Round eleven selections

Parramatta Eels vs Wests Tigers – Thursday night – Bankwest Stadium

The Eels lost top spot on the ladder last week, and it's fair to say their last two performances haven't been table-topping standard. They do welcome back some key inclusions on Thursday night in Moses, Matterson and Ferguson. While the Tigers impressed against the Broncos, and Marshall sparked their attack, there are huge question marks over that form. The Broncos goal-line defence was as bad as it gets, and that has clearly been one of the strengths for the Eels this season. They'll be much harder to crack in defence, and Moses can only improve their attack. It's the game of the round.

Verdict – Eels by 7

Result – Eels 26 defeated Tigers 16

North Queensland Cowboys vs Manly Sea Eagles – Friday night – Queensland Country Bank Stadium

A much improved performance from the Cowboys against the ladder leaders in round ten. Can they repeat that effort, or was it a one time only performance for their departing coach? Josh Hannay takes over for the rest of the season, and has an opportunity to prove himself for next year if things go well. The first up assignment for Hannay is a tough one, with Manly feeling buoyent after a win over the Eels. Fonua-Blake returns to bolster what is already a very strong pack of forwards, and he'll be keen to make amends.

Verdict – Sea Eagles by 8

Result – Sea Eagles 24 defeated Cowboys 12

Brisbane Broncos vs Melbourne Storm – Friday night – Suncorp Stadium

I didn't expect the Broncos to beat the Tigers but I didn't expect 48-0. The old boys are right - they are disgracing the jersey. The Storm have a better record at Suncorp than they do at AAMI Park, and haven't lost at this venue to the Broncos for more than a decade. Every Broncos team that has been beaten by the Storm since 2009 would beat the 2020 Broncos side. The loss to the Tigers was hard to watch. I'm not sure I can even turn this on.

Verdict – Storm by 60

Result – Storm 46 defeated Broncos 8

New Zealand Warriors vs Sydney Roosters – Saturday afternoon – Central Coast Stadium

This could be even harder to watch. I was hopeful that the Warriors would put in a fair effort last week before a quartet of their squad head home, but they played like they all want to go home. In games against sides in or near the top eight, the Warriors have scored 0, 6, 0, 12, 6 and 10 for a total of 34 points in 6 games. The Roosters will score more than 34 in this one game.

Verdict – Roosters by 34

Result – Roosters 18 defeated Warriors 10

Cronulla Sharks vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Saturday night – Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

I'm not sure if the hatred between these clubs runs as deep as it once did, but hate each other they do. This is usually enough to make this game interesting, but with both sides in some winning form this is potentially the game of the round. I'm sticking with the Dragons who are starting to impress me, what with their under-rated pack of forwards and some rising stars in their backline. And I've been given a tip that this debutant for the Sharks (Teig) is pretty good, but what a truly unusual name he has (I don't even know how to pronounce it).

Verdict – Dragons by 2

Result – Sharks 28 defeated Dragons 24

Canberra Raiders vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Saturday night – GIO Stadium

The Raiders surprised most of us with a win over the Roosters, but only because they found their usual form after a period of under-performing. The Bunnies head to the capital without James Roberts and Ethan Lowe, and both will be out for some time. Campbell Graham returns after a facial injury which helps. For the Raiders, John Bateman has been named on an extended bench, but is probably another week away. As a rule, I like to do a quick weather check before any game in Canberra, and on Saturday night we are expecting rain and temperatures near enough to zero. All the poms won't mind, but brrrrr!!!

Verdict – Raiders by 4

Result – Raiders 18 defeated Rabbitohs 12

Newcastle Knights vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Sunday afternoon – McDonald Jones Stadium

The Knights have a woeful (recent) record against the Bulldogs, but surely...surely, history counts for little on Sunday afternoon in Newcastle. The home side found their spark in round ten and I don't expect them to lose it overnight. The Bulldogs tried hard against the Dragons for their new (interim) coach, but no one has ever accused the Dogs of not trying. Unfortunately, they just aren't good enough.

Verdict – Knights by 10

Result – Bulldogs 18 defeated Knights 12

Gold Coast Titans vs Penrith Panthers – Sunday afternoon – Cbus Super Stadium

The scoreboard would indicate otherwise but the Titans were pretty good against the Storm last weekend, until half time at least. That tells me they are giving it a red hot go, but will usually fall short against the very best teams, and occasionally spring an upset over a more fancied rival who doesn't turn up to play. The Titans bring back Proctor and Copley on Sunday which helps, and the Panthers are without professional tackling machine Koroisau, Edwards and Whare. A Titans win would be a proper upset, and while I wouldn't be quite as surprised as most, I have to tip the Panthers. The steadying influence of the TikTok man should see them home.

