Round twenty six selections

North Queensland Cowboys vs Brisbane Broncos – Thursday night – 1300SMILES Stadium

Where relevant I'll do my best to explain the implications of different outcomes when it comes to the top eight.

The Cowboys, currently 7th, could finish as high as 5th and as low as 9th. 5th or 9th are unlikely, but possible. If they stay in the top eight they will be travelling to Sydney for the first week of the finals, unless they can get themselves into 5th or 6th place with a win on Thursday night. A loss means they could miss the eight, but may not. If the Dragons lose on Sunday, the Cowboys are in the top eight regardless of all other results. The Broncos, currently 3rd, cannot drop out of the top four, but there is a chance (albeit slim) that they can finish in the top two. With the Storm as minor premiers, no-one really wants to finish fourth. If the Broncos win, they avoid 4th.

I certainly gave the Eels a chance last week, but that performance by the Broncos in round 25 has me scratching my head harder than ever. It wasn't just the loss, or the magnitude of the loss – it was the way the Broncos lost that left me baffled. To quote Gus the Snail – it was very unBroncos. Poor defence and schoolboy errors...a repeat of that performance and they'll be losing again. My tip here is on a hunch really, and I'm hunching the Broncos one really bad game is out of the way before the finals commence. September is not the month to have a bad game. The Cowboys picked up their first win in a while last round but they had to work for it. I'm assuming a switched on Broncos is a tougher opponent than the Tigers. Five minutes into this game and we will know if the Broncos switch is on or off. I'm tipping on.

Verdict – Broncos by 10

Result – Broncos by 10

Parramatta Eels vs South Sydney Rabbitohs – Friday night – ANZ Stadium

A home game for the Eels played at the home ground for the Bunnies, but given the circumstances I expect the Eels will still have the bulk of the support in the crowd. This game is essentially meaningless for the Rabbits – they can't even break into the top ten and the worst they can do is drop one place on the ladder from 11th to 12th. They aren't farewelling any legends of the club on Friday why would they try? Pride I suppose. The pride of Redfern. The Eels could move to third (technically they could move to second but it's so unlikely it hardly seems worth mentioning). Even if they don't have the carrot of a top three finish to play for they can avoid the stick of falling out of the top four with a win. A loss and the Sharks can potentially take their place in the top four. Whether fourth spot is a carrot this season remains to be seen. As mentioned previously, fourth spot means a trip to Melbourne next week. In any case, I think the Rabbitohs are only turning up to this game to be polite, and the Eels would have to try really hard if they wanted to lose. I've seen some pretty weird things on rugby league fields over the years but that would be right near the top of the weird list. I say the Eels win this by 40, and head down to Melbourne with a sense of self-belief...and legitimately so.

Verdict – Eels by 40

Result – Eels by 6

Sydney Roosters vs Gold Coast Titans – Saturday afternoon – Allianz Stadium

Providing the Broncos and/or Eels win earlier games, the Chooks need a win to stay in the top two. The Titans could (possibly) move up one place on the ladder to 13th with a win, or could (possibly) slip down one place to 15th with a place. The Titans will be without James, Wallace, Peats, Roberts and Copley. The Chooks are one winger short of naming their best seventeen. Nothing is certain in this game, but this is right next door to certain.

Verdict – Roosters by 28

Result – Roosters by 4

Manly Sea Eagles vs Penrith Panthers – Saturday night – Lottoland

If the three teams below the Panthers on the ladder win the Panthers are out of the top eight with a loss. It seems unlikely, but it's not crazy unlikely. With a win the best they can do is move to fifth, which isn't much different to finishing sixth in the scheme of things. There's a little more pressure on the Sea Eagles – a loss leaves the door open for the Dragons to take that last spot in the top eight away from them. The Sea Eagles have had a pretty good season to be fair but to my eye it looks like they peaked some time ago. In the last three weeks they've lost to the 15th placed Tigers and the 12th placed Bulldogs and they barely got away with a golden point win over the Warriors (who haven't looked like beating anyone forever). Compare that form to the Panthers – in the last three weeks they have faced an opponent with everything to play for. The Panthers have won twice and lost narrowly to the Dragons last weekend. That form should be good enough, and the Panthers did beat the Sea Eagles in round 18. Given the circumstances I could almost call this for game of the round, except that every time the Cowboys and Broncos play each other they give us a rip-snorter.

