Round five selections

Brisbane Broncos vs Wests Tigers – Thursday night – Suncorp Stadium

Tell my why...they don't like Thursdays? The Broncos have played three Thursday nights games this season and lost them all. Their worst loss was probably the one point loss at home to the Dragons, even though they almost won. The massive loss to the Chooks was marginally better – they did make a mess of a few scoring opportunities and the Chooks had one of those nights where just about everything they did worked. The Tigers started the season reasonably well (not unusual for them), but back to back losses and scoring just 16 points in their last two games is a concern. Given the Broncos missed 54 tackles last week you would hope the Tigers can manage more than 8 points this week. Team lists aren't finalised, but Su'a may actually start for the Broncos this week. Doing that means the Broncos can keep Gillett in his best position as an edge forward. Given results thus far I can't keep tipping the Broncos forever, but two of the Broncos losses were to the 2018 grand finalists and this is the first time the Tigers have left Sydney this year. Most importantly, the Thinker will be at the game – my presence in the stands could prove the difference.

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Tigers 22 defeated Broncos 16

Gold Coast Titans vs Penrith Panthers – Friday night – Cbus Super Stadium

It could be a quiet night for the scoreboard attendant – the Titans have scored just 36 points through four games this season, while the Panthers have fared slightly better with 39 points. The Panthers, at least, have won half their games despite their limitations in attack. Tyrone Peachey and Bryce Cartwright face their old club and perhaps that might spur the Titans attack a little – shifting Brimson to fullback might help too. I won't have a lot of company but I'm tipping the Titans this week. They're the only team without a win this year – sheer desperation at home could be enough against a team that hasn't exactly been shooting the lights out.

Verdict – Titans by 2

Result – Titans 30 defeated Panthers 24

North Queensland Cowboys vs Melbourne Storm – Friday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

From the team that haven't won a game to the team that haven't lost – the Melbourne Storm head north to what used to be one of the toughest road trips you could take. In the last fortnight the Cowboys have conceded a whopping 72 points in successive losses to the Sharks and the Raiders. Note that the Storm were fairly comfortable winners over the Raiders in Canberra in round two. Paul Green has left his line-up unchanged from last week. Perhaps he sees something I can't, and perhaps he doesn't have a lot of options. With Vunivalu suspended, Ryan Papenhuyzen gets a start. He's quick, and with the Fox on the other wing I suspect the Storm have the two fastest wingmen on the field this weekend. Not many Cowboys fans would be expecting a win on Friday night, but an improved performance might allay some concerns. Tiger Air don't have flights between Melbourne and Townsville – how will Bellyache and co. get to the game?

Verdict – Storm by 10

Result – Storm 18 defeated Cowboys 12

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs New Zealand Warriors – Saturday afternoon – Sunshine Coast Stadium

Note the venue tipsters. This is the game the Bunnies often took to Perth, so it's kind of them to choose somewhere slightly closer to Auckland. Sadly it's not close enough. The round four Warriors proved once again they are a different team at Mt Smart to anywhere else. They do win away from home, but there are comets that strike with more regularity. Every week the Bunnies keep us wondering if Inglis is or isn't playing. Drum roll.........he isn't. With half of Brisbane on the Sunny Coast for school holidays there should be a fair crowd on hand. Easter...Bunnies.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 8

Result – Rabbitohs 28 defeated Warriors 24

Newcastle Knights vs Manly Sea Eagles – Saturday night – McDonald Jones Stadium

The good news for the Knights is that they have conceded just 54 points across four games this season. The bad news is that they have scored only 50. It does mean their for and against is considerably better than all the other teams that have won just one game this season. Ponga was better last week at fullback, and he should be better again this week. Speaking of fullbacks, Tommy Turbo (who is a champ) is out for another long spell. Manly were good without him after he left the paddock (literally...a paddock) against the Rabbits. Clearly they can win without him...but it's clearly harder, and I'll give the Knights the nod at home. Hopefully Mitchell Pearce has spent the week practising field goals.

