The 2020 NRL tipping competition

Greetings football fans. For those of you that disappeared for the off-season...welcome back.

I'm saddling up again for another year of tipping and happiness. Why wouldn't I? It's pretty cool. Anyone that tipped throughout season 2019 is eligible to play again. When I say throughout, I do mean throughout - that means most (but not all) of you on the 2019 leaderboard can play again if you are keen to have another go.

NOTE: The 2020 NRL tipping competition is now closed to new entrants. Also note that those who participated last year are included again this year (if you wish).

Confirmed Tipsters

Mary S, Walby, Mark Ashford, A, JackStarky, Baggy Gee, Tigerholic, Newbie from Perth, Teraflare, KellysLoot, NuLiF3, BigPeteBX, Hardyards, Esrastar, Gad, Johnny Awesome, SteveUganda, Rick, Manyana, Buzz105, Dragons Fanboy, Mike T, bradapple, Islander, Rocket Ryan, Steel Panther, Scotty Seahawk, The Butcher, jonkulator, Michael N, Tigerholic, TigerGirl, Footy Chick, Scott M, Taka, Tigers717, Catdog

Confirmed newcomers

Steel Eel, The Last Samurai, JKBubble, ARELBEE169, shotfromthehip, DJLeeDragon, Just 4 Mee, NQ Don, PJ Mac, StorminCowboy, Geoff Mason, COSSEY POSSE, Kent21, Spamdog, It Smee Tips, Bulga, SissyC, Jpsimo, Major Dad, Bronco Legend, Angel Shark, Les Boyd's Elbow

Almost confirmed newcomers

Lynne Danvers - if I could get you to create an account on the website (it's free), then I will add you to the tipping comp. To create an account, just click on the 'sign in' or 'register' links at the top right of the screen, then select 'Create New Account' and follow the steps. It's not too tricky.

I will hold a spot for you in the interim.


There will be prizes for our top three tipsters and a few random prizes throughout the season, but I'll provide more details on the prizes in the weeks ahead.

The top three also get their name etched on the Honour Board and the recognition you deserve.


If anyone has any questions about the competition or anything else, feel free to ask in the comments section below. The season kicks off on Thursday 12th March.

All the best

The Thinker


Mary S's picture

Include me please Mr Thinker!

The Thinker's picture

It's a pleasure Mary S. Welcome back.

Walby's picture

I will tip again please.

mark ashford's picture

Hi Thinker
Please count me in.

a's picture

Hi thinker include me again

steel eel's picture

Hi Thinker, can I please join this year.

Jack.Starky's picture

Hi Thinker if I can tip again thanks. I may have to do some advance tipping this year as I will be in Greece for 10 weeks from 10 May - 1 August...…….

Baggy_Gee's picture

I'm willing and able to go around yet again.

tigerholic's picture

Hello Thinker and fellow Tipsters
I wouldn't miss this comp for quids. Thanks again Thinker for having me, I hope to do a little better this year.


newbie from perth's picture

Ah, Boss! Lovely to hear your dulcet tones once again 😍. Do I wanna join in the tipping comp for this year? Is the Pope Catholic? Is Johnny Awesome? Am I handsome? Am I humble? It would be an honour and a privilege if you could add me in mon frère. I absolutely thrive on trying to match it with my Eastern States brothers and sisters 😉. I’m excited! Cheers.

teraflare's picture

I would like to rejoin the comp. Thanks

KellysLoot's picture

I'm keen to have another go.Cheers

NuL1F3's picture

I too am excited to try tipping for another season of the best footy the world has to offer :D

BigPeteBx's picture

Hello Thinker and TLH.
I'd love to try my luck again, in The Thinkers NRL Tipping Comp, if I can.

Hope all is well with you all and our fellow tipsters and regular posters/bloggers. I'm around, but not been able to get as much done via computer, that I'd like to. Lot of community commitments going, like most years, at this time.

However, we will catch up and all the very best for 2020 to you all and your families.

Big Pete in Bx Country.

Hardyards's picture

Good day Mr Thinker,
I would like to be included again ( yes, I was in it last season, look towards the bottom..........)😀
Awesome 9 competition this year, with the now “Duel” NRL9’s grand champions the mighty Cowboys!
Looking forward to seeing if Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow is the prodigy we hope he is, very fast and talented to boot. Can only be a better season for us this year. Cheers all.

EsraStar's picture

Hi mate,,please include me again. Thank you.

The Last Samurai's picture

Hi Thinker
Its The Last Samurai I have opened my membership 5 months ago after following your site for the last couple of seasons
I am so so keen to be included in this year's tipping competition
Please let us know
Kind Regards

JKBubble's picture

Hello Thinker
I would like to join your tipping comp for 2020 if that's ok.
I have followed your site for a couple of years and participated in a couple of footy discussions last year.

Gad's picture

Please include me again Mr Thinker

Johnny Awesome's picture

Hi Mr Thinker,
Count me in as always. Thanks for the heads up.
Cheers from the original Johnny Awesome 😎

shoyfromthehip's picture

hi, been following this site for a few seasons, please include me

Kevin Jurinak's picture

Hello There Mr Thinker
A very big thank you for allowing me to join this year's tipping competition
So excited for this year to begin.
I must have overlooked it But where do I find the procedures for placing my weekly tips
Kindest Regards
The Last Samurai

The Thinker's picture

Welcome aboard The Last Samurai

I'll give you a hand when tipping is open for round one, and there's plenty here that can help out too. It's not too tricky though.