Verdict – Panthers by 2

Result – Sea Eagles by 16

Melbourne Storm vs Canberra Raiders – Saturday night – AAMI Park

There are only two games this round that will have no influence on our top eight, and this is one of them. You don't need me to tell you how dominant the Storm have been this season, but let me tell you this – The Storm have a points differential of +271. Only one other team (Broncos) have a differential higher than +100, and the next best differential in the top eight is on +68. What's even more disturbing is that they are getting better as the season wears on (or their opposition is getting worse). In their last five games they've scored 190 points and conceded just 45. If they were performing at that level all season their points differential would be +667. Sheesus McSneezus. Is this competition over? It almost looks like it.

Verdict – Storm by 14

Result – Storm by 26

Newcastle Knights vs Cronulla Sharks – Sunday afternoon – McDonald Jones Stadium

I think we have all accepted that the Knights have won the wooden spoon, but I doubt any team has ever won the wooden spoon with as much class as the Knights have done in season 2017. I hope they pack the joint out on Sunday afternoon, and I hope they win. The Sharks can (potentially) finish 8th with a loss but it's pretty darn unlikely. If the Eels managed to lose to the Rabbits the Sharks could be playing for a top four spot (again...unlikely) and they're too far behind the Broncos on points differential to think they can move past them. So to me it looks like the Sharks may not have much to play for by the time this game kicks off. Because of that, and because they haven't been that impressive in recent weeks anyway, I'm tipping what the bookies are telling me is an outrageous upset. Those of you winning your tipping comps shouldn't do this, but I'm not winning so here goes nothing...

Verdict – Knights by 2

Result – Sharks by 8

St George Illawarra Dragons vs Canterbury Bulldogs – Sunday afternoon – ANZ Stadium

The good news for the Dragons is that they are definitely playing for a top eight spot...unless the Panthers and Sea Eagles game ends in a draw. The Red V have a superior points differential to the three teams above them on the ladder. It's a big game. Note that this is the second game this round where the home team is playing at ANZ – the home ground of the away team. The Bulldogs are in a rich vein of form by their standards, and they did beat the Dragons earlier this season, but given the circumstances I can't see them winning this.

Verdict – Dragons by 8

Result – Bulldogs by 6

Wests Tigers vs New Zealand Warriors – Sunday night – Leichhardt Oval

It's almost cruel that these two teams are playing the last game of the regular season, because these are the two teams that would really like this season to be over. The Warriors have won just one game away from home all year. The Tigers might be in 15th place but I've no reason to believe the Warriors will do anything to improve their away record now. The Tigers get to farewell Aaron Woods and James Tedesco with a home game...and Woodsy loves this ground. Back the big hairy bear to score a try at any old price.

Verdict – Tigers by 8

Result – Tigers by 12

Wally Lewis - round twenty six selections (in bold)

Note: tips from Wally will be published on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

  • Cowboys vs BRONCOS
  • EELS vs Rabbitohs
  • ROOSTERS vs Titans
  • SEA EAGLES vs Panthers
  • STORM vs Raiders
  • Knights vs SHARKS
  • DRAGONS vs Bulldogs
  • TIGERS vs Warriors


christine's picture

My tips for rd 26 are as follows :
good luck with your tips every one , may the refs & the bunker be fair ...

mark ashford's picture

Who is game to tip this last round.
Cowboys in Townsville v Broncos...I have to pick my Broncs but who knows
Eels V Rabbits...maybe the Eels
Roosters v Titans...gotta be the Chooks
Manly v Panthers...who will win this
Storm v Raiders..are you game to pick against Storm at home
Knights v Sharks...anything can happen but you would have to go Sharks
Dragons v Dogs...a toss of the coin
Tigers v Warriors...with due respect to our Kiwi posters Tigers should win
Really it's an interesting round to say the least.
Good luck to you dudes at the top of the tipping.
It appears we are going all the way to the GF this year.
Still some games to get to the top.

