New competition – next perfect round wins an Origin polo

Greetings tipsters,

Same rules as the previous competition that Seaeagle47 won a few weeks ago.

The next person in the official tipping competition to score a perfect round this season gets a State of Origin polo shirt. The winner chooses the team. With luck we have a winner before State of Origin 2017 begins so you get to wear it with pride.

I want to keep it simple, but in the event that there is a tie, those that have tied compete against each other in the following round. The tipster with the highest score gets the prize.

Should you tie again, you just keep going until we have a winner.

If two or more of you tie all season I'll just give all the winners a polo shirt (please don't...I'm not made of polo shirts).

Good luck everyone. Note that Wally and I can't win. If Seaeagle47 is good enough to win this too he can.

We have a winner – congratulations to Lillychino



a's picture

Sounds interesting

Rocket Ryan's picture

Go for this one coach blue ones are cheaper for thinker and you will be able to say you won something to do with origin once.

christine's picture

maroons to take the series .

tigerholic's picture

I wonder if Coach is out buying you a new saucer for your milk rocket, I think he must have spilt his milk and is not happy about it.

Not quite the same site without Coach getting his views out there, I suppose we can move on without him, bit of a shame as I think his Panthers will get up this weekend.

How about we all ask him just once individually to come back, I'll go first:
"come on coach you big sook, anyone would think you have been taken off like Latrell Mitchell was last week for a poor performance" "Get back on this site" As far as the Polo, Thinker you can order my NSW shirt early as I'm feeling lucky.

Happy Easter

Rick's picture

Yes Coach how about it "Get back on this site" please cheers.

a's picture

I wonder if Johnny Ray and. Coach will get back on the site

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Sounds good. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pabdul's picture

i tried to contact the coach and after i was about to give up i found a section in the yellow pages for unwanted vegetables .just under over pesticided pumpkin and turnip shaped of a penis i saw c.potato pepper stadium penrith
i rang the number and got 3 options. press 1 for the coach to return press 2 not to return press 3 to help coach with the lyrics of his crapy songs. after pressing 3 as this was most important i pressed 1 .the message said you have an IQ less than the average person and id been charged for the call.goodbye.
coach comeback i deserve retaliation.

Johnny Awesome's picture

Thanks Mr Thinker for the extra comp'. Sadly I won't get it this week, gone too many roughies but hey if I change them now, good Ol Mr Murphy would have a field day with me. I'm telling ya if Seaeagle47 wins it again, good on him, I'll tip my hat. Cheers Mr Awesome

Seaeagle47's picture

Thanks Thinker for my mighty SEAEAGLES cap, better put me down for a QUEENSLANDER polo, will wear it proudly after yet another series win 😜.
2017 Origin series, 1 a piece going into game 3.
15 sec left Qld down 18-16 but on the attack 35 out, Thurston swings it left to Milford, Milford props steps left then right & offloads to a raging Hess who is tackled 15 out left of goal post. Thurston recieves from granville with 6 sec left, Thurston bombs to the corner for Oats, Oats outjumps Morris & yet another great QLD comeback goes down in history, final score QLD 22-NSW18.
Better order Tigerholic a NSW nappie for when he loses control of all bodily functions & 💩💩 & pisses himself. Sorry about the language everyone.

kate's picture

Coach where are you?

Don't worry about the resident ranter think of it as just a little banter.

So be a good sport and don't sell your self short.

We ask you to get off your couch and don't be a grouch.

Coach never mind the tipping's great especially when you beat your mates.

The website may get boring and soon everyone could be snoring.

We haven't given you the sack Coach Potato please come back :) :)

BigPeteBx's picture

Nice suggestion and thought there Thinker.
Remember you Maroons out there, that Qld rely on many Bronco players and if they keep putting the crap on DCE and he doesn't make Origin 1, that helps us Manly guys.

You all have a Happy Easter and may The Big Rabbit (I wont say his name) calls by at yours, hopping madly with plenty of your fave googs.

Cheers - Big Pete

mark ashford's picture

Thinker, If ever I should be so lucky to get a perfect round can you please pass on the prize to the next week.
I was lucky enough to come 2nd a couple of seasons ago and was given a Broncos Polo.

The Thinker's picture

Well I certainly picked a good round to start this competition – 9 tipsters are on track for a perfect round. Five have tipped the Eels (Christine Bailey, Islander, Lillychino, Scott M and The Voyeur) and four have tipped the Tigers (Dugscott, Mark Ashford, RAZZLEDAZZLED and some knucklehead called The Thinker).  So whatever happens, we'll be progressing to a tiebreaker in the next round to find a winner.

As noted I can't win my own prize, so we have eight in contention.

Johnny Awesome's picture

Mr Thinker, next time I pick Souths, can you remind me not to do it. FairDinkum they are useless. The Bulldogs are looking better and better every week. Cheers from Mr Awesome

Fortress's picture

What a pathetic game of football 200/forward passess what's the matter off side all day any top team would of smashed what's the matter today the ref was disgusting fair dinkum any one that watches the footy or follows the footy can't tell that wasn't just tripe !!!!!;

Better footy coming up next week folks don't worry everyone great games ahead this was just average game but I promise everyone the standard will be better next week from the tripe dished out today !!!!!!

The Thinker's picture

Just confirming that five tipsters got perfect rounds in round seven – Scott M, Lillychino, The Voyeur, Islander and Christine Bailey.

The five of you continue in play-off mode until we have a stand-alone winner.

Good luck.

Johnny Awesome's picture

Mr Thinker,
For future reference, is there a way to contact you if required without the whole site listening in? Cheers from Mr Awesome

The Thinker's picture

Johnny Awesome

Yes there is - here is my email address

Contact: heythinker [at] the-thinker [dot] org

The [at] is replaced @

The [dot] is replaced with .

Hopefully that isn't too confusing. Failing that, I could contact you.


Johnny Awesome's picture

Thank you Mr Thinker all good. Might send you a test and see if it gets through or rejected. cheers from Mr Awesome.

The Thinker's picture

A quick update on the round eight tie-break for those that are curious. Of the five in the play-off, Lillychino is in front with 3 from 6, and the other four are all on 2 from 6. Scott M and The Voyeur cannot possibly progress, as their remaining tips are identical to Lillychino.

If the Dragons beat the Roosters, Islander and Christine Bailey tie with Lillychino for the round and the play-off continues in round nine. If the Roosters beat the Dragons, Lillychino is our winner.

Roosters vs Dragons is at 4pm today...lest we forget.

The Thinker's picture

And our winner is Lillychino. Congratulations...I will be in touch via email to discuss colours, sizes and gender.

All the best

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