Verdict – Panthers by 8

Result – Panthers 22 defeated Titans 14

Wally Lewis - round eleven selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • EELS vs Tigers
  • Cowboys vs SEA EAGLES
  • Broncos vs STORM
  • Warriors vs ROOSTERS
  • SHARKS vs Dragons
  • RAIDERS vs Rabbitohs
  • KNIGHTS vs Bulldogs
  • Titans vs PANTHERS


a's picture

It’s about time I’m glad he’s gone i wonder who will be coaching us next

The Butcher's picture

My mail is looking at property near Cronulla Beach hint hint.

Baggy_Gee's picture

That leads to a massive cascade of domino's, where does J. Morris end up?

The Thinker's picture

I will take a punt:

Paul Green to the Broncos

Anthony Griffin to the Cowboys

tigerholic's picture

Afternoon All
Big Call Thinker, why would a team want a coach who was tipped for that teams poor performance. Green falls on his sword due to the team not doing well, Broncos who are worse off don't need him surely.

Next thing we will hear is Wayne Bennet welcomed back to the Broncos with open arms.

Stranger things have happened I suppose. Talking about sackings and team changes, why doesn't Seibold drop Milford and Boyd completely. Moving either back to fullback is not showing the players that you need to perform or you are out.

I just want to put it out there that I will be tipping with my head this week as far as the Tigers/Eels match goes. I have to tip the Eels. I hope Moses and Brown are still out, the Eels do seem to have the wood on us.


The Butcher's picture

Can I take a punt that the word “cakewalk “ might come out again for the Broncos v Storm match.
You don’t need to justify who you are tipping your in it to win it and at the moment your killing it.
your a tigers supporter no doubt but your not a loyal tigers supporter and that’s no disrespect. Loyal means thru thick and thin good and bad. Who do you reckon Laurie Nicholls would of tipped?
No surprises there are loyal supporters on this site who have taken their team no matter what
Baggy eels
Newbie Roosters
Big Pete eagles
Scott M & Angel Shark Sharks
Tiger girl tigers
Taka Bulldogs (now that’s loyalty)

The Thinker's picture


Fair point, but its hard to find a coach that's doing well that is also looking for a job at another club.

The best thing the Broncos could do is pick up Bellamy and Smith as a pair. Smith plays for one more season, then starts as apprentice coach under Bellamy for a year, then replaces him as head coach. Bellamy transitions to retirement, but gets called in from time to time to help out with the Broncos as needed.

Can't see it happening though - Bellamy has a year to run on a 5.5 million dollar contract...and the Storm are going pretty well.


Siebold will have to win 5 of his last 9 games it's safe to say  :-)

mark ashford's picture

To all Cowboys supporters.
I'm sorry to see Paul Green part ways with the club. He did give you your maiden premiership and several forays into the finals. When a player like JT (the original) retires it's going to have an effect on the club. Micheal Morgan was seen as a natural replacement but injuries have kept him off the field. I thought the performance yesterday was exceptional and should have earned Greenie a reprieve but the decision was made a week ago. Good luck Paul Green wherever you end up.

tigerholic's picture

Good point there, what would Cameron Smiths wife think if he took up coaching, I'm sure she would like to get away from footy for a while and enjoy retirement together.

Fair comments in what you said mate, I think loyalty means different things to different fans. Loyalty for me is being a member, always being a Tigers fan no matter what but until we have a roster like the Roosters, Storm and Panthers, sometimes its foolish to tip with the heart.

Are ]you sticking with me this week or are you following someone else? Hope you are well.

You have been quiet, I suppose 48-0 can do that to ones confidence and bravado.

Have a great week


mark ashford's picture

The Butcher
This is not a site to prove who are the most loyal tipsters but who would like to be near the top at the end. I think we are all loyal to our clubs but hopefully tip with our heads. Can't recall any current tipsters declaring themselves for the Panthers. Baggy's Eels, you and Newbie for Roosters and any Raiders supporters have an easy road so us also rans need some respect on the tipping board.
You mention Broncos/Storm will be a cakewalk and I have to agree with you, just wish I knew what the word "cakewalk" meant. I know you're in hospitality but have you ever seen a cake walking?