Verdict – Knights by 1

Result – Sea Eagles 26 defeated Knights 18

Cronulla Sharks vs Sydney Roosters – Saturday night – Shark Park

The Sharks have won half their games this season, but the two teams they have beaten are 15th and 16th on the ladder. They are the only team the Knights have beaten this season and the Eels looked to have them well covered last week. Paul Gallen is playing the Greg Inglis guessing game so we just have wait to see if he laces on the boots. Aaron (not out of the) Woods isn't lacing on a boot for a few months, but Shaun Johnson should be back. The Chooks are likely to be adding Waerea-Hargreaves to a forwards pack that is tearing opponents apart without him.

Verdict – Roosters by 8

Result – Roosters 30 defeated Sharks 16

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Sunday afternoon – Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

For two successive weeks the left boot of Corey Norman has been the difference for the Dragons – without it they could be 0 from 4. The Dragons are paying Norman $400,000 less than the Eels were going to pay him this season – he could prove to be quite the bargain. The Bulldogs surprised everyone and possibly themselves with their gallant loss to the Storm in Melbourne. They'll come away from that game with plenty of self-belief. I'm tipping the Dragons, but tentatively so. If nothing else they've shown they can win the close games, and with Dylan Napa unavailable that Dragons pack looks set to dominate.

Verdict – Dragons by 2

Result – Dragons 40 defeated Bulldogs 4

Canberra Raiders vs Parramatta Eels – Sunday night – GIO Stadium

We save the best until last – this is clearly the game of the round. The only team that has beaten the Raiders is the only team that hasn't lost to anyone. The only team that has beaten the Eels are the 2018 premiers. Both sides are playing an attractive style of football and, weather permitting, a healthy crowd should be on hand. The Eels are unchanged from last week while the Raiders welcome Joseph Tapine back onto the bench. Sezer isn't far away, but is an unlikely inclusion this weekend. Elliott Whitehead is just about out-shining Hodgson for the honours of "Raiders Best Pom" at the minute. Home ground has me leaning to the Raiders, and there's some chance the Eels might be off their peak after their performance to win the Johnny Mannah Cup last weekend. Weird trivia for this week – more than half of the Raiders starting thirteen have a first name beginning with the letter 'J'. Useless but interesting.

Verdict – Raiders by 4

Result – Raiders 19 defeated Eels 0

Wally Lewis - round five selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • BRONCOS vs Tigers
  • Titans vs PANTHERS
  • Cowboys vs STORM
  • RABBITOHS vs Warriors
  • KNIGHTS vs Sea Eagles
  • Sharks vs ROOSTERS
  • DRAGONS vs Bulldogs
  • RAIDERS vs Eels


The Thinker's picture

Greetings tipsters

I have updated the tipping comp after round four. I thought it was a pretty tough round but quite a few of you got 7 out of 8 and plenty of you got what would I know?

JackStarky holds his position in the lead with a big pack on his tail.

I'll have my previews and selections published on Tuesday, and I'll have Wally's tips published on Wednesday night.

I'm heading to the Broncos v Tigers this Thursday night – perhaps my presence in the stands will give them the lift they need.

All the best


Baggy_Gee's picture

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beating 2 children who are picking by gut. They are 19/32 but thats still 59%, also for the first time in the last few years I am closer to the pointy end of the comp rather than being tail end charlie.

mark ashford's picture

Hi All
Sorry for the absence last round. Came down with a killer cold/flu last Thursday and slept through everything except the first 20 minutes of the Broncs debacle. Not taking anything away from the Chooks they were superb (from the bit I saw). All I can say is "Tigers beware the lame horses" Although I'll struggle to pick them for a while.
Thanks for the kind words about my Broncs. 1/4 is hard to swallow from a team some tipped as top 4 this year.
Please tell your delightful daughters not to lose faith there are 21 rounds to go.

