Round one selections

Melbourne Storm vs Brisbane Broncos – Thursday night – AAMI Park

If you listen to the pundits (of which I am probably one), you would think Storm coach Craig Bellamy is facing the greatest challenge of his coaching career. He's one year on from losing Cooper Cronk (who proved a handy inclusion at the Roosters), and in season 2019 he has to scramble together a side without another one of his little big men in Billy Slater. There aren't a lot of jigsaw puzzle pieces shaped like Billy Slater, but Jahrome Hughes has been handed the task of replacing the man who, in my dodgy opinion, is the greatest fullback to ever play the game. I'm not sure how you replace the irreplacable, but Bellamy still has the best pack of forwards in the competition. The GOAT may be an ageing hooker (which sounds like an NRL off-season incident in waiting), but he still knows how to control a game, and he has a pack of men around him that can help shape the board/football field as he wishes. To borrow from Mark Twain – rumours of their death are greatly exaggerated. As for the Broncos, their spanky new zillion dollar academy is literally (not Mark Twain literally) my next door neighbour. Because of this, I've been able to see plenty of the Broncos in pre-season. They look slick, and they trained on Sunday and looked even slicker. Perhaps it's the music Anthony Siebold has crackling through the speakers. Wayne Bennett wanted to stay because he thought this side were the most promising bunch of lads he has ever trained. I keep thinking back to that Rabbitohs backline in 2018, and how darn fabulous they were with the ball in hand when they were on song. And I'm asking myself if Siebold can make that Rabbitohs backline look so good, what can he do with Nikorima, Milford, Isaako, Roberts, Bird, Oates and Boyd? They're my top pick to win the whole box and dice this I better tip them here (even though the Storm almost never lose the first game of the year). I imagine a few Sydney-centric types will be annoyed that the first game of the season involves two out of towners playing out of town...but what a first game of the season.

Verdict – Broncos by 4

Result – Storm 22 defeated Broncos 12

Newcastle Knights vs Cronulla Sharks – Friday night – McDonald Jones Stadium

The NRL is unpredictable enough during the season, so it's hard to take trial form seriously (unless the trial involves Jack de Belin....boom tish!). That said, the Sharks were comfortable victors over the Knights two weeks ago, and in the absence of any other form to work with I'm working with that. How the playmakers in both sides go is where much of the interest in this clash lies. Ponga moves into the halves with Pearce, and those that watched the All-Stars game had a window view into the future (to think the Cowboys let him go....sigh). Almost as interesting is the inclusion of Shaun Johnson at the Sharks. His combination with Townsend and Moylan looks a little bit special. Johnson gets a chance to weave his magic behind a decent pack of forwards at the Sharks, and I don't think he had that luxury at the Warriors.

Verdict – Sharks by 4

Result – Knights 14 defeated Sharks 8

Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Friday night – Sydney Cricket Ground

There is so much to talk about here. I honestly don't know where to start, and once I start I'm not sure if I'll ever finish. I'll try to keep it brief. The only foundation clubs in the NRL at a traditional venue. Our longest serving coach (and Australia's oldest living person) takes up the clipboard at the Bunnies. The Roosters trying to do what no club has done since 1993. Angus Crichton lines up for his new club against his old club. He joins another former Bunny Luke Keary, who won a Clive Churchill (Rabbit) medal with the Chooks last year. Baby George Burgess plays his first game since starring in an off-off-off Broadway play as Prince Charming (honestly not made up). Inglis (possibly) returns...and he's either 15 kilos overweight or in the best shape ever (depends who you ask). If he does return, he squares off against Latrell Mitchell. I could go on...and I will, because unfortunately the talking point out of this game might end up being the state of the playing surface. If the field falls to pieces, and takes out a Tedesco, Mitchell or Inglis for the season in the process, it's the only thing we'll be talking about this weekend. That's I hope I'm wrong. I hope this is a game for the ages, and clashes between these two teams often are. I'll take the Chooks, who have kept things on the down-low since returning from the trip to England. The doubts around Inglis sway me somewhat too.

