The 2021 NRL tipping competition

Greetings football fans. For those of you that disappeared for the off-season...welcome back.

Tipster slots for newcomers is now closed

Just a heads up that we need to close off the competition to entrants this weekend to get everything ready and working for the season. Don't panic if you participated last season and you aren't listed as a confirmed tipster below. I've left slots open for those of you that haven't popped your heads up yet.

Not many sleeps to go now folks. Giddy up.

Confirmed Tipsters

Those of you that participated in 2020 are welcome to return. Let me know that you'll be back and I'll add your name here:

Manyana, Mark Ashford, Newbie from Perth, The Butcher, Steel Panther, Guru Craig, BigPeteBx, a, tigerholic, Mary S, Rocket Ryan, Scotty Seahawk, Rob181, KellysLoot, Bulga, The Tide Head, just 4 mee, Walby, Mike T, NuL1F3, Catdog, Taka, Footy Chick, Esra Star, pabdul, Johnny Awesome, NQ Don, Scotty H, Buzz105, Hardyards, Islander, COSSEY POSSEY, scott m, Bronco Legend, twenty20, Rick, ARELBEE169, lillychino, Gad, Michael N, Nik, Majordad, BroncoSwimmer, Dragons-fanboy, Buzz105, Baggy Gee, JKBubble, The Last Samurai, Stallion, jpsimo

Confirmed newcomers

Newcomers are generally welcome on a first in, first served basis. If you've been waiting since last season, now is the time to let me know you're keen to be involved this year.

You will need to create an account on the site if you don't already have one (which is free) and I will update your account to tipster status (which is also free). The competition is free to play and it's just a bit of fun. Once I have confirmed your details and added you as a new tipster your name will be listed here.

Confirmed newcomers are listed below - welcome aboard all:

jackorot23, Mahenza, LuckyWock, Rocket, black_silk, Princess, WannaWynn, darchy, Chook_Dan, carolineolivia, Tough Bunny


There will be prizes for our top three tipsters and a few random prizes throughout the season, but I'll provide more details on the prizes in the weeks ahead.

The top three also get their name etched on the Honour Board and the recognition you deserve.


If anyone has any questions about the competition or anything else, feel free to ask in the comments section below. The season kicks off on Thursday 11th March.

All the best

The Thinker


newbie from perth's picture

“Confirmed Tipster” status - Boom! 💥. Thanks for that Boss, UDA Man! Roll on Thursday March 11… 🐔 🐔 🐔

Mary S's picture

Count me in for 2021 season to please Boss!!
Hope you and your family have enjoyed your break.


ScottySeahawk's picture

Hey Thinker. I'd love to be included again for the 2021 season, cheers!!

Rob181's picture

Count me in for 2021 season to please Thinker!!
Should be a GREAT season - so looking forward to it.

BigPeteBx's picture

Good evening Thinker.
Big Pete Bx is confirming his already listing.

Keep an eye on Dezzie and The Boys.
Both Featheries meet in Round 1 - supposedly at SCG.

Cheers all and may it be a better 2021, for you all.
Keep well
Big Pete Bx

Christine's picture

Thinker i will do what i do every year just by posting my tips in the Comments section ...

KellysLoot's picture

Sign me up again, I'm an addict. The thirst for rugby league is

tigerholic's picture

Morning Mr Thinker and fellow Tipsters
Tiger would love to continue this year, I can sense something big coming for the Tigers and for Tiger himself.
They do say that good things come to those who wait, I and the Tigers have been waiting long enough, bring on 2021.
To all of the regulars on the site, Christine, Bigpete, Newbie, Mark, Mary, Rocket, The Butcher , Guru Craig, Steel Panther and so many more I look forward to the banter and footy talk.
Thanks again Thinker for allowing me to participate, god I hope I can do better this year.

Bulga's picture

Count me in again. Thank you

jackorot23's picture

would love to be counted in for this season

Daniel Isgro 's picture

Ready or not, here comes the boy from the south! The Tide Head has electrical tape in hand - prepared for another head clash.

just 4 mee's picture

can you count me in season2021

Mike T's picture

Please include me in your family of tipsters for this year.
Signs are looking good.
Hopefully the Broncos are back!!

