Round one selections

Melbourne Storm vs Brisbane Broncos – Thursday night – AAMI Park

If you listen to the pundits (of which I am probably one), you would think Storm coach Craig Bellamy is facing the greatest challenge of his coaching career. He's one year on from losing Cooper Cronk (who proved a handy inclusion at the Roosters), and in season 2019 he has to scramble together a side without another one of his little big men in Billy Slater. There aren't a lot of jigsaw puzzle pieces shaped like Billy Slater, but Jahrome Hughes has been handed the task of replacing the man who, in my dodgy opinion, is the greatest fullback to ever play the game. I'm not sure how you replace the irreplacable, but Bellamy still has the best pack of forwards in the competition. The GOAT may be an ageing hooker (which sounds like an NRL off-season incident in waiting), but he still knows how to control a game, and he has a pack of men around him that can help shape the board/football field as he wishes. To borrow from Mark Twain – rumours of their death are greatly exaggerated. As for the Broncos, their spanky new zillion dollar academy is literally (not Mark Twain literally) my next door neighbour. Because of this, I've been able to see plenty of the Broncos in pre-season. They look slick, and they trained on Sunday and looked even slicker. Perhaps it's the music Anthony Siebold has crackling through the speakers. Wayne Bennett wanted to stay because he thought this side were the most promising bunch of lads he has ever trained. I keep thinking back to that Rabbitohs backline in 2018, and how darn fabulous they were with the ball in hand when they were on song. And I'm asking myself if Siebold can make that Rabbitohs backline look so good, what can he do with Nikorima, Milford, Isaako, Roberts, Bird, Oates and Boyd? They're my top pick to win the whole box and dice this I better tip them here (even though the Storm almost never lose the first game of the year). I imagine a few Sydney-centric types will be annoyed that the first game of the season involves two out of towners playing out of town...but what a first game of the season.

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Storm 22 defeated Broncos 12

Newcastle Knights vs Cronulla Sharks – Friday night – McDonald Jones Stadium

The NRL is unpredictable enough during the season, so it's hard to take trial form seriously (unless the trial involves Jack de Belin....boom tish!). That said, the Sharks were comfortable victors over the Knights two weeks ago, and in the absence of any other form to work with I'm working with that. How the playmakers in both sides go is where much of the interest in this clash lies. Ponga moves into the halves with Pearce, and those that watched the All-Stars game had a window view into the future (to think the Cowboys let him go....sigh). Almost as interesting is the inclusion of Shaun Johnson at the Sharks. His combination with Townsend and Moylan looks a little bit special. Johnson gets a chance to weave his magic behind a decent pack of forwards at the Sharks, and I don't think he had that luxury at the Warriors.

Verdict – Sharks by 4

Result – Knights 14 defeated Sharks 8

Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Friday night – Sydney Cricket Ground

There is so much to talk about here. I honestly don't know where to start, and once I start I'm not sure if I'll ever finish. I'll try to keep it brief. The only foundation clubs in the NRL at a traditional venue. Our longest serving coach (and Australia's oldest living person) takes up the clipboard at the Bunnies. The Roosters trying to do what no club has done since 1993. Angus Crichton lines up for his new club against his old club. He joins another former Bunny Luke Keary, who won a Clive Churchill (Rabbit) medal with the Chooks last year. Baby George Burgess plays his first game since starring in an off-off-off Broadway play as Prince Charming (honestly not made up). Inglis (possibly) returns...and he's either 15 kilos overweight or in the best shape ever (depends who you ask). If he does return, he squares off against Latrell Mitchell. I could go on...and I will, because unfortunately the talking point out of this game might end up being the state of the playing surface. If the field falls to pieces, and takes out a Tedesco, Mitchell or Inglis for the season in the process, it's the only thing we'll be talking about this weekend. That's I hope I'm wrong. I hope this is a game for the ages, and clashes between these two teams often are. I'll take the Chooks, who have kept things on the down-low since returning from the trip to England. The doubts around Inglis sway me somewhat too.