BigPeteBx's picture

Not wrong Mark with Round 26 tipping.

Struth mate - what a floggin Arsenal took this morning against Liverpool, just to add to our sporting mix here.

I'd say Fortress will be at The Fortress in his high chair giving his all.
I hope The Nepean Spud gets his seat next to him....strike, you'd never ever picture it would you. Two unknown gnomes become known.

Cheers - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Wally (King) - nice salad Lincoln dished up there tonight in Hells Kitchen,
but poor Willy, makes the dressing that topped the bill.
Like I always say "its the sauce that makes the meal" - dressing in this case. But again, Willy there lending a hand - mind you to the opposition.

Cheers King and great having you on this site, with a great bunch of peoples.

Big Pete

imprez's picture

Cowboys vs Broncos - Cowboys would've had a chance if JT was still apart of their roster, but at this stage I'd have to say Broncs. 1-12 point lead.
Eels vs Rabbitohs - Definitely Eels, 1-12 point lead.
Roosters vs Titans - Roosters have it all the way, 13+ lead even looks highly likely.
Sea Eagles vs Panthers - If eagles played like they did last round, they sure have it in the bag, but it can go either way. Very interesting game to say the least.
Storm vs Raiders - Storm with a 1-12 lead.
Knights vs Sharks - 13+ lead for the Sharks in the home grounds? I'd think so.
Dragons vs Bulldogs - If dragons played the grubby game like the did against Panthers, they'll make the doggies look like pups. 1-12 lead in dragons favour.
Tigers vs Warriors - Mr Shaun Supercarry Johnson is back, so I'd put my money on Warriors. But the margin will be very slim as both teams lack the capacity to continue strong in the second half.

Your thoughts on my analysis?

Baggy_Gee's picture

Not sure about your call on the Manly Panthers game Imprez. If either team plays like they did last round it'll be a low scoring game full of errors. Manly need to find something and avoid being beaten before they run out of the tunnel, you can read it in their body language that they have lost the unity and belief that they can win ATM. Panthers, meh toss a coin and you might work out which side will come out to play, if they turn up to play Panthers by a lot, if they just turn up Panthers by just enough to get the win.

a's picture

Well I think Cowboys will be trying against Broncos

Havanna's picture

Hi everyone what great footy on the weekend ,and more to come have a great day. !!!!!!!!

Steel Panther's picture

Manly v Panthers is surely the game of the round. Whatever side loses may be at the mercy of the Dragons v Dogs game. For and against is going to come into play with the Dragons having a better +/- than all three teams above them on 30 points. My thoughts are if Manly play like they did on the weekend they'll get beaten. Cowboys will be nervous too as a loss to Brisbane will also leave them hanging on other results. It's simple for St on Sunday and they make the eight.

tigerholic's picture

Afternoon Folks
A big congratulations to those at the top of the tipping ladder, Scotty M, Thinker, Big Pete, footy chick and lillychino. Good luck in the final weeks of the comp, I hope that the nerves don't play too big a part.
I have some high hopes for the Tigers next year and as we finish the year strongly, all is not lost.

Hats off to Craig Bellamy and his Storm side, as much as I can't stand them I even have to give credit where credit is due to an amazing footy side. Bronco's to win the GF in extra time.

Cheers to Mr Thinker for another great year of banter and footy talk, hopefully next year we won't have any bickering and carry on that we did this year but I suppose that is just human nature(not the band).

