Round five selections

Brisbane Broncos vs Wests Tigers – Thursday night – Suncorp Stadium

Tell my why...they don't like Thursdays? The Broncos have played three Thursday nights games this season and lost them all. Their worst loss was probably the one point loss at home to the Dragons, even though they almost won. The massive loss to the Chooks was marginally better – they did make a mess of a few scoring opportunities and the Chooks had one of those nights where just about everything they did worked. The Tigers started the season reasonably well (not unusual for them), but back to back losses and scoring just 16 points in their last two games is a concern. Given the Broncos missed 54 tackles last week you would hope the Tigers can manage more than 8 points this week. Team lists aren't finalised, but Su'a may actually start for the Broncos this week. Doing that means the Broncos can keep Gillett in his best position as an edge forward. Given results thus far I can't keep tipping the Broncos forever, but two of the Broncos losses were to the 2018 grand finalists and this is the first time the Tigers have left Sydney this year. Most importantly, the Thinker will be at the game – my presence in the stands could prove the difference.

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Tigers 22 defeated Broncos 16

Gold Coast Titans vs Penrith Panthers – Friday night – Cbus Super Stadium

It could be a quiet night for the scoreboard attendant – the Titans have scored just 36 points through four games this season, while the Panthers have fared slightly better with 39 points. The Panthers, at least, have won half their games despite their limitations in attack. Tyrone Peachey and Bryce Cartwright face their old club and perhaps that might spur the Titans attack a little – shifting Brimson to fullback might help too. I won't have a lot of company but I'm tipping the Titans this week. They're the only team without a win this year – sheer desperation at home could be enough against a team that hasn't exactly been shooting the lights out.

Verdict – Titans by 2

Result – Titans 30 defeated Panthers 24

North Queensland Cowboys vs Melbourne Storm – Friday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

From the team that haven't won a game to the team that haven't lost – the Melbourne Storm head north to what used to be one of the toughest road trips you could take. In the last fortnight the Cowboys have conceded a whopping 72 points in successive losses to the Sharks and the Raiders. Note that the Storm were fairly comfortable winners over the Raiders in Canberra in round two. Paul Green has left his line-up unchanged from last week. Perhaps he sees something I can't, and perhaps he doesn't have a lot of options. With Vunivalu suspended, Ryan Papenhuyzen gets a start. He's quick, and with the Fox on the other wing I suspect the Storm have the two fastest wingmen on the field this weekend. Not many Cowboys fans would be expecting a win on Friday night, but an improved performance might allay some concerns. Tiger Air don't have flights between Melbourne and Townsville – how will Bellyache and co. get to the game?

Verdict – Storm by 10

Result – Storm 18 defeated Cowboys 12

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs New Zealand Warriors – Saturday afternoon – Sunshine Coast Stadium

Note the venue tipsters. This is the game the Bunnies often took to Perth, so it's kind of them to choose somewhere slightly closer to Auckland. Sadly it's not close enough. The round four Warriors proved once again they are a different team at Mt Smart to anywhere else. They do win away from home, but there are comets that strike with more regularity. Every week the Bunnies keep us wondering if Inglis is or isn't playing. Drum roll.........he isn't. With half of Brisbane on the Sunny Coast for school holidays there should be a fair crowd on hand. Easter...Bunnies.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 8

Result – Rabbitohs 28 defeated Warriors 24

Newcastle Knights vs Manly Sea Eagles – Saturday night – McDonald Jones Stadium

The good news for the Knights is that they have conceded just 54 points across four games this season. The bad news is that they have scored only 50. It does mean their for and against is considerably better than all the other teams that have won just one game this season. Ponga was better last week at fullback, and he should be better again this week. Speaking of fullbacks, Tommy Turbo (who is a champ) is out for another long spell. Manly were good without him after he left the paddock (literally...a paddock) against the Rabbits. Clearly they can win without him...but it's clearly harder, and I'll give the Knights the nod at home. Hopefully Mitchell Pearce has spent the week practising field goals.