Verdict – Roosters by 7

Result – Rabbitohs 26 defeated Roosters 16

New Zealand Warriors vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Saturday afternoon – Mt Smart Stadium

The Warriors often start a season slowly, hit their groove in the middle of the year, and then fade away as the competition gets serious. Last season was better, but the pattern was much the same. This year their first game of the year is at Mt Smart Stadium, and this could prove the difference this time around. Their trial form has been promising, and while they haven't quite worked out how they are going to replace Shaun Johnson, they at least have two options to choose from. It looks like Adam Keighran gets the first opportunity, but we'll see Chanel (not the perfume) Harris-Tevita sooner or later. I'm sure the Warriors fans won't be shy about reminding Dylan Napa of his recent (not recent to be fair) indiscretions. How he responds will create plenty of interest. The Warriors at home for me – even without Johnson their backline looks too strong here. Imagine being the Mum and Dad who decided to name their son Chanel. Bold. Very Bold.

Verdict – Warriors by 8

Result – Warriors 40 defeated Bulldogs 6

Wests Tigers vs Manly Sea Eagles – Saturday afternoon – Leichhardt Oval

Two teams with new coaches, and with all the huff n puff that's being going on off the field I had all but forgotten that Des Hasler was back in charge at the Sea Eagles. Welcome back Des you old master. Why would you name your child Chanel when you could name them Des? Pah! The Tigers were the surprise packet early last year, and with the Sea Eagles missing one Trbojevic I'm with the big cats at home.

Verdict – Tigers by 4

Result – Tigers 20 defeated Sea Eagles 6

North Queensland Cowboys vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Saturday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

It's the big question everyone is asking – how will the Cowboys go without Ben Barba? :-) 

Jordan Kahu is a late inclusion in the Cowboys squad this year, and that answers my question about the goal-kicking duties. He's under-rated and gets a chance in a key position. If the Cowboys pack isn't the best in the NRL it's certainly on the podium, and they could be the forgotten contender in season 2019. It's still pretty warm (a little bit too warm if you ask me) in the Sunshine State and the Dragons might find the weather, and this opponent, a tough ask.

Verdict – Cowboys by 8

Result – Cowboys 24 defeated Dragons 12

Penrith Panthers vs Parramatta Eels – Sunday afternoon – Panthers Stadium

Usually it's the Parramatta Eels with a bucketful of off-field issues to manage, but they find themselves in rare air here – a squeaky clean off-season.

Peni Terepo: "Hold my beer"

Despite all the off-field madness the western derby should have the bleachers bulging on Sunday afternoon. Team Cleary are united in matching jerseys and I think the home side will put on a bit of a show this weekend. Hopefully it's enough to lift Gus Gould out of his funk. And here's a bit of advice from a hopeless old footballer to all the brilliant young footballers out there – put down your phones and pick up your standards. Seriously.

Verdict – Panthers by 14

Result – Eels 20 defeated Panthers 12

Gold Coast Titans vs Canberra Raiders – Sunday night – Cbus Super Stadium

I've been at this caper for quite a few years now, and I'm about to say something I doubt I've ever said before – the Titans are deadset, lock-it-in, rolled-gold certainties on Sunday night. This game is a toin coss according to the bookies but I must have my titan-tainted glasses on or something. The Gold Coast pack looks the goods and the backs are good enough to keep AJ Brimson on the bench. The Raiders have named Jack Wighton in the halves, and I expect the Titans to throw a lot of very big humans at him to test him in defence. Shannon Boyd plays his first game for the Gold Coast and gets to show his old team he didn't move north because of the weather. Specials.

Verdict – Titans by 8

Result – Raiders 21 defeated Titans 0

Wally Lewis - round one selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • STORM vs Broncos
  • KNIGHTS vs Sharks
  • ROOSTERS vs Rabbitohs
  • WARRIORS vs Bulldogs
  • TIGERS vs Sea Eagles
  • COWBOYS vs Dragons
  • PANTHERS vs Eels
  • TITANS vs Raiders

2019 NRL Telstra Premiership Season Launch Campaign


The Thinker's picture

Greetings tipsters

As you can see I have published the round one tipping page. My previews and tips are still a while away but I'm putting this here to give people a chance to familiarise themselves with the tipping process.