Verdict – Roosters by 7

Result – Rabbitohs 26 defeated Roosters 16

New Zealand Warriors vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Saturday afternoon – Mt Smart Stadium

The Warriors often start a season slowly, hit their groove in the middle of the year, and then fade away as the competition gets serious. Last season was better, but the pattern was much the same. This year their first game of the year is at Mt Smart Stadium, and this could prove the difference this time around. Their trial form has been promising, and while they haven't quite worked out how they are going to replace Shaun Johnson, they at least have two options to choose from. It looks like Adam Keighran gets the first opportunity, but we'll see Chanel (not the perfume) Harris-Tevita sooner or later. I'm sure the Warriors fans won't be shy about reminding Dylan Napa of his recent (not recent to be fair) indiscretions. How he responds will create plenty of interest. The Warriors at home for me – even without Johnson their backline looks too strong here. Imagine being the Mum and Dad who decided to name their son Chanel. Bold. Very Bold.

Verdict – Warriors by 8

Result – Warriors 40 defeated Bulldogs 6

Wests Tigers vs Manly Sea Eagles – Saturday afternoon – Leichhardt Oval

Two teams with new coaches, and with all the huff n puff that's being going on off the field I had all but forgotten that Des Hasler was back in charge at the Sea Eagles. Welcome back Des you old master. Why would you name your child Chanel when you could name them Des? Pah! The Tigers were the surprise packet early last year, and with the Sea Eagles missing one Trbojevic I'm with the big cats at home.

Verdict – Tigers by 4

Result – Tigers 20 defeated Sea Eagles 6

North Queensland Cowboys vs St George Illawarra Dragons – Saturday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

It's the big question everyone is asking – how will the Cowboys go without Ben Barba? :-) 

Jordan Kahu is a late inclusion in the Cowboys squad this year, and that answers my question about the goal-kicking duties. He's under-rated and gets a chance in a key position. If the Cowboys pack isn't the best in the NRL it's certainly on the podium, and they could be the forgotten contender in season 2019. It's still pretty warm (a little bit too warm if you ask me) in the Sunshine State and the Dragons might find the weather, and this opponent, a tough ask.

Verdict – Cowboys by 8

Result – Cowboys 24 defeated Dragons 12

Penrith Panthers vs Parramatta Eels – Sunday afternoon – Panthers Stadium

Usually it's the Parramatta Eels with a bucketful of off-field issues to manage, but they find themselves in rare air here – a squeaky clean off-season.

Peni Terepo: "Hold my beer"

Despite all the off-field madness the western derby should have the bleachers bulging on Sunday afternoon. Team Cleary are united in matching jerseys and I think the home side will put on a bit of a show this weekend. Hopefully it's enough to lift Gus Gould out of his funk. And here's a bit of advice from a hopeless old footballer to all the brilliant young footballers out there – put down your phones and pick up your standards. Seriously.

Verdict – Panthers by 14

Result – Eels 20 defeated Panthers 12

Gold Coast Titans vs Canberra Raiders – Sunday night – Cbus Super Stadium

I've been at this caper for quite a few years now, and I'm about to say something I doubt I've ever said before – the Titans are deadset, lock-it-in, rolled-gold certainties on Sunday night. This game is a toin coss according to the bookies but I must have my titan-tainted glasses on or something. The Gold Coast pack looks the goods and the backs are good enough to keep AJ Brimson on the bench. The Raiders have named Jack Wighton in the halves, and I expect the Titans to throw a lot of very big humans at him to test him in defence. Shannon Boyd plays his first game for the Gold Coast and gets to show his old team he didn't move north because of the weather. Specials.

Verdict – Titans by 8

Result – Raiders 21 defeated Titans 0

Wally Lewis - round one selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • STORM vs Broncos
  • KNIGHTS vs Sharks
  • ROOSTERS vs Rabbitohs
  • WARRIORS vs Bulldogs
  • TIGERS vs Sea Eagles
  • COWBOYS vs Dragons
  • PANTHERS vs Eels
  • TITANS vs Raiders

2019 NRL Telstra Premiership Season Launch Campaign


The Thinker's picture

Greetings everyone

In case anyone is curious, I'll have my previews and tips published today, and I will publish Wally's tips on Wednesday night.