Enjoy the weekend of footy

mark ashford's picture

Hi Imprez
Pretty good analysis of the round, more in depth than mine but as usual it's which team turns up on the day that will decide the games.
The Broncs will be top 4 no matter what so I hope that doesn't take the edge off their game. Do the Cowboys have more to play for?
Paul Green should be congratulated getting his boys up each week with so many injuries, not to mention the world's best in JT.
The games where teams are trying to hang on to a top 8 spot or get one should be crackers.
Storm should be raging favourites to get the title, virtually injury free and playing great football.

mark ashford's picture

Hey Big Pete
Despite the hype over Panthers pre season they have been disappointing on a regular basis. They did win a few on the trot but against (in the main) lower placed teams.
Manly when they want to can beat anyone...Sea Eagles to win at home.
I have this hilarious picture in my mind of Fortress and Potato man sitting next to each in the stands. Both are enjoying the game and becoming quite friendly. Regardless of the result they part laughing together at the end.
As they reach the exits both have the same thought " Gee what a nice bloke and I didn't even ask his name!"
"and I said to myself what a wonderful world.....OH YEAH"
all allowed to hum or sing

mark ashford's picture

Hey Tigerholic
Thanks for the positive thoughts about the Broncos.
Next year you lose Tedesco (one of the best) and Woods.
Are you aware of any major purchases to bolster your troops.
My Broncos lose Hunt (to Dragons) Moga and Esse Esse Esse etc (to Knights) all 3 are good players.
Are you as concerned as I am about retention staff.

Mary S's picture

Love the picture you painted here Mark - couldn't stop the hilarity as a result!!! Good choice of tune too!

mark ashford's picture

Thank you Mary S
As one of our people who witnessed the carnage between Fortress, Potato man and at times ,the only survivor Baggy Gee, it is nice to have a laugh at peoples aggression. So not needed or in most cases a waste of time.
I love my Broncos and hope they beat your Cowboys next week, saying that the Cowboys are my second team and wish them well.
Mary I have to take my hat off to Baggy Gee who suffered so much abuse but continued on the site. I know he's an Eels supporter but we won't hold that against him.

tigerholic's picture

Hey Mark
I am still hurting over losing Tedesco, we could have built a premiership around him but that is now yesterdays news.
We have matalino, packer, Josh Reynolds, and a few others that I can't think of at the moment but I am excited to rebuild after a disastrous year.

I will be supporting your team through to the GF, good luck.

Baggy_Gee's picture

It's all good Mark, I'm happy with the level of banter that gets kicked around here. It's hard to read inflection in written words but it's all behind us and it won't darken the site again. Best of luck tying up a top 2 position this weekend.

mark ashford's picture

Thanks for your support Tigerholic.
I think you'll get over the warriors this weekend.
And I wish you well in 2018.
Josh Reynolds will ad some starch to your halves.

christine's picture

See how much nicer the site has become , big pete when is your op & hope all goes well for you we will all keep you in our thoughts ...

christine's picture

Does anyone have an opinion in the case of sandor earl being allowed to play league again or not ?

mark ashford's picture

Yes Chris
we're all more of a family now supporting our teams and RL in general.
Don't have a problem with some cheeky banter now and then.
As long as it's not too personal. As this will be!!
Baggy how dare your Eels flog my Broncs last Thursday?
An apology is the least I'll accept.

BigPeteBx's picture

Hummin alright Mark,
Picturesque as it is, I saw this bloke who had the chips and the other had the bucket. Bugger me it was bucketing - not chips.

Cheers mate and appreciate you asking. In for surgery on right eye tomorrow at 11am. I'll have only one eye for the day until next, so as said before - I'll be a one-eyed Sea Eagle or Red Devil.

You guys keep well and great knowing you all here.

Re the humming - u r doing a Pabdul on me. Where the hell is he, as I asked on the weekend. Pabdul very quiet, hope he is ok.