* Click the link that says 'Show/Hide the tipping entry form'.

* Pick your winners

* Click 'submit'

You need to be signed in to see the tipping form and only tipsters can see it.

You can also change any of your selections up until the kick off in the first game of each round. Once that game has started, no more changes can be made.

Of course if you have any questions just ask...and if you are really stuck just put your tips in the comments until we sort it out.

All the best

Football yay


a's picture

Hi just to let you know that I will also be opening my 3 strike comp again for anyone who wants to join

Hopefully Thinker makes a page so that everyone can see how to play

tigerholic's picture

Good Luck to all this year, the aim of the game is to enjoy and of course be ahead of Rocket Ryan at seasons end.


DarK-HorsE's picture

The Thinker I can’t see any show/hide

Mary S's picture

Hi Tigerholic,
Love your comment - we'll see what we can do!!
Cheers, Mary

christine 's picture

No tiger i'm tipping rocket to win the thinker's comp , you behave yourself tiger ...

tigerholic's picture

Cheers Christine, before picking your winner for this year, have a look at the Honour Board to see who has proven their mettle and determination to beat the field to claim the title.
Hi Mary, hope you are well, there are quite a few new challengers this year that will provide some stiff competition.


christine 's picture

I know that tiger but you got lose one to win one & i'm going to be on his heals making sure he does this time ...

christine 's picture

I'm surprised no one has made my chocolate as yet to eat while they are watching the games , shame on you for that ...

newbie from perth's picture

@ DarK-HorsE

Easy-peasy my friend…

1. Sign In and stay on the page that loads.
2. Click on "Home" button top left-hand corner of said page.
3. Click on “Round one selections” link.
4. Scroll down to where it shows “guest tips for this round”.
5. Just under there you will see “show/hide the tipping entry form” link.
6. Click on that and check your tips.
7. Click on “submit” and you’re gold.

I’ve just tested it (haven’t submitted yet ‘cos I need to do some research first) and it’s working fine. Hope this helps brother. Cheers…

The Thinker's picture

Thanks Newbie....champion.

DarK-HorsE's picture

Newbie Thanks Mate 🍺

Johnny Awesome's picture

Thanks Mr Thinker for re-entering me in your comp for this year.
I’ll catch up with some comments later in the week.
Cheers and kind regards from Mr Awesome

Mary S's picture

Good to see you back Awesome Johnny and welcome to all new participants - looking forward to a great season.

Thanks 'a' for your '3 strikes comp' on the site to test our brain!!
Had to admit it was brief last year before we all "bombed out"

Thanks Mr Thinker for setting up the page for us all.
Cheers, Mary

Christine 's picture

Ivm not on the tipping ladder so i wkn't be in your comp "a" that way it's fair

Christine 's picture

To all the regs on here the above post wasn't suppose to read anything like that & even though i have ms christine now drinks rum vthats right they have finally driven me to rum with all r
the stress they put me under

Christine 's picture

"a" to be fair on everyone else because i'm not on the tipping ladder i won't go in your comp it's only fair i don't ...

Steel Panther's picture

To my friend Mark Ashford, thank you for lunch and the good conversation. It was great to catch up with you again and be assured I'll be back again in 2020. Appreciate you for making the trip from Bribie. Hopefully Manyana will join us next time.

Steel Panther's picture

It's good to see you're still around Big Pete. Firstly sorry to hear your sad Christmas news. A tough time no doubt.

I can't help but think Liverpool are choking again but my Glasgow Rangers slowly nearing the top again. Wellington going well too Pete but they have Newcastle on their tail. Your Red Devils done well to get rid of the Chosen One & look at the improvement.

Good luck to your Sea Eagles in 2019!!

Rocket Ryan's picture

How are you steel I think big pete and the eagles need all the good luck we can send them.

