Round three selections

Brisbane Broncos vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Thursday night – Suncorp Stadium

In recent years the Dragons have started the season well only to falter at the business end of proceedings. Not so in 2019, although they have faced two formidable opponents thus far. This opponent looks no less formidable. The Broncos pack stood up and delivered in the Queensland derby and the result was never in doubt. Korbin Sims adds some vigour in the middle for the Dragons. They still bring a powerful pack to Suncorp on Thursday, but with Frizell and de Belin unavailable I expect they'll be out-muscled again.

Verdict – Broncos by 10

Result – Dragons 25 defeated Broncos 24

Canberra Raiders vs Newcastle Knights – Friday night – GIO Stadium

Two former fullbacks come five-eighths face each other in Jack Wighton and Kalyn Ponga. The jury is still out on whether either of them can become the next Darren Lockyer, but thus far they've both made a pretty good fist of their new roles. The Raiders were competitive against the Storm last week and that's looking like reasonable form (as it has been for about 20 years now). Both teams have impressed me with their defence and I'm expecting a tight, low-scoring contest here. Home advantage and the steadying influence of Jarrod Croker can get the green machine over the line.

Verdict – Raiders by 2

Result – Raiders 17 defeated Knights 10

Parramatta Eels vs Sydney Roosters – Friday night – ANZ Stadium

The Eels remain undefeated but I'm leaping to the conclusion that the Roosters competitive loss to the Rabbits and a good win over the Sea Eagles at Brookvale is better form than Eels victories over the Panthers and Bulldogs. Mind you, it's very early in the season to be leaping to any conclusions. Luke Keary was outstanding for the Chooks last weekend and I expect he'll be even better with Jake Friend and Cooper Cronk set to return. Regardless the Eels are entitled to go into this game with confidence. The game of the round I say.

Verdict – Roosters by 7

Result – Roosters 32 defeated Eels 18

Manly Sea Eagles vs New Zealand Warriors – Saturday afternoon – Christchurch Stadium

Some guides have this game being played at Lottoland and it's pretty darn important for tipsters to know that it isn't – Manly are taking this game to Christchurch. How the Warriors respond to this is anyone's guess, but they were very impressive in their first game at Mt Smart in the aftermath of the Christchurch shootings. I'll assume they will respond positively again. The return of Tom Trbojevic for the Sea Eagles couldn't come soon enough...but I doubt it's enough.

Verdict – Warriors by 10

Result – Sea Eagles 46 defeated Warriors 12

North Queensland Cowboys vs Cronulla Sharks – Saturday afternoon – 1300SMILES Stadium

This is the game that has me scratching my enormous head more than any other in round three. The Cowboys pack will be desperate to prove they can deliver without Taumalolo, especially at home. That would normally give me reason enough to tip them, but not this time. Paul Gallen goes past Andrew Ettingshausen as the player to pull on the Sharks jersey more than any other player. As much as I don't like the bloke, it's an extraordinary achievement given the position he plays and the amount of games he couldn't play during his career due to suspensions and representative duties. The Sharks will be desperate to win for the cranky old buggar, and I expect ET will be there to wish him well before and after the game.

Verdict – Sharks by 4

Result – Sharks 42 defeated Cowboys 16

Penrith Panthers vs Melbourne Storm – Saturday night – Carrington Park

An improved performance from the Penrith Panthers in round two but consistency remains an issue. Not only do they need to perform week in week out but they need to perform throughout the 80 minutes of a match. The Panthers continue to drift in and out of games and you can't do that against the very good sides. Consistency has never been an issue for the purple machine.

Verdict – Storm by 8

Result – Storm 32 defeated Panthers 2

Wests Tigers vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Sunday afternoon – Campbelltown Stadium

The awkwardly named Wests Tigers have been in the NRL competition since the turn of this century. I'm advised by the stats gurus that this is the first time in their history they've been on top of the NRL ladder. After this game they will be on the top of the NRL ladder for the second time in their history.

