Round six selections

Newcastle Knights vs Brisbane Broncos – Thursday night – Central Coast Stadium

The return of Glenn and Pangai Jnr will see Oates return to the wing after a brief flirtation with pack life. The Broncos will need his bigger body in the backline, with Staggs out for some time with a hamstring issue. Some positive signs for the Broncos as they skipped out to an 18-0 lead last Thursday against a proper team, but that proper team ran them down, and they didn't score another point after the 30 minute mark. The Knights loss to the Storm was more competitive than the scoreline indicates. They should be too strong here, and McCullough will be keen to show his old club a thing or two. 

Verdict – Knights by 8

Result – Knights 27 defeated Broncos 6

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs New Zealand Warriors – Friday night – Bankwest Stadium

I'm still not convinced that fullback is the natural habitat for Latrell Mitchell, but he's improving each week. I'm mindful however, that the Bunnies opponent last start wasn't exactly top-notch. This is a sterner test, but as I look through the starting thirteen for the red and greens I keep thinking they'll be winning this. Kodi Nikorima has shown his immense value as a post-Covid playmaker - yet another player the Broncos are wishing they kept in their top pocket. In a round with no easy selections this could be one of the hardest.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 2

Result – Rabbitohs 40 defeated Warriors 12

Penrith Panthers vs Melbourne Storm – Friday night – Campbelltown Stadium

I tipped the Panthers last start...and I was wrong, and I tipped against the Storm last start...and I was wrong. On top of that, the Panthers have a woeful record against the purple machine, losing 18 of their last 20. I might be stupid, but I'm not an idiot.

Verdict – Storm by 4

Result – Panthers 21 defeated Storm 14

Gold Coast Titans vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Saturday afternoon – Suncorp Stadium

Picking a winner here is like trying to decide whether you'll take your Mum or your sister to the prom. Three team changes last start would give Dragons fans hope that this season isn't over just yet. Dufty at fullback was fantastic, the Norman kicking game in the halves was deft, and Hunt off the bench played with confidence in the dummy half role. I don't want to get carried away here (after all, I am dating my sister), but Dragons.

Verdict – Dragons by 4

Result – Dragons 20 defeated Titans 8

Wests Tigers vs North Queensland Cowboys – Saturday night – Campbelltown Stadium

A couple of sides spluttering along at the minute - they'll both win games here and there but neither of them are looking like top eight candidates right now. I've defaulted to the Tigers with home ground advantage, particularly while the Cowboys have so much experience (Morgan, McLean and Holmes) unavailable.

Verdict – Tigers by 4

Result – Tigers 36 defeated Cowboys 20

Sydney Roosters vs Parramatta Eels – Saturday night – Bankwest Stadium

You don't need to be the biggest mind in rugby league to know this is the game of the round. The undefeated Eels take on the back-to-back premiers and current favourite to make it three in a row. The Eels last two victories have been narrow but both were against genuine opponents, and I was particularly impressed with the Eels goal line defence against the Panthers. This is a proper side and a premiership threat. Also note that the two teams the Eels defeated in rounds 4 and 5 are the two teams that defeated the Roosters in rounds 1 and 2. Having said that, the Roosters deliberately held themselves back at the start of this season, and since the season was resurrected they have clearly gone to another level. In three games they've scored 129 points and conceded just 18. To give those figures some context, if they maintained that for a regular 26 round season they would end the year with a points differential of +1332 (not a typo). Last year the premiers had a points differential of +264. Have they actually improved? Current figures would suggest they have.

Verdict – Roosters by 8

Result – Roosters 24 defeated Eels 10

Canberra Raiders vs Manly Sea Eagles – Sunday afternoon – Campbelltown Stadium

While it's not the game of the round it's pretty darn good - to my eye these sides look like worthy finalists this year. The Sea Eagles best thirteen are one of the top sides in the NRL, but they are a little short on depth after that. Given the injuries to Taupau and Suli, I'm with the full-strength Raiders.

Verdict – Raiders by 4

Result – Sea Eagles 14 defeated Raiders 6

Cronulla Sharks vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Sunday night – Bankwest Stadium

There's not a lot to get excited about here, but here's something - both sides have a player by the name of Sione Katoa. I don't know about you, but I think that is pretty bloody amazing. Other than that, this looks a bit of a yawnfest between a team who were bad enough to let the Dragons score 30 points, and a team that gots their pants pulled down several times by the Roosters earlier in the week. I'm with the Bulldogs, who conceded a lot less than 30 points to the Dragons not so long ago. But yawn!!!