Islander's picture

Hello everyone, it's great to see some fresh faces in this year. And of course the regulars and some absolute legends of the thinker site.
Thank you thinker and tlh for the hard work you do to keep us all here.
The wait is almost over and the excitement almost unbearable. So lets get into it. Here's my predictions for 2019 (kindly note the reality is usually very far off ).
Top 8
1. Roosters
2. Panthers
3. Knights
4. Dragons
5. Rabbitohs
6. Storm
7. Sharks
8. Wests Tigers

Bottom 8
9. Broncos
10. Cowboys
11. Sea Eagles
12. Titans
13. Raiders
14. Eels
15. Bulldogs
16. Warriors

Grand final- Roosters v Panthers
Premiers- Roosters
Clive Churchill medal- james tedesco
Dally M- Mitchell pearce
Coach of the year- Trent Robinson
Origin- NSW 2-1

Well there you have it. No Queensland team in my top 8. Feel free to scrutinize and I'd love to see more predictions from the rest of you guys.

Islander's picture

Hey Thinker, if your little helper is willing can you add him to the comp. I am sure he'll go better than baggy and I.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Steely - thanks for your kind words mate. Its had its moments.
Mind you my brother played r/league in this area and finished in 1st grade. There is a "thing" going around in NSW r/league, called The Men in League Foundation. My brother only had a wake and no funeral and not one person represented the foundation. But life goes on.

Liverpool appear to be slow finishing. Red Devils are believing in themselves, thus the "miracle" defeat as some call it, of PSG in Champions League. Arsenal this week and Devils know they need to win, but many predictors are taking a draw. Then the local derby at OT for us. Yes, I too support Glasgow Rangers and good to see them getting into it. What a walloping Phoenix gave Mariners last night. So much so, that Mariners sacked Mulvey as coach.

Sea Eagles will go much, much better than last season. Thanks also there. Des knows whats required and I reckon he'll squeeze them into the 8. Rocket reckons we'll need more than luck - we have and things will gel better as the season progresses. Barring injuries, which no-one wants, they might even be the entertaining team we all once saw.
Big prediction I know Thinker readers, but we'll ride the waves and see what eventuates. They can only improve on each of their last game.

Good luck Steely with Warriors. I might just see Blake Green having a much better season over there, now he has settled in.

Cheers and keep well
Big Pete in Bx Country.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Rocket - comment noted.
But I'd be making sure Broncs don't slide backwards.
Hope all is well in your part of the Country.
Have a good 2019 season and see you on the merry-go-round.
Cheers - Big Pete in Bx Country.

BigPeteBx's picture

G'day Islander - good luck in your tipping's, this season.
We do battle first round!

BTW - you may find that Thinkers Little Helper, is a she.
I'm positive on it, but not testing positive, like some NRL players are.
Cheers and keep well
Big Pete in Bx Country.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Christine and I hope the progress can improve for you.
Rum Girl ay. I was introduced after my brothers wake, to a refreshing smooth beverage called Jack Daniels and Coke. I now keep four small bottles, when I just feel like one, nice and cold. Not often, but it is there.
I'm not a spirits consumer. We are all here and also know what others go through. We have all grown a bond outside of sport/league and Thinker site etc.
Take it steady Miss and keep well - this is accompanied with a Shopping Centre Wolf Whistle.....hahahaha. I'm sure Mark A will be also.
Big Pete in Bx Country.

a's picture

Where do you think Cowboys will go BigPete

Steel Panther's picture

I'm well thanks Rocket. Well I'm kinda well if that makes sense as today I fly back to NZ & the grind of every day life. Sure is paradise on the Sunshine Coast. I'd never dream of being in the ocean at 7am back home.

Good luck to the Broncos this season and off course to yourself with your tipping.

Steel Panther's picture

Hey again Big Pete. I managed to catch the Phoenix game last night & yes that was some thrashing. Best Phoenix season in years but can't see Mark Rudan being there in 2020. Also watched Rangers 1-1 draw with Hibs. Too many draws for Rangers this season to seriously threaten Celtic. Take care mate!!

