Calling all tipsters

Greetings football fans. For those of you that disappeared for the off-season...welcome back.

Registrations for new tipsters have now closed. Apologies to those who have missed out. Here are our tipsters for 2019 (assuming all of the tipsters from 2018 return):

TigerGirl, Rocket Ryan, Steel Panther, Brad S, Footy chick, KellysLoot, Dragons-fanboy, Rick, a, BigPeteBx, The Voyuer, The Thinker, Mark Ashford, MGM, Tigerholic, Tigers717, Esra Star, Manyana, Johnny Awesome, Mary S, bradapple, scott m, Taka, NRL Fan, Wally Lewis, Bronco Swimmer, Newbie from Perth, The Annoying Devil, Tailspin, Hardyards, Islander, Gad, Pabdul, Baggy Gee, Lillychino, Dugscott, SeaEagle47, SteveUganda, Jack.Starky, FrankQLD, Shauno77, Screaming Eagle, GaryChesterUK, Mike T, Catdog, jonkulator, NuLIF3, teraflare, Walby, ScottySeahawk, Shonky, The Butcher, Buzz105, Niftyone, Grahamgunners, DarK-HorsE and Grasshopper.

It's a good list. Plenty of familiar names and a bunch of fresh recruits.

I'll have the tipping page for round one up and running later this week. That will give everyone plenty of time to get their head around how to submit their tips and ask me any questions before it all gets up and running.


There will be prizes but I'll let you know in the weeks ahead what and how much. Some of you may have noticed that this website no longer has an arrangement with a certain online bookmaker. As such, you won't see their ads on these pages going forward ( might load them on my behalf but that's a separate story).

I've had a good hard think about this one. While I'm not averse to an occasional flutter myself, I feel there is more than enough gambling advertising in Australian sport as it stands...and I didn't want to add to the noise. None of this means that much to any of you, but it does mean the revenue I was getting from the website will be reduced. Most of that revenue goes to my little helper buddy to keep his liquor cabinet stocked, or back to you guys as prizes. So the prizes this year will be smaller than last year. They'll still be pretty good, they're still worth winning and you still get to see your name on the Honour Board if you do well. How do you put a price on recognition like that?

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. The season kicks off on Thursday 14th March. Welcome back football...I have missed you.

All the best

The Thinker



Soldimadummy's picture

Hi Thinker. I have been reading your tips for over 3 years and love the comedic elements of your decision making process. So, I thought I should have a go in your comp. Unfortunately I see you have now closed this years to more entrants. But I thought I would ask if you can add me in as a late entrant. Would love to see how I go against everyone and be part of the fun. I understand if you cannot, but I'd look forward to not only reading your selections but also seeing how I go against them. Cheers

The Thinker's picture


Sadly I can't add you in as a late entrant this season, but thanks for the kind words and for being here.

I can certainly include you in 2020...which seems an age away, but if we are both still around you are in.

Feel free to add comments and/or tips in the comments section if you wish.

All the best

The Thinker

Soldimadummy's picture

Thnx. Love the website, so I'll definitely keep reading. Cheers


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