Verdict – Bulldogs by 2

Result – Sharks 20 defeated Bulldogs 18

Wally Lewis - round six selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or Thursday morning

  • KNIGHTS vs Broncos
  • RABBITOHS vs Warriors
  • Panthers vs STORM
  • Titans vs DRAGONS
  • TIGERS vs Cowboys
  • ROOSTERS vs Eels
  • RAIDERS vs Sea Eagles
  • SHARKS vs Bulldogs


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Greetings football fans

I have updated the NRL ladder and the tipping comp after round five. Top score for round 5 was 6 from 8 which was heaps of you well done. Not even one of us could find a way to tip the Dragons.

Lowest score for the round was that Thinker bloke with four - he's clearly thinking about the wrong things. It's a relief to know that so many of you are ignoring his advice :-)

That said, his advice will be available today or tomorrow.

If anyone sees any errors in the tipping results, just let me know.

All the best

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Thanks Thinker always look forward to your previews.
This round is shaping up to be the best of the year so far... and the worst to tip.
Some killer match ups.

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Big pete remember that if anything ever gets said & you need a reminder just ask me if i was aware of it i don't forgive & i don't forget i have a memory of an elephant & because i lack in one sense from having ms i make up for it in others i excell in hearing & sight true fact ...

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The Butcher
Yes mate the Roosters are in 6th spot and according to bet 365 are $4 favs to take the big one. The Eels are in first spot and $5.25 to win the comp (2nd favs). Saturdays game is Roosters $1.42 and Eels $2.80.
So I'd say both are contenders, wouldn't you?
Some very interesting games this weekend, doesn't make tipping any easier.

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Hello Christine - what I understand is, you lack in no sense, we all have some type of issue. I like your comments and know what you deal with on tabs/keys, with phone or whatever. I noticed with another email account I have, that it receives keys slow, but I might be running on a previous version of theirs. If I tap slowly, all keystrokes register and they don't duplicate.

From now, if I need a reminder - I'll call trunks in the hills....hahaha.

Cheers and keep well, whilst enjoying what you can of NRL.
Big Pete

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Mark obviously they’re both contenders
but the roosters are proven and the Eels get last years grand finalists over the next fortnight so this should give a gauge to where there really at.
Look at the game you’ll see that the roosters match the Eels and in a number of positions are better so where can they win?
Well to start they are at home and since the return the roosters haven’t played in a close game where the Eels have had a couple and the Eels best player is their half and the roosters least experienced player is their half.
I really feel that the Eels need to lead early and put doubt in the roosters otherwise the roosters will put on 20 and that might be too hard considering their defence.

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A couple of bags that will do.

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The Butcher
We can toss this around until the cows (not the Cowboys) come home.
The proof will be in the pudding Saturday night. Neither Roosters or the Eels are my team so all I can say is may the best team win.
Personally I would like to see an Eels win just to pull the Roosters coat a bit. You know even the field and give others a little hope.

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I noticed your slipping down the tipping ladder and stuffed up in the A game
Hasn’t that film been made
Saving Private Ryan?

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Sa-wat-dee krup,

Some interesting matches this week. The Roosters and Eels should be a rip-snorter. Good luck to your BOYS Baggy, may the best team win. Both you and I know who that will be eh? 😁 Some may think I’m crazy but I’ve tipped a bit of a roughie this week. Well, let’s put it this way … it’s not an obvious pick as far as I’m concerned. Let’s wait and see. OK, let’s get into it…

Knights vs. Broncos 60-40 @ Central Coast
Ladder Position = Knights
Bookies Favourite = Knights

The Knights gave away too much of a lead to the Storm in the first half last week and went into the sheds 18-2 down. An improved effort in the second half saw them score a couple of tries and get within 6 points with some momentum but the Storm stepped up and got a penalty goal and another try and the Knights lost it 26-12. Nice efforts from Daniel Saifiti and Kalyn Ponga just wasn’t enough unfortunately. A good effort against quality opposition but they gave away too much of a lead in the first 40. Stats were pretty much shared but note the Knights had less possession (47-53), made more errors (12-6) and had to make 86 more tackles than the Storm (445-359).

