Round seven selections

Three things The Thinker learned in round six

  1. Now that the NRL Commissioner has finished with the Commonwealth Games it might be a good idea to do a crash course on who is who in the NRL.
  2. Six teams have conceded less than 100 points this season, and they sit in the top six spots on the ladder.
  3. I was right last week when I said the Tigers would make the top eight this year – I should probably start tipping them.

Canterbury Bulldogs vs Sydney Roosters – Thursday night – ANZ Stadium

Rugby league forwards may be a simple people, but they are a proud people. The Roosters pack wouldn't be pleased with what they delivered against the Bunnies in round five, and their coach wouldn't have been pleased either. They'll be focused on rectifying that this week, and I expect a better performance as a result. If that eventuates, I expect the Chooks backline can outscore the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs performance against the Cowboys was clearly their best this season, but just about everyone is beating the Cowboys in 2018. I can't tip the Bulldogs on the back of one good performance.

Verdict – Roosters by 8

Result – Roosters 6 defeated Bulldogs 0

New Zealand Warriors vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Friday night – Mt Smart Stadium

Undefeated in 2018, the Dragons have the second best defence in the NRL and their attack has scored 50+ points more than the second best attack in the NRIL. The second best attack in the NRL is the Warriors, who lost their first game of the year last weekend. The Dragons overall record against the Warriors is hard to ignore, although the ledget evens up considerably at this venue. That said, I see no reason to disembark the Dragons train at this point. The Rabbitohs got close to them two weeks ago and they came out and blitzed a more-fancied rival. The Dragons then went out and racked up 40 against the Sharks. Easily the game of the round – it's the Red V for me.

Verdict – Dragons by 8

Result – Warriors 20 defeated Draqons 12

Brisbane Broncos vs Melbourne Storm – Friday night – Suncorp Stadium

Two of the genuine heavyweights of the NRL, and both have won just half of their games this season (amazingly just four teams have won more than half their games this year). Both teams have been spluttering along in 2018 but we had better performances from both last weekend. Jack Bird in the halves looks like a playmaking solution for the Broncos, and the Storm were better with Ryley Jacks in the halves too. One would assume that the Broncos beating the Warriors in Auckland is more impressive than the Storm beating the Knights in Melbourne...and it is. But I'm finding it hard to ignore the record of the purple machine at Suncorp – 12 wins from 15 games is an extraordinary away record against an NRL powerhouse.

Verdict – Storm by 4

Result – Storm 34 defeated Broncos 20

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Canberra Raiders – Saturday afternoon – Central Coast Stadium

The Bunnies ran right through the Roosters last week, and they get Sam Burgess back this weekend. It took a while for the points to come, but they came eventually. I think they can carry that momentum into this game, and there was a glimmer of the old Greg Inglis last weekend too. There's nothing at all wrong with what the Raiders have dished up over the last fortnight either. Points everywhere on Saturday afternoon folks – you could do a lot worse than park your eyeballs in front of this contest.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 4

Result – Rabbitohs 42 defeated Raiders 22

Wests Tigers vs Newcastle Knights – Saturday night – Scully Park

Scully Park, for those that don't know, is in Tamworth (I didn't know either...I cheated...but it looks a picture). The Tigers are having a season to remember – their only loss has been to a team that couldn't score a try. I don't know if conditioner Ronnie Palmer has any more energy boxes in his bag of tricks, but the Tigers will just win again. I just have to tip them. FInally...I have to tip them. Benji Marshall could win the Dally M if he keeps it up.

Verdict – Tigers by 14

Result – Knights 22 defeated Tigers 20

North Queensland Cowboys vs Gold Coast Titans – Saturday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

Paul Green has extended his tenure at the Cowboys for another three years, and the locals will be hoping it doesn't take that long to turn this ship around. The Cowboys haven't won since they scraped home in JT's 300th game way back in round one. On form you could hardly tip the Cowboys against anyone, but the Titans have injury concerns (Peats and Copley are out...Arrow is a maybe). Home ground advantage is about all I have to go with here. Not remotely confident.

