Round twenty four selections

Wests Tigers vs Manly Sea Eagles – Thursday night – Campbelltown Stadium

Despite what the lads from Manly are saying, recent results would indicate that the Sea Eagles have put their pencils down this season. Their only victory in recent weeks was over the Bulldogs, in a game that was billed as a battle to assure avoidance of the wooden spoon. Manly have found themselves back in the wooden spoon zone yet again, so perhaps that is the prod they need. In their last five games they have conceded (on average) more than 32 points per game, and if you exclude the win over the Bulldogs they've been conceding more than 39 points per game. The Tigers defence has been in pretty good shape all season and remains so. With that in mind, it's difficult to imagine the Sea Eagles can score enough points to overcome the amount of points they are likely to let in. It's a numbers game.

Verdict – Tigers by 8

Result – Tigers 22 defeated Sea Eagles 20

New Zealand Warriors vs Penrith Panthers – Friday night – Mt Smart Stadium

Cameron Ciraldo receives a typically challenging introduction to first grade coaching in the NRL. Griffin was replaced on the basis that he was not getting the best out of his team, and the team's performance has slipped since he left. I'm actually tipping them here, which surprises me as much as it will surprise any of you. The Panthers absolutely trounced the Warriors in July, and there are some doubts about both the Warriors halves taking the field. The Warriors can shore up a top eight finish with a win so we'll have a contest here, but I say the Panthers can keep their top four hopes alive.

Verdict – Panthers by 1

Result – Warriors 36 defeated Panthers 16

North Queensland Cowboys vs Parramatta Eels – Friday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

15th plays 16th, but this is the game of the round. The loser (probably) earns a spoon for their troubles, and the loser (probably) is Parramatta. This is the final home game for Jonathan Thurston – no further analysis is needed. Wouldn't you love to be the kid that gets his headgear after this one?

Verdict – Cowboys by 10

Result – Cowboys 44 defeated Eels 6

Canberra Raiders vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Saturday afternoon – GIO Stadium

A tremendous win by the Raiders last weekend in a high quality game, they beat the team that beat the Bunnies the week before. That looks like good form, and it is, but I'm banking on the probable return of Greg Inglis and Alex Johnston on Saturday, and with those two back the Bunnies bring an attacking left edge that is the best in the business. Should be a ripper.

Verdict – Rabbitohs by 4

Result – Raiders 24 defeated Rabbitohs 12

Gold Coast Titans vs Melbourne Storm – Saturday night – Cbus Super Stadium

The Storm head north looking a little like a heavyweight champion on the ropes. They look ripe for the picking, but landing the killer blow is the challenge. The Eels had their chance last start, but the best they could do is one try from a kick, late in the game, and it took a little bit of magic from Gutherson to get that. Given the logjam of teams near the top of the ladder the Storm will do all they can to stay in the all-important top two. Slater vs Brimson is Old vs New. Brimson is a Brisbane boy by the way, for those of you looking to State of Origins in 2020 and beyond.

Verdict – Storm by 8

Result – Storm 10 defeated Titans 8

Sydney Roosters vs Brisbane Broncos – Saturday night – Allianz Stadium

I don't know what Wayne said to the Broncos at his barbecue (or what the Broncos said to Wayne), but it clearly made a difference. If they can do it again they can win again, but I'm not convinced they can do it again. The Broncos attack has improved in recent weeks but they face the sternest defence in the NRL on Saturday night. Note that Luke Keary is a probable return for the Chooks, and while they lost to the Raiders last weekend it was a high quality game. Plenty of interesting games in round 24, and this is definitely one of them.

Verdict – Roosters by 4

Result – Broncos 22 defeated Roosters 8

Cronulla Sharks vs Newcastle Knights – Sunday afternoon – Southern Cross Group Stadium

When these sides last met the Sharks steam-rolled the Knights in one of the more dominant wins this season. The Sharks forwards just have to repeat what they did then and the two points are theirs for the taking. It's the last game at home for the Sharks this season, and a rowdy crowd can push them home. A significant boost to their points differential wouldn't hurt either.

Verdict – Sharks by 16

Result – Sharks 38 defeated Knights 12

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Sunday afternoon – Jubilee Oval

After round 22 the Dragons dropped out of the top four for the first time this season, and after round 23 they dragged themselves back in again. It was a very good win against a team with everything to play for, and they'll be desperate to keep performing at that sort of level as we head into September. They'll need to get by without Widdop, who should be back in time for the finals. The Bulldogs have won three of their last four, but it's the Red V for me.