mark ashford's picture

Just checked the rounds results and apart from Broncs/Rabbits most games were very close with 3 golden point wins. Not going to make this weeks tips any easier.
Being in bed for 3 days my caring brother dropped in the JT autobiography he got for fathers day. (his daughters love RL)
378 pages read in 3 days. This is a terrific read, tells of JT from a skinny 6 year old kid up to his last game at Cbus stadium. All the highs and lows, his naughty side and the woman (his now wife) who saved him.
If you don't shed a tear, even a little one, reading this you're not human.

christine 's picture

These bookies have got to be joking broncos with a - 6 line ( minus 6 line ) seriously by a gazillion what the frig are they taking yes they are playing tigers but what form are they basing that on except for home ground advantage & the thinkers prediction for broncos this season I don't see what else would help them oh wait from memory the farm boy returns this week who was out 4 weeks hayne pass I might have to re think that one "a" mark I hope you get better soon my friend ...

christine 's picture

my rd 5 tips
but will up date if there are any changes

The Thinker's picture

Valentine Holmes signs a deal with the NY Jets – that's one less solution to the Cowboys issues at fullback.

The Tide Head's picture

Storm vs. Bulldogs...
Well, well, well. I thought the Storm were home and hosed... but the Bulldogs brought their A-game to my home town. If it wasn't for a penalty try and some Munster Magic, the Stormers would have been toast!
Have the Bulldogs proven themselves to be the real deal this season? I'll think twice before I tip against them again!

christine 's picture

The one game i'm not convinced on is raiders v eels that one is one game i may reconsider we'll see ...

Niftyone's picture

Bit tentative after last weeks games. I have a feeling there may be an upset or two. but what the hell No guts - no glory!
Round Five:

mark ashford's picture

Thanks Christine.
I'm slowly coming good. Damn colds, I'm on my 5th box of tissues.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Getting my tips in early so here are the girls tips.
Broncos (Don't know why they lost last time they are usually really great players.)
Titans (Mascot related)
Storm (Deadly, we like them as well)
Rabbits (we still don't like warriors face, Rabbits are fast)
Manly (Knights fight dragons that is rather boring)
Sharks (Sharks eat Roosters)
Dragons (Dragons beat the knights and I don't really like the Knights.................... WHO DOES!!!!!!!!)
Eels (because they can be poisonous and deadly)

christine 's picture

inglis is out of the game against warriors & warriors do draw a crowd in perth ...

mark ashford's picture

For a change the Rabbits are playing the Warriors on the Sunshine Coast Queensland not in Perth. Not that it matters as there are plenty of Kiwis on the Sunny Coast.
If fact our friend Steel Panther spent a week or so there recently.
Tells me he loves the Sunshine Coast, just gotta convince him to move here.

Steel Panther's picture

Good to see you've resurfaced Mark and nice to hear you're feeling much better. Trust you are well also Christine. Would love to be making another trip to the Sunshine Coast this weekend to watch the Warriors play the Bunnies. I'll be attending my first Warriors game this season next weekend when they host the Cowboys at Mt Smart.

Thinker hope you enjoy the view from the stands tomorrow night and you come away happy!!

a's picture

Here’s my tips

Broncos by 2 I think that the Broncos will want to bounce back against the Tigers

Panthers by 4 I think the Panthers will countinue to struggle but will still beat the worst team here

Storm by 12 As a Cowboys fan I don’t want to admit this but our season is done

Rabbitohs by 10 I think the Rabbitohs will bounce back against the Warriors

Knights by 2 No Tom Trobevic Manly will struggle

Roosters by 2 I think. The Roosters will continue their good form here

Dragons by 2 I think that the Dragons will continue their good form against here

Raiders by 1 Ive got no idea who to pick here I went with Raiders based on home ground advantage alone

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone, my tips for this week are:

Broncos by 8 - Broncos to get the win here at home to reverse that form line around.