The Butcher's picture

I presume it means it would be an easy thing to walk thru I guess the opposite would be called an IKEA!

mark ashford's picture

The Thinker
Funny to see we are talking about who should coach where?
Used to be which player is moving where?
Anthony Griffin had no luck with the Broncos. I would rate Paul Green above him but not by a large amount.
The Broncs tried to poach Bellamy a couple of years ago with no success but he would be perfect if he moved to QLD. Can't see it happening.
Is Covid-19 turning us all mad?

a's picture

Yeah I think that Griffin will sign with cowboys

Barrett to Bulldogs

Green to broncos

Siebod to Warriors

And pay to Dragons if mcogour gets sacked

Mary S's picture

Learn to pronounce
an absurdly or surprisingly easy task.
"winning the league won't be a cakewalk for them"
a dancing contest among black Americans in which a cake was awarded as a prize.
achieve or win something easily.
"he cakewalked to a 5–1 triumph"
walk or dance in the manner of a cakewalk.
"a troupe of clowns cakewalked by"

Baggy_Gee's picture

You could use "2019 finals week 1 Bankwest" as a substitute for cake walk, but its a bit of a mouthful. I think like B.A they need to give Siebold time to get HIS team into the sheds. Some of those players mentioned seem to have put their back up and are no good to anyone. Let him do what we did, and clean out those not on the bus, then judge him.

mark ashford's picture

Mary S
I seem to recall you were a teacher for some of your working life so I thank you for the options presented. The only explanation that seems to make sense is the award to Black Americans who were awarded a cake for the best dancer, thereby a cake went to the best dancer who no doubt won it in a cake walk???

Guru Craig's picture

The Guru is back with breaking news coming out of Brisbane.

Paul White is expected to call a press conference announcing a raft of sweeping changes to the club as part of their plan to get back on top of the competition. Taking a leaf out of Vladimir Putin's playbook, White has appointed himself CEO for life and given the same privilege to all current board members at the club. The new lifetime positions will come with an extra '0' to each of their pay checks, when quizzed if this was a good idea, White said, in great crisis, great men need to make tough decisions and increasing the current board members salary ten fold was a sign of their confidence in themselves moving forward.

Anthony Seibold has been appointed to the position of supreme head coach and will extend his contract to the club for the next 20yrs at 5 million a year, the club really feels that Anthony has exciting new and fresh ideas and he has hired a crack team of instargram coaches, stylists and social media influences to work around the clock with the playing group. The club feels that Anthony needed a more senior position and with his increased authority and influence we will be locked in for premierships success.

However the biggest shock in the disaster relief plan is the re signing and contract extensions of current club stalwarts, Anthony Milford and Darius Boyd. Darius has agreed to a 7yr extension and will be filling the roles of Captain and Coach and Head of media relations. Darius will become our new number 9 and we are confident he will become just like Cam Smith, white said, just think, we're basically getting cam smith for the next 7 yrs and its only costs the club 1.9m a year, its a sweet deal that couldn't be passed up. New Supreme Leader of coaching Seibold will work closely with Darius, 'Ill teach him everything i know' Seibold said. Anthony Milford has also agreed to an extension, We feel that Anthony just needs more money to get his confidence levels up to where the other halves in the competition are currently playing said White, we have agreed to double his contract to 2 million a year for the next 5 years and we are very confident that Anthony will become the greatest player of all time said white.

To address the lack of experience, the club has toiled long and hard and we are very excited to announce the signing of two veteran legends, Dale Shearer and Cliffy Lions, we feel that with the combined total 5431 games these two men have played, it will negate the youth and inexperience of our current roster.

The Brisbane Broncos have never been in such an exciting and inspired time said White, we are breaking new ground, setting new trends and we are an inspiration to ourselves.

Mary S's picture

You are a great writer of fairy tales Guru Craig, as you have such a vivid imagination!


a's picture

Welcome back guru Craig I really hope to see you comment here more often

Rocket Ryan's picture

Well well well the manure king and tigerholic are besties i guess the sunglasses and number plates have been swapped for an eels beanie this week you buffoon change your name surely tigerholic is am embarrassment to true tiger supporters
By the way we have good supply again bags are plentiful all orders have been filled.

The Thinker's picture

@Guru Craig...its great to know you are still hanging around. I'm impressed that you remembered your login details.

And an outstanding contribution to boot sir.