Verdict – Cowboys by 2

Result – Cowboys 26 defeated Titans 14

Parramatta Eels vs Manly Sea Eagles – Sunday afternoon – ANZ Stadium

The salary cap penalty is starting to hit home for Manly as they start looking behind the couches for any footballers they may have forgotten about. Darcy Lussick has been shipped off to Toronto to ease the strain, and it looks like they are hoping to get Jackson Hastings off their books too. They have enough players for this weekend, but they're getting dangerously close to the bottom of the well. The Eels just need a win, and while the loss to the Raiders didn't suggest a win was close, I have a hunch things might fall their way this weekend. Jarryd Hayne returns on the wing which should be okay (most of his better Origin performances have been as a winger). The Sea Eagles have conceded plenty of points in recent weeks and they aren't renowned travellers. I've surprised myself a little here but...

Verdict – Eels by 8

Result – Eels 44 defeated Sea Eagles 10

Cronulla Sharks vs Penrith Panthers – Sunday afternoon – Southern Cross Group Stadium

Gallen is out. Graham is out. Lewis and Fifita have been named but even if they line up you'd have to wonder if they can finish the game. Whatever forwards remain for the Sharks will be fully tested by the Panthers who are showing the sort of form many of us thought we would see last season. Maloney will relish the opportunity to take on his most recent former club. That halves pairing of Peachey and Maloney have the pace to run riot on Sunday. There are no good things in the NRL, but they look good to me.

Verdict – Panthers by 20

Result – Sharks 26 defeated Panthers 22

Wally Lewis - round seven selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • Bulldogs vs ROOSTERS
  • Warriors vs DRAGONS
  • Broncos vs STORM
  • RABBITOHS vs Raiders
  • TIGERS vs Knights
  • CQWBOYS vs Titans
  • Eels vs SEA EAGLES
  • SHARKS vs Panthers


The Annoying Devil's picture

Luke Brooks 5 wins
Tedesco woods and Moses 5 wins combined
That irony

tigerholic's picture

Evening Folks

For those that don't realise, I love my footy. I also embarrassed to admit that I did not have faith in my Tigers against the Eagles.

To all of those Tigers faithful, "Go The Tigers"


tigerholic's picture

Evening Again Folks

I have put my tips in early this week and you will note that I have tipped my Tigers to beat the Knights. This won't be an easy win but I think the boys will do enough.

Josh Reynolds appears to be a walking injury, out for another 4 weeks with a shoulder injury. Come back next year Josh, the boys are doing well at the moment and you need to be 100%.

Good luck to all with your team this week, hopefully we can all do a touch better in the tips.

I'm just worried about what damage Rocket will do as he crashes back down the table, take cover everyone he is in free fall.

All the Best


FrankQLD's picture

Tips for this week,
Roosters _ bulldogs could give them a run for the money
Dragons - not confident expect the warriors to bounce back at home
Broncos - have to support my team they are due for one over the Storm
Rabbitos - could go either way as the Raiders are on the rise
Tigers - no sign of slowing down yet
Cowboys - only because of home ground and Titans injures
Parra - must be due and Manly have lots of distractions
Panthers - normally would go for the sharks at home but

Taka's picture

My tips for round 7;

Bulldogs by 7
Warriors by 2
Storm by 12
Rabbitohs by 8
Tigers by 18
Cowboys by 10
Eels by 4
Panthers by 8

Cheers...!!! :-)

Baggy_Gee's picture

The BOYS need to play more than 15 minutes a half of good basic football before we can win a game. Our defense has been better since Manly spanked us last time, but still we aren't even half way to winning a game.

Hardyards's picture

My guesses for round 7. I’ve managed to pick every team that plays so far, now to narrow it down to the winner…… :)
Cowboys (Groan, play like a team again Dammit)
Sea Eagles
Cheers and may all your picks come out on top.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, my tips for this week are:

Roosters by 6 - Roosters have to bounce back here after a poor performance last week and I think that they should and will here.

Dragons by 10 - The mighty Dragons are looking really good this season. And this is the most proud and confident I've felt as a Dragons fan for quite a while. Would've been good if this was the battle of the two undefeated teams but the Warriors lost last weekend which makes me even more confident that we'll win this week.

Storm by 2 - Storm in a close one.

Rabbitohs by 8 - Rabbitohs look the goods in this one. Though I've got to say, the Raiders have looked good in the past fortnight.

Tigers by 12 - Tigers to continue on their run here.

Cowboys by 4 - I'm giving the Cowboys another chance, please don't disappoint me this week Cowboys.

Sea Eagles by 7 - I just can't give the Eels another chance this week. I have given the Eels a few chances tipping them a few times this season yet they've lost in them all. Maybe next week, but I've gone with Manly even though they have distractions.

