State of Origin - game three

Queensland Maroons vs New South Wales Blues – Wednesday night (18th November) at 7.10pm – Suncorp Stadium


  1. Corey Allan
  2. Edrick Lee
  3. Brenko Lee
  4. Dane Gagai
  5. Valentine Holmes
  6. Cameron Munster
  7. Daly Cherry-Evans (c)
  8. Christian Welch
  9. Jake Friend
  10. Josh Papalii
  11. Felise Kaufusi
  12. Kurt Capewell
  13. Tino Faasuamaleaui
  14. Harry Grant
  15. Lindsay Collins
  16. Jai Arrow
  17. Jayden Su'A

Coach - Wayne Bennett


  1. James Tedesco (c)
  2. Daniel Tupou
  3. Clint Gutherson
  4. Jack Wighton
  5. Josh Addo-Carr
  6. Cody Walker
  7. Nathan Cleary (c)
  8. Daniel Saifiti
  9. Damien Cook
  10. Payne Haas
  11. Angus Crichton
  12. Tyson Frizell
  13. Jake Trbojevic
  14. Dale Finucane
  15. Junior Paulo
  16. Nathan Brown
  17. Isaah Yeo

Coach - Brad Fittler

Game preview

It's a good thing game two (or game three) wasn't in Adelaide - the whole series would be in disarray right now if it were. Not a lot went right for Queensland in game two, and while they had their excuses it's hard to ignore the NSW dominance in a few key areas (kick returns and the general kicking game to name the most apparent). Queensland missed Brimson at the back, and losing Munster in the early minutes left the Maroons short on rockstars who can grab a game by the scruff of the neck, take advantage of opportunities when they come, and create opportunities out of nothing when they don't. It's likely Munster will play, but Queensland have made a raft of changes in the hours before kick-off - Allan debuts at fullback, Holmes moves to the wing, Edrick Lee debuts on the other wing, his cousin Brenko debuts in the centres if he's passed fit, Capewell starts in the backrow if Lee is fit, Welch is a much needed replacement in the front row, and Harry Grant makes his debut off the bench. There's a lot to digest there, and a lot of new combinations for QLD to work out in less than a week against a team that are likely to be unchanged from game two (note that Addo-Carr could be a late withdrawal with Cotric as his replacement). The only way anyone can tip the home side in this is by putting your faith in something entirely intangible. QLD are playing at home, at a venue that means something, to a crowd that means something, and this will be the biggest crowd at any Australian sporting event this year. The crowd will be almost entirely Maroon, and the winner takes the series. You put your faith in the idea that these kids in Maroon can rise to the occasion, much like Capewell did in game one. On paper they shouldn't win this...but they can. NSW have to fly into Brisbane on the day of the game, much like QLD had to fly into Sydney on the day of game two. I'm sure it didn't help QLD in game two, and it won't help NSW in game three. I doubt it's enough to tip the scales in QLD's favour, but I'm hoping the intangibles can.

Verdict – QLD 20 to NSW 19

First try scorer – Dane Gagai

Player of the match – Josh Papalii


mark ashford's picture

I see from the news briefs below that Paul Gallen probably the stupidest player to pull on a Blues jumper and now a commentator for #9 has stated the current Maroons team to be the worst in SoO history.
I wonder how he explains the fact that QLD won game 1.
The worst history for the Blues was when he was playing for them. This guy is a buffoon with a very short memory.

The Thinker's picture

He's probably done us a favour Mark. It should fire them up for Wednesday.

manyana's picture

Hi Thinker, my Panthers football arrived today. It looks great.
I just have to work out where to put it so that I can brag about winning it. LOL.
Thank you very much for running the extra competition.
I feel that it made the finals more enjoyable by trying to tip the scores.
Once again thank you, and I'll be cheering for Queensland on Wednesday night.
Looking forward to being in your competition again next year.
Kind regards, manyana.

mark ashford's picture

Hey Manyana
You'll have to create a shrine to the Panthers with the ball as the centerpiece. Surround it with clippings about the Panther's wins this year leaving out the GF of course. Take a photo and post it here @ Coach. I'm sure he'll love it.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hey everyone, how are u all? My predictions for the final instalment of SOO are:

NSW 21 - Tries: Cleary, Addo-Carr, Cook, Tedesco
Goals: Cleary 2/2
Field Goal: Keary

Qld 14 - Tries: Cherry-Evans, Holmes, Gagai
Goals: Holmes? or Cherry-Evans 1/3

MOTM: Daniel Saifiti

First Try-Scorer: Holmes

Should be a great game and great that there will be a full house full of mainly Queenslanders of course, hopefully the Blues can shut them up. Bring it on folks and ladies!!!!!!!!


