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For those of you that wish to stay in touch between now and the start of next season...here is the place to do so.


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Blake Ferguson has been arrested in Japan after he assaulted someone he was searched they found cocaine on him not really a place I would want to be to get in trouble for an offence even though he has finished playing for paramatta he is still one of ours like him or not this happened on 30 th December but was on the news today

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Hi All,
Day 18 of our Tassie adventure and we've had to leave the egg farm prematurely due to a covid scare at the house. We didn't come into contact but left to be on the safe side. Currently in a lovely unit overlooking the ocean at Stanley. Will stay away for the 7 day isolation period. Weather has been good but one day it's 30 degrees and the next freezing with icy winds from Bass Strait. It is a beautiful place.
NEWBIE So happy to hear the news about your job mate, must be a load off your mind. I know you don't believe but it seems there is a Santa after all! Keep well all. Hope to be back on Bribie Island around the end of the month.

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Hello Mark - lovely place Tassie. Sometimes can be four season in a day.
Love the wilderness areas or just driving through the Huons.
Hope the events of natural causes at Bribie haven't affected your area too much.
I'll send a message again, that I sent before, where thry bank up from posted message and some don't happen to glance back to review.

Keep well - Big Pete

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Morning Folks - as I posted on 28.12.21, in case you haven't seen it.

Howdy Mark, Newbie, Mary, Christine, Steely and others here.
I hope all is well with you all.

I understand the Covid situation and what is more to come of it.
We got another 8 cases here in Bx yesterday (120 new cases on 6.1.22) and it doesn't look like leaving us. Our daughter came home from Melbourne to have a week with us, before returning a little earlier, fearing border closures and lockdowns would start to come into play - AGAIN.
I have a mate who lives in Gold Coast area and has since relocated to Tweed Heads, so he didn't have to wait and wait for border restrictions to be lifted, so he could head this way to see his family, even if only once a year.

Enjoy the festive season break and the house minding Mark. I have another mate from Yamba does likewise with a rels macadamia farm down at Dunoon.

Cheers ALL and keep well for a hopeful better 2022. Its been a sort of happy Christmas but I dont say Merry these days, as what is bounding ahead with Covid and its variants - isn't too merry or going to be.
Big Pete in Bx

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Hi Big Pete,
As you are probably aware, Bribie is like a long elongated triangle, tapering off to nothing at the top (adjacent to Caloundra) The ocean has broken through several times in the past at a low spot which subsequently repairs itself. Had to laugh at media reports " Bribie Island cut in half by wild seas" There is no population up the top or any infrastructure save from some old WW2 gun emplacements.
Yes mate Covid 19 is everywhere with this omicron variant running wild in all states. Guess we gotta hope for that magic "herd immunity" asap.
Keep yourself well and safe.

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Happy New Year Big Pete

I have to admit I missed your late December post as it slots in above already read posts when you reply directly to a post so my apologies for the late response.

Good to hear you are doing well, and like most of us, dealing on a day to day basis with this dreadful pandemic. Here in NZ we are awaiting the arrival of the Omicron variant which they expect will hit us at some stage like the rest of the world. Just as we get Delta under control along comes something else to worry about.

Talking of worry, the recent form of your Red Devils is definitely a concern. A home defeat to Wolves not flash at all. I started to watch the Phoenix in the A-League but after again being at the hands of some poor officiating early in the season I was turned off. Mind you, their recent form hasn't exactly inspired me to start watching them again.

Not long now until another footy season starts.....stay safe!!

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Thanks Steely - great to hear from you Champ.

Yes, some sites I visit do the same with replies, where they anchor on to the original posting. Thinker corrected that on a couple of occasions, but as we respond to a posting, it shows we are actually responding to the one it anchors onto and not necessarily creating a new posting.

Red Devils are signing "newies" quite often, does concern me in ways but most clubs are in the same pattern. Perform and you stay, go for the ride and the door is there - we'll sell you off and buy another. Trouble is Steely - the clubs have so many signings, it amazes me, as to when they all get to play. That's why the loan arrangement is in place.

A-LEAGUE all over the paddock with many, many matches being postponed. Phoenix Women's League team has signed a young player from my home town of Bx here. Her (surname Rue) dad worked with me in NSW Railways. She's a very good athlete and represented in a couple of sports. She excelled further in soccer/football and mind you, her dad was predominantly rugby league.

Yes Steely - waiting patiently for the new NRL 2022 season to start, if it does, without virus hiccups. Will be interesting to see how new and transferred recruits, adapt to their new clubs/environments. Already players making the news headlines for all the wrong reasons.
Do they EVER learn?

Cheers mate and keep safe/well.
Big Pete

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Happy New Year Thinker (and Thinker...ers).

So, the Kangaroos enter this year's World Cup as the FOURTH ranked team behind New Zealand, England and Tonga. Is this right? Hmmm...
Perhaps Ray Hadley from the Continuous Call Team can use his spare time to select the Aus squad next time ;)

Anyway, Thinker... I'm keen to participate in the 2022 NRL tipping contest if you're looking to recruit. Cheers mate.

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R.I.P Meatloaf ( marvin LEE ada ) has passed away aged 74 may your music continue in spirit you will always be remembered & not forgotten , you will be missed ...

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Afternoon All

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you are all safe and well.

Thinker Sir- I have been looking at tickets for the Magic Round in May and from what I can see there are no 3 day passes, can you have a look for me and let me know please mate.
I have a Penrith and Storm supporter in the household, something went wrong somewhere with loyalty and following in the old man's footsteps, I suppose who can blame them for wanting to follow a team that actually play finals footy.
Looking forward to the footy for 2022, Tiger turned 59 last week and I intend to enjoy the last year in my fifties.

Take Care All


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Happy (belated) Birthday Tiger,
59 seems like a long time ago (for me), so I hope you enjoy a great many more years!!


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Cheers Mary

How have you been?


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Tiger commiserations on nearing ur pending future pension ,only joking have a great birthday Tiger wishing u all the best for the year ahead hope we all stay covid free I hope the younger idiots up in Ur neck of the woods aren't doing what the young moronic idiots are doing here in Sydney they are having covid parties to try too catch covid in hope of heard immunity so we go back to being normal again , I have never heard of anything so idiotic I was actually invited to a covid party I refused to go like I really need that with my health & the person that invited me to the covid party knows about my health problems they obviously have it in for me to do that anyway enjoy your birthday make the most of it Tiger this off season is too long it is dragging it out thinker we need a little comp going to occupy us for a while kind sir see what u can come up with please thinker ...

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Hello Christine

Good to hear from you, I think eventually we are all going to get Covid in some way.
I had a great birthday and being on holidays made it that much sweeter.
I can't wait for the footy either no matter how the Tigers go this year.

Cheers-Stay safe


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