And finally... Panthers by 16 - Panthers will run riot over the Sharks here.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a's picture

Here are my tips

Roosters by 6 I think the Roosters will bounce back against the Bulldogs

Dragons by 2 I feel the Dragons will continue their run

Storm by 1 50-50 game but I think Storm just

Rabbitohs by 18 I think the Raiders run will end here

West Tigers by 6 I think Tigers do alright without Renylods

Cowboys by 1 I’m tipping Cowboys but I’m not to confident

Eels by 2 I feel the Eels have to win sometimes and this weekend is their week

Panthers by 22 I think Panthers will flog injury cloud Sharks

mark ashford's picture

Who is Jackson Hastings and what is his problem with other Manly players?
How can one player disrupt a club to the extent they are trying to offload him?
Oh just googled him to see he has had fights (physical?) with at least 3 Manly players including DCE.
Had similar problems at the Roosters.
Does the young man (22) have anger or alcohol problems?
Manly are ditching him, who would be game to pick him up?
Cowboys and Eels to make a comeback this week.

christine's picture

Mark apparently dragons had problems with hastings as well when he was there ...

Sa-wat-dee krup,

I’m back (from Bali) baby! Missed youse all sooo much… Didn’t manage to watch any footy unfortunately. Ubud is not as geared for Aussies like Kuta is so “sports bars” were non existent. There may have been some but we never saw any. So without any idea how teams played and so on, I’ll just have to “wing it” this week. OK, let’s get this thing happening…

Bulldogs vs Roosters
My BBB lost to the Rabbitohs? Win the ones I don’t expect to and lose the ones I do. Whaa? We need consistency! Or is it me that needs it with my tipping? Even though the Doggies “upset” the Cows, I’m gonna have to stick with my BBB. Begurk! Begurk!

Warriors vs Dragons
The Dragons are absolutely flyin’ at the minute. Still undefeated. How will the Warriors respond from last week? From what I’ve read and snippets I’ve seen, I’d be foolish to go against the Dragons. Big Red V for me.

Broncos vs Storm
Big effort from the Broncos last week. Based on formlines and class, plus the fact they love playing at Suncorp (and have the record to prove it), I’ll go the Storm.

Rabbitohs vs Raiders
The Rabbitohs beat my BBB and the Raiders have won two in a row, albeit against the Dogs and the Eels (no offence intended to supporters of those two). My logic tells me the Fluffy Ones will get up here.

Tigers vs Knights
On paper, the Tigers will win this. I watched ‘em take Manly apart last Sunday and they be lookin’ good. Tigers for me.

Cowboys vs Titans
This is a hard one (for me anyway). What’s happened to the Cows? When I look at recent form, I think either of these two could win this. Shouldn’t the “bounce back” factor have come into play for the Cows by now? Call me crazy but I’m tipping the Titans to just get up in this. That probably means you should all tip the Cowboys (ha-ha).

Eels vs Manly
Sorry Baggy but your BOYS have me worried. I feel for ya brother. Manly flogged the Eels first time around and they’ll be hurting after the Tigers gave them a football lesson last week so I’m fully expecting them to come out firing this week. Manly for me.

Sharks vs Panthers
I think Maloney is coming back this week isn’t he? Even so, the Sharks have important cogs missing from their wheel. Will they be able to cover those losses? Hmm, not against the Panthers I reckon. Hey, they could surprise but I’ll stick with the Panthers.

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points!

It’s “Song of the Week” time again…

Cheers y’all…

newbie from perth's picture

Sorry, sorry! Forgot to say a big "Thank You" to the Boss for looking after my tips for Round 6 last week. Cheers brother!

Baggy_Gee's picture

Listened to the SOW just then and my first thought was it was a re-branded Midnight Oils when Peter Garrat had hair and less epilepsy. Then saw that they were all of the same time, style, and influence. Nice tune to zone out to while thinking about my tips. Thanks Newbie and good to have back in country.

newbie from perth's picture

Cheers Baggy. Glad you liked it mate. I wonder if Mr Ashford will like it too (ha-ha just kiddin' MA). Yeah, good to be back ... "Terima Kasih" and good luck to your BOYS this weekend. Just remember, the longer you keep losing, the closer you get to winning. Have faith!

Mary S's picture

Hi Newbie,
Good to see you commenting again - hope the trip to Bali was enjoyable, even if you couldn't watch the footy.