Panthers by 10 - I tipped the Titans last week to get their first win.. but they didn't get it. I'm going against them yet again this week. Maybe next week Titans.

Storm by 14 - Storm too good for the Cowboys here.

Rabbitohs by 8 - Rabbitohs to get back into the winners circle here.

Knights by 2 - Knights need a win badly here.

Roosters by 10 - Roosters to continue on their good form here.

Dragons by 6 - The mighty Dragons to make it three in a row here.

And finally... Raiders by 12 - Raiders to continue on their winning form here with a win at home here in what should be a cracking game of footy.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark ashford's picture

Steel Panther
Thanks for the welcome back. I am feeling better.
Beware the Broncos this weekend you who have not tipped yet.
Siebold has read the riot act and cuts will occur if they don't get a win.
Won't be a high scorer maybe Broncos 20 Tigers 12
Good luck to all with your tips.

Baggy_Gee's picture

But who will get the flick Mark? Boyd did fail to try and stop two tries, the one everyone is talking about with Mitch in the first half, but the more worrying one was he didn't even try to hit Tedesco as he was too busy trying to get a penalty, tackle first talk second. So apart from his effort who else dropped the ball enough to be punished? They lost as a team and the stats and score line prove that. I would support heads rolling if it was one try difference each week and it was always little Billy allowing that to happen, but bit hard to censure single players. Same as the BOYS last year, no-one player was at fault, they didn't want to talk out as a team and play for each other.

christine 's picture

Mark there are signs of improvement in your health you corrected me & so you should too the way I read what the thinker had written as they were playing the game in perth so sorry I stand corrected I am only human after all & I have been dealing with a lot of other issues some health some on a different note but none the less still have my head spinning ie the last time we had to vote I tried to vote on the phone using the I vote phone no . who told me I am eligible to do so because I have a disability they even asked me what my disability is & when I told them they said I was eligable to vote using I vote because of my ms so I voted only to find out they have me on the electrol as my former name I used to have a middle name it's been removed so I can no longer use it so they sent me forms to change my name on the electrol so I filled in the said forms I was required too & sent them off only to receive a letter telling me they can't except my enrolment to vote because they can't prove I am an austalian citizen so I have been constantly been sent the same forms ever since our last election every couple of days that only requests proof of I D by driver licence for which state you live in & what town I was born which mind you I have done this 6 times now & they still can't get it right apparently you can only vote over the phone if your blind not vision impared but blind & even though when I changed my name legally which was 9 years ago that doesn't change your name with the electoral or aec , I had great pleasure in telling them when people have ms the ms doesn't only affect your walking it affects how long you can actually stand in one place it can affect your arms eventually your ability to drive your sight & your cognitive function but they say until said time that I am blind I have to vote absent tee postal vote what the hell who made these stupid rules & I still don't know if they have fixed my name yet or not but apparently if it isn't done in time for the next election I can still vote under my former name even though they claim I am two different people not one person , so yes my head is not exactly in a good place right now I am a bit stressed plus that more gp visits the fluid is only worse now in my ankles & now legs so they have increased my diuretic twice as much but it isn't helping they tell me it could be hormonal but I haven't gone through the change as yet & the cardiologist said it could be ms related but my neurologist didn't seem to think so infact they didn't comment when I told he said that & if it was they would have so so the point is mark you might be sick but at least your not a girl with an illness dealing with other medical problems on top of that aren't you lucky ...

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

Holey-moley! Three games decided by sudden death in one weekend (and all of them one-pointers!). I read that it’s the only time since 2007 that this has happened. And people ask me why I love this game? Life is good. Well, not if you’re a fan of the 3 losing sides I suppose. My bad!

If you’re fond of a little flutter on the footy (gamble responsibly of course) then there’s some crazy line bets available and I’ll mention them further on. Another thing to mention is that you may notice I’ve shown “LP = Team Name”. All this means is that LP = the side which is higher on the ladder. It might be useful to some of you out there in helping you with your tips. Then again, it might not (ha-ha). Lastly, looks like my shortened comments version didn’t last long. Meh!