The Butcher's picture

This is my take on all the nrl teams in no particular order
The good- This is the best list in the comp and are stronger than last year
The Bad- politis was going to bring back SBW but even he thought that would be too obvious
The good- if you don’t make first grade you got an option of under 20s or the porn industry
The Bad- father player relationships never worked in park footy and the NRL has all those cameras
The good- they bought practically a new team
The Bad- maybe they should of bought a whole new team
The good- They have a team that can win the comp
The Bad- the comp goes past Anzac Day
The good the bad and the ugly- coz Clint Eastwood is your coach
It’s in the hands of the burgess brothers hands
The good- even with 2 of the big 3 gone they still have great players
The Bad- they still have the big 3 on the field Cam Smith and the 2 referees
The good- Johnson and Moylan look like a lethal combination
The Bad - Johnson needs to run towards the try line Shaun that’s the sideline
The good
They can count on wins when at Leichhardt
The Bad
If you took an X-ray of their spine you would come to the diagnosis of osteoporosis
The good- have a great young list to build with Milford running the show
The Bad- Milford running the show
The good
Great forwards and good halves
The Bad- there is areason why Kyle Feyld is so good st kicking off he gets plenty of practice
The good- the beach is nearby
The Bad- there are only two trbojevics
The good- everything looks peachy
The Bad- nightclubs on Cavill Avenue
The good- on their day they can beat anyone
The Bad- global warming ....the cold at home is their only advantage
They bought a good finisher who can celebrate a try with a backflip
The Bad - so when will he get a chance to do a backflip?
The good- you’ve got a Lewis in your team
The Bad - it’s not Walter
The Warriors
The good- you have RTS dally M winner
The Bad- the time zone between Australia and NZ is 2 hours not 9 weeks

Rocket Ryan's picture

I might start talking to the Block.

BigPeteBx's picture

Good Sunday afternoon to you 'a'.
How Cowboys will go is they'll do it tough without JT.
In many ways, I don't mind Cowboys because really, they are like a country team. I've been to Townsville twice in the past years....moons ago.
Morgo will have a lot on his plate leading them, plus trying to play his good game.
Where they will come is a chance in the 8, but I'm not placing money on it. For now I'll give them a 7.
If Sharks get their tree-house pulled down for reasons like many have with S/Cap, you could see Griffin walk in there and lend a hand, as he has no club at present. Well, I don't think he has.
Cowboys could beat them for a higher position on the ladder, if Sharks don't get it together.

Take care mate and keep well
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Good Sunday afternoon to you Steely.
Rudan wont be with Phoenix, once the expanded comp in A-League is officially launched. I reckon he's got that NEW West Melbourne franchise job, as their coach.
Too many draws in many comps. Celtic were good and then Rogers took the Leicester City job in EPL. It gets him back to his grass roots of management, when he once had the Liverpool role.

Cheers mate and glad you liked the Qld country that Mark showed you. No doubt a few XXXX's to swallow as well.
Keep well and don't forget us here, over the ditch.
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Well, well, well Butch (as I'll know you as).
Certainly a man of imagination an though, with plenty of time down The Wolgan to do it with.
Loved it mate. Don't forget with Manly we currently have T-Rex signed on with Blacktown and if he peaks, he could make it back to Brookvale, to link up with Dezzy again. As much as several clubs are having issues, like us with D. Walker at present and Parra rid him after his "bad scene",
cant blame them though. If Rex can hold the ball and make more busting runs, he'll be hard to contain.
Don't forget young Albert Hopoate, he might just manage to fill in for Tommy Turbo and see more of 1st grade, sooner than he expected, whilst Tommy is out injured.

My guys to make the 8 this year - barring injuries of course.

Cheers and keep well
Big Pete in Bx Country.