Cheers - Big Pete

Baggy_Gee's picture

It's not the Broncos fault Mark, the cream always rises to the top and so it has twice in 5 weeks. Still maintain that it's the quality of opposition that brings the best out of a team and makes a great game. It's going to be interesting if we meet in the finals, could we go 3 from 3.

christine's picture

Mark I don't actually have a problem with banter but what was happening before was not what I call banter & I spoke up because it was going to far & if people are against me for that then so be it by the way are you still doing tourism for QLD & did lara send you the bikini yet ?

BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks Christine - doing things lightly here at the mo.
In tomorrow my friend and thanks so much for sending your well wishes. Hope u r holding ok, as what you suffer from, is more than what I go through.
For me 2017 - a memory for what is on the agenda. 17 is the day of my birthday month.
Keep your dad on his toes, with what is to come in the finals.
Is he an old Nth Sydney Bears supporter?
I was trying to map your area out, even though you didn't want to go down that path again, from something that struck from the past.
I had three uncles lived in Kirribilli and Neutral Bay. I went looking over the area a few years ago to bring back some of the past with them. They also loved playing darts.
Enough anyway..........but nice memories from me mate.
Keep well there Missy.

christine's picture

Big pete Good luck for your op tomorrow we will all be thinking of you , get in contact with us when you can & let us know how it all went ...

TheAbyss's picture


I ave a very compelling reason why the Broncos will leave nothing in the tank vs the Cowboys. If they finish 4th they play the Storm if they grab 3rd, they play Roosters. I know which out of those two i would prefer the ponies go up against.

BigPeteBx's picture

Steely - I also did a Round 25 reply to you on the last page of the round.
Manly need to get themselves and brains into winning mode.
Both Manly and Penrith were playing lethargic footy in patches, last Sunday. Manly at home this week and now need to step up to the plate and bring on the brand they were playing, in the early part of this season.

Cheers - Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks Christine - I will, but a got a bit of a rundown on it today.
I'll be sedated (not epidural), whilst docs are at it and I'll hear everything they say and do and feel just slight pressure on the eyes etc.
My question is from what one - the cataract or the lens replacement.
I'll be in, then out (not knocked) around 3 hours.
Some of the procedures they do today would never have been attempted years/decades ago. Medical science has come a long way.

Keep well Missy.
Big Pete

BigPeteBx's picture

It'll be all go there Abyss - playing to survive and go the next hurdle.
Seen your name here before, in patches.
Where also do you hail from?
Just nice to know who we speak with and how far away.

On another note with Storm and Bronco's, it is the teacher and the student at it again. This time the student (ex Central West of NSW) will have the upper hand.

Cheers - Big Pete

Mary S's picture

Best wishes for tomorrow Big Pete.

a's picture

Thanks Christine I also don't have
a problem with some banter in fact I like a bit of banter if think it's a a lot fun as longer as it doesn't turn into a soap opera I'm happy

BigPeteBx's picture

Thank you Miss Mary - much appreciate that.
Very icy weather down our way. Breeze is cutting like an icebreaker.
Yes, I know you have it lovely up North.
Keep well - Big Pete

TheAbyss's picture

Cheers Pete.

Brisbane born and bred. Support any team from Brisbane, Broncos #1 always since Joe Kilroy played for them who was a bit of a drinking buddy for a while there.

If the Bronx are not playing then its Cowboys then Storm in that order.

Been hanging around here for a few years after stumbling on the page looking for footy analysis. Best page around i have to say so Kudos to all. Only signed on as a member a short time ago as i was either going to post something or did.

Best mate is a Manly fan so i tend to instinctively take the piss out of the Manly boys who are going well but i cannot afford to admit that to a NSWelshman i have to work with :)


BigPeteBx's picture

Thanks Abyss/Steve - u r honest and up front about it all.
Nice getting to know people that way, some just want to grind an axe, over the teams some support.

The NSWelshman that you work with isn't named Costello is he.
Do you happen to get that at your work - Abyss & Costello.

Keep well - Big Pete

Steel Panther's picture

Best wishes to you today BigPete. Hope the surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery. I wish you and your team all the very best!! Take care.

