Calling all tipsters

Greetings football fans. For those of you that disappeared for the off-season...welcome back.

Registrations for new tipsters have now closed. Apologies to those who have missed out. Here are our tipsters for 2019 (assuming all of the tipsters from 2018 return):

TigerGirl, Rocket Ryan, Steel Panther, Brad S, Footy chick, KellysLoot, Dragons-fanboy, Rick, a, BigPeteBx, The Voyuer, The Thinker, Mark Ashford, MGM, Tigerholic, Tigers717, Esra Star, Manyana, Johnny Awesome, Mary S, bradapple, scott m, Taka, NRL Fan, Wally Lewis, Bronco Swimmer, Newbie from Perth, The Annoying Devil, Tailspin, Hardyards, Islander, Gad, Pabdul, Baggy Gee, Lillychino, Dugscott, SeaEagle47, SteveUganda, Jack.Starky, FrankQLD, Shauno77, Screaming Eagle, GaryChesterUK, Mike T, Catdog, jonkulator, NuLIF3, teraflare, Walby, ScottySeahawk, Shonky, The Butcher, Buzz105, Niftyone, Grahamgunners, DarK-HorsE and Grasshopper.

It's a good list. Plenty of familiar names and a bunch of fresh recruits.

I'll have the tipping page for round one up and running later this week. That will give everyone plenty of time to get their head around how to submit their tips and ask me any questions before it all gets up and running.


There will be prizes but I'll let you know in the weeks ahead what and how much. Some of you may have noticed that this website no longer has an arrangement with a certain online bookmaker. As such, you won't see their ads on these pages going forward ( might load them on my behalf but that's a separate story).

I've had a good hard think about this one. While I'm not averse to an occasional flutter myself, I feel there is more than enough gambling advertising in Australian sport as it stands...and I didn't want to add to the noise. None of this means that much to any of you, but it does mean the revenue I was getting from the website will be reduced. Most of that revenue goes to my little helper buddy to keep his liquor cabinet stocked, or back to you guys as prizes. So the prizes this year will be smaller than last year. They'll still be pretty good, they're still worth winning and you still get to see your name on the Honour Board if you do well. How do you put a price on recognition like that?

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. The season kicks off on Thursday 14th March. Welcome back football...I have missed you.

All the best

The Thinker



a's picture

I know I don't need to register but I will be back again this year

a's picture

And by the way I will open my comp again soon

Mary S's picture

I would like to be included in the tipping again Mr Thinker!

DarK-HorsE's picture

I would like to join so what I have to do The Thinker

mark ashford's picture

Mr Thinker & TLH
I would like very much to be included this year.
In view of your comments above and loss of a sponsor (for which I congratulate you) I would like, instead of offering a separate comp with a money prize, offer $100 cash to you & TLH.
You can use it to bribe TLH with a bottle or two of scotch or ad it to your prize money. Either way I'm happy. If it's the latter then I may just be lucky enough to win a bit back.
Thank you both for this site!

mark ashford's picture

Hi my friend, haven't heard a lot from you in the off season so hope you are well.
Walking into my local shopping centre this morning I happened to glance at the independent butcher outside Woolies and saw the words "slice & dice" on the window. I went straight in and purchased 4 crumbed lamb cutlets which I have just finished eating. They were sensational, probably the best I've had.
Would you like me to pass on "a hello" on your behalf?

Esra Star's picture

Hey there Think. No sponsor,no problem with me,mate. Just the fun of being in the comp here is enough for me.
All the best,mate.

Baggy_Gee's picture

I'm looking forward to another season getting it wrong. I'll be here come kick off.

Rick's picture

Hello there everyone and welcome back for a new season. Thank you for having us again this year Thinker and I would like to be included please cheers.