Walby's picture

Please include me again, Thanks.

Buzz105's picture

Mr T,
I'd love to come back to comp and continue my run of finishing mid table :)


NuL1F3's picture

Hi to all!

As the season's start draws near I find myself feeling that I might give tipping a miss this year? I will be lurking in the background however and may add my two cents every now and then haha. (Though if my wife and son are keen to keep our 'in house' comp going I will no doubt need to rush and beg The Thinker for a spot on the ladder)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful off season and ready for the year ahead! I wonder what 2021 will bring? After last year, I can't help but feel all bets are off lol!

Can't wait for the footy to be back! COME ON COWBOYS!

manyana's picture

Hi Thinker, just in case you missed my post earlier, I'm definitely in for 2021.
Cheers, manyana.

manyana's picture

Oops, sorry Thinker, I should have read the confirmed tipsters.
Looking forward to the upcoming season.
Cheers, manyana.

Catdog's picture

Count me in. Thanks

Taka's picture

Hi Thinker,

Please include me again in this season 2021.

Thank you.

pabdul's picture

Hi Thinker
Long time no see
If you’ve got a spot I’m up for another crack.

Esra Star's picture

I would like to go around again thanks mate.

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi Mr Thinker,
I'm back, please confirm my entry.
Cheers from the original Johnny Awesome.

The Thinker's picture

Welcome back Johnny Awesome

NQ Don's picture

I’m keen for another go

Scotty H's picture

I’m looking forward to this years tipping.
Would love to have a crack.
Hope A’s got his side game in play!

Buzz105's picture

Hi Thinker,
Just wanted to check if I could be included in this years tipping comp?

Hardyards's picture

Happy new (NRL) year to all.
Yo thinker, please consider me for inclusion in this years footy tipping. Back in Aus so may do better then last season. Cowboys training for speed under new coach so excited for a top one finish this year! Cowboys are back, you heard it here first :)
Had dinner with Morgs and Valentine couple of weeks ago ( our table was full so they sat at their own table near us, but that counts, right.) and they looked hungry ( at the start...... )
Bring it on!!

Islander's picture

Count me in please thinker.

COSSEY POSSE's picture

Hi Thinker, COSSEY POSSE ready to saddle up again

Bronco Legend's picture

Hi Thinker i am in again for 2021 and wooden spoons are banned in my household this season.

a's picture

Hi welcome back I’m in for another year of tipping and another year of my 3 strike comp

manyana's picture

Hi "a" put me down for your 3 strikes competition please.
Cheers, manyana.

Mahenza's picture

Good Day Sir and Tipsters,

Have been following The Thinker for a few years and have now joined. Please add me as a tipster if any open slots still available.
Thank You

twenty20's picture

The wait is almost over! Pls add me to the list for 2021 tipping. Thanks

Rick's picture

Hi Thinker and everyone, yes please count me in cheers.

ARELBEE169's picture

Please count me in for 2021. I hope 2020 was just a practice for an improvement to be forthcoming. Let's hope we don't have any [Health related] interuptions to the season this year. Maybe the vaccine will get it under control!!! All the best to the rest of the participants. See y'all on The Leaderboard.

lillychino's picture

Count me in please for 2021.

Gad's picture

Please count me in again, for the 2021 season. Thank you

Michael N's picture

Hi Thinker, hope you are well mate!
Please count me in this year's tipping competition!
Michael N

Nik's picture

Nik is back. Please count me in. Thanks.

ARELBEE169's picture

Found out what I was looking for. Thankyou.

LuckyWock's picture

hey thinker I'd like to roll the arm over if I'm allowed cheers mate

Rocket's picture


Would love to get into the tipping here if there is still space available, or get wait listed for next season



newbie from perth's picture

Great to see so many fans (true believers) interested in the tipping this year. Bring it on! 💪

a's picture

So are you going to open the page for my comp thinker

Majordad's picture

Count me in for the 2021 season, thanks Thinker,,

Darchy's picture

Hey Thinker.
How's the weather in glorious Red Hill today? Please add me to the tipping comp this year :)

Chook_Dan's picture

Hi thinker,
If there is still space available for this year I would love to join you all!

carolineolivia's picture

In for 2021 of it is still open?!


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