BigPeteBx's picture

Morning Awesome J - some complain about our health system, but show me a better one. Govt's have been thinking of privatisation of Medicare for several years now - then we'll know it.
Mate - we must catch up, even to just meet for 10mins and know each other from the book cover. Many Saturdays (3 of 4 at least) I am in Bx City Centre - Shopping Centre (the new one off Bentinck St) at Community JP Desk for 1.5hrs on a split roster. We are straight in front, when you park car underground and walk up elevator.
Will ease your mind for a little while, whilst you are visiting mum at BBH. Then we can try plan something out for later date/s.
My late cousin was deputy matron there for many years and my mum also worked there.

Do you come over from Canberra, for full weekends or down/back in one of the days?
Keep well mate and hope the little one is having better times now.
Big Pete in Bx Country

bradapple's picture

My predictions:

Storm vs Broncos- Broncos are going to look to pummel a Melbourne side who are going to lose a fair few games this season- Broncos by 12.

Knights vs Sharks- Ponga still getting used to being a half, going to take a while to fully gel with Pearce, meanwhile Johnson and Townsend will be looking to rekindle their half pairing- Sharks by 14

Roosters vs Rabbitohs- Should be a great close game but I feel the Chooks will have it it takes- Roosters by 2.

Warriors vs Bulldogs- Two pretty average looking teams this year, warriors have lost a few big men and also Johnson but the new young halves were looking OK in preseason, not that this really matters, Foran simply has to step up this season for the dogs. - Warriors by 4.

Tigers vs Sea Eagles- Ol Des is back for Manly, I was never a fan of Trent so thats a good thing in my books- Tigers by 6

Cowboys vs Dragons- Surely the cowboys will improve this season, hard to tell if the dragons will come out firing like how they usually start off, Jordan Kahu is a fullback cowboys really needed- Cowboys by 1.

Panthers vs Eels- Eels cant get any worse than last year, trials were promising for them , panthers didn't do so well in trials but they still seem like a very promising team- Panthers by 10

Titans vs Raiders- Another cracker of a game here, raiders have shed some weight in the front, while the Titans have also lost a few big men including Hurrell, Id like to see the Titans do well this season but I have a feeling Raiders will get them in this one.- Raiders by 2.

The Butcher's picture

My mail is they called him Chanel as he was baby number 5

SamBacko's picture

Unfortunately, I can't see “show/hide the tipping entry form” link under “guest tips for this round”, or anywhere else. Not sure what's gone wrong.

Islander's picture

Round one predictions/guesses.

Storm by 4
Knights by 2
Roosters by 10
Bulldogs by 14 ( i have the Warriors as Wooden spooners this year)
Tigers by 12
Dragons by 6
Panthers by 20
Titans by 4

Islander's picture

Tips in nice and early, now just waiting for the spectacle to begin.
good luck guys.

The Thinker's picture


I'm sorry to say you missed the cut-off to join the tipping comp this season.

I can keep you on the short list for inclusion next season if you'd like.

All the best

The Thinker

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Hi all, my tips for this week are:

Storm by 2 - Storm to just beat the Broncos at home here.

Knights by 10 - Knights to beat the Sharks here at home to start their season off with a bang.

Roosters by 6 - Roosters to start their journey to possibly winning back to back with a win here over the Rabbits.

Warriors by 18 - Warriors to start off in style with a massive win here over the Bulldogs.

Tigers by 8 - Tigers too good for Manly here with the huge blow of Tommy Turbo.

Dragons by 4 - The mighty Dragons to start off the season with a win here over the Cowboys away from home.

Panthers by 12 - Panthers to start off their campaign with a win here over the Eels here at home.

And finally... Raiders by 1 - I reckon the first golden point game will occur here with the Raiders winning it away from home.

Awesome. Good luck with everyone's teams for this week and with everyone's tips for this week.