Verdict – Dragons by 10

Result – Bulldogs 38 defeated Dragons 0

Wally Lewis - round twenty-four selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • TIGERS vs Sea Eagles
  • WARRIORS vs Panthers
  • COWBOYS vs Eels
  • Raiders vs RABBITOHS
  • Titans vs STORM
  • ROOSTERS vs Broncos
  • SHARKS vs Knights
  • DRAGONS vs Bulldogs


Anonymous's picture

Thinker hasn't picked a perfect round yet this year.

mark ashford's picture

Hey Anonymous, has anyone?

Mary S's picture

Actually Anonymous, I have found it most interesting that none of the 'experts' have either!!

TigerGirl's picture

OMG I was so frustrated with the games played last round. Some are saying Tigers can still make the top 8, but I don’t think they can. Really hope they do but we stuffed up too many games. Will be thinking even harder this week about my tips.

mark ashford's picture

Now for an update on the mini comp.
There's been some changes in the top line up, some in some out so to ensure our punters all get a runner a couple of changes were required marked with an * Baggy G returns to his original pick of TAD.
1st on 108 points Rocket Ryan...……...Rick
2nd on 107 points Tiger Girl………..Scott M
3rd on 106 points Footy Chick...…..Mary S
Eq 4th on 105 points Brad S.....Brad Apple
Eq 4th on 105 points Steel Panther....Manyana
5th on 103 points The Voyeur......Christine *
Eq 6th on 101 points Dragons Fanboy....TigerHolic *
Eq 6th on 101 points Bronco Swimmer...Newbie *
Eq 6th on 101 points TAD...………...Baggy G
Eq 6th on 101 points the Thinker...…"a"
Eq 7th on 100 points Kellys Loot, Tigers 717, "a" & MGM..... Brad S
Yes Brad S has 4 runners but considering he's in 11th spot thought it only fair.
Good luck to everyone this week.

mark ashford's picture

I think we've all been frustrated by the results all season.
You have remained on or near the top all season. So I tips me hat to you.
Can you take back the lead from another consistent tipper, the Rocket?

christine 's picture

I was given rick when did that change I hadn't noticed till now not that i'm going to win your comp anyway I just thought I would ask ...

mark ashford's picture

Hi Christine, unfortunately Rick has slipped out of the top 11 but you being one of the original participants are guaranteed a starter so you now have The Voyeur.

Rick's picture

Hi Mark and Thinker looks like my Round 23 winning tips have not been added on same with ‘a’ ?

The Thinker's picture

Apologies Rick

I've updated those scores now.

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It seems the Eels haven’t learnt from a couple of years ago. Article in “The Australian”
The Parramatta Eels are facing explosive new allegations of once more cheating the National Rugby League’s salary cap

I hope it’s not true, but the way the Cowboys are playing lately, we won’t be able to even win the Spoon :)

This is our grand final week, Townsville is going JT crazy, and so we should.

a's picture

Honestly I think they need to check the Roosters salary cap

Mary S's picture

Hi Hardyards and other Cowboy fans,
I hear Townsville is just about booked out for accommodation for the Cowboys/Eels match this week. It will be a cracker of a match for JT's last appearance at his home ground - looking forward to a win!!

christine 's picture

What polities want polities gets he has more money than the nrl ...

Hardyards's picture

Hey Mary S,
It will be busy, besides being JT’s last home game, Matty Scott (Thumper) will become the first Cowboy forward to play 250 games for the club and its Jakey Granville’s 100th game. Massive incentive for a hometown win!

a's picture


christine 's picture

Rocket ryan also has rick so does rocket also get given a different person ???

mark ashford's picture

Hi Chris
It's actually the other way around. Rick has Rocket Ryan.
Thinker has updated some missing scores so I'll post another update soon. Looks like you'll get Rick back.
Got to agree with you and "a" are the Roosters exempt from salary cap investigation. Can't remember them being looked at in recent years.