Verdict – Tigers by 8

Result – Bulldogs 22 defeated Tigers 8

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Gold Coast Titans – Sunday night – ANZ Stadium

Wayne Bennett, stubborn old buggar that he is, doesn't mind proving a point. Since his spectacularly unceremonious departure from the club he contributed so much to, he's settled into his new lodgings quite nicely thanks very much. The Rabbitohs haven't looked like losing, while their opponents this weekend haven't looked like winning. Someone out there will be bold enough to tip the Titans on Sunday...but it won't be me.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 14

Result – Rabbitohs 28 defeated Titans 20

Wally Lewis - round three selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • BRONCOS vs Dragons
  • RAIDERS vs Knights
  • EELS vs Roosters
  • Sea Eagles vs WARRIORS
  • Cowboys vs SHARKS
  • Panthers vs STORM
  • TIGERS vs Bulldogs
  • RABBITOHS vs Titans


NuL1F3's picture

Thanks Christine, I had a feeling it would be close but 1 point! Bloody good game though!

tigerholic's picture

Morning Folks

Having some internet issues this morning, just wanted to say goodbye for now until I return to Australia in 8 weeks. Going to miss the footy but the trip to France, Spain and Italy should help me get over that.

Broncos off their game last night, should have easily overcome the Dragons but it was not to be. Congrats Dragons fans, I did see some Dragons fans that did not tip their own team, Christine, you would have gone mad at me for that:)

Stay safe and well folks, enjoy the tipping and I will drop a line when I get back if not before.


Brad S's picture

It was an entertaining game. Plenty of free flowing footy and it went right down to wire. As I support them, I would have like the Broncos to win but the Dragons were the better team on the night. 3 of the Broncos tries were very lucky tries that were off dropped balls and the Jet plucking off the kick and having one defended the beat then a clear run to the try line.

Mr Thinker, is it possible to change a tip once we've submitted them? I was hoping to change my tip from the Raiders to Newcastle now that Sezer is ruled out but can't see the tipping entry form where it usually is. Not a problem if this isn't possible.


newbie from perth's picture

Just a quickie before I make myself a coffee. Been at my desk for an hour and a bit and have only had 2 so far and I need another (ha-ha) …

Last night’s game is why I watch footy. It’s also the sort of game I (relentlessly) try and showcase to the NRL haters over here in the West as an example of why this game is great. After the full 80 minutes with the game up for grabs, you can step up with 5 secs to go and win it. Man I love this game. Mind you, the Dragons deserved to win on balance IMO so no problems there. The Broncos fans must be gutted. As H.G. Wells said ... "If you fell down yesterday, stand up today".

Just as an aside, flipped over to 7 at half-time and “tried” to watch the AFL for a few minutes. I’m so glad I divorced myself from AFL. Now I see why I jumped. The game’s turning from bad to worse each time I check in on it. Nah, me and AFL are done and dusted. Pfft!

Finally, well done to NuL1F3 for getting the Dragons, albeit by a point. Well done my friend! You are indeed a legend. Well at least this week (ha-ha).

P.S. Would’ve said “safe trip” to tigerholic but he’s most probably on his way to the airport so I won’t…

Cheers y'all...

newbie from perth's picture

@ Brad S, seems like you can’t change your tips mate since Game 1 has started and finished. Following is what the Boss has for “frequently imagined questions” as he puts it:

Q: "Can I change my tips after I submit them?"
A: "Sure. Just resubmit the form, right up to the last minute if you like (kick off for game one of the round). Good manners though, is to make a comment on the site as well to let people know you've changed your mind, in case somebody just plonked down fifteen grand on your earlier guesswork."

Hope this helps bro’…

Christine 's picture

Tiger yes i would go mad at you for that but i'm not a dragons fan my father is as well as johnny awesome & besides that tiger you bring out the beast in me as well as the best too & yes i do bite , have a safe trip tiger avoid anyone with long metal objects that resemble a sniper ...

NuL1F3's picture

Thanks Newbie, though my fingers are crossed I'm not just a one hit wonder this week. Raiders looking like they want to spoil my fun lol.

mark ashford's picture

Well done the Dragons, never gave up and got the win.
Gutted it was 2 x Broncs that sealed it, Simms with a late try and Norman with that field goal. Thought our halves and backs went well but forwards let us down. Where was TPJ...hardly seen, probably thinking about that Roosters offer.