It was a great effort from the Broncos in the first half last week. The sort of stuff we’re used to seeing and their fans desperately needed to see. It would’ve done their confidence a world of good and things may be looking up, especially when their big guns return. They were basically in complete control and led 18-4 at the break. The wheels fell off in the second 40 though (largely due to tiredness setting in and Manly’s stirring comeback) and they lost a heartbreaker 20-18. They did pretty well stats-wise and won the tackle breaks (25-11), kick defusals (100%-36%), bombs (9-4) and missed tackles (11-25). As far as I could see, the only concern was the conceded penalties (12-2).

Verdict: Knights

Rabbitohs vs. Warriors 65-35 @ Bankwest
Ladder Position = Rabbitohs
Bookies Favourite = Rabbitohs

The Rabbitohs dominated the Titans last week and after leading 26-6 at the break, the spoils were shared in the second. Souths weren’t as impressive in the second half as they were in the first but the damage had already been done and they had an easy 32-12 win in the end. Looks like the return of Cody Walker has given Souths the boost they were searching for. By all accounts, Mitchell had an outstanding game (seems like he’s fitting into the fullback role a little easier now) and the kicking of Reynolds was superb. Stats-wise they were a bit up and down. They won the tackle breaks (36-18), missed tackles (18-36) and the error count (6-16) but had less possession (47-53), more ineffective tackles (19-11) and more conceded penalties (9-2). All that and they still won easily. Hmmm…

What a points-fest it was last week in the Warriors & Cowboys game. Five (5) tries in the first half and seven (7) in the second. I reckon they caught most of us (not all) by surprise and managed a great 37-26 win over the Cowboys last week. It looked like they just went out with a simple plan to play some basic footy and it worked for them. Nice efforts from “hat-trick Hiku” and Kodi Nikorima helped a lot. A really good result for the Warriors but their up and down form has me confused. The Warriors had too much momentum for their opponents, outgaining the Cowboys by nearly 600 metres. Stats-wise they killed it. Possession (56-44), post contact metres (704-498), metres run (1880-1358), tackle breaks (25-12), forced drop outs (4-1) and missed tackles (12-25). The only one they lost was ineffective tackles (23-12).

Verdict: Rabbitohs

Panthers vs. Storm 35-65 @ Campbelltown
Ladder Position = Storm
Bookies Favourite = Storm

Things looked promising for the Panthers when they led the Eels 10-0 at half-time but yet again, a side fails to score in the second half and ends up losing the game. The Panthers settled quicker than the Eels and looked to be in control for most of the game but somehow allowed (?) the Eels to run over the top of them, finally losing it 16-10. They desperately tried to find the equaliser in the dying minutes but the Eels’ defence stood firm and held them out. They did very badly in the stats and lost the possession (46-54), tackle breaks 20-38), offloads (3-15), bombs (1-10), missed tackles (38-20) and ineffective tackles (27-9).

The Storm started well last week against the Knights and went into the sheds leading 18-2. In the second half the Knights had a little momentum and got to within 6 points late in the game but then the Storm steadied with a penalty goal and a great solo try from Brandon Smith to eventually run out 26-12 winners. When the Knights threatened, the Storm did enough and are starting to look a lot better than they have been recently. The stats weren’t that exciting really. The Storm had more possession (53-47), made less errors (6-12) and didn’t have to make as many tackles as the Knights (359-445).

Verdict: Storm

Titans vs. Dragons 40-60 @ Suncorp
Ladder Position = Dragons
Bookies Favourite = Dragons

The Titans were dominated by the Rabbitohs in the first half last week and were trailing 26-6 going into the break. Their second half effort was much better though and they held the Rabbitohs to just 6 points while scoring 6 themselves (very early on) but eventually lost 32-12. Short of a miracle, they never looked like winning though. A brave effort in the second half but 40 minutes of football won’t win you many games. They just lacked the ammunition to break through the Rabbitohs’ defence. Just like the Bunnies last week, they were a bit up and down stats-wise. On the positive they had more possession (53-47), less ineffective tackles (11-19) and less conceded penalties (2-9). On the negative they had less tackle breaks (18-36), more missed tackles (36-18) and more errors (16-6).