mark ashford's picture

OK now for an update as Thinker has updated his comp.
For Christine and anyone else who's confused the first name is the leader of the Thinkers comp followed by his/her score a nd then the person from my comp and so on down the Thinkers leader board.
1st on 108 points Rocket Ryan...…………….Rick
2nd on 107 points Tiger Girl………………...Scott M
3rd on 106 points Footy Chick...…………...Mary S
Eq 4th on 105 points Brad S...…………...Brad Apple
Eq 4th on 105 points Steel Panther.......Manyana
5th on 103 points the Voyeur...………...Brad S
6th on 102 points "a"...……………………..Newbie
Eq 7th on 101 points the Thinker...……….."a"
Eq 7th on 101 points Dragons Fanboy....TigerHolic
Eq 7th on 101 points Rick...…………..Christine
Eq 7th on 101 points TAD...……….Baggy G
That's our 11 as it stands. Bronco Swimmer is also equal 7th on 101 points so if anyone in my comp in the equal 7th spot would like Bronco Swimmer let me know.

mark ashford's picture

Mary S, 'a" Hardyards and any other Cowboys fans here.
This Friday night will be a cracker of a game. If Townsville wasn't 1300 k's away I'd be there. Eels are playing probably their best all season and would love to knock off the Cows up there.
Won't happen. Cows at full strength will win easy.
With apologies to my mate Baggy.

Baggy_Gee's picture

I have fully accepted that we are going to receive the spoon, the only hope that we have is either to beat the Cowboys and beat them well, which we can do based on the last month, or to lose small and possibly roll the Chooks by enough in the last round. Neither are going to happen so its all good.

KellysLoot's picture

Hi Thinker, could you check my last weeks score please.
Thanks Kellysloot

The Thinker's picture

Hi KellysLoot

Sorry about that. We've had a few bugs this round.

I will try and go back and check everyone but if anyone thinks there score hasn't updated from round 23 give me a holler.

All the best


KellysLoot's picture

And same with Kellysloot

Mary S's picture

Hi Thinker,
I would love to have you add some more to my score and make it look a bit more respectable (ha ha) but no, all is good.

mark ashford's picture

AArrgh more updates. I'll wait until Thursday prior to kick off to give you the latest listing.

Graham's picture

Anonymous have You? :)

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Sa-wat-dee krup,

I don’t think they will but I’m hoping the Raiders and Titans both win this week. That way, my BBB can claim back top spot. Wouldn’t have been a concern had we not fallen to those Vikings last week. Not to worry, we have 2 games left to work the magic (or fall in a heap). Stop dwelling on stuff like that Newbie! Calm Blue Ocean. Calm Blue Ocean. Calm Blue Ocean.

Gee, it’s a funny ol’ game this NRL. Sorta glad I’m not in the running for tipping honours in the Boss’ tipping table. I reckon the stress of maintaining the intensity would do my head in. Nah, I’d much rather just keep getting my 50% each week. To tell the truth I’d love to get 100% each week but as I said, this NRL is a funny ol’ game. Don’t think anyone, anywhere, anytime will be able to work it out. Mind you, I reckon that’s a good thing. Keeps it interesting and keeps us all guessing. Anyways, moving right along, let’s get into it…

Tigers vs Manly 55-45 @ Campbelltown Stadium
In my humble opinion, the Tigers let one slip away last week. Just like Manly, they were less than impressive defensively which cost them. Manly had an OK first half but their sloppy second half defence cost them as well. Yeah, they scored 34 but they allowed the Titans to score 42. Not good. Both these sides aren’t giving me enough reasons to tip them so who do I settle on? The Tigers are a chance if they realise that they need to win or they’re out of finals. Manly are a chance if they want to turn last week’s poor effort around and play for pride. Tough one this. More to play for and at home has me leaning towards the Tigers (one last time).

Warriors vs Panthers 65-35 @ Mt Smart
As far as my tipping went last week, both these sides let me down. Having said that, well done to the Dogs and Knights for getting up. Fully expected the Warriors to win given their “away” form this year but it didn’t eventuate. Some say that they were unlucky but in my little Universe you make your own luck. No excuses. Can’t put a finger on where the Panthers are at. Are they missing Maloney more than we think? Regardless, they have the troops but they’re just not convincing me. And their defence last week was, by all accounts, lacking. I rate the Warriors ahead of the Knights so if the Panthers repeat last week’s effort, the Kiwis will smack ‘em silly. I have no doubt the Panthers won’t want a slip up this close to the finals and will go all out but I’m sticking with the Warriors at home.