All the best

The Thinker

ARELBEE169's picture

Just registered for 2020. Hope to have a bit of fun.
Life's too short, without it!

The Last Samurai's picture

A true gent Mr Thinker and thank you for your support .
Now all I have to deal with is the Round 1 jitters but enjoying the banter from the the thinker and crew will make it thoroughly enjoyable
Thanking you again
The Last Samurai

shotfromthehip's picture

hi, have been following this site, please include in tipping competition

Mike T's picture

Mr Thinker,
I'm very keen to have a go again.
Looking forward to it.
All the best to everybody,
Mike T

djleedragon's picture

I just joined,would like to join the tipping comp if possible.And don't worry I don't think at all.

just 4 mee's picture

hello this my first time thanks for having me

NQ Don's picture

Hi Thinker
I have been following your site and now have joined keen to have a go at the tipping comp
NQ Don

steveuganda's picture

Gday Thinker
Can you include me in the tipping competition this year.

Rick's picture

Welcome back everybody, I will have a go this season Thinker thank you cheers.

manyana's picture

Hi Thinker & your little Helper. I would like very much to be in the competition again this year.
Looking forward to the new season starting, and doing better than I did last year.
Cheers, manyana.

PJ Mac's picture

G'day Thinker, can I have a crack at this years tipping comp. My time on the bench/sidelines has come to an end and its my time to shine baby!!

Christine's picture

I eill be just around tge site doing what i normally Do posting comments & putting my in tips in but i won'the on the ladder i like it this way someone elsevcan take my place ...

Christine's picture

I will be just around the site doing what i normally Do posting comments & putting my in tips in but i won'the on the ladder i like it this way someone else can take my place this is what i typed in not what came on screen sorry ...

djleedragon's picture

😂😂😂 having a few drinks Christine?Well it is Friday night.

Mary S's picture

Hi djleedragon,
Christine has ongoing problems with her phone , where it appears to have a mind of it's own, which is cause for extreme frustration for her. She probably wishes sometimes that a few drinks would fix it!!!
Cheers and welcome aboard.
Good to see regulars back and new blood appearing. Looking forward to an interesting comp!

tigerholic's picture

Hi Christine
You may have to put a call out to our old mate Rocket. We can't have a tipping comp without him surely.

Have a great weekend, footy tonight-yeeha


mark ashford's picture

Just watched the Indigenous all stars play the Maori all stars women and what a great game it was. My god those girls are serious. Our Indigenous girls won, just, in what was an entertaining game.
Looking forward to the boys a bit later tonight, almost forgot how much I love rugby league!

christine's picture

rocket has already surfaced but I don't think it is going to help him this year , djleedragon that shows what you know about me I actually don't drink much alcohol at all I can't apart from having the worst type of ms I also have a kidney problem which means I have cysts on my kidneys & my liver but so for me drinking is actually something I very rarely do & I certainly didn't before this year but by all means make me your joke you're welcome too I will oblige you ...

djleedragon's picture

First mate I was joking, second this is clearly to serious a crowd for me.Anyways hope your health improves

christine's picture

butcher has already given rocket a serve says he is going to give him a hand with his tipping I told him to do the opposite this year & not tip broncos & see how much his tipping improves & hey what are you talking about you were putting his tips in for him while he was destroying notre dame I was the one that wanted to have him shot by a sniper, you put the call out tiger I am sure he will be happy to hear from you I for one can't wait for first round but I can't watch it anymore I will have to follow live scores not the same but it is better than nothing , it will just give me more time to annoy tiger & rocket & anyone else that wants to mess with me ...

christine's picture

Its alright you have learnt I bite your welcome to stick around it gets better, promise ps health can't get better there is no cure for ms & the kidneys not unless you have a your given a new kidney it called polycystic kidney disease it affects my kidneys & my liver it is inherited but such is life I am still breathing ...

christine's picture

I for one am glad to see the nrl get behind quaden by showing there stance on bullying we have had a member here who has seen the effects of bullying on a family member & what it can do especially when they are so young it can scar them for a long time too come ...

Christine's picture

Sorry tiger you destroyed notre dame not rocket but i stull want to shoot rocket by a sniper but aim for limb by limb no head shots make him suffer after his year of tipping , truely woeful it was , come on rocket tiger wants too play ...

manyana's picture

Hi djleedragon, don't leave over one misunderstanding. This is a great group and we can all take a joke.
Hope you stay. If you do, good luck with your tipping.
Looking forward to sparring with you over the season.
Cheers, manyana.

manyana's picture

Hi djleedragon, don't leave over one misunderstanding. This is a great group and we can all take a joke.
Hope you stay. If you do, good luck with your tipping.
Looking forward to sparring with you over the season.
Cheers, manyana.

Hardyards's picture

Good evening all, just about dry after sitting in the rain for hours watching the Bronco - Cowboys preseason game Saturday night. Extremely wet but both teams threw the ball around With very few dropped balls. Forwards were brutal and defence ok for the start of the year. Both teams supporters should have left happy, but us cowboy faithfuls just that but happier😬. Gunna be a better year for us. Cheers.

Mary S's picture

Agree with you Hardyards on Cowboys prospects for this season!!!


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