The Butcher's picture

Hey big Pete
I had the choice today of going to Lithgow or stay put with the kangaroos and wombats
I didn’t know that this place hasn’t the highest density of wombats in Australia so if I see Graeme Eadie I’ll get you his autograph

The Butcher's picture

* has

Baggy_Gee's picture

Hey Butcher, if Fergo tries that nonsense during the season I'm sure that all Eels fans will put him on a hook so you can carve him up. It was an ugly ugly thing.

christine 's picture

Big pete
A few shots of op rum might improve the eye sight a bit for you you never know cheers big pete ...

tigerholic's picture

Evening Folks
Islander- I love your foresight and I agree with your top 8 and bottom 8, I like your Origin prediction but I can see NSW winning 3-0. I can see Michael Maguire doing well with the Tigers this year and will give the Coach of the year a shake.
The knights have bought very well and the Roosters will be a contender again for sure. Have a great year.

Butcher- I enjoyed your post, right up until you put the Tigers spine through an Autopsy. I thought you were Tigers fan.

Big Pete- Hope you have a much better year mate, hopefully the footy can be a good distraction to keep your spirits up. It will be a good match up between your Eagles and my Tigers in round 1, good luck.

Christine -Why are you not tipping?

Have a great week folks

a's picture

Hi welcome aboard The Butcher

Out of interest witch team
Do you support

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi all,
Thanks Mary S for your warm welcome again this year, always a voice of reason. A big hello to everyone from the past few years, I won't name all your names because there are too many to name. Also, a warm welcome to all those who were fortunate enough to find Mr thinkers site and join as well, spread the other good folk as well. In saying all that, good to see your comp’ in action again Mr ‘a’, I hope you put me in. I’ll hand you my tip after a bit more thought ok mate, cheers. Good to see you back on deck Christine. Elon Musk said ‘When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour’. That includes every aspect of everyone’s life, Christine and you do it well. A quick hello to Big Pete, my Mum’s in Bathurst hospital at the moment, she’s doing it tough. She’s been there for 8 weeks now. I’ve been travelling to Bathurst from Canberra every week in that time to see her. Big Pete and everyone else, our health system is unreal, it has it problems but fair dinkum, it saved both my Dads and Mums life in the space of 6 months out in the Central West. A lot of good folk in the health system, how great is this country hey. Now, to the footy, being a Dragons man, Jack De Belin needs to step aside for the sake of our team and the game. Stepping aside does not admit guilt but shows respect to everyone. I really don’t want to watch a game where half the crowd boos and takes away from the spectacle. He will get paid whilst sitting it out and I’ll respect him more for it. My Dragons have a pretty good side but I still don’t rate Mary, as much as I like him as a bloke. I’ll tell ya, Geoff Toovey would bring some mongrel to the Dragons, if I had a choice. Also, I’ve got my two seats in the inner bowl at GIO stadium Canberra for this year. Let’s hope the Raiders make it a fortress again, and round two against the Storm will be the litmus test. ‘She who must be obeyed’ and myself will be there to cheer the Raiders on.
Anyway, Cheers from the original Johnny Awesome

mark ashford's picture

Johnny A
Only question I want to ask is how is your Mom, I don't know but can only hope she is recovering. Everything else is irreverent.
I wish her a speedy recovery.

christine 's picture

I'm not tipping against rocket ...

christine 's picture

Johnny awesome
Long time since we last spoke my friend what has happened to your dear mum ? If i may ask you how is daughter doing these days no more problems with people at her school I hope ? me myself have more medical issues to deal with i'm now getting fluid retention in my ankles no big pete it's not the rum don't worry about that but they don't know what is causing it so next step is a chest xray & a visit to the cardiologist to have my heart mapped if that all comes back ok they will keep me on fluid tablets from then on just another problem to add to the list oh & they checked to see if I had been vaccinated for chicken pox when I was young & I hadn't but in the process they found out 30 years ago I have come in contact with TB but no one has ever got sick from me in 30 years which I will explain to you apparently yes our bodies are amazing with TB your body detects it says I know what you are & I don't like you & it locks it away in either a lymph gland or cell & says i'm not going to let you do any harm but i'm not going to let you go either how amazing is that so they taught they had to treat me for that before the ms treatment started cause the treatment for ms would lower my immune system even more than it all ready is that the TB might resurface but it hasn't so the point is yes our bodies are amazing things but how much more do I really have to go through seriously nice to chat with you johnny say a big hello to that daughter of yours from me , apologise to you there thinker not nrl related sorry kind sir please forgive me ...

christine 's picture

Ps in 30 years I have never had any symptoms or shown any signs of TB that's right people they thaught they had eradicated TB from this country but they were fooling themselves a lot of people have been in contact with it but show now symptoms any way enough from me now back to tipping & nrlas usual I will put my tips in the comments section i'm just not on the tipping ladder as most of you know ...