TheAbyss's picture

Cheers Pete.

Mate at work is the deep one!

Baggy_Gee's picture

OMG didn't realise we could finish 3rd or second. Wow not to play Melbourne in Melbourne week 1 of the finals would be wonderful and so would the week off. But that said if we lose week 1 it might as well be to the best to measure our growth during the year. But firing hard for missing mad Monday on 4/9.

mark ashford's picture

Big Pete
"abyss & costello" classic mate. Do either know "who's on first?"

The Abyss
very happy to have another Broncs tragic on board.
your preferred teams exactly same as mine...anything outside of NSW.
Can't get excited about the Titans though.
There's a good crew (now) on here mate, good fun and respect.
Look forward to more regular posts.
Beware of Rocket Ryan another Bronco lover, he takes no prisoners!

mark ashford's picture

your analysis of round 26 is nothing short of superb.
disagree with a couple of your tips but the "who will finish where" is eye opening (apologies to Big Pete)
Broncos may just be the team with more to play for as 4th is not an enviable position to be in.
correct me if I'm wrong but don't the top 4 get another go?
only the bottom 4 face elimation on a loss

a's picture

Here are my tips

Cowboys by 1 hopefully the Cowboys win and get to play in the finals

Eels by 12 I think the Eels will continue finals search

Roosters by 50 wow a big margin coming but who didn't see this coming

Panthers by 1 I think the Panthers will bounce back

Storm by 16 I think the Storm will win easy at home

Sharks by 20 Yeah I don't think I will be tipping the Knights sorry Thinker

Dragons by 6 I think the Dragons will take a spot in the 8

West Tigers by 4 I think the West Tigers will win their final game here

The Thinker's picture

That's correct Mark A

Top four can't be eliminated.

5th plays 8th

6th plays 7th

The losers of those games are out

1st plays 4th

2nd plays 3rd

The winners get a week off and play their preliminary finals at home. The losers play the winners of 5 vs 8 and 6 vs7.

There's a fair chance the Storm may not have to leave Melbourne until Grand Final week.

mark ashford's picture

Thanks Thinker for the clarification (and the other thing)
Broncs will get 2 shots at it no matter what.
I will sleep well tonight.

christine's picture

Big pete Hope all went well with your op today & that you will be able to post us all a comment soon on your progress ...

a's picture

Make sure you get in touch with us soon BigPete

newbie from perth's picture

Sa-wat-dee krup,

Well here we are, the last game of the regular season. I might not know how to tip the winners but I do know for certainty that the Storm have won the minor premiership and the BBB will definitely finish top 4 regardless. Everything else is up for grabs. OK, let’s get into it…

Cowboys vs Broncos - Geez, weren’t the Broncos rubbish last week. As bad as they were (and as good as the Eels were) they still managed to rack up 30-odd points while losing. The Cowboys did well last week against the Tigers but I think it’ll be a lot harder for them this week, especially assuming Mr Bennett would’ve been ramming the defensive aspect at training since their shocker. I note that 4 of the last 5 between these two were decided in golden point. I also note that the Cowboys had JT on those occasions. Not sure if it’ll be close this time but I’m thinking the “bounce-back” factor will come into play here and am tipping the Ponies to get up.

Eels vs Rabbitohs - The Eels were really impressive last week but letting in 34 points is a bit worrying. More worrying however is how the Rabbitohs played against the Storm. Yikes! Another case of the “bounce-back” factor here for Souths? I’d have to say yes but even so, I’m thinking it won’t be quite enough to stop the Eels from going on their merry way. Baggy should be smilin’ again. Eels for me.

Roosters vs Titans - Watched my BBB get up over the Sharks last week and was sooo glad that we were “gifted” the win courtesy of Cry Baby Gallen. Couldn’t have been happier. It was just reward for enduring the pain of watching him and his antics. Anyway, I’m not here to bag players so let’s move on. Luckily for the Titans they only have this game to go and they can have some time off and start planning for next year. My BBB will get the job done and in theory will get it done easily. Well, here’s hoping they do. Begurk! Begurk!