Esra Star's picture

Sam,have you signed in? You can't place your tips unless you are.

a's picture

Here’s my tips

Storm by 4 I think the record of Storms round 1 winning streak will continue

Knights by 6 I had Knights as a top 4 side and they will prove it here

Roosters by 2 two teams I think will make the grand final but it will be the Warriors who will get up here

Warriors by 13 I think the Warriors will flog the spoon favourites here

Tigers by 6 I think the Tigers will continue their recent form against Manly here

Cowboys by 2 I think the Cowboys will bounce back and will start by beating the Dragons

Panthers by 4 I think the Panthers will continue their good recent form against Eels

Titans by 1 I think this game will also go into golden point only with the home side winning

Don’t forget to join my comp since their is 18 spots left here’s the page

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hey Big Pete,
Thanks for the kind offer and it’ll be great to catch up. I’ve just started my new job so I won’t be travelling to Bathurst this weekend. Was a bit down for many months after finishing at my previous job of 33 years last year, it messed with my head and financially as well. I’ve been surviving on my handyman business in the meantime and I finally landed my dream job which I hope will see me out to retirement. That’s the plan anyway Big Pete. Anyway, we can have a yarn when we catch up hey. I’ve been going to Bathurst weekly for months now and went on Thursday last week and again on Sunday plus I ring mum most days when she has the energy to talk. I’ve been staying at the Bathurst Explorers Motel. It’s a family owned business and they take pride in what they do. They have a great worker in Rowena and both Paul and Mia are just great country welcoming folk. I’ll be coming back to Bathurst on Sat’ the 23rd March and stay overnight, so hopefully you are around on that day and we can share a cuppa or two mate.
Cheers from the original Johnny Awesome.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Because I was hopeless last year I am going to get my daughters (8 and 7) to do my tipping. Might get a few more right.
Broncos (They are in Brisbane which is in QLD)
Sharks (they are more deadly than knights)
Rabbitos (I like the Rabbitos, unless they play QLD or the Sharks)
Warriors (no reason just a guess, thinks they won last year)
Sea eagles (becasue they are a lightish purple)
Dragons (they are quick, fast, and can breath fire)
Eels (becasue they win a lot)
Titans (because they are tough)
There we go, lets see if they can out tip me this year.

BigPeteBx's picture

Heya Awesome - hope things are well down there in The Capital.
I feel for you with employment of past, but good luck if this is the dream job. I just entered my 48th year of service for NSW Govt this month. So I'm hangin in there Cobber. I know the Explorers Motel but sounds like owners have changed. There is one near Panthers here called Country Lodge Motor Inn and one down further in CBD area called The Sundowner. Both I'm told are good for a bed. Check their prices out if you want to get closer to eateries etc. I'm about 4 blocks walk from each with two pubs on either corner.
BTW do you consume an enriched kids beer or not?
After all this time, it will be lovely to catch up Brother of The Region. Don't forget NSW votes on 23.3.2019!
As a matter of coincidence what you you territorians do, or do you only vote at Federal Elections.
Keep me posted, as I don't carry a mobile, but can set a time and place with you.

Cheers and you all keep well
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Heya Awesome - hope things are well down there in The Capital.
I feel for you with employment of past, but good luck if this is the dream job. I just entered my 48th year of service for NSW Govt this month. So I'm hangin in there Cobber. I know the Explorers Motel but sounds like owners have changed. There is one near Panthers here called Country Lodge Motor Inn and one down further in CBD area called The Sundowner. Both I'm told are good for a bed. Check their prices out if you want to get closer to eateries etc. I'm about 4 blocks walk from each with two pubs on either corner.
BTW do you consume an enriched kids beer or not?
After all this time, it will be lovely to catch up Brother of The Region. Don't forget NSW votes on 23.3.2019!
As a matter of coincidence what you you territorians do, or do you only vote at Federal Elections.
Keep me posted, as I don't carry a mobile, but can set a time and place with you.

Cheers and you all keep well
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Sorry Awesome on The Double Post - looks like a delayed reaction and comments didn't clear from the first message box.
Gee mate - if it does that for tipping matches, we might get double points.....hahahahaha. Betya Thinker is chuckling and saying "Wishful Thinking".
Cheers mate - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello BaggyG and happy new NRL season to you.