Mike T's picture

G'day, I have watched and viewed all the goings on for the past couple of years, and enjoyed it.
I would like to be invited into the comp for this year.
Mike T

manyana's picture

Hi Thinker, I would love to be include in your tipping competition again this year.
I've enjoyed most of the comments made by the other tippers & I have made some new friends. I love to read your thoughts. I don't say that I agree with all of them, but I love your (often) tongue in cheek comments.
Cheers for now, manyana.

manyana's picture

Hi Thinker, I forgot to say that bragging rights are more important than prizes.
Cheers, manyana.

manyana's picture

Hi Big Pete, like Mark I also walked past the "slice & dice butcher.
Went in, asked for the boss, both male & female, they didn't recognise your BigPeteBX, but did mention a guy by the name of "Simmo", would that be you. BTW, I only bought some eggs, as I was helping a 93 year old friend with her shopping & didn't like to keep her waiting too long.
Cheers, manyana.

Niftyone's picture

I have seen the Thinker site and would be interested in participating in your tipping comp.
Cheers Niftyone.

Esra Star's picture

Please count me in if you can,thanks mate.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Mark A and thanks for asking.
I've been around in patches mate, but when I post, I usually make it longer to address and return to others in one "blog".
If you see Greg and Wendy - tell them Pete from Bathurst sends his regards. As in many sports, I also played basketball. Greg at Slice & Dice, also played and if you know of Boston Celtics & Larry Bird, Greg has a similarity, with the fair hair. He also likes fishing. Wendy I call Siss, as we go back a long way, she is a computer wizz and did a lot of contract work both here in Oz and abroad.
Much appreciate you saying your Bathurst Bro - Pete said to say hello.
Cheers mate and keep well - BigPete in Bx Country.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Manyana - great to also hear from you. No Simmo with me, but as I said in Marks reply, you can if you would follow the same process.
Much appreciate that. They wouldn't know Big Pete Bx, as they wouldn't comprehend Bx being the short for Bathurst.
Looks like another good NRL season coming to us. I see my Manly boys climbing some rungs. Look out and don't underestimate them.

We host the Panthers v Storm game here this year.
Also in January 2020, we have Elton John doing a sold-out concert here at Carrington Park Bathurst. Yes, the real Elton John - Rocket Man in his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour.

Cheers and keep well my good friend.
Big Pete in Bx Country.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Thinker & TLH - please include me in the Thinker site 2019 NRL Tipping Comp.
Hope u r both well & keep well.
Cheers and a beer.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hey Baggy G - good to see you again.
You weren't getting it wrong.
Your team, like mine were.

Cheers and c u and talk again, when the ball and dice start rolling again.
Big Pete in Bx Country.

Mike T's picture

No comment.

Mike T's picture

I am just trying to work my around in this site, sorry.

a's picture

Welcome aboard Mike T hopefully you get on the tipping ladder this year

Islander's picture

Count me in as well please.

manyana's picture

Hi Big Pete. I'll certainly follow up on my last visit to "Slice & Dice" now that I know a bit more about you.
Wendy was very nice when I asked he last time.
I think there will be a few teams that are underestimated by the opposition.
Good luck with your Manly boys.
Are you going to the Elton John concert? If you are, I hope that you enjoy it.
Bye for now, Manyana.

manyana's picture

That should have read her.

manyana's picture

Hi Mike T, hope to see you in the comp. this year.

manyana's picture

Hi NiftyOne, hope you make the short list for the Thinker site.
Cheers, Manyana.

jonkulator's picture

Please count me in

ScottySeahawk's picture

Really keen to participate in this years tipping competition if space is available!! Cheers, Scott

jonkulator's picture

So how and when do we know if we are in the tipping competition ?

Brad S's picture

Hi Mr Thinker,
I’d like to be back on board this year.
Bring on the footy season!

a's picture

I glad Kahu is with the Cowboys now he's a better fit than Barba

Brad S's picture

Kahu is a great pick up for the Cowboys. He has plenty of versatility and I really hope he can stay injury free. As a Broncos supporter, I’m sad we’ve lost him but happy to see him get a crack at fullback with you guys. Not sure if you use social media, but he posts great videos on his Facebook and Instagram pages which give a good insight to all of the preparation that goes into games. Seems like a very good bloke too.

