Calling all tipsters

Greetings football fans. For those of you that disappeared for the off-season...welcome back.

Registrations for new tipsters have now closed. Apologies to those who have missed out. Here are our tipsters for 2019 (assuming all of the tipsters from 2018 return):

TigerGirl, Rocket Ryan, Steel Panther, Brad S, Footy chick, KellysLoot, Dragons-fanboy, Rick, a, BigPeteBx, The Voyuer, The Thinker, Mark Ashford, MGM, Tigerholic, Tigers717, Esra Star, Manyana, Johnny Awesome, Mary S, bradapple, scott m, Taka, NRL Fan, Wally Lewis, Bronco Swimmer, Newbie from Perth, The Annoying Devil, Tailspin, Hardyards, Islander, Gad, Pabdul, Baggy Gee, Lillychino, Dugscott, SeaEagle47, SteveUganda, Jack.Starky, FrankQLD, Shauno77, Screaming Eagle, GaryChesterUK, Mike T, Catdog, jonkulator, NuLIF3, teraflare, Walby, ScottySeahawk, Shonky, The Butcher, Buzz105, Niftyone, Grahamgunners, DarK-HorsE and Grasshopper.

It's a good list. Plenty of familiar names and a bunch of fresh recruits.

I'll have the tipping page for round one up and running later this week. That will give everyone plenty of time to get their head around how to submit their tips and ask me any questions before it all gets up and running.


There will be prizes but I'll let you know in the weeks ahead what and how much. Some of you may have noticed that this website no longer has an arrangement with a certain online bookmaker. As such, you won't see their ads on these pages going forward ( might load them on my behalf but that's a separate story).

I've had a good hard think about this one. While I'm not averse to an occasional flutter myself, I feel there is more than enough gambling advertising in Australian sport as it stands...and I didn't want to add to the noise. None of this means that much to any of you, but it does mean the revenue I was getting from the website will be reduced. Most of that revenue goes to my little helper buddy to keep his liquor cabinet stocked, or back to you guys as prizes. So the prizes this year will be smaller than last year. They'll still be pretty good, they're still worth winning and you still get to see your name on the Honour Board if you do well. How do you put a price on recognition like that?

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. The season kicks off on Thursday 14th March. Welcome back football...I have missed you.

All the best

The Thinker



mark ashford's picture

"a" there are unfortunately many papers in the UK that survive on sensational headlines. They invent stories about the Royal Family, other celebrities and anyone who is newsworthy. They are known as "trash press" and will print anything to sell a paper.
They are now here thanks to the digital age but should be treated as what they are TRASH.
Scotty Boltan did touch a 49 year old woman inappropriately in a Bondi pub but has been cleared by the NRL to play.
I would never condone attacks on women, rape or domestic violence.
Our players need to conduct themselves in a manner expected by normal society. Being drunk is no excuse, not any more.

NuL1F3's picture

Thank you for the inclusion :) I just hope this season isn't like the head scratching one we had last year, though I guess it did keep things interesting :P

MGM's picture

Hi Thinker,
I'd love to be included again this year, thankyou!
Looking forward to another fun comp and great season.

manyana's picture

Hi Steel Panther, I'm sorry too, I was looking forward to meeting you, but trying to do what I know will set me back even further (if that's possible) just wasn't worth it.
Hopefully, if you do get back to the Sunshine Coast again next year, I'll be as fit as a fiddle.
Enjoy your stay in Sunny Queensland, & good luck with your tipping this year. I think that the first few rounds will be hard to try & tip the winner, but you never know.
Bye for now, Manyana.

BroncoSwimmer's picture

Hello, and not long before Kick off.
I would like to play again this year.

BroncoSwimmer's picture

well said mark ashford

Johnnyjohnson's picture

Iv been following for a few years now .. I would love to join if possible. Thanks

a's picture

Hey thinker is it okay if you open up my 3 strike comp ASAYC please that would be great thanks

DarK-HorsE's picture

Hi thinker I would like to joining in
Could u tell me what i do next

teraflare's picture

Please add me to the tipping competition. Many thanks!

Hardyards's picture

Gidday Thinker,
If it is not too late Sir, I would like to be included again in your tipping comp, if only to help others pick opposite to my conjured designated winners of the week and insure their victory. Watched the trial game of the mighty cowboys Vs Storm this morning and was happy with what I saw (mostly second half). Very impressed with the depths of our forward pack, and some great off season signings. Really hoping we sign Clifford up to a long term deal, I think he has great potential.
I actually like the idea of blooding potential first graders in the preseason trial matches, see how they gel with the current players. Each to their own though, if we all had the same opinions it would be a boring world. Plus, it’s awesome to see footy again for the year. Yeeehar!

FrankQLD's picture

Hello Mr Thinker and tipsters, I would like to be included in the comp again this year. Thank you and good luck all.

Catdog's picture

Hi Thinker, I have been following this site for a couple of years. Helped me win my tipping comp at work looking at your info and the comments of other tipsters I would be keen to be added to the tipping comp. Thanks

The Thinker's picture

teraflare, FrankQLD and Catdog,

You are all in the tipping comp for 2019. Welcome aboard.

