The NRL Tipping Competition Honour Board

Those that drink the water should take the time to thank those that dug the well.

Here are our winning tipsters over the years. Absolute legends each and every one of them:

Season Tipster Tally
2021 1st – The Last Samurai 157
  2nd – Footy chick 155
  3rd – Wally Lewis, Princess 154
2020 1st – JK Bubble 126
  2nd – Footy chick, Catdog, Bronco Legend 125
2019 1st – Footy chick 133
  2nd – BigPeteBx 131
  3rd – JackStarky 130
2018 1st – TigerGirl 125
  2nd – Rocket Ryan 123
  3rd – Footy chick, Brad S, Steel Panther 122
2017 1st – Scott M 139
  2nd – BigPeteBx 137
  3rd – The Thinker 136
2016 1st – Footy chick 142
  2nd – Rick 141
  3rd – Nik 140
2015 1st – Tigerholic 130
  2nd – Mark Ashford 125
  3rd – Wally Lewis, Nik, Footy chick 122
2014 1st – Wally Lewis 126
  2nd – a 124
  3rd – Mark Ashford, Newbie from Perth 121


Princess's picture

Thank you so much Thinker for allowing me to be part of the tipping comp this year, thoroughly enjoyed it..please count me in for next year. Congrats to The Last Samurai and Footy Chick, tried to catch you but couldn’t be done. To come third with Wally Lewis is an honour.

A thank you to ‘a’ for the A game..loved it.

And to all the other tippers, thank you and enjoyed reading your comments along the way.

Stay safe..

Mary S's picture

Congratulations to 'The Last Samurai', 'Footy Chick', Wally Lewis and 'Princess' for topping this season's comp - well done!

To all other tipsters, congratulations too and look forward to continuing next season.

To 'a' - your comp is great fun and keeps the mind active trying to strategize, so once again, many thanks.

Many, many thanks to 'The Thinker', Mrs Thinker and the Thinkers Little Helper for all the work you put into the site, that makes it possible to share opinions (and music), learn/share with others, and add our weekly tips.

Cheers to all,

The Last Samurai's picture

Hi Everyone.
I cannot believe the season is over.I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of a lovely group of people involved in such a first rate and professional tipping competition.That said a huge and sincere thank you to The Thinker for all the hard work that goes into running such a competition.Running my works competition for a number of years I so appreciate your effort.
Congratulations to all other place getters and all tippers contributions I feel so humbled to be placed on the honour board.Undoubtebly all of you are so knowledable to our pastime.
Believe or not this is a first to win a competition in 8 years of tipping.
Please sign me up Thinker for a 2022 title defence(not likely lol)
Take care all stay safe.
The Last Samurai

mark ashford's picture

Congratulations to The Last Samurai, Footy Chick and Princess ( Wally is not eligible). Tipping is difficult anytime but with the covid moves etc you three have shone out. Don't get too comfortable as many of us will come after you three next year.
Lastly but not leastly a huge thanks to the Thinker, his family and of course TLH without these people this would not be happening.
OOPS a final tip of the hat to Footy Chick. You have been up there for so many years I've been in this comp. Well done whoever you are!!!

manyana's picture

Congrats to the 3 winners. I wish I could be as consistent as Footy Chick she's always at, or near the top.
Well done to everyone.
See you all next year.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Congratulations to all of the winners!

PNG Punters Bunker's picture

Round 1 selections:
Eels will be on revenge mode this year after missing the Gf last year. By 12 points over Titans.
Roosters to beat knights.
Storm to beat tigers.
Warriors to beat Dragons.
Raider to beat sharks.
Eagles to beat Panthers minus Cleary.
Rabbitohs to jump over the Bronx nation.
Cowboys to tame the unfamiliar Bulldogs by 8+ points.


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