Interesting tips those here. Bit different to what you selected in The Comp Round 1. I thought it very strange you tipping Sea Eagles in your posts, so the daughters like birdies and I'm happy for them, although Rabbits picked here - no Chooks.
Hope all is well with you.
Take care - Big Pete

Baggy_Gee's picture

My mother ran a comp were she won, with no knowledge of the football, the running joke was she saw a dog, she would pick up the Bulldogs. The girls like the colours that Manly have. Best of luck with the coming season Pete, hope nothing happens at Brookie, on the injury front, exactly as I hope that nothing happens at the SFS after watching the Union boys tear it up with minimal effort. My head says that Tigers have the wood on you this time, but we shall see indeed.

mark ashford's picture

Great to see most of Thinker's regulars back here and a host of newcomers. We may have found a new comedian in The Butcher.
Enjoyed your good/bad post and the reference to Chanel #5
Keep it up mate as most of us need a laugh after rounds end.
Good luck to all with your tips.

christine 's picture

I dare anyone to join A's comp there is a trick to it which I won't reveal but I am not in it this year just to give all the new comers a shot at it but I will have fun watching how long it takes until all of you bomb , we all did last year the boss included ...

mark ashford's picture

I have a large pet Gecko here on Bribie.
What I do is write out the games list and dip his back feet in ink.
Starting him at the bottom I then show him a fresh insect at the top and wherever his feet land that's my picks. Wait until the end of round 1, I defy anyone to say this doesn't work.

Brad S's picture

Hi all,

It’s been a long time coming but the footy season is finally upon us after the a very long off season.

It’s a trick first week to pick with new coaches, players and structures that quite a few teams have to adjustt to.

I’ll tip:

christine 's picture

Mark 4 weeks into a season is the best indication of the way teams are going to fair up , take it or leave it that's my advice ...

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

Better late than never eh? Just quickly, an update on the pocket sized fixtures card thing I commented on last week. Turns out when you Google for it, the search results show that you can download your FREE PDF from the Courier-Mail but when you click on the link they want you to subscribe and it will cost you $1.00 now and then $7.00 per week thereafter. Bloody cheek! Went onto the NRL website and downloaded their 7 page PDF and printed it off double-sided booklet size instead. Meh, it is what it is, I’ll get used to it I suppose.

What a great load of comments so far. And not all about footy either. It’s like catching up with long lost rellies at a family wedding. Love it! Early days but I’m detecting a slight “comedic touch” emanating from the Butcher’s corner. Hope I’m right and we can see it blossom during the year. Anyways, let’s get into the first round battles eh?

Now, seeing as I didn’t get to see any pre-season matches and haven’t read up on them (yeah my fault), I’m gonna have to rely on my “secret” ratings system and bookies prices to pick my winners this week…

Storm vs Broncos 65-35 @ AAMI
The Storm don’t have Billy anymore. Not that it’s hugely pivotal but who’ll be wearing the No.1 jersey? The Broncos have a new coach. Are they used to his new style yet? Thinking Storm at home will be too good.

Knights vs Sharks 35-65 @ McDonald Jones
Pretty average season last year for the Knights. The Sharks have a new coach as well. Well, sort of. You know what I mean. Nabbing Shaun Johnson from the Warriors will be a major plus for the Sharks you would think. The battle between him and Pearce should be interesting. A lot of experts are tipping the Knights but I’m with the Sharks here.

Roosters vs Rabbitohs 60-40 @ SCG
Game of the round right here folks! Still buzzin’ about my BBB winning the GF last year. So far I’ve watched the replay about 8 times I reckon (ha-ha). I see we’ve added a couple of new faces, namely Brett Morris and Angus Crichton. Cross fingers they adapt to our style of play and justify their signings. Again, yet another club with a new coach. What will Wayne change at the Rabbitohs? After the GF win I can’t tip anyone except the Mighty Roosters in this one. Begurk! Begurk!

Warriors vs Bulldogs 65-35 @ Mt Smart
Warriors have too many class players here and with the Doggies losing key players, I reckon the Warriors should do this easy based on what I remember from last year.

Tigers vs Manly 50-50 @ Leichhardt
Another 2 new coaches in this game. What’s goin’ on people? This is getting tiresome. Anyway, Tigers at Leichhardt will be awkward for Manly I reckon. Then again, Manly being Manly, anything’s possible. So, the prodigal son (Des) returns eh? I think he’s got a tough assignment getting those Sea Eagles back on track. Well, to start off with anyway. Might take some time or he may get them to “click” straight away. Let’s see shall we. Playing safe and tipping the Tigers at home.

