos by 8
Tigers by 6


Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, my tips for this week are:

Cowboys by 8 - Cowboys too good at home here for me. I feel that Cleary out will have a bit of an effect on their control and combination between the halves for now, they may gel later on, but for now I don't think it'll click just yet. I Believe that there will be too much responsibility on Maloney.

Rabbitohs by 2 - Should be a cracking game. Good Friday. This one was hard to tip. But I have gone the Rabbits in a close one.

Storm by 6 - Hard to tip against the Storm. Sharks played well last week especially they defended well. But I'm going the Storm here.

Roosters by 10 - I reckon that the Warriors' run will end here.

Sea Eagles by 14 - I've just got this feeling that Manly will put a score on the Raiders here. Though I may be laughed at the end of it.

Dragons by 12 - The mighty Dragons to march on this season here with a big win over the Knights. I reckon that this will be a great game.

And finally... Broncos by 16- Broncos to win big here.

Awesome. Good luck to everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Oops I forgot one game.

And finally... Tigers by 1- Tigers in a thrilling Easter Monday match based on their defence.


BigPeteBx's picture

Yeah Mark - been fined and I only hope for NRL's sake, they aren't investigating the same from three years ago, where Manly was fined.
It is all in the same timeframe. I know how Baggy feels and many others, but most clubs are doing it. Tight arse NRL, wont review Salary Cap enough. I hate it like I hate Golden Point time. It will ruin the game in ways, as how do you get a good squad of players and bring them in under the cap. Moreso accounting for a player who wants to be a one club player.

They don't have that problem in UK/Euro soccer (as I repeat here again) - Messi (Barcelona) worth 189 million in a payout clause, C Ronaldo (Real Madrid) worth big bucks, close to 70 million, Neymar (now PSG in French League) worth over 90 million.
Great players who play more games a year, I know, than NRL does. But they aren't forced to leave because of a cap - they are paid for retirement. Notice that I hadn't even started on UK EPL yet. Pounds/dollars to burn in talent all over the park.

Then I get tippers here come along and say Manly are cheats. Was it Third Party player payments or not. Books weren't juggled good enough and Bozo is saying he wasn't involved. Rightly so, he probably wasn't, as he just secures the right players and the club pays em.

The lure is there, as I remember well from soccer coaching in State Championships, young lads Under 12's enticed to clubs with dragster bikes, in those days. Next year most likely, some paid a dollar a goal. It happens, so to build and strengthen teams/clubs. This guys too good, we don't want to lose him.

Oh well - NRL goes on. No sour grapes from me, only that I hope Manly get off a little lighter, especially if NRL has slipped in their poo bringing past charges against them - again.
You all love your clubs here and so do I. But I know and I can feel it, just like at work today - couldn't happen to a better bunch of bastards. Well guess what - Manly hates them to!!!!!!

Mark - take the tip at Brooky a la Lottoland, if Manly gets in early after this weeks events, Raiders might be playing catch up footy.

Cheers mate and all - keep well
Big Pete

tigerholic's picture

Giddy Mark Ashford

Gordon Country is about 30 mins from Warwick, its a cattle station on 4000 acres. Really relaxing way to get away from Ashley Klein.

Enjoy the footy mate, Broncos should win easy this week although the Tigers might have roughed then=m up a bit.

Have to be weary of a team coming off a flogging.

Islander's picture

Round 4 tips/guesses

Cowboys by 14
Bulldogs by 2
Storm by 4
Roosters by 8
Sea Eagles by 1
Dragons by 14
Broncos by 20
Tigers by 14

Good luck everyone. (Dont we all need it, except for rocket maybe)

Baggy_Gee's picture

Trust me big Pete, I know the feeling, and I would never wish it on anyone. It is annoying when the Roosters have their roster and still claim they have room in the cap. At least the NRL has said you are cap compliant so no dead rounds, let's hope the playing group and management will understand pay cuts this and next season. Best of luck and hope you get the win this weekend.

mark ashford's picture

What's there mate. Do you get to interact with farm animals, you know milk a cow, collect eggs, ride a horse or whatever?
I'm on my own and would love some experiences like that. Are singles welcome?

mark ashford's picture

Big Pete
I wish Manly well for the rest of the season. Salary cap breaches are a worry and management should be punished not the players or the fans.
Is it cheating by paying a bloke over the odds? or attracting a "name" player by offering a bit under the counter?
Remember there is 13 -v- 13 on the field.
Does a little extra cash make that much difference?
Are the Eels complaining after their 54/0 drubbing?
Are the Rabbits saying "yeah we beat the cheats"
Don't think so.
Lets just play each other and may the best team win.