Verdict – Knights by 1

Result – Sea Eagles 26 defeated Knights 18

Cronulla Sharks vs Sydney Roosters – Saturday night – Shark Park

The Sharks have won half their games this season, but the two teams they have beaten are 15th and 16th on the ladder. They are the only team the Knights have beaten this season and the Eels looked to have them well covered last week. Paul Gallen is playing the Greg Inglis guessing game so we just have wait to see if he laces on the boots. Aaron (not out of the) Woods isn't lacing on a boot for a few months, but Shaun Johnson should be back. The Chooks are likely to be adding Waerea-Hargreaves to a forwards pack that is tearing opponents apart without him.

Verdict – Roosters by 8

Result – Roosters 30 defeated Sharks 16

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Sunday afternoon – Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

For two successive weeks the left boot of Corey Norman has been the difference for the Dragons – without it they could be 0 from 4. The Dragons are paying Norman $400,000 less than the Eels were going to pay him this season – he could prove to be quite the bargain. The Bulldogs surprised everyone and possibly themselves with their gallant loss to the Storm in Melbourne. They'll come away from that game with plenty of self-belief. I'm tipping the Dragons, but tentatively so. If nothing else they've shown they can win the close games, and with Dylan Napa unavailable that Dragons pack looks set to dominate.

Verdict – Dragons by 2

Result – Dragons 40 defeated Bulldogs 4

Canberra Raiders vs Parramatta Eels – Sunday night – GIO Stadium

We save the best until last – this is clearly the game of the round. The only team that has beaten the Raiders is the only team that hasn't lost to anyone. The only team that has beaten the Eels are the 2018 premiers. Both sides are playing an attractive style of football and, weather permitting, a healthy crowd should be on hand. The Eels are unchanged from last week while the Raiders welcome Joseph Tapine back onto the bench. Sezer isn't far away, but is an unlikely inclusion this weekend. Elliott Whitehead is just about out-shining Hodgson for the honours of "Raiders Best Pom" at the minute. Home ground has me leaning to the Raiders, and there's some chance the Eels might be off their peak after their performance to win the Johnny Mannah Cup last weekend. Weird trivia for this week – more than half of the Raiders starting thirteen have a first name beginning with the letter 'J'. Useless but interesting.

Verdict – Raiders by 4

Result – Raiders 19 defeated Eels 0

Wally Lewis - round five selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • BRONCOS vs Tigers
  • Titans vs PANTHERS
  • Cowboys vs STORM
  • RABBITOHS vs Warriors
  • KNIGHTS vs Sea Eagles
  • Sharks vs ROOSTERS
  • DRAGONS vs Bulldogs
  • RAIDERS vs Eels


christine 's picture

I won't be tipping any more I am done with this the voting I am staying away from the hughes for now I still talk to the girl but my bank account doesn't like her she is draining me out of every cent she can since I have known her my account has dropped $5000.00 in 6 or 7 months of speaking to her but she wants me to attend her wedding but she isn't even engaged I told her I can't afford to be friends with her she is very high maintenance had everything handed to her on a palate & that would be a high profile wedding with A listers celebrates , high profile people very flash & swave but it isn't me I walk with a cane I wear NB sneakers if I don't want to use proper cutlery I just use plastic not really I use cutlery I am just trying to paint a picture for you & recently I witnessed a said drug related incident involving said person no wonder my bank account doesn't like said person I know now were my money is going but she kindly tells me I will be the first person invited to her baby shower I repeat she isn't even engaged & I saw said person involved in a drug related incident so is this person nuts or what mark put the family name aside for a minute mark before you answer that ??????

christine 's picture

I told my father what I saw said person do he knows the father & the mother personally & said person I did say I wouldn't give there name on site so said person is going away for 2 months to 4 countries that they can do drug related things in so I think I will be glad to see her go & maybe while she is gone they will replace her with someone else & she won't come back but she tells me she will keep in contact with me I have never had anything to do with her outside of her work I don't even know were she lives nor does she know were I live nor will she ever know for that matter any advice on this one guys help is needed on how to handle this one she is putting an innocent face on but she is anything but that ...