Kind regards

The Thinker

The Butcher's picture

My mate Rocket
Why don’t you come and join us in the number plate club?
One problem though you can only have 6 letters and Milford and Seibold both have 7.

NuL1F3's picture

Very interesting read Mr Thinker, thank you for sharing :)

Christine's picture

Firstly welcome back guru we have missed you on here secondly tiger i am sticking with you third point butcher tiger is always loyal to his team he only has ever has strayed once before so cut him some slack they are his colours & stripes & his identity on this site guru where have you been how is the family ?

Christine's picture

Mi tips fhis week are the same as tiger ...

Christine's picture

Now we just need johnny ray , pabdul , TAD (the annoying devil ) & all will be right again ...

Christine's picture

Rocket pig shiiit is just as good as horse shiiit or cow shiiit for that matter have you tried using all of them ...

a's picture

I really hope there’s more coming guru it’s great to have you back

a's picture

You forgot about spartan Christine

mark ashford's picture

Mr Thinker
Thanks for going to the trouble of looking up "cakewalk". My God can you imagine what would happen if this was still happening today.

mark ashford's picture

Guru Craig
What a pleasant surprise to see you back here, hope it's a permanent thing. Had a good laugh at the news from the Broncs.

Buzz105's picture

Couldn't agree with you more regarding your point about dropping Milf and Boyd completely. Just look at what McGuire is doing with the tigers, you don't perform, your out. It's working and showing the other players how hard you need to work to play every week.

mark ashford's picture

Hey Buzz
Mate I agree Milford, Boyd and probably some others should be dropped. I read today about the number of positional changes Siebold has imposed on the team some making no sense whatsoever. He was a good coach at the Rabbits but what works for one team doesn't always work elsewhere. He also has a big injury list to deal with. Expect big changes for the game against the Storm but I doubt it will help. He seems a good bloke but I think there's a sword he's about to fall on.

mark ashford's picture

The Butcher
Enjoyed your comment about IKEA and your meaning. Went in once to buy a couple of cushions my better half had seen in a catalogue. This was after an hours drive from Tweed Heads. What should have been a 10 minute shopping trip turned into one and a half hours journey through a maze of furniture, cutlery, china, glassware and God knows what else. There were no exits or escape routes only thing I enjoyed was a feed of Swedish meatballs and can't remember if it was on the way in or the way out. By the way she decided not to buy the cushions after all.

Christine's picture

Butcher rocket can join in on the number plates he can use pony ...

Christine's picture

" a " i never forgot spartan warrior spartan were the bloody hell are you ...

Steel Panther's picture

But Christine you forgot your old mates Couch & Fortress....🤣

mark ashford's picture

Steel Panther
I hope you enjoyed your little holiday but you are a very naughty boy.

mark ashford's picture

Broncos supporters
If what I've heard is correct that Siebold must win 5 out of the next 10 to keep his job then he has an uphill battle.
Round 11. Broncos must beat Storm home.
Round 12. Broncos must beat Sharks home.
Round 13. Broncos must beat Rabbits away.
Round 14. Broncos must beat Raiders away.
Round 15. Broncos must beat Dragons home.
Round 16. Broncos must beat Roosters away.
Round 17. Broncos must beat Panthers home.
Round 18. Broncos must beat Titans away.
Round 19. Broncos must beat Eels away.
Round 20. Broncos must beat Cowboys home.
With their current form I struggle to see 5 wins from the above.
It's either time for the players to regain some pride or Mr Siebold to pack his bags.

Mary S's picture

You're stirring the pot there Steel!!!

a's picture

Yeah I can see maybe 2 or 3 at the most

Christine's picture

Steel the problem with that is you said mates & what have i ever done to you steel couch is a jerk & you don't want ti staet me on fortress the manly feral cross dresser ...

Christine's picture

That said you don't want to start me steel on manly feral cross dresser...

Christine's picture

I take that back it was manly feral scum cross dresser steel ...

Christine's picture

But steel thanks for brining it Back up for me ...

Christine's picture

Ibwould still like to know what i have done to you steel as far as i know nothing & i did put up with alot drom both of those two cowards as you know or do you think what they did to me was ok do you steel ? Is it ok ti give people with a disability a hard time is it steel i didn't think you were ever like that steel please correct me if i am wrong ...

Christine's picture

See i bite when i am being stirred which is what steel just tried to acheive do not start me on couch or fortress steel ...

Christine's picture

Infact just don't bother to say any more to me steel at all ...


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