Finally! The Dragons led 18-10 at half-time and outscored the Sharks by 6 points in the second to finally get up last week for a well deserved win against the Sharks 30-16, scoring 5 tries in the process. They were a bit up and down in the first half but seemed to improve as time went on and the belief set in. Obviously it was a welcome return to form, especially given their efforts of the last 2 weeks. Seems the positional changes Mary made were just what they needed. No doubt the win will give them a much needed confidence boost this week. Great efforts from both Dufty and McInnes were pleasing to see and no doubt DFB and Bubble are very happy. They really shone in the stats, having more possession (53-47), a better completion rate (88-74), more tackle breaks (46-35), less missed tackles (35-46) and less errors (10-15). The only blemish was that they had more conceded penalties (5-3).

Verdict: Dragons

Tigers vs. Cowboys 50-50 @ Campbelltown
Ladder Position = Cowboys
Bookies Favourite = Tigers

The Tigers put in a really tough effort in the first half last week against the Raiders and were leading 4-0 when they went into the sheds. The Raiders’ class (and a wee bit of luck) showed in the second 40 and unfortunately for the Tigers they went down 14-6. It was a gutsy effort from the Tigers nevertheless and the early signs were encouraging. Liked how they took it up to the Raiders and dominated the field position but didn’t like how they couldn’t make anything out of it. Stats-wise not much to report other than the Tigers had less possession (48-52), less post contact metres (579-785) and conceded more penalties (10-6).

Not sure what happened to the Cowboys last week and where they go from here. They scored plenty of points but still went down to the Warriors 37-26. They were right in it for large parts of the game but were just a little too inconsistent for mine. They did get to within a point (17-16) in the second half but couldn’t go on with it. That might’ve had something to do with their injuries and fatigue, not sure. The “JT factor” didn’t have the impact I thought it’d have but these things happen. Terrible stats for the Cowboys I’m afraid to say. They lost possession (44-56), post contact metres (498-704), metres run (1358-1880), tackle breaks (12-25), forced drop outs (1-4) and missed tackles (25-12). The only one they won was ineffective tackles (12-23).

Verdict: Cowboys

Roosters vs. Eels 60-40 @ Bankwest
Ladder Position = Eels
Bookies Favourite = Roosters

Another powerhouse display from the Roosters last week. Seven tries to one told the story. The Roosters blitzed the Bulldogs in the first half scoring 4 tries and heading into the sheds they were leading 24-0. The Bulldogs stemmed the tide in the second half and held the Roosters to 3 tries and scoring one themselves. The Roosters just had too much firepower for the Bulldogs and ran out (very) comfortable 42-6 winners in the end. Stunning hat-trick effort from Tedesco (the guy is an absolute star). He ran over 200 metres (I think) and broke the Bulldogs line on numerous occasions. The Roosters simply outgunned the poor ol’ Bulldogs and were just too slick. Stats-wise they lost in a few areas (forced drop outs, ineffective tackles and penalties conceded) but won most of the others. Shared the possession (50-50), ran 475 metres more than the Bulldogs (1912-1437), made more post contact metres (740-576), more line breaks (9-2), more tackle breaks (39-25) and less missed tackles (25-39).

Very nice win to the Eels last week. The physical pressure put on them by the Panthers took them by surprise I reckon and at half time they were down 10-0. I hate to admit it but at that stage I wrote them off. How wrong I was. It took them a while but they went on a three try scoring spree in the space of 6 or 7 minutes (on the back of great efforts from Gutherson and Blake) and came out 16-10 winners. Stats-wise they won all of the important ones. Possession (54-46), tackle breaks (38-20), offloads (15-3), bombs (10-1), missed tackles (20-38) and ineffective tackles (9-27).

Verdict: Roosters. Begurk! 🐔 Begurk! 🐔

Raiders vs. Manly 55-45 @ Campbelltown
Ladder Position = Raiders
Bookies Favourite = Raiders

Not a great first half from the Raiders last week. The Tigers pushed them around a bit and after a tough first 40, they were down 4-0. It took the Raiders roughly 50 minutes before they scored their first points and that was a little surprising. They got an easy try courtesy of Russell Packer getting himself sin binned. When the Tigers were trying to mount some pressure and get back into the game, the Raiders’ class and defence held them at bay and the Raiders ran out 14-6 winners. Not a sparkling effort by any means but they did what was needed in a tough encounter with a gritty opponent. Stats-wise not much to report other than the Raiders had more possession (52-48), more post contact metres (785-579) and conceded less penalties (6-10).