Brad S's picture

Thanks for clearing that up mate!
Very fortuitous as the Raiders got the win :)
From what I've read, AFL supporters are also getting sick of their game. Apparently the have been bring in a lot of rule changes each year of the past few years which hasn't gone down with fans.
I've been watching a bit of it lately but it doesn't seem any different to someone like me who has the general lack of understanding of the game. I've been watching Pies games to see Mason Cox play. Great story behind him and definitely worth the read if you haven't heard of him:

Mary S's picture

@ Baggy
The final scores belied the quality and effort put in by your 'BOYS' tonight. They are putting the competition out there to the others this year!

@ Newbie
You will be relieved that your BBB had a resurgence in the last 15-20 mins!!
By the way, I owe you an apology for an earlier comment on the venue for the Manly/Warriors game. When reading your weekly story, I thought it was a misspell & incorrect venue with AMI. I was unaware at the time that that was the name of the stadium in Christchurch!!!

To all hope you enjoyed the game as much as I, although watching it on channel 9, there was one particular commentator I would have liked to silence!!!

Cheers, Mary

newbie from perth's picture

Hey, just getting on tonight to fill up the page and give you night owls something to read (ha-ha)…

@ NuL1F3
No worries mate. So, you missed with the Knights but you got the Roosters so like most (I’m guessing) you’re 2 out of 3. You’re still in the race. Gotta be OK with that.

@ Mr Ashford
Yeah, wouldn’t have thought you’d be feeling all that good about Thurs night’s result. From an impartial viewpoint (me), it was a crackin’ game. Very entertaining with plenty of excitement. When your fella missed his attempt at the FG and the Dragons got down their end and nailed it I just thought “damn, another tipping point I’ve missed out on” but immediately remembered the entertainment I’d just witnessed (and the fact that it was won with 4 or 5 secs left on the clock) and suddenly my disappointment disappeared. Obviously hurts a bit more when you’re a Broncos supporter. Commiserations brother.

Now with the possible deal with TPJ … do you reckon it’d be a smart move us signing him? Interested to hear yours or anyone else’s take on it.

@ Brad S
See, the footy gods were looking after you with the Raiders win. As far as I know they (the footy gods that is) only punish you if you’ve been naughty so you must’ve been good (ha-ha). Happy days.

Mate, being a “born’n’bred” West Aussie, I’ve grown up with Aussie Rules. All I can say is it was once a great game but as you’ve mentioned, the admins have totally and utterly buggered it up with constant rule changes and idiotic marketing strategies in a forlorn attempt to catch up with dare I say it, the NRL. If they’re not directly or indirectly copying the NRL then they’re trying to add some USA-styled razzamattaz rubbish (read AFLX). Those clowns have absolutely no idea. Doesn’t make any difference to me anymore. They’ve lost me forever which is a shame (sort of) as I truly loved the game all those years ago. Meh, my heart and loyalty has a new home these days.

Yeah, the Mason Cox story is a good one. I seem to remember him playing a cracker in last year’s GF against my West Coast Eagles. Mind you I was getting a wee bit tipsy by the end of the first quarter so it's all a bit hazy. Pretty sure he did well though. Not often a Yank comes over and takes to the game as well as he’s done.

@ Mary
Relieved? Oh yes, very. You’re absolutely correct in that we only come good in the last 15-20. We were outplayed for 75% of tonight’s game. I don’t think the final score was a true reflection of how tough it was tonight though. The Eels are the real deal for sure. It’ll be interesting how they respond from here on.

No problem with the “venue thing”. Your heart was in the right place and that’s what counts.

Who’s the commentator on 9 that you’d like to silence? Honestly I reckon they all do a good job but if I had to take a guess at which one annoys you, would I be correct if I said it was Gus? Let us know eh?

… and finally @ Baggy
Sorry for your loss mate. Never really felt comfortable until our last try. When Blake strolled in for your first I thought to myself “oh no, here we go” and from then on I was packin’ it to say the least. Both of my little pinkies now have no nails left. I know it’s only 3 weeks in but you must be liking how your BOYS are travelling so far. Swings and roundabouts mate. It’s your turn now! Keep the faith brother. Cheers

OK kids, this post id far too long and I have stuff to do, even at this late hour so I’ll love and leave ya for now. Cheers.

newbie from perth's picture

"this post id far too long"? Must be more tired than I thought. I've forgotten how to spell obviously...