christine 's picture

Don't tell me the obvious like cut her off I tried that or your in control of you bank account not her I tried that too she still finds a way to get money out of you such as she goes back to work after having lunch with you & then she messages you with a list of all the things she needs she forgot to get can you pick them up & bring them to her & she doesn't pay you for it everyday in a row that she works then she tells you to meet her for lunch & comes to the table saying that she hasn't got any money for lunch her bank account is frozen someone tried to hack her account this is how she keeps getting money out of you & I am done with this I told her my pension gets paid into my account in my name for me to spend on me not me her my father & her boyfriend who also gets paid he probably gets milked out of money by her too this has too stop hughes or not I don't care ...

a's picture

Knights have been very disappointing

christine 's picture

If I get both games tomorrow then I have 5 / 8 not very impressed but I suppose I can still tip even though everything else is going wrong today I was getting black mailed by a 92 years old neighbour of mine that she is going to make trouble for me between me & my dad if I don't keep driving her around were she wants to go & I am not having anyone blackmail me 92 or not but she is a parra supporter but that doesn't give her the right to blackmail me at all I get told what time I can leave my house how long I can be out & if she is out any longer she throws a tantrum but the reason I said I won't drive her anymore is because she opens the car door while the car is still moving & that is not on I am not having my car damaged so she is threatening to cause trouble between me & my dad like I need that no more 92 or not no more ...

BigPeteBx's picture

Good evening Mark - hope u r mending after that flu you had. I thought the temps up that way were that warm that no-one could get the flu.
Touch wood down here in Winter when it is really cold, that my voice has only gone the past few times.

Yes Mark, Manly not winning in big grand style, but doing the basics, although they could clean their defense up at times, especially when in front like Winx, they ease off the throttle, where Winx didn't.

You might like to know that today I finally met our Thinkers site's Johnny Awesome. Top guy and really nice to have a chat with, even it we only caught up for around 40 minutes over one beer, before he had to head off for his final destination. BTW - he was driving, that's why only the one beer. Mind you in 40 minutes, we sure did jump around some discussion points and hardly much on NRL..........that's to be continued.

Cheers mate - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

'a' - I totally agree with you about Knights being disappointing.
Especially playing at home, even though they had their chances to win against Dragons, where they went down in golden point time.
The players they have on their books don't seem to be giving their all.
That is something they have to grind out, but I'm smiling mate.
Cheers and keep well - Big Pete

manyana's picture

Sooo Mark, that's how you work out who to tip?
I must have the same gecko come & visit me. Keeps giving me bad advice too.
Perhaps swap to the Magpie??? LOL
Cheers, manyana.

manyana's picture

I think everyone is having problems this round, except the Thinker I see he's 5 from 6 this week. Well done Thinker. Perhaps I should have taken more notice of your tips.
I took a REALLY big hit with the Sharks, but that's the way it goes.
Christine, don't give up on your tipping, it's only a game, & you never know, you might get them all correct next round.
Cheers, manyana.

christine 's picture

manyana we are talking about bookies & I know how too stack a deck I have done so many times playing euka but I am not the person dealing this time & the odds aren't in my favour I'i will see what happens besides that it is the over all combination of everythin in my life right now but we will see manyana hope your cfs gets better for you ...

Steel Panther's picture

Big are right. It's so warm where Mark lives you couldn't possibly catch a flu or cold. I reckon Mark's recent bout of sickness is solely due to how his Broncos are travelling right now. Mind you if health was related to the team you support I'd have died long ago....!!!

manyana's picture

Hi Christine, my CFS is a bit better & for the first time in, I don't know how long, I went for a walk.
I think I'll stick to the treadmill in future, as getting home is sometimes a bit hard when I run out of puff.
Sorry to hear that you have a lot of negative things happening in your life atm, hope things get better for you asap.
Cheers, manyana.

mark ashford's picture

I struggled a bit to follow your previous posts. Obviously you have many problems to deal with and I wish you well with all of them.
My only advice is be a little careful about accusations you make on public sites. You never know who is watching.

mark ashford's picture

To my mates Steel & Big Pete
Yes it is still lovely and warm here in SEQ but unfortunately creates a very nice arena for the breeding of various viruses. We have an early onset of nasty flus etc effecting our seniors (of which I am one)
Hoping to be free of it in a couple of days.
Keep well my friends.

mark ashford's picture

Just looked outside and there's that gecko lazing in the last of our Bribie sun while the Dragons give it to the Dogs.
If you like I'll deliver him to you but with no guarantees of his performance...oh no he just gave me the finger again.