OK, time to get into it…

Broncos vs Tigers 55-45 @ Suncorp LP = Tigers
What’s happened to the Broncos? Might be simply a case of taking time to learn the “Siebold System”, who knows. Whatever the reason, the Broncos really need to get it together or else they’re in trouble. I mean, they have the talent but it’s not turning into wins. Last week’s effort against my BBB might be just what they need to bounce back this week. As a lot of people have been saying, the Broncos need more consistency if they’re gonna be competitive this year. Poor ol’ Tigers played a thriller last week but ended up losing a game they should’ve won. They just need to score more points. They’re not without a chance here, even though it’s at Suncorp and the Broncos will desperately want to make amends after last week. This a tough one to call. Can’t quite believe the Broncos are so short with the bookies (1.42 vs 2.80) as I reckon the Tigers are better than $2.80. Not that it really matters, I’m tipping the Ponies anyway.

Titans vs Panthers 50-50 @ CBus LP = Panthers
Gee, I’ve tipped the Titans twice this year and they’ve let me down twice. But they are at home this week so that’s a plus. Had a decent second half last week (too little too late) but the signs are there. OK, the Panthers won last week but for mine, they were lucky. What I saw from them was pretty average IMO. Their attack is not working to full capacity at the minute. Eleven (11) points in the last 2 weeks? Seriously? Seeing as this is being played at CBus and my ratings are 50-50 in this one, I’m giving the Titans one last chance. Lose this and I’m off them until they’ve won at least 2 games. Titans to get off the mark.

Cowboys vs Storm 30-70 @ 1300Smiles LP = Storm
Another mystery to me in the Cowboys. They have a blatant abundance of talent but are finding it near on impossible to convert that into wins. And a -51 points differential as well. SMH… To make it even harder to get back on track, they now have to front up to the (so far) unbeaten league leaders. That’s a tough ask. I just hope for their fans’ sake they don’t replicate their defensive effort from last week. The Storm got a real scare last week but managed to get up in a thriller. Just quietly, even though I tipped them, I was sort of hoping that the Doggies would knock them off. Unless the Cowboys play the exact same brand of football as the Doggies did last week, the Storm should win this one with a minimum of fuss. Storm for me.

Crazy Line Bet time - Given the Cowboys lacklustre defence of late, backing the Storm to cover the line (-7.5 points) should theoretically be easy money (gamble responsibly).

Rabbitohs vs Warriors 65-35 @ Sunshine Coast LP = Rabbitohs
Yeah, I know last week’s game was at Brooky and Turbo Tom was back again but didn’t expect the Bunnies to lose that one and especially by a point. Just shows what commitment and desire can achieve. Hey, they weren’t bad, it’s just that Manly were a little better. One point better as it turned out. The Warriors won last week but it was at home and against the Titans. No offence to the Titans’ fans at all. Like some other clubs in the competition, the Warriors need to show some consistency. No idea who will be better suited by running around the Sunshine Coast Stadium but I’m on the Bunnies. The bookies say so, my ratings say so and my head says so.

Knights vs Manly 45-55 @ McDonald Jones LP = Manly
I get the impression that the Knights are just going through the motions. It’s either that or they just don’t have the desire and/or mindset to close games out. Not sure. Last week’s effort was (sort of) OK and maybe they should’ve won it. Manly got up in another thriller. Not sure what’s happened down there of late but they seem to have suddenly “blossomed” into a handy side. DCE is playing some inspirational footy from what highlights I’ve seen. No idea if the omission of Turbo Tom will have a huge effect on Manly or not but if they can keep rolling along the way they’ve been the last fortnight, I give ‘em a great chance here. Yeah, I’m jumping on the Manly bandwagon.

Crazy Line Bet time - Considering that I fully expect the Manly boys to win this, backing them to cover the line (+4.5 points) again looks like easy money (gamble responsibly).