Dragons-fanboy's picture

Sorry Cleary 2/4 conversions not 2/2 that can't be right lol ;P


mark ashford's picture

A little recent SoO history starting at the beginning of QLD dominance.
2006 to 2013 QLD won all series but only one by a whitewash. In 2014 NSW won the series 2/1. 2015 to 2017 QLD won both years but only by 2/1. 2018 to 2019 NSW won both series 2/1.
Being fair both teams have been pretty even and while there have been some big scores by the winners occasionally it's a great test for both states most results being within a few points.
Now saying all that I'll tell you why QLD will win game 3.
We have the best SoO coaches ever.
We are at Suncorp, a fortress for the Maroons.
We will have 80% of the crowd (maybe 50000)
We have a team of young guns who want to be there next year.
And most of all the QUEENSLANDER spirit will shine.
QLD 14.....NSW 12

mark ashford's picture

Dragons FanBoy
Nice to see your comments and predictions here. Thought by now a few more Blues supporters may have joined in but it's early there's always tomorrow. Good luck to you and your team.

mark ashford's picture

A little bit of confidence for the Maroons tomorrow.
We seem to have stopped posting some songs since the regular season ended. (where are you newbie and others)
This is my pick for the QUEENSLANDERS.

Christine's picture

News maroons fans xavier coates is ruled out due to a grion injury edrick lee is in ...

Guru Craig's picture

Queensland to win in Brisbane. The NSW blues may have the bigger reputation and media status, but they are not better players or more talented athletes. That's just the narrative of ch9 and the rest who flow endless fantasies of nonsense to feed the cash flow.

Game 1 showed us that this NSW team are nothing to be worried about. Munster is a better player than Walker or little Rooster, The Golden Cherry is a better half than Baby Ivan, Dane Gagai is better than any NSW centre of the last decade or two...Papali? best FR in the worrrld.

Game 2 was a ringer The Guru thinks. A series decider is what's best for the game. QLD were hard done by early, then fell over. They got lost in the sea of blue grubs booing the minute of silence and got beaten by 14 men. That wont happen in Brisbane.

The Guru feels Papali will light this game up and lift the other Maroon forwards with him, don't be surprised to see the big man get over the try line. Cherry is primed for a big game and Ripe to cement his place as the captain.

Queensland are specials here, the so called worst team ever is about to beat the nancy boys.

QLD 26 NSW 8

Walby's picture

Game 3,
NSW 18, Queensland 16.
First Try, Brenko Lee
MOTM, Nathan Cleary
Good luck everyone hopefully a nail biting end with no major ref issues creating too much controversy.

The Thinker's picture

It's pretty humid up in Brisbane today. Will be interesting to see how the Blues cope straight off the plane.

Charlie's picture

History is against nsw
Talent is against qld

mark ashford's picture

Hi Mary
Great choice. I'll be singing it if the boys can get home.
I like Charlie's comment above. Looks like he's having 50 cents each way.
I wouldn't say QLD is devoid of talent, maybe a little short on experience.

Christine's picture

Charlie does that make you a fence sitter or a you betting on a draw ???

Christine's picture

Blake ferguson has been told he won't be needed at parramatta beyond 2021 news just in sorry baggy...

JKBubble's picture

Jai arrow grub

JKBubble's picture

Hit a man when hes out cold

Baggy_Gee's picture

Tis life, Blake I think has reached his shelf life, but the same time, I think that he could be ok as a backs coach. We will see what 2021 brings in his form. I am nearly certain he was playing injured or at least 60% all season.

Christine's picture

What have you got to say about that one tiger , QUEENSLANDER home of the mighty maroon ...

Guru Craig's picture

Goo on QLD!!! One of the best games in recent memory. DOMINANT QLD performance, the Maroons controlled the game from the start. MOTM Six Again Sutton put in a career best to bring the WORST TEAM IN NSW HISTORY back into the game, time and time again. NSW were slowing the play down every tackle, but QLD were just too good. Too much heart. You don't fly into Brisbane an hour before the kick-off and beat The Maroons in a decider at Lang Park!