Cowboys vs Eels 55-45 @ 1300SMILES
This is gonna be a big game for both these sides. It’s all about pride and spoons and all that. The Cows had a fair crack last week but 38 missed tackles? That’s the stuff of nightmares. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that doing that will see you get beat. And when you do that against a top side like the Sharks well, need I say more? The Eels were so frustrating to watch last week. They had their chances (a fair few actually) but couldn’t convert them into points. Poor ol’ Baggy must’ve been tearing his hair out! Now I notice that back in Round 14 the Eels got up over the Cowboys by 6. I reckon the Eels are a tad better today than they were back then. I know lots of people believe in fairytale endings (and why not eh?) and we’d all like to see JT go out a winner in his last home game (myself included) but sometimes these things don’t come true. The fact they are favourites in this match might have something to do with the “sentiment” factor with JT. But hey, I might just be deluding myself too. Regardless, and with the utmost respect to the Cows, I’ll dare to be different and tip the Eels to win this. Crazy I know but…

Raiders vs Rabbitohs 55-45 @ GIO
Yeah, a side scores 14 points to win and only run over the line once? No, not sour grapes, just sayin’ that’s all. I gotta take my hat off to the Raiders though. Well fought out win last week against my Chooks (unfortunately). But one single try from the best attacking side in the comp? Has me thinking. The Rabbitohs looked pretty ordinary last week up in Bris-Vegas. Where’s their form gone to? I think it might be MIA as they say. Then again, it’s entirely possible the “bounce-back” factor will come into play here. Not set in stone but more than likely to happen. Souths are a completely different side than the Chooks and have a different style of play and I’m thinking the Raiders won’t be able to replicate this week what they did last week. Bunnies for me.

Titans vs Storm 40-60 @ Cbus
Very nice effort from the Titans last week, very nice. Searching online it seems the Titans took a while to get going though. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the Storm’s inevitable line breaks. Josh A-C could light the place up. While the Storm were good last week, I still noticed patches where they looked pretty ordinary, especially in the second half. Just like the Chooks and Bunnies, the Storm will need to win here to have any hope of claiming the Minor Premiership. If they win (as I think they will), I just hope it’s by one in golden point. Same for Souths. Anyway, I digress. Storm should win this.

Roosters vs Broncos 75-25 @ Allianz
What happened to my BBB? Hate to say this but they looked pretty darned average for at least half the time against the Raiders last week. Too many errors and too many penalties given away. I think they panicked a little and let it get to them. We had our chances but couldn’t make the Raiders pay. Oh, by the way, I have a new “hero” down at Bondi. That young fella Victor Radley is a freakin’ star. The kid is either fearless or just plain stupid. Takes as much as he gives and love his no nonsense attitude. Should be a great match up against McGuire. I see Luke is coming back this week. That’s definitely a big plus for us. Slim chance JWH might play too. Hmmm, let’s wait and see shall we? The Broncos really turned it on last week. Don’t think they were ever in danger of losing as far as I saw it. That up’n’down thing happened again for sure. Last week they were obviously “up” so I’m hoping this week they’ll be “down”. They were 16-0 at one stage and let the Bunnies in, but only briefly. Ended up winning by 20 so no harm done. Unfortunately for them, they’re not at Suncorp and my BBB have Luke (and possibly JWH) returning so it’s an easy pick for me. Roosters to win by by at least 8. Begurk! Begurk!

Sharks vs Knights 85-15 @ Southern Cross
Last week, the Sharks won like a good side does. Just too good right across the board. Their last 12 minutes were just terrific. They seem to be running into pretty good form at just the right time and the Knights need to be on their guard. Didn’t see the Knights in action but beating the Panthers at Panthers Stadium ain’t too shabby an effort. Apparently, Kalyn Ponga was on fire. Must admit I haven’t seen all that much of him this year but he’s supposed to be a good’un. Can’t really see the Knights winning this so I’ll have to go the Sharks in this one.

Dragons vs Bulldogs 55-45 @ Jubilee
About time the Dragons won one. What’s with Ben Hunt? Form slump maybe? Tired? Disinterested? Down on confidence? Don’t know but he needs to get his act together pretty quick or there’ll be trouble. Those Doggies went and done it again. Never thought they’d be able to get up over the Warriors last week but they did. OK, 20 of their 27 points came in the first half but still. I’m giving them a real chance here. They’ve been playing some decent footy lately whereas the Dragons haven’t been. Dunno, given their recent form of both these sides, I might just go the upset here and tip the Dogs. Who let the Dogs out? Woof, woof, woof, woof!

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points!