Sharks vs Roosters 40-60 @ Shark Park LP = Roosters
Without any bias whatsoever, my BBB were truly awesome last week. Total dominance except for that 15 mins or so in the second half. The try we scored in the last 20 seconds would have to be a contender for “try of the year” surely. Compared to the Sharks, we’ll have a couple of extra days rest and players returning. The Sharks have players dropping like flies. Not sure who’s coming back in but I’m hoping the Sharks remain slightly positionally unbalanced. This might turn into one of those games where the Sharks try and slow it down and play their “grinding” style of play. If so, we’ll have to come at it differently. I know games between these two are renowned as tough affairs, but we should win this one without much fuss. Bold words indeed and if we lose then I’m going into hiding in Argentina. Roosters for me. Bgurk! Begurk!

Crazy bet time - Roosters 1-12 @ $2.80. Really? I’m all over this one…

Dragons vs Bulldogs 55-45 @ Jubilee LP = Dragons
The Dragons did it tough in their win last week. But win they did. They look like they’re getting into some sort of form lately and getting a great return from Norman and Hunt. Seems Widdop’s demise has been the catalyst for Ben’s return to form. All good signs for the Dragons. The Doggies played a ripper last week and I for one, thought they were a tad unlucky. But I suppose the “cream rose to the top” and they were just pipped at the post. Encouraging signs for the Doggies and if they can bring some of that game plan to this one then they’re a real good chance. Only thing that concerns me is can they show that intensity and commitment again and can they do it at Jubilee? Hmm, this one’s tough. My heart’s telling me the Doggies but I’m worried I might be getting sucked in again. Nah, I’m on the Dragons.

Raiders vs Eels 60-40 @ GIO LP = Raiders
The Raiders had a good win last week up in Townsville. They’re looking pretty sharp (especially in defence) and Baggy’s BOYS will be a good test for them. They’re not doing much wrong at the moment but one concern is the quality of the 3 teams the Raiders have beaten so far. Hey, a win is a win but it makes me ponder that’s all. The stats tell me they’ve beaten the Eels the last 5 meetings. Another plus is they’re playing at home. The quality of the 3 teams the Eels have beaten however is a bit higher in my opinion. They too, are playing some pretty good footy and are a much more organised and confident outfit than last year. Ooh, this is another tough one. Both sides are playing pretty decent footy and are both 3-1. Who to tip, who to tip? Better ratings, bookies favourite, playing at home and higher ladder position are leaning me towards the Raiders. In olden days I would’ve ignored all that and gone the other way. Not nowadays though. Sorry Baggy but I’m on the Raiders this week.

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

Yeah I know, I know. Can’t help lovin’ this one though…

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

manyana's picture

Hi all, here are my guesses for this week.
There are a couple of my tips that I changed which is usually a no no, so as usual the 50/50 calls will probably be my undoing.
Mr tips are:
Thinker. I think my tips were submitted twice, sorry for that, for some reason when I hit the submit button nothing happened, so I hit it a couple more times & then I was told that my tips had been submitted.
Good luck to all, manyana.

mark ashford's picture

Love anything by this group. They were never afraid to be different.

I only saw the first 15 or 20 mins of the Broncs game so can't offer predictions on who should be dropped. From what I've heard Boyd and some forwards had forgettable games. I have watched the TPJ hit on Cronk many times. In slo-mo it looks bad but in real time not so. His hit comes just seconds after Cronk released the ball. So far this year and certainly last year many "late hits" far worse didn't rate a mention. Don't get me wrong I detest late hits on the halves, usually big guys on little guys, and want it gone from the game.
Have the refs been told to stamp it out? I hope so.

mark ashford's picture

Your struggle with the Electoral Commission is quite unbelievable.
I know these Govt departments can be extremely difficult to deal with (I speak from experience) but surely someone in your situation can get assistance with the Electoral Roll. Is there an MS support agency in NSW? perhaps they could help.
Yes I am getting better and understand you are not, maybe never will.
But here on Thinkers site you are supported and valued as a contributor.
Keep your chin up, keep as well as you can and keep posting.
All the best....mark.

