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Here you go football fans. For any of you that wish to stay in touch in the off-season.


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Greetings football fans

Most of us aren't around in the off-season, but if you are, feel free to put your comments here.

I'll start shall I.

The NRL draw for 2024 has just been released. In news that will surprise no-one the Sharks have got another easy draw. While I'm annoyed by that, the decision to play the first Women's State of Origin game at Suncorp on the Thursday night before Magic Round starts the next a masterstroke.

For those who want to check out the season draw - here it is.

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Morning Thinker. Sharks had a pretty kind draw this year as well. Not sure who does the draw or how it all comes to be. Do you know if it's done manually by people in white coats or is it mechanically generated?
Am happy we've been lucky to dodge the better teams twice as long as there's been no shenanigans involved but fail to see how this gets past "quality control" once again. Looks like the Dolphins will struggle around Origin time as well. Read somewhere one of my favourite whipping boys is heading to England. Be still my beating heart if that one is true, Sharks getting to play with 13 players for once will be a novelty. Hope all is well in Thinkerland.

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@Gummy Sharks

The NRL creates the draw, but in doing so they are trying to maximise the value of the schedule...which makes sense.

I'm not sure if the broadcasters get a seat at the table while they work the draw out...but I expect that they do.

Hope all is well with you too....I'm ready for the Christmas break :-)

All the best

The Thinker

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