Cowboys might get cracking now they have the certainty of Paul Green resigning as their coach. Understand the hard word has already been put on the players!!!

You have some interesting music choices!!

The Annoying Devil's picture

This is a massive match for the dragons this week. This time last year they lost to the roosters and their season went downhill from there.
They have to fly to NZ and back up 5 days later on the Wednesday
The roosters get an extra day and don’t leave Sydney and play a less physical team in the bulldogs
I’ve noticed apart from the roosters every team that has played the warriors have lost(some in a big way) the following week
And it doesn’t get any easier after Anzac Day as they then get the storm
You just get the feeling they will win all 3 or lose all 3
If they get thru the next 3 weeks and still top of the ladder I’d be buying grand final tickets quickly

manyana's picture

Hi all, I have no confidence about my tips for this week, but here's hoping.
Here are my tips:
Roosters, Dragons, Storm, Rabbitohs, Tigers, Cowboys (don't know why, but it's about time they got their act together, & the Titans have a couple of key players injured)
Eels (Probably about due for a win)
Good luck to everyone, cheers, manyana.

Tailspin's picture

Hey everybody, sorry I haven't been inputting anything for a while. My best mate passed away last month and my old man just passed away on the 13th. Been a shit of a year so far. And to top it off the cowboys are playing absolute shit footy. Anyway, hopefully I can get back into the swing of things soon. Cheers and cowboys to win this week or put them all on notice.

a's picture

Sorry to hear what has happened Tailspin hope everything is okay

The Thinker's picture

Welcome back Tailspin,

Sorry to hear about your Dad and your mate.

Let's hope the Cowboys give you some joy this weekend.

Mary S's picture

Hi Tailspin,
Sorry to hear you news.
Hear what you are saying about Cowboys performance - particularly after the grit they displayed last year to claw their way into the final.

christine's picture

My tips for rd 7
Tailspin sorry to hear your news ...

BigPeteBx's picture

Sorry Taily to hear of your recent losses.
Life can mount many tests on us Bro - hang in there, as we are just a number on this planet, much like our teams and how they fair on the NRL ladder.
You hang in the Cobber, as you have us all here, at The Thinker site watching over you, like many others here, as we tip toe through the tulips of life.

My lot aren't going much better than yours, so far and even a tarot card reader, wouldn't have predicted the comp so far.

Keep well - Big Pete in Bx

BigPeteBx's picture

Welcome back Newbie - after many Bintangs and other, u r certainly into a fold that many never thought would be the way our ladder is formulating, to date. But never underestimate the underdog and don't rely on logic. I'm falling back a bit here, but a long way to go and rep games to come.
Again another ladder in UK EPL that is looking rather somewhat, although Man City have been crowned champions, we now wait to see who wins the FA Cup semi's, as to who progresses to the FA Cup Final.

Cheers and keep well mate - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Well done T/Holic last week - your guys came out swinging (not punches) from the word go and go the bacon/meat.
Have you noticed the prints that are going for sale at memorabilia site. One there for Benji - Master of the Flick Pass. Not all cheap, but some are in the manageable market, if one is a collector.
Cheers and keep well - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Evenin Mark - hope all is well with you mate.
Jackson Hastings is the former ARL Kevin "Horrie" Hastings' son.
Kevin played with Eastern Suburbs and classed as one of their legends.
Much like Pabdul and Thinker- legends!
He has an issue mate, with ego. He'll be shunted off to Blacktown, for the moment, but hasn't done himself any good deeds. I like him as a player and good finisher when scoring tries - that is when he is playing.
His altercation/confrontation with DCE wasn't the first at the club.
As if Manly hasn't got enough issues on their plate. We need players to see the season out, but to clear the culture, you get rid of the source.
Still in my eyes, it isn't good for the young fellow, aged 22 and having had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus, in the past three years.

Cheers and keep well Old Son - Big Pete

mark ashford's picture

First. Tailspin. To lose a Dad and also a good mate close together is the worst mate. You have many friends here on Thinkers site who I'm sure will feel your grief. Keep your chin up, we're all here for you if you need any help.

mark ashford's picture

Second. Thanks Big Pete for the update on Jackson Hastings.
Seems he has some anger issues.
Maybe a season in the lower grades and a guiding coach can save his career. Hate to see such a young man end up on the scrap heap.
He appears to have good ability in the halves?
Lets hope someone saves him.