Baggy_Gee's picture

I think the TPJ sanctions are about stamping it out of the game more than he really dropped the ball. Same as the mjennings hit, careless high hit but he got a week for it. I was more thinking that how do you pull apart a team that would know that they are struggling and are mentally beating themselves up.

mark ashford's picture

Baggy, you're spot on. You can't dismantle a team after just 4 rounds no matter who you have in reserve. A team needs to be just that a team.
The calls for the chopper came from certain NSW based commentators.
Not sure of their agenda but surely Siebold will have the final say.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Glad we are on the same page Mark, I'd like to see the ponies win tonight from both a tipping point of view and also from a juniors point of view. Last thing we need as a sport is to see the baby ponies scarred and second guessing their abilities each time they run out on the park.

christine 's picture

What did I say about the bookies tipping broncos to win over tigers by a gazillion broncos minus 6 line , no more tipping broncos until we see signs of improvement ...

christine 's picture

No sadly there is no ms place that will help me out with this AEC electoral matter yet again today another letter telling me that cannot register me to vote because I failed to sign the said form but I rang them at the time & said there are two parts were you are suppose to sign one at the top being the person who ID is being used must sign the other one is if being witnessed by electrol person to verify your signature & I signed the first one at the top & dated next to it & they have still rejected it saying I failed to sign so tomorrow I am going to fly into them I have had enough of this garbage I hate to say it but if Julian asange was running in the election I would vote for him on principle even he would do a better job than either of them by the way Julian asange has been arrested tonight in the embassy he has been taken to a London police station ...

tony's picture

What hell was that?

Baggy_Gee's picture

The game last night Tony?

mark ashford's picture

Baggy I don't think it was last night game Tony was referring but I'll leave it there.
The Tiges have proven they are not to be taken lightly this year. I thought the Broncs played well just losing the game in the last minute.
Next week we play the Raiders in Canberra another big test.
Will I stick?...will have to give it some thought.

mark ashford's picture

Why don't you contact your local State Government ministers office.
Surely there is someone who can help you.
I'm not a fan of Julian Assange. I do believe there are things our Governments do and we don't want to or need to know.
Damage to our Governments is not "need to know" and Assange with his huge ego may just now pay the price.

Baggy_Gee's picture

OHHHH right I'm out as well Mark.
Do you think that the Broncos are mentally weak at the moment? They don't lack the skills or the abilities as the David Fafita try proved, but they are like a "loose confederation of warring tribes" same as the BOYS were last year. But listening to the Panthers getting beaten by the Titans atm sounds identical to what I saw last night, is there too much pressure for the individual to be seen as the greatest rather than be a team man first and foremost?

mark ashford's picture

On Isreal Folau I have some sympathy. His religion forbids homosexuality, drunkenness. adultery, thieves etc as per his post.
Issy was warned by ARU some time ago to not make controversial posts. In this world of "free speech" should he be condemned.
In our new world where homosexual marriage has been approved by a small margin is Issy not allowed a say. Is it interesting to note the press only concentrated on his homosexuality comment and nothing else.
I guess we all fall into the category of drunks, adulteries, liars, fornicators, thieves and idolaters but not homosexuals.
Good luck to you Issy.

christine 's picture

I want to know what falou thinks of anti vaxxers I am sure he would have plenty to say on that too ...

christine 's picture

we said it at the start of the round "a" no more tipping broncos ,or titans or cowboys but titans have finally one there first game but I don't think I will be tipping panthers again too soon they haven't shown much form so far in my opinion but I am only speaking for myself in saying that ...