Hardyards's picture

Hey Mark A,
"Is it cheating by paying a bloke over the odds? or attracting a "name" player by offering a bit under the counter"? – Umm, Yes it is.
Cherry-Evans had committed to the Titans, but back flipped because we now know, he received undisclosed player payments to remain with Manly. This was a huge blow to the Gold Coast at the time, after being forced into administration and acquired by the NRL. Losing this marquee player could have sunk the Titans.
I know the titans ended up winning by keeping Ash Taylor as he has outperformed DCE so far this season, but it could have worked out way worse due salary cap CHEATING.
The soft fine will only stop Manly signing fringe players for a bit, nothing to make other club think before doing the same.
My opinion only mate. :) Cheers

a's picture

Here are my tips

Cowboys by 10 I think the Cowboys will get back on the track here

Rabbitohs by 1 I think the Rabbitohs will win by 1

Storm by 1 I think the Storm will take the Sharks here

Roosters by 8 I think the Roosters should get the Warriors

Sea Eagles by 4 I think Manly will continue Raiders misery

Dragons by 12 I think the Dragons will get the Knights

Broncos by 10 I think the Broncos will continue Titans misery

West Tigers by 2 I think the Titans will win in a thiller

The Annoying Devil's picture

Im finding the tigers v eels match hard to tip
The tigers have only averaged 9points per game and when the eels go in
for oranges they come out and play like lemons and are still yet to score a point in the 2nd half
So I’m guessing if the eels score twice in the first their home but with the tigers only conceding 8 points per game that might be a tough ask

Brad S's picture

This week looks a bit easier to tip so get ready for some big upsets again.
Cowboys are off to a slow start again this year but I think they will get the win over the Panthers.
Rabbitohs have been building and I think they will have too much for the Bulldogs in what should be a great game.
Melbourne haven't been at their clinical best this year but the Sharkies have been well below their usual standards. Looks like they are missing Maloney marching the around the park so I'll go for Melbourne to get the chocolates in this one.
Warriors have managed to squeeze home in tight wins in their last 2 games again the Titans and Raiders but I don't think they will be the Roosters now that Cronk and Keary are forming a good partnership.
It will be interesting to see how Manly respond to their salary cap saga and a poor performance last week. I think they will still be too strong at home against Raiders.
Dragons are off to a flying start and should be too strong for the Knights.
Expecting the Titans to put in a much better showing this week but the Broncs will still get the win.
A tough game to finish but I think the Tigers will grind out a close win.

The Believer's picture

Gday mr Thinker.
Just letting you know im still here. And have never left. When i 1st joined i said you would help me win my tipping comp. Well i think the 1st 3 years i didnt . But those comps were small in comparison to the one i joined last season. And you came through for me and my fellow Shark supporter who won your comp and you were 2nd i think. Anyway i came 2nd last year and collected $1200.00. Now i still havnt got over that win and we are almost 4 rounds in 2018. And well we are not doin too good so far. My fellow shark is near the bottom. Well onwards and upwards from here and i hope you all do well and have a great year.
God Bless you..

a's picture

Welcome back Tge Believer I glad to have you back on board

a's picture

Whoops sorry for spelling your name wrong

mark ashford's picture

Hi Hardyards
Yes of course you're right, rorting the cap is cheating but what I was trying to say is buying marquee players does not necessarily a premiership make.
I know I go on about Hayne a bit but look at his record.
On what a $mill at the Titans and did nothing.
Back at the Eels on a bit less and still doing nothing.
Have a look at who Manly brought this year, no "name" players just paying their existing squad (mostly developed by them for years) a good salary.
If you develop good players and pay them a little extra to stay is this cheating after all the work you have put in.
Maybe the "cap" needs a little more work to make it fair.

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

Get ready for another dose of utter nonsense from yours truly. Under no circumstances should you take any notice of my utterances, especially if tipping and/or wagering. Two “roughies” this week with one in particular hard to fathom.

OK, let’s get this show on the road…

Cowboys vs Panthers
OK, the Cowboys have lost two in a row but should be good enough to knock off a Panthers mob without Cleary.

Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs
Both teams won their first game of the year last week but for me, the Bunnies looked a wee bit more impressive.

Sharks vs Storm
Storm were a bit scratchy last week but still won somewhat easily. Sharks seem to me to be lacking a little something at the moment. Can’t believe the line for the Storm is only (-3.5). “Gamble Responsibly!”

Roosters vs Warriors
My BBB returned to some sort of normality last week and they might be starting to find their groove. The Warriors have burst out of the blocks haven’t they? We won’t be taking them lightly I can assure you. Cronk vs Johnson – bring it on! Begurk! Begurk!

Manly vs Raiders
What’s up with the Raiders? I reckon they should’ve been going into this game at 3-0 and not 0-3. It is what it is I suppose and they need to find a way to finish off their opposition. It’ll be a tough ask against the Manly boys though. Will Manly bounce back from last week’s unexpected effort and set things back on course or will we see an under pressure Raiders mob actually focus on their footy and win against the odds? Don’t know why and maybe there’s no logic to this but my money’s on the Raiders to get up in this one.

Dragons vs Knights
The Dragons look a serious contender at the moment. Real serious. The Knights experienced their first loss last week against my BBB but they have definitely improved from last year. Normally I’d give the Knights a chance here but with their star signings, I’m opting for the Dragons to keep marching on.

Broncos vs Titans
The Broncos were IMO, very lucky to get home last week but pretty confident they won’t need any luck this week against the Titans as I’m sure Wayne would've smacked some sense into them by now. Not sure what’s going on at the Titans but they need to fix some things, namely their defence. Don’t think they’ll fix it in time for this match though. Broncos too strong here.

Tigers vs Eels
Tigers oh so unlucky last week. Just to chime in here with my 2c worth, the NRL should do away with this golden point rubbish. No clear winner, no clear loser, give ‘em a point each. How hard is that to work out NRL? OK, the Eels are averaging 6 points a game so far this season. For real? Sheesh! Theoretically, given the excellent Tigers defence, the Eels shouldn’t be scoring much more than that this week. On paper, the Tigers are looking far better at the minute than the Eels and you’d expect them to win this one. Having said that, it might be a blessing with Jarryd Hayne being missing for the next month. A shuffle here and a shuffle there might just be the spark that lights their “flame of revival”. Call me crazy but you know what, I’m goin’ for a “roughie” this week and tipping Baggy’s BOYS to cause an upset. If they lose, I’m off them until they win one (ha-ha).

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points!

It’s “Song of the Week” time again…

Love this one. Listen to it on average maybe once or twice every week and never get tired of it.

Cheers y’all…

MGM's picture

Hi Thinker
Got the link this week and have submitted Round 4 tips via the form.
It's round 3 tips i'm concerned about ... not sure why I couldn't find the link but time was running out and I put my selections in the comments column at 7:31pm on Thursday.
They haven't been recorded though and so I'm down on 6 out of 16 ...
did I not get in on time? I'm hoping it's just an oversight but please let me know.
Regards , MGM.

The Thinker's picture


Sorry about that. I did go looking for your tips but couldn't find them. I will go back and track them down and will update your tally.

All the best

The Thinker

The Thinker's picture


Found them...and I've updated your tally now. Thanks for letting me know.

If anyone else finds themselves in a similar boat to MGM just let me know in the comments and I'll sort it out

All the best

The Thinker

The Annoying Devil's picture

Hi thinker
Why your up and about You didn’t mention that Luke Keary played for nsw rugby league combined schools first.There are 6 qualifying questions to prove eligibility and Keary qualifies for nsw
You got away with it with Inglis as he played for Hunter sports in Newcastle before wavell high in qld.
I think you should play for the state you were born in it’s that simple.

The Annoying Devil's picture

Get your head around this one
I was just told that Blake Austin looks like he’s heading to Souths
Apparently the sharks want Aiden Tolman but the dogs want Aiden Sezer (I didn’t know Aiden was such a common name) to partner Foran. So the raiders are asking for Robbie Farah again why? They have 2 hookers and Hodgson to return
And to get Farah Souths want Blake Austin again Why? They have Cody Walker
So what’s the sharks giving up?

The Thinker's picture


Agreed Keary is eligible for NSW. He did ask if he could be eligible for QLD instead but the computer said no.

Place of birth seems a simple solution, but its complicated because many Australians were born overseas or interstate. We need some rules around those people. Imagine if the next Andrew Johns was born in Geelong and moved to northern NSW when he was 2. It would be a great shame if a player like that wasn't able to play Origin for QLD


The Annoying Devil's picture

Haha I can see that happening the next superstar of the nrl Gary Ablett jnr jnr

manyana's picture

After my enormous boo boo about the Titans last week, I think I'll just enter my tips & keep my thoughts to myself.
Good tipping to all, and, have a happy and safe Easter.

christine 's picture

My tips for rd 4 are :
have a pleasant weekend everyone ...

a's picture

That Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs game was a damn good finish

Steel Panther's picture

Good finish 'a' but both teams were poor. Bunnies looked clueless for long periods. And what about all the penalties in the game. Way too many I say. One thing our game has over rugby is the less stoppages due to the whistle but that doesn't seem to be the case this season.

The Annoying Devil's picture

Sorry but I have to disagree
The refs only blow their whistle when their are infringements
The dogs were offside on 6 occasions and penalised in the play the ball 5 times it’s hard to get momentum when the whistle goes every couple of minutes
At times it was undisciplined but it was tough and went to the wire
If you want to watch a team put in a poor performance watch last nights replay

Rocket Ryan's picture

Your right TAD cowboys very disappointing be hard to see them get over the warriors in the land of thr long white cloud.

Steel Panther's picture

I do agree with you TAD but there never used to be that many penalties blown. I don't enjoy rugby for its stop start nature but then again I realise if there's an infringement the ref should b blowing his whistle.

The Annoying Devil's picture

Your right steel you wonder why they let origin flow but they pull up every little thing in the nrl
I don’t know why their so big on playing the ball as long as it goes through the legs while the player is facing the opponents tryline I saw tamou play the ball twice and it didn’t touch his foot and it was let go .Bring back the scrum feed between the hookers legs I say

Rocket Ryan's picture

Duggan out Moylan out im probably out as well.

Steel Panther's picture

15 penalties & a sin binning in the 1st half!!!


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news