Things didn’t look good for Manly at half-time last week with the Broncos completely dominating them. Going into the sheds they were down 18-4. A stunning turnaround from Manly in the second half saw them score another 16 points to nil and even with the Broncos tiring, managed to win a thriller 20-18. I know Des Hasler was pretty pleased with their second fight-back in a row, especially since they got the win. But as we all know, Manly have a reputation for not giving up lightly and kudos to them for that. All this and they lost most of the important stats. They were down on tackle breaks (11-25), kick defusals (36%-100%), bombs (4-9) and missed tackles (25-11). About the only area they won in was conceded penalties (2-12).

Verdict: Raiders

Sharks vs. Bulldogs 60-40 @ Bankwest
Ladder Position = Sharks
Bookies Favourite = Sharks

Not a bad effort from the Sharks early on in the match last week against the Dragons but they found themselves behind 18-10 at the break. They let the Dragons get further ahead in the second half but fought back briefly and Wade Graham scored. A bit unlucky they had another one knocked back by the bunker but that’s footy for you. Even with Shaun Johnson creating heaps of attacking chances, the Sharks were unable to take it up a notch and the Dragons defence held on. They didn’t do very well stats-wise and lost in most areas. They had less possession (47-53), a lower completion rate (74-88), less tackle breaks (35-46), more missed tackles (46-35) and more errors (15-10). The only positive was they conceded less penalties (3-5).

The Bulldogs got steamrolled by the Roosters last week and after being down 24-0 at half time, they finally ended up losing it 42-6. They did stem the tide in the second half somewhat and held the Roosters to 3 tries and scored one themselves. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, the Roosters just had too much firepower. Their defence was a bit soft and they made too many errors and too many poor passes. The good thing about all this is that there’s only one way to go from here and that’s up. Well, hopefully so. As expected, their stats weren’t that good but surprisingly they did have shared possession (50-50), a couple more forced drop outs than the Roosters (2-0), less ineffective tackles (20-26) and less conceded penalties (4-8).

Verdict: Sharks

Let’s finish off with another “Song of the Week”…

Noticed a few "lukewarm" comments last week so thought I’d whack this one up 😍. Just sit back, close your eyes and feel the love…

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

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Hi Newbie,

Already had my feet up reading through your take on the coming matches, so ended off by enjoying your SOW - great choice,


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Hello everyone, my tips for this week are:

Knights by 8 - The Broncos started off nicely against Manly to then go on to lose the game 20-18. They started really well in the first 30 minutes but then the wheels fell off after that. That was a heartbreaker for the Broncos! The Knights on the other hand, were blown away in the first half by an amazing Storm side with Cameron Smith steering the ship but then the Knights managed to make a fightback in the second half only to concede an unlucky penalty and a late try to lose it 26-12. This should be a good game actually if the Broncos show up and the Knights will definitely want to bounce back this week and I'm tipping them to do so.

Rabbitohs by 4 - Very interesting game to tip this one. The Warriors have been hot and cold since coming back from the virus starting off with a win over the Dragons then a convincing loss to the Panthers then an upset win over the Cowboys. Who knows what we will get from the Warriors but it'll be interesting to see which Warriors outfit will show up on Friday night. The Rabbitohs on the other hand, were convincing winners over the Titans 32-12, I know it was only the Titans but good on the Rabbitohs for getting back into the winners circle in fine fashion. They started really well which ultimately won them the game. Except the Rabbitohs to continue on their merry ways knowing that Wayne wouldn't want the boys to slack off after a big win! I don't know what sort of game we'll get here as I don't know what Warriors side we'll get and the Rabbitohs haven't been too flashy themselves but I sure do hope we get an entertaining game of footy and I do think this could get close, I am thinking that the Warriors are a genuine chance of upsetting the Bunnies here but it's the Bunnies for me to go back to back for the first time this season.

Storm by 12 - We all know that the Storm have a phenomenal record against the Panthers. I expect this to continue here. When it comes to the Storm, they manage to have the wood over the Panthers and majority of the time beat the Panthers no matter what stage of the season it is. I know the Panthers have got some big upsets over the Storm before but the majority of the time, the Storm end up too good for the Panthers. I think that will be the case again. The Panthers will be tough but I just think the Storm will be too classy and too slick for the Panthers. Don't get me wrong, the Panthers can really play and when they're on, they're really on but when it comes to facing the Storm, it just doesn't work out most of the time. This will be one solid game that's for sure but it's the purple machine team from Melbourne to get yet another win this season and to prove why they are probably the best Australian sporting team no matter what code.