BigPeteBx's picture

Good evening Manyana.
Sell-out Concert for Sir Elton here in Jan -2019. We live 2 walking blocks from the ground/venue, so no doubt may hear it from our front veranda. In May we are heading to Sydney to see Human Nature and in August, going to see Fleetwood Mac.
We recently saw Phil Collins in Sydney out at Qudo's Arena. Also played some of his Genesis days stuff. He performed his concert from a chair as he's had back surgery and not travelling the best. His son (17 yo) played drums and is being a very accomplished muso.

Cheers and keep well - Big Pete

Shonky's picture

Howdy all
Thinker long time reader 1st time joiner/poster
Would love to join tipping comp if letting newbies join and have room
Hoping Sharks have a huuuuuuge year

Later all

Walby's picture

If there is room at the Inn..., I will tip.

Complete Newbie, have been following the site for a couple of years and thought it was time to join.

Bring on the 14th of March.

manyana's picture

Hi BigPeteBx, you are a busy boy! Glad you enjoyed the various concerts that you attended. The Elton John concert should be a beaut, and, with luck, you'll get to hear the whole thing for nothing. You can sit on your veranda with a coldie in your hand & think of the money you saved by living so close to the venue. I've just seen "The Jersey Boys" and really loved the show. I'm still suffering from the travel, but it was worth it. look after yourself. Cheers, Manyana.

Mary S's picture

Hi grahamgunnersq,
I noticed your comment today - "Submitted by grahamgunnersq on Tue 22/1/19 - 9:31am AEST
Hey Thinker,
How can I join the League for this years season?

but it is in the section of 2018 tipping prizes.

I have no doubt The Thinker has noticed it too, but I'm replying through the new "Calling all Tipsters' section to let you know, and hopefully help you get a place this season!


mark ashford's picture

To all newcomers.
Thinker is aware of a small problem on this site and is fixing it.
We have about 22 days before kickoff so all who are included will be notified well prior to that.

christine 's picture

Just saw in tweets hanye pass has been fined & suspended for the first two weeks of the season by broncos for not co operating with the nrl integrity board over a family matter ...

Tailspin's picture

Ye Ha, count me in again Thinker. Been looking forward to this.

BigPeteBx's picture

Mark A, Manyana & Thinker - along with any others on Thinker site, we don't as yet know whereabouts of.
Will be thinking of you today with OMA bearing down on SE Qld.
Do hope, it doesn't get like our good friends in Nth Qld (Townsville/Bowen) copped of late.

Hang in there Cobbers - keep well and keep safe.
BigPete in Bx Country.

bradapple's picture

I will be participating again! It may not be the warriors year this year fellas but its bradapples for sure. Cheers Thinker.

The Butcher's picture

Hi Thinker
If you want a whinging controversial nrl fanatic
I would be happy to join your competition

Baggy_Gee's picture

The S.E is screaming for some rain Pete. I'll take what ever is offered. We shall see what next weeks trial will bring, but I fail to see why the BOYS are basically playing the Black Cats two weeks running. A bit counter intuitive.

Mary S's picture

Hi Big Pete.
That pesky low that embedded in the monsoonal trough & caused all the flooding in Nth Qld, is also embedded in TC Oma. It seems to be a persistent SOB and I wouldn't wish a similar result on my worse enemy!!!

Like a lot of cyclones, it is yet to make up its mind as it weaves all over the place. My hopes that everyone stays safe and the weather doesn't impact on any of the trial matches!

Cheers to all

Grasshopper's picture

Hey Thinker i'd love to be in your tipping comp if you have room.

Buzz105's picture

Dear Mr Thinker,
If there's still room in the tipping comp, I'd love to join. Someone has to get the wooden spoon I suppose


Rocket Ryan's picture

How you travelling buzz 105 don't worry you have to be pretty ordinary to take the spoon off baggy

Mary S's picture

You having an early start Rocket, in stirring up Baggy!!



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