Mary S's picture

Hi Newbie,
You would be right in suggesting the commentator was Gus.
Someone should give him one of those bibs with a lip on it, he goes on with so much dribble at times!
Cheers, Mary

BigPeteBx's picture

Good morning Thinker visitors and "bloggers".
I'm heading out shortly to do my Saturday errands and wont be back here until later, or this evening.
But........for those of you interested, it has been raining last night since 9pm to 11'ish, then showers early this morning and now drizzling, or is it dribbling.
Just letting you know, as going by the weather, Storm seem to thrive on it and they are on tonight against Panthers here in Bx Town.
Yes, that is where Carrington Park is, but many of you know that by now.

Cheers and keep well - Big Pete

a's picture

I wIsha Gus Gould would get sacked from channel 9

Steel Panther's picture

Hey Big Pete....hope your lads go well this afternoon but not too well since I tipped the Warriors. They'll be a lot if emotion down there in Christchurch. Have to say the recent unsavoury event has rocked our whole country. Never would have dreamed something like that would have happened in NZ.

I thought the Raiders got a couple of lucky calls last night especially late on, killing the Knights late surge. Notably Edrick Lee being dragged over the sideline when it looked like the tackle had been completed.

Baggy_Gee's picture

It's that question when is tackled tackled. I was asking that watching the BOYS last night. Tim kept walking forward for at least 7-10 seconds after he was tackled by 2 Roosters. Come on that was ridiculous, and some of the injuries have come from the refs not calling held, or not penalising players for not stopping the wrestle after held has been called. Lee was well tackled and then the second effort got him over the line, penalty to the Knights, would it have changed the result, maybe not, but at least it would prove the refs have control of the game.

Steel Panther's picture

You couldn't have summed that up any better Baggy...

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi all,
Great game of footy last night at GIO stadium. Steel Panther, I've got my usual two seats in the Gold inner bowl area and saw the Edrick Lee sideline push. Another a couple of seconds and you may have had a point but it looked fine from the crowd perspective, a fair call. On another note, Canberra had three disallowed tries, 2 of the three should have gone the other way in my view. I wasn't happy with Newcastles 10m either, it was a joke. Overall, a great night out sharing hotdogs and cinnamon donuts with my daughter. We needed our ponchos only on two occasions so the weather was kind during the game but belted down in South Canberra on the way home. Just watching The Manly and new Zealand game at the moment, pretty close.
Cheers all from Johnny Awesome

Steel Panther's picture

Hey Johnny A. Good to hear from you. Yea the call could have gone either way but let's agree to disagree. The full time whistle just blown in Christchurch and Manly have thumped the Warriors 46-12. Like a lot of us, I thought the Warriors would have turned up for the people of Christchurch but instead have delivered an embarrassing effort. I will forever scratch my head about this team!! At least you'll be a happy man Big Pete. Well done.

a's picture

Congrats BigPeteBx on the Manly win I bet your a relief man after today

Mary S's picture

Manly certainly got their points on the board in the most convincing fashion!

You celebrating tonight Big Pete??
Cheers, Mary

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi all,
Fairdinkum, congrats to Manly and Des and Big Pete, good to see Manly hopefully back on track. For as long as I can remember, when Manly is going good in the NRL, the NRL stays strong as well. Yep, that was a slick second half by Manly. You are right Steel Panther where is that New Zealand passion in this team? They were lazy all game in defence and just gave up in the second half? Anyway, catch you all later, heading off with 'She who must be obeyed' to dinner. A night out together.
P.S. I'm going to Kandos next Saturday Big Pete on my own and coming back Sunday. Happy to stop by for lunch and one beer in Bathurst with you, if you are available. Sorry, I've lost your email....and it is a toughy to remember mate. Its like a combination the Commonwealth Bank would use on one of their vaults.
Anyway, catch you all later
Cheers from the original Johnny Awesome.