Tipsters from last season who wish to continue are also in the comp again this season.

Slots for new tipsters are now closed. Apologies to any latecomers who have missed out. I will compile a list of our tipsters for season 2019 so people can easily see if they are in.

All the best

The Thinker

The Thinker's picture

To the following:





If any of you have created an account on the site can you please let me know what your account name is. I need this information to give your account tipster status.

Let me know as soon as you can. If you can't I won't have time to include you this season.

Kind regards

The Thinker

Niftyone's picture

Hi Thinker I logged in with the name Niftyone and it showed me this:
Member for
5 days 7 hours
Is there something else I should be doing?
Cheers - Nev

The Thinker's picture

My apologies Nev/Niftyone,

You are definitely in the tipping comp for 2019. There is nothing else you need to do for now.

Welcome aboard

DarK-HorsE's picture

Hey thinker thanks for reply I just created an account and my name is DarK-HorsE

DarK-HorsE's picture

I mean my account name is DarK-HorsE

The Thinker's picture

Thank you Dark-HorsE

You are in the tipping comp this season. Welcome aboard

The Thinker

DarK-HorsE's picture

Cheers 🍻 mate
So what i do next?
How do I submit tips?
Do I post my tips here ?

The Thinker's picture


Each week there will be a page for each round, and you can submit your tips there. The page for round one will be built later this week. You'll get the hang of it once we are up and running.

All the best

The Thinker

a's picture

Hi I am opening my 3 strike comp again for this season hopefully a page is up soon that will show you what to do

manyana's picture

Hi "a", glad that you're having the 3 strike comp again this season. I enjoyed participating, although I got knocked out fairly early in the comp.
Hoping to do better this time.
Cheers, Manyana.

a's picture

Yeah hopefully we all do better it was over pretty quick last season

Michael N's picture

Hi thinker,
Why ain't I added in this year's tipping list?

The Thinker's picture

Hi Michael N

Because I didn't know who you were...but I do you're in.

Welcome aboard.

All the best

The Thinker

mark ashford's picture

Hi Thinker & TLH
Looks like a healthy crew this year, will make the comp a whole lot more interesting. Don't forget my pledge to the prize pool or TLH,s grog cabinet.
Having lunch tomorrow with Steel Panther on the Sunshine Coast.
He's left his beautiful NZ to sample the delights of S.E. QLD.
I've promised it's my shout....hope he doesn't eat too much!

mark ashford's picture

Thinker, sorry for the second post but I'll need your banking details again. I always delete after our transaction is done.

The Butcher's picture

Hey does anyone know a hotel called one & only Wolgan Valley near Lithgow in NSW
I’m working there from tomorrow as a Hotel Consultant for 2 months and it’s in the middle of nowhere
Just wondering?

Esra Star's picture

Hi Mr Thinker,am i in?. I requested entry again about 2 weeks ago,but as yet no conformation. Cheers.

Esra Star's picture

Ahh,delete all reference,,,just saw the in list and my name is there,,thanks mate.

Michael N's picture

Thanks thinker,
I appreciate it.

DarK-HorsE's picture

Thanks The Thinker
Thanks for having me on board cheers 🍻

BigPeteBx's picture

Good evening Butcher or is it Abdul The Butcher from wrestling days.
Not sure who you support in NRL, or if u r even a New South Welshman, but you'll certainly enjoy some wrestling here on this site.

So u r in hospitality industry are you.
Do you work for Emirates or just a bit of contract work now and then.
U r certainly coming to old dinosaur country, nestled within the Garden of Stone and Wollembi National Park. I am told it is very scenic country with over 7000 hectares of landscape.

You can be chaffeur driven or a take a helicopter from Sydney.
I haven't been there, but it isn't far from my neck of the woods, not that I'd want to walk there.

Cheers, keep well and enjoy it and welcome to Thinker site, where we talk more than just NRL.

Big Pete Bx

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Mark A,
Please say hello to Steely for me and feed him just enough, to weigh him down this season. Even OMA wouldn't have blown him away
I'm sure you'll show him a good time. Sounds like the NRL followers are coming out of the woods up there at Bribie.
He'd be pretty impressed with Liverpool in UK EPL this season.
Me thinx we do battle this weekend.

Anyway mate - keep well and take care
Big Pete Bx

BigPeteBx's picture

Welcome G G - with a name like that you must be an Arsenal supporter.
George Graham was one of their past managers.
If u r, there are a few brothers here that you'll get to know.

Don't know who you follow in NRL, as many come here disguised with just a whistle as their icon/picture/avatar.

Anyway welcome and good luck. Talk again down the track.
Cheers and keep well
Big Pete Bx

FrankQLD's picture

Thank you for the inclusion. One of the highlights this year will be how the Broncos go in relation to Souths. A indication of the coaches ability or a top level team against a young group of upcomers? Could be a good year for the Qld teams. Titans look good, Cowboys have some good inclusions but of course life without JT, Broncos plenty of young talent but they will get tested. Particularly happy to see Jordan Kahu get the fullback spot with the Cows he will not let them down. Broncos stood by him through his knee reconstructions and he paid them back in spades.

christine 's picture

Excuse me big pete I often get a whistle ...