Cowboys vs Dragons 65-35 @ 1300Smiles
Dramas for both clubs. Not even going there. Just had a real quick sneaky peek online and interesting to see the new signings at the Dragons. Still, playing the Cowboys in Townsville and even with a pretty handy recent record against them, I don’t think the Dragons will find enough so it’s the Cowboys for me.

Panthers vs Eels 70-30 @ Panthers Stadium
OMG! Need I even mention it? Another new coach in this game as well. Sheesh! I’ll be watching this one on TV to see how Blake Ferguson goes for the Eels. It will definitely seem strange to me but hey, that’s life. You got a good one there Baggy! Knowing the Eels have some handy signings I’ll still opt for the Panthers to get the bacon here. Mind you, even though my ratings suggest otherwise, I’ve a “funny feeling” this might go either way.

Titans vs Raiders 55-45 @ CBUS
Gee whiz, finding it hard to make a case for either of these sides. Both have weaknesses. If I was a betting man I’d stay out of this completely. My ratings are close and the bookies have them close too. OK, let’s go the Titans just for shiggles.

OK, it’s a brand new season which means I’ve got a whole new catalogue of songs for my Thinker family to enjoy. Hmmm, maybe not all of you will enjoy my picks but still. I can promise you an eclectic mix though. Some fun, some old skool and some weird. Ones I listen to that “move” me and others I come across on my vape forum. All with the “Newbie Seal of Approval”. You know what I’m gonna say now don’t you.

It’s “Song of the Week” time again…

One, nothing wrong with me
Two, nothing wrong with me
Three, nothing wrong with me
Four, nothing wrong with me
One, something’s got to give
Two, something’s got to give
Three, something’s got to give now

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

Baggy_Gee's picture

Don't even need to look at the clip Newbie, Disturbed, good choice to get the blood pumping for tonights kick off. Problem is
one, salary cap breechs,
two james roberts behaviour (on field),
three number one is a back up
four sold off assets for youth

Might be a more interesting game than some of us think.

Mark, didn't an octopus get nearly ever game right tipping the world cup a while back, got to give it to the animals, they have an instinct for sport it seems.

newbie from perth's picture

@ Baggy

Did you watch the clip bro'? It's not the "original" but a drum solo by a very talented young lady. You can see she's having fun. Doin' it for the music man! Must admit I have a leaning towards these types of vids. OK, only about 10 hours to go and I'll be watching Game One, Round One. Bring it on! Cheers y'all...

NuL1F3's picture

G-day all, so round 1 I find myself going with my favourites from last year (mostly). Will be interesting to see what the field looks like after this weekend. Good luck to all in the comp!
Broncos (I'm expecting this to be close)
Sharks (I would prefer to tip knights but feel Sharks are too strong)
Cowboys (The boys looked good in the trials but Dragons are usually pretty strong out the gate so, GO COWBOYS!)
Wishing everyone a great Round One weekend!!!

manyana's picture

hi everyone, well the big day has come & after a lot of umming & aaahing, these are the teams that I've settled on.
These are all guesses, so I don't hold out much hope of doing very well, but I had to decide, & they're the teams I've decided on.
Good luck to everyone.
Cheers, manyana.

lillychino's picture

Hi The Thinker
I have put my tips in for this week but suddenly wondered if I had to join up earlier somehow!
Hope not!
Here’s hoping I am in!
Looking forward to a great season!

The Thinker's picture


You are definitely in the comp. Great to see you back.

All the best

The Thinker

christine 's picture

My tips rd 1 are all the home teams : re you can't tip against Melbourne in Melbourne ...

mark ashford's picture

Baggy Gee
Yes I remember ollie or was it occy the octopus. He/she predicted almost all of the results in the world cup a few years ago. Unfortunately not long after the final he/she was taken to a restaurant and consumed by greedy FIFA officials. Is there no end to their corruption.
Welcome back mate. Love the sotw. Now that's a young lady enjoying her music. More of the same please.

NuL1F3's picture

Ouch! Broncos getting a whooping. Life after Slater not too bad it seems.