It’s “Song of the Week” time again…

Debonair lullabies in melodies revealed
In deep despair or lonely nights
He knows just how you feel
The slyest rhymes the sharpest suits
In miracles made real…

Cheers y’all…

a's picture

Here’s my tips

West Tigers by 6 West Tigers will keep their finals hopes alive

Warriors by 2 Warriors to secure their finals spot against the Panthers here

Cowboys by 8 Cowboys to win for JTs final home game and avoid the spoon

Rabbitohs by 2 Rabbitohs to get back on winning form here

Storm by 6 Storm to get the job done against the Titans in Slaters final game in QLD

Roosters by 4 Roosters to get back on track against Broncos

Sharks by 36 Sharks to flog the Knights here

Dragons by 2 Dragons to win in a thriller here

tigerholic's picture

Hey Thinker
From where I sit on the ladder I think I'm about 10 short, any chance of a bonus?


mark ashford's picture

Tiger get in line I've been asking for ages.

christine 's picture

Roosters are a protected species , money speaks volumes ...

manyana's picture

I really haven't got a clue (as usual). So here are my tips.
Good luck to everyone. Cheers, manyana.

Brad S's picture

Tricky week to tip this week. Like last week, the majority of games seem pretty straight forward but last week there was upsets galore. Would be safe to tip the favourites but maybe it's worth throwing caution to the wind.

christine 's picture

My tips for rd 24 are :
good luck everyone ...

TigerGirl's picture

OMG I nearly forgot to put my tips in. Realised while I was driving and couldn’t do anything about it til now. Just pulled up at Campbelltown Stadium. Time for a win Tigers.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hey everyone, my tips for this week are:

Tigers by 2 - Tigers to bounce back here with a tight win over Manly.

Warriors by 6 - Warriors to get a much-needed win at home here.

Cowboys by 10 - Cowboys to get a win here for JT in his final home game as a Cowboy and in his career. Will sure be an interesting battle between the bottom 2 teams.

Rabbitohs by 12 - With their star players back, Rabbitohs to get the win here over the defiant Raiders, last week, here.

Storm by 16 - Even though the Storm have plenty injured, I still think that they can steamroll the Titans and get a classy win over the Titans here.

Roosters by 4 - Roosters to bounce back here with a win over the Broncos in what should be a cracking game of footy here.

Sharks by 8 - Sharks to get yet another win here, at home, over the Knights here.

And finally... Dragons by 14 - Dragons to continue stringing on the wins come finals time with a massive win over the Dogs here in what will be an entertaining game of footy.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NuL1F3's picture

Just getting tonights game tip before it happens with the rest to follow once I can. I'm picking Tigers for the win tonight.

Tuisova's picture

referring keeps getting worse and worse, watching the tigers game...
wondering how they got their jobs

mark ashford's picture

Hi all. On the mini comp it appears Thinker has his glitches under control. The only change is Brad S is back to Kellys Loot on 5th spot.
The rest of you seem to have pretty much who you chose originally.
That just leaves the Voyeur on 6th spot without a player. I'm going to leave it at that until the end of this round. Next week round 25 after adjustments will produce our winner.

mark ashford's picture

Tiger what is going on with your boys. Not showing any of their form from the last month or so.

mark ashford's picture

Gotta ask a question. Do any of the refs impose the 10 metre rule these days?
Tiger 2 quick trys I take back my previous post!

Tuisova's picture

tigers not a top 8 side by far

mark ashford's picture

Tiger, a nice scrape home. Manly came back but too late.
Tuisova, maybe not mate but they are hanging in there.
Just to make it interesting WHO do you support?

a's picture

Tigers need a miracle

Tuisova's picture

But I watch a lot of rugby : NRL, english super league, 7's, top 14 , super rugby and most of the european competitions.
I'm more of a fan of rugby union , especially those last years considering the regression of the NRL in terms of poor scoring and poor referring.

christine 's picture

R.I.P lance Thompson you've grown your wings ...

NuL1F3's picture

Hi all, apologies for my tardiness though after last weeks effort I am sure NO ONE is hanging out for my tips!! I'm almost upset Storm robbed me of a perfect score of 0. My picks for round 24 are:
Tigers (posted that one last night before the game)
I predict a few close games and likely more than one upset but this is the best I can do with the information that is out there :P Lets see where those chips fall ;) Good luck to all those in the comp!

@Thinker, To change my name I am guessing I have to create a new account?

Hardyards's picture

NuL1F3, you’re not a tard, we had you tested (Family guy :)
I will be at the game early tonight, lots of free giveaways. Plus they sell beer!
Go the Cowboys, I have a good feeling about tonight......


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