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

Yeah, Thinker is correct. What I’m after is one of those little fold-out cards that are usually inserted into the Courier-Mail newspaper. Have last year’s fixtures here at home and couldn’t for the life of me remember where I got it from until Mr Google came to the rescue. Turns out I downloaded the Courier-Mail’s 2018 “office tipping chart” PDF.

Downloaded the PDF, saved it as a photo and cropped off the large top bit, leaving me with just the games which I printed off and folded into 4 equal sections. Perfect “pocket size” which I keep on the computer desk next to my laptop. I think I’m about a week early though so I’ll just have to keep checking. Thanks to Mr Ashford and Mary for thinking of me. Appreciate it. Cheers y’all…

Taka's picture

Thanks Thinker. Looking forward for the 2019 season. I hope my Doggies can improve from last year.

The Butcher's picture

Hey Big Pete and others
I’ve been working overseas for a few years now where I started on front desk and gradually moved up to front office manager then became a bit of a mister fix it as a duty manager and always been a bit of a perfectionist (not with tipping) so they would send me to other hotels to put systems in place and make them profitable again
Now being homesick I’m back and doing the same by word and mouth.
I’ll leave it there as you’ll start feeling your in one of Mark Lewins sleeper holds if I go on
I love the Roosters NSW and my wife
In that particular order
Talk soon

newbie from perth's picture

@ The Butcher

Great to see another Roosters’ fan on here. I still have tingles from last year’s GF win! That’s the only thing we’re similar on though. I’m a Qld fan when it comes to SOO and have no wifey.

Thinks to himself: “should I be happy or sad?” Hmmm…

Does your wife know where she is in the pecking order? If she does then you’re a brave man (ha-ha). Welcome aboard bro’ and I’m sure you’ll have fun. Cheers…

manyana's picture

Hi all, thanks Mr. Thinker for including me again this year. I'm hoping to improve on last years (fairly low) finishing place.
It should be an interesting year.
Good to see some new names tipping this year. Good luck to all the new tipsters & I hope that you enjoy this site as I, do.
Cheers, Manyana.

mark ashford's picture

I'm sure if I saw you walking down the street I'd give you a whistle.

The lunch with Steel was most enjoyable, good food and good conversation. Just reinforced my opinion he is one of the good guys.

To all regulars and particularly the new people, lets have some fun this year. As Big Pete has said we are not limited to NRL comments.
Good luck to all with your tips.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hello everyone,

It's great to be back for yet another season of tipping on this great site. I am really looking forward to this season and hoping for the Dragons to have an even better year than last year.

So before I start my tips, I would like to make a prediction of the ladder for this year, state of origin predictions men and women, Grand Final prediction, Dally M medal and coach of the year, top point scorer, top try scorer, premiers and Clive Churchill.

So my prediction for the ladder this season is:

1. Roosters
2. Rabbitohs
3. Storm
4. Dragons
5. Broncos
6. Knights
7. Cowboys
8. Sharks
9. Warriors
10. Tigers
11. Panthers
12. Sea Eagles
13. Bulldogs
14. Eels
15. Raiders
16. Titans

Now my state of origin predictions are:

Men's - NSW winning the series 2-1
Women's - NSW winning the series 2-1 if it's a three game series. If not, NSW win the one-off origin game yet again.

My Grand Final prediction is:

Roosters vs Broncos

My prediction for Dally M medallist prediction is Luke Keary

My prediction for Dally M captain of the year is Boyd Cordner

My prediction for Dally M coach of the year is Anthony Seibold

My prediction for top point scorer this season is Adam Reynolds

My prediction for top try scorer this season is Jamayne Issako

My prediction for premiers is the Roosters to go back to back

And finally my Clive Churchill medallist prediction is Luke Keary.

All the best for this season everybody, those who have been here since last season or earlier and those new tipsters added for the comp this season.


Dragons-fanboy's picture

Sorry I forgot to write along with Dally M medallist and coach of the year that I was going to give my prediction on the Dally M captain of the year.


a's picture

Here’s my ladder

1 Roosters
2 Rabbitohs
3 Knights
4 Storm
5 Cowboys
6 Broncos
7 Titans
8 Eels
9 Panthers
10 Sharks
11 West Tigers
12 Raiders
13 Dragons
14 Warriors
15 Sea Eagles
16 Bulldogs

Yes I went for some wild predictions but the reason I hAd Eels in the 8 because They will be way better without Hanye

Grand final winner Rabbitohs

State of origin call. Me a bad supporter but I think NSW will win 3-9

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Interesting predictions 'a'. Will be very interesting to see what happens this season hope our boys beat ur boys on Saturday night will be a great game, good luck!!


Dragons-fanboy's picture

Or should I say next Saturday night.



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