Fitter was clueless on the side line, what turned out to be a record breaking assisted comeback should have been about 40-0 to QLD. NSW were rubbish. Baby Ivan had a few nice kicks but Walker went MIA as too most of the Grub Blues.

Harry Grant, what a player. This young bloke will be a superstar. QLD were shown up a bit with errors and silly mistakes, poor young Allen had a few unlucky moments and the team was missing a real leader like a Lockyer or Tallis, but the master coach and the QLD forwards were unstoppable.

Great QLD victory. The worst team in NSW history as spoken by themselves....that will stick.

The Thinker's picture

A tough couple of weeks in the box for Gus Gould...first the Panthers, and now this.

Another extraordinary series victory for QLD - the bookies had them rougher than $3.00 in every single game.

mark ashford's picture

Mary S
I'm singing along with you "We are the champions" YES you beauty Maroons. The best team on the park all night.

a's picture

Yes well done QLD

mark ashford's picture

I was watching #9 and as the game progressed I just muted the sound to get rid of Gus & Rabs. Know enough to watch and see whats happening.
Great win by the QLDers, dominate all through the game.
The shield is back where it belongs.

newbie from perth's picture

G’day Peeps,

Sorry, been MIA since the GF busily catching up with other (neglected) business online and off. Currently on my 3rd set of holiday leave since mid September and am “bored out of my gourd” as they say. Sure I can go and stay somewhere here in WA but prices are through the roof (the old supply and demand thing at play).

Just saw tonight’s third and final SOO and I must admit it was a cracker. Great to see 52K spectators there. It was almost as if the Rona didn’t exist 😉. Even though I’m a Maroons fan, I must say I was impressed with the defensive effort from the blue-baggers. The amount of pressure QLD applied in the second half was phenomenal yet the Blues were managing to keep them out.

Not too impressed with the “extra treatment” Walker got but crap happens sometimes eh? I wouldn’t be unhappy if that was looked at and some sort of penalty was handed out. A little confused with the Blues’ captain’s challenge at full-time but yeah, whatever.

OK, I’m outta here. Looking forward to an “off-season page” hopefully. In the meantime, take care y’all and stay safe. Cheers 🐔 🐔 🐔

P.S. Has there always been ads on the site Thinker? It’s just that I’ve never seen any until tonight (Perth Online Art Auction). Are you value adding here Boss? Makes no nevermind to me (I’m all for you trying to make a few sheckles on the side to pay for this here site 💪), just curious is all. Cheers.

The Thinker's picture

@newbie from perth

Cody Walker was taken out by friendly fire last night - Crichton second man in tried to put a (legal) hit on a Queenslander and took out his own man. They didn't show in replays as it looked like Walker was badly hurt (he was back on the ground with the rest of the team after the game so thankfully he wasn't).

The ads have always been there but you probably haven't noticed them - it does help to cover the cost of the prizes basically. Speaking of which, I owe you some footballs, so I will email you.


All the best

The Thinker

The Thinker's picture

@mark ashford

That's not a bad idea :-)

When the Seven Network broadcast the 2017 Rugby League World Cup it was a breath of fresh air. Just people talking about the games and focusing on the positives.

Christine's picture

At least we don't have to wait 6 months for the next season to start , thats one good thing about covid 19 ...

newbie from perth's picture

Correction on Previous Post

What I said yesterday:

“Not too impressed with the “extra treatment” Walker got but crap happens sometimes eh? I wouldn’t be unhappy if that was looked at and some sort of penalty was handed out.”

Got myself completely confused with that one. What I was referring to was actually the “extra treatment” that Jai Arrow handed out to James Tedesco. And it seems that a penalty has indeed been handed out but I’m led to believe it was a $550.00 fine.

I suppose in the heat of battle a player sometimes wants to assert himself and I think that’s what Arrow was attempting but in his defence I suppose you could argue he didn’t know Teddy was concussed and when he did realize something was wrong he immediately put up his hand requesting assistance. Yeah, not sure about this one. I think I’ll leave this for others to debate.

