The A Game - three strikes competition

Here is the page for the competition run by our buddy 'a'.

Hopefully he will drop in and remind us of the rules, but from memory you have to pick one team each round (to win) and it's a race to ten successful picks. If you get a game wrong that's a strike, and if you get three strikes you are out of the competition.

And another twist. If you have tipped a team and they've won a game you aren't able to tip that team again.

Sounds easy? It's not. No-one got close to ten last year.

Results after round twelve – 10 points and 2 strikes

  • The Butcher (Tigers, Sharks, Rabbitohs, Storm, Raiders, Dragons, Roosters, Broncos, Cowboys, Eels)
  • Bradapple (Warriors, Eels, Storm, Dragons, Raiders, Roosters, Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs, Cowboys)

Note: teams in brackets after your name cannot be tipped again.

Results are round eleven – three strikes and eliminated

ScottyH, Manyana, Brayden, Jonkulator, Aelid16, Brad S, Johnny Awesome, Baggy Gee, Hardyards, Rocket Ryan, Catdog, Niftyone, BigPeteBx, Mary S, Tigerholic, Dragons Fanboy, Walby, Steel Panther, Islander, Buzz105, Footy Chick, Rick, NuLIF3, MGM, TipStar, a, The TideHead



bradapple's picture

Ha ha if butchers a Qld fan i would love to take him on in origin, if not ill leave it to him.

The Butcher's picture

I was a qld supporter once but I woke up in a cold sweat and realised it was just a nightmare
I looked at next round and with the teams we have we will more than likely lose or we can have the qld approach and woos out and call it a draw
Maybe something like total match points in origin eg the score is 16-12 then the closest to 28 wins
Over to you Bradapple

bradapple's picture

Lets keep it going then, no point in a draw someones gotta win this now. Im happy i got to the 10 ponit goal atleast!

The Thinker's picture

Greetings 'a' gamers

I'm not quite sure if you guys have agreed to a tie-breaker yet...but I'm leaving this here so you two can bash it out until we have a winner.

Congrats and getting to ten...and good luck.

The Thinker

a's picture

Yeah I happy for you twos to kee on going if you twos agree

Here are the options for round 13

The Butcher
Knights over Rabbitohs
Warriors over Storm
Sea Eagles over Cowboys
Titans over Broncos
Panthers over Roosters
Bulldogs over Dragons

Knights over Rabbitohs
Tigers over Raiders
Broncos or Titans
Panthers over Roosters
Bulldogs over Dragons

So if you both agree to keep it going do you think you could pick a team out of this

bradapple's picture

Yup, out of my options i will take the one that Butcher cant, Broncs to beat Titans. If the butcher cant find a team to pick then i understand. Titans are so inconsistant that im not entirely confident, they really should come out firing after last weeks performance but im not sure they have what it takes to actually fire, will Jai Arrow slot back in? Who knows.

The Butcher's picture

I have to pick an upset and my only theory is the knights beat the Roosters without their usual halves so why can’t they do the same to Souths.
Knights thanks A

a's picture

Round 13 update

Bradapple Broncos

The Butcher Knights

a's picture

Round 13 update

Bradapple Broncos

The Butcher Knights 11 points

The Butcher if Titans win you win if not we will keep on going

a's picture

Congratulations The Butcher for winning my comp stand by for your prize

Mary S's picture

Congratulations 'The Butcher; - well done.

bradapple's picture

Well done Butcher! Well deserved win. Cheers a for the comp, i will be back next year for sure.

The Butcher's picture

Thanks Mary S
Thanks Bradapple for a great challenge and also passing the 10 mark
And thanks A for a fun competition
Cheers everyone

TipStar's picture

Well done The Butcher and thanks to 'A'. Fun competition.
Look forward to the comp next year. Theoretically a new comp could begin again this season and still finish into the finals.

NuL1F3's picture

Congrats The Butcher, well played by both you and Bradapple.

The Thinker's picture

Congratulations to The Butcher....what a mighty effort.


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