Brad S's picture

Melbourne were really impressive to come out and play so well in Round 1. Especially after losing Slater. Broncs were ordinary last night. Nothing like the derby next weekend to get into some form. Cowboys forward pack will take some stopping though!

Niftyone's picture

How could Lee score a try when he should have done 10mins in the bin for his professional foul.

christine 's picture

Can you try to get in contact with pabdul & get him back on board the thinkers xpress please , come on all the regs you wants to see pabdul return ???

a's picture

Yes I agree with getting Pabdul back and while where on the subject we also need to get The Annoying Devil back on to

a's picture

And as for the game Rabbitohs Look like the team to beat

Mary S's picture

Must admit, Roosters didn't look anything like the team that won the 2018 grand final with their play tonight, but we have a whole season to go. and as we know - anything can happen during that time!!
Cheers to all

christine 's picture

"a" in regards to souths you just have to hope Reynolds doesn't get injured ...

Steel Panther's picture

Looks like a dusty start for most tipsters on here!! Can't believe only one person picked the Bunnies last night. Well done to Pandoras Box.

a's picture

Yes anything can happen this season

Steel Panther's picture

I'm with you there Niftyone. A lot of the commentators didn't agree with the penalty try decision but the guy who was tackled was closest to the ball at the time. Irrelavent in my opinion that it ended up bouncing away from him. Sharks overall were poor. Dugan had a night to forget. Johnson & Townsend were crap together when they were at the Warriors. Last night was no different.

The Thinker's picture

If I can go through the entire season without tipping a single winner I want a national public holiday named in my honour.


The Butcher's picture

In round 1 a lot of games will be decided with a point to prove
Jerhome Hughes had a point to prove he had to replace the greatest fullback and knew that he would be judged and lifted to get man of the match
Edrick Lee had a point to prove he lifted to another level out jumping out tackling out running his old club and was the difference
The Rabbitohs had a point to prove with their arch rivals costing them a place in last years grand final they played to the conditions and are looking like the team to beat
So what about today will the warriors prove they can win without Johnson
or will Foran show his worth
Will the Tigers show why Leichhardt is a fortress or will the Eagles say you can have your wooden spoon
Will the Cowboys prove that there is life after Thurston or will Corey Norman prove he’s a great buy
All I know I’m on zero
Today I’ve got a point to prove.

The Thinker's picture

Well said Butcher....we've also had two wins at home, and the third game was at a neutral venue (although I expect there were more Bunnies in the crowd than Chooks).

manyana's picture

After all the time and thought that I put into my tips, and I'm zilch from 3, I think I might have to do what I threatened to do last season, pick who I think will win and tip the other team. Must say that I was disappointed with how the roosters played, but thoroughly enjoyed the other two games even though I didn't tip them.
Thinker, that public holiday might be in honour of both of us lol.
Better luck for us next round.
Cheers, manyana.

BigPeteBx's picture

Good Saturday afternoon to you all at Thinker site.
Only early days yet - don't get your feathers ruffled.
Remember, Chooks dislike water.
Bunnies came out guns blazing and knew what they had to do to contain Chookies. Long way to go, so hang in there. One swallow doesn't make a Spring.

Hmmmm.....where is Pabdul first, as he hasn't made any comments for ages. Maybe he knows it will be tough for Chooks this year to go back to back and doesn't want to be around if the Chooks fall off their perch.
Wherever u r fearless brother - look after the trains and honk a few words in here with us. Just let us know u r ok and the Pabdul Convoy is going well.
Keep well mate, wherever u r. I'll be over in your neighborhood in August - not for GWS Giants match but Fleetwood Mac.

@Thinker - you might have to send an internal to Brother Pabdul (Chook), to see if crosswords or sudoku, have taken up his time.

Thanks/Cheers - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

G'day Mark A.
Its seems both The Butcher and Pabdul have similarities alike in their humour. But they are miles apart in their employment areas.
Good to have that dry sense here at times.
Cheers mate and keep well
Big Pete

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Some very sensible words there Butcher.
Currently watching the Warriors playing the Doggies, and currently it looks like I might break my duck for this round.
It's very early in the new season, so I'm not too worried ( yet)
Cheers, manyana.


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