Manly vs Panthers - Yes, Manly did get the chockies last week but you gotta remember (and no disrespect intended) that they were playing against the Warriors. Had a quick look online and can’t believe Manly are favourites in this match. Really? They’ve played some pretty ordinary football lately and have lost their past 5 games against the Panthers. I’m thinking the Panthers’ effort last week against a desperate Dragons outfit was just an aberration and they’re much better than that. Playing at Brookie will definitely help the Manly boys but I’m tipping the Panthers here.

Storm vs Raiders - How good are the Storm eh? I just see them winning again and again. Not sure who has the ability to beat them considering how they’re travelling at the moment. With the Raiders having no incentive in this game (other than pride) I’m not too sure whether they’ll put in a competitive effort so to speak. Hey, I hope they do but it might be to no avail. Storm will win this without much trouble you would think.

Knights vs Sharks - The Sharks will feel gutted they let it slip last week and the poor ol’ Knights are going to cop it if the Sharks want to make a statement. The Knights have come good late in the season but as improved as they’ve become, I don’t think they have it in them defensively to stop the Sharks scoring an easy win here.

Dragons vs Bulldogs - A desperate Dragons kept their finals flame flickering with their win last week. To have any chance they will need to knock off the Doggies this Sunday. Normally I’d have no trouble tipping them to do it but the Doggies have surprised me big time in the past fortnight by beating Manly and the Titans. I’m still undecided on whether I can trust that form. The question I need to ask is are the Dragons harder opposition than Manly and the Titans? Based on the desperation I saw last week and the Doggies “overall” formlines of the past month or so, I’m thinking yes. Even with the Dragons’ poor record playing the Doggies, I’m tipping a “do-or-die” Big Red V win this week.

Tigers vs Warriors - Yawn… 13 plays 15 for the last game of the regular season. Like the Boss said, the Tigers get to say goodbye to Woods and Tedesco and get to do it at Leichhardt. That’s a good enough incentive you’d think. Nice and simple, the Tigers to win this.

OK kids, good luck with your tipping and may your team win by 40 points! Until next week people. Cheers.

P.S. Have you ever seen a toad on a toadstool? Hmmm…

bronx nation's picture

Hope you are right about panthers and saints so manly are out of the finals

Mary S's picture

Newbie, I also hope you are right in your summation about panthers & saints as that's the way I went in my tipping comp.

See the news that Perth is to host a NRL double header at the the new stadium (unfinished??) in 2018 - great news for you. I take it AFL are none too pleased!!!
All the best for your Round 26 tipping everyone - wonder what upsets we will have!

a's picture

I do want Manly to miss the finals but if Cowboys win and Manly win cowboys get a home final

TheAbyss's picture

Thanks Mark. We are all passionate about the teams we support. Most of the time comments are coming from a good place if you look at things from the posters perspective, not your own. HArd to fathom at times though :).

This season looks like the USA at the moment, a major Storm brewing and the Storm will take the chocolates i think. Broncos can beat any of the top 8 except the Storm (and lately the Eels for some reason).

Roosters wont be able to match it in the big dance as the storms outside backs are to fleet of foot and that will be where Storm target Roosters for the GF.

As gallant as the Sharkies are, i dont think they will make the GF as their backs cannot match it in the air against the great wingers the other sides have and Holmes has dropped off a bit. Sharks forwards are not quite as capable of running through defenders this season so in an arm wrestle, Sharkies will fall just short of teh GF i think.

Only other real contender on current form is Parra who may well be the Pirates of Penzance crowd fvourite (Won Melb cup at big odds) and if it comes to a Storm Eels GF, well a sneaky Parra win bet is on the cards for me.

GLTA for the final round.

who were the only other team capable of beating Storm.


NRL tipping is easier if you follow the NRL news