Dragons by 10 - I'm so proud of the boys for their performance against the Sharks. We played really well, completed well, had our plans, looked threatening in attack, actually played some footy, Mary made some changes before the game that actually paid off and it was just what we needed and at the right time too. Coming into the game the Dragons were very much under the pump but that win was just what we needed and I believe it has got our confidence up so much that we will beat the Titans on Saturday afternoon. I was actually getting worried that we would go 0-6 but 2-4 does sound a whole lot better. We cannot sleep on the Titans though, we have to still be switched on and not just come in overconfident or underestimate the Titans which I'm sure the boys won't anyways considering games now are a premium for us and the will to win is a premium and doesn't exactly just come naturally for us. The boys need the energy levels up again and we need to play good and smart footy if we are going to win again but I'm back on the bandwagon and am tipping the boys again with some confidence although there is a bit there telling me the Titans will upset the Dragons here but I hope not. C'mon the mighty Dragons!

Tigers by 7 - The Cowboys have some key players missing and this has swayed me towards the Tigers. Plus, they will be playing at home here not that matters much now since there's no real crowd in the games now but still. The Cowboys were disappointing last week, particularly in defence and were dominated in almost every aspect of the game against the Warriors. After a really good start to the season, the wheels have seem to fall off for the Cowboys. Same with the Tigers except they were really brave against the Raiders but they couldn't find a way to crack that Raiders defence often enough when they needed to and they came away with a 14-6 loss, Madge decided to make some more changes this week in the hope of a good response this week. No Benji Marshall again for the Tigers this week. The Cowboys will be missing Val Holmes, Mclean and Gilbert with Holmes and Mclean being some huge outs for the Cowboys. Will be interesting on the style of footy we will be getting in this one whether it will be free-flowing and entertaining, low-scoring close and intense or low-scoring and an ugly game of footy but we'll see on Saturday night.

Roosters by 6 - This one will be an absolute belter of a game and will be the game of the round for sure. So many great matchups in this one. Tedesco-Gutherson will be a cracker, the halves battle, the battle of the backline, the battle of the forwards. So many amazing matchups! Roosters have been in amazing form as of late outscoring their opposition in the last three games. The Eels are undefeated so far and have defeated two quality teams in the last couple of weeks in the Sea Eagles and the Panthers. This will be a big challenge for the Eels for their credentials. If they can beat the Roosters, they will most definitely prove that they are a genuine threat and genuine premiership contenders. But I think that the Roosters will continue on their amazing run at the moment but it will definitely a closer game than the other games that the Roosters have won. It will be the Roosters here to give the Eels their first loss of the season this year.

Manly by 2 - Although Manly have some key players out, I'm still going with them for the upset over the Raiders here. This will also be a cracker of a game and it will be cool to see a high-scoring tight contest between these two powerhouses. The fullback battle between Nicoll-Klokstad and Trbojevic Tom that is will be an underrated one that's for sure and it should be an intriguing forwards battle as well. Manly just escaped with a comeback win over the Broncos whereas the Raiders came away with a tough and gutsy win over the Tigers. Manly will prove here why they are force to be reckoned with this season and prove that they can still play well even without their full team. Manly in a thriller.

And finally... Sharks by 4 - Both of these two teams have been in bad form and this may be a snoozefest. But I'm going with the Sharks to beat the Bulldogs here in a close one. The Sharks suffered a big loss to my Dragons last week whereas the Bulldogs suffered a huge loss to the Roosters. The Sharks' loss was worse considering their opposition. I think that the Sharks will bounce back here in a tight one but don't write the Bulldogs off here, they put on a great performance two weeks ago showing that they do have it in them. But it'll be the Sharks to get win number 2 this season here at home even if it isn't their actual home ground.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers and have a great finish to your weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice preview fanboy

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Hi Butcher
DJ Mark has been quiet for a while but thought this may be appropriate after your personalised plate purchase if you really did. Easy to attach an avitar of your plate. Computers these days allow us to do anything.
This seems to remind me of your attitude.

