The NRL Tipping Competition Honour Board

Those that drink the water should take the time to thank those that dug the well.

Here are our winning tipsters over the years. Absolute legends each and every one of them:

Season Tipster Tally
2018 1st – TigerGirl 125
  2nd – Rocket Ryan 123
  3rd – Footy Chick, Brad S, Steel Panther 122
2017 1st – Scott M 139
  2nd – BigPeteBx 137
  3rd – The Thinker 136
2016 1st – Footy Chick 142
  2nd – Rick 141
  3rd – Nik 140
2015 1st – Tigerholic 130
  2nd – Mark Ashford 125
  3rd – Wally Lewis, Nik, Footy Chick 122
2014 1st – Wally Lewis 126
  2nd – a 124
  3rd – Mark Ashford, Newbie from Perth 121


a's picture

Wow interesting stats just goes to show you how hard the comp is

Rick's picture

This is excellent to see Thinker thank you.

mark ashford's picture

To all on the Thinkers honour board ( I'm humbled to get a mention) I congratulate you and wish success for 2019.
Thinker without being a pain in the you know where did the Guru win one back when we all started?

tigerholic's picture


You were Oh so close last year, I can see you having an ordinary year this year old mate, I'm due to rise again.


FrankQLD's picture

Tiger fans have a high representation on the honour board.

newbie from perth's picture

Wow! Newbie got a mention too. I reckon it was because it was my first year here and I knew nothing and “jagged” a third place, albeit in the company of the incomparable Mr Ashford! An honour to share that tiny podium with MA. I’m chuffed at 2014 but a bit peeved I’ve done nothing since (ha-ha). Maybe a case of the more I know the less I know. Hmmm…

Esra Star's picture

Interesting that there has been no real breakaways(maybe Tiger in 2015). Makes for a good comp.

Marsha's picture

Newbie ,wanna join in the tipping comp.

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