OK, apologies for any confusion caused. I might go off and make a cuppa and have me some Tim Tams 😁. Cheers 🐔 🐔 🐔

Baggy_Gee's picture

Sadly Triple M got rid of the last 2 good commentators when they wouldn't allow Rampaging Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson to keep calling the game from the card table. The old way I listened to the game was watch it on mute and have the ABC running in the background.
Can't think of a series, especially a tied series with the homeground in game 3 where the bookies got it so wrong with the odds. Bit strange given how wonderful they were in game 1, but woeful in game 3.

mark ashford's picture

Thinker & Baggy
Yeah the commentary was driving me nuts so I muted most of it. I understand Phil's love of NSW but surely he knows the audience is not just NSW listeners and he offends QLDers with his nonstop banter.
It was a great game and had they not lost Tedesco when they did it may have been a different outcome.
As Newbie said the Blues defended their line heroically and maybe the QLD crowd got the boys home. Paul Gallen and some insignificant NSW journalist with the "worst team" comments surely fired up the QLDers.
Thank you Paul Gallen, you are a complete goose.

mark ashford's picture

Nice to hear from you mate, have been missing your posts and sotw.
Enjoy your breaks, this Covid thing won't last forever. WA and QLD have been lucky with little or no cases hope it stays that way.
On the Jai Arrow thing, I agree it didn't look good. Unfortunately our game has recently seen players "laying down" to try and get a penalty.
Now there is no way a player like Tedesco would ever do that but Jai had a brain snap and reacted in the wrong way. He has apologised and Teddy has been cleared of any injury.
I recall a similiar incident some years ago in a SoO game when a QLD player was knocked out in a tackle and a Blues player tried to pick him up and bang him into the turf about 4 or 5 times. I won't mention any names but it happens in the heat of the game.
Keep well my friend.

Christine's picture

If you gallen considers our marokns team tk be the worst in origin hisrory & we beat them then whst does that say about the way nsw played ???

Christine's picture

That said to be the worst in origin history what does that say about the way nsw played ??? Gallens a tool

Mary S's picture

There may be one or two idiots, that wish they had never referred to the Maroons team as the "worse ever" and as Christine remarked, given the SOO result, what does that make the Blues team.

I found the following article interesting,

However, that's for 2021 to decide, and for fans to look forward to.

Cheers to all,

Guru Craig's picture

Mark, The Guru was thinking the same thing. It was Steve price who was knocked out cold from a punch, then from memory he was picked up off the ground and hit again. Jai Arrow's incident was in the heat of the moment, however it wasn't a good look. The Guru would be fine Jai had been sent off for that.

To be honest though, NSW most def have the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals when it comes to filthy grub incidents. Paul 'Needles' Gallen is one of the best and they made him captain lol. That bloke, back rower, Phillips maybe, cant recall his name, he was a forgettable nothing as a player, with the head butts on big Dave Taylor after spear tackling Boyd? The Guru's memory on that one has faded but the point is the Blues wrote the book on dirty grub tactics. If they ever pick a team of decent human beings they might start to learn what Origin is about.

Mark Geyer though takes the cake as the biggest thug in the Guru's football watching history, last week the G watched THAT game again, Game 2 1991 Wally Lewis and Geyer, worth a watch for anyone interested, all SOO and GF games can be viewed for free on NRL website, just create a free account. The Guru uses Chromecast to send it to the big screen. maybe its sentiment, but those old games, both NRL and SOO seem to be so much classier and tougher. How Geyer stayed on the field beggar's belief.

The Guru doesn't post links usually, if its against the Thinkers rules feel free to delete.

Link is to NRL website with a story on the 1991 origin series, Wally Lewis's last series, worth a read and the series was a ripper that year.

Christine's picture

Tiger i hope they haven't locked you up in your own pison where you work just because queensland won the series ,you know you have to surface at some stage you may as well get it over & done with we promise to go easy on you nsw supporters tiger if you surface soon that is ...

Christine's picture

That was been locked up ...

mark ashford's picture

The Guru
Yes NSW has had more than it's fair share of grubs over the years particularly in origin with Mark Geyer rising to the top of an unsavory bunch just in front of Paul Gallen. I read an article recently (on the NRL site) that he had been told to wreak havoc by the Blues hierarchy and no penalties would apply. His hit on Paul Hauff was sickening but nothing happened to him. Strangely he was never selected for origin again, maybe a little karma, perhaps?

NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news