The Butcher's picture

Next time I’m allowed in qld I will drive my car to show you having said that I might not get out alive.
By the way love your dedication that’s a great song
Heard this the other day and can’t get it out of my head and it relates to my arrival in qld

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Thanks Butcher! Much appreciated mate!


mark ashford's picture

The Butcher
Yes if your allowed in you will be "in trouble'' just make sure that plate is not visable. Perhaps swap it out for "I love the Broncs" or "Titans lover" or even "Cowboys for the premiership" otherwise you will not escape alive. We are passionate up here and have spies on the border.

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Hi The Thinker,
I have tipped an upset this week with Broncos against the Knights as I am thinkering they are back again and unlucky not to get 2 points last week with a couple of normal unlucky decisions against them but it happens to all teams but glad we didn't get flogged again, stags is out but we have a couple of players back this week with Glenn and Pangai Jnr and should strengthen us in the middle which will give us confidence again hopefully I am right.

The Thinker's picture

Best of luck Bronco Legend. We saw some signs of life against the Sea Eagles...thankfully.

The Butcher's picture

Broncos are in this if their halves step up Milford is so inconsistent he’s either brilliant or crap and not much in between he reminds me of a greyhound how he has to run in a circle before he straightens.
With no Staggs the only place I can see them scoring is in the air to their winger Oates and Coates (yes mark that rhymed and it does sound like an English pub) but Croft and Milford doesn’t always hit the target.
Ponga and best in attack Pearce control and McCullough playing his old club I think the Knights just.

Baggy_Gee's picture

My worry for the Broncos is the mental, especially since they held Manly to nil for a good half of football. The trap is "see we gave it our best and they were to good" and that might really gut a young team who have no senior leadership. If the Knight score early its game, set, bingo! because they will see that they are sub-par, particularly in their minds. But turn the game into a grind and keep the Knights scoreless for 20-25 minutes and I think that the Broncos can pull on out over a more favored opponent at the back end of the game giving themselves confidence for the week to come,

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Hello fellow tipsters, here are my guesses for round 6:
Good luck to everyone, manyana.

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Afternoon Folks

Some tricky match ups this week where the outcome is 50/50. My tips are in with more than a few guesses included.
Enjoy the footy tonight and across the weekend.


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Hey Baggy
I was looking forward swapping comments when our teams meet tomorrow but I’ve been asked to sort some issues at Novotel Wollongong and have to attend a manager’s dinner on Friday night so instead of watching the roosters and eels and probably be eating them
I will watch the replay and we can exchange post game comments.
May the best team win.

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Bring it on Butcher, I'm sorry, a few years ago I had tickets to Broncos v Eels at Suncorp due to work and I got messages from the guys I gave the tickets to as to how great it was and what I was missing out on. A try within 11 seconds was just the start. I hope its a good night out and I'll talk you through what you missed out on.

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And he is back we are stocked up again with the good gear hotel grade manure.

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I know why you use rocket as your name. It’s because all your comments come from Uranus.

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The Butcher
Just off subject for a moment. Is the Novotel Woolongong fully open for business? I'm a bit concerned we have to get this great country up and running and people back to work. The hospitality section has been hurt bad with so many young people laid off.
Also nice to see you and the Rocket man still trading barbs, gives us some light relief.

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Mark really how would he have any idea at all

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Since NSW has been given the green light to travel the hotel went from 9%
to 80% occupancy that’s why I’m going to sort thru some rostering issues so staff can back fairly.
Out of the staff stood down and considering the areas high unemployment I’m going to try to utilise as many casuals as the full timers are on jobkeeper and hopefully have the full timers back by July.

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I love being a rooster as much as you like being a goose!

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Your certainty a good supplier

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My tips this week are the same as wally's ...

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The Butcher
Thanks for that. The percentages look promising and I hope it grows across your state and eventually ends up here in QLD when our borders are open. My brother is currently holidaying in Coolum Caravan Park on the Sunshine Coast and he tells me it's full, not one site available. All QLDers of course but shows things are on the move. Flow on money to local businesses is what we need and it's happening up there.

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It’s not ROCKET science pardon the pun

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The girls are lagging behind everyone else despite getting 5/8 last start, so they are sitting on 19/40, here are their guesses this weekend.
Broncos - We are back on the bandwagon
Rabbits - They are quick
Storm - Gut choice
Titans - Because we like the Titans
Tigers - We have a feeling
Eels - They are slick and slippery
Manly - Because they are bird (brained)
Sharks - Because we don't like the Bulldogs, if they were another breed on the other hand...................

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Good to see McCullough still setting up tries for the Broncos it’s like he never left.