mark ashford's picture

Johnny A
Great to hear you took your daughter to the game despite the inclement weather. You get my vote for father of the year. Didn't see the Raiders game but did see the highlights this am on the news. Raiders were robbed of a certain try on the put down. Heaps of slomo replays showed it was a try, so Raiders deserved the win.
Your Eels last night made a huge statement. I thought they would beat the premiers until the last quarter, guess they just got a bit tired.
Hold your head up high, they will get many more wins this season.

newbie from perth's picture

@ Mary
Yeah I thought it might’ve been Gus who drives you mad. Not many have time for him I notice. An example of that here (about 10 comments above) is our friend “a” (ha-ha). Me? Well, I don’t love him but I don’t hate him either. He’s just another voice calling the game as far as I’m concerned. Every now and then he says something that makes sense. Well to me anyways. Thanks Mary.

@ Big Pete and all the other Manly fans out there
Manly trouncing the Warriors 46-12 was a bit of a shock to me. Seems the return of Tom does make a difference eh? Well done to the Manly boys but a real shame the Warriors didn’t get to do what they wanted to do for the people of Christchurch. Maybe the “emotion” of it all was too heavy a burden.

@ Baggy
What Mr Ashford said. Spot on!

I’m off to make some bread (the eating kind not the folding stuff) so I’ll catch ya later. Cheers.

mark ashford's picture

Hey Steel Panther
Mate I feel for you supporting the Warriors. The entire world has seen the Christchurch horror and we all thought the boys would stand up.
I know it's not their home ground but Manly on 2 losses going to NZ should not have won. But seriously it's only round 3 and your Warriors are 1 from 3 and my Broncos (an NRL heavyweight) are 1 from 3 so keep the faith Steel, it's early days.

mark ashford's picture

Your question above about TPJ going to the Roosters.
Round 1 against Storm he was a bench player and did ok.
Round 2 against Cows he was a wrecking ball, took out Taumalomo and scored.
Round 3 against STG was hardly seen.
If I was the Chooks purchasing officer I'd wait a few more games to see how he goes.
Wayne B let a lot of good forwards go in the last two years claiming he had amazing young guys coming through. Time will tell if he was right but it's now up to Siebold.
Your Chooks money men should show some caution.

Steel Panther's picture

Hi's not the first time I've been disgusted with a Warriors effort. I've been over them for a long time. They sure do serve up some pathetic performances for their fans. Pretty much the same team as last season except Johnson gone. Now watching Cronulla thumping the Cowboys. Hope all is well on Bribie!!

mark ashford's picture

Keep the faith as I do with my Broncs.
On Bribie we have had a few days of lovely rain, much needed and apparently some more to come.
Best news is X Cyclone Trevor has travelled down from the Gulf of Carpentaria (northern Qld) and is dumping amazing rain through western and central Queensland. These areas have been in serious draught for years. The weather Gods have spoken.

a's picture

Cowboys are going back to their 2018 ways hopefully Feldt can help them next week

Baggy_Gee's picture

I think not only did we get tired, and lost focus, but we also started playing desperate pass pushing football. But I'm exceedingly happy with the game and that incredible run from Sivo in the second half. He will be great later in the season.

Steel Panther's picture

Talking of rain Mark have you seen the weather in Bathurst tonight? People dressed like eskimos!!!

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hey Mark A, it's always good to hear a voice of reason and Newbie, you too.
Newbie, I actually make a fine damper myself that my daughter and ‘She who must be obeyed’ appreciate. Bit of flour, salt, butter and milk, sounds easy but the amounts count. When I was young, growing up in the central west, we regularly went camping at Glen Alice and Glen Davis. When you are camping, it’s just flour salt and water when making damper, but cooked under the coals of a hot fire, the flavour and texture is amazing.
Anyway, my daughter loves spending time with her Dad, sadly as the weather chills here in Canberra she won't be attending the cold games with me this year. I took her out last year in winter for one of the games, she never says no, to being with me. Anyway, it was half time, I gave her my jacket, scarf on top of her own and she was still shivering. I had to get her home, from then on I knew the winter games are mates only games, too cold for my girls.
Talking about the cold everyone, does everyone remember the famous May 28 game in 2000, Canberra vs Wests Tigers played in the snow? Canberra won 24-22 and they still got a crowd of around 7000 diehards. I still remember a Wests Tigers try where he got tackled on the 10 metre line and slid on the ice for 10m over the try line, crazy. Yep, it was so cold that day, I saw the Chief Minister of the ACT, Kate Carnell put her hands in her own pockets for a change. I doubt if that will ever happen again, but you never know.
Anyway, cheers to you all from the original Johnny Awesome.

BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks 'a' - I am relieved. The lads believed in themselves.
Played well - Done fine!!!!!!
Cheers - Big Pete in a rather Icy Bx

BigPeteBx's picture

Good evening Steely - it feels like eskimo land also.
Cool/fresh and icy. I'd say the pubs will be bursting from their seams after this match, as most are close by the ground and there is a crowd here.
Cheers - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Good evenin Newbie - yes mate, I reckon Tommy Turbo lifted them and all they had to do, was the little things right.

Perth Glory eyeing an A-League Premiers Plate off. They are playing well and have Melbourne Victory over there tonight.
You keep well mate - Cheers Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Evenin Awesome - I've got ya Gruesome.
I'll be in contact through the latter part of the week.
We will definitely catch up. You can have lunch and I'll have whatever, as I usually of a Saturday bring wife light lunch home. Might even give Panthers a try if you like, depending how big a lunch you want.

Yes, I've been told I have a very deceptive private email address. It can catch one out, if they don't get the letters correct. Keeps the scammers at bay.
Mate - I'm on cloud nine after that win. Not The Julie Anthony cloud nine either, even though yooze got home by a 1pt'er. Norman might just resurrect himself at Kogarah.

Cheers and have a good week - Big Pete in Bx

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Mary - nah just doing it casually here in icy Bx.
Long season, that is so young in NRL at present. We had JT and Cowboys here last year.

Getting ready to sit up and watch first half of an EPL match from UK.
I'm interested in having a look at Man City and how good their team is combining. I follow the other Manchester team in United. I have done since I was a kid and idolised the late George Best. I was in Dymocks Bookshop Sydney earlier this year and bought the latest release of Michael Parkinsons interview of George Best. I love biographies and stories about people and their lives, mostly sporting ones. Not into novels or Mills and Boon stuff. I like real deal in life stuff.

Cheers Miss and keep well - Big Pete

newbie from perth's picture

@ Mr Ashford
Thanks for the thoughts on TPJ. Your idea on waiting a bit longer makes sense.

@ Mr Awesome
Yeah, I’m old enough to remember freshly made damper with loads of butter smothered on it. A little “slice of heaven” right there my friend.

@ Big Pete
Glory got beat 2-0 last night (and at home too) and 6 points ahead. I think (not sure though) that there’s 4 games left. Should win 2 of them but anything can happen so the Premiers Plate not quite locked in yet mate.

Was checking the results earlier and a bit surprised that the Warriors, Cowboys and Panthers all received a second half “towelling” as it were. Hmmm…

Damn, is that the time? I’m outta here. Cheers y’all…

BigPeteBx's picture

Morning Newbie - certainly surprised me at home with Glory last night.
Let alone going down by 2 goals.
Yes mate, you also play my Smurfs in 3 weeks in Sydney and we have Melb Victory next week in Sydney. I think both games are at the SCG.

Those three NRL games you mentioned, certainly received a thumping.
But here, you could understand the Panther not used to such icy weather and such was the case here, as Storm seem to love the conditions.
Gotta go Bro - I'm the doctor at large, or in the house and chief bottle washer and head chef extraordinaire at present.
Cheers and keep well - Big Pete in Bx

mark ashford's picture

Doggies put the Tigers to the sword.
Dean Pay's changes worked with his new boys standing up big time.
Is it just me or have the refs changed their thinking on "laying on" in tackles. The Dogs slowed down the play the ball to such an extent I thought I was watching a Storm game. Certainly shut out any attacking flair we have seen from the Tiges in the past two weeks.

a's picture

Looks like Titans will be the only winless team after round 3


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