What chance the "spurs" in the UK big dance?

mark ashford's picture

Third. Welcome back "Newbie" hope you had a great time over there and your mate enjoyed his wedding.
Your Roosters have done well while you were swanning in Thailand. Defeating the Sharks but narrowly going down to the Rabbits.
They will have a big win tonight against the Dogs.
Love the "models" mate, in fact I had identical hair style of the keyboard player until it turned grey, couldn't be bothered dying it but it's all still there. Thanks for the memories!

newbie from perth's picture

Hey Mary,

Good to be back. Yeah, Bali was great. I consoled myself not seeing any footy by having a few (maybe a few too many) Bintangs. Maybe the Paul Green affair could be the “spark” that ignites your Cowboys this weekend. Let’s wait and see eh?

Yeah, my music tastes are indeed “interesting” as you say. Don’t want to sound too “New Age” or anything like that but music is my saviour. Can’t imagine my world without it to be honest. Actually I’ve got a SOW coming up shortly I really wanna put up for you guys that is one of my all-time faves but as River Song often told the Doctor … “spoilers!”

Thanks for the post Mary, appreciate it. xxx

newbie from perth's picture

Hey Tailspin, condolences my man. Know how ya feel (sort of) as both my parents passed within the last 4 years. It hurts mate but is part of the natural order of things. Remember all those who move on with fondness and love. Big hugs brother…

Sheesh, not Newbie again!

Cheers Big Pete. My Gooners have disappointed me just a tad but here’s hoping we can win the Europa and get back into the Champions League next year. As much as I love the Boss (Wenger) I think he needs to leave Emirates so we can have some new thoughts and ideas applied. Anyways, this here is the Thinker’s NRL site so we should be yakkin’ League.

That reminds me … how about tonight’s game! This is why I absolutely freakin’ love this game. That was a monster 80 mins of tough footy indeed. The defence from my BBB was phenomenal. On one hand I was so glad (relieved) we managed to hold on and on the other hand a bit sad the Doggies couldn’t score. Yeah, weird I know but it is what it is.

To borrow one of your lines Big Pete … Cheers and keep well.

newbie from perth's picture

And again?

Well thanks for that Mr Ashford. So glad I’ve managed to “jag" a song that you liked (just kiddin’ mate). Yeah, I would’ve had hair like that too if it was straight. Mine used to go frizzy and semi curly. Tried hair straighteners and gels and all sorts of rubbish but just gave up in the end. So glad when crewcuts became fashionable. Yeah, I’m of the grey variety myself and I embrace it with a passion! Me and my grey goatee will be together until the end. Cheers bro'...

newbie from perth's picture

OK, promise - this is the last one...

Sorry you didn’t enjoy the game “a”. Each to their own I suppose. I suppose it’s like the music I put up each week. Some people like the songs and some don’t. No big deal mate. Oh BTW, congratulations with sitting on top of the tipping ladder mate. Well done and keep it up! Cheers.

a's picture

Yeah Newbie everyone has different opinions

tigerholic's picture

Welcome back Tailspin
Hope the footy can take your mind off the sad moments of recent times, all the best mate.

Thanks for the info Bigpete.
Way back in 1989, I had a bit of an up and down year, my first child was born, got married, my dad died and then to top it off the Tigers lost to Canberra in the GF.

Anyway folks, enjoy your footy this weekend, I am playing Golf in the Laidley Classic on Saturday and Sunday.


manyana's picture

Hi Tailspin, I'm just a new "tipster", (not a very good one atm) but I'd like to offer my condolences on your losses. Hope your year improves.
Regards, manyana.

BigPeteBx's picture

Nice of you to express that Manyana.
Welcome to the site of friendliness and faithfulness.
May I ask you if u r Spanish in any way.
Is it that manyana means tomorrow or later.
I think there was a song years ago called Hasta Manana.
Not being nosey mate - just curious.
Our master of latin, Spartan Warrior might be able to express more to us/me, on that.
BTW - where is The Spartan, he's been a little quiet the past few week.

Cheers Manyana and keep well
Big Pete in Bx

BigPeteBx's picture

No probs here on Thinker site Newbie.
Our Thinker and others are pretty sports minded - not just league, but a League of Sports.
I don't mind Arsene myself, but his days are over, he has to have new blood injected to The Gunners (Arsenal), or they'll fall further.
Some names are on the lookout, to get to EPL.