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi all,
Mr Mark Ashford many thanks for your kind words. You are correct, personal issues certainly put everything else in life including sport into perspective. My Mum is in good hands now and they are managing her heart condition amazingly at Bathurst hospital. Like the senior cardiologist said, they can’t fix a worn heart but they can manage it. My Mum knows she can never go home again but with the right care and medication she can be around us a lot longer. She is actually improving so hopefully she might get well enough to go back to Rylstone hospital near my Dad. As I sitting next to Mum holding my Mums hand, she is a tiny lady 4 foot 5 inches tall, she was telling me how she remembered washing my footy shorts and guernseys when I used to play footy. All the Mum’s used to take turns on a weekly basis to wash all the players guernseys and provide the cut up oranges for the following games. I reckon, that tradition might still happen today? I actually asked her why she remembered that? Mum, replied saying that the Penrith Panthers visited her the previous week, they did personalised visits to all the patients. They gave her signed posters etc. Now, with all the bad press that happens around footy, it is still only a spec compared to all good stuff that occurs in footy and the NRL. Congrats to the Penrith panthers for making my Mum’s day, thumbs up.
Cheers to you all from Mr Awesome.

a's picture

Hope your mum gets better soon Johnny Awesome

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi all,
Thank you also for your kind words Christine, my daughter certainly remembers you, that’s a fact. She is in year 12 now and doing an apprenticeship in hairdressing at the same time. She has become more confident and her soft caring personality has attracted a lot good friends. My daughter and She who must be obeyed will take turns going to footy at GIO stadium for the Raiders home games with me. I have already been told it’s obviously during the good weather times. Like mother and daughter they both need the right climate to attend ha. The other wet and cold games will be left for myself and some special mates of mine. Anyway, managing conditions like yours Christine requires the right care sure, but also a positive mindset and that’s a special thing you have. You live with your issues but also care for others welfare. Keep up the fight, it’s great to have you here contributing and let’s see how your tipping goes this year hey. Tipping is never getting easier, fair dinkum, check out the first round everyone? Where do you start? You could easily pick all the home teams or pick all the away teams and on paper they all look good. Mr Thinker, the pressure is on,for your tipping this year, it’s going to be a tough year methinks.
Cheers all from the original Johnny Awesome.

BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks Tiger H - hope you have a good year and not car tyres either.
Tigs will go well with Madge at the helm.
I have heaps on my plate here locally, with some community commitments that keep my mind in over-drive (Not Bachman Turner either).

Keep well mate
Big Pete


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news

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    29/5/20 8:49pm AEST

    NRL fans forced their way into Bankwest Stadium on Friday night to get a glimpse of the Rabbitohs v Roosters blockbuster.

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    Michael who? Halves Scott Drinkwater and Jake Clifford have clicked to spark North Queensland’s 36-6 NRL win over a hapless Gold Coast Titans in Townsville in Friday night....

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    Brisbane centre Kotoni Staggs will miss next week’s visit by NRL premiers the Sydney Roosters after taking an early plea on a high tackle charge. Staggs was facing a two-...

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    29/5/20 5:16pm AEST

    Cronulla fullback Matt Moylan is on the brink of an NRL return, with a final fitness test his only impediment to lining up against the Wests Tigers at Bankwest Stadium …

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    29/5/20 4:38pm AEST

    After a hellish week, Cronulla coach John Morris is desperate for any good news the club can get, but he doesn’t have to look further than Josh Dugan’s return. Amid...

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    29/5/20 4:32pm AEST

    Canberra coach Ricky Stuart admits the NRL’s controversial six-again rule has restored his faith in rugby league by bringing the halves back into the game. Stuart gave the...