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Big pete you said if you evwr nwed a reminder you will put a call out to trunks in the hills does that mean you are calling me old & grey be fair big pete i did offer to help you seriously what is this world coming too ...

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Rumour has it that he hasn't put a Bronco into space since his debut year.

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Big pete you said if you ever you wanted a reminder you will put a call out to trunks in the hills does that mean you are calling me old & grey be fair big pete i did offer to help you seriously what is this world coming too ...

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Hey baggy i need some advice from you and tigerholic on coping with lost opportunities and games each week we are not used to it and i thought two long term losers might be able to help

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I never thought the team I’ve been so jealous of is now the team I feel sorry for.
The Broncos are pretty bad and have no direction getting your only try from an intercept says it all.
I listened to Seibold and understand that if he makes changes the players coming in aren’t playing footy so they will struggle with match fitness.
But guess what all the other teams are in the same situation so pull your head in Seibold and do what you have to do.
The 4 bottom teams play each other this week so the Broncos will slip to 14th unless there’s a draw.
The next 4 weeks are the easier run In Titans Warriors Bulldogs and Tigers.
The only way to get match fitness is to play so the changes need to come now
otherwise you’ll be just making up the numbers.

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Its easy Ryan, you remember that it is only a game that you are not personally involved in, but that you love and enjoy. There are good times there are bad times and at the moment the Broncos have a disconnect between the old guys and the young guys. The old traditional core are what is killing you, the young guys are at least having a crack each and every time they get on the field. As to being a perceptual loser, until you get them out of your club that is all you will be. Once we shed Norman, Watmough and others look how quickly we changed our attitude and outlook. The only one i regret losing from the playing group is Kenny Edwards, he had a passion for being on the field.

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OHHHHHHH you were having a crack at me, 0 is a good place to start, being points scored in the second half since the lock down ended, 23 - 6 is the difference in tries scored against you and by you. 5 rounds is the number of rounds between the biggest losing margin the Broncos have ever suffered, and the new record being set. Anything I missed out on?

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No I think you're covered it all by the way I'm secretly happy the eels are going well for you but don't tell anyone

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A Question Just Popped Into My Head…

Firstly, y’all know I’m a “newbie” from WA so please excuse my possible stupidity in asking this question OK? What popped into my head just now sitting at my desk listening to a bit of D’Angelo (When We Get By) @ 6.55am is this …

Would it be feasible/possible for the NRL to put up a “relegation system” where each year, the bottom 2 clubs get relegated to a lesser competition and the top 2 from that lesser competition get promoted to the NRL?

I’m thinking it’s not doable given money involved in running an NRL club (wages, player salaries, travel costs etc) but thought I’d ask the question anyway. If not possible I’d love it if more knowledgeable heads could tell me why. Just curious is all. Cheers 🐔

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I shall reveal your secrets Ryan, I shall take them to my grave.

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Actually Newbie it is doable, One of the benefit of relegation is that it can reduce your costs from a wage point of view, (unless your carrying massive freight from under performing players) you can also minimise running costs, as smaller local grounds are cheaper, and the biggest winning point is it allows expansion to be controlled. Lets say that Redcliff wants to be part of the NRL, they have good facilities, there is already the infrastructure there for T.V, playing group, if they came in as a tier 2 team, they wouldn't have out and out stars, but they would be getting brand recognition, they would be getting larger crowds, leading to the club having more cash, and organically they would grow until they were good enough to take on the worst of the NRL. At that point they would be promoted, be terrible against the best of the NRL, but they would already have a solid core to which they could add a Cronk to give them guidance around the park, a Beau Scott to stiffen up their forward pack, and those younger players who have been with the team up to this point make that leap forward in both belief and results. Its a win win system, allows for both comps tier 1 and 2 to be 12 teams, top 6 final system, and the bottom two teams to either relegate or be promoted, and allows for expansion teams to come into a softer business environment unlike the western reds or the Adelaide rams.

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Well said it.

I also love the idea of a game on grand final day that determines which team joins the NRL the following year.

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OHHHHH that is a nice idea, top team is auto promoted, teams 2 and 3 play out for the remaining spot. You could also auto relegate team 12 from tier 1 and have teams 11 and 10 play to avoid relegation. GF day could look like this
Relegation game
Promotion Game
Womens GF
Mens GF
Stage it at ANZ, $30 a game, or $100 for a full day pass, It would be a corker.


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