christine 's picture

I am fully aware of that why do you think I didn't say said person's name & believe me it is a fact , there is no point talking about it with them i have tried ...

mark ashford's picture

Big Pete
I also would love to have a beer with Johnnie Awesome and yourself.
The distance between us is a bit of a problem but I'm determined to make some trips this year so you never know.
So far I've been lucky enough to catch up with Manyana and the Steel Panther, both most enjoyable meets.
I've been studying Ned Kelly for a while (fascinating stuff) do you know if he ranged as far north as you or was it just NSW bushrangers.
I don't have sympathy for outlaws just interested.

christine 's picture

My comment was done that way for a reason hence the reason I might not tip for a while ...

mark ashford's picture

After watching the Dragons demolish the Dogs I don't feel so bad about them beating my Broncs by a golden point.
Dragons Fanboy you have a team who will go well this year.
Checking my game sheet we don't meet again in the regular season.
I believe your Dragons will feature in the finals, can only pray my Broncs will too.

manyana's picture

Mark, if you're going to deliver your gecko, please tell him/her to improve both the tipping and manners. lol.

christine 's picture

Well still not impressed but at least I finished 5/8 ...

BigPeteBx's picture

Hey Mark - yr stealing my line mate - its copyright hahahaha.
Just get well Cobber. Make sure you don't suffer from CRAFTS disease, because then yr tipping will be all over the place.

Bloody Broncos cost me a perfect round this one. But who'd pick Tigers to come home so fast on them.

Cheers mate, have a good week and keep well - Big Pete

a's picture

I’ve finished 5 out of 8 to

BigPeteBx's picture

Mark - you never know and if the timing is right and all ills are over with, I might even be able to meet you in Sydney. Johnny might be doing it tough there, as he visits his mum 1.75hrs from me in Bx. Johnny'd be smiling this round as both Drags and Raiders won for him.

Re bushrangers - I have a fascination for them. Ned was hunted and tracked and ran into the ground and being Irish the police wanted him. Many "bushies" were modern day Robin Hood's. Ned was mainly a Victorian and to the border bushranger - tried and hung in Melbourne. Glenrowan/Jerilderie were his haunts.
Ben Hall and his gang were our local band around here. I know where a few graves are. Ned Kelly's sister Kate, I'm led to believe is buried south of here. Ben Hall and his Gang, traversed these ranges where I live and robbed bank and gunsmith in Bx. The gunsmith is buried here in Bx. I think I recall that Frank Gardiner went back to The US. Johnny Gilbert buried about 3 hrs drive from me. Johnny Vane I lost track of but wont be hard to find out, as the Vane family name has origins from Blayney/Carcoar area.
There is a myriad of history that emanates from Bx, as Johnny Awesome would attest to and tell you.

Keep well mate and keep the history alive.
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Hahahaha Steely - good one.
I think this round, that at least Newbie and I got 7 out of 8.
Still only early days, but like I've said before, teams need to get the early wins in, as it might cost your team/club a finals ranking.

As I said to Mark, he needs to make sure, like us all, that he/we don't suffer CRAFTS disease, because then, all of our tipping will be all over the shop.

Cheers, have a good week and keep well mate - Big Pete

mark ashford's picture

Big Pete
OK I'll bite what is CRAFTS disease?

mark ashford's picture

Hey Big Pete
Before you respond a friend just told me what CRAFTS disease is.
I do suffer from it when it comes to my Broncs. Been a supporter since they entered the comp in 1988. So hard to tip against them when you are a rusted on supporter. Just ask Baggy regarding his Eels.
It's not important to me to win Thinkers comp just important to show my team support. So I guess I'll tip them to beat the Raiders in Canberra this coming Sunday. Stupid...maybe but I live in hope.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Really what is the point on being a supporter if you change your mind based on which way the wind blows. You sign up for the good, bad and ugly.

manyana's picture

Hi Mark, I think that you are a very brave man, and a good Broncos supporter. I'm a supporter as you know, but I tend to go with my head, not my heart, when I tip.
Winning Thinkers comp. or any comp. for that matter is not important to me, as long as I do my best, I'm happy to compete.


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