mark ashford's picture

Baggy It's too early to tell what will happen this year.
Eels are going better than predicted
Warriors win at home but not away ( usual result)
Panthers a bit suspect
Dogs struggling but showing some form
Tigers are also well in front of expectation
Raiders looking ok so far
Broncos a major disappointment
Manly going ok
Cowboys need to pick it up
Knights are waiting to fire
Dragons are doing enough
Titans just had their first win need to do more
Storm, Rabbits, Sharks and Roosters the favourites so far this season just need to keep doing what they do.
Round 5 is early days....anything can happen.

christine 's picture

I think America should employ asange to keep there security in order I mean he has already hacked the pentagon so give him a job & getting working to fix the cracks in the system so no one else can do the same again same as in nrl there is always someone bigger & better that comes along , it will happen again mark my words on that one ...

Baggy_Gee's picture

It is those three teams you can bank on. But it's a pity that the other 13 are boarder line top 8. It'll be a three horse race determined by the season clashes between them, I'd love to think that the BOYS will be there, but after the failure of last year I'll take top ten, anything inside the 8 will be gravey.

Mary S's picture

The score board tonight shows the Cowboys with another loss, but boy, their game certainly picked up several notches tonight, in their match against Storm.
Keep improving guys!!

manyana's picture

Christine, I haven't been following your problems regarding voting. But if you contact your local member, I think that they will come to your house, or send the forms for a postal vote.
You don't necessarily have to vote for whoever brings the forms, as the envelope is sealed after you've voted.
You've probably checked this out yourself, but if you haven't, it may be of some help to you.
Cheers, manyana.

manyana's picture

I watched the Titans-Panthers game, & it was a thriller. The Titans played great footy & deserved to win.
No I didn't tip them, and I'm none from two so far.
The Broncos.......very disappointed with their performance.
Cowboys played well against the Storm, who made more mistakes in 10 minutes than they usually do during a whole game.
I thought the refs should have stopped the game when the 2 Cowboys were down hurt. But apparently now the trainer has to go to the touch judge & ask them to stop the game. I don't think that this is looking after the players very well. Just my opinion.
Mark, I feel sorry for you with your "bug" & I'm glad that you're nearly over it.
Also glad that you didn't give it to us when we had coffee. lol.
Cheers, manyana.

manyana's picture

Christine, I'm with you on the Panthers, they haven't shown too much so far this season.
The problem is, if the Panthers are playing, say, Titans, you've got to pick one or the other. You really don't want to pick either, but you have to pick one of them. Big problem. lol.

mark ashford's picture

You have enough health problems without catching my cold/flu.
Happy you and Nev didn't get too close.
The coffee and chat was most enjoyable. We'll do it again soon when I'm 100%. Wish my picking was at 100% but it's early days.
Broncos keep breaking my heart, surely they'll click soon.
Keep well my friend.

christine 's picture

I am just waiting to see after next week if I receive a letter again or not from the AEC to say this time it has been done or not if that doesn't work an absent tee voting form is being sent which means I will still have to vote in my former name but I rang them up & gave them what for telling them how stupid the system is that they need to change it so just see what happens after next week I will let you know Mark be nice to the gecko & the gecko might be nice to you with your tips ...

christine 's picture

I m making the decision I am not tipping anymore this season I am done ...

mark ashford's picture

Hi Chris
Hope the voting thing is sorted soon. We have an important election on May 18. Whoever you support every vote counts. I'm sorry you have been put through this hardship.
I thought my pet Magpie had eaten my Gecko but looking outside I saw him munching on a tasty moth. I asked if he'd like to help with the tipping but all he did was offer the middle finger of his right hand.
Explains why I am where I am on the tipping ladder.

Baggy_Gee's picture

You shouldn't have turfed him out to live by his wits alone. My tips are nothing to boast about this round either.

mark ashford's picture

Big Pete
Manly continue on their wining way with a 28/16 win over the knights
Must give you some relief that they can win without Trebovitch particularly away from home.
Your Warriors just missed against a premiership favourite Rabbits.
It's early days mate and anything can happen.


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