Yes last night mate - 6 nil. Lowest scoring game in many (same number of years) years me thinks. Then tonight, Dragons no longer unbeaten.

Cheers and keep well Newbie - Big Pete in Bx

BigPeteBx's picture

Agree with you Mark about young Hastings. Such a shame to see them like that at a young age. He needs a good counsellor to start with, then a guiding light coach, to show him the way and to reserve his temper/feelings.

Hmmmmm.......Spurs will put it to Utd in FA Cup semi's. Their manager Pochettino, has a lot of time for Jose (Mourinho). But if it is a draw and goes to penalties, I have a feeling Man Utd will be stronger.

Cheers Champ and keep well - Big Pete in Bx

Steel Panther's picture

An effort tonight by the Warriors that has been missing for what seems like an eternity. The win was built on sheer guts. Isaac Luke had by far the best game he's ever had in a Warriors jersey.

Condolences to you Tailspin. Chin up & hope your Cowboys get a win this round.

Tailspin's picture

Thanks everyone for your support. Shit of a year so far but time heals everything. All the best on everyone's tipping and my comments will improve as time goes by. Go the cowboys.

a's picture

Yeah hopefully Cowboys prove themselves against the Titans

BigPeteBx's picture

Evenin again Newbie and also to Gunners supporters here on Thinker site, as there are a few of you.
Further to our brief chat on Arsenal - UK EPL and manager Arsene Wenger. Coincidental as it seems, but Arsene has announced his resignation from the club (19.4.2018) , at the end of this season. which isn't many games away. Twenty one seasons he had in charge.
A link I have to a European website, says there's a couple of contenders at the moment. In case you might want to know - Patrick VIEIRA (former player and now with New York City FC as coach), Carlo ANCELLOTTI, who was once with Chelsea, Brendan RODGERS, now with Celtic and former Liverpool manager, and Thomas TUCHEL former Borussia Dortmund manager in Germany are contenders.
But - anythings possible in the cut-throat business of football.

Cheers, keep well, have a great weekend all and we'll speak again - Big Pete

Hey Big Pete,

Well, talk about serendipitous coincidence! Thanks for the update on Wenger mate. Sort of sad but at the end of the day, sort of necessary. I reckon he’s made the right decision for the club. Look, he’s not short of a quid as a bloke at work (another Gooner) told me he was getting roughly 10 million pounds a year. Could be right, could be slightly wrong but it wouldn’t be far off I’d guess. OK he doesn’t need the money but I reckon he still needs to be involved somewhere, somehow. Hope he stays on in some capacity as long as he doesn’t interfere with the new guy. Don’t care who the new guy is as long as he has some credibility and nouse. You know the Arsenal fans won’t tolerate a lack of success for very long…

P.S. Watched tonight’s Broncos v Storm game and I’m still buzzing about that Addo-Carr kick infield that Billy latched onto (perfect bounce helped though) in the 16th minute (or thereabouts). Show me something similar that gets you off your seat or gets you excited in an AFL game. 99.5% of the time you can’t. And yet I can always see something brilliant in any game of League I’m lucky enough to watch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … “shoot, I freakin’ love this game”.

OK, nighty night y’all…

manyana's picture

Hi BigPeteBx, thanks for that warm welcome to the site of friendliness & faithfulness.
No I'm not Spanish. I'm a born & bred Queenslander. (Look out NSW in State of Origin lol).
I think the word could be Mexican, & I don't think the spelling is correct, but I take it to mean "tomorrow".
It kinda describes me, because one of my favourite sayings is "don't do today, what you can put off until tomorrow). Or "Manyana, maybe".
I say this with tongue in cheek, but as I suffer from Chronic Fatigue, it can happen quite regularly. Cheers, Manyana.

mark ashford's picture

Hello Manyana
The Spanish word manana translates as tomorrow or later.
Perhaps a misspelling by your parents, either way a lovely name to carry through your life.
There is also a small seaside town called Manyama about 200 k's south of Sydney which I'm told is a beautiful place.
Nice to hear you are a QLD supporter, we're going to need a lot of support this year.
Keep well!

a's picture

Well Cowboys still need to improve in some areas but hey at least it’s a start and they got a win hopefully they improve some more next week

The Thinker's picture

Just noticed the AFL have had their first draw of the season...and it got me thinking (forgive